School Feeding Fraud

School Feeding Fraud

Feeding pupils during lockdown is a scam — PTA

4/10/2020 11:41:00 AM

Feeding pupils during lockdown is a scam — PTA

Dayo OjerindeThe National Association of the Parent-Teacher Association has disagreed with the Federal Government over the attempt to feed pupils at home during the lockdown period.Recall that the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari, during his nationwide broadcast on March 29 said the school feeding programme would not be affected by the lockdown.

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Buhari said, “Although schools are closed, I have instructed the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development to work with State Governments in developing a strategy on how to sustain the school feeding program during this period without compromising our social distancing policies. The Minister will be contacting the affected States and agree on detailed next steps.”

The President, National Association of Parent-Teachers Association, Mr Haruna Danjuma, in an interview with our correspondent said it would be difficult to sustain the school feeding programme during the lockdown.Danjuma said, “As a parent body, we are in support of the school feeding programme, we are as well looking for ways to augment whatever the Federal Government is offering. We want the Federal Government to allow the PTA to be part of the implementation so that we can know the types of meals they are giving to our children. There is the need to carry us along in whatever they are giving to our children.

“However, we must say that we don’t know how the Federal Government intends to implement the policy during the lockdown period. I don’t think they can reach any of the pupils now, because the schools are lockdown. Maybe we have to wait for the president to see how he intends to implement this. We are not aware of this plan and we don’t know how they want to realise this.”

READ ALSO:Command apprehends cops for extorting woman in LagosAlso, the National Publicity Secretary of the Association, Dr Ademola Ekundayo, while corroborating Danjuma said the school feeding programme would not achieve its purpose if the Federal Government continues with it during the lockdown.

He said, “To us parents, we see the idea of continuing the school feeding programme during the lockdown as a scam because there is no way it will work. Even parents were not carried along; I don’t know whether the headmasters or principals will be the ones searching for the houses of the pupils and be giving them raw foods as they promised.

“I do not know how they got into that conclusion. I believe all those materials will end up in private purses. There is no way it will work, we should stop deceiving ourselves.”Copyright PUNCH.All rights reserved. This material, and other digital content on this website, may not be reproduced, published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or in part without prior express written permission from PUNCH.

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Better Buhari is the greatest scam ever bequeathed on Nigeria Nation. He has never be in control of this government from 2015 to date. But other countries with such programs even added dinner to theirs. SMH Even Npower hasn't paid their beneficiaries. This country sef Indeed a scam! Original scam , they don’t even have shame

Don't even think they need to feed pupils in the first place, empower their parents and they will feed their children by themselves. Giving cash to 'the poorest of the poor' is not? 📢📢📢📢Loud it Buhari is a scam. Watching Which pupils are they feeding during lockdown? A big scam! Their game is up fools, pls tell us what that hole is for,maybe he's feeding from there abi

Big scam.. Biggest scam Everything about this country is scam, so I'm not surprised. No worry, we know. Audio feeding Master of all scams In fact the Judas of the covid19 Yes Covik419 is purely an ATM that posterity will judge I laugh!!! What informed this decision and who mooted this idea?Would they be going to pupils' homes to deliver food in this lockdown?Shadiya appeared like being dumb to me while she was confidently saying this at the COVID-19 daily briefing.

It's true. I really wonder how the agency would be feeding the kids from home at this material time. Big one Biggggg scam Mr President Nigerians has not see the market money you promise all Nigerian citizens till date. pls what is this? You don't have to be part of the scheme for it to be credible and govt don't have to bring the meal to kids at home. They can take the meals to the schools and have the parents pick for their kids.

The money has been spent already before now. No case guys Sinzu spending E don happen He knows When their brain box is so rot with 247 scam schemes. Is there any school that's open during this pandemic? Or is it the online schooling system they want to introduce without any free wifis that they want to do pupils feeding? audiofeeding idioticgovernment thieves

Very big one How can something that has not started be a scam? 🤔 Scamming the scammer 🤣🤣🤣 bobbiiaustin Scam 💯💯💯 Sophisticated corruption Big scam This shows that the have not been feeling anybody The purpose of the school feeding program is to encourage pupils to come to school, using food as a bait which was OK, BUT wanting now to go feed them at home now BIG SCAM and who ever muted this idea shld be arrested..

I go dey looku and laafu-Fela Anikulapo Kuti (1979). Just like that!(Fela, A.K) -1987. International ThiefThief(Fela, A.K). Feeding ghost children in some ASO Rock schools is possible Sha... I laugh at the current Nigerian Govt. Not jst scam, buh scam of the century. Jst like the burnt office of the Accountant General.

womenvoiceNG_ The person that brought the motion forward need to be arrested of attemoted fraudulent act😆😆😆 officialEFCC plz take note..... What do Nigerian expect from this apc led government apart from lies Government that came on board by lies can't do anything serious than continue to lies. Thanks be to God for exposing them again through corona virus pandemic.

Tell them, They think we don't know We know it is. U people are feeding pupils when they are at home are you sure people know what they are saying Even during school we know it's a scam. BUHARI is failure and Big disaster to this country We live in lies Age's Everything about this govt is a scam Thanks you, PTA

They are still cashing out in lockdown. Still Collect feeding pupils money I truly wonder how they think in this administration. Like who even advises them!! Haba!!! Very big scam! Real scam Big scam Complete scam Everything about this government is a scam!!! Like we don't know this already?... Who gives a fuck what y'all do with what's left of the treasury? It's obvious we can't be heard, and even when it seems we could be making an impact with our inputs on here, it still doesn't change shit. For d sake of my mind, I give up on 9ja

You don't understand it's OTUNBA wire Even Ehix07 knows.... But bank alert is essential I don’t think it’s a scam, I have 3 kids and we get 3 square meals every day sent to our doorstep steps (thrice) for each of my kids - it’s so constant that I don’t even want to wake up from dreamland 😂 Totally scam...i keep saying it this Buhari government is rubbish. I hope Nigerians will lean a big lesson from this and wake up.

CoronaCashOut! tijanihabeeb Óká ti fó ó Biggest hoax of the decade. Nigeria comedy show I knew right before 2015 elections that APC would make no difference, but I'm surprised they're getting worse than PDP. Hen hen Is the govt itself not a scam? I agree. But you all voted for this NEXT LEVEL.... Face of a thief installed by the hausas and yorubas.

Thank God, some people are still sane, in Nigeria. This BUHARI government is a SCAM!!! PERIOD. It is obviously a scam. It sounds more like a joke. After the last general elections, I lost hope of any thing good about Nigeria. Let's make ResignNowBuhari to trend as number 1 today ResignNowBuhari ResignNowBuhari ResignNowBuhari ResignNowBuhari ResignNowBuhari ResignNowBuhari ResignNowBuhari ResignNowBuhari ResignNowBuhari ResignNowBuhari ResignNowBuhari ResignNowBuhari ResignNowBuhari

Buhari would deceive us and the irony is that he knows that we know that he's deceiving us. How can he tell us school feeding will go on in lockdown; how does the kids escape to school to eat the food Corruption should be seen as equal to killing, money meant to help people is being used by one person. Youths are dying from depression because of lack of work. Since no one can help us. We need jungle justice on few greedy politicians to get things right.

What is not scam in Nigeria, is it power supply, pension payment, jamb admission, civil servant payment, payment or teachers salary, distribution of covid19 supplies, contract awards etc etc Even when there was no lock down. It was also a huge scam! Scam is an understatement. It’s wickedness. You steal and lie to the people at the same time.

See the thief eyes, what a clueless president. Its not OK. School feeding programs during this Covid 19 is the PONZI game of the millennium Sinzu himself is the biggest scam. Pure scam Yes na MBuhari shamelessness beats my imagination Very big one oo Daylight robbery. Let's just crown them into the HALL OF INFAMY!

Mtcheeew Big one Nigerians have seen it all in these present administration. now everyone knows that the head is a scam himself What is this hole doing in our president neck 👀👀 Dear PTA, I want to believe by now you already know the type of government that we have under this dumb and dull MBuhari The same government that didn't listen to the advice of NMA, what makes you think they will listen to you guys? BuhariTormentor BuhariResign BuhariNaScam

Nobody is surprised again with this almajiri Apc government. Dumb and Deaf Buhari is missing in action. Osinbajo has been locked out of aso rock. President ABBA kyari has been benched by Corona virus Oshomonkey is hiding from obaseki. Bullion van Tinubu concern is 2023. SCAMMERS Pls is it Nigeria pupils they are feeding or Sudan. Have not heard of this before... Excuse sir, what are you saying

Big scam Even when the schools were on, we got feelers that the amount quoted as being used to feed the pupils, does not tally with the kind of food, they are serving the kids. Same as the case with the claimed amount used in feeding prisoners & others in detention facilities nationwide. It is a scam ooo

All this is evidence that we do not hv a President whose mind is intact rather a cabal that have the soul aim of bringing the nation down. For how long will the truth be covered is it not high tym for som1 to pay the priz and tell d world d truth about events in aso rock I think a potential leader shouldn't act this way instead he will used another hand to draw snake from hole.

Apparently!!! No need to tell me, i knew dat long agooooooooo,, 9ja 4 show A very BIG Scam in the highest order We all knew but thanks for reminding Hummm *in DJ Khalid voice * ANOTHER ONE Definitely, it is a scam. Worst government ever in the history of Nigeria. sad As far as dis government is concern everything about dem na scam since d day dis government take post

Nawa ooh, buh they keep saying they fed Nigerian with 2bn Who doesn't know I don't talk about Nigeria anymore This country should become a defunct Thank you PTA for coming out plain so they won’t pull ur names into mud This is not better for u to say that maigirma president Indeed. Absolutely true How do you feed pupils at home? Thats how they claimed they shered billions in few minutes.

Contracts must go on whether Corona virus likes it or not Nigeria is a scam herself. God help us from insincere leadership We already know it's a scam. This govt is the biggest scammer... Could it be louder? Capital scam The government is a scam! Scam of the highest Another one! If you’re tired of dropping account number under every giveaway tweet and doing babiamla for naira Marley and his Heartless Colleagues to broke shame us.😩😩 lemme tell you how to make cool cash as I just discovered. DM, If it's not worth it report and block me 🙏🙏

We ain’t surprise it’s their normal way of looting. Having a president like Buhari during lockdown is a scam How can one effectively feed pupils from different families, that reside in different areas of d town? So one needs t take school register and addresses and move from one location t another Everything is a scam in this country.

God will tear down APC Government, which database do they have to feed them this lockdown, are they going to take the food to their different houses or how honilatte The real scam is the man in this picture with a mask with hole in his neck acting as the dead Buhari, the so called Nigerians are imbeciles

We are waiting 2023 is around d corner Stone is ready D whole government even d clueless President is a scam When the sums looted, and squandered, under this administration finally comes to light it will make all others look like practice runs. Nigerian have refused to throw caution to the winds, come on social media with one voice and drag all the people responsible for all these lies. Instead we choose to wait for a celebrity to shame and tweet foolish intelligence. We are all in for a long night ahead. God help us.

I join them to concur that the program is a scammer We all know it is... A school with more than 5,000 students, how can an agency follow each of these students to their homes and feed them on daily basis? Buhari's cronies using the semi-illiterate credential of MBuhari to conveniently loot the treasury.

Not feeding pupils only even n-power program is a scam too Very big scam, confused government Children that were not fed before locked down, are now going to be feed at home. APC government is a scam too Nd MBuhari hope, d 700billion that got burnt was a scam too. My problem is with that spit throwing lying thing who calls himself a pastor. He even took pictures eating rice with school children. Scam . And we go to church everyday

Literarily everything about this govt is fraudulent Big Scam! Everything under this administration is a scam. Homeleopard Premium scam from sinzu money and his fellow thieves Buhari and his government is confused and senseless Is this news? There has been a scam since 20 fifteen. Next? Is now that I fully accepted and believe Lumumba that Africa is cursed and Nigeria is the giant of the curse of Africa

Is everything not a scam? What I believe is that APC government still are thinking they are in opposition, I once said it on my twitter handle. This is the highest scam of corruption. Nigerian are just too quite to allow this scam to just continue. Chai! Disheartening. Of course How else do you want them to cover up their fraud?

This is the worse govt in Africa history.... What are they even taking people for in this country? Even this period that calls for reflections in our values and norms, people are still evil- minded Almost all MBuhari COVID 19 palliatives are fraud. Except for BMC members that are benefiting from the scam.

But what's in Buhari's neck? That hole Due to this Nigeria government a lot of Nigerians regretted to be a Nigerian. Alot of Nigerians migrate to another country cos of this government can't provide the necessary. This Nigeria is a scam, never you wait or depend on Nigeria government cos they are useless.

Feeding pupils during lockdown is a very very big scam by this unfortunate government of buhari. This is a way for them to empty our treasury. May God forgive our unfortunate leaders. Big scam. romeonet5 Government that is sold to LIES. The billions being embezzled daily has to be justified one way or the other, so expect the FG to use all means to cover up their recklessness.

big scam Sometimes I wonder what this people take us as Buhari till 2050 🤣🤣🤣 We must have sense by force. Pure scam. How many of the pupils do they have their address? Buhari your government is the worse corrupt government since the inception of this country. Worse than corona virus. Everything is an avenue for looting.

Almighty Allah will judge them all. Animal farm Louder please!!! 😎 This government ehn Inside Naija anything is possible This feeding program made no sense to me from inception. If you make the economy viable for their parents to earn decent wages, they can conveniently spoil their children not just feed them. Una cup go soon full🥺

Cos Buhari is Scam Please increase the volume 🔊 Shebi na their desk dey chop the food. Why can't God just take these people at ones sef? Why this man eyes looking like this ? Amo ra wa,awa SCAMMERS Buhari and APC are the biggest SCAM! Haa, Mr. President why do you choose to be so wicked on us like this, where have we nigerian's wronged you, fear your Allah' ooo

MBuhari ProfOsinbajo Country Fraudsters!!! officialEFCC nor go see them ooh because dem dhy get their cut!!! Na to beat una remain Aswear Each time I say the devil is not happy with Buhari I know what I mean They take the food to their homes or ask them to come to school to get it? Do schools have home addresses of their pupils? Where did the FG obtain the addresses to be used from? Who is fooling who?

I hope officialEFCC is reading and watching. If it were to be opposition OfficialPDPNig they'd be so quick to investigate. Hypocrites 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 are they just realizing it Waooow this is not only scam but foolishness This school feeding while students are at home should be suspended immediately. The money can be channelled to other pressing needs now. People will misconstrue it to be fraud. School feeding should continue when the schools are opened.

Isn't that what this regime is known for? Buhari should be jailed underground BashirAhmaad MBuhari atiku femigbaja DrAhmadLawan FemAdesina . In fact I don't understand The government will carry food door to door to look for pupils that are hungry to fed. Hmmmmm Nigeria Buhari APC change APC/Buhari Adminstration na scam

Pls tell's all a scam..!!! These guys have no more scripts to write 419 simple as ABC E don tey wey these people dey scam Nigerians... No be today e start 👌 Big scam The program is on autorun mode Everything about this government now is scam Are they feeding them in their houses, useless people. Huge daylight scam. But why all this policy summersault?. Scaming people everyday

Biggest scam Let come and tell us publicly that it's not a scam now Everything about Buhari and APC na scam This man is a scam!!!

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