'Covid-19', Govt Knocks Oyakhilome, Oyakhilome

'Covid-19', Govt Knocks Oyakhilome

FG knocks Oyakhilome for calling COVID-19 lockdown a scam

4/7/2020 6:34:00 PM

FG knocks Oyakhilome for calling COVID-19 lockdown a scam

Eniola Akinkuotu, AbujaThe National Orientation Agency has berated Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, the founder and President of LoveWorld Incorporated, also known as Christ Embassy.Paul Ogenyi, a spokesman for the NOA, an agency under the Federal Ministry of Information and Culture, described as unfortunate, Oyakhilome’s claim that the lockdown ordered by the Federal Government in Lagos and Abuja was a mere ruse to lay fibre optic cables in preparation for the launch of 5G technology.

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In a chat withThe PUNCH, Ogenyi said it was disheartening that while Pope Francis and other respected clerics worldwide were educating their followers on measures to fight COVID-19, Oyakhilome and his ilk were spreading speculations thereby misinforming the public.

He said, “It is very unfortunate that in this sensitive time some of our religious leaders are beginning to behave like they are uninformed. The Vatican has issued a directive that there should be no gatherings. The same has happened in Saudi Arabia.“Nigeria has witnessed five deaths and many infections. So, I appeal to religious leaders to seek information if they are not sure of the facts.

“I am actually surprised that Pastor Oyakhilome is making this statement despite repeated clarifications by the Nigerian Communications Commission that 5G has nothing to do with coronavirus.“Is he saying the lockdown in the US and China is also because they want to lay 5G cables? If that is what he said then he is not informed and he needs to be educated. Nigeria needs to come together to fight this pandemic. It is real and we must fight it. If this kind of information continues to be disseminated, we will be the worse for it.”

Oyakhilome had in a viral video stated that the lockdown was done to install 5G in Abuja and Lagos.He had said, “The Federal Government was pushed to lockdown Abuja and Lagos specifically because of 5G in Abuja and Lagos. They had already tested 5G in Abuja and now they are digging in Lagos to get it ready. That is why they locked down Abuja and Lagos so that the 5G can be installed.

“I have said before that what killed people in Wuhan, China, was not the virus but the 5G. If you say it is not, tell us how you discovered yours. The world is not dealing with a virus. This is the biggest deception in the world. You cannot hide from a virus by staying in your house.”

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How do FG explain the ongoing installations of the 5G amidst the lock down. What made these workers essential and exempted. Are they immunized against Covid-19 infection. Somebody talk to me! Why has the 5G not been installed in China or US If it true. It means they'll have to do something to the 5G cos they're expose already

MI_Abaga Wenti FG know Let em sit down, let my pastor school 'em Hi This is the most disappointing comment expected of a man of this stature. This is beyond comprehension! Did he say this for real? SMH This is d answer;;; Airplanes are good to fly but when they crash, no survival...Cars are cool but they still have accidents that takes life. 5G has a positive and negative side...It has been prophesied long ago before now that machines will rise against the human world...

Stomach infrastructure pastor Is really shocking the way you people talk about the man of God in such manners. God forgive you all that said so many negative things about the man of God Church and their money. Smh Stop looking for cheap publicity, get your facts straight, you can't trend with our shine FG has no brain and even the people that sell their destiny For them for 1k & cups of rice need to pay for it.

MI_Abaga Pastor Chris and his stupid and gullible supporters should goan die. Give me one reason that it's not a scam. Workers are yet to be paid yet Nigerian Govt wants to utilize 500bn to fight COVID-19 pandemic. Definitely 600Trn will be required to fight several other scams to come. Yet we dey sleep inside our various homes, 5G no kill us, we go out to take fresh air polluted by 5G, yet we still dey alive. May God bring his wrath on anyone who is causing and instill fear into d life of nigerians

Thank you so much Sammie. That 8s d right word for dis BOZO Show of great ignorance! That concluding paragraph is quite notable. Mr. Oyakhilome could be right, after all. MI_Abaga Somebody that will soon be brandishing his 5G devices soon? Nor be his likes still lie say internet na of d devil prior to the spread? Or that 'soft' bible na devil ploy to end Christianity? Meanwhile all of them dey use internet, online bible now.. Hypocrites & gullible zombies

I am with you sir...there is big scam here...it will backfires soon This video will help a lot of NIGERIANS know, pastor Chris is telling the truth. Don't allow the government make fool of you. Thank you iconmayor_media 🤔 He's selfish My microwave wave I use everyday for don kill me...nonsense there is literally cancer in 70% of things around us, eating and inhaling. 4G no kill us na 5G wan kill us. Until d virus kills half of our population b4 we go get sense. Black man sense sef eh I just tire

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With Nigerian government anything is possible Person wey dem suppose arrest. Inciting the public against the goverment is an offence. My people my people, Chris will be one of the first persons that will showcase a 5G phone to his mumu audience when it finally comes. 5G is an Ultra High Radioactive Frequency that the human body can not withstand. And so they will be so many body dropping and dying in an environment that contains the 5G technology. Chris Oyakhilome Spoke the bigger truth. We do not need this stupid 5G Radiation in Biafraland

Dr. Michael Ryan of W.H.O predicted the next phase of Isolation is to enter homes and check for possible unwell ppl to isolate them from their families. Seriously and media is quite about this.I seriously agree with Pastor Chris, ' You can't stay home to run away from a Virus' The knock should be physical please. He is a scammer. Those he has eaten up their brains will be defending him

And the fact that the government is doing nothing to arrest these thieves stealing in the name of God, fake pastors and false prophets is a big problem to this country. Their gross is Corona Virus exposed their false prophecies Okay. Let's say it's actually a scam... Should we wait for it not to be a scam before we shut down? Or is he also saying there's no such thing as COVID-19 worldwide?

FG should stop defending and come out with proves. The man has said his, come out with your own concrete proves. Ore_akiinde So sad how people will not watch but be quick to criticize based on quotes out of context😂 .If u are a sensible person,the least u Should do is go get the entire recording,listen to it ,then u can why?oya now continue insulting,while we are praying for u

In a world shrouded in secrecy by the elites and those at the top of the ladder? Let's leave it that no one knows what's really going on Shortage of tithe is already intoxicating the spiritual scammer Misinformation is the order of the day for these so called men of God, who are false prophets and fake pastors cum ritualist. But the fact there are so many gullible Nigerians mistaken foolishness for religion means their industry will continue to thrive

You don’t have news At least most of us know that the real scammers in Nigeria are these so called religious thieves cum leaders. The lockdown is affecting their daily offerings and they have no one to scam in the lockdown, so what do you think they will do? Egungun be careful, Na express you dey go, Mojor go jam you

Its not surprising that people are against my what my pastor is saying but remember the word of God says in Psalms 105:15 [15]“Touch not these chosen ones of mine,” he warned, “and do not hurt my prophets.” Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, please show covid-19 your healing powers instead of talking about 5G scrap of a conspiracy theory. You are bothered about possible reduced tithe. God help us.

These foolish pastors in Nigeria that lack critical thinking ............ Na slap them for slap the man. This is why his wife left him, sense don finish. Is really a scam Why do we hate the truth, everyone lockdown but does laying the cable are in the street working. This is a game plan and we say no to 5g iStandWithPastorchris

Questions: is 5g cable laid in Lagos and Abuja this season? Or is a coincidence Laslas,we ll know who is saying the truth,either oyakhilome or the Govt Yes....his right to say that, nothing is real in Nigeria, everything is fake. The lock down is affecting his business that's why Chris, how is business in the last two weeks

Fake pastors cup are already full! First they start talking out of their foolishness. Mental health is a big deal. When they start talking myths instead of preaching faith; Their end has come. 👌 The government are jobless people now I think PastorChrisLove said a bitter truth that hits there hypothalamus,in this pandemic time they arrested funkeakindele now pst Chris the 5G thing is the devilish thing from the devil it self so think Nigerians think !!!!

No one is denying the fact of the virus What else will you call it? I am tired of this lockdown shit and beginning to think it’s a scam of the highest order. Critically and insightfully look at what is happening presently in the country. After Covid-19, please what next ? What do we average and poor Nigerians left to hold on to ?

God will help us in this country NOA please tell us the truth nothing but the truth. Why are Chinese pulling down the 5G Mast, Antenna, Pole or whatever you call it. Tell us WHY? Take time man No corona virus in the Nigeria zoo Pastor Chris's point is that, the 5G network is gonna be used to control the Micro Chips hidden inside the COVID-19 vaccine to be given to everyone,as a preventive measure from the Corona Virus.The VACCINE is a COVER-UP for the MICRO CHIP to get into all citizens of all nations.

Pastor is missing tithes The arrest of pastor Oyakhilome is a big insult to the church,May God save His people. Wetin pope know? Let's watch and see where it will all End He brought out his proves so the Government should also bring out there's ..... And for the ignorant ones that has become social media gods talking in the rubbish and in the nonsense May God give you'll sense

Is Pastor Oyakhilome now a scientist to proof to us that the current covid-19 is a scam. If he is sure of what he says let him come out with scientific explanation to make me believe him. Join all of them that make up the so called FG..... PASTOR CHRIS OYAKHILOME is more intelligent n more knowledgeable than them. So when intelligent people are talking let the illiterate once keep shut n learn.

Even if Jesus himself comes down today and says this quote... This conspiracy is all lies and presents evidence..., the followers of this man will still be like 'No ooo... He sparketh in spirit... He cannot be wrong... ' Just let them be...! What will teach sense will do in time! Get this man arrested pls!!

How is the COVID-19 a scam? Parents should be weeping for wasted school fees When you are saying the fact, that's when the FG will notice your trail.. bunch of scammers About time Someone should arrest the idiot Government should arrest him. Remember this man urged everyone to do their research so as to know the facts of the matter 💯. Rather someme people are here blabbing..

Original scam in Nigeria context. Pastor Chris did his research, showed evidence and told the people you are here talking crap , lazy Nigerian youths you also do you research show evidence and counter his claims. they should go and lock him in with one of the patients, thief,he's just after offering and tithes

Very soon the truth will come out? The most influential economic cities in China is Shanghai and Beijing. There are 14,000 5G stations in these cities yet they have less than 200 Covid-19 cases. Iran has no 5G yet they have 60,000 cases and 3700 deaths. Linking 5G to Covid-19 is intellectually embarrassing

Man should be arrested not knocked. I agree with pastor Chris ...he has the full point of saying that...who is there to fight for us if people like him don't stand out against the hell of this FG...they keep deceiving people telling us what is not as if we don't even know what's going on all around the world

I can’t believe I used to respect this man. Anita dodged a bullet. Pastor Chris is mentally unstable Ops! Yes it is ... Everything he has shown us as been with prof let's see yours before u start calling it scam Of cause everyone know sey FG na scam Government that cant think on there own let alone solve problem cant tell me rubbish They should install the 5G in there house 🤷‍♂️

Where and where has 5G been installed in Nigeria, This country itself is a scam, see isolation centers and compare it with the real shii going on in Italy n other parts of the world. Aré u sure they are not treating headache in a grand style? FG were be scam, they call my pastor scam, I lol FG were say imported rice is harmful to health want to share 150 truck of rice , the FG were say they share 2.6billion to the poor in less than 48hr but can not share 700,000 voters card , abeg plus punch plus FG una be scam

Punch, pls what do you by ''FG knocks''? Your headline lack propriety... Show some respect pls Who the hell is this FG self, small thing FG here and there. Nah wah o If not perhaps FG has another definition for it Sense should be knocking you on your head so you could give it entrance. SMH. Oyakhilome is the real scammer ! God of men . mtchwww

Knocks? How? With which hand? It is indeed a shame that someone as educated as the pastor can make such a nasty submission. Except he is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. His ministers who are supposed to guide him also failed woefully If nor be scam,shay na sca(m)dal? Yeye government. Just listened to what he said He should be promptly arrested He's endangering public health

MI_Abaga iStandWithPastorchris PastorChrisgeneration Not a scam if we try to look at it in another way This man just said what I have been thinking all this while about Coronavirus in Nigeria. He actually made reckless statement here without prove Isn't this quite disappointing. He was Live few hours ago. Just when I thought you news had some level of credibility. iStandWithPastorchris

Pastor Chris has said the bitter truth. Anyone is free to call him names, but the truth has been told. FG should listen to Pastor Chris & learn, with all the measures being taken, who’s giving the order & instructions? In fact did the house of rep & senate come together to agreed on this lockdown? FG should carry out its own research iStandWithPastorChris

Dahmiel Pastor Chris has given his thoughts and research about this situation. I don't see anyone here abusing and talking negative about other pastors abroad and people that have done videos giving the same thought as pastor Chris. He needs to be arrested and keep mute for a period of time If it was a common....Na jail straight

At list he is open and real not covering or framing stories like the federal government Arrest him pls. We have officially entered the era of cyberinsecurity...imagine a pastor spreading a random conspiracy theory on the internet to his congregation...one of the tools of cyberterrorism will be the rapid spread of false information (fake news)...fake info. can destabilise a society.

Dahmiel Nigeria Government is the Biggest scam in the world, only few pple wey get sense knows this. Arrest this fake man of God. Pls let’s follow the science. Enough of these conspiracy theories!😐 Dont mind the man I thought this dude was learned I never knew he was a scam 🤦‍♂️ mtweech get your fact, do your own research and show us proof... You criticise a man because he exposes the truth to the world. iStandWithPastorchris

get your fact, do your owm research and show us proof... You criticise a man because he expose the truth to the world iStandWithPastorchris May God forgive me.... Hope this lock down is not affecting the church business thats why is out...because radiation of the 5G can only affect the body cells which can only cause cancer and is not transmitted...so am confused

He is the scam not FG... Imagine bringing yourself so low to the point where Buhari's gov't can shine on top your head. COVIDIOT One thing that is hard to cure is ignorance. Even supposed Phd like him? If you're saying Pastor Chris opinion is wrong, no problem but ask yourself, why is U.S, U.K, Canada even Italy that has the highest cases of the virus so far, evacuating her citizens in Nigeria? Lets all use our head and not eyes 🙄...

One day we gonna laugh about this when they are using it to stream service and he says 'o boy! This network is fast, can you imagine' in oyakhilome's voice. Lass lass we go still buy iPhone XII 5G, pay our tithe via USSD code on a 5G network. COVID19Nigeria lockdown is a scam made by MBuhari 2 Nigerians I've always knew Dat before it's started & I said it first before PastorChrisLive said it it's because am not Popular Dat why I didn't get any attention MBuhari is a scam to Nigeria but still GOD bless Nigeria

Knock on the head or what? The average Nigerian completely loses his/her senses the moment it involves religion or ethnicity. Extra ordinary scam..... Pastor Chris only spoke the truth and enlightened people with facts, I watched the videos and don’t see anything wrong with what he has said . istandwithpastorchris

I don't join issues with someone that can't handle a woman That has been installed in us and some few countries in London I choose not to trust this govt, but God will bring us out of this and expose them This 5g as a matter of fact is evident in the United States and am very sure 5g is not a propaganda, in a process where they think they can control the population of the world through the increase of death in Nigeria it's could be possible, ever since I watch the video of 5g

The way we are blinded and misled religiously bears my heart hollow His facts are accurate. FG should carry out research. Pastor Chris only spur everyone to research. He's a great leader so he read ahead. Research, come out with your FACTS we shall listen to you. istandWithPastorChris PastorChrisGeneration

Now that you've said your own...where is your proof? In fact, just keep it down,your disturbing the truth. I realize that after the some voicing about 5G, someone was brought forward to say it ain't harmful, that's the first time they've mentioned it 5G..so your really installin? Government officials are chopping left right and centre....... 150 truck of rice...... Going!

istandwithpastorchris Knocks how? Punch needs brain settings I just wasted my mb viewing nonsense write-up by punch On his head? The lock 🔐 down in South Africa is it 👩‍💻 also a scam? Why ? For what? For saying the truth pastorchrisissayingthetruth Some thing is wrong o ... Corona virus in Italy, UK, Canada, SA etc that is killing them now like chicken each minutes is it different from Nigeria Corona virus. No vaccine yet o

Istandwithpastorchris All them pastors talk different things about this virus , who are we going to believe now 🤔 I agree with pastor chris’s research and exposition. Do your own research. iStandWithPastorChris PastorChrisOyakhilome I think the FG needs to be well informed I Very good... He showcased gross ignorance confidently

Buchyno iStandWithPastorchris till the end of the world. Buchyno The why installing it now and instructing people to stay indoors? Why!!!? Evil agenda fail... I did not see any sensible response to prove the pastor wrong other than asking them to seek knowledge. Why not enlighten the public Someone are so gullible to believe this baseless issue. Is oyakhilome a scientist or medical expert? A theologian without scientific knowledge talkless of research. Let the experts in the field enlighten us, not him.

Like seriously He's really right Especially in Ondo state where the COVID 19 victim identity was Neva known....... State government keep giving false news just to gain more money 4 their own pocket I can't wait to come back to this thread after like a few months or a year to see how well some of these retarded tweets have aged.

What about the efcc chairman who said it’s cuz of corruption that’s why the virus exists? How will the government say stay at home and no food and the food the government is sharing the people who brought the food will carry the larger share and give peanut to the members of the public so people won't stay indoors they have to eat

MI_Abaga He needs to be picked up for questioning MI_Abaga 🚶 🚶 5G dsnt ve anytin 2 Covid19 doesn’t change D fact that it’s a killa.D radiation frm that mast ll drop pple like flies let alone considerin D fact dat pple still stay close 2 mast,infact pple stay in a fenced compound with network mast inside.Mehn nig problem is way biga than her

iStandWithPastorchris istandwithpastor iStandWithPastorchris Y'all shouting lock him up! Im not sure someone like this can be casually jailed for this 9ja we dey He do happen va_shiva As an MIT PhD in Biological Engineering who studies & does research nearly everyday on the Immune System, the COVID19 fear mongering by the Deep State will go down in history as one of the biggest fraud to manipulate economies, suppress dissent & push MANDATEDMedicine

It is the very true, a big scam I won't be surprised if one of those companies that couldn't compete on the 5G tech has paid him mouth watering tithes and offerings. This gives me reason to doubt some of the self acclaimed men of God. How can a man like pastor Chris speak like on things he doesn't know. I think the lock down has affected the tithe and offering which is the oil of their anointing. God didn't give you this message.

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Marveldammie1 Abegi, oga Chris needs to trend on a different issue. Is he a scientist? Where's he getting all these info? Rubbish! Cooking things up & shoving it down the throat of his congregations. At least you should have a telecom expert/scientist in your church by engaging them. Our leaders are not telling us the truth. There is more to this virus. The USA is a case study. Its getting worse daily, a situation where out of 60 abled men that went to donate blood for corona virus victims, 40 of them were tested positive without any symptoms.. Truth we nid

True talk👌 Ignorance is not an excuse for not knowing the law. My people perish for lack of knowledge. China is ahead with 5G and is also prepared for the virus with facilities built. Even the churches will still use this 5G to reach out. Deeper life and TV saga You people know the truth and you’re covering it up, now you want to blame another person for speaking up

MTN Are also planning on launching 5G .. I saw the letter this morning I think he is right And this guy has a PhD, you get your facts right before coming to inform the public... look at now I was so embarrassed watching this. Wish I could 'unwatch' it. So many comments calling for PastorChrisLive head. And I ask, rather than calling for his head why don't u challenge him to a debate. Let's know why he said that. It ll also give u the opportunity to prove to us how 'wrong' he is on the issues of Covid-19 n 5G. Not his arrest.

He should be arrested Yes it is a scam. Nah wah... 5G... Las las, he will use the technology in his church & other stuffs he uses...yet he claims it's the cause of 💀in Wuhan, China. Knocks or they should go pick him and lock him up? Lock him for few days and watch his Jerry curls drop and his bleached skin black like goat.

Why will the lockdown not be a scam to them? The lockdown stops them from weekly awfu which they keep milking from their vulnerable members. But the whole world is on a lockdown scam also not Nigeria alone? We see through their wickedness This stupid man should be jail for a very long time. Technology has really polluted the world, it's some thing that one can't do without, imagine all these epidemic I wouldn't be suprise by 5G network, just that there's no proof to back his claimed.

Reading some comments from people I quickly checked my calendar to see what year it is, and I can't believe its 2020 and we still have DUMB people, believing this 5G BS. I hope when this Coronavirus period is over they'll conveniently change the narrative again. SHAME Question I have is that are the cables been laid even with the lockdown?

You people should leave my pastor alone, like ya'll knew anything about 5G.. 5g is the best technology. Really If you can stand the truth, brings your to the audience. Before you speak research. Pastor chris is on point. He is a bigger scammer, I remember all his fake miracle using Paralympic athlete at National stadium in those days. Yeye man

In a nut shell, we all should know that China has a evil agenda for the world. Let's this sink into our brains. He obviously knows what many people don't know based on his exposures. These words of his should not be discarded. Stop quoting out of context. You are media company, people look up to you for truth not assumptions or misguided truth. Don’t be afraid to speak the truth. Present a research to proof him wrong that’s all he asked for. PastorChris

For Nigeria we no dey like truth... Isn't this rubbish... I mean all of these... Na rubbish... You make people sit at home, you locked the country border but where's Mr Kyari My Question is why does 5G have to come now that we are batteling with COVID19? The guy should be arrested by StateDeptDSS and made to substantiate his claim. If he failed, he should be prosecuted and if found guilty, he should be convicted to serve as lesson to other people who lie and misinform people in the name of God.

Think people. Think! Nigeria and china is getting so close. E get why!! Even your headline is a show or ur unprofessionalism. istandwithpastorchris pastorchris The truth will unfold in the coming days.. So Vatican is your yardstick? I'm highly disappointed at the FG. If you feel that Pastor Chris is misinformed,please do your research and produce your findings. IstandwithPst.Chris

God help us all including our doubting Thomases. Also, was it Oyakhilome that made the woman in Canada speak against 5G? Was He the one that made the people of UK to burn 5G mast?. The people behind this technology will do anything to force it on people, but for me, 4G is okay. Pastor Chris is a True man of God that study the scripture well

I keep asking all you critics of Pastor Chris research without proof; Those guys digging 5G cable lines in Ikeja, Lagos, by what law are they exempted from this lockdown? Why are they not social distancing? Y'all should stop this insult on our intelligence. istandwithpastorchris We know who and what the real scam is....the Highly esteemed Man of God is right, we're building the ark(a word is enough for the wise)

First off, your headline is as deceptive are your content. Second, what Invesigations has punch carried out as an independent journalisim organization on the effect of 5g? Oh, I forgot... You only report what you are paid to report. You are just another puppet His comment is misleading and can cause serious harm to his members, the Nigeria Government should arrest him and prosecute him for spreading fake news. Nigeria is not the only country that has locked down their country.

I think pastor Chris is right oh, the 5G is real all over the world, what does our govt know; after collecting money from Chinese government to install them. Take a look at this Who is FG? Those Scammers! They think everybody can be deceived easily. Must Read Somethings are not meant to be understood by everyone.

It's very unfortunate that a prominent pastor like Oyakhilome can be deceiving people. I think most of them feel pains of not conducting mass that brings Millions of Naira every week. What y'all late researchers don't know is that almost all information online on the topic of covid 19 and 5G has been edited or deleted in favour of the conspirators since after pastor Chris taught those facts. Only the bold can tell the truth! istandwithpastorchris

This man is misleading a lot of persons sha But won't knock Agege,Jos Islamic cleric.or APC politicians flouting the Oyakhilome has no medical knowledge, so I urge the Nigerians to desist from listening to such dangerous message. He can stay in the comfort of his home and say whatever suits his fancy, but let him lay his hands on a sick Corona virus confirmed patient for healing. Mtcheww.

He said there's no virus but he is behind closed doors as well. He should go to Lagos Isolation Centre and play with the victims there to know if he will contract it or not. Sheer stupidity and misinformation, Iran recorded over 2k death today and they have no 5G facility In all these things, one day you guys will wake up and see the truth in all these Pastor Chris is talking about but I pray you see it before the first flight of the body of Christ. istandwithpastorchris

5G or Covid-19.. all I know is that, we are all in this shit together The same media wants freedom of speech. Can't you see that really the Leaders aren't the problem. The leaders are just a perfect match to how low you guys can really be. Really sad. Now you're mentioning FG in your headline. SMH This article unfortunately is taking the man of God's statement completely out of context, how do you reduce 10 days of broadcasts each lasting 3hours or more to just this headline? istandwithpastorchris pastorchris

He and other pastors should have been in jail long time ago... people are losing lives because of their inept toward the pandemic. Words matter‼️ Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. This 5G network has already raised so much rumours. Only God knows the real truth. Think about it before you comment

They say we should stay at home, while NCC workers are laying cables. Abeg, how is laying of cable fight Covid-19? Even the security officers on the streets are not fully equipped to handle virus-related issues. He did his research and came to his conclusion. Before you point accusing fingers on people, do your own research. Don't rely on the report of NCC because they will not tell you the truth. Research on the health hazard of 5G and it'd adverse effect on humanity.

The truth is painful 😖 even the FG we all know it’s a scam Really scam haba man of God There's No Way PastorChris can be knocked and Not in this case for informing His faithful members about issues concerning The End! FirstFlight is our concern! There's nothing that PastorChris states without reference to the source he got it IStandWithPastorChris

He is saying this because there was no offering and tithe last Sunday There's No Way PastorChris can be punched and No in this case for informing His faithful members about issues concerning The End! FirstFlight is our concern! There's nothing that PastorChris states without reference to the source he got it IStandWithPastorChris♥️

Federal govt should give us the explanation we are waiting for. Why are they digging holes in lagos.. ehy the fiber cables ? Pastor chris gave his opinion based on his research. FG should explain what they are hiding IstandWithPastorChris So we can all agree that freedom of speech is not for everyone neither is everyone entitled to hold their opinion.

Where the knock.? Freedom of speech plleassssseeeee.! You want to ttrend baa..... istandwithpastorchris Dear people, know it that the spiritual controls the physical. What our dear man of God has said is spiritually discerned and it's the fact. Knocks or locks? I think Chris has Bsc in microbiology and believes he knows what he is saying if l m not mistaken

Like Idi Amin of Uganda famously said, 'No cause for control, everything is under alarm' Every man is right if you fix yourself in his shoes Truth is bitter Why should he be arrested? He researched for the information before the enlightenment, let the concerned do the needful to safe the situation, period.

China outraged after Brazil minister suggests Covid-19 is part of 'plan for world domination' Pheew. Who come dey tao the Truth A totally confused Pastor How can the government tell us about the deadly virus affecting the Citizens without showing videos as evidence of victims and how they respond to clinical treatments so as to backup there claims. Pastor Chris is saying the truth about the Government.

Them knock am for head?🤣 It is a scam What does FG know except looting, FG looted palliatives, FG looted $5.63bn shell paid Nigeria govt. Can someone hide from a virus or a flu? Can FG answer the question? Ndi ala. Pastor Chris is your problem, bad governance is your problem... Face your lane. At least, for once, I totally agree 👍 with Pastor Chris.

Maybe his business is falling......follow me for a follow back So there is still a National Orientation Agency in Nigeria? Good morning to them. We knew how Ebola ad Lassa Fever came. Can someone kindly tell me the root of Coronavirus and how come countries with 5G has highest amount of spread and death recorded. Can anyone?

For Buhari to call off lockdown today, while the people who are positive of Covid-19 are increasing daily, I think pastor Chris is saying the truth Pastors Chris Oyakhilome is annoyed because of his inability to collect offering from his church as a result of the lockdown, convid-19 had spoiled his church business at least for now.

Why bother? I never expected a well lenient and respected pastor like Chris oyakhilome to be misleading his followers like this. I think it is the right time Nigerian religious leaders to separate themselves from politics and stop heating up the politics. Nigeria is fragile already. It's his damn opinion just like everyone has theirs.. Let the man breathe abeg🙄

I'm still trying to come out of shock watching this video Man of God?. Nobody should go close to my daddy ooo I'm on the same page with you These pastors never fail to amuse me. People will still believe him in the name of religion 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Covid-19 will expose all of them, we are waiting to remind them about their words someday.

Our government is picking the wrong fight. Fight hunger, electricity supply, Boko Haram and many more things to fight. Leave Oyakhilome alone. Lock him up please Actual knock? Knock ke He shd rather call his congregation to church Things are falling apart 😂 Faith based People with influence over multitudes of people should be very measured and intentional about making statements capable of compromising public health and safety in the middle of a global pandemic.

He should be arrested.. I'm still wondering how the New World Order planned this international COVID deception together (countries that can't even agree on basic things) and they somehow didn't send PM Boris Johnson the memo... No one has actually explained exactly what the end point of this 'deception' is supposed to be.... will the 5G suddenly stop killing us after 2 weeks or what?

This is what pastor Chris is talking about in his statement. What do you expect if the possibility of anticipated tithe is dashed? Y now Oya listen to this Make FG carry this fake ass jerry curl wearing clown jor. Make He go Yaba, help them fight am...😋 He didn't call it a scam He said covid 19/ Is being used to cover the negative effect of 5G radiation in human body. At least try to get it right

Baba should face his church business and leave technology to scientists. Where den knack am? All these people wey dey fry their hair....

FG seeks NASS’ approval for N500b COVID-19 intervention fundThe Federal Government, yesterday, asked the National Assembly to approve the establishment of a N500b Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Crisis Intervention Fund. No one is against such fund but be sure it won't the way of country-pipe For wat pls? Ama daran lowo awon ara ibi ke!🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️

COVID-19: Provide database of those entitled to palliative, Catholic Caritas charges FG – Daily TrustThe Catholic Caritas Foundation of Nigeria (CCFN) has urged the Federal Government to provide an immediate and transparent database of the poor and most vulnerable, who should benefit from the government palliative support during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. The Executive Secretary/CEO, CCFN, Dr. Uchechukwu Obodoechina, said this on Friday in Abuja at a press conference … I agree with you Sir You say No data base or record of those entitled to receive the aid. They give randomly to some tens (10s) of persons in the and conclude they spend billions of Naira.

SERAP asks FG, CBN to provide spending details on COVID-19 funds – Daily TrustSocio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP) has asked the federal government (FG) and Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to provide spending details of public funds and private sector donations to the country’s poor and most vulnerable people, including details of beneficiaries of any cash payments, cash transfers, food distribution during the COVID-19 lockdown in Abuja; … They will wait till eternity

SERAP asks FG, CBN to provide spending details on COVID-19 funds – Daily TrustSocio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP) has asked the federal government (FG) and Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to provide spending details of public funds and private sector donations to the country’s poor and most vulnerable people, including details of beneficiaries of any cash payments, cash transfers, food distribution during the COVID-19 lockdown in Abuja; …

SERAP asks FG, CBN to provide spending details on COVID-19 fundsSocio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP) has asked the federal government (FG) and Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)... Please this details are needed urgently, we cannot be fooled anymore The good way and the only way They should how can they share our national fund to friends and families Buhari government is analog.....

COVID-19: FG takes delivery of medical supplies from Turkey – Daily TrustThe federal government at the weekend took delivery of first batch of medical supplies to contain the spread of coronavirus pandemic and for treatment of COVID-19 patients. Air Peace aircraft, Boeing 777 with registration number 5N-BWI landed at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja from Istanbul, Turkey, Saturday night with the delivery. It was learnt … Africa should say no to 5G and Chinese Doctors and Vaccines because it contains Coronavirus. All the medical items China supplies to Spain and Netherland are all Covid 19 positive. Foolish country Nigeria don't even have a say, whatever any other countries tell them they don't even think before they accept, foolish leaders and foolish gov't Me, I'm now no longer trust this FG wallahi