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#EndSARS: We lost 22 men, 205 stations, formations —IGP

#EndSARS: We lost 22 men, 205 stations, formations —IGP

10/30/2020 1:58:00 PM

EndSARS: We lost 22 men, 205 stations, formations —IGP

Adelani Adepegba, AbujaThe Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Adamu , has contested a report by the Amnesty International that policemen deployed excessive force against #EndSARS protesters. ...

Adelani Adepegba, AbujaThe Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, has contested a report by the Amnesty International that policemen deployed excessive force against #EndSARS protesters.The IG argued that his men “acted professionally, exercised commendable restraints and some paid the supreme price for peace” during the protests and the ensuing violence in parts of the country.”

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According to him, 22 police officers also lost their lives while 205 police stations and formations were torched.The global rights group had in its report knocked the police for assaulting the activists demanding police reforms, noting that they used excessive force on them.

AI stated that over 12 protesters died during the ensuing violence.But the IG described the AI’s report as untrue, misleading and “contrary to all available evidence.”The police rebuttal was contained in a statement on Friday, by the force spokesman, DCP Frank Mba, titled, ‘EndSARS protests: Police personnel were professional and exercised maximum restraints, IGP tells Amnesty International.’

It read, “The IGP noted that during the protests, officers of the Force used legitimate means to ensure that the protests were carried out in a peaceful manner and in most cases, physically protected and walked side-by-side with the protesters.“He reiterated that even when the protests turned violent in some parts of the country, the officers still maintained utmost restraint and did not use excessive force in managing the situations.

“Available reports indicate that 22 police personnel were extra-judicially killed by some rampaging protesters and scores injured during the protests.“Many of the injured personnel are in life -threatening conditions at the hospitals.”“Two hundred and five police stations and formations including other critical private and public infrastructure were also damaged by a section of the protesters.”

Despite the alleged attacks, Adamu said the police officers never resorted to use of unlawful force as alleged in the report.“It also beggars imagination that Amnesty International failed to mention or pay tribute to police officers who were gruesomely murdered during the protests while serving their fatherland,” the statement observed.

The Force decried what it called the discriminatory tendencies exhibited by AI in its report.It added, “One wonders if in the estimation of Amnesty International, police officers are not also human beings equally entitled to the protection of their fundamental rights to life and dignity of human person.”

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Stating that the Force was committed to the Federal Government’s ongoing reforms of the Nigeria Police Force, the IG admonished AI to subject its reports to “adequate scrutiny and proper verification of facts before making them public.”DOWNLOAD THE PUNCH NEWS APP NOW ON

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Its a great loss but we've lost a lit of innocent citizens due to police misconduct, that's the biggest loss. Fake news EndSARS Shame on you, fighting your own self, No one can win a war against his own self. If care is not taken, Nigeria is heading towards a fail state, Nig Police is a servant to politicians, Any politians will just pick up their fone call police call army's for what 😢 EndSARS

What a country ...neglecting the lives that where lost under their control..and you are counting stations lost. Dont worry it will reach all of you ..then you will come up with the truth ... MY BROTHER WAS KILLED BY YOUR MEN ADD THAT TO YOUR COUNT ...justiceforsleek EndSARS We lost jimoh isiaq and 100 others They should get tf with their narrative,just 22 men and they stopped working,now you know how we feel when you gun our brothers down

who cares ? While the mass lost their 600bn parliative was found and close to 70 died at the massacre So IGP can count his men lost, but can't count the youth life they have taken. Shame on you oga olopa It is easier for you to count and know you lost 22 police men to vandalism by govt hired hoodlums not peaceful EndSars protesters but very difficult for PoliceNG to give accurate account of how many people were shot at the lekki toll gate . Police is your friend. Indeed!

That's small compared to the havoc your incompetence has caused. Moreover, your van conveyed the thugs who burnt down your stations. What goes around comes around. SecureNorth first I'm so fed up of this country. Abeg! Where is the route to Canada? I want to trek What of the citizens innocent soul we lost.?¿ You forgot that even before the protest

The people lost more. You as an IG will soon loose your life too Fake news Sigh Wait, how many police stations do we have in this country to start with This man don't know how to lie We lost more Nigerians than the police force for crying out loud 😪 The Nigerian youths lost thousands of young men to the hands of your power hungry, mischievous, bullish and trigger happy policemen. About 77000 from a report. Not justifying the bad, but your report sound like a testimony while that of the youths sounds like grief

So sorry to hear that, did you loose money too, how much? Your claims are photoshoped But then it was just one man that was killed at Lekki toll gate. I think media outlets including need to stop publishing these as news. We don’t want to read them!!! How many innocent Nigerians have ur organization killed extra judicially?

Tell you men to codinate them self while and of duty IGP 1. RIP to dead Police personnel. 2. EndSARS protests NEVER turned violent. 3. Hoodlums attacked protesters & proceeded to wreak havoc in cities - Police didn't intervene. 3. Videos show Police using deadly force during nos. 2 & 3 above. 4. The picturing of Police as saints, hmm!

We gave lost more than more to the police. I am very sorry for d loss. From the begining we could ve avoided all d death but, u guys didn't bother. We ve lost good and productive youth in thousands before now n still counting. Listen to us no way una say our mouth they smell. RIP fallen heroes. EndBadGoveranceInNigeria

It would have been nice if IG put same effort in giving out statistics of victims from police brutality, EndSARS.. so we can compare and contrast.... Abeg who fit cut int'l passport for me How many did we lost? How many police stations we get for Nigeria combined?😂😂 IGP, pls check your figures you re not correct. We the police force, we lost 4million police men, 500hundred thousand police stations, 9billion police vans vandalised and we need 1trillion naira to fixed lagos alone.. pls get your facts right.. Min information.

That’s great, is that all? Very soon you also will be lost That man wey wear Madrid Jersey na policeman? Abi na training ehn come? You guys lost much more the Nigerian army lost in the fight against boko haram wow sorry o I heard you lost a station that was about to be build self. He will need to provide evidence to support this or else we won't believe it.

Sad how many civilians was lost? You hired thugs did all that and not the innocent protesters, your van was seen conveying thugs. Fake news We lost about 100 lives and international dignity Maybe... It was a non-starter in the first place. We can't count how many men we lost on Police brutality in 5 years + lekki Genocide.

205 stations? Photoshop But only 2 civilians were announced dead yeah! Nigeria we hail thee Because you started killing the people you are meant to protect and they retaliated. By the way, how many civilians did you guys kill? Who do the calculation How come their families haven't come out to Talk? Liars

Lies from the pit of hell So? 205 STATIONS?!!!!!! 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳 How many innocent people have your 'men' killed in this country? NGPoliceForce How many innocent civilians av ur terror group u called SARS av killed? Was it not policemen who provoked the situation? The first incident in whole nation started at Orile n we all knw who shot first. I won't call IGP a moron but he is surely talking like one.

With all of these load of lies from the police head, Nigeria police force can never be reformed, not for now. Hmmmmmmmmm No Police officer Died!.. It is audio!.. Just as the LekkiMassacre was lies!.. But don't worry, We are looking into it, and just maybe we will find a Camcorder to start an investigation into this 'Since we all want to mad in this country'

No protesters was killed and u lost 22 men and 205 stations. This is a typical example that police will rain corrupt and they will never change But amnesty international take site ... Sars killed more than a 100,000 people Mtcheeeew Since the years your guys have been killing Nigerians unlawfully, you didn't cry around d way you are doing now on your exaggerated number of police killed. Can u compare d number of police u claimed were killed with d one they have killed? Your guys have killed in thousands.

Those stations are like cockerel pens. A lot need to change. We need to wean the PoliceNG off colonial and military hangover. Those PoliceNG barracks are demeaning, not fit for the PoliceNG of our dream. . MBuhari has failed. Nigeria is in the grip of chaos. Bandits control major highways. The Government can’t protect its citizens from BokoHaram & the Corrupt police. The government tagged Unarmed Youths hoodlums & PROSCRIBED Unarmed IPOB a terrorist group in Nigeria.

Ok Can PoliceNG give us the Names of the Affected stations so we can arrange a Go-Fund-me for our beloved Police Force. Una Tiger no dey change spot. Is it that difficult to have Honest people in the Government?🙄 Nigeria is Ruined for real. What a Regime! Oga IGP should stop spreading fake news. The 22 officers absconded and the 205 stations we're burnt by the teargas fired by the police. No police officer was killed.

Let the police show me the dead bodies of its men that died. It is all fake news and photoshop Citizens lives nko How many did your men kill Linus MBA, Lai Hmm photoshop, no police station was burnt IGP eyen paro Sepan!!!! Kokan aye🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️..... Una count how many people Una people don kill. So watin Mou come do for this no way you dey mention. Make Una go do the befitting burial for them na .... Abiii watin concern is Mtchhhheeeewww

Den make d number of human being small and make buildings plenty so to have money for renovation.. God Dey Fake news !! To get enough fund from the government. Eeya They've lost everything group of mad people! We lost countless youths.. DrOlufunmilayo how many youths we come loss? All I see is formation that results to OPPRESSION and EXTORTION of citizens from ILLEGAL ARRESTS to UNLAWFUL DETENTION to UNLAWFUL TORTURE to UNJUSTLY KILLINGS and PAID BAILS which is simply KIDNAPPING We need 100% HONEST and COMPETENT police officers not lairs NPF recruits.

People that scream expose the government have not taken a clear look at their government. If your government steals, lies, and kills there is nothing left to expose. There is no magical overnight solution, it takes protest, hard work, and people solidarity. 22 men 205 stations including television, police, radio, train and play stations 10 helicopters 4 armor tanks Documents worth 200m Gadgets, guns, grenades worth 500m Siezed properties which includes cars, buses, bikes and lot more worth 2tr. Miscellaneous 1bn

Zoological Republic of Nigeria ENDNIGERIANOW Only and how many civilians your men murdered just within the protest n years back LMAO. Una dey crase 😹 How many police stations do we even have in Nigeria that you lost 205 stations... Ogbeni soro soke make i hear you well oooh Ifb instantly..I'm online let's follow each other

They'll quick to arrest over 450 and another 550 suspects over various atrocities committed during EndSarS protest but till now they haven't been able to arrest one soldier or the person that ordered the killing at Lekki ,SMH😭RIP to justice and transparency in Nigeria!!! We lost over 78 armless peaceful protesters.

You will loose yourself soon. Useless IGP You know how many innocent lives have been lost to you vicious lot? Please, get off my face and fix up. How many civilian was lost? 22 men to innocent citizens murdered by police....is it enough ? The rank & file of the NPF has unfortunately become one of the victims of our failings as a nation. They're underfunded and overstretched yet tasked with law and order. They need to be motivated, kudos to GovWike and every cop killer(s) must be dealt with.

Aren't you tired of lying EndSARS EndPoliceBrutality EndBadGovernance Can u still tell how many lives u av waisted for nothing? Don't worry the country will soon divide and everyone will go on their own. They want empathy from the people they brutalize and kill. Those in public service and institutions do not understand know how social contract works. They deny that protesters died but want us to acknowledge their losses. The disconnect!!!

And yet you people failed to account for the number of people killed at lekki toll gate. You really dont have the interest of the citizens at heart. Shior Next time it’s going to be 10,000. Oloshi Do you know how many youth lives lost everyday,even during the protests from diff background so to hell with you

Na this kind hilarious skits make bovi gave up and resign. When you let out dogs, allow them bite, and you FOLD YOUR HANDS, and kill some of them...BETRAYAL...don't expect not to be bitten in the biting spree. 👀 Did anyone tell him how youth we've lost..... You no dey shame? If police cannot protect innocent citizens, then who the hell can? My friend...go and bloody-well resign.!!! Nonsense. So we should be telling you SORRY, Abi? Do you know how many private people lost their hard earned businesses bcos your men fled?

You lost 1000 police stations not only 233. Crazy old men in power. Nigerians apply pressure This are the last kick of a dying horse Let's Reform the Nigerian police to serve us better to serve our children better Lets EndSARS Lets EndPoliceBrutalityinNigera Oh yeah their numbering analysis jus kicked ni abi 🤡s

Here in Nigeria or is he including Cameron and Ivrycost Infrastructural development doesn't reflect a nation rather well-being of citizens. The govt is crying for destruction of infrastructures while, citizens are fighting & crying for destruction of lives / futures by purposeless leadership( Govt) EndSars / Retweet widely.

Eiyaaaa😢😢😢😢 Very unfortunate and avoidable. Photoshop sir, no police man was killed and no station was destroyed 👌 Let's grow together. Follow me ,I will follow back asap I guess when it comes to numbers, our leaders have different know of 1 2 3 .... And you’re just about losing yourself if you don’t caution your men... present Nigeria Leaders will never stop swimming in LIES and DECIET... Bastards OGUN kill y’all:::...

205 formations?😮😮 There names or it never happened IGP are you sure or you need Agent Fash ? Nonsense in high places Omoooooo, 205 stations ? When? Where? How? Lai Mohammed dey learn from all these ones Lai Muhammed Innocent Nigeria that was killed is almost 1000 thunder fire you people Plus 1 billion palliative

205 stations? Ayelala where are you? Just look at, a whole IG of Police giving official speech and ppl sitting behind him whom I believe are his official police aides putting on Sports jerseys & native attires and you expect a regular policeman on the street not to wear Bathroom slippers to work ? Kangaroo reform

Wtf. Nigeria is just a mess, have you ever talk about the harmless protesters that we lost. This is unfair Very easy for PoliceNG to ascertain the figure of men lost but difficult for both PoliceNG & NigeriaGov to come and tell the world the offence of peace protesters that warrant killing of more than PoliceNG figure. Their lies & corruption is second to none

Can you count many stations you have in your country bro? Gedafvk outta the mic bro This man can lie Who is the guy wearing a Real Madrid shirt at an official press conference? Is that a police officer? Omg! Bawo lo se sele? What about those who lost their life Fat Lies Lies runs in the blood of these guys..

Ranka deede... 🙌 Go and repair from all that you're giving as bribe Mr oga. Non of you will take all the amass wealth to hell More civilian were killed and all their means of livelihood collapse too. God will deal with you IGP Which 205 stations? Another way to embezzle money. This is easy, kindly name the 205 stations and their various locations for clarity. Don't worry you don't have to budget for verification, the 4th arm of govt and the only opposition party in Nigeria (social media) will verify them at no cost. Stinky Liars!

Which kind lie be this?🚶 ONE NATION✊ sorry o 205, no be 20, no be 25, no be 50 over 200? I fear who no fear una even looters hoodlum and thug still be learners for where una dey. Lies for the pit of hell We sympathize with your loss. However, how many did you kill, how much did you extort from citizens ?

205 stations 🤣🤣🤣😂 Rogue organization Dis people lie for a living too ObaLasgidi 205 station una wine my nipple 😂🤣 205 stations Guy 😅 Formations? Dem dey steal 4-3-3? 🙆‍♀️Chai And the citizens lost how many rodents and pests? EndSARS protest is absolutely peaceful and protesters never fought back with men of Nigeria police force. Nonetheless, Pictures of the stations and faces of the polimen lost will do a lot good for accountability and clarification

Now I get the point Nigeria jaga jaga How many youths una kill EndBadGoveranceInNigeria 205 stations,how from where abi him de calculate house for film join...this corruption is real deeper thAn one institution. How many station de the who Nigeria,and this he said now nobody will check to counter this scam endsars

Adamu the gateman Kindly give the names of the 205 stations for the avoidance of doubt. EndSARS EndBadGoveranceInNigeria NewNigeria 🇳🇬 '205 stations' Lai Mohammed, you have 20 minutes to respond. It was all peaceful until LekkiMassacre. More reason we need to know who ordered the shooting and charge him with treason.

EchonoG 205 stations in this country🙄 You tell your truth but not the truth, Tell the world how many civilians really died the EndSARS protest, not the lies you peddled! You lie to the world, make the Nigerians the criminals to excuse extrajudicial killings striving in the serial killing Nigeria police force.

Gini mezie? How many youths USA kill EndPoliceBrutalityInNigeria Lie Mohammed twin brother How the peaceful protesters that your men killed? Just believe that the this is a beginning except you people comply with the youths. End Nigeria now. Only Stations for Nigeria reach 205, or you they count those cage join 😂 old people they lie oh EndSARS

Name them Compared to over 30,000 lives claimed by your men... Ranka dede 🙄 EndSARS Are we a joke to these people 205?🙄 All the dead bodies go disturb u for ur dream..20.10.20 R.I.P to them...it should teach others a big lesson..you don't need to torture a criminal even if he's guilty..police have destroyed many innocent souls.

Liars... My heart goes out to the stations Literally no one cares Pictures of the 205 stations please....or it didn't happen Should we, the citizens reply the IGP with the number of civilians that we lost to police brutality? EndSARS How come 205 stations...list them The youths we lost 5000 youths, 5000 Bright futures, and wealth- youth president.

When will you people stop lying even with ENDSARS What about the life of protesters u guys wasted . Its nothing to you right God is watching all you wereys These people lie for a living Can he list the 205 stations for clarification sake..

End SARS: Hoodlums killed 22 police officers, destroyed 205 stations - IG Adamu - Daily Post NigeriaThe Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Adamu , has confirmed that 22 officers were killed across Nigeria in the aftermath of the End SARS protests. He Oniro oshi Adamu 😭😭😭 And police killed how many innocent protesters?

#EndSARS Protest: Police Were Professional, Exercised Maximum Restraints – IGP Tells Amnesty Int’lEndSARS Protest: Police Were Professional, Exercised Maximum Restraints – IGP Tells Amnesty Int’l I'm not a celebrity.. IF 💯Your 🙌Looking🥺 for🥺 Followers 🙌Follow 🥺Me I 🙏Follow Back 🥺Immediately 🙏💯💯promise 💯🙏 SEE HOW FAST When the former IGP was messing up we cried and begged Buhari to change him. Little did we know that he was bringing the worst police officer as the IGP. Sometimes a bird in hand is worth millions in the bush. Hello how are you doing today

IPC, MRA Ask NBC To Withdraw Fines Against Three TV Stations Over Coverage of #ENDSARS ProtestsIPC, MRA Ask NBC To Withdraw Fines Against Three TV Stations Over Coverage of ENDSARS Protests They really have to withdraw the fines NBC wan proved them be stubbornness I will follow everyone that Maxwell56364206 me if I didn't follow u immediately then in follow me back us a promise Maxwell56364206 Maxwell56364206

22 police officers killed by 'rampaging protesters' -- IGP22 police officers killed by ‘rampaging protesters’ — IGP Sorry! But EndPoliceBrutalityInNigeria Protesters were not rampaging. Hoodlums killed policemen. May their souls rest in perfect peace! PhotoShop_News

#EndSARS: IG Replies Amnesty International, Says 22 Cops Killed During Protests - THISDAYLIVEInsists report of shooting of protesters untrue By Kingsley Nwezeh in Abuja The Inspector-General of Police, Mr Mohammed Adamu , said Friday that contrary to the accusation by the Amnesty International (AI) that police shot at protesters during the EndSARS protests, 22 police personnel were killed across the country during the protests. He said officers of … 22 cops killed during the protest but only 2 protesters were killed... kudos to yu pipu... Police was attacked by hoodlums not by EndSARS Protestants It’s irrelevant cause we have been on top of the situation investigation still ongoing..... what about the peaceful protesters?

BREAKING: IGP replies Amnesty, says policemen didn’t shoot #EndSARS protesters*Rampaging protesters killed 22 policemen - AdamuKayode OyeroThe Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Adamu , has rejected reports by global rights organisation, Amnesty International , that... Lies Werey she gbogbo yin Follow and I'll follow back asap 🙏 my follow back na jet fast like mad