FG disburses N5000 to over 1million indigents

FG disburses N5000 to over 1million indigents

4/1/2020 2:41:00 PM

FG disburses N5000 to over 1million indigents

The Federal Government has commenced the disbursement of N5000 to over 1millioin indigents across the country.The disbursement came following...

 The Federal Government has commenced the disbursement of N5000 to over 1millioin indigents across the country.The disbursement came following the directive by President Muhammadu Buhari that the conditional cash transfers for the next two months be paid immediately to beneficiaries.

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The disbursement was done on Wednesday in Kwali Central Area Council of FCT by the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Hajiya Sadiya Farouq.The Minister disbursed N20,000 as payment for four months to over 100 beneficiaries at the payment point in Kwali.

Speaking during the disbursement, she said: “The exercise commenced about five years ago and it is geared towards supporting the poor and vulnerable households of our society.“We give them monthly stipends of N5000 every month and now that we have these restrictions, Mr. President has directed that we give them two months advance payment and we are here today to carry out that directive of paying the two months advance payment.”

Read Also:Petrol marketers dare FG, refuse to comply with N123 fuel priceOn the number of beneficiaries, Farouq said: “We have over a million people across the country. For the FCT and this particular area Council, we are giving about 5000 households in this area.”

On how the beneficiaries were identified, she said: “It is a very long process and many people like religious leaders, community leaders and different groups all came together to identify poorest and vulnerable households in their community.” Read more: The Nation Nigeria »

I did not get oh Adeyoyin Kolawole Accessbank 0052752171 Thanks in advance Fg...🙏🙏 The money is for northern people's not for Nigerian Story for the ghost! How did it happen pls? Nigeria version of money heist season 4 release 2/4/2020. All of you deceiving Nigerians will never have peace of mine starting from the moron in Aso rock to least of you people.

Mtccheeeeeeeewwwwwwww!!!! Rubbish!!! 😂😂😂😂😂 😂 I can't stop laughing Idiot people, is it ghosts you disburse it to Nation of fraudsters By what means of selection, BVN or nepotism?. Lies from pity of hell Audio money Hei! Can anyone post his or her alert from the federal govt and show us the proof. The President just gave a directive few days ago, and it was stated in the news they have started years back. Plz clarify ur statements


Dharmmy_rustu OladoyinOG iam_mavinjay AdeyemiSijuwade I hope you people have gotten yours? If you make use of BVN den d govt try That's a lie. April fool Ghost disbursements Where, when and what part of the nation benefited please clarify Where? Na Paypal then use pay the money When and how.? FG with lies. Well maybe it was disbursed to their own

why is always available for this kind of news! Kai dy don start again audio money to audio people supported by audio people This is a big lie. Audio money Really?😂😂😂😂😂 Npower volunteers are yet to receive March stipend as at now, What could be the cause? Catch Me if you can. Which 1 million? What was the criteria

And never reach my niegbour, na scam joor TheNationNigeria stop carrying fake news.... Audio Money... Nigerians will have sense after this, that is if ever they will have sense. What more scam can be bigger than this? The magic this people are using nd how they came across the indigent Nigerians. Wait, how many people in ur community in the last five years ever made mention of FG giving them money? This is a big scam. Another way of enriching their ppl

Continue lying.. I believe thunder is not asleep e no go better for una.... This paid propaganda will land y'all in hell NigeriaGov MBuhari NGRPresident What will 5k do during this lockdown. Even the 5k is audio money. God will punish you people... Don't him jawe... Where, in what year is that. This year there is not time for April fool. Let's be serious for once

I hope all the one million people are in the North? Because I know the South and East have nothing. Thank to you, good leader Why are these so called politicians of now adays so heartless and mean. You are just using the masses as a pawn to carry out your shady act. Exposing us to this virus is not enough for you now is to use us do what you know to do best(embezle). There is God ooo

I never get any thing? They are shearing it within their family members Seriously this Government is pure Yahoo Yahoo. Still have d mind to scam his people during this hard time. Scam OlaFresh98 Has it reached Akwa Ibom? Just go ahead and mention the state that received the money! Where? North or the entire country. What is the sharing formula ?

Through how? I thought another news says it's five thousand families, why the much lies now. 5000 or 20,000, which should we believe... chai To who n who...thieves The day we have a real proper database of Nigerians is the day the world will find out our true total population. Show us the record of your distribution.... stop stealing our money. Use Bvn

Will u keep quiet 🤫... out of 200M Nigerians, u people can only figure out 1M . Fake news Which indigent😨😨? Where? When? What r d critaria? Thunder that will punish you is here waiting to strike☠️☠️ Scam of the highest order I’m beginning to think 🤔 that I’m very far from the money. Audio money! Keep decieving urselves

Mbuhari APCNigeria your place in hell fire is still under construction.. 5000 or 20,000, which should we believe? That's a nice attempt, please continue the good work, it gives people hope. You guys are mocking the citizens with your big lies From 30k to 20k to 10k now 5k 🤷 What can 5000 buy? Who is fooling who with billions given to FG?

Come and see ooh HamzyCODE and Connected_dev please follow the money. It was distributed for some northerners in Kwali, I was expecting them to start the sharing from the locked down states. Abi April fool🤣🤣 Who are the poor they are giving? Whats the criteria? Where did they see the people to give? When people and cities are locked down? That's how they said they are feeding school children who are isolated at home with all schools closed. Unserious people

FG scam Scam Lies Covidmoni Useless government Yimmu Thanks for the April Fool...5000 abi judgment day coming. What can 5000 do for people of Nigeria government is still addition to poverty. It's only the northern part they're giving money and it's even 20k not 50k FG disbursed 5000 to over 1 thousand insurgents. Try and understand

This is a lie. I never get any alert Oo Moro pe efe shey oribu abi This is a whooping N5 billion This man...just finish ur tenure and get out of that rock.....Just do and get out Sinzu spending.. My FG is working.. 🤣 🤣 🤣 Indigens of which state? God is watching you pple this is why I said any government official that has coronavirus should die,lies and deceit is all u know

1m people how many people are live in this country we many indigent Hmmm Nigeria , GOD dey oooo Which money 💰 At which state? At where biko🙄🙄🙄 As in, ₦5b was disbursed? Or it's going to be disbursed? How? Wicked fathers and mothers..no conscience From which strata of the population and when? Please delete this tweet if the link is not active

So that's 50 billion gone down the drain wow.... If you click that link, you will find the info there is no longer available. They should just delete this tweet na. Anyone on Twitter received this funds from government. I will credit you again. Please help me, let me send you the money. Why not to verified BVN account

How true this story is on viral Kindly indicate if you have gotten the alert This corporation should not have donated to this yahoo yahoo onigibiti government. To who? Gasbytweet rofasanten jeffphilips1 Ehix07 indicate when you done see alert .... I no beg for part o, I just wan know no. Am sure the distribution took place when he was giving his recorded presidential speech..... Lol

Where and when did they do the sharing? Who receive FG 5,000 make him show us alert evidence ooooo Why not all bvn accounts ehh? I have an account with Federal, recently used 6 months back ... So how could they disburse such without me receiving a drop . Well am not sure this info is genuine. Another April fool

Story Big scam Audio money April fool🤣😥😥 How I have not received any thing oo Yahoo Yahoo Government ,... LMAO 😂☠️. I got 5k, mom got 5k my late dad got 5k my siblings got 30k thank you FG for helping the poor 🙏 Please, what's going on here? Who is deceiving who? OfficialAPCNg is a scam. This MBuhari scam is just so irritating.

5,000x1,000,000=5,000,000,000 stolen over night. God will punish this govt in this life and after life R_opeoluwa you dey hear matters? How dem do han If this is true eh ... It shall not be well with them all ... Which 5,000 and who are the 1million indigents?...are they ghost or what Do you know how long it will take to give 1m people money manually? Are you people insane? This Fraudulent journalism

Scam government Who received? Liars Liars 5 wetin, I didn't see anything. Nothing this could have read, FG said, they disbursed N5000 to over 1million indigents See the difference? Your headline suggests they did it.. Mine connotes that it's mere talk I pity those who still support these evil monsters. It takes foolishness to support this Buhari government.

How, where, when? Haha for which planet this one happen Audio money Aye oniro.......? I didn't get anything oh and besides what's 5000 fonnabuy abeg? Scam Yhen...yhen....yhen... So children..that was how they stole another N5b even in the midst of the Corona virus issue in April 2020. 5000 for what Where and when please?

El o El One naira I neva see ooo How on earth are they identifying the indigents in a country where there is no credible data or viable means of indentation? Because all the ones we have today never capture your financial status. Of where? Which state? Village? Chai.... For the fact that these politicians in power right now are the ones who are going to decide who gets this money makes it very difficult if not impossible to believe anything.

I never see alert abi shey tou don see? Liers Are the benefactors of these monies ghosts? Call anyone you know in any of the villages you know who are the real poor people, and none will tell they've seen anything. This is Nigeria Nawa ooh Nigerians, oya let's gather here Did you get the N5000 alert? This can't be true. How, when? I live right here and no one in my neighborhood got a kobo

Is that for a bowl of gaari or rice? This must be joke! chaiiiii i never see this kind goment before ooo...who nigeria offend bikonu It's high time we started sending curse's to these wicked people on a daily basis for abusing our sensibilities. We dint see any money! You people should stop lying Abeg This particular news line is always lying. They lies too much.

Who and who are they given the money to. Over 30 billion and you are give 5000 to only 1 million Before it was 20k, now na 5k. Everything na lie. Pure scam. Wayo. Even if na 100 naira, e no go circulate. We know all of una. When and where? 1. How did they achieve that? 2. we know your owner is part of this govt 3. You people should proof us wrong by showing evidence 4. If each Nigeria receive 50,000 Dangote, Otedola, Agbaje, Ovia & Elumelu 5Billion donations wl not finish 5. EndImpunity Fixsociety

Is our president also ruling in our Dreamland, cos I don't have any alert in this physical realm yet Audio disbursement I don't understand ooo! Is FG telling me that Northerners are the poorest that deserve the fund or what What will 5k do in 14 days PMB you're a disgrace to us who stood by you,, campaign for you stood by your vote and voted for you upon the billions donated to you we shall make sure APC die come 2023

Audio money E be like una dey mad I never see alert oh This present government own don surpass yahoo yahoo boys walahi . Na by force to give us moni ni make una kukuma leave us alone...taya oo Nigerian is a scam Wat is 5k this lie fit make oga corona remain here ooi When and how are they picking, cos I'm waiting ooo

RadioPaparazi How r dey doing the disbursement.. oluobededom did you get the alert? 😂 Fear God now, this people, don't turn this country to a joke So thoughtful of my country at these trying times. ___temitope I wanted to be sure FirstBankngr isn't playing some kind of games behind my back. If you people have gotten your own 5k, please signify so that I can register my complaints with my bank asap.

Where Confused man 🤷‍♂️ Scam..I don't know anyone anywhere in Naija who has gotten this o tajudine2013 5000? Wetin e go buy? Indigents of where please? I don't know even 1 person who got this😏 How, Where, When and whom Lack of integrity of these crop of politicians in the past, does make the generality of the populace to cast aspersions on good steps taken, as this.

In the Moon 🌝 or where cos am nt sure d beneficiaries are on this planet 🌎 earth Nonsense April fool Haaa, you people should fear God o RadioPaparazi Omo meeennnn Yahoo ni Babalawo 😀😀😀 I haven't received mine but who knows , maybe I'm not qualified. Let me ask others here in Oshodi Ahhh...e no reach my side o

NGRPresident post beneficiaries' collection account details with date and time of payment to them. RadioPaparazi One of the biggest April fool of this generation.... chaiiiii 😂 When? That is 5 Billion naira. Ok o God will disgrace those lunatic in government, for their extreme wickedness. Make una read n understand this government, una no gree. Don't you people know that indigent means people from the Northern part of Nigeria.

Am I not a Nigerian? All na paro RadioPaparazi Is for only ahusa people Yoruba and Igbo is not among mumu government RadioPaparazi Please who r the indigenes or the poorest people in nigeria... They should stop deceiving people with their lies Who are the indigents? RadioPaparazi Audio sharing...govt ask us to stay home, but same stupid govt neglect social distancing and sharing things on the street, helping to spread covid-19 themself

RadioPaparazi How truth is that? How and where? Please who has recieved this!?... testifies from rural areas and not FCT! ayemojubar The same way FG claimed to shared part of abacha loot to the poor. Bunch of scammers. What has buhari done with all abacha loot collected. He needs to give account on abacha loots before he leaves & repossess it

They said indigents o, we are indigenes. Na God go purnish them. How was this done. Bunch of conniving thieves... Federal government good scam program Well, since the country name is missing, agree to be another African country We no see any money, oluwa wetin dey indigenteee Which indigents Hausa indigents abi. Sai baba country sai baba community. Government no know you after elections make we no dey fool ourselves.

This is good but should continue even after the plague is over. It is possible monthly This buhari did not no how many millions we are in Nigeria, buhari can't even no the figures that votes for him during just concluded 2019 election. MediaApc I never receive kobo Which one is true now, 5k or 20k or both. Kindly clarify the Nation newspaper.

Otu awu eshi,all na lie🤔 Why is my bank delaying the credit alert, I think I need to contact my bank for verification. This is just wickedness. Who are these people? How come we don't see any one at all receiving these things? How can you people be so blatantly corrupt and wicked? Cursed is he/she who embezzles what is claimed to have been given.

As there are looting funds people donated na so them go get coronavirus What about people in port Harcourt and other parts of the country, from what I just read its only people in kwali that are currently benefing from this. Nigeria is a failed state The disbursement must be spread among the six geo-political zones of the country. It is not acceptable and most unfair if it is concentrated to Northerners.

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 One kobo I no see till now So the money is meant for only Northerners right ?....it seems you guys have brain tumor FG have been disbursing money for God know how long but it has never reach anyone i know. You people should continue. I just pray it gets to masses ayemojubar Disburses to their pockets or just make no sense

They said is for the poorest, how did they identify the poorest in our large country. They are doing us April fool again Pls let us know how you distribut the money pls, explain to us 1,000,000 ways to steal...choose one We will live to regret all this act as Nigerians Audio money HAA FG new way of fraud kahi GOD dey sha

That amount to 5b.... Wow, tactically eaten by few Super story season!!! The money nah audio,, me i never see anything sha. Why these lies Lies.fg na scam, where are the credited indigents screenshot as written. What nonsense Where too Sent to fulanis and Abokis africaupdates Story story story... Linux government is at it again! Do you have anyone who has received the money probably family or friend pls let us know you oo.

Until i see mine its scam 🙄 For where? Please we at the twitter community none of us got anything abi? People that needs this money it can't reach them y Scam of the covid-19 21st century! Me: that’s April fool of the decade We want the names, addresses, pictures and evidence of the Nigerian indigenes who received this Audio N5000 from Buhari's Audio Govt. You people think we are BMC zombies who you can manipulate? 🙄

Jesu! Una don start, u people shld fear God oo Click like if you have received yours, retweet if you have not received your let know the figures. Lies I haven't heard of any one so far and 1million people is a huge number of people to not know a single benefactor of the cash so far Audio money Na lie You just spent 5billion na like a drop from an ocean

Are we a joke to them 😂😂😂😂😂 The Nation newspaper staffs must have received theirs Nigeria is a scam. Almajiri things! 5000 to stock for lockdown? Are u kidding me, it seems the FG has forgotten the value of NGN LIERS! I did not recieve anything Story for the gods. y all dese deceits for God's sake.? If u wanna help, pls help n stop playing politics with people's lives.

Lies! Audio Shame on federal government to disburse only 5k Some will say 20k,some will say 5k and others 50k. Wait...who are those indigenes!!!!!?...abi kofe da fun awon people yi ni? For what exactly? Another scam from the ever satanic OfficialAPCNg . How many is the population of Nigeria,then how many is Fulanis?Now you know whom they gave the money if at all they did.

Disbursed How? Corruption... And nobody has testified.. ndi ara! ndi ara! Best lie of the year✍️✍️ Crazy govt, what about the east Iro lọ má pá yín Where is the money? For where and how them take share am? Fraudulent Government officialnyscng give them my account details. I don't want trouble oo. When Federal Govt fear God

See heavy lie How? Ah ba! 🤣🤣🤣 In Nigeria or elsewhere? Out of 200mil. About 40m couples. I no see any money Maybe most of us are not from Nigeria😀 Disbursed to APC members This must be in the north Invalid news What type of useless government is this ? You keep lying to people. God is watching ! Transfer to our BVN account ee 😡😡

Big lie like Laid Mohammad,who and who have received this money? CAPITAL LIES. Ghost did the so that and who are the beneficiaries and moreover some banks are closed so if what they claimed they do is true then how can the masses withdraw. Lies of the decade If you got the 5k, please indicate. Lies. Who are the most indigent in Nigeria? In short, nobody has recieve even a penny in my street

Apc lies Wonders shall never end. God punish FG & apc admin 1 million in a country of over 180million people. OK. Okay maybe I come from Congo that's why I no see 1 kobo Nonsense Show us prove ... This inept govt just keep scoring failure all over the place.1million out of 200million is 0.0005%.Imagine the failure gap.

April 1 Where and where. Which region? ayemojubar Where are the proof of those 1 million indigents There a registry for the indigent? AprilFools Great Nigerians, do you know have Billions of billions that was donate individually from great men and industries in this Nation, yet we are still lagging behind. No food, no light, no money nothing nothing

no story this is my account number 0043535771 gtbank It must be April fool prank. Who? Am I in Nigeria at all? Don't fool us, we can't be fooled... when was that Scam. April fool!!! Anytime I read news like, I always feel joining militant or Bokoharam and go straight to each of these fools call politicians and be killing them one by one.. MBuhari administration is full of deceit and lies. Awon agbalagba oniro

ayemojubar When will this said money get to my aza nah🤦‍♀️ This seems to be April fool Na who received it Bad Gvnt dey aren't afraid of telling lie kwatakwata Is a lie, I never see my own! Why not BVN ? riccyjossy oh mehnnn see federal april fool Invisible indigents right? Like serious But channelstv said it's 20k, I am not understanding...

I didn't see anything o Abeg who don receive him own 5k I need to check if I'm still in Nigeria Wat abt order state ooo. This Govt is worse than armed robbers When scammers Where ? When? How? rofl rainbowsynergie Yeye leaders When will all this stop....remember you will all die one day. A good name is better than riches and gold

Where's my own? Audio money lies lies lies Till I receive then I believe. Send to bvn biko ayemojubar Se news outlet dey do April fool ni You're doing April fool for us abi This isn't about corona virus. It's something the government has been doing for the past five years for Kwali indigenes. News papers and their nonsensical headlines

Just imagine this crap. 😠 Scam I have poor people in my community, how did you perform this magic? I want to remain a gentleman today. Let's be considerate in our dealings. You can't come to the open to announce this when you know that your criteria is faulty. If you fill any form (s) online You're on your own

At where...in North ot in Lagos, where total lock down Who has bebedited or knows someone who has benefited from this? Are you people mad i have not recived any money ooo Where is the money All lies To understand this government, we need to study YAHOO BOYS. Allezamani Give us proof Next time write FG says they...You are publishing what you can't verify.thenationnews that's junk journalism.fix up

Where and when? Audio disbursement! I think there's another Nigeria somewhere else 🙄 This apc govt have different ways to steal... God will frustrate you people. Stop fucking lying Where? Big fat lie ayemojubar O my my ...... When,how, where,and which day? Some where in Germany bags of food are hanged out for the poor needy and hungry... No public display no video no grammar no drama no camera.. ... Just pure love and goodwill..

Government of lie. All the poor people in my area didn't receive including our gate man with 3 children. 5000*1000000=5,000,000,000 Whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Mumu people My mother in the village a widow didn't receive. Who did you give the money to How and when? Other reported 20K. Who do we believe now please and what's the criterion to determining those in need or is it all Nigerians that are eligible?

What is the yardstick for this.... Let say it's April Fool stunt We know say today na April 1st. Kontinue Is this money shared to spirits because I am yet to see anyone around me who had received this money o. Allezamani 0162091000 GTB Don Jazzy has done more for this country since the Pandemic than your useless walking Corpse of a FG has done since Buhari took over.

BuhariMediaORG media lies. Is this April fool or what. 🤔 Scam I'm sure this is a joke unless you are saying someone just stole N5b. Lies When, how, where? Lying government 1million? 🙄🤔 What number am I now? Audio Apirl fool.... Who are these people that in a whole LG I have not heard anyone talked about it.

Rejoice if you bank with Savannah Bank! People have started receiving alerts. I just received mine. 🎉🎉🎉 Buhari is just a new fraudster the efcc will tackle after his reign Allezamani April fool' Allezamani Who else has not seen anything Lie!!!!!! Fraud!!!! Scam!!!!!! Thieves!!!!! NOBODY in my village or neighborhood received any alert, AUDIO TRANSFER... God help my nation, Politicians tranfering the money to their family members,girl friends and cronies.. WHICH WAY NIGERIA

How na? When? Who are the people that have received it? 😂😂😂 Another fraud in making Where, when, how? Gather here, if you haven’t seen any 5000 Naira Blunt lie ayemojubar Who are the indigents? Criminal govt Buhari government is internet scammer To who, where, when and how? April fool News without facts This government sha

Thunder⚡ fire una there for the lies These journalist are full of lies o, how? When? Who did they give money? Fear this nation new o When are we having sense in this country? Who is fooling who? Where? Like this tweet if you have received any money Buhari’s FG; retweet if you have not, let’s make a count.

It’s a lie, how and when? MBuhari renoomokri APOSTLESULEMAN I stand to be corrected it's a lie ayemojubar FG disburses N5000 to over 1million APC indigents ayemojubar At the northern part of the country right? Mtwss When? ayemojubar Why are you people just lying? Why? At the expense of human lives 😰😰 Nigeria why FG why You think this is a joke? Oh... You folks don’t think at all... My bad! 😏

Scam ayemojubar How and when?Who can testify to the recent of such funds?Audiomoney. It seems only those who don't have money to buy data and phone they can browse with will receive the money, cos it seems they're the poor according to this government. We want to see the list.... Na scam!! ayemojubar I don’t understand

Na criminality go kill this government. Bubu is a thief. So even the FG also do us April fool. ... Tobechu59292139 AudioDisbursements Na wa oh After this coronavirus u guys will choose wisely whether to stay in Nigeria or to divide OneNigeriaIsAScam Who collected the money Mr President.... The poor masses are crying,and people are Twitting for what is not real about the money,realize for... Who,And Who....

ChocolateMoana Them dey mad. Tell Buhari I said it Lol 😂😂😂😂 is a lie, scam govt Nawaooo? Nobody really serious for this country Na Lie Fat lie! I just received N15,000 from the Federal Government Fee Disbursement Plan. 🌚 🌚 Haaaaaa we never see money , oooooo How was the disbursement done? fgdisbursment

A big lie You say what ? Fraud Fraud Fraud Hmmm, how come? All Progressive Liars FG disbursed audio money🤨 Eeeeee 🙆🏻🙆🏻🙆🏻 when,where, how? 😃😃😃🤗🤗 April fool How are they doing it, through which medium? Which state are they now and which state is next? The only free thing I've got from this country is mosquito net, i would have said PVC but i paid with my sweat.

How? When? What do they use in measuring their suppose indigent. When, how, where Where, when, how So na only Kwali people dey Nigeria I'm no longer an indigent of this country, apparently. Meaning wat bcos me did not get anything ooo 0127623718 GTB When? Is it in the dream or what? Till the cash touch down before I believe...In Nigeria Political promise is upside down.

To who? Where? How? When?...FG should kindly answer these questions with the fear of Ogun and Sango...I know they don't fear God again cos he's too passionate in His deeds Make them send am come.firstly April fool I guess Lies oh because I didn't get anyone 🤔 Who and who get this money? Lies lies and liers Fake people

What are the criterias for knowing someone is an indigent? We are all poor in Nigeria. If they want to help all,those who don't need it can reject it... another way of stealing.. Hehehehehehehehehe. Nigeria my country, I hail the ooooo I have not see anything, am waiting for my own Abeg who don receive oo

Tobechu59292139 We are always in a hurry. They display registered voters list all the time. They'd display beneficiaries list too. Maybe to indigents of Dahora.... Or am I not in Nigeria? This is Nigeria! All our political leaders “E maa Mukan las las' Mr. President is this true? Audio money E don happen 😁

Tobechu59292139 Hahahaha scam! scam!! scam!!! scam!!!! How? This must be April fool Audio How through is it. Can someone confirm this with a proof for us.... Awon olorikori bi eja shawa😏😏 serchfortheinterpretation Super story How, where, when, to who? MBuhari fear Allah ooo For where 'Disburses', not disbursed. Future tense.

waiting be all this one again na.... The Nations una wan join Federal Government still de mumu too... Which kind lie lie things una de post self 😡 Na lie jare I have received mine guys, be patient yours is coming Bubu is working 🕺💃 Scam Where is the money? How and where Lies... No database to share this. Stop lying. And moreover 5k for 14 days una wicked faa $12.86

Nah lie o The Nigerian state will be reserved for the hottest part of hell if she and her accomplices do not repent from her calamitous falsehood such as this. What criteria and through what channel did they distribute this. Are there no poor people in every part of the country? Shameful! Na Ogun and Other deites go kill this our govt people

The best way is to check people account that are below 1k and send To whoooooooo? They have started again ooo 🙆🙆 This present administration is fraud , they are all Mad including the ppl that is showing this lie without verification Why are you people flexing muscle on nothing beside no list or particular state or community is mentioned to show that the money is really disbursed. God bless Nigeria🇳🇬

Buhari Government has successfully finish this country WHAT? I hate fake news WHERE? HOW ? AND WHO? how come i didn't get my own 0816303113 Access Bank Peter Friday F This fraudulent government is trying 'April Fool' on us. They must stop it. In buhari state right? Funke!!! Who r the indigens ? I believe they have disbursed our money to their northern brothers. Igbos r never meant to benefit from anything in this country. We r treated as slaves, like we're not part of it buh when we crave our freedom MBuhari OfficialAPCNg won't let us go 😭😭

We need evidence💯..we are not fools Who are the indigene please who and who did the give to...! Stop broadcasting fallacies Biko They did say indigents Audio money How come from all the comments here, no one acknowledged the receipt of the money. Either people are being unnecessary ungrateful Or Somebody somewhere is not telling the truth.😎🤷

How? when, where 😂 😂 😂.. I know it is APRIL FOOL... Bubu can joke.. '😂 😂 When? Where? How? To who? 🙄😶😶😑😑😑🙄😉😉😉 April fool How did they get their account n BVN number. These people don't even have money to eat. How come they have account number. I challenge FG to publish all the account number and names that receive the fund.

FG disbursing Audio money Which kind lie be this now walahi FG dey lie... 1M people okay na Scam When to the north or where Story time And none around where I leave or my village. These must be northerners or ghosts Indigent Wow.. BashirAhmaad respond to this. With evidence Thieves When Where Citizens of which country? Nigeria or Togo 🇹🇬 Bank account or Cash? Who?whom?and where ?

Ahhhhh. God will judge you MBuhari NGRPresident when and to who?. This is unfair how can you come up with this type of lies. A lot of are dying of hunger amd you're here cooking lies Canada share their citizens $2,000. America share their citizens $1,500 MBuhari and told us that FG disburses N5,000 For over 1m indigents. Please my fellow Nigerians, if you have receive alert kindly show us.

Even FG too are doing April fool😂😂 Even the nation!!!APRIL FOOL? Wer and when is that By which medium Only northern indigents right?! Scam 😂 Dem no give me oooo Thunder fire 🔥 una Lies In which country🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒 Hey mogbe! Which 5000 to which of the indigent? Nigeria grow up 😡 😡 Audio You guyz are jokers When? How?

Who are indigents? It would have been better not to post such news cos it will get lots of Nigerians angry. 😂 Na wire transfer den use Na or chase bank 😂😂😂😂!! I’m done with this country 🚶‍♂️ April fool's Ahhhh Nigeria...how did they disbusre the 5k to the over 1 million citizen dy claimed....... Scam

I no see anything Which of the indigents f&f? How them take disburse am ooo.. I thought mr President said 250k?why 5k now? Is this real? Ridiculous I don't understand 🙄 🙄🙄 For where, nah lie, no reason that one oooh, we never see anything, not for my side Kam! 5k or 50k Maybe I'm not a citizen then . I never see kobo o

how How, when, where? For were? Hmmmm...5,000..

FG Targets 1000-Bed Space Isolation Centers In AbujaFG Targets 1000-Bed Space Isolation Centers In Abuja. Una still Dey target? 👍 Still targeting? Slow and dull government 🤦‍♂️

#Coronavirus: Osun sets up welfare committee for indigentThe Osun State Government has set up a 21-member food and relief committee to attend to the indigent in the state during the period of restrictions

EPL: Man Utd forced to pay Alexis Sanchez \u00a31.1millionManchester United will be forced to pay Alexis Sanchez a \u00a31.1million loyalty bonus, upon his return from Inter Milan, the UK Sun reports. Sanchez is currently on loan at the Serie A club, after enduring a miserable spell at Old Trafford since his move from Arsenal. The Chilean attacker is on a massive \u00a3400,000-per-week with

We can't sell petrol at N123.50 per litre, IPMAN tells FG – Daily TrustKano State branch of Independent Petroleum Marketers Association (IPMAN) has said members cannot sell fuel at the newly announced pump... Hmm, there is fire on the mountain Hw much do u want to sell it now....or maybe 95 Abdoulsk1 No think they sell it 60 per litre

StackPathIs this real?

Petrol marketers dare FG, refuse to comply with N123 fuel priceIndependent Petroleum Marketers Association (IPMAN) on Wednesday directed its members to stick to the sell of the old price of N125, rather than revert to... They no born you well , close any filling station that didn’t comply with new price playcube_tv is giving 10k each to first 20 people to follow and retweet how to use hand sanitizer post. Today Retweet with your account details Everyone is greed in this country