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Fayemi calls for scrapping of Senate

10/10/2019 12:44:00 PM

Fayemi calls for scrapping of Senate

The Ekiti State Governor, Kayode Fayemi, has advocated the scrapping of the Senate in order to save cost and reduce financial burden on the government.

Mr Fayemi spoke at one of the panel sessions on the sidelines of the 25th edition of the Nigerian Economic Summit with the theme, ‘Nigeria 2050: Shifting gears,’ as reported by the Punch.Mr Fayemi said the type of legislative system that would be more productive for Nigeria in this current economic situation “is a unicameral legislature.”

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PREMIUM TIMESin the previous week reported how Rochas Okorocha, a senator representing Imo West Senatorial District, expressed a similar idea.Mr Okorocha lamented the cost of running the Senate and suggested the reduction in number of senators in each state to one so as to save cost.

As it stands, the country’s legislative arm consisting of 109 Senate members and a 360-member House of Representatives, on yearly basis gulps millions of naira.In the recently presented 2020 Budget proposals, N125 billion has been set aside for the National Assembly.

Fayemi’s argumentGovernor Fayemi in his argument said, “We do need to look at the size of government in Nigeria and I am an advocate of a unicameral legislature. What we really need is the House of Representatives, because that is what represents.Advertisement

“You have three senators from little Ekiti and you have three senators from Lagos State.“It’s a no-brainer that it’s unequal, I guess the principle is not proportionality but that if you are a state, you get it automatically.“But I think that we can do away with that. There are several things that we can do away within the government,” he said.

Oronsaye report, insecurity“The Oronsaye report that proposed mergers of several Ministries Departments and Agencies that are doing the same thing is something that the government should pay serious attention to and reduce the resources being expended on them,” Mr Fayemi said.

On the state of the country’s security, he said insecurity is not only peculiar to Nigeria but threatens the world.“The important thing is the government utilises a wide range of mechanisms to guarantee security in a state and it is not just ammunition and weapons that I am talking about.”

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I wish this could be done ...or make legislature a part time job. One of the requirements is that the senator or house of rep member must live in his or her constituency!. 👍 I second ☝️👆👆👆👆 These guys are just figure heads, they're literally jobless.. A very good development FemiDlive I support 💯 % Good opinion.

I agree! Centre of greed! Onu. Rochas Okorocha and Feyemi have made valid points. But the question is who is listening. And/or merge States to 6 Regions only. Many states are not viable. Reduce 3 to 2 senators per state (as in US whose Democracy we copy). Reduce HoR size too. Limit immunity to official civil acts not criminal offences like bribery, corruption.

We need to scrap some states with immediate alacrity. Have Regions. But, let's start from scrapping Security Votes kfayemi Good call Supported 🙏🙏 Scrap both senate and rep let states send their rep Where will he retire to in four years? RemindMe_OfThis december 2021 I don’t think we should scrap senate or reduce the amount of senators. This will cause people within states to fight for one slots like they are fighting for governor and may lead to killings of candidates

That's scraping the constitution what's wrong with this people Louder SUPPORTED 💯 Let's see if he finishes his term and retires to ex-Govs retirement home (Senate). I suggest the scrapping of Federal House of Representatives!!!! But doesn’t think LG Chairmen should get their allocations directly...-go figure

Budget of education + health=91bn naira while budget of nass assembly alone=125bn naira.....we are not serious as a country.....I lost hope!!! I thought they said Sowore is crazy. Unicameral legislation?! We should even reduced the states to 6 and make the present states local government,many of the states are just parasites,we are practicing feeding bottle federalism

AMASIKE Yea right! Scrap the legislative house with more equal regional representation and leave the one that gives lopsided voting bloc to a particular region Call to scrap EXECUTIVE GOVERNORS too. Nonetheless nonsense We need to scrap it Very thoughtful considering the fact that it might be his retirement home.

This is a very good suggestion. Majority of the people there (also in House of Reps) don't even know why they're there. Let’s start by single term for state Governors. Or they should reduce salary to 25% of what they are collecting now Save this, 2023 he will seek election for the Senate. Yes! Unicameral legislatve system reduces cost... Senate should be scrapped while HoR number be reduced since they are working on full time basis... State or regional policing system should be considered to tackle security challenges as well.

Italy just approved it, at least one third of it's parliament will go. The legislative houses in Nigeria have turned out to become rehabilitative centers for greedy and expired politicians. They should go and find jobs or create some with their loot. Good idea That's the truth we need just one Parliament and it should be Part time.

You can scrap the senate seat fro Ekiti. 🤓🤓🤓 I so much support this but am not sure those in d red chamber will move nor support this move. But am very sure if u kfayemi was in d Senate you wouldn't have suggest such policy but in as much as its a nice idea it will be better if the size is education than scraping d Senate

We also propose a single tenure for elected officials like Fayemi and oc Why not the government? That would do us good. Adedamola_Ogun Why is this not trending already! I align myself with Fayemi's suggestion. Who else does?

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