Fuel Price, Petroleum Price

Fuel Price, Petroleum Price

FG reduces petrol price to N123.5 per litre

4/1/2020 8:32:00 AM

FG reduces petrol price to N123.5 per litre

Current petrol price indicates a reduction of N1.5 on every litre of petrol purchased nationwide.It announced the reduction through the Petroleum Products Pricing Regulatory Agency, after a whole day meeting with stakeholders in the oil and gas sector in Abuja.

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Announcing the reduction, the Executive Secretary of the PMS pricing regulator, Abdulkadir Saidu, said, “PPPRA, in line with the government approval for a monthly review of Premium“Motor Spirit pump price hereby announces guiding PMS pump price of N123.50 per litre.

“The guiding price which becomes effective 1st April 2020, shall apply at all retail outlets nationwide for the month of April 2020. PPPRA and other relevant regulatory agencies shall continue to monitor compliance to extant regulations for a sustainable downstream petroleum sector.”

It added, “Members of the public and all oil marketing companies are to be guided accordingly.”The spokesperson for PPPRA, Kimchi Apollo, had told our correspondent at 7.30pm that stakeholders had been meeting on the new price since Tuesday morning.Officials from the Central Bank of Nigeria, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, oil marketers and labour unions, among others, who constitute the petroleum products price modulation committee attended the meeting.

On March 19, 2020, a day after the Federal Government announced the pump price of N125/litre for petrol, the PPPRA declared that there was the possibility of a new price regime for the PMS beginning from April 1, 2020.It explained that the N125/litre price might last till the end of March, as a new cost for petrol might be introduced on April 1.

Saidu had told journalists that the PPPRA would be undertaking a review of the PMS price and would announce a new price for the product on April 1 (today) if there were changes in the parameters used in determining the N125/litre pump price.In another development, the Transmission Company of Nigeria on Tuesday announced an improvement in power generation.

It said this followed the support received from the NNPC in terms of supply of gas to fireup thermal power plants.Copyright PUNCH.All rights reserved. This material, and other digital content on this website, may not be reproduced, published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or in part without prior express written permission from PUNCH.

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Everyday they will remove 50kobo Madness And who's buying when we're locked at home Chai! This government funny sha... Our govt have gone mad again oo doing as if they’re pitying us. Thats a big lie Good Who did this to us? 🤦🏻‍♀️ It's like FG will be the one to sell this petroleum by herself in fuel stations. Most of them have refused to sell at N125, talk more of a further reduced price.

is this the change they promised us? Reduce petrol price when cars are motionless, wonderfool government It should actually be at about 90 a liter considering what the price of crude is now 🤦🤦 Proverbs 29:2 'When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn' its shall not be well with them all, their generation next will suffer for their iniquity, yes it's writing in the bible, and it's shall come to pass

Let them reduce to 50 naira And FG thinks reducing 1.5 Naira ease Nigerian Burden..... Absolutely not. It would be better at 80 per litre. Rubbish, why can't they take it back to what they met in 2015 The reduction has no significance, if they want to help the poor masses, petrol pump price should be N75

Nonsense What is good about this...❓ It shouldn't be a news that usellessGovnt Bought N145, this evening but this reduction is marginal compared to current global crude position. The leaders of the Nigeria are going nuts! Mark it somewhere Me, trying to calculate the reduction Rubbish....fuel price doesn’t supposed to exceed 80-90 per liter

Shame on our leaders walai....... When oil price in the international market is presently $22. The government can do better! Jokers and comedians Yes we can buy the fuel from our sitting room while we stay indoor, idiots Mumu So if they make it 50.. They will die God!!! What a country I regretted ever been a Nigerian. What will fuel reduction affect hungry Nigerians...........

The govt don't rate us at all It's fair to say, fuel subsidy has been removed. Nigerians brace yourselves for when/if the price of oil goes up. (Hope am wrong, but alas who knows, giving that this government policies in recent times has been shrouded in secrecy) Misplaced priorities. So, if this lockdown has not happened, the price would not have been reduced. If they really want to help the people, they should give fuel out for free

Online reduction abi? E no they ever reduce for fueling stations. N1. 5? 😂😂😂😂😂 I hope it will be N80 That's good for us ChizzyBae10 see am here😏 Crazy government, is that reduction or they still want to be telling us about subsidy after oil rates been drop globally. God punish devil in governt Who are they fooling? Petrol price that shld be lesser by now

How about kerosene and cooking gas? What is breaking about this broke news This is a good news let's appreciate buhari for once. The truth is, between the bulk & retail marketers and govt there is still between 40 & 45 naira excess profit. At this critical period the citizen, marketers and the govt. can jointly share that excess and the petroleum industry will still survive.

Just reduce it to 100 Dis is a country that our government use to whine us From 125 to 123.5 so dis thing say we be fool abi Still too high Where's money to buy the fuel in first place? Very insignificant... onyinye Maami wota. Mtcheeeew! hope it will last, not small time FG will start talking abt subsidy.

The joke of a nation. 1 Naira, 50 Kobo reduction. Wat will it take u guys to change it to 100 per litre The funny thing is, no movement, everwhr lock down, plZ how do we buy the fuel for 123.5 per litre....abi man need order am thru Jumia . FGNigeria do the right thing Who are those buying the fuel? Vehicles are locked car parks. Be for Generator sha, because they won’t provide electricity.

We no dey Drink Fuel oo, abi na too dey watch TV with Empty Belle Ni? I’m guessing Punch de play April fool on readers o 😅 How we wanna go buy it? All this soldiers no dey smile for my area o, who can relate? Same in your area? Omo dem flog oo wayu Allah 75 , that's not enough please They should give us credit alert for staying at home so we can feed our family... If ncdc has all the numbers of Nigerians.. Then the Govt should have our bvn and start paying us something

Idiots! As if we have coins in circulation. This is crazy. What have we done to deserve these people? Who did we offend really? No light...no food... nothing and yet they expect people to sit at home... the bill keep accumulating... can't they give an injunction to NERC to stop billing at least for electricity?

Enjoy wen d stock last FG should peg it at 100naira. This is not breaking news, poor won't benefit. With current crude oil rates, petrol should not be more than N100 right now. I dont think this is necessary for now people are inside room dieing for hunger I expect govt to do something about this not PMS

Which one come be the 3.50 naira again? Why not 120? Madness And one in my area is still selling 130 These guys are very funny 😂😂😂😂😂 So u can buy the fuel to use in ur Generator while on Lockdown Since the oil price at the international market have fallen to half (from$60 to $30) per barrel, we expect our FG to drop the price N145 to N75 per litre. Removing N20 from N145 has no significant change to the ordinary man that buys 5litres to power his generator

Haha because it has fallen in international market Is this some kind of April Fool, las las dem go still negotiate with us Do dey have a choice? Na drop in oil price reduce d price They should do it so that with 200, one can buy two liters plus enough oil. At least to power our 'I Pass My Nebor' Na for newspaper, most filling stations are still selling 145.and how come it's for April alone?

Them go still twice am to 100 naira bastards greed people cos no exportation of fuel now dey are giving us for lesser price for us to buy crazy What type of greediness is this If FG cannot reduce it to N80-N90 please they should return it back to N145. During the time of Jonathan a liter was N90 With citizens indoor oo

Of what use is it at this time? Do people drink petrol, why not make the power holding companies supply more power than reducing the price of fuel so people to spend on food stuffs than fuel, since all the donations are not for foodstuffs So we should be praising FG... Is fuel currently our problem... When fuel was an issue, nufin was done. Now we are facing a major crisis unrelated to fuel and FG is busy redcuing fuel price... That is not our problem FG

Even the 125 not all filling station were selling like that moneylineait Help us beg the minister of humanitarian an Disasters management to pay the Npower volunteers their March Stipend we don't have money to eat hungry everywhere. Is this one a good news, when it's suppose to be lesser than N90, nonsense

So he could reduce it and he left it N145 per liter for years now🤦🏽 Thanks to the federal government. I pray God grants u wisdom in this time of crisis. Bunch of idiots. What's the difference? Reduce to 100 Naira abeg Wetin be dis . Rubbish! Are we a joke to them For who to use.. For dis lock down? Mad leaders

Bring it back to 65 What kind of foolishness is dat. Instead of them to reduce it to N110 or N100 they re reducing N2 shame on our leaders. What a difference it's going to make to my pocket.. mtchew If it was this easy...why wasn't reduced since?... So where are we driving to? The last time I bought ⛽️ was 2 weeks ago and my gas is still almost full. I wish the price was this cheap when life was bubbling.

No movement Una dey reduce fuel price abdullahsarki21 Why not 100 Naira ? Fake people This is the ONLY good thing that came with Coronavirus; Pump price slash. Every other thing is evil😬 What’s the difference? Jokers! Price should be this, price should be that. Please i beg someone to show us appropriate ways of calculating it. I want to know!

Nansense scammers. Fuel should be N70 If you are NNPC shareholder like them would you want it reduced to 70🤔🙄😆😂🤗😎 What's the difference... Mad people Why does it look like they're doing us a favor when fuel should be about N80. Audio reduction The price is not yet friendly compared to the current price of crude oil at international market, we suppose to be buying PMS at N30 per litre

And Una no shame Please they should keep going cos that fuel must come down further by another 50%. It's not easy on any of us right now and it's not like the cost of living in this country is any where cheap. We don't even have amenities to justify a hike. So why inflict more hardship. Omo igbo style of reducing price

So at this moment Statistical calculation has been introduced.. 😔 😔 Please who have received the relief package preside promised us? It’s still on a higher side..can’t you people bring it down to 80 or90 Naira? For my area na 140 So if they take it bellow 100 will they die? Of what use with the Stay At Home Order? What difference does this make with the former? When in the real sense filling station are still selling at 145

I don't get, is the FG selling tomato with this kind of slash? Still not making sense. 100 will be fair cheating. Who he help, no effect on other commodities Its time to enforce the high price pf commercial transporters Scam I believe it we still coming to N70 per litre Meanwhile diesel is still above N200.

When I can afford a barrel of crude oil How much is 20 dollars to naira Se the petrol they are not selling... This people are funny ehn. Even at that the price is still high compared to d parallel market. How much is Brent today. Why not to atleast ₦80 Meaning? Are we going to fuel our stomach or legs? And N1.50k reduction at that! Laughable!

MBuhari What we need now is full concentration on how to resolve covid-19. Leave fuel matter, build hospitals and equip them in all 36 states of Nigeria so we don’t have to fly abroad when we have headache. buildworldclasshospitals Meanwhile we are still buying at 145. With the current crash of crude oil price globally, the pump ⛽ price of petrol ought to reduce far more than that.

April fool I have always said Liberalize these, Govt have no business in Business They can still do better .as it is now anything above 90 is fraud Is this supposed to be a joke?! It should be nothing more than 60 per litre if the price is almost $20 per barrel. 419 government. You are not paying subsidy but you are now collecting due for buying petrol from your citizens.

Whether April fool or not. Fuel price should have been ₦75 max by now, if sceptical then it should be sold for ₦100 max. This our govt. Na waw🤦🤦🤦 Nonsense 1 barrel is 20 dollars And what difference is it making in this lock down,, it didn't stop the prices of goods from soaring high neither did it provide food and shelter to the less privileged,,, clueless government!

It’s a shame! Na crayfish 50naira will not be a bad one. BetGenius6 Who want to buy it, when everybody they there house Una da carry us play too much. See Nigerian Government No shame Is it necessary you people show yourselves again ni😠...you now remove just 2....why is this country just like this ehn🥴

It should go down more This was not wat dey promised Crude is less than $20 per bbl and Nigerian government is selling fuel at 125 per liter. You can imagine Lest we forget, this Government met us buying a litre of PMS for N87. It's still not enough. Simple Maths may be... Crude Oli at $45 - Fuel at N145 Crude Oil at $23 - Fuel at N125 Please someone should help with the permutations cause it doesn't add up. We're being SCAMMED.

This is not news. Revert back to N70 and then it is news worthy. I believe the government can make that happen... Is this palliative measure promised by Mr president on the vulnerables AdebesinZ Hhh nigeria I'm not like but is most sale the litre 65 or 70 Ya'all playing with our emotions right ? Hope Punch is not whining us O?

There’s low demand for crude globally. When’s the hoax going to end. Why not 80 naira 😅 get to N105 please So the FGNigeria thinks they are wise.. Who will buy it when they lockdown the country.. I'm sure it will be sold for N70 if it gets worse.. We need to wise up in this country.. Is a welcome development but they still have to do more,the whole world is in a mess. When do we arrived here?

Why won't this government be serious? What stops them from reducing the price to N50/litres Chaiiiiiiiii Why not 100 naira Hisss Since the price of oil dropped from $65 per barrel to $30...its a simple arithmetic to drop fuel pump price from 145 to 70. All these gimmicks & antics by FG is nothing but fraud

After this pandemic I hope the country will not enter recession. Nobody is buying petroleum products, we are left to use it. Since all we have focused on was OIL let us drink ooo Besides, scarcely anyone on the road. Only for generator it'll be versely useful Is it implemented? The headline is Aprilfoolsday2020 From N125 to N123. 5per litre. Buhari is greedy, fuel should be selling for N70. Per litre

. 5 bawo With the current situation in the country, and the world pluse the age old plaque of total black out in the country , Nothing justifies this reduction. perotrol should be sold for 65-70 Naira at most . this will cussion the effect of these pandemic Where is the humanity? I dey shame for una Why not 100.

Mtchew This govt is a joker Audio reduction If we had stable electricity and transportation system, oil won’t even be top priority... We’ll focus on the most important which is food Give 0.1%, take 5%. If i talk, am in trouble We go drink this thing las las What's this nonsense now What difference does this make

What is all this N20 and N2 stuff na FG? Lets ask ourselves how much crude oil is a barrel n how much the landing cost of product is in Nigeria. Are they still paying subsidy? What is the difference? So after 5years of robbery. This is where the price still hangs... By now it should be N55 to N60 Now everywhere is on lockdown who will b buying fuel.

So? Get well soon Nigeria government. What’s the different bwt 145 and 123 .. stupid clowns audio reduction, we don't see filling stations reducing thier fuel price, its been the same since the first reduction of 125/ltr.. We don’t care what they do anymore. We have a bigger problem on our hands now. EARN 1 PERSECOND 60SECOND=60, 1HR=3600, 24HRS=86,400 ASK ME HOW OR DROP UR WHATSAPP NUMBER. 08030831843

They didn't reduce it mobilePunch , the oil market fall down , in Saudi Arabia, the price crashed. betwizad Petrol stations are still selling at N145, had it been it was increased to N200 u will see them changing the price that same night. Foolish people Fuel should be 70 . Ogun kill them How do we even go out to get it inside this lockdown 😟..I hope it doesn’t inflate after we are all freed 🥴

mafiboy3 What's this? 🙄Are we a joke to them? betwizad Imagine😢 Fuel wey corona virus don cast . I know say e go soon cast pax dz if corona no end dz week . All the senators go weep if e cast pax dz but my major concern b say na we go still suffer am . Dem go con increase tax rate 🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️

Reduced on radio, television and on papers. Monitoring and implementation F1 sorry F9 Why not 25! DickHeads. And you think pumpsellers wld effect the 1.50k? Eyin Ode. Federal government sense don fail The FG Is Irresponsible they should reduce to below 100 25? Really... Idiots anything less than 100 is not acceptable

betwizad Nah crayfish Reduce small small This news is not breaking again... E dn scatter Nonsense, you have the opportunity now to remove the subsidy that you called a scam. COVIDー19 is giving you the best opportunity to deregulate the petroleum sector. Stop profiting from the petrol because the price is less now. Removesubsidy deregulate

Ds is stl insensitive,brash,empirically wrong&appears ds yahoo yahoo govt is stl out 2 fleece unsuspectg 🇮🇹s Foolish people Are these people OK at all. .shey I go dey put mouth for nozzle ni Loool and increase electricity tariff. Doesn’t make sense still... Govt's April Fool gift....we should Rejoice and be glad🙄🙄

Lol😂😂 Still ripping us off. Fuel should be N60/litre if crude price is $20/barrel. How can a country be robbing its citizen during a pandemic? Horrible people. Where are we driving to?... Lol Na small small This fools are just whining us Please reduce the price from where you increase it. Nonsense!!! Fuel price should be 50 MBuhari NNPCgroup

At 80 per litre, govt will still be making lots of gains with no more subsidy in line with the current world market crude oil price. If dis yeye govt reduce the price to 100 per litre shebi sky go fall ni? What the difference ? Mitcheeeeeeewww! Still on a high side , should be 75 per a litre Stupid people thinking they are doing us favor. Fuel pump price coming down dollar price going up. Devil no be father Xmas

Mediocrity And you call that reduce, where arw we going and who will even buy the fuel in this lock down period? Who cares it should be 15 by now They should clearly state out the parameters that lead to that conclusion. With all the drop, petrol should be between 80_100 naira. Kai Nigeria! Ijebu style of reduction. Pump price should have been below N100

So it’s 1.50kobo they reducde, this government never rate us, why not reduce it to that N45 they promised us during campaign aft all oil price has reduced globally😏 Imo state follow Still not a fair price Nice one Nonsense Nigeria lacks focus This one FG is reducing fuel price and the whole nation is on lockdown me I don't understand. Who is buying who is using it now that everybody is at home?

In what benefit that we at home,if they like let them give it free no use to us The reduction in fuel price should be commensurate with the reduction in oil price. This 'I dash you one naira today, I dash you one naira tomorrow' is cheating of Nigerians. Is not by reducing pump price. How about point of purchase? I have 80,000 litres of PMS I bought at 138. This policy is making me sell dem at 125. Am loosing 13 naira per litre. Times that by 80,000 litres, am currently loosing 1,040,000. Depot is currently selling at 128.

Nice one Fuel pump price should be 80-90 naira but we will pretend we don't know what's going. scammers in power. For Sale An uncompleted 4 bedroom duplex with two units of 3 bedroom flat attached to it on a land measuring 891.139sqm at Ogombo, Ajah, Lagos. Asking Price: ₦20M What is the meaning of this ?.why not reduce this price to 70 once and for all.

When we can't move around? Are they expecting us to drink it? They must be stupid Why not 100 Please, are we pricing akara with you? Shame on you other countries are providing Food and money for their Citizens at this time of COVID 19. You fool are there reducing fuel prices from 125 to 123.5 I beg nah fuel person want to eat I know after this issue of COVID 19 is More you will increase it to 150 IMBECILE PPL

They removed 1naira 5kobo🤦mtcheew We are not serious at all as country. Abi FG dey craze NigeriaGov There's something wrong with you people, you think we don't know the cost of crude oil now in the international market? Fuel can be sold for 50 at the current market price but you choose to rip us off and deduct 1.5 from pump price. speechless

Ela oju kan!!! This government funny. What stopping this people from making it 80 naira What difference does it make? But they still sell 145.00 Almost everywhere in Enugu State. All this ten ten kobo reduction is that all you people can do? Why not take it back to the price you met it. Cunny cunny people and I'm yet to get my own share of all the billions donated ooo

Rubbish What’s this 🤨 how does remover of 2 naira help us Nigerians . Shame on the federal government 🤡 Slowly and steadily we are getting to 90 per liter.... Stay safe.... For what now... We need food not fuel They should deregulate fully. Let's buy at market rate. The price should be less than N50 at current market rate.

Better ole. Obj time nor be 65 per liter 30 dollar per barrel Petrol pump price can still be reduced to N70 What is N123.5 for? What did you reduce from N125? I have travelled and I have bought food items ever since the fuel price was reduced, but I didn't feel the impact! No difference. Oil prices remain same in ketu

Lolz we can do better. Jokers That is good This government is just wicked. Rubbish , give us light we need stable light you ask people to stay home they listen to you only for you to put them in darkness well you and your family are in good shape you don’t care what the citizens go through Still not enough

Rubbish Fucking 🤡 Tell FG I no buy again Fuel should be 75 max by now , but we will pretend we don't know Are we now pricing crayfish in this country? It might come down to 120.7 tomorrow Now Of significant is 1.50k to Nigerians welfare. Crude oil is now $22 per barrel which means the landing cost should be 50 here in Nigeria, you are making approximately 120% gain on your citizens. Petrol should sell at least 55.

It should be 75 Naira Nothing will change, food, transport or what Great news Go to 80 biko Please don't reduce it anymore. Cos we know you take it back from us from areas. Just Reduce this thing to N80, and stop this Ijebu style of reduction What is wrong with N80 or N90 or N100? It's a new month abeg, I no wan vex.

Oh! Now its N123.5 ? And after the pandemic,it goes back to 145 It should be 70N do the maths well Still expensive. N70 is the ideal market price. Even if u reduce it now who is using vehicle now? Annoying news. Do you mean to tweet 'The continous fall in brent crude price forced FG to sell petrol at N123.5/litre'. Please don't make it sound like a favour. As at this very minute, brent crude sells at 21.23USD, as against the 57USD used as a benchmark for Nigeria 2020 budget

The correct price now should be 50 maximum Reduce it once and for all please this one u r doing as if u r pricing garri Fuel stations right now: We no see am buy task force swing to work. What a joke They should make it free They should give light Abeg -1.5 Awon eleyi o gbadun fa. Do you mean to tweet 'The continous fall in brent crude price forced FG to sell petrol at N123.5/litre'. Please don't make it sound like a favour. As at this very minute, brent crude sells at 27.95USD, as against the 57USD used as a benchmark for Nigeria 2020 budget

They will soon drink the fuel themselves. Global crude prices has dropped drastically due to lesser demand. D govt is just a joke.When other country re looking for ways to mke life better 4 their citizens na fuel price be there problem Most stations will tell you it’s 123 , 125 but the truth is that they still sell at 145

It is nonsense Why not a N100.00? Period!!! I think it should be 50 Una head go soon correct las las....work in progress. Na why them no wan bring light since TundeGbedo With what’s going on with crude, petrol should be N50 April fool I guess! Cuz na 23 naira una go sell am las las. I mean FG should reduce it to 50

why doing it in bits ,reduce it by 50 naira once and for all What's N123.5 per litre? A barrel of oil is $21. Work the maths and tell me what the hell N123.5 per litre is. It should be N65 per litre LMAO. Just take am go N100 make we rest. What's the difference? This not what nigerians want when you told them to stay at home for 2weeks, no food stuff no light no money, what will them use to stay at home, infact nigeria government are scammer

Not enough IMHO. Crude is below $ 20 right now & Govt has only dropped price by N 21.50k? Petrol price should be below N 100 per liter right now This government is a joke, and only unserious mind will take them serious, rubbish What's 2deduction, they should have reduced reasonable amount. FG is toying with our brain WTF anyways but MBuhari kindly remember one your campaign promises is to reduce oil price to N50.

Na fuel we go dey drink.... For this lockdown period you dey reduce price of fuel.... Alaye commot make I see road That area is another place that needs monitoring. I've heard so many persons complain that the pump stations adjusted their metres and now it appears there was really no change What's the difference it should be 50 oloun

We are still buying 145 here in the south east Punch news paper dare not give us something like this as April fool, or else 🙄 I think Coronavirus is working wonders I don't like where this is going! This is sincerely cheating! Fuel should be about N70 by now They should continue until it reach 69 Yeye dy smell

N1.5 reduction... 😂🤣abeg I nor fit laugh So we should be drinking fuel. Useless people. This shutdown is hunger virus on its own These people are playing with us I swear It should be 80 naira Is this what he promised during campaign Audio reduction, petrol station is still selling 145 o So we should clap for them?

No mind them, we are in the month of April so it's April fool Just make it N100 😏😏 Let me just take this as April fool Hmmmm se drama, PMS should be about 85. We all know that crude has fallen to almost half its price. It's only in Nigeria that they will want the masses to fell helped while they are being rubbed.

It should be 80 naira not 123.50 April fool What's wrong with people. Is dis what we should be getting from u people.. Nawa ooo They try, but what are we gonna do with fuel on lock down I think they reduce it for the moving vehicles of the law enforcement agencies and doctors on duty. 😊 Clowns again. Oh my punch. I go punch una o. April fool AprilFoolsDay Aprilfoolsday2020

We understand where all these is heading, Increment beyond 145 in disguise' Comestised Propaganda. Lmao 😂😂 this people are 🤡🤡

BREAKING: FG reduces petrol pump price to N123.50 litreThe Federal Government (NigeriaGov) has announced a reduction of the pump price of the Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) to N123.50 per litre. HETimipreSylva FMPRng NNPCgroup ExxonMobil_NG TOTALNigeria Chevron eni aiteogrp erotonep Oando_PLC NigeriaGov HETimipreSylva FMPRng NNPCgroup ExxonMobil_NG TOTALNigeria Chevron eni aiteogrp erotonep Oando_PLC April Fool NigeriaGov HETimipreSylva FMPRng NNPCgroup ExxonMobil_NG TOTALNigeria Chevron eni aiteogrp erotonep Oando_PLC So we are selling at about times 4-5 of world crude oil price. I hope we are saving the excess money shaa, abi they are still paying subsidy on this one too? NigeriaGov HETimipreSylva FMPRng NNPCgroup ExxonMobil_NG TOTALNigeria Chevron eni aiteogrp erotonep Oando_PLC Is that a reduction? Why cant they take it down to 100 naira?

Nigeria reduces fuel price to N123.50 per litreAll retail outlets should start selling at the new price from April 1, an official said. If they make it N100, they will not die. Atleast now they can buy more fuel to put in their generators and pollute the atmosphere including blocking their ears🤣 I have a solution yo covid19...somebody help me out to be a help. Thank you.

ATMs, e-payment platforms will be functional during lockdown – FGSebi it only person that have money in the bank that can access to it Use hand sanitizers immediately after using ATMs, lot of hands come in contact with the machine, a potential source of the coronavirus spread. To withdraw our sins bah?

Probe South-West explosions, Gani Adams tells FGIn this quarantine period?🤨

FG Directs Oil Firms to Cut Offshore Workforce - THISDAYLIVE• NNPC, DPR differ over Nigeria’s petrol stock By Emmanuel Addeh The federal government has directed oil and gas companies to reduce the workforce on their offshore platforms in view of COVID-19 pandemic in the country. Director, the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR), Mr. Sarki Auwalu, said in a circular in Abuja that only staff … Keep non-essential workers off the facilities Terrible timing for this. Why not ask them to run shifts that will take them all.

COVID-19: We don’t know how long this will last –FGCan you just pause for a minutes and say this ( God bless our doctors and nurses 🙏🏻. They are the real mvps ❤️ FG we don't know how long we would last too without food during this lockdown.... But u guys felt it was right opening the borders till it became blown