Fcmb Man Efcc

Fcmb Man Efcc

FCMB reports man to EFCC after $54,000 deposit


FCMB reports man to EFCC after $54,000 deposit

The anti-graft agency told Justice Muslim Hassan that the funds were reasonably suspected to be proceeds of cyber fraud.Chimdinma said, “The petitioner, First City Monument Bank, enquired about the nature of the funds and the account holder (Francis) claimed that they were from his friend and associate, George Edwards Cook, residing in the United States and that the funds were for the purchase of properties on behalf of the said friend and business associate.

“That in response to the letter of request for assistance sent to the FBI, it was revealed that the said George Edward Cook had been flagged by the US Department of Treasury and US Banking Financial Security Network as a known fraudster.“That the whereabouts of the said Mr George Edward Cook is unknown and he is likely trying to transfer his ill-gotten funds from the US to Nigeria through the domiciliary account of the suspect.”

Following an ex parte application by the EFCC, Justice Hassan had earlier made an order for the temporary forfeiture of the $54,000 to the Federal Government.After hearing the lawyer out, Justice Hassan fixed March 27 for judgment.

Read more: The Punch Newspapers

That is the way to go ,it not only Fcmb it the Law of the land, I think you should be able to defend yourself if called upon to explain how you come about the money. You prove it they release the money to you. Simple. So does it mean that anybody that owns such money is corrupt? Well anybody that I'd corrupt will also think that everybody is corrupt

Every bank is obliged to report suspicious transactions reports (STRs) and currency transactions reports (CTRs) to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission and the Nigerian Financial Intelligence Unit (NFIU). How much is even $54,000, less than 20million. Nonsense! Is that one money that should create a scene. Are we too poor to have such amount without involving Magu and the idiots working with him

But they didn't report formal Abia State Governor Mr T A Uzo and His Son to EFCC after embezzlement of billions of funds. Kitikpa gba Chie Unu Nti. Is it there money? If it were to be politicians now nobody will hear anything oo.. when Dangote went to collect 10m$ did they reported him to the Efcc? Yes, I know someone will say dangote money is justifiable for is investment. All this thing is rubbish upon rubbish!!!

Well done FCMB This should not a news item. This is the standard in the banking system. I'm closing my FCMB account this morning . Truth is bitter Let's move forward in this country, this is not the first time abeg

How I hid in FCMB toilet, packed money at night - Teenager - Daily Post NigeriaA 16-year-old boy, Adekunle Ayomikun, who allegedly stole N340,000 from the First City Monument Bank (FCMB), has been remanded by an Igbosere Magistrates’ A 16 year old involved in bank robbery? There is crisis in this country. We are in serious trouble in this country. This is what Apc government turns Nigerians into.

Am closing my account Seriously, is like FCMB receive income from government. Its time to close my account with FCMB. I suggest u do to, anybody trying to open stay far away. To avoid all this kind drama Set awon gbé bo rú🤔🙄😏 No costumer privacy again in this country.. So does it mean that politicians are not costumers? 💔 Snitches get stitches.

If you still have an account with MyFCMB, you do so at your own risk. Use your tongue to count your teeth. I thought banks are not expected to reveal their customer's info to the 3rd party? $54,000 or $54,000,000? MyFCMB ooin you people are doing well o! 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 But they won't report billions of Naira from governments officials like TA ORJI

Unfortunately the newspaper and those criticising the bank are all from a particular section of the country. It's obvious the newspaper made the report out of a sheer malice, unprofessionalim and unpatriotism.

Money laundering: EFCC moves against Babangida again - Daily Post NigeriaThe Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, on Monday, asked Justice Abdullahi Mikhail of Niger State High Court, to relist the case involving Should he or any Nigerian politician really be left off the hook, HELL NO!

Too bad how can they do such thing How many government officials have they reported to officialEFCC for huge deposits into their private accounts. Looking for what did not look for you. Moro you expect the customer to visit again. Yeye So what is the fvcking business of this bank how could they treat a customer as such, fvcking hypocrites

Bc hes not a politician..hypocrites You have broken the ethics of bank practice Lol, I don't understand why most people on here are bashing MyFCMB. They did what every bank should do, even foreign banks do worse. Nigeria is so turned upside down that we see every action by the big Ones at a disadvantage

How many of Nigeria banks has ever willingly report any politician bank account ? Hypocrisy in Nigeria will never finish, na poor man dey suffer pass, dey are always worried and sad when a poor person want to grow big... Useless bank and useless country.......i regret opening an acct with ur bank later they will be saying come and open account with 0 naira...when they dnt have customer🤧🤧🤧

Is like FCMB is stupid for doing that,why not reporting money embezzled by politicians,is it that they are above the law abi wetin😏😏

EFCC arraigns Benue woman for alleged N9m fraud - Daily Post NigeriaThe Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Makurdi Zonal Office, Monday, arraigned Elizabeth Akaa over alleged N9m fraud bordering on breach of

Come Ooo! Is $54,000 too much to be deposited in a single transaction? Wow i almost opened an account with MyFCMB yesterday, thank God I never did. Lesson learnt.... Dont ever bank with fcmb Can't someone have 19m in peace again?! Let him face the music. Theve lost my uttermost confidence though I never had an account with them,I quit using their ATM services.. Rubbish.. They only patronize political thieves ..

Make them no worry na only them go they bank Ndi ara... Why did you fools wait till after depositing? bastards Let's see how many people we can get to close their MyFCMB accounts...we don't do snitches over here!!

EFCC arraigns NULGE chairman over alleged N9m fraud – Daily TrustThe Makurdi zonal office of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) on Monday arraigned a chairman of the Nigerian Union of Local Government Employee (NULGE), Guma chapter in Benue State before a High Court over an alleged fraud of N9 million. Daily Trust reports that the accused, one Elizabeth Akaa, was brought before Justice …

Have the ever report our politican that kept such moneys to EFCC I will close my account in that bank asap fcmb is useless bank. How many governors or senators have u reported. That's why I will never take my money to that useless bank. I hope u have paid the money you stole from INNOSON. MyFCMB you better call officialEFCC for the politicians too

Premium Amebo MyFCMB Fraudsters will definitely talk odd of myfcmb for doing the right thing.... Keep the good work guys,infact I will open an account with you guys first thing tomorrow morning I have long closed my account with the MyFCMB they're such a useless bank. Why have you not reported AsiwajuTinubu bullion van. Even if the money is legit do you know the stress the owner will go through before accessing it. What if it is urgent. I'm sure d person no settle u

Nice development,but extend it to the politicians who are stealing our money abroad. Definitely,the man would be released if he is doing legitimate biz. By the time they find out he is one way connected to Oshiomole, Tinubu or Apc they would leave him alone. Don't stress yourself about this! Both are right. The deposit won't loose anything as long as he is clean, while the Bank is performing his duty to avoid penalty for non disclosure.

Court Fixes March 27 For Ruling In EFCC $54,000 Forfeiture Case | Sahara ReportersCourt Fixes March 27 For Ruling In officialEFCC $54,000 Forfeiture Case | Sahara Reporters The anti-graft agency told Justice Muslim Hassan that the funds were reasonably suspected to be proceeds of cyberfraud. READ MORE: officialEFCC Hmmm

I am closing my account with them, thats you deposit your money and FCMB puts you in trouble, no no no no no FCMB gbakwaa oku FCMB is a death bank Are they trying to tell us that no-one has ever deposited above $54,000... Now I know the system is corrupt and they are fighting corruption...fooling themselves...some politicians there cars cause more than $54,000 and no-one will report them

Everyone here is calling out MyFCMB, if this story is true I'm sure after the deposit was made, the man was given time to explain the source of the money, tell the bank of it's legit, hope y'all know banks need this money too, but it has to be legit Damn...it be your own bank 😞 Just imagine the nonsense...so a customer is nt evn safe again?

Since my friend won 52m from 1xbet and one stupid bank refuse to allow him to cash his money. They frustrated him to the extent he has to bribe for me money ohh. When 1xbet was murdering him they were quiet My anger is they delay, stop and frustrate legitimate business deals unless you sort them. Use Bitcoin let them trace if they can.

MyFCMB when are you going to start reporting politicians that deposit huge amounts....abi those ones are out of reach? MyFCMB good job! Naija have a very long way to go seeing the level of diverse opinions to the fantastic job done. I will close my account with them immediately I get back to country. And so will my folks. Fools. All the thievery politicians banking with MyFCMB how many have they reported? fcmbpensions Folding soon

N30.2b Fraud: EFCC re-arraigns Jang, Yusuf on amended charges - Daily Post NigeriaThe Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, has re-arraigned the former Plateau State governor, Senator Jonah David Jang on amended 17-count

Ooii! I say hoii! Snitch bitches MyFCMB snitch They must be high on tramadol n tutolin MyFCMB. Are you saying no one would be able to garner such money for years and decided to save it now?. Even if later he got it through bad means, I'm very sure its because he refused to give you the share you were asking for.

Legal or illegal business if you have plenty fund for international business you must bribe those bank managers or they will frustrate you by reporting a clean business transaction to efcc He worked have kept his money in bitcoin. I see banks looking their relevance in few years to come. Just N20 million and you guys are foaming in the mouth? What would you do about people who spray twice that amount in parties both at home and abroad? If na better money I for fear.

MyFCMB Good energy but hope you report the worst enemy of country's treasury, the politicians. Wow 😮 Gbese

Did you also report Orji Chinedum’s FCMB personal account – N384.9million? Hypocrites. MyFCMB Why does this kind of reports not applicable to those Fraudulent Politicians who have milked our Country Dry? Useless And Selective Corruption Fight FCMB is going to lose more clients for this action Why do they accept the $54,000 deposit in d first place since they are fighting corruption. Banks are corruption too self

MyFCMB is a poor man bank, reasonable person may not deposit reasonable amount in ur bank after this news... Don't use MyFCMB for any business transaction O hope they start reporting politicians who come with such lots... MyFCMB will you report to EFCC as I don't have any money in my account too? Great! Other banks should please emulate FCMB. We all have a role to play in this fight against corruption.

CAR: Ford Explorer 2010. PRICE : 1.8M to Owner. CONDITION : Neatly used/Perfect. LOCATION : Abuja. mondaythoughts Presidency Amotekun abujabusiness

I have a mix feeling about this, one thing I don't have mix feelings is the fact I'm done with them. Cyber fraud dent everything and we are acting it's cool. MyFCMB is my bank of the year for such a leading act. Fight against corruption begins with you. It's so scary the way majority of YOUTH who are supposed to be future leaders defend Yahoo (fraudsters)!!! If only they channel such energy against the govt. Sad indeed.

Going true replies on this tweet says a lot about Nigerians. Does reporting d Man means he forfeiting his Money? All he has to do is to prove 2 EFCC where he got d money from. Kudos 2 FCMB. GTB once reported my acc, withun 48hrs, I was cleared. D bros no settle dat na y Dem report am. If to say e settle we no go dey here make we leave long story.

For them to report is not my problem,if it is the law then that’s the best way to go but why is it only ordinary Nigerians they are reporting The man is unknown thats why they reported. Fear wont allow them report if a politician deposits 1million dollars Lol confuse country, y'all always cry about corruption in the system and yet ur abusing and attacking a bank for exposing an abnormally. Which way Nigeria?

But they be charging exorbitantly without reporting themself? Fvckery of the highest order Fuck FCMB over the ignorant report

You did great FCMB So why haven’t they report all our politicians who keep Billions of Naira in there bank Poverty Mentality Kidnappers deposit their money also right, it's definitely not under their mattress how many have been reported, or politicians 19M 😱😱😱 will sign out from that bank straight away.. Mad something

MyFCMB the man refused to give the branch manager a cut of the dollar, we know how these shit works, Every nigeria bank supports organize crime MyFCMB has lost me as their potential customer. Bye!! Why did he do that? MyFCMB king of ofofo Inukwa jarex2_official Iamskaine

taiwasc When una go do giveaways Naaaaa wa ooooooo 😢 This people don't have sense joor ! To be sincere MyFCMB is mad, if it were politician that came to deposit stolen funds you won't report them Awon oloriburuku MyFCMB well done jawe....at least it is worth investigation, being reported doesn't mean the person is a fraudsters, Just to be sure of his source of income.... If u see something say it

You’ll don’t know how to deposit huge sums, should consult BDC operators to help you out. Ndị osu imi. fcmb of all banks? Which banks does fraud more than fcmb in Nigeria. The 43k they deducted from my spouse's account is yet to be returned to the account. The officialEFCC and cenbank should be investigating fcmb rather than listening to them. They are a rogue bank.

Hmmmmmm🤔🤔🤔.. Have dey asked him before reporting to EFCC 😏🙄🙄.. Initial Gra Gra oshi MyFCMB I’m gonna tell my cousin and my friends to stop using your dirty bank.

Rules are rules . He will get his money back with ease if he can prove it simple , in western world they do it too. Nigeria always complain over normal things Gosh! Are they doing the same when those Poli-thief-ians make theirs I am definitely closing my fcmb account... I hate snitch Soon you hear stolen hidden in the bank and we will remind them of this useless twit here.

So we can't deposit the money we make anymore? Nawa o Will you pipu FCMB report the politicians too... Ajayi! Rubbish is $54,000 too much for an importer to deposit? That’s why MyFCMB have the lowest number of customers. You pple will still go back to school to study before coming out to work as a bank. Mtchew

No privacy in their bank then🤷‍♂️ You mean 19 million Naira, add 81 million Naira to it and they can use it to buy 10 old HP laptops 54,000 Dollars is just about 19 million naira or there about!!! Are they really kidding me right now?

All these corrupt bank managers. Maybe the guy didn't give them their cut. Hav u ever wondered where d money of all deceased customer goes? Hav any bank manager ever called any next-of-kin once to collect uncollected deposit? Never!!! They r d bigger rogues. What you are telling the world is that there are no genuine business owners in this country that are exposed to $500,000.00 and over liquidity in their business concern You think all are cap in hand begging or waiting for minimum government wage?

The victim is not a politician. This is Nigeria. The bank merely complied with the law. Usual transactions must be reported to NFIU/EFCC Good for nothing bank MyFCMB after the investigation and we found out that the transaction is genuine ... You will loose customer ooh Nonsense news. $54k=N20M. What is so big about 20M. Is it bcos its in dollars. So does it mean that traders or poeple don't make or hav that kind of money in Nigeria or are we celebrating poverty? How did d Bank know that its from a fraudulent source. Ordinary Aboki sef hav that.

Cancelfcmb That’s the way it should be. If he can account for how he acquired the cash, he has nothing to worry about. If the money is clean & earned legitimately, & it was me, I won’t be worried. Fcmb has always been a useless bank.maybe the client didn't give bank manager something hence the report..

fcmb I opened an account with u and something tells me never to use that account. Never knew the energy was positive. Fuck u CancelFcmb MyFCMB hope you have money ritual dictector from your customers? Useless bank.. Awon oloriburuku gbogbo... Ewooooo....Has it reached like this Fuck the bank Abeg make we talk another thing Na today una con dey form sense Eh world SENSIMAs Coz una politician no dey

Good job. We should be able to give account of how we make our money. That's a way to go Useless people, wetin concern una with person money 💰 failing to report can cost them heavy sanctions.. I don't blame the bank on this.. it's a laid down rule Probably because he's a 'nobody' who stole it from a 'somebody'. The somebody with his connects puts out a BOLO for any nobody that comes to deposit such. Isn't this one of the banks where Abia state ex gov & family & every other dirty politician deposits/deposited looted funds?

That bank, let sha be keep quiet for them,

Dummy bank MyFCMB I don't support fraud whatsoever but I think you guys should be able to report corrupt politicians and govt officials to EFCC. Stop being biased politicians and govt officials keeps billions in Nigerian banks all the time and we won't see this energy displayed 19m only or is it because is in $$$$$

I wan open account for dis bank but not anymore Punch yu'v lost it for slightly portraying bank as snitch but cool. Its no news anything above $10k is flagged,further clarification is norm. Same bank never reported millions of dollars by Orji & d likes we not aware of atm. Shows d system is corrupt & favour those wit power..🚶

😂 How come! Sebi there is no money in Circulation!!👍 All this people talking trash...if them sack the manager now will you employ him? MyFCMB you should always do so when it concerns politicians and their families , big and top Alhajis not only doing over sabi house boy....note that other banks have open their arms for dollar $ people to come bank with them cos some people legit

So one can't have genuine cash while political office holders control more of that that's wrong, infringement of contract agree. but they will mute if it was a politician who remitted

Snitches get stitches... How's is this news for Pete's sake! HAHayatu firstladyship Snitching bastards this is so low behind so unprofessional you guys finally lost it This is in line with AMLCFT Act and FATF Recommendations.. All DMBs and DFIs are mandatory to file CTR and FTR within 7days of the transaction above threashold.

MyFCMB how many politicians you don report ? I’m closing my account, fools It's a sin to just have money in this govt now...the infection from the too has infected every organization... Free the man jor. What did efcc do concerning tinubu's Bullion Van case This is Nigeria Tell me who stolen Nigerian Money, Northern elite, they wont report those, but Efcc is monitoring all southern's account beware........... the bank and Efcc are one. Buhari==ABBA==Magu==Efcc ===Bank. They have enslave all southern politicans ooo because they see their account oo

FCMB has breached one of the rule of duty of secrecy which is paramount to customer. Confidentiality of customers transactions is key!

😂 A bank reported someone that deposited 350,000 naira. Small right? Well, after due investigation, it was his share for an assassin job he carried out. Banks are mandated to report unusual transactions. In his case, he never deposited more than 5,000 naira prior. If Na Bullion Van Master Deposit that money now MyFCMB wont say pimp.....😀😁😂

Casted😂😂 This is the reason u have people keep money underground or rent a 4bed room APARTMENT osborne Please read before commenting! That money was a proceed of fraud. I don't understand o. Shebi he credited his own account? Or did another man lay claim to the money? I have shouted these a number of times, these banks are working for Efcc, thieves, themselves and SARS. GTB,ACCESS Bank and now FCMB. Beware...................

The ones that politicians dropped nko? Who report who? 10k dollars and more in your account is a red flag and must b reported

Purely eyes service. Let them tell us and arrest the rest. The politicians I come put my money for ur bank u dey go report me? After una go dey do advert to look for customers,una get sense so? Sometimes we fear that the media is at war with the fight against financial crimes. When people see headlines like this, it seems as if the Bank just picked up the phone and called the EFCC to snitch on this customer. officialEFCC

Set awon sars ZenithBank if you people ever try this nonsense with any of your customer,am closing my account that same day and bank my money in my cupboard,our area is safe anyways. Instead of you guys been flexing your muscles on the top guys, na all this guys wey wan dey try una wan dey flex una muscles on top.

Thank you MyFCMB ... The war is not for the government agencies alone... If u see something, say something to get out country rid of corruption and criminal activities FCMB is a useless bank, does it mean that nobody can make such money without being corrupt. Enemy of progress. Am closing my account right away.

Quite interesting and a welcome development prima facie. That was how zenith bank got me frustrated for my first withdrawal trading forex

aswear nah scope to chop that money dem dry find Well done FCMB. That's the way to go to get rid of Elephant in the room, 'Corruption' in Nigeria. officialEFCC if such funds are forfeited shouldn’t they be to the government of the USEmbassyAbuja since they are likely proceeds of fraud from the USA? FBI POTUS

MyFCMB are snitches. Can’t bank with such a bank. The depositor probably refused to give the bank manager a kickback, useless people. What do you do when corrupt politicians stash looted govt funds in your bank, keep quiet because you're assured of a share of the loot? Remind me never to bank with FCMB.

Snakes 🐍 🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️ foolish Bank Why didn't they report Theodore Orji for owning several account with them. Bunch of cowards! I'm not sure y'all read d article before commenting... This is damn right 👌💪 That's why they don't have customers 😐

This is highly unprofessional, if he's not in any political position. fcmb good job. Fcmb sorry No wonder the bank doesn’t grow..... such nonsense Stupidity All their customers should close their account with this fucking bank straight up Am very sure the lad refused to settle them.. Anyway I love ya energy keep it up.. Many of our managers are thieves...

Make I go close my account with una bank, nonsense bank Is it the duty of a bank to verify from FBI? This is a domiciliary account.... I'm just curious So banks are now reporting their customers to EFCC, eye see

zeeza_corp Remember that day! Mumu people mtcheeewwww thwm nor go just mind their business and relax Smh

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