Nigeria Population

Nigeria Population

FG expresses concern at population growth rate


FG expresses concern at population growth rate

According to the government, between 1991 and 2006 when the last population census was conducted, Nigeria’s annual growth rate stood at 3.18 per cent, noting that at this growth rate, Nigeria’s population in 2050 would be about 543 million.Osinbajo pointed out that it was in order to address the problem that the Federal Government approved the ‘Population Growth and Human Capital Development Challenges and Opportunities,’ as the focus of study for this year’s Senior Executive Course 42 participants “to enable them to articulate evidence-based and appropriate responses to the issues.”

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How sure are we about 🇳🇬statistic be cleared to the public. The federal government should not play the ostrich by expressing surprise about Nigeria's population upsurge. The uncontrolled influx of unskilled labour foreigners into Nigeria is largely responsible Population growth is not a problems our problems is mismanage of our resources

How many did u ur so called Mr integrity has or is dat the reason he wants to wipe the people away my brother say something good stop bin deceiving by those useless Fulanis The other day, a member of NASS came to NASS to display his four wives and about thirty children. We sure know where this message should be taken to. Right?

Kill corruption everywhere. Infiltrate boko haram and destroy from inside. Concentrate on industrialization and not commodities. Stop giving handouts but jobs. Use ppp to push infrastructure and not borrowing. Unleash power by removing monopolies in power sale and freeing price Pls let’s spend effort where it is useful. Remove subsidies. Ensure nfrastucture being built can pay the loans used to get them. Interest rates cannot be lower than inflation. Ensure single digit inflation. Stop subsidizing demand but supply. Stop multiple xchang rate.

Nigerian Government always talk as if there's another authority above them, who're they complaining to? Why can't we have an 'honest Census' and establish a 'real database'? But they sure knows the population of the poor and shares so called NPower. There's no nation, Nigeria. What’s the plan prof? Why express concern when you could proffer a solution?

Tell it to the northerners...

FG to inaugurate committee for new economic planAnother waste of time. The ones we've had over the years they ended in the dust bin 🥺 The ones that have been inaugurated since God's when nko What have been their achievement so far ....abi they want to use it to share money again ?

So Wetin de want do? They never kill citizens enof? does this explain the killings, unchecked? Yet proposed visa on arrival 🙄 Like Ehn! So upon what BH is deleting... Our population is stubborn. Still growing. In fact this show govt. Is defeating BH Even when bandits,BH,ISWAP,ANSARUL are all killing Nigerians?

Legalise abortion Lol What kind of concern is this when a lawmaker went to the house with his four wives and boasted about fathering 27 children while targeting at least 40 (his father's record) Pls 'how does FG express concern?' And I'm concerned at the ever increasing cost of governance

FG sends relief materials to Auno12h of operation, still yet we dnt knw y our Army fail to b there. U are here telling us abt relif materials. Send relief material for their losted life mteww well nah him people shaa Approved by AK.

Poverty is one of the major causes of over population. I was taught in secondary school That is why u care about the activities of b/haram , or na u bring them to reduced the population ? Leaders don't reason like that I can't imaging what would happen if every country like US placed a ban on Nigeria. Population explosion.

Tell it to those with four wives and 27 children. Begin from national assembly. The population it doesn't matter but, the good governance is the matter Go and tell human-milling-machines on the other side of Nigeria. L😂L, tell that to the 4 wives X 27 children battalion representative. Even the very productive Chinese had to cap their high fertility rate to keep sane. Will primitive people hear this message?

Did you just wake up? How come you keep mute about this for the last 5 years While dey keep at their useless 'no visa policy' for migrants from neigbouring countries like Chad, Niger etc Tell us not to have more than 3 if that's the solution to Nigeria's problem

Ibadan-Kano rail line ready by 2023, says FGAfter test running 😂 We pray so We don't want. It's already okay there at that Lagos-Ibadan. You can only help us extend it to Ondo state. Lobatan

That house member who bragged about his 27 children from 4 wives comes to mind Worried? U Neva see anything yet There's a senator who came to the floor of the house to introduce his 4 wives and bragged he over 20+ children.. Those are the people you should start from.. Well boko haram is actually doing us a favor

White House errand man And that's what Yemi is good for Why the same FG want to give free entry While you’re at it, how about starting with your mate that’s bragging about 4 wives, 27 kids and counting? Major concern should be on the high rate of insecurity, kidnapping and killing in this country . Lokoja/Abuja express has been take over by evil people.

You mean at Almajiri? It is only in the north we have an unproductive population.

FG warns higher institutions against admission scam – Daily TrustThe Minister of Education, Adamu Adamu, yesterday said any official of higher institutions who offered illegal admission to candidates would have himself to blame. He gave the warning during the commissioning ceremony of a newly built General Services Department building at the JAMB headquarters in Bwari, Abuja. He called on higher institutions to henceforth … It's not enough to warn. This citadels of corruption and golden Augean stables have to cleansed. Make examples of some. Simple

Those who dont have job will see beautiful girls With proper policies in place as being formulated under your watch now, then we can say Nigeria will benefit from it. My prayer is for the Vice President to continue from 2023 What's wrong with you people. Bandits Boko Haram Hunger Police Tax Fulani herders Are there to regulate the population

The more poverty bites the more the population increases. Couples find consolation in staying together to ameliorate the effects of excruciating economy . As a result more children are produced. To Let 2 bedroom flat at ireakari estate via Peluseriki, Akala express, Ibadan. Rent: ₦350k Control it now before it becomes a problem.

So that's why you commend Bokoharam killings, so you can reduce the population Population explosion in Nigeria, another crisis booming China and India put their populations to good use, what have you negroes down with yours other than complain and listen to your western masters voices that say control your population growth.

FG shortlists 200 investors for gas flare sites

Get that Hon. Doguwa here North population is outrageous We are concern about the growth of their account balance That's the result of not making the hay while the sun shines Ah! U na just wake up. Shior! Population is directly related to economy and resources. They know where the disproportionate growth is coming from and the politicians cashing out of it have often boasted about it. Northern Nigeria including Buhari prefer quantity over quality when it comes to population matters - only for the cheap votes.

Who's FG? They one that is being led by Buhari? Or another FG? The north will regret it one day, the should keep increasing We all know the baby industrial region and why production is ever increasing. Hehehe....smh Egypt is just 100m and they are so worried already. They are pushing the hashtag twoisenough as the slogan for their population control. We are over 200m here and not bold to say it is a burden. No enforceable population control measure. Huge fire on the mountain

FG Pledges To Support Surgeons To Enhance Service DeliveryThe Federal Government on Monday said it would continue to support surgeons to boost their key role in quality healthcare delivery. President Muhammadu Buhari, who made the pledge in Abuja, at the 60th Annual Meeting and Scientific Conference of West African College of Surgeons (WACS) and Scientists, also commended surgeons’ exemplary commitment to duty over […]

Next level. Next na to welcome coronavirus or increase the death rate They'll soon tax us for having children Focus more in the northern regions where a parliamentarian in Kano’s 4 wives & 27 children & still counting. Wahala dey oh This is not an issue please stop misplaceing ur priorities When one mallam told the whole nation on a state television he had 4wives and forty kids u all didnt feel concerned...

Introduce Coronavirus naaa..... Mumu people Hahahahahahahahaha especially from the upside Our population will be our greatest undoing! Every social malaise witnessed in the country can be linked to our I've population. Ordinarily, it's supposed to be a strength like China, but we have a large number of uneducated folks walking everywhere prone to every social ill.

Provide job and security. Obviously from the north na Fulani coming inn visa on arrival tell them oooh It's not about expressing concerns.But what are the efforts to cut down the unproductive population? No it's ok allow fools to marry 10. And give birth to 100s before or power control You just woke up. Start from the north. I'm not married yet and I intend to have 6 so get ready cos his word says, go into the world and multiply. I must multiply my own also. 👌

Tell your oga to tell hin people to stop, child marriage, and giving birth like dogs or pigs... In order to have more votes.... Las las, we go either restructure or break Why would you have put the face of Osinbajo here and not of Kyari's Failures The government of developing nations such as ours shouldn’t be expressing concerns, they should be taking action and working towards!

So what is FG doing about this other than expressing concern

Maybe we should go the China route for some time. They should be more concerned about 400 crooked lawmakers buying Toyota Camry at N35m each. Until we can fix politicians' renumerations to fit that of the general population, we have not started yet in the fight against corruption. Make political office unappealing NOW!

He should start with talking to his brothers Express concern? How is that done Nigeria comes again with it's masquerade stories. How does the the arrive at it's estimates? By social media ? Census? World Bank? IMF? What? You have no valid count of our people. Is it the counting of birds and animals or foreigners? Have we ever planned for any population?

When most of you have more than 4 wives You & your boss planned it .. why complaining 🗣️🗣️ Start with the senator that boasted of being Capable by having 5 wives

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