Ese Oruru: Bashir Ahmed Promises Twitter User To Influence Yunusa Dahiru's Court Conviction | Sahara Reporters

The Federal High Court in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, had sentenced Yunusa Dahiru (Yellow) to 26 years imprisonment for child trafficking and sexual exploitation of Ese Oruru.

5/23/2020 1:04:00 AM

Ese Oruru: BashirAhmaad Promises Twitter User To Influence Yunusa Dahiru's Court Conviction | Sahara Reporters The Court had sentenced Yunusa Dahiru (Yellow) to 26 years imprisonment for child trafficking and sexual exploitation of Ese Oruru. READ MORE:

The Federal High Court in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, had sentenced Yunusa Dahiru (Yellow) to 26 years imprisonment for child trafficking and sexual exploitation of Ese Oruru.

May 22, 2020Bashir Ahmed, Special Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on New Media, has promised a Twitter user to intervene in upturning the conviction of a Nigerian court.  Read more: Sahara Reporters »

He should have now been arrested if things are being done well in this part of the world Since MBuhari has bastardised the judiciary all manner of characters like BashirAhmaad are taking advantage, of the weakness created by their inept ruling cabal. This goes a long way to show how corrupt these chaps are and the extent compromise in the judicial system.

We're waiting.🤡 👇👇👇 Bashir is a disgrace to the Presidency and he ought to have been fired as a Presidential since he made this disgraceful comment. Official_black0 All in the name of religion? He should be fired 😡 God is not a man that He should lie, neither is He the son of man that He should repent. Whatever a man sows, that he shall also reap.

All Northerners like what Yunusa did , they see nothing wrong with it.. Imagine the sectarianist Irredentist even tried to code his response in Hausa ...this is the govt we are waiting for to defeat BH ooo Sahara is outdated BashirAhmaad This is wicked of the highest order. An indictment to the MBuhari's government. Where is your credibility in all of this? If such happens to your child, will you try to influence the court ruling so that you fellow brother can be set free? No peace for the Wicked.

Rubbish If the man has committed the offense let him suffer for his sin. This government is corrupt and wicked. If Bashir Ahmad says he will contact those he knows can help overturn the court ruling, it clearly justifies that this administration is full of bad eggs. RealOlaudah BashirAhmaad May God continue to punish Lugard.

BashirAhmaad And Mbuhari talked of strenthning the Democracy and policies of his administration. That is one of Mbuhari aide telling the child abuser and trafficker, he's gonna influence the court and save him from prison. So much for our Democracy BashirAhmaad And the mungo park came back to say he doesn't know about the case after tweeting that rubbish. Whoever believes him is nothing but a rapist and a phedophile too,to coat it with being a Coward . May their children be kidnapped,raped and impregnated.

BashirAhmaad Damage control. Speaking before thinking. Lol The guy dey joke.. BashirAhmaad If he still retain his post in aso rock, that means he acted as instructed by his boss. Else he has no business retaining his appointment. Rapist can only be protected by another rapist Watching BashirAhmaad There is more that beat the eyes than we can ever imagine of BashirAhmaad who happens to be in the boys quarters of power by thinking he now has the rights or connect to influence a competent court order in Nigeria.

BashirAhmaad pours out his uncensored thoughts on Twitter. He needs a PA on Twitter Affairs to help him manage his uncouth self here. Not every evil thought should be said out. No evil thought should be acted out. As for the guy that led Bashir to this, fear him. BashirAhmaad The girl no fine sef. Mtswww, guys ehn....🙄☹️😔

BashirAhmaad In a sane society he would have been fired When the crime is executed at Emir of Kano palace, supervised by Lamido and approved by Buhari. BashirAhmaad do you heard what to they're saying against you ? Please say something bro. BashirAhmaad If only most of them are really fasting not skipping lunch, they will not be doing or saying some certain things during this 'holy month'

BashirAhmaad Cry for justice. How NLRC, LSLB lslbng and NCC licensed lottery operator refused to pay winners of BLB Promo their winnings of 2 million naira each and gave some winners dud cheques, the regulatory bodies just fold their hands. We want justice. lanreGbaja YeleSowore segalink BashirAhmaad BashirAhmaad is a pedophile too then

The painful part is that Aso Villa shoe polisher is too dumb to know that there is Google translate,else there will no reason to reply in Hausa. In civilized climes, his resignation letter will be on the President's table by Monday! But you know if you know, na dem dem! BashirAhmaad Same people that called for the head of a Humanist for blasphemy now want pedophile, rapist and kidnapper to be set free.

BashirAhmaad BashirAhmaad has just told us his stance on rape and the fact that Court judgments are manipulated in Nigeria. It's not a surprise really but coming from the President's PA is embarrassing. BashirAhmaad At his age he has no child/children, couldn't blame him. BashirAhmaad Why is this gentleman bashirAhmed walking back on a most likely heartfelt statement he made?There is nothing wrong in helping Mr Yunusa legally to appeal if one believes for example that the sentence is excessive considering the circumstances of the case.

BashirAhmaad We have already given up on , you have burnt the ounce of truth you once had. If you can't speak the language well, ask those that do, not base your write up on google translation. pity BashirAhmaad Even if Bashir wanted to assist his brother,he twittered his move?😂😂😂 gambari/morhla would remain gambari/morhla.Their privileged power arrogance won't let them think. They only act,a-n-y-h-o-w.

BashirAhmaad I knew BashirAhmaad is a useless guy, a shameless he goat BashirAhmaad Your guy will not be President. BashirAhmaad _ezionyinye read oh BashirAhmaad His comment did not surprise me being that manipulation of justice system has been the trademark of APC led government. Again his later remark that he did not study and understand the case before commenting tells you how APC responds to Nigerian problems

Is this one among the living no wonder the nation is drowning BashirAhmaad Who is Bashir Ahmed pls? I suppose a good media is expected to give readers a bit of background profile... BashirAhmaad Reason why I will never rate or believe anything Sahara The most gullible being I have ever seen in my life are twitter people all they is tweet with big grammar without common sense Same people that will tag sega for justice on police brutality are manipulating bashir 👀

That guy needs a general beating I swear .. Truth is always far from him BashirAhmaad So he’s highly dumb not to understand a case before jumping on it? Most Nigerians are not daft. He does this all the time. Whenever he wants to support atrocities, he resort to tweeting in Hausa. God will keep exposing his wicked heart. This is not the first he’ll be doing this.

BashirAhmaad Sahara turns dry as it should BashirAhmaad You guys are cowards, you just want to tarnish the hard earned image of BashirAhmaad he didn't promise anything, you can't even translate properly, bunch of idiots. BashirAhmaad This SaharaReporters are very useless iswear...nigeria government needs to do something about them...Hypocrites

BashirAhmaad Idiots I don't even think Google translate would translate it accurately like this BashirAhmaad Useless bunch of rapist in the name of religion BashirAhmaad This is how you guys are translating Bashir's comment. BashirAhmaad Nothing for Ur oga in Nigeria, I bet U Sowore can't win house of assembly in Ondo talkless of President..Keep manipulate informations..

BashirAhmaad The Court should also please convict those involved in the recent purchase of children from Kano to different parts of the eastern state. BashirAhmaad justiceforkanogirls BashirAhmaad OK game on. BashirAhmaad ArchHausa see how Google Translate is aiding sentiment. BashirAhmaad Far more worst crimes were committed and the judgements were upturned.

I doubt if MBuhari has the courage to sack someone like BashirAhmaad do you people think things like this is possible in Nigeria. This country has turn upside down. Don't injure itself if he doesn't get sack, cos you are in APCNigeria all ur sins has been forgiven. BashirAhmaad Sahara it is what Bashir said in that tweet you suppose to translate not misleading Nigerians,

Danny_Walterr BashirAhmaad This guy deserve death BashirAhmaad Daga baya kenan BashirAhmaad One Nigeria BashirAhmaad Can you imagine this? BashirAhmaad Bashir would have as well replied Hammad inbox,but NO he chose to speak in a language that the supporters of his ideology will understand! To Bashir, an average Hausa/Fulani will appreciate his intervention regardless of the weight of the case! Why is the North like this?

BashirAhmaad See pedophiles everywhere for comment section BashirAhmaad Sahara you are the problem of this country. Bashir withdraw his statement already, but you guys are here selling it to gullible people of course BashirAhmaad Many of these child rapists in the North have been suffering from internal bleeding ever since the news report emerged that their scum hero has been sentenced for his crimes. It shows you that these people will never change for the better.

BashirAhmaad U can imagine the people leading this country. Buhari appoints petthst think n behave like him Stand against forced marriage and child trafficking...let go He BashirAmeaad are among the few foolish Nigerians still supporting Baba_Failures administration. But wrong will never be right❎❎❎ BashirAhmaad Kidnapping or forced marriage should not be tolerated from any body. I repeat from anybody. I guess we should also wait for the where about of this children that were forced to abandoned their land ...

BashirAhmaad Do you know with 1500 Naira you can be making money every day? Join LPV today and start earning. ONE FREE referral guaranteed if you register with us BashirAhmaad He is a foolish Man who thinks we all are living in animal kingdom even though some actually are. Why do you think they installed Tanko as CJN for time's like this.

BashirAhmaad This is highly a criminal Offense. How come was she taken away from the state to the North yet not even a report of struggle between her & Yunusa. Was she hypnotized/charmed b4 her parent to the extent of taken way to sexually exploit her as a wife? Meany such had been happening! Blessonate This is ridiculously ridiculous, orishirishi🙄

BashirAhmaad ] tf BashirAhmaad If truly it is, so stupid and insensitive of him. BashirAhmaad Tyrant wannabe BashirAhmaad using power to favor themselves BashirAhmaad He intentionally tweeted it in Hausa BashirAhmaad Just because he promised to push for a thorough investigation into a matter doesn’t means he’s trying to upturn judgement

BashirAhmaad What did he see in this girl? BashirAhmaad Yunusa Dahiru should be sentence to death. And I will push for that. BashirAhmaad So bad that alot of people do not see BashirAhmaad 's grave offence. 'That he can talk to people who can influence the court ruling in their favour'. This coming from a presidential aide?!!!! What a CUNTtry! Then where is the justice we seek ever come from?

BashirAhmaad Bashir is useless...that he will try to contact those whom he think are capable of releasing the rapist. Tueh!!! BashirAhmaad The religious bigots have weaponized the Yunusa yellow and Esu Oruru 'elopement' to attack islam after the court verdict unjustly sentenced him to 26 years imprisonment. The misguided regional chauvinists are twisting the narratives to stereotype Muslims and Northern community.

BashirAhmaad 26 years is too small...a peadophile suppose to be jailed for 40 years because they are sick BashirAhmaad BashirAhmaad 's apologies or defence holds not water. You can't tell me that an adviser to the 'The man in Aso rock' on new media did not get the details of a case that made the rounds in all prints and online media outlets. Man is everything but normal. ElectoralReformsNow

BashirAhmaad Car: Toyota Camry le 2007. Price: 1.5m Negotiable. Condition : Nigerian used / 4 cylinder Engine, perfect 👌 . Location : Abuja fct. Call/Dm : 07060907308 TGIF. BashirAhmaad Almost Busted Forever_Rayyan BashirAhmaad SAHARA bunch of idiot's what did you say about this. BashirAhmaad Some northerners actually hired SAN for this guy, first he was granted bail some influential northerners actually paid for his flight, the guy was received by many in Kano you will think he came back from the Olympics.

BashirAhmaad BashirAhmaad supports Rape BashirAhmaad Bashir before and after commenting on yellows case.😂😂😂 BashirAhmaad Waiting for judgement on this criminals, who abducted this little kiddos in my area where I was born and brought up. This criminal stole little kids transported them and sold them to other criminals on foreign land and conspired to kill some and converted some to Christianity.

BashirAhmaad Hope this will also trend BashirAhmaad BashirAhmaad What does the aboki know BashirAhmaad BashirAhmaad Contact those who are capable to disrupt a court order.. BashirAhmaad This country na cruise in the hands of these guys. So he’s confident he can influence the decision of a competent court? This is an indication that we’re were we where

007_oj Then Nigeria is officially a Banana Republic if he aint sacked by morning! BashirAhmaad Bird of the same feather Hmmmmm it is alright, let him influence the court conviction if he can, but let him remember that no human being will influence Allah's judgement on the hypocrites ( child rapists,child kidnappers & their enablers). Allah's judgement is more severe and He's beyond reproach.

BashirAhmaad It's reprehensible that BashirAhmaad is an ally of Yunusa Dahiru that was sentenced to 27 years for abducting and forcefully marrying ESE Oruru but promising to influence his release. BashirAhmaad There are people who can influence the law, smh Tonijohnson100 BashirAhmaad Very shameless man

BashirAhmaad I think we need to search his house for little girls too since he is supporting a paedophile and a kidnapper.,who knows.... BashirAhmaad Nonsense editor and toilet paper BashirAhmaad Okooooo BashirAhmaad If you enclosed what BashirAhmaad has said here, you won't die. BashirAhmaad Another proof that the executive has pocketed the judiciary. If Bashir could have such confidence to say this in public, the judiciary must be a cheap and 'buy 1, get 3 free' commodities in the villa. It's not a coincidence and this is not the first time.

BashirAhmaad Don't manipulate Mr BashirAhmaad statement He didn't promise any judgement upturning, and u people forget the mass children abduction that some of people did in kano, we are waiting to witness their judgement day too BashirAhmaad The most lie and untrusted media on this earth is saharareporters,always they writting balderdash.useless media, Gindi uwarku ubanku yaci uwai kuce twitter ta fasara maku wanan durin uwarku👋👋👋

BashirAhmaad Well he can chose to support anyone he likes while at the same time, he should be ashamed to support a criminal. BashirAhmaad What can you say about this 🙄 BashirAhmaad Haven’t you seen his second tweet about this BashirAhmaad Promised...? Dude said he would make an effort Sahara please..💔🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

Its time that brat is thought the world isn't in his pocket. BashirAhmaad What does he deserve after the distortions he has done in the life of the poor innocent girl all in the name of believing some false teaching of clergymen who are not rooted in true teaching of their religion. Fools don't learn the easy way.

BashirAhmaad All the people Buhari appoint as media aides na mumu except few My question is why did he wrote it in hausa BashirAhmaad is encouraging them, omo ase This is the irrational Buhari spokesman supporting rape and abduction. Buhari surrounded himself with potential rapists BashirAhmaad 𝙷𝚎 𝚑𝚊𝚜 𝚜𝚒𝚗𝚌𝚎 𝚛𝚎𝚟𝚒𝚎𝚠𝚎𝚍 𝚑𝚒𝚜 𝚜𝚝𝚊𝚗𝚌𝚎. 𝚄𝚙𝚍𝚊𝚝𝚎 𝚢𝚘𝚞𝚛 𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚍𝚎𝚛𝚜

BashirAhmaad The admin of this page must be drunk for reporting good news in this satanic page BashirAhmaad I commented on the Yunusa Yellow saga earlier, without knowing and understanding the details of the case. Eloping or rather, kidnapping a minor and forcing her to marry you shouldn’t be taken lightly. A condemnable act! Also Add his retraction. Be professional for once.

jeffphilips1 Banjy47 ishakaa 'Tissue paper' has accused BashirAhmaad of planning to Influence Court judgement I know your party doesn't stand for this Please we need to condemn the paper oo BashirAhmaad No justice on Yello conviction BashirAhmaad Bashir is a rapist for agreeing to free the rapist

BashirAhmaad So what is worth dragging about here? BashirAhmaad And so? What's wrong with what he said. BashirAhmaad You guys have seen this 👇 , so what is the need for the above tweet again. Gbo gbo Eleyi O Neccestri Sowore ... BashirAhmaad Pedophile fc BashirAhmaad God is the final judger, he will judge the judge that judged Yunusa mercilessly, the guy did not deserve such injustice.

BashirAhmaad May Allah reward him abundantly for his effort on the matter BashirAhmaad 🙏😊❤ BashirAhmaad How does his comment and the conviction relate BashirAhmaad BashirAhmaad is this the real translation of what u wrote? BashirAhmaad Slow news day? No lies or propaganda to post? BashirAhmaad This is the full tweet

BashirAhmaad He retracted what he said. He commented before he knew the full details. BashirAhmaad Lmao Shahara Reporters lack story to sell 😅 People dey ment o😒 He’s doing well. Your stupidity is on the that tge translation of what he said? Bashir Bashir how many times did I call you Pedo fc

Supreme Court will overturn the conviction, I trust the head of the court, he is an ex sharia judge! The boy means what he's saying

Kano youth who abducted, impregnated Ese Oruru jailed 26 yearsNa wa o. How many years now left for him on earth? Just tell us is life imprisonment. Hit the follow button, Ifb Nice punishment After how many years...nice one though

BREAKING: Ese Oruru: Judge rules in case of abduction, force marriage to Kano manThe Federal High Court sitting in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, has delivered judgement in the famous Ese Oruru case. In 2016, Ese, then a teenager, was reportedly abducted from Bayelsa, taken to Kano State and forced into marriage by one Yinusa Dahiru. On Thursday, Justice Jane Inyang sentenced Dahiru to 26 years in prison. She acquitted We are also looking forward to hearing about the case of 19 Kano Children abducted to Anambara Its very unfortunate, In my opinion the deserve a lighter sentence. Since its not a forceful abduction every one knows the girl elope with him and considering the fact that his father who's more matured reported the case to the authories, the pleblem is the politics in between. Fake news

Ese Oruru’s abductor Dahiru gets 26-year jail termEse’s misfortune, which attracted global outrage, occurred on August 12, 2015, when Yunusa abducted her at the age of 14 from her family house at Opolo area of Yenagoa and took her to his home state, Kano, where he converted her to Islam. An yanka masa Kazar wahala.. Unjust Exposing lie among the people of Nigeria will not let you get what you want except backwards by the grace of God

Five years after, Ese Oruru’s abductor to spend 26 years in jail“There were six other witnesses we needed to have called in this matter, two of them are resident here, four of them in Kano, but none of them was available.” Serves the paedo right.

BREAKING: Court sentences Ese Oruru's abductor to 26 years - Latest Nigeria News, Nigerian Newspapers, PoliticsThe Federal High Court sitting in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, has delivered the long-awaited judgement on Ese Oruru, a teenager reportedly abducted... This is one of the best news today.. Justice at last. What was responsible for the delay?

Court jails Ese Oruru’s abductor 26 years✅✅✅ 'Dahiru was arraigned on March 8, 2016 before the Federal High Court, Yenagoa, on charges of criminal abduction, illicit sex, sexual exploitation, and unlawful carnal knowledge of the minor.' With the evidence prosecution had & the confessional statement, as the court pleases. What measure does the court take when many kano children were abducted by Their abductors, Justice_must_be_done.