Hakeem Otiki, Jaji, Kaduna State, Nigerian Soldiers, Sokoto

Hakeem Otiki, Jaji

EXCLUSIVE: Nigerian soldiers on escort duty steal 'billions' from VIP, desert army

EXCLUSIVE: Nigerian soldiers on escort duty steal ‘billions’ from VIP, desert army


EXCLUSIVE: Nigerian soldiers on escort duty steal ‘billions’ from VIP, desert army

Five Nigerian soldiers have been declared wanted by the Nigerian Army after they absconded with a large amount of cash owned by a 'VIP'.

Sources said the soldiers were detailed on July 11 by Mr Otiki, a major general leading the military operation against bandits in Nigeria’s troubled Northwest, to escort huge cash to Abuja. The source of the money and exactly where it was being taken to in Abuja remained unclear.

According to our sources, on arrival at Jaji, the five uniformed men — two corporals and three lance corporals — connived amongst themselves to share the cash. They then deserted military service, sources said.

The spokespersons for the Nigerian Army Headquarters in Abuja and the 8 Division Headquarters in Sokoto were not immediately available for comments when reached by PREMIUM TIMES on Sunday morning.

were detailed from the Nigerian Army Infantry Corps Centre, Jaji, where Mr Otiki was once a commander. He moved them to Sokoto when he was transferred to head the 8 Division in March.

“The soldiers acted in a breach of trust. However, this is the outcome of soldiers seeing huge financial transactions being carried out by their principal but were not taken care of financially themselves.”

The officers provided the details to PREMIUM TIMES under anonymity to avoid jeopardising their careers because military authorities did not want the public to know about the latest scandalous development.

An aggressive manhunt has been launched to track them down and escort them back to their base for prosecution.

Read more: Premium Times

Everyone trying to get their share of the National cake. Can someone play this timaya 'I can't kill myself' song for this brave soldiers I love this game Legends segalink CNN officialEFCC this calls for intense investigation as to how a Major General 'aka VIP' came in contact with such a huge amount of money. Hope they won't use the broom to sweep it under the carpet like Gandollargate and co

Oh well I congratulate them for taking good care Of themselves as the authorities refused to take care of them. Thank you una do well Was anyone killed or hurt? Nope? Even the soldiers have no hope of a better tomorrow😔😔 The ogas have been doing this money thing too much. So they just got tired!😁

Nigerian Army Declares Five Soldiers Wanted For Robbing VIP At Gunpoint | Sahara Reporters.HQNigerianArmy Declares Five Soldiers Wanted For Robbing VIP At Gunpoint | Sahara Reporters The soldiers who are now on the run are members of operation Harbin Kunama III Sokoto who were detailed on escort duty from Sokoto to Kaduna... READ MORE: Chai, why Press dey press us na? Almighty God, what have we done in this generation of ours to deserve this Terrible if it is found to be true.

They stole from thieves lol😄. Smart guys Another billions is in trouble now, naija HQNigerianArmy 👀 May they never be caught TheRoyOsuji Good news finally! Nice one. Nigerian headlines dont even make me sad anymore, i just find it hilarious, maybe a cooing mechanism i developed? Why don't Nigeria Government start to explain what the money is for? Who the VIP are? Where this money headed? Why billions in cash should be transported physically instead of electronically? This is why officialEFCC, NGRSenate, NigerianGovernment & MBuhari are all Fraud.

Nigerian Soldiers on escort duty?...to where? Steal billions as if billions can be accommodated in one's wallet? Please let them stop lying to Nigerians. Government of MBuhari is a Government of looters, thieves and murderers. There is no way Nigeria is lasting another 4 year. eye wey see 🏃 Lol! Banana Republic..

Nigerian Army Declares Five Soldiers Wanted For Robbing VIP At Gunpoint | Sahara Reporters.HQNigerianArmy Declares Five Soldiers Wanted For Robbing VIP At Gunpoint | Sahara Reporters The soldiers who are now on the run are members of operation Harbin Kunama III Sokoto who were detailed on escort duty from Sokoto to Kaduna... READ MORE: Chai, why Press dey press us na? Almighty God, what have we done in this generation of ours to deserve this Terrible if it is found to be true.

Now u tell me how the boko harm menace gon' stop? Billions, imagine and just imagine how may hundreds of billions have passed and passed? Watched a lot of BH videos with LOADS of foreign currency... Tell me... How come they didn't steal d money all through their 400km drive frm Sokoto, where they won't be detected easily, until they got to and airstrip, where they will most encounter other people, dat is, some difficulties. U mean d owner of d money didn't come with dem to d airstrip

This so called 'exclusive' story of yours , has so many K legs. I mean, the story is adding up, it is just too watery Wetin VIP dey do with Billions The media can so exaggerate I'm low-key praying that they go scot-free 🙏 Good one. A thief steal it and another thief collect it I pray they are never found...such an interesting way to get your share of the national cake

Ohiodongaldo That money is not up to a billion...The Army is just inflating the figure to accommodate their loots. Badt guys. They can’t come and kill themselves for an unserious government that wants to kill them before their time. Business everywhere

AFCON: Super Eagles Battle Desert Foxes for Final Ticket - THISDAYLIVENigeria’s Super Eagles and Algeria’s Desert Foxes will clash for the 22nd time this night at the Cairo International Stadium Egypt, in what promises to be a match filled with fireworks. Three –time champions Nigeria won their first title on home soil at the expense of Algeria in 1980, while their opponents are hoping to …

E don RED It is finished. Even the army are now tired of this contraption called Nigeria and now want their share of the national cake.Its no more the politicians loot to share but even the security officers. Nigeria is such a joke.. Stealing from the thief Expect more of such redistribution of wealth as citizens decide to do EFCC's job & recover looted funds from corrupt leaders. Good luck & godspeed, soldiers!

With the entire cashless and TSA sysem put in place, some People and their institutions are still allergic to it. Cash gone and as usual, nothing may happen again like the Ikoyi-gate and that Kaduna airport money news. Issa a circle of drama. i_stand_4_truth This is a country of criminals. Everyone is stealing or trying to steal. There is no uprightness anywhere. If the judiciary can be corrupt, how much more the Army

My take: 1.After driving from Sokoto to Jaji, why fly to Abuja? Answer: So called 'herdsmen' along Kad - Abj road. 2.Ordinarily cash should be from Abuja to troops at the frontline; where did the VIP get such cash from? 3.The Commanding officer of that Div should be investigated. They have rewarded themselves, local army can’t shout.

Really, this is KARMA. Oga ooo, Nigerians already planning easy way for them on how to spend the money... Tweet below. I hail oooo

Algeria vs Nigeria: Super Eagles battle Desert Foxes for AFCON final ticketThe Super Eagles have qualified for the final only once in their last five games at this stage of the competition.

They are the real GOATs. Why are soldiers transporting money isn't that money laundering ? E don red for them, gear up for the next level reloaded To this I say,'Sai gobe'! Look at the comments of Nigerians!! Obviously, an average Nigerian can do that!! Nigerians are so in a hurry to get rich and reports of Nigerians using their families for money rituals is everywhere! The leaders are as selfish as the followers. The country is hell on earth!! Sad!

This one na Tori. Better tori! Lovely He is wise Very good Ooooshe.

EXCLUSIVE: Head of Nigeria's broadcast regulator, NBC, in fresh corruption probe - Premium Times NigeriaAn official said the ICPC 'is investigating something else different from his (Kawu's) ongoing trial in court.' Hei this man sha How he is still in office would be a thesis in a PhD corruption class The real question is why is PT times being paid to destroy the dg of NBC. ICPC leaked this to you again with no evidence of wrong doing. ICPC is the worst agency in Nigeria, always losing in court so they run to the media.

We don't have any defence in this country 😔 Well done guys... please make a good life for yourselves and your extended family. Billions is no joke! segjoh Wow That is money laundering.. The funniest part of it all one of them who is the youngest soldier among them returned his own share of the money bcos he was scared, that is a honest bad soldier.

Why is the HQNigerianArmy escorting such money from Sokoto to Abuja? Why not official cash movement through the cenbank? Sco p tu mana Smart Officer, thief stole from another thief. He who laugh last. Wow! Blessings on the seventh month... May they never be caught IJN.... 😂😂😁😁😁

Shiites’ protest: Army begins sting operation in AbujaGood security efforts, shi'its are terrorist group Imagine! This is a disgrace to national dailies....... Their first successful attempt into aso rock is big enough to suspend the security agencies head. Nonsense All arrested members of Shiites protest, and Shiites leader should be set free. Its so unfortunate that d army are dancing a drum beat of mid direction and cowardice irregularity. Army should rather, go against the armed herd men, not d Godly Shiites group.

Daring move. No matter how fairly or unfairly our soldiers are treated this action is condemnable. This is stealing and they should pay Serves them right Nigerian Army get GPS locator? 🙄🙄🙄🙄 I laugh cos someone is fooling Nigerians. rasheed7ydx Boys done hammer ooooo This is thier motive. These people know the corruption in NA, they see billions being syphoned while they live, die and earn penny. I wish them well jare.

This story doesn’t make sense. How could they have traveled all the way from Sokoto to airlift from Jaji? There’s Airport in Sokoto why not fly from there to Abuja? Were the 5-Soldiers ONLY persons at the airstrip in Jaji? Is that logical? Pls premiumTimesng let is hear RBiakpara 🤣🤣🤣🤣 VIP indeed! Oga GOC come and explain yourself jarey 😂🤣

Only if those that escort Bullion Van's to the house of the midget of the bourdellion had done same; maybe we wouldn't be in this Ruga mess pt. 2

Billions you say, am afraid we are in more trouble than reasoned. Nawaoo billions😭 If you have a corrupt chance in Nigeria, you will regret not furthering the stealing of the peoples' money. Time no dey japa! na mumu dey play loyalist Haq Haq Haq Haq WTF?!😟 I can't wait to convert it into dollar So this thing we imagine happens!!! Who has always imagined robbers on the run and their Ghana must go loot falling off for you!

VIP carrying billions in cash .. it’s a VIP things. Desperation incorporated.

God right now ' My children are trying to survive ' Now you see why BH is still a long way to be defeated.. investigatenigerianmilitary climaxofinsecurity Oh God! Please forgive us and come to our rescue! LEGIT NIGERIAN JOBS – Get The Latest Job Vacancies In Nigeria and Get Inspired! Everybody in Government are paying themselves their Pension and this Soldier does not want to Play Left-out. All of us na human being.

Good 👍 Hmmmm....not sure what to say Do they want to use the money to prosecute to war? Naso e de start... Correct soldiers.... That's the spirit.. Get rich or die trying..one love.. Lols

All hail Nigeria. Noone is been spare from this disease. Hahaha..who army help? More crisis ahead,no doubts. Is it that they don’t understand how allowing the soldiers to move physical cash made it possible for them to vanish with it — or is it deliberate? Laugh set no go kill pesin abeg😂🤣😂 the whole thing sounds as warped as Naija itself

I do hope they’re smart and can conceal their identities well. With our old technology they can easily beat all investigations. They deserve a trophy. corrupt officials need to be taught one or two lessons. The money💰 is probably meant to buy another hotel in Dubai again! The game is the game Early retirement no be bad idea. Question is, what is the military doing transferring huge sums of cash routinely? Such funds can also be used to sponsor terrorists. So the VIP needs to be probed.

Leemao 😂 During campaigns? Awon ti won ti gbon niyen!

The question is what was the VIP doing with billions in Cash? segalink Congratulations 🥂🍾🤣🤣 cchukudebelu Okay. The question is where are they carrying billions of money to? To kill Boko Haram with it or is it the meteyi allah N100billion that is stolen? The figure looks familiar. Oh well what do I know?

RealOlaudah If this money is official, why not channel it via e-transaction? adeyanjudeji This same group that have kidnapped Nigeria since 1967 till that are still the same people till date when they form alliance they steal with impunity. West and north. Look at all the stealing in the military now. No Eastern to burst their bobble

Thank God is not heardsmen adeyanjudeji Bush meat don catch the Hunter. Meanwhile we’ve reached another level of poverty in Nigeria. “98 million Nigerians now living in multidimensional poverty“.

Dem go don reach Togo you 🤣🤣 Is it really true that 5 soldiers can escape with billions in such a circumstance. The bulkiness of the cash is too much to conceal and be moved in such a hasty circumstance. cchukudebelu 'Military sources identified the five soldiers to PREMIUM TIMES as Gabriel Oluwaniyi, a corporal; Mohammed Aminu, a corporal; Commander Haruna, a lance corporal; Oluji Joshua, a lance corporal; & Hayatudeen Abubakar, a lance corporal.' Afta they wl say Igbo pple too lyk moni😒

I don cross border since Lol. 'Geo-location and an aggressive man-hunt' eh? Because they stole 'oga's' money? But if it is to do this to locate Boko Haram now... Plus, shouldn't the real question be how this 'oga' came about all that money? Na the soldiers the VP wants to deploy on our highways. This government is becoming clueless on daily basis

Is everybody money, while will they be moving billions in cash if not corruption. The soldiers are wise Nice one!

RealOlaudah Cheering news He that worketh in the vineyard shall STEAL from the vineyard 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Good news. They can't continue to escort their resources into another man's pocket. Nigerians are becoming sensible. Billions of naira in cash? Get the onions and maggi here guys🤣🤣🤣.. The VIP need to be arrested first..

adeyanjudeji Gba gbe 😂 This is just the beginning. The revolution is coming ! Nawa ooo, the story is filled with doubt and false. How can u carry that huge some of amount by road (400km) in a banditry area? Haba fear God in this jet age and moreover there's airport in Sokoto except the money is use to serve some hidden motives letsbehonest letsbeguided

I thought we are in d era of cashless economy. How did billions get into d hands of VIP in d first place as to require escorts by soldiers? Sharp guys. Nextlevel

adeyanjudeji They should contact Thiefnubu to guide them how to document the money, amateur criminal stole from Chief robber, no be today for no Man’s Country. Nxt page abeg. Men Wise Up. If they survive it am wishing them well. Kudos to them. A tip in the ice berg. So many things happening under cover. Thanks

Wise men of the Nigerian army ..... I salute them!!! 👮🏾 elrufai should come and see his people that don't commit fraud So I’m reading and I’m laughing and I’m sad at the same time. I need a whole paragraph to express my self ! The money was transported without our consent. Why are they telling us now that it was stolen? Make we pity them? Naija 😈😈😈

That's their own sweat of the loots after all they are not well catered for. Oh well! Congrats to them, naija na smash and grab anyway, they smashed and grabbed, I've always told myself we are lucky more of our military men don't go illegal on us considering the state of the country.

RealOlaudah It’s a Jungle You know weytin Fela of blessed memory called this thing wey happen ODOO meaning “Overtake Don overtake Overtake” segalink I don't know what to say again Nigeria is finished but let's keep pretending If they are been taking care properly they won't steal there money...Who VIP epp

Here we are again, whom do we trust Thought MBuhari is fighting corruption.. the country is financially leaking like a basket, the treasury is leaking so much cash to rogue public officers. “...military authorities did not want the public to know about the latest scandalous development.” Scandals upon scandals under the watch of my integrity MBuhari. Meanwhile, for elrufai, we have Northern criminals & looters & ogundamisi avowed Igbo Hater; no Igbos on the list

Hoping that they find a safe haven where extradition doesn't work It was looted funds anyways but instead of it going to top army commanders junior officers escorting d stolen funds diverted it to themselves. Case closed. Nigeria’s other name is corruption. This is reminiscent of d Osbourne rd Ikoyi $240m kept in an apartment recovered by EFCC

Now they are learning 😂😂🤣🤣 you ask them to escort billions... Haq haq haq Local man has heard enough please. segalink Last last Naija Na scam From one thief to another viscous circle ⭕️ adeyanjudeji Why is such amount of money conveyed in cash? The route covers about 400km, that’s way too much and from the news, it’s something that occurs constantly. Is it used as settlement for BH or Fulani herdsman? Who are the VIP 😂😂🤣. Shame!

Nigerian soldiers did NOT steal any money from Nigeria’s Vice President, fake Christian & fake pastor, Yemi Osinbajo. He is a THIEF and a LIAR, liar, liar, liar; his pant’s on fire 🤥 Liar liar pants on fire 🤥 ProfOsinbajo OfficialPDPNig OfficialAPCNg NGRPresident AsoRock That is a good one, the national cake must circulate.

This thing is now sickening. I must give it to my Nigerian brothers n sisters, u ppl are strong. Steal, kill, kidnapp, rape, suicide week in week out... No better news anymore Ole gbe, ole gba.... madness everywhere 😂😂😂 This! ...Is the Nigerian Dream. At last, gist of how senior officers of NigerianArmy have been personalising our terrorism budget under NGRPresident MBuhari is beginning to emerge. Nigeria spends so much on fighting insurgents with little gains. This, too, is corruption.

The Nigerian Government in AsoRock has not paid their soldiers in months. Karma... kingysly_01 Money was actually relocated from VIP position to the soldiers position It seems the hunter has become the hunted. Omo na turn by turn, make I pray to Baba God make e reach my turn _igwilo Lmao... these soldiers didn’t fall hand at all. They sound their hands👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Nigerian dream! Nigeria is a failed state. I am ashamed being a Nigerian. The country’s name should be changed to corruption. What a country Brave warriors, at least, Nigeria doesn't worth dying for nah. Conspiracy every where GodHelpNigeria. The holistic soundness of all security operatives in the country must be the exclusive project of all security chiefs... I have said this times without number.. we have dangerous people as security officers... not because they are bad.. but have bin corrupted by politics

They acted wisely upon the realization that there’s nothing as benefit for them during and after service in the military. This is just how bad the state of Nigeria has become. If a military officer decides this, what would be the decision of the common citizens? ... ? Billionaire gang! The national 🏞 cake 🍰 don't want to be shared accordingly so it must be gotten either by hook or by crook, I don't blame them! Please you guys should keep my own share for me oo! 😂

Dirty money and the soldiers wants to go and make it clean segalink adeyanjudeji They will be tracked down anyway... Except they won't do any banking transaction for life The army should question the VIP regarding the whereabouts of the soldiers. Why would they drive 400kms to abscond in Kaduna? Were the soldiers paid or killed to cover it up?

Have u noticed the names of the soldiers?purely it shows that even the military don't trust other tribes on such missions, it serves them right. My niggas, correct Next Level Things

😄 Hunger fights back! The soldiers collect the money the generals had been stealing, may they never be caught Bravo! Smart soldier segalink Did the Soldier robber the bank? No. Case closed..... That is called relocation of money. Circular flow of income. Lol. This is enjoying pension in advance. 😂😂 segalink robinhood

There is a functional airport in Sokoto, why travel all the way to Jaji in Kaduna State to airlift the cash to Abuja? Dr_Glamorous Ounpe

I don't blame the Soldiers Jaré. I pray they don't get caught Eleyi Gidigan O adeyanjudeji U collect ur own national cake and jappa 😂😂😂 HQNigerianArmy is this true? Should start a new life in Ghana adeyanjudeji Everybody is just having their cut of the National 'cake'... Every freaking body Thief outsmart looter.Where were thr VIPS taking the billions to?

adeyanjudeji Compensation Cashless economy is not for everyone Sad

Awesome Would do same Commendable👍💪👏👏👏👏 😁😁😀😁😁😂

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