School Children Feeding

School Children Feeding

FG partners states to feed pupils at home

4/8/2020 9:57:00 PM

FG partners states to feed pupils at home

Okechukwu Nnodim, AbujaThe Federal Government on Tuesday said it had concluded plans with state governments to start feeding schoolchildren in their various homes.According to the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, the federal and state governments had agreed to continue the Home-Grown School Feeding Programme using a door-to-door voucher distribution system.

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The Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Sadiya Umar Farouq, said the programme would give priority to Lagos, Ogun and the Federal Capital Territory.In a statement issued by her ministry’s Assistant Director of Information, Rhoda Iliya, the minister stated the programme would extend to all states currently participating in the scheme for a period of 30 days.

She was quoted as saying, “Vouchers will allocate collection time to avoid overcrowding. The vouchers will be redeemed at designated distribution sites.”Farouq further stated that the Conditional Cash Transfer Programme supervised by her ministry had so far distributed N20,000 each to 110,202 existing beneficiaries on the National Social Register in seven states.

This means the ministry had disbursed a total of over N2.2bn, as Farouq said payments would commence in 17 additional states on Monday.She said, “It is important to highlight that since the creation of the ministry, we have piloted digital payment in six states and part of the overhaul of the CCT programme is transitioning to digital payments across all participating states.”

The minister said the National Emergency Management Agency was ready to deploy 45,000 metric tonnes of food items to households of satellite towns in front line states including Lagos, FCT and Ogun, with particular emphasis on vulnerable households.She said the North East Development Commission had provided 11,000 Personal Protective Equipment, 12 ventilators and 6,000 surgical masks to six states in the North-East geopolitical zone.

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They will still feed us but yet to see anything after more than 20 days stay home This feeding of people's children by any Government under any social development plan as good as it looks should be stopped at a time soon. The Government should make it possible for parents to be able to feed their children adequately in quality and quantity.

I'm short of words , I don't really know if nigeria a country or jungle Shameless liars. Have you lost your sense of honour? Make wuna no dey deceive wuna selves abeg That's a waste of public funds, you have real problems in your hands. Save businesses that will cold-start the economy coz there might be a depression

They just can't do right. Why feed the pupils at home, when you can transfer money to the citizens who will in turn feed their children(family). Thief ! Must you guy use every avenue to loot Nigeria dry? A task that couldn’t be accomplished while pupils were in schools? We all can’t be stupid as the same time please!

What will kill you is what you don't know Oh God, why, why! Why!!!!! No more shame again? Or have them been cursed with the spirit of stupidity? No more sanity to decern between good or bad, more intergrity. Shame on the elders of Nigeria. Yeah the budget for the feeding program 200 billion naira!..Nigeria has been raped to death!!

How can the food reach the pupils at home? Is this even needed at this time? The govt should think of doing something better than creating avenue for some to steal. This government is the worst, I can't believe they are using this horrible situation to loot the country at the detriment of the poor masses.. u people won't live to eat these monies u are stealing

Another means of looting! Another awesome lie again This is really corruption. Buhari and his government are lying lies. There's no pupils in my area getting any food from the so-call school feeding nonsense. This government is the most corrupt in Nigeria. Buhari is course. This government is funny o. So this is one of the projects this Government have. I regret being a Nigeria

How do you prove to lenders that you know what to do with your loans? Aye yin ti baje! Dolt! That's a middle name I'm gonna give to you madam🙄 This wa ooo I doubt much The scam that is called the Northern Nigerian will be exposed in due course... insha Allah! Nigerians are always full of comedy!

Nigeria a land of wonder. No provision for lockdown oh. Government magic Scam This is fruad Nigerians will suffer. 2015 mistake can be forgiven but everyone that voted apc in 2019 is the real enemy of Nigeria. So if you voted for them in 2019 I don't think God will hear any prayer you will ever say for Nigeria.

I tot we were on lockdown, school feeding program converted to home feeding program. I dont know how you pple think. The most corrupt minister I have ever seen. Those under you kill more than the virus Meanwhile where is president buhari while all these are happening? Has any body seen him after d purported media briefing?

Please lets us stop all these lies it will not help this country feed which children at home? In which states? This is a night mare, Not in Nigeria, Pls FG should withdraw this are not supporting the parents how will you d children benefits from you we don't need this....if you can give everyone palative you don't need to feed these children

Enough GIVE THE MONEY TO PARENTS TO FEED THEIR KIDS!!! how hard is it? Chai🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ I am a pupil at home Finally I understand that Nigeria got no president.... The rate of looting is alarming This govt is shameless n full of scam.... may God forgive u woman Mtchewwwww All these you guys are doing is useless so far its only in the north. But then they said that is where the poor people are cos they don't have family in the abroad

Which pupils are they feeding at home, the one's they cut one egg Into 4 pieces to feed while in schools? Do these people think we're fools? What corruption is this government fighting if they cant jail these people for this deceits? Lmao... plot-twist! Ur papa Feed pupils from home, I don't understand this govt at all.

Are they gathering the children at school to feef them? Or they are gonna go to everyone's home and feed pupils door to door.. 419 people lies They don't know how to account for the money stolen! You people are very stupid😠😠😠😠😠😠 taking someone for granted Federal Govt spend 2,000,000,000 (Two Billion Naira) every month in feeding primary school pupils. . Yet, no job for her youths!

Yahoo govt Not again!!!! How do they intend to locate the pupils given that most houses in Nigeria are not numbered. This is just a ploy to embezzle funds. This is a pure lie oo Scam Lie everywhere D creation of ministry of humanitarian affairs is 2 steal more money,ds woman na real barawo Which feeding This is an error in governance. Give correct palliative to the parents in a time like this, who will then take good care of thier wards. Otherwise we are bleeding corruption in higer capacity.

Joke of the century 😂🤣🤣😂 These people are just fraud all the way This government of OfficialAPCNg is a wasteful government. I believe they have lost the direction of not the government locked the schools because of the COVID19 and now you are contemplating of giving the pupils food at home, what about the social distance that you emphasis.

But this woman bad sha? Feed families ooooom... How them wan do this one. I don't understand this people, to feed students at home as in how i don't get. Criminals everywhere in APC. Misplacement of priority repeated is the depth of mediocrity in Buhari lead gov't Good God we're not done looting? Pupils at home in what locations? You know what, nvm.

Mad People 🤣😂🤣 Good for you Nigerians. You all voted in this government so enjoy in few years time, when they start draging this woman by the bumbum, she will now say she's got cervical cancer. Shameless zoo call Nigeria with Fulani terrorist with Chinese doctor must collapse Scam 😂😂😂stage 3 🍷 So the FG is now a woman, ba?

This people will not kee person 🤣🤣🤣 By the time this woman finish her appointment , Diezeani will be a learner . How much can a goat lick from a bag of salt, why are we after how to steal from ourselves. How are u going to do the feeding,how will u get d data of d children, who will do d sharing, this govt is so so dumb and clueless sometimes i imagine if common sense is common.

What a team careful selected group of liars . I wonder how a regime is blessed with liars that could bring down the whole world with their lying prowess. School feeding during lockdown. God is great. This woman when you go wise up an say the real truth ur own pass mama jona.. Ahhh.... Apc has a lot of scam to go around till 2023

Just say u want to feed Almajiri.. which one is pupils at home. Don’t they have parents? Pay their parents they will be fine. Haba!!! Dirty news .. Haba...which pupil again?😭😭😭 Very stupid and senseless people. They should bury this idea. How did we get to this level This one will be talking in the rubbish

“We must chop all the remaining cake b4 2023. By all means necessary. Thank God for the Covikk” - FEC March 2020 These people! Do they think at all? Good You guys should plsssssss look for something else to say A country with no data base of it population. A country of over 200 million people but only 40 million have BVN number. The last census that took place was 2006. I pirty our generation. Do u really have the data of pupils u are feeding?

Stop the stealing. Offices are beginning to get burned now... We have been scammed! How Speak louder I have never seen a government that lies like this. This is absurd. Are these people mad? They are looking for every means to justify or conceal how they misappropriated the so called palliative money. Confused people

Lmao Younger generation right? So that you guys will infest them with covid-19 and then call for their treatment/vaccination so that the number implant will take place New world order begins with youths and younger generations we know the game. this govt will not seize to amaze, the way they come up with plans on how to embezzle and simultaneously appeal to sentiment

Ah una no det fear God for this country Una don mad Really! You cannot reach parent how do u intend reaching d kids? Fvck it This regime is a scam.... They most loot the money by all means The most alarming nd insane attitude of this Buhari government is d desperation to loot by all means possible These guys are legends. Are there classrooms in our homes?

Why are they feeding children who are home with their parents People who will feed them without problem as is their natural obligation Or are you feeding the parents as well Are you guys normal 🙄🙄🙄 Bastards! This country is a joke Let the looting continue Buhari govt has left their job to provide good governance, they want to take over the jobs of parents to feed their children at home.

What a country? Where does this is taking place in Nigeria? It's as if you have gotten the next tomorrow. Is it that nobody have sense in MBuhari govt? THIS WOMAN AGAIN😀😀😀🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️ Smh Kai!!! Are these people using their brain or anus? 😡 😂😂😂Aluta continua.... God please have mercy on us! Why bother when schools are closed, can't the money be utilised for testint, treatment of afflicted Nigerians and for sustenance of the unemployed and low income earning women in the society.

Nigeria is the country with the worst set of leaders. For all their misrule, they will pay with their blood .. what a great achievement for the Nigerian Government!!! nawa ooo.... This people are too desperate.... What they need all this money for.... Nawa ooo This people are crazy o, just looking for all avenues to loot the country.

Yahoo Yahoo government audio money Scam Why feed people under thier mothers roof? Give money to thier parent and they will be well fed This pple are simply,amazingly and supernaturally MAD!!. God!!! Who have we offended 🤦‍♀️ Indeed they have decided to use this period to loot at every available opportunities. I know God will judge them.

I advise FG to collabo with PTAD any pensioner that his monthly pension is below 20k should be paid some amount they all have account and BVN. These set of people simply assume everyone is stupid in their quest to embezzle resources even pupils on lock down for Covid must chop food for house. Another scam to come from here. watchOut

God damn... 😯 Is this suppose to make children stay at home? Last time I checked, the school feeding programme was to encourage enrollment of children into schools. Misplaced priority. This is what we get when our leaders runs out of ideas or don’t know the functions of the office they occupy. Money after money after money after money 🤣

When most of their parents working for the government are not paid. Especially Teachers OUR NEXT PRESIDENT MUST COME FROM EDO or KOGI, CHRISTIANS AND MUSLIMS HAS FAILED US. LET'S TRY WITCHES AND WIZARDS FOR GOD SAKE A makarantar ma yaya aka karke a wasu Jihohin? A yi dai mu gani! I'm amazed that FG can come up with this

Schemes to steal What a joke I just tire for these people. Do they think governance is a joke ne? This lady.....I rest my case Tufiakwa 😤 these animals don't fear God. Well, Nebuchadnezzar did same. Jezebel did same. Your fate won't be different. Chaii next level stealing Apparently, it wont cost more than 40 million naira (including fraud) to build corona virus testing labs, one in each state. For people that have shared over 5.2 billion naira in 72 hours, we have less than 10 Covid test labs in the entire Nigeria. We all should be angry.

In your next life will you still like to come back to our beautiful country Nigeria? From school feeding program to home-feeding. For what? This woman is a complete nitwit.. Bunch of thieves 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 You are the greatest criminal and enemy of the people. Nonsense. How can that happen. When you embezzle into the future! You guys are doing the upgraded version of what you accused PDP of doing, in search of solution we found trouble!

Legendary stealing.... 2.2BN already spent on 20k transfer.... Please if you know anyone that have collected this 20k let's know.. Covid -19 looting galore True, uphold_prime is at home eating jollof rice with big fish courtesy this feeding program. Criminals Liars, scammers, thieves Another scam again oooo

This gov mumu like what words can't describe Build schools, create job opportunities, enploy people. Hum!! By the end of the week, I am sure the FG would have spent 5 billion naira again. Sebi na ghost una dey feed mumu people Legends of the looters. They will never rest, no retreat, no surrender of the looting spree. Nigeria will wake up one day to see a change of name to Federal Republic of China, Niger Area. Nigerian realFFK Telegraph UN

Very laughable 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 They are all lying abeg federal government are yahoo men How can they determine the house that have kids? These people sef Which pupils pliss Enough of this SCAM please. They are meant to be fed only at school, not whilst they're at home These people are really out to reck d country......Show!!!! Who dem want feed for house..... Na wa...oh

Really? Any person or group of persons who uses this covid-19 pandemic to commit fraud in government is cursed. May God visit that person and his/her family with calamities and make such person(s) a reproach before men. *In DJ Khalid voice* ANOTHER ONE Feed the child but not the parent🤣🤣🤣🤣 This woman will enter heaven so ?

🤡 Idiots Go to various houses and look for pupils specifically... Jokers everywhere It’s called Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. They just can’t stop stealing. What a dumb thought They are feeding their already over fed selves. Pls take down this Twitty... We've had enough lately StoneLooters 419 Their parents would die of hunger naw Fools 414

FG can send money with the help of CBN to their various account through BVN...... this our Government is just a joke. These people should have some sense now, Common stealing you don't have the skills. Dafts Another, another lamba! Sincerely a failed system Are these people not tired of cheap propaganda, lies and deceit? Or does their lie not sound funny to them? SMH

can this nonsense be stopped for good Bloody liars!!!! The same way NCDC got our phone numbers that they are sending message to all concerned covid-19, FG should use the same process to credits everybody's account Money must be looted by force Another scam If God no punish all our leaders one day ...nothing else will.... the evil and wickedness of our leaders will one day put them to death... God what kind of country is this for goodness sake why am I born here😭😭😭😭posterity will judge you all ..

Another Scam Story Either we like it or not, our generation own the next generation to come a deep explanation of what goes wrong “I cry for this country daily and I wish I was never born here!” Should we conclude that our leaders are not human but agents of Lucifer or should we say they are aliens Feed Pupils at home? Wonders shall never end

Spenndiinnnggggg How exactly is that gonna happen in this lockdown ? You gonna ask the kids to come out somewhere and be fed or something. I just dont understand this guys Who are the pupils This Government sha! Corruption dey their blood. What kind of nonsense talk s dis from the federal government... I feel the government does not even know their duties again

If God no punish all about leaders one day ...nothing else will.... the evil and wickedness of our leaders will one day put them to death... God what kind of country is this goodness sake why am I born here😭😭😭😭 Are we this dumb? How is this possible Meaning you would go to each pupils house? See big scam. Watch:

What are these people smoking? Nonsense ... even when d pupils arehome & d locked down victims are starving; there is money to feed children outside emergency zones but no money 4 d 'house arrest hostages' to survive when zoo animals are even fed but 'locked in' Nigerians may die of hunger so long it's not of COVID-

it is finished... ooo NAIJA my country. That's Wat u get wen u vote gross incompetent people becos of religion or ethnicity Another scam my problems here's corruption, people don't have sympathy on themselves talkless the ordinary people (indigents) One chance all the way. Now someone should name Mr integrity of Nigeria.

Northern pupils? Buhari is nothing but criminal, looking all avenue to loot. There are trivial truths and there are great truths. The opposite of a trivial truth is plainly false. The opposite of a great truth is also true. - Niels Bohr Fed and state Govt has lost data and control of the existing school in Nigeria.stop the false news

Haaa!!! I now know we are just a county Forget feeding pupils at home, just credit their parents account. Stop doing things as if we were still in Adams age. This is 2020 pls. To spread coro Another Avenue to steal. God what did we do to deserve these leaders? This woman may over take Dizani E maduake Only a useless country would have to prove nonsense to International banks in order to loot funds looted from their country. Tufia!

Shey una dey mad ni? Are we a joke to you? Gbogbo yin to ya werey. You want to partner in feeding pupils at home in what way and in which category? Yet you neglected the npower beneficaries by not paying their March stipends. There's God o Please stop all dis dumb, senseless and unrealistic interventions u bringing up. U have d data of where dey Liv? U gonna feed kids and leave d parents nd other siblings? Wot of kids in private schools? Dis is annoying. U gonna come tell us uv feed 3million kid with 7billion abi?

1984 scams in 2020 Ehhh God... Sinzu money This government be things. U want go feed children after dem go say dem spend 200 thousands billion naira. How feasible is this? Na wa!!! And some people will come here shouting internet fraudsters are shaming the nation, I doubt they're the ones shaming the nation after all cos if this is not shaming the country I don't know what is .

This means that the quarantine period will be extended just so they can show proof to the World Bank, IMF, ADB that the $6.9bn loan is needed for these COVID-19 'palliative' measures. Buhari's administration is very dishonest and corrupt. Scam!! In the North abi This farooq woman is another Lie Muhammed ooooooo, woman for that matter, I pity her husband.

One simple thing that other countries did, Nigeria is just scratching the surfaces just to find more ways of looting the funds and make it unaccounted for. This admin is actually a curse from the pit of hell. God please don’t let them go unpunished. Tueh What u get when almajiris are in power With this looting spree, Nigeria Might be no more by the time corona will be over.

All these stuffs are not adding up at all Una don start again ... 🙈🙈🙈🙈 This is a complete nonsense. may Allah have mercy on u people. Feed which school? The school in section or the one not in section FinanceIsrael how on Earth do you people want to create unmanageable and manage it in your head? Hmm

Confused government This is so annoying Stealing everywhere OmG This woman is more experienced in the game than I expected Saka mange The idea does not make sense. Fighting corruption is the establishment of frameworks that discourages the act. This proposal is a channel to facilitate stealing. Kindly pay an auditable number of Nigerians. Use account numbers or phone numbers. Set up a transparent system.

Is this government insane, how can you feed pupils at home better than their parents? Give the money and food items to them and these children will be better taken care of What a stupid idea Nigeria must get sense by force Nigeria must get sense by force ✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊ All these are nothing but avenue for embezzlement and fraud. Use BVN to spread the freebies and stop deceiving Nigerians.

To feed almajiris ,abi? I'm tired of hearing all this. Ds government is full of actors,we really made mistake dy ought to b in nollywood not in aso rock Which useless feeding this nonsense woman dey talk. Wey npower stipends for month of march dey there without payment or reason for not paying. Ever since the incompetent minister for humanitarian rubbish took oath of office.

You have the records of all children in school through your school board, so send this money for feeding to their parents to feed their children at home. Stop this nonsense money Heist Dem of thieves In your house. I don't know how normal human beings can run a programme that the people you are doing it for say they don't want. It even hurts the most when you consider that a professor pastor was directly in charge of this scam🚶

So you ll feed only the children and others in the family will just be looking?...another avenue to loot money...May God judge all those who have decided to be senseless and embezzle money that is meant for the masses to survive on... Not again. Scam after scam She should pay NPOWER beneficiaries too Are these government officials don't reason any longer? Nigeria is completely finished!

How These are indeed mad people I swear to God,We are being ruled by lunatics..You want to feed pupils from home Why not do the needful for their parents and let em take care of their kids themselves This is the time for the biggest money heist in Nigeria. Lies upon lies. Another theory of scamatology...😂😂😂🤣😂

See ehn God will avenge this country soon...very soon Fraud pls stop bringing up this type useless news Scarm alert SCAM...... This government is no different from the rest.. perhaps the worst I see. God save Nigeria E ko arayin da soun jare👎 Is my local government not part of Nigeria? What is happening! Is it the pupils at home with their parents that this FG is feeding? Nigeria, who did this to us?

Wit one cup of rice and two maggi ahbi..okay oo we jst dy watch una... Orisirisi na him we go dey see Jst imagine rubbish SMH I find it hard to believe there’s even one single intelligent person in our presidency’s team I dont understand, feeding pupils at home, like why not provide for their parent or guardian... I dont even understand sef.

I don't know why, I hate any news that partake with the woman. How When this witnuts finish dealing with Nigeria, sorry will be it's name. They have successfully refused to get Nigerians properly documented so that it will be easier for them to continue perpetuating their evil agenda Federal government nor wise AT ALL. Na to feed the pupil or to assist the parents of the pupil. Don't distribute. U already have the BVN OF ALL NIGERIANS, CREFIT THEM.

Your have our bvn details just credit us and let's buy whatever we want with it.stop giving out contract to some dubious people.we don't need their foods Everything the FG is doing is for civil servants and public school pupils wat about the private workers, jobless n private school pupils, aren't they Nigerians?

Madam is your turn to carry... Clueless thieves, APC is just a gang of thieves You people should stop this thing na what's all this . STOP playing with us this things are getting out hands . Next time before u vote ,u won't vote because the shared Maggie and salts to credibility.. Most of u on this platform criticized Mr Jonathan.. Y are u now complaining.... U voted him out we all face the music

Pupils wey una no fit feed for school Why are they bent on looting the treasury dry at a time that other countries are working hard to save their citizens and keep their country going? How much longer are we gonn’ watch this bullshit go on? These men are utterly wicked and won’t stop until they’re stopped.

Feeding pupils at home ?does that means they don’t eat at all ? Madam u, for God sake How will they their addresses? Why not turned the schools into charity centers instead of tracing their homes. I hope the service providers won't squander the funds under the pretends using greater part of money on tracing

Please f g remember business people like me.. Stop deceiving Nigerians nothing like feeding genuinely but ur target is embezzlement, Nigerians have lost confidence in ur Govt. To restore conf. do things that will touch d grassroots by incorporating community leaders n not politicians in ur programs. You want to infect peoples kids at home

The dream that can never come true Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the new Dezeani Allison. This Buhari administration is not only wicked but also fraudulent. Let them show Nigerians proof of feeding pupils at home. This leaders can never learn anything good from other this how US shared their stimulus package ? Evil people at the hemps of affairs ..

These people are doing everything to steal this period. The worst part is that women are involved. These are mothers, who are suppose to have good hearts, there are even the most heartless of all. School feeding program that has not succeeded at home now taking to home level. God deliver us from abracadabra government.

Talking in the rubbish I thought the program was 'School Feeding'? When did Buhari and his side chick turn it to home feeding without our notice Just be specific, please. Northern states is where this all shit are happening. This Govt is fraud Scam. They must look for all means to cover up the N2trillion expenditure. How would they know the respective houses of pupils Naija Na pure joke.

Money for hospitals and good school is being frittered away! Give Nigerians money, they will buy food. Not audio food they are sharing up and down. accountantgeneral lockdownextension COVIDー19 Who is cooking the food? Teachers? How? Feed pupils and leave their parents? FG no rate us at all. Confusion She looks so detached, uninterested therefore ignorant. No wonder they want to use this opportunity to milk us dry. Stop this crap!

Scam No good news has come out with this woman picture She is the true representation of the ministry she is handling When I grow up someday, I’ll probably understand how Govt is run. Oil price has dropped. Budget is in deficit. Govt borrowing is at its peak. Yet seeking for every small opportunity to spend money. Kai.

Give us money not food that stupid food you sharing around I wonder how u guys intend to achieve this feeding plan... I’m sure this is another plan to loot our money Scam What is this? Mad o Give to the parents, not the kids they don't need it. Give to Corp members they are meant to be protected by the government

Nigeria is a joke jare Bunch of criminals. How are you going to do it? Everybody is watching you. Sadiya_farouq We don't need lie again, pay us our Npower stipend. Remember that God is watching you. Ole, barawo, onyioshi 😳😳😳 Hahahahahaha this one off me oh feed pupils kwa I can't believe this lie..... We done wise4dis cntry

What is really wrong with dis govt? They r taking us fr granted in dis country.. why planning to feed pupil at home instead of giving food stuff to their parent? Jesus! Ahhh! This guyz will force Nigerians into revolution one day... Stupidity of the highest order..Why not distribute the relief money to everybody bank account since they got bvn, WT that all children can benefit from their family in lock down... Shh yeyenatu govt..

How do they plan to achieve this? any data capturing the number of student in each school? Office... noting like that it just an oppotunity for them steal more money Corona virus has given you the opportunity to embezzle but your stomachs will Burst open for eating this money Audio No more called school feeding program ; it is home feeding. Imagine that, every means to justify spendings or govt expenditures. There is God o!

Them Don come ooohhh! Always devising new ways to empty our vault. The new office these people are using to syphon funds is the office of the minister of humanitarian affairs, ever since all the social investment programs were moved under her ministry, they aren't doing well again compare to when they were under d VP, May God help Nigeria.

😃😃. Make this thing to make sense now. Pupils who are at home at this time will be fed. How? This money must be looted by any possible means. Haba FG! And you want Nigerians to believe this garbage? Feeding pupils at home? What the heck! What sense is in this. Who is really advising this government? I tire o.

Which people? God will judge Feeding pupil at home 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ I guess the northern pupil As far as I am concerned, feeding pupils at home during this time of COVID19 lock down and social distancing while schools are shutdown is a sham and a calculated attempt to opaquely misappropriate funds without accountability. How does it work?

It's a good thing but the problem is how can this be planned and organized without it been cornered by some idiots again , because that's one big problem we are facing in this country . Greed.. These people are confusing confusion We no want... Send us the money through BVN very simple na... Una nor dey fear God or get pity for Una citizens?

Weak policies ever seen Nigeria sha...later they will say they spent 3billion on feeding pupil at home...Nigeria my country What do you expect from a woman that can not be married Am sure somebody will account for this nonsense in the nearest future! Another Season is sure coming!! Bunch of uselessness!!

U guys are liars JESU....NIGERIANS SHAY U CAN SEE THE CHANGE BROUGHT ON US Who swear for Nigerians abi buahari Another scam alert wetin their papa wan dey do 😂😂🤣🤣 They will cook for them? This pple are just stupid why pupils at home this guys just wait for every opportunities to squander......they just don't care about d masses,this government is evil for real!

A primary school pupil know better🤦🏻 Rubbish lies upon lies She is just insisting that her revenue and money making factory shouldn't go into vacation... Money must keep flow into her account Which pupils do dey want to feed again when u did not feed their parents/guardian dis heartless rulers are clown u do not deserve to be called leaders yah Allahu pls provide for the needy and heal the world

These people are simply crazy. Nigeria has serious problems & we need serious people to solve them not jokers. The Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs has been very crafty in it's approach to welfare distribution. SadiyaFarouqMustResign SadiyaFarouqMustResign Please stop saying things that is not happening this is all joke, never seen anyone received anything from the federal government since the out break of this virus, am tired of this country

GbemiDennis Pupils deserves better, all this ain't suppose to be news fgs. Same comedians There parent should be given given the money to feed the kids since they home Game government all na scam Don't partner state, just send us money through CBN, simple Is this school feeding program on autorun or what? FG wetin dey occur...

Who + who is fooling who? I reserve my comment but we know that you guys are lying You are disgrace to womanhood. U are Anini is a saint compare to you. 😂 She is yet to pay npower beneficiaries their March stipend. I think is time to give up on this country...the leaders are son of a thousand fathers I've given up on this government... Shameless ppl

I feel say una talk say Jonathan regime steal money make una come see the real full-fledged armed robbers Do these people ever reason? I wonder why adults should be behaving like this GbemiDennis 🤦🏾 And somebody will still defend this administration, shameless lot. It will cost 134trillion Another fraud

Sinzu spending again Na waoh, I am really weak at what this government and minister of humanitarian affairs are doing. Please, stop thinking that Nigerians are fools, just stop. Great initiative, great job 👍🏾, this govt is second to none. Up bubu 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 This government thinks that we are all fool like some of them how can tell such big lie and want Nigerian to believe such evil lie.

At where The money they from feeding detainees and prison inmates daily, across the country is no longer enough, they now expand the feeding to include school children, that are at home, not going to school at the moment. So, their own income will keep acruing to them. I don't know what is happening to the Government of Nigeria, how can you partner states to feed pupils when you can easily do that by sending money to their parents' accounts. Must you take advantage of every situation!!!

GbemiDennis Question is how? Will there be evidence/proof of transparency? GbemiDennis 😂 Optics You feed pupils at home, how about their other siblings, and their parents? Create the enabling environment to empower their parents to shoulder their responsibilities of feeding their own children and themselves.

Jokers with stupid policies and program that only serve one purpose only steal all that you can Why this kind of plan... Whats the parents duty Mad people with mad ideas. They follow foreign twits and try to buy the idea into a country they fail to setup or build in advance way to meet with such idea. Thief's ...

Which kind wahala be this again? How are sure that this people are truly truly human beings shameless, daring & thoughtless. All this charade self.. Make una dey chop our money. Posterity will judge you people Thieves With all the professors and SAN that surround our president this is what they can come up with May God have mercy!

Clueless! I keep asking where is Buhari and Osinbanjo in all of this scam,a very big scam. Government can do the scamming better than this. Misplaced priority, so what is the functions of LG ? Maybe you gave LG audio autonomy then, it better we restructured this country.. They are finding the best formula to share the money without complaints

which DATA are they using to reach the so called pupils? why ? but why this at this time of so much serious scare? feed pupils? How?This government is really made up of magicians. very laughable When? After d lockdown? Them don chop the money allocated for it already, the virus wan fuck them up so they have to come to with something so they can explain how the money fly

When is that going to happen coz u pipu will nor kee us with Lies Wahala dey for Nigeria oooo. How is this going to be possible Feeding school children at home in this lockdown period. Na wa oooo. this bothers me..feed pupils at home? you mean orphans?north or south or east or west...feed pupils? How's that possible. How are you gonna get the data of the pupils. This regime of GMB is becoming more dramatic and funny.

This regime is legendary. I lift my yansh for you people. More formats for mad mega cashouts. More confirmation till 2023. You people are just doing one Stupid senseless thing or the Other. Irresponsible Government This woman is a fraud,period. With contaminated rice abii, make una continue ok I bet they are just giving them 100 bread with pancake, just like they did here in my community 😂😂😂 Nigeria is full of scam 😢

This people no they tire to loot 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ E don't happen oo. E don't happen. Water son pass garri. Oga son run away oo. E don't happen. Feeding from Home, nothing we no go hear for this country. Dats very good....... Make d tin reach where I dey o Should parents not be responsible for feeding their children/ wards at home? Why would the FGN take this responsibility? It'll make more sense to empower the parents( if they're so poor) so they'll meet their obligations to their children...

I tire for this nation ooo Madam it will not work get d database of all Nigeria What rubbish..... Just to continue the program in order to continue to steal. Corona is spoiling business Very foolish set of humans in govt. Worst mistake in history Am confused what kind of government is this why don’t you go for their parents is anybody advising Buhari led administration

🤾🏾‍♂️🔥 After giving 20k each to 2.6m still wanna feed their many billions are we talking about here...the PDP were angels All these are just actors to steal money finish Another cluelessness & dumbo fraud loading.....😎 🤦🤦🤦🤦 Mtcheew Say na two cup of rice. We go eat till 14days

Another lie 🚳🔞📵😷 We no dey cover face haba.... Am confused, These people are hell bent on emptying our treasury.... Anytime I set my eyes on this woman picture am always short of words , her talk don't make sense to me. I don't understand her feeding from home and billions of Naira shared with48 hours . If truly Apc member can support this it means you don't want good for this country.

This is the most pro-poor fg government in the world. Make una just dey cashout anyhow. Even in school you didn't feed them, now you want to feed them at home. It's in a way of not been held accountable for your spendings. Give the money to their parents . Federal Government got a 'legitimate way' to embezzle....guess what? They will personally hire people to even 'spread' the virus so as to cash out more!!!

Ah! Really?!🤔😏 What is the mandate, objective and relevance/ impact of the humanitarian affairs; etc ministry?! Thr leadership if the organisation doesn't seem to have tact in management. Seems the humanitarian ministry is a joke What a joke I'm telling you the is fraud of highest order The question is how?

Fraud? how is this possible for crying out loud, pupils who are suppose to be self isolating? this must be the 8th wonder of the world. yeye dey smell Stealing MODIFIED Are you tired of going round the states and local government? Lol . Funny . It’s official,Nigeria Government has ran out of ideas . This is so unfortunate and heartbreaking .

lie from the pit of hell God will judge u people in every bad ND evil that u guys re doing, steal from this country, milking Nigeria dry ND come to social media to lie, why some fools will be defend them, why their looting ND milking d country dry, how many times u feed them? What's d quality of d food ?

Nigeria goverent and white elephant projects! Just pay the pensions of the retirees... salaries of their parents... and indirect the pupils will be feed! Stop this foolishness... feeding a son at home..and his parents dying 🤔 Always looking for a way to steal Scam alert! How sensible is this? How do you locate each child? How do you monitor the food distribution? Many things doesn't add up here. These people simply lack the fear of God. They just want to ensure they steal enough money before 2023.

Am I not in trouble again,why are these people like this. Blatant lies from this government How did I end up in this country 🙄more looting Dont br surprise that after this she is running for the governor of her state... Hi. If you're interested in Twitter Advert placement, Big shout-out to your love ones, Birthday shout-out, Event awareness, Music promotion, Hype man & Dj shout-out, and lots more. KS ADVERT STUDIO can give you the best you want. Follow us now by one tap 👇🏻👇🏻 KSONLINEMARKET1

Plotting another scam again... God is watching... Easier for camel to pass through the eye of a needle...🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️ How sensible is this? How do you locate each children? How do you monitor the food distribution? Many things doesn't add up here. These people simply lack the fear of God. They just want to ensure they steal enough money before 2023.

una go still come feed rats for our backyards.... Stupid pipo...... Shebi if they ask them where database dey them go say na our sitting room... Next 6hrs we see smoke. Ndi ara ndi ara 😄😄 At the end,they will tell us that they have spent N5trillion on the feeding of school children during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

See them again... This people are just looking for all available means to loot this country dry.. But what have we done to deserve this ? This doesn't make any sense. Feed pupils at their homes? How? See Una the confuse us for this country.....which pupils again? This make no sense Walahi Buhari go finish Nigeria before 2023 🤣😂😆

Awon jègudujèra🤣🤣🤣 Is it compulsion that money must be stolen. A class of 40pupils leaving in different places. With lockdown in various places how do you intend This government will never stop to amuse the masses. One day, it will be over. SCAM!!! FG....animal in human skin 😅 In their father's house abi...

We don't want food we need jobs I swear this is rubbish, if u give this mandate to Governors u are only enriching them and their families. And God will never forgive u. All these are part of the reason why the treasury house is on fire. Nigerian government, the more you look Scam Choiiii The hottest part of hell awaits u and other corrupt leaders in Nigeria

So that tomorrow they will tell us they have used the country to borrow money.....pupils dont need ur mf food Which partners?. Why this government can't do something with human face?. I don't know how they can achieved desire results. Shameless thieves. To realise people voted this govt is disheartening.

What kills me in all this is when you hear them speaking. They most use the word “ Poorest of the poorest” Biko which one is that one again ooo? Feed people Make it sound like it is dogs you want to feed. God forbid !!! And they have strategists like this o. Strategists and a comms team collecting millions in salary and allowance🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ Just negodu EddieMadaki gisellegrey

Mumu talk...Business are running dry and government are feeding pupil not student so much hate from the government naijalockdown How do u feed pupils at home? Chi Chi Chi it is finish 😅😅😅 These people are cursed. With due respect sir, where you employed 2 start telling Nigerians lies? Nigerians are smart enough to grade you and your lies. In my state, I can't count the numbers of Vulnerable roaming around the streets looking for how to survive with as tiny as 100 2 feed their families

In UK right? I think at this time we need to press STOP to recheck the title of this movie playing for us. how can they be mentioning Lagos and Ogun in their comments. is this North that they can be doing scam.. feed pupils at home, chaii THIS ONE LOUD MEHN Fear God Please don't say anything about FG, abeg...please abeg!!!!!!🤡👺

😂😀😁corruption What or which kids?... Just like my little cousin will say......layaaaa Which kids?.... Just like my little cousin will say....lair Dead presidency dead president dead nation and those who support this government are dead too. Fools This is nothing but another dimension of corruption. It is so disheartening that a government that has no data or statistics to plan for her citizens will come up with such initiative. We shall definitely be delivered from this set of mediocre leaders someday.

Kai!!!! This country has finished with bad leaders. WTF Where How which State... Am beginning to get upset with are you people working with the Governments or what.or do you people report whats they want Is this woman okay?she has been talking jargons..anyway,don't expect much based on her brain capacity..

U mean almajiri? Impossible🤔🤔🤔 Corruption raised to power 20 ...Una don spoil APC finished. Tell people that don't know why the office of the acc General of nigeria gut fire ? This people had no business running the government, they don't know how things work. Áwón scammers..... One day d bush meat go catch d hunter.

You guys (Fg) better start it now Federal or state, they are all thieves, have said it before, distribution of money and food is just another means of stealing from Nigeria treasury, efcc have work to do. Alas, this country is hopeless. At home no more at school BIG SCAM! All you demons must go to hell Shame!!! They're always looking ways to steal, no record of processes, no data base. These are the leaders will hate so much

So news go just dey funny u... You are not ashamed of lying? Hai God!! This people are just clueless Audio feeding? The School feeding program will end up to be a means to an end. Is there a record for number of pupils been fed nationwide The biggest thief in Nigeria right now is this lady with hijab Honestly it’s obvious this guys ruling us thinks we are all fools. Can you imagine?

Smart way to steal Please stop lying to Nigerian's. Give the job to the local government statutorily responsible for primary education. If they refuse to feed their children, then we can deal with them Laughable Money sharing at this time, God will judge all Can you just imagine🤭 Feed at home? Why do they think we are fools? Make una loot the loot and stop taking us for a fool biko

Another scam The whole idea of feeding pupils has been a scam from the onset. How do you account for those pupils you will feed? I called on Mr. President MBuhari to sack this minister she's incompetence. Scam. 🙆🙆🙆 Don't they have parents?. Are we normal? What's wrong with this people now, where is the data of pupils across the nation. Se won fi ole (thief) and jibiti (fraud) se yin ni. Save the money till after scamming covid19 MBuhari nassnigeria SpeakerGbaja ShehuSani dino_melaye SPNigeria OfficialPDPNig OfficialAPCNg

Feed pupils at home? For what? Don't they eat food at home? We're not serious This woma is out to launch. This woman think say na only she go school? She think Nigerian and fools how could feed pupil at home? The game is getting interesting. We are heading to somewhere Just give the parents foodstuff or money, it would be easier and more effective than cooking for the pupils.

Northern pupils ryt? The same way we didn’t see the COVID19 funds y’all shared corrupt leaders This is insane,let lockdown be it for God's sake. You can't prioritized the business interests of cronies above the well-being of our children and we the Parents. Since it's looting galore, please go on,your time will soon be up.

Ah! See another format to scam us Another means to embezzle money again Corona virus has brought more corruption than ever....God help the poor people. These our leaders are heartless. Now that President Abba Kyari is sick, everyone has full potential to Loot the Nigeria treasury.. Scam Which pupil ? The ones at home or where

Sadiya_farouq Are you out of ideas? Can't you come up with better initiatives. Pls if you don't know what to do, kindly resign. Enough of the lies. We aren't dumb pls The Sheer Audacity of this Magnitude of Corruption instituted by the Buhari led govt is Mind blowing..They want to feed Ghost Students at home and then burn records afterwards. We have seen it all.

Na by force? Kia I give up on u people Must they embezzled this money even during this pandemic, can't the halt the looting just for the sake of humanity and start later. They want to tell us now they know where the students live and have inculcated cost of home delivery to the scheme. May the Almighty never forgive them all if their aim is to fool us upon all the hardship they put the masses even at this critical time. Shameless beings

What's all this biko, erh Chineke, ke onye anyi mejoro. Fraud Waste of space In the North Dindinrin lawon people shall!!!!!! I've forgotten the fela song title, but I heard the following phrase in one of his songs: ... GOVERNMENT MAGIC !!! Keeping up with the Lai's.. SMH in shame.... Story story story.. Food shouldn't be the main priority right now. Take them back to school.🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️

I choose not to talk This is pure rubbish and it is absolutely not possible in this country especially under this regime Thieves, we are tried of corrupt governments in Nigeria both past and present. Nothing has changed. Corruption everywhere. These guys looking for all possible means to loot Nonsense, covikk1-9 is a nice avenue to steal more money, I hail you madam

What kind of human beings do we have as leaders in this Country? All their plans, ideas and policies are just ridiculous. I wonder if they have Brain in their heads or just a lump of fat in there. I marvel at their constant display of absurdity Audio feeding Pls help us beg the minister of humanitarian affairs to pay the npower beneficiaries. At this stay at home lock down our march stipends still remain unpaid. We have family and responsilities we are dying of hunger. Pls help us beg Sadiya to pay us

It is well. This woman is a liar,please dont listen to whatever she says..Werey Hahahahaha!! leaders...crazy shit hole I can boldly tell anyone that APC /buhari led government embezzles money more than what Abacha was doing... When will we stop receiving ourselves . Those it mean that Nigeria can never get better?

Thought the kids are at home with their parents....this scam too much na The headline should read, FG partners with state to loot and empty our treasury. Pay npower their money ! Ole And this woman and this woman and this woman ehn, this woman is a big time........... COVID-19 has exposed the APC and PMB, they can’t deceive Nigerians even though the once benefiting from this wickedness would always defend this madness and devilish government!

😁😁😁 has u people joke too much. Barawo Banza. Sad that you will do anything to steal. 🤣🤣Apc seriously u guys are dope in corruption. We are begining to lose focus This govt keeps coming up with creative ways to loot public funds The hon. Minister should not unnecessarily expose herself on something that she cannot oversight. The school feeding is for pupils in the school not at home. FG cannot control abuse by the State government officials. Let’s use the resources elsewhere effectively

Scam shittu10 imagine. Wth so many middlemen getting involved esp high ranking civil/public servants, those whose children are in A-list schools. So much money will end in the hands of the privileged via this covid'19 issue. A lot will mk capital out of this pandemic. A review plz Very useless idea. This government is The worst government so far in the history of Nigeria. What is all this for God sake. You want to bring food to my house and give my child while I go hungry with my wife as a result of your order to lockdown the country. This is Madness

Apc are not sure Nigerians will allow them back in by 2023 cos they know Buhari failed woefully, they know it's only rigging that can bring them back & so everything they are doing now is just a desperate scramble to enjoy everything they can whole it last. Laugh now cry later I cannot can again for this government. Tell me what record of corruption this MBuhari govt have not broken in this their 5 years period.

This is absurd. They have finished with the Abacha loot money already ooo. They are looting the covid19 money now.. Big scam Do this people have sense at all? How can you feed people do you know what they want? You people are sha looking for away to eat That money nothing else MADAM LEAVE THE CHILDREN WITH THEIR PARENTS AND PROVIDE PALLIATIVES FOR THE PARENT. IS NOT BY FORCE !

What is wrong with this Buhari's mistress? Why the sudden urge to school-feed pupils even when they are at home? Kai Jesus Mrs lair Mohammed 'aka' l guess Keep on keeping on Where is d common sense in this bikonu?...kai!.. smhhhh, nothin wey person no go hear! honestly what kind of propaganda is this, who are the people been feed

This is why Nigeria will never move forward imagine how our leaders are thinking like a gbèrò. So it's true that our government are stupid and crazy at Same time. Noting wey Musa no go see for gate😂😂 Where una forget una head self Another way to steal money......sebi na naija wey all of us de Nawa o, feed pupils from home? Looking for means to finish these donations. No be small feeding from homes.

...and to think that they are requesting for $500b loan to fight covid-19...heeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! Why am I still sitting down? When will this gov stop fooling themselves. Scam Which kind of confused government is this?.No deep thought objectives What is all these propaganda sef, is it not better to keep quiet than to keep disappointing us...?

When MaziNnamdiKanu called Nigeria a Zoo, they came after his head. There is a day of reckoning. Fools all these things just to embezzle money...we have some heartless set of leaders walahi Thieves The parent will cross their legs to watch while feeding the children.... I laugh for this country bcos sometimes they don’t think

Sadiya_farouq you be thief feed which pupils Allah yahkum ealayk We will now start tracing their ancestral home like we did distributing Nepa bills abi, ure very correct FG the partner Does this extend to alumnus pupils? God will punish you and your FG Feed their parents first Nonsense 🙄🙄🙄 They've discovered a humane and convincing way to steal. First it was sharing Billions to 'unknown' poorest Nigerians. Now they want to feed children already at home with their parents...Kaiiii

Lie. Lie. Thief 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Another scam. Lol For crying out loud ,why do we have acct or bvn? Let me laugh small I hope dabino is not part of the meal.. because we will not forget you Hajiya Why copying from other countries knowing u can't Don't mind them, lost a sister last year up to this moment her class teacher or year tutor has never ventured into finding out reasons to her absence. Heartless things.

Ati wo one chance walahi 😳 Another Kara! Abi This guys are mad ni ? After how many weeks? Second phase of siphoning Another motive of stealing...give their parents money and quality relief package una refuse. Lol you want to feed kids and ignore parents in same house all because you want to steal more money. Fuckery govt

Fake government Shame on y'all All this newspapers do u people investigate this news before posting it for general public? Or u just write it for writing sake? It is called school feeding programme. Now that schools are closed you still want to follow them to their respective homes and feed them. Na wa o. This doesn't make sense. This is just a ploy to steal.

FG to feed her children at home 😂🤣 This has one word written all over it...FRAUD!!! They're lying with fine face When will all these madness stop....!? Hmmmm This federal govt is so jobless up to the point that they want to take over the jobs of parents feeding their children at home. SMH This people should please stop this insult

Buhari is a miracle worker Something is wrong with our leaders NGRPresident NGRSenate HouseNGR femigbaja nassnigeria With the recent events..I'm persuaded to believe that this present administration led by MBuhari is all out to drain the Nation's treasury by all means. This pple are useless how will u locate this pupil's, I don't get this pple.

Pupils that are not in school God Which one is feeding children at home again, is it not supposed to be school feeding? ...children of the north... Allah will punish you human sympathy How? Fuck dem... Aye yin Fe baje ni, weyrey ma ni awon people yi These people are jokers! I gave up already!!

Here we go again 🙄 Give their parents money to cook for them How did this idiot get into position? Abeg with no data base, how will you get them? Fools Hmmm, Nigeria If you don't know what to do, u ask question Feeding pupils at this stage of pandemic in this country is just waste of resources...... Pls get brain

This is very funny FG Yeah they will feed pupils home and kill graduate npower_ng in the street Una sha go dey talk the impossible... FG 😂 Was this woman trained by Lai Moha before becoming a minister? God Cursed Nigeria Leaders... Hell Is Awaiting For You not Like Federal Government Dogs ( EFCC ) Why not the family?

CRAZY FG Very daft idea You sha one spend this money so as to still as much as possible. No record absolutely nothing. I suggest you pay their parents through their respective BVN. Give the parents now Feed at home kill all of una der Awon Oniranu. We joke about virtually everything in this country. Feed pupils at home? How?

Why wouldn't these people just allowed little of the fear of God settled in them? Their home address are properly kept in the school register that are locked up. Naija we hail thee. That's a clap-trap, bunch of hokum that is. Your deceit now knows no bound I can see. They don't want to refund unspent money. This normally happens when you chop money in advance.

How This bold face scaming ehn.... Uhnnmn corruption raise to power twelve Pls DNT say at home,all the northern student.mtcheww These people needs cause Thief nah their ooooooooo Hw is possible? Nonsense.. Ok.. I see.. d principal will take u guys to pupils home for u to feed them abi? Ok.. schools DT HV 300 pupils hw can u cover such school in a day? Foolish talk, yaya talk, mumu talk, stupid talk... God forgive u all!!

🗣Audiooooooo! You people should stop all this rubbish.. we’ve had enough.. After this Covid-19 virus pandemic, Nigeria's treasury will be empty. We have thieves as leaders Audio message May God almighty purnish this government for being stupid. Schools are on brake and u want to feed empty classrooms. That money they want to steal will be their end. Rubbish!!

Policy dead on arrival Sometimes I see this headlines and I would shake my head then go back to confirm if it from a reliable source and always it is Another story.. No data, no statistics, no record just bubadson Follow StraightnewsM for latest news, retweet our post and stand a chance to win cash price in our weekly give away

hahhha!! oh God!!! This one is bereft of ideas, how did she get into that position Pupils that are with their parents? See ehn at this point...we know say all na scam, just do it with your chest😒 Thunder fire you for saying that. Stupid woman Walahi, this woman Sadiya_farouq dey cash out big! This is indeed the most senseless and clueless. Damn

Himmm. How? Easier said than done.. Deceit of the highest order Awon wasters

Only few Nigerians abroad want to come home - FG – Daily TrustThe Federal Government says only few Nigerians abroad have indicated interest in returning home over the global coronavirus pandemic. The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Geoffrey Onyeama, said this in Abuja yesterday at the sixth joint national briefing of the Presidential Taskforce Force on COVID-19. He said Nigerian embassies had been asked to forward the number … What are they coming back to do? To die? Lol this people are so funny, now that they themselves can’t fly anywhere with PJ they want to bring everybody home to suffer with them SMH Sometimes it's better to be in captivity in other country than to live in Nigeria

Gbajabiamila to FG: Quarantine visiting Chinese doctors – Daily TrustThey’re coming to train our medical personnel — SGF The speaker of the House of Representatives, Femi Gabajabiamila, yesterday asked the federal government to quarantine the invited 18-team of Chinese medical doctors for 14 days on their arrival. He said this in Abuja at a meeting between the leadership of the house and the Minister … Very true They shouldn’t come at all They should go where they are needed the most please, by God's grace we can handle our situation.

Easter: FG declares Friday, Monday public holidays – Daily TrustEaster: FG declares Friday, Monday public holidays The Federal Government yesterday declared Friday and Monday as public holidays to mark the 2020 Easter celebration. The Minister of Interior, Rauf Aregbesola, urged Christians in the country to emulate the outstanding characteristics of Jesus Christ among which are tolerance, love, peace and compassion. In a statement by …

COVID-19: FG seeks N2.53trn from World Bank, IMF, others – Daily TrustTo help states meet obligations Borrowing inevitable now – Experts Govt orders distribution of 150 trucks of seized rice Reduces cost of fertiliser to N5,000 The federal government is seeking $6.9 billion (equivalent of N2.53 trillion) from the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the African Development Bank and the Islamic Development Bank to mitigate … Anzo wajen... The real motive has started emanating Ok ooo They will still use it to travel abroad for stomach pain

FG declares Friday, Monday Easter holidaysWhose goin to work before mtcheeeew So does that mean we are free to move on that day Is dere movement in Lagos

FG okays TSA restructuring for cash mobilisationThe finance minister also said that the President had given an interim approval for the restructuring of the Treasury Single Account in order to better mobilise cash donations from the people and c... All in the quest to ease donations. What has been done to ensure the distribution of the donations to the people. Money coming in nothing going out When they want to tamper with TSA, they call it restructuring...spending money does not always solve there really a problem? or FGN is using the Coronavirus panic to spend anyhow they like... What's taking so long? The BVN, NIN, Salary accounts, Immigration records etc aren't enough to disburse funds digitally? I weep for my country.