Esn, Imo State, Ipob

Esn, Imo State

ESN suspects'll be charged for murder, says Imo CP

ESN suspects'll be charged for murder, says Imo CP

6/18/2021 5:31:00 PM

ESN suspects'll be charged for murder, says Imo CP

The Imo State Commissioner of Police, Abutu Yaro, has said that his command would arraign arrested members of the Eastern Security Network

The CP toldThe PUNCHthat the suspects who he said were unleashing violent crimes on the state would not be allowed to go uncharged.He said that the law was very explicit on the activities of the group, adding that razing public infrastructure and killing of security operatives were an act of terrorism.

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Yaro disclosed that the legal department of his command would commence the persecution of Stanley Osinachi, who was caught penultimate Sunday when gunmen came to attack the state police command headquarters for the second time and others who were terrorising the state.

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98% of the innocent people will be charged with murder? Charged for murdering who? What of Boko haram members ? What will you call their own crime? He is a joker Who told him that unknown gunmen burning police stations are esn members? Fulani just want to rule but it will soon reach our turn just be ready

How can suspect be charge for murder The Charge will fail Then charge ur bandits janjaweed brothers with what. Ewu fulani. Just say their case has been concluded But suspected boko haram members will be pardon abi. EndNigeriaNowToSaveLives YorubaNationNow BiafraExit Yorubaexit ReferendumNow NoToRestructuring SayNoToNigeria ilanaomooodua UN UNPOintl AmnestyNigeria yorubanationews POTUS UKParliament USinNigeria UKinNigeria UNHumanRights EUinNigeria 10DowningStreet RT

Gunmen attack Imo lawmaker’s home, behead security guard – PoliceThe attack signals a new dimension in the current security challenges in Imo State . Lai Muhammad will not see this one. Buhari will not see or be told this. It is Twitter, open grazing, protesters they are chasing. No sense of accountability or remorse. 😓 Pure work of IPOB, sending a message to the law maker for not supporting them

This treatment is even worse than the racism in disheartening the main perpetrators (herdsmen) walk freely in our midst without prosecution. Our Office and Apartment cleaning services are available either one time, weekly, biweekly, or monthly. Our services are backed by our iron-clad guarantee: if you’re not satisfied, we’ll come back and redo the job, no questions asked. Call us 📲08070477784 Only ABJ for now

That's to show the level of his senselessness, suspects oooh not even confirmed ESN, will be charged for murder, while saint bokoharam and banditries gets rehabilitated and absorbed into the army and police. Ndi ara ndi ara! Oga police , how many Bandits and their Sponsors like Sheik Gumi are charged for murder? I know Fulani don't talk out of their sense.

But boko horam suspects get rehabilitated. A zoo! I think it's time u stop talking about us u dom dom fake media While BOko haram and them bandits will be charged for repentance abi?Your sense too much CP You said suspects, which means a competent court should first examine their case first to convict them of murder else you want to commit another genocide which is your habits against those who oppose injustice.

You should be looking for who to charge for this nonsense! Na Jonathan cause this thing , e for rig that election result nobody can do anything , carry military and Police give e brother finish , Now see rubbish ESN suspect charge for murder

Hoodlums behead APC chieftain, raze ex-AG's home in Imo - Punch NewspapersThe most widely read newspaper in Nigeria Things Fall Apart Buhari Government Has Killed 513 Igbos, Arrested And Missing 2,436,854 in 160 Day-Ohanaeze Ndigbo. Unknown swordsmen

Just listen to this stupid fulani janjaweed as CP in Imo are charging them for murder when they have not killed anyone..what are you charging the Boko haram members and bandit in the north for ? Mad people A suspect is still innocent until proven guilty. Be professional Imo State commissioner of police

Umu Okoko.. Na today 🤣🤣🤣🤣 whether they committed murder or not? Indeed this people are with empty brain He should keep making noise till ESN remembers him Iberibe bu oya How many Fulani herdsmen Terrorists and Boko haram members has been arrested and charged with murder or genocide? 98% of the innocent people will be charged with murder?

Imagine if an easterners is the CP of police in the north? Also, how can say ESN suspects will be charged for murder how about they fulani herbsmen that have been killing people. You see the easterners Will achieve Biafra no matter what!!

Gunmen raze Imo lawmaker’s house, behead guard👁️

Funny uzodimma And Fulani Bandits will be charged for what Blame their governor Cow Abi you get power and your belle dey totori you as you dey misuse am. Kwontinue, remember say God no dey sleep, im dey see every. How many terrorist wey una don charge to court? People dey protect their family and community from invaders, una dey pursue dem. Power dey rotate o,

eberenj2 In Imo state, if the Nigerian security forces look at your face and the did not like it, you will be attested and charge for murder, without any conviction in a court of law. The see young men's on the road, shoot them and tag them ESN or Unknown gun men. BiafraNationNow BiafraExit BiafraReferendum

It's our SE Governors that are useless, otherwise after killing our innocent youths you should be apologising instead. Murderers! Imagine Imo State Commissioner of Police, Abutu Yaro. Fulani man as CP in Imo state. Does that make any sense? And every ESN suspect will be charged for murder. Suspect o? Make amadioha kee you anuohia

Hoodlums set houses of former Imo Attorney General, lawmaker on fire - Daily Post NigeriaHouses belonging to the immediate past Commissioner for Justice and Attorney General of Imo State , C.O.C Akaolisa alongside the member representing Orsu Say IPOB, simple as it is.

okorochigo Big fool BIAFRANS are waiting to hear from you. Release innocent people. Known Fulani herdsmen and terrorists have not been arrested. Here you are arresting and killing innocent people. Have the Nigerian police and Army not killed enough Igbo Youths on false allegations? The head of the dead once will fight you back, i don't blame you, i blame our useless igbo leaders. That sell us to the northerners because of money and investment

CP Send your men to the bushes.if they are gallant day Bush meat will catch the hunter.. You Charge suspects for Murder ,.... Doom Kingdom...... It's fine since is the North 😱😱😱😱 Ransom💰 being paid? with armed police providing security? The question is, how did we arrive at this😲🧐😡 point.

Thunder will fire those ur tribal marks Suspect? Can you hear yourself ?hatred is killing all of you.

Gunmen behead Imo lawmaker's gateman, set house ablaze | The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World NewsGunmen early on Wednesday morning invaded the country home of an Imo State lawmaker Ekene Nnodumele in Ebenato, Awo Idemili, in Orsu Local Government Area, and beheaded a gateman on duty and set the house on fire. Nnodumele represents Orsu Constituency, in the Imo State House of Assembly, Ekene Nnodumele. The gunmen also allegedly torched […] Where is DCP Abba Kyari Killings everyday. So disheartening Wretched gate man, a pity

EndNigeriaNow If ESN suspects were charged for murder, BOKO HARAM, killer herders and bandits will be charged for what then ? Boko haram suspect will be sent to abroad for foreign education while bandits will be paid millions by the Government...Mad people everywhere You no go see better mr cp Look at him. He's not normal. His sense has escaped from his brain.

Na trailer go kee this Cp and all his children and wife How would they prove that beyond doubt? Mumu Imo CP.. How many fulani herders hv u charged for murder.. Mumu man 90% innocent Igbo youths you arrested will face murder charge because of your hatred for Igbos, but your brothers the Bokoharam caught are branded Repentant Bokoharam and are recruited into HQNigerianArmy


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Backward country Then Bandits,Fulani herdsmen and Boko Haram will be granted Amnesty. One Nigeria indeed. And terrorist will be rehabilitated.. na wa o Ethnic cleansing. And Boko haram that actually killed rehabilitated, given presidential handshakes and visits, employment and allowances. Same Nigerians different treatment

We will be interested to know what will happen to Fulani Bandits that you have paying million of Naira to. No boko haram terrorist has ever been charged for murder. Phone charger. What will he charge fulani herdsmen for Good luck with proving such bogus charges! How can you say ESN suspects will be charged for murder? Do you just sit in your office and decide what charges to bring? Where is the place of investigation in our society now?

It is better obstead of killing innocent folks extrajudicially and tagging them ESN OR IPOB. Justoce will previal. Your fulani brothers are the one killing us in the East. Fulani herdsmen will be charge for what? WHY?waste of time and resources Instead of using one bullet to the brain to settle the issue

Boko Haram,iswap,herdsmen,bandits are national heros and Patriots while ESN are terrorist and you say this thing one Nigeria will work?!!!! We move While the Nigerian military and government are pleading with bokoharam,fulani herdersmen,bandits that has killed the military, terrorize Nigerians to lay down their arms and come for negotiations. Nigeria has never been one and will never be a United nation.

Charge them for bokoharam... Just imagine Total rubbish But bokoharam and iswap need dialogue criminal terrorists in uniform Murder of who? How about fulani herdsmen and bokoharam + your bandits? I only blame the lick ass governors and leaders of southeast who allowed this nonsense. Such nonsense can never happen in the north

How many Boko Haram members have been arrested and where were they arraigned and prosecuted? Isn't this country a joke? While Bokoharam is charged for peace as repentant Bokoharam. Hypocrites! Why not terrorism, lol. Mad people in the zoo. Check out my Gig on Fiverr: I will make any type of logo animation intro video

And Fulani herdsmen Terrorists?