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Femi Gbajabiamila, Newspaper Vendor

Family demands N500m from Gbajabiamila over newspaper vendor’s death

Family demands N500m from Gbajabiamila over newspaper vendor’s death

11/24/2020 11:00:00 PM

Family demands N500m from Gbajabiamila over newspaper vendor ’s death

Samson FolarinThe family of Ifeanyichukwu Okereke, a vendor who died after being shot by a security aide to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila , has written a letter ...

Samson FolarinThe family of Ifeanyichukwu Okereke, a vendor who died after being shot by a security aide to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila, has written a letter to the Speaker, demanding N500 million.This is according to a letter dated November 23, 2020, signed by the lawyer of the family, Chief Mike Ozekhome (SAN).

UPDATED: At last, Buhari appoints new service chiefs Unmarried policewoman sacked for getting pregnant Buhari appoints new service chiefs

Ozekhome was given the mandate to write the letter by the father of the deceased, Okorie Okereke; and the younger brother to the deceased, Destiny Okereke.The Department of State Services had last week arrested the operative, Abdullahi Hassan, who shot Okereke while Gbajabiamila had also visited the family of the deceased and promised to ensure that they do not suffer.

Aregbesola plans Osun tenure’s anniversary, Oyetola not invitedHowever, the family demanded more, adding that nothing could bring the dead vendor back to life.The letter read in part, “Our clients have instructed us to make from your good self, the following modest demands: That you use your good offices to ensure the immediate prosecution of your security aide (Abdullahi Hassan), who went on a frolic of his own, clearly acted outside the purview of his duty and responsibility by shooting to death an innocent, harmless and armless citizen. headtopics.com

“That you adequately compensate the Okereke family with a modest sum of N500m only. This monetary demand can never adequately replace or take the place of their son, husband, brother, and breadwinner’s life. But it will at least mitigate the obvious trauma and hardship the premature demise of their irreplaceable breadwinner has placed on them.”

The family also asked the Speaker to ensure that the safety of vendors is guaranteed as they had become afraid to return to the streets since the tragic incident.The Okereke family said it would take legal action against Gbajabiamila if all the demands are not met within seven days.

“Take note therefore that it is our clients’ firm instruction that in the event that you fail, refuse and/or neglect to accede to or proffer reasonable compensatory terms to our above modest demands within seven days from the date of this letter, we shall without any further correspondences from us, take appropriate legal steps to enforce our clients’ constitutional rights,” the letter stated.

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Since he can afford a N100 million naira car for his wife's birthday and flew half number of his colleagues to Dubai for his mother's birthday, let him settle this small change na They should have charged N500,000,000 per bullet found in his body. Its worth it Mr Speakers promise the family of Okereke a Foster father assistant from the level of secondary to the highest grade, even he promise them welfare packages you might taught of God help us. There's need to be kind in life. RIP Mr Ifenayi Okereke

Agbomojo Nigeria limited, he went to the family play with baby all in seeking their favour and forgiveness, they should have charged him more than that. This will serve as lesson to his mates. Nonsense! E bill werey😂😂😂😂😂 For where? Nothing will happen!!! Under this same government? I don't think the money is too much for him to pay . Life is priceless.

A good start. No amount of money can equate to one's life. I hope God guides the family during their grieving throes and they should pay what they demanded for o. As if that would bring him back. Nigerians are our own problem. They should demand his resignation and reforms in gun use by security details so it never ever happens again. But no, they want money. How much will remain after -the burial -the union takes their cut -a few years?

500M? Ask for 1B!! ... This people go learn! 😀😀. Africans are who we are . Let the court decide then. While I console the family , the security personnel will be vindicated in the court after 15 years of trial. It happened everywhere in the world . So Family of the deceased , be wise . That be mumu cash out by the family With inflation and cost of living increasing daily? Government should rather take up the responsibility of the mother and child till he attains adulthood/university studies and automatic employment if he attains good grades in his/her studies!

Na wow if this man sale newspaper for 100 years will he save 500m? I sympathize with the dead for his premature n painful dead but the family should forget about court case especially this money bag lawyer, I know femi will compensate the family well. Let’s just pray non of our family members will fall victim of this their nonsense attitude

Oga just pay the money . You have more than enough. Has d trigger hungry aide been jailed?Justice must be served. Good step Pay up asap.... Family r greedy, femigbaja will pay some money for his reckless security but to say 500 million naira, is total madness by d family. 10-20 million naira shld be very ok on compassionate ground by Mr. Speaker

They (Family) are within their rights to demand for compensation but hiring known Hawks like Chief Mike Ozekhome (SAN) may be counter productive. The speaker has displayed good faith so far, I hope the family will work closely with the speaker to sort this out. Good compensation is adviced but 500m is just too much

AH. O. GA. O IdongesitUduehe Run them their money fast. With all these comments...I fear Nigerians even more....I gat protect my life jealously...it's worth more than 500million Only if gbaja who was elected to be a voice of the people was sane enough to have at least educate and caution his security aides reasons why it is always not good to shoot in the air in circumstances like these....no one would be talking about 500million.

The family should have asked for 2billion naira. Peanut All the negative comments here, why don't you step in the man's shoes and see if your family will not ask for more, someone's life was cut short by mistake and 500m which we all know can be negotiable if not the family will get only 50 thousand naria only.

People are really unbelievable...... am sure its relations who can’t even afford anything or even gave a damn about the dead man that’s demanding for this 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Better.... They should go and collect the money from the killer. A cop accidentally killed a guy on the side of the road while chasing a suspect, the court ruled 200 million dollars in favor of the deceased family. Stay there and be chatting okoto.

Y’all follow me guys, I’m following back ASAP cnnbrk CNNAfrica CNN CNNnews18 cnni CNNPolitics CNNUnderscored Nigerians would be glad if you follow this development as well. Thanks EndSARS 😂😂 Femi Gbaja should go and pay Good! I have always know we have a mentality problem. Our mind set has being completely corrupted and demonized.

Regardless of EndSARS awareness, another Trigger happy has sent a Family Man into a 'Gone to soon'. No doubt the Family are hurt, but should they not seek justice first & let such monetary demand be their private issue? Is the Killer charged in court already or it's audio4cash? He should just go get the so called officer to come and represent himself maybe the family can pity his condition and reduce the amount to around his salary. And not see it from Big man Nigerian politicians Angle. We are all paying for the ignorants in the Nation

'Wahala for dead body and the owner of dead body' Aha-ah!! come see cool business want start. Now you’re talking He could have actually headed wherever he's going just him and his driver if the environment is safe and secured. Why the Armed Escort in the first place? Can he do same in US or UK? He better go pay the demands and humbly resign.

Propaganda.. they should show us video Wasters of life, God will waste you too popeyeshae Too much The amount is even too small. They should have demanded for nothing less than N1billion. He is the number 4 man in the country and he can pay it. He should pay the money The money self small sha Take anything you can from these politicians They don’t have mercy on you when they embezzle the money that is meant for the people

On what bases? No disrespect to the dead guy... Na speaker fuck las las for accepting the blame well that's what men do.. femigbaja next time tell your guys trade with caution just compensate what you know is adequate.. This lawyer should pls guide the family properly, so that they won't be the loser at the end of the legal tussle, I belief mr speaker will prefer the legal angle if which the end might not be up to a quarter of what he has agreed personally with the family

This is Absolutely nonsense ... The speaker pay a condolence visit to the family and promised scholarship for the children of deceased. Was he the one who killed the vendor. Why demands for such amount. Ok let them wait for the court judgement The best they can get is 500k no this useless govt dey rule?

I don't knw why ppl are blaming the family for demanding N500m, n call dem golddiggers? Wat value do u place on a human life. No amount is 2 much. The police & Gbaja should take responsibility 4 their carelessness. If the country was safe, will he require a police as security? Chicken change, them get pass that amount na, nigerian politicians have crippled the country financially.

I think it is a fair and modest demand. Oboy nawahoo 🙆 everybody dey vex oo 500million from where 😎 Som one should pls kill me so that I can demand 500m from gbajabiala 🙄😪😪 If that’s the only way to make them release money to the masses, so shall it be. The money can’t replace the lost life tho. Good

Chicken fee. He should transfer the money to them at once. It's not only 500m 🙄 Cashout Not enough, the speaker should be arrested too He don set bayi He should pay. He has the money. Stupid people...so 500million will bring back they dead brother...what a shame and what poverty can caused. Please Hon. Speaker endeavour to take care of the children and for this man wife please try and fine a man that will marry you...you have a great life ahead.

Nice one, very smart of them. Next time the killers have to think twice Med ooooooo😜😜😜😜😜😜 Fantastic let him feel the pressure silly man 1billion and resignation That's Cheap This is funny I think the family is funny too. Since they decided to place a price on the late man ,then life valuation by a life insurance company should be done. How to place a price on a life and expect people to condone with you. May his soul rest in peace.

Bereaved family of the deceased wants cash out. Their demand is simply Nigerian. Why are we even arguing this shit? It is d family unanimous decision to sue mr speaker n not ours. If that's wat d family let it be n why are we all even sounding like this cos it isn't one of ur family member. Plsssssss His family should be reasonable. Was it femigbaja that shot the paper vendor? If the trigger happy DSS operative is turned upside down plus his pension, most likely 12m cannot be raised. The Speaker has done enough by not shielding the shooter. He should carry his cross.

Abi na you don kuku kill their pikin nothing else they can do , so just pay them what they want thank god you have more than enough 😒 SpeakerGbaja no amount of money can replace a human life so pls compensate the family and let the matter die down. Thanks I just see a bunch of opportunist here, both the family and some contributors 🤷🤦

So Na that money make him be like this That is stupidity, are they happy he died so that they will collect 500m, this is rubbish after he promised scholarship for his kids, in as much I don't like Nigerian politicians but this demands is uncalled for 😢😢😢 Next time his security details will learn that anything that goes up always comes down.

Let him pay or also face stray bullet. Stray bullets can continue targeting innocent citizens. Life can be very funny..these are family members who may have abandoned him(newspaper vendor) , now they have seen avenue to make money..I only hope that d Speaker could identify his immediate family if married or else, send those gold diggers to where they rightly belong..

Only? They are merciful. Unfair. 500 million is two small, he should pay 1 trillion. Hmmmm Their one share of the national cake. Na wah Those people must have made mistake, it should be 50 Billion naira☹️🙄 Wtf! Will that compensate for his death. What national cake share😅😅 This is too small! It should be N500billion. This is one year's constituency project budget that surulere 1 have never benefitted.

500 milli! Are you not asking for too much? Gbaja and his evil cycle should pay without delay This family will have their own share in the national cake. They suppose to demand more than that. 😁😁😁omo cash out...una for collect 300million... N100million Bitcoin one duplex for maitama well finished 500million is too small, they should hand over 2021 budget allocation to the family of the vendor

Life is truly prceless...🇳🇬 Maybe the family have even being planing to use the vendor for ritual before the man shoot dead. Mumu people, you want money to share and abandon the man's children. As he promised to train them in school till adult age is not enough for you. As though na him kill am. They are bunch of jokers ...

He won't pay, at most they will get 10 mill. That's it The crazy thing about this is that, it's the brother of the deceased that's pressing hard for the money I hope the wife and the children get the best of the compensation....or else this will be a bullshit He can do better than that I was really expecting this from them...sue the hell out of him & bankrupt him for life, as a lesson to other politicians who take human lives for granted

Afi suru No amount of money pd that can bring the soul of the man bk to life but I think Abdulhakeem should be able to compensate them at least it will be useful for the rest of the family Even if the family used him for money ritual, he can't fetch them N500m... Nonsense This is a fair deal. N500M is not worth the life of a Nigerian

Since life is cheap to them, that money shouldn't be a problem😒 DoctorEmto Yes O Smile inside Nigeria. And if he refuses, who are you going to reports to? You people forget we are in lawless country. Good luck Gbam...!!!! Supported 😂😂😂😂😂 ahhh No negotiation please....... Conundrum.... ...pay, the guy doesn't need to continue his newspaper hustle over there.

I think the family of the vendor is taking this too far. It was wrong for the aide to have shot d guy, but the Speaker has made his position known. But if the family wants a case, they should go to court. Like they have been praying for d death of their sons Not been realistic 🙄 500m won't bring back the dead or ease the pain but Gbajabiamila should pay the money. Our politicians must get sense this time.

It's not enough considering the earnings of legislators and the nation's economy stands today. Also, in exchange rate of over NGN 400:00 to a dollar DoctorEmto He can afford it See another set of criminals This is madness... What of if the Speaker decides to hands off the case, what will happen to the Children he had already absolved as his own? The worst Court can do is to sentence the Policeman and that will be the end. Whosoever is pushing this family should think twice

Now he will feel the heat, he better warn d IGP ooooo!!!!! He better talk to the IGp to talk to his boys Huh😲 Can 500m bring him back to life? The money is small but I believe they can manage it. Money spent on security aides to all government officials will help and develop our security issues Big cash out

They can settle out of court if both parties agreed to but honestly is this how things will go on ?,that vendor has a future too just like Femi but government lack of negligence and selfishness cause his life short. What’s the use of all the securities if things are working fine Which family member wants to use this innocent man for money ritual, 500 million from a speaker who didn't pull the trigger, why not sue the dss officer, the dss and federal government instead of threatening someone who has already pledged help.

After the geniune sympathy and sense of leadership shown by the speaker this is embarrassing. The attempt to turn the death of the vendor into a money making incident will not succeed. OK let them wait for the court to assist them,if ever The family dey happy say na rich man kill ama.... Hello everyone that comes across this tweet on their timeline,I just started my business in semi-permanent brows and lashes,it would go a long way for me if you help retweet this. Location:Magodo phase 2.

This should teach them a lesson... You don't just shoot anyhow Didn't he just pay them a condolence visit and promised them a trust fund and scholarships for the kids? And the family turned on him like that? Totally what I would do! Yes, the idiot must pay since human lives don't matter to them A little small but not too bad for compensation. The fact is nothing can cover the great loss of their loved one.

This is one of the reasons,why they loot to meet up demands placed on them. I hope this demand won't be met with government funds. I guess they I’ve put up the attitude of MONEY is everything before the family.Maybe they went to console with convoy and show off attitude to bargain instead of remorse.I am sorry for my assumption!

Igbos That's good for all the politician your eyes don How can you waste a soul and want to compensate his family with money is this right, let they be a law that will guard civilians and officials. If not the police brutality we are talking about in Nigeria will not end. Hmmn, this thing called greed.

This is absolutely NOT FAIR. I sincerely empathize with the family and also extend my deep sympathy. But I dare say this outrageous demand amounts to blood money. Was it Gbajabiamila that killed the vendor? Common let’s be humane. I don’t know how to take a position on this without sounding insensitive, so, I’ll just read others’ comments ☹️

Now business time! Haba mana, thats alot! Some people no dey respect em self. Can u imagine N500M, sorta biz or what? After how femigbaja handled the whole issh. femigbaja, you can pay three times... If It is too much for you at once. Oga you go pay, no b only una go dey eat national cake Omo 500m is small oh, for person life, if I be a member of that family, him for the reason 500B, or he will bring him back alive🤔🤔🤔🙄🙄

Woooow chai but the guy is dead sha Ghen ghen He should pay the money abeg joor. They tried self I thought they would have demanded for 1b... N500m can’t buy back the precious life of late Mr Ifeanyi. femigbaja should pay the money with deep sincere apology and condolence to the victim’s family who has lost a precious son and father. It’s obvious that the killing was a plotted assassination against late Mr Ifeanyi...

E too small. Who will now spend the money? God please don't let me die for other peoples glory. Form their looted funds let them pay since they have refused to do good things for the masses. Wahala for politician wey dey use policeman as body Guard 😂😂😂 Na them kill am? It's too small self, they need to punish these useless politicians that don't value human being.

Only Baba pay make them chop for your head, country hard. Yessssss!! That's very good. Pay up sucker. Ozekhome (SAN) is ready to cash in on blood. femigbaja should just leave them and allow Federal prosecutors take the killer to court. What nonsense. Is this how to behave? They shoukd sue him and get their worth

That is too small Follow me for instant follow back It is a small 💰 to him let him pay without complain though it cannot wake the young man up but is a good start and a warning to them. Naso Floyds family cashout😂😂 A wise man once said to me...If education is expensive try ignorance. Our government has chosen not to be educated...or to educate the civil and para Military personnel in home affairs...so they must pay for being an ignoramus.

Money can't bring back the lost soul but it can bring back happiness for the bereaved. Better lawsuit Dem don hit jackpot Instead of them to demand for justice They are demanding for money already . Life chai If you get sure client, lock am.. It's not a big money now This is the same man that took all his village to a birthday party in Dubai.

Better Opportunity call. Wahala be like bicycle 🚴🚴💨💨 Is it Gbajabiamila that killed the vendor or did he ordered the killing? Why can't wait for justice after due investigation? If it was accidental, someone could pay compensations. Na small change na compared to the Billions in their Vaults Thief Pls does anyone here have any amount of money at all that they can spare for me to buy some basic Foodstuff at home at this moment pls I’d appreciate any amount of money at all even its 2K or 1K . May the giver never lack anything Good. Amen .. My DM is Open pls. Pls Retweet 🙏

Now they're making the man to change his mind of the schools now Just try me, I follow back immediately. Unfollow if I don't. Dm is open too. 𝑳𝑬𝑻'𝑺 𝑮𝑨𝑰𝑵 𝑻𝑶𝑮𝑬𝑻𝑯𝑬𝑹!!! 👍👍 Na Gbaja killed the guy or a police officer trained but choose to be irresponsible? Let the softly pursue the case not in entitlement manner! Gbaja can tell them to sue the government and police!

Oshea Cash out.... U get sure client Bill am😂😂😂 How many newspapers he sold in a day? Way to go. Shey dem no wan hear word. It’s not worth the life but it’s a good start. femigbaja Sir! Pls pay them this money whichever way you can. Eni fi oju sukun òmo. Amin. Or he wants it painted that way to draw sympathy? What's the value of human life and after 2 years, what will be the value of that money?

Nice one..at least una dey give kidnapper's 'Promised that they won't suffer' lmao politricians. Collect 500M Hummmm may his soul rest in perfect peace Cash in. He should pay he has looted more than enough Better for him 🤣🤣 I see frustration coming their way Na him kill am abi dey nor hear say him don give d idiot to sss

Trouble sleep 'yanga go wake am'...so who will pay for this? The government, the tax payers or the Speaker as a person? Because his people did not send him to kill anyone... 👗😁😁😁😜 It's Tuesday , let's increase our followers with 100+ within 30mins... Follow and,I follow back instantly💯💯 Now the family wants to turn the death into business, wahala for who don die