EXCLUSIVE: Lagos Govt Disburses N450 Million To Higher Institutions For Governor Sanwo-Olu's Peace Walk | Sahara Reporters

On Tuesday, Sanwo-Olu had revealed plans to organise a peace walk in December 2021, in commemoration of the #EndSARS movement.

Endsars, Lekkitollgate

12/3/2021 9:18:00 PM

EXCLUSIVE: followlasg Disburses N450 Million To Higher Institutions For Governor Sanwo-Olu's Peace Walk | Sahara Reporters EndSARS LekkiTollGate LekkiMassacre

On Tuesday, Sanwo-Olu had revealed plans to organise a peace walk in December 2021, in commemoration of the #EndSARS movement.

Dec 03, 2021The Lagos State Government has disbursed N450 million to higher institutions in the state for the peace walk announced by the state governor. A government source told SaharaReporters on Friday that the state government paid the money to solicit the support of young Lagosians for the 'peace walk', to ensure the governor does not walk alone. 

Lagos Governor Babajide Sanwo-OluBabajide Sanwo-Olu, the state governor disbursed the money to universities, polytechnics and colleges of education in the state for the peace walk, which is likely to be held on Monday, SaharaReporters learnt. "Lagos State Government has disbursed N450 million to higher institutions for peace walk, which will likely be held on Monday. 

"Universities, polytechnics and colleges of education are the beneficiaries," the top source said.   

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Na you go walk that walk alone Mr . Sanwolu Mr Governor, the only way to bring about true peace and forgiveness is through justice. In the case of endsar, justice must be served! Those soldiers responsible for shooting innocent and peaceful protesters must be brought to book. Sanwo-Olu is campaigning for his next tenure in disguise

Dis people should stop wasting our money tori olorun 😭😩 After all ur walking, u'll still come and face what's waiting for u....Jonnywalker! But roads, drainages, schools, hospitals etc are there begging for upgrading and renovations. Like sanwo-olu like theifnubu Kiss ur second tenure good bye 😎 eyecornic I had his representative at the experience was booed?

Shame on them Collect the money but stay home, this is to buy ur heart

EndSARS: There can't be peace walk without justice, CDHR tells Sanwo-Olu - Punch NewspapersThe most widely read newspaper in Nigeria Simple! Where truth prevails justice stands in words Wyclef, and I quote We don't want no peace We want equal rights and justice.

Ode governor let's have a festival wey olosho go plenty and shayo.. buy loud join Na waiting they kill us be that .......and now the bribes and votes buying begins Awful lot, they've weaponized poverty and now they are ripping their dividends. If not for hunger and contrived deprivations, students were the vanguard of fight for justice. Not anymore, APC has SWAGALIZED their stomachs.

Lol 😂 Under which account? Yet they say the economy is in depression Meaning : Governor Sanwo actually ' sanwo' to institutions in Lagos to ' walk' with him.. Shameful and when Nigeria happen to them they shouldn't shout Money wey he suppose use compensate victims mumu go dey do walk. For those that collected money from a killer to cover up his crimes by walking with him. You are also accomplices and hear this ' you guys might not walk into 2022 if truely you guys are paid to do that'. Karmal will deal with you all.

Babajide Sanwo-Olu, Your Walk Cannot Bring Peace Without Justice, By Buhari Olanrewaju Ahmed | Sahara ReportersThe Governor of Lagos State Babajide Sanwo-Olu who gave the order for the killing that took place at the Lekki Tollgate on October 20, 2020, shamelessly came out to put more salt to the existing wounds that were inflicted by him.

No greater peace for Nigerians than for the terrorist government to withdraw their terrorist mlitary back in their Baracks or deploy them to Sambisa Forrest to combat the insurgency of the Foolani terrorist. Bullying be this!!! Murderer Awesome 👏 rusticuschris Lover's of one nigeria could I please ask you what are you benefitting from Nigeria government as a citizens.

Nigeria can never work for the poor masses. Nigeria and Nigeria politics needs to go for us to have a nation that work for the citizens. Nigeria is not working it would never work in the 1000 years time end nigeria now to safe lives Nigeria politicians are the most wicked people in the world. They are not honorable they are horrible criminals. Politics of Nigeria doesn't improve the life of the citizens. Nigeria politicians are not there for the betterment of their people. They see Nigeria as a business

So after their peace walk... What next? Campaign package 📦 Unfortunately, a lot of students will collect this money and walk with Sanwo-Olu.... only to be arrested the next day by the very same police on the governor's security detail.

We’ll walk for peace with you —LASU students to Sanwo-OluStudents of the Lagos State University have said they will embark on the Walk of Peace proposed by the Lagos State... Sanwo-Olu. Set awon Paul walker Them don pay for some people conscience to go dumb Thank God LASU student don’t represent Nigeria youths in general. This is part of the sabotage we are talking about.

The same AsiwajuTinubu using this jidesanwoolu to capture south west is also using Orji Uzor Kalu to gain the support of the Biafrans against 2023 Presidential ambition. Can someone tell AsiwajuTinubu that OfficialAPCNg can no longer play the same trick as they did with the But they cannot compensate the victims families. Misplaced priorities

So this Sanwo-Olu no get sense at all like this... Nah wahh ooo. 450m for what plsss? That's why the supporters 're rejoicing. All the best 2 them ooo. If you like give them billions, the day of reckoning will soon come No matter how much they share… They will surely walk in shame Why? 🤣🤣 Thunder from Amadioha!!!!

Anoda unwarranted but sheer wastage of public funds dat ought deployed compensatg parents&families of those killd at d instance of Gov Sanwoiku of Lagos!!!!!!

At NIPR summit, Sanwo-Olu, Anya, Oloja, others canvass peace, inclusionLagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, renowned professor of Biology, Anya O. Anya, and Managing Director, The Guardian

Sanwo Eko always dropping the ball. Your money would not buy you peace...sir! I'm not surprised. I knew he will definitely hire people. I said it earlier that the only way they can get people to join them for the hypocritical walk is by paying people. This is the difference between walking for justice and hypocritical walk. When you pay people for a walk, it's a shame and a clear message that you have lost them

Ori oda...do the right things stop giving out bribes A country that is borrowing money to pay salary spends 450 million to organize a peace walk 🙆‍♂️ ...and the students - the same oppressed and brutalised youths who staged endsars protest will buy into this trap? What a shame hmmmm Tell me if this kind money enter 'Sega' pocket why won't he compromise? Finally, its all man for himself ojare, let the dead Bury their dead money Don enter pocket.

We’ll Walk For Peace With Sanwo-Olu, Say LASU StudentsLagos State University (LASU) students have expressed their readiness to participate in the proposed peace walk being organised by the Lagos State There’s no saint in Nigeria everyone has done one evil or another

How much sega go collect 🌚 Johnnie walkers 🤣🤣🤣 That’s why they keep you y’all Poor... my blood is hot 🥵 I am sure that 50 year plus NANS president will lead the way with his brothers who are neither in school nor on the streets. You all know those rusticated guys and those who never get admission but just walk 4 corners of Uni fooling everyone at home of being in school?

Politicians⛔️ e da owo si won loju won ma da ke.... una no go die well EndSARS The so called youths self nah still snitch dem be At least 4million will reach Sega Too bad the youths who wants to walk this shameful walk can’t see that it’s all a campaign strategy. Don’t think our mumu will ever do! Sad!!!

They understand why they make it hard to survive in Nigeria so they can use the citizens anyhow they like.. Wickedt people If you are not following me please do, i will surely follow you back

Pay close attention to children's moral behaviour, Sanwo-Olu tasks parentsThe Governor of Lagos State, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, has tasked parents to pay close attention to the morality of their children and wards, to avoid breakdown of peace and security in the nation. How will you now have Hoodlums if parents pay attention? The way Tinubu checks his own moral behaviour abi Tunegaga is a great way for music fans to earn some extra income listening to music. Users can sign up as fans to listen to the music of their own choice. Tunegaga pays its users every week through various payment methods supported in over 180 countries.

Audio Nigeria, who cursed you? It's obvious everyone holding onto Nigeria is cursed too. EndNigeriaNowToSaveLives EndSARSProtest FreeMaziNnamdiKanu FreeSundayIgboho Nigeria is the capital of zombies where the so-called leaders don't know what to do with money, yet its citizens struggle to make ends meet every single day.

Sanwoolu will surely pay for his atrocity after office Haaaaaa Evil people For APC: “But the cowardly, unbelieving, abominable, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.”” Revelation 21:8 NKJV .let the governor take note

What a country... Pity This is it, they've weaponised poverty. They know exactly how to get people behind their backs. Christmas came early for some of your favourites here😂

Waste Later dem go talk say money no dey Lagos N450m greek gift or bribe instead of life insurance since 20.10.20? ijitimehinolus1 followlasg EXCLUSIVE: Lagos State Government bribes Higher Institutions with N450 Million For Tinubu's Peace Walk EndSARS LekkiTollGate LekkiMassacre2020 Hahaha 🤣 I hope this is not true because it will be an absolute injustice to the people of Lagos State. How can poverty and lack be so palpable in a state and the governor chooses to spend a mind boggling 450million naira on a so called peace walk? Sanwo-Olu, please think again.

followlasg Bags of sachet water 💧 should be kept ready to stone at them, they will be forced to quit the walk or kill more people followlasg Yay! Ope oooo Governor point and Kee Rubbish With this meager amount of money 💵 he will not walk alone,many hungry 🤤 souls ready to follow him Sanwo Olu is drowning, the dude is just on desperation mode. People don’t learn

Now paying students to match? The peace work might happen. But one this i know is that jidesanwoolu is a devil 👿 followlasg Sanwo-olu insulting our collective sensibilities by calling for yeye peace walk. No peace for the wicked. The worst Governor in history. Sanwo Eko rather waste resources on futile walk of shame, than initiate practical peace process that is without a cost. Mr. jidesanwoolu, implement the recommendations of the Judicial panel of inquiry.

followlasg Bribery Ganduje for join if to say the money na in dollars. Anyways uncle ateno realFFK go join🤣🤣🤣🤣 No wonder awon omo ale lasu dey make noise They are now buying support. He is spending this huge sum for a useless walk just to massage his ego. While majority of the populace die in poverty.

I was thinking about the cost of the peace walk this morning, the banners, media coverage, branded materials caps shirts, logistics, honorarium, feeding/refreshments, mobilization allowance etc. All this PR show won’t be there after the tenure of Mr Gov & it’s time to walk alone I'm not surprised. This is the main reason why govt created poverty to easily patronize the people and use them to achieve their corrupt aim

Just imagine what is happening in this country. A country with poor people everywhere, look at what they spend money on. followlasg Governor should release Nigerians still lock up in lagos jails as a result of End SARS protest, that is 1st step to seek for peace. Not so called peace walk followlasg Ambode warned you all about this Man.