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Endsars, Lagos Lawmaker

#EndSARS: Most Nigerian youths are high on drugs, says Lagos lawmaker

#EndSARS: Most Nigerian youths are high on drugs, says Lagos lawmaker

10/29/2020 10:20:00 PM

EndSARS: Most Nigerian youths are high on drugs, says Lagos lawmaker

Eniola Akinkuotu, AbujaThe lawmaker representing Amuwo Odofin constituency 1 of Lagos State, Mojisola Alli-Macaulay , says most Nigerian youths are high on drugs all the time.Alli-Macaulay ...

Eniola Akinkuotu, AbujaThe lawmaker representing Amuwo Odofin constituency 1 of Lagos State, Mojisola Alli-Macaulay, says most Nigerian youths are high on drugs all the time.Alli-Macaulay said this during a plenary at the Lagos State House of Assembly on the looting and pandemonium in the wake of the #EndSARS protest that was hijacked by hoodlums.

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She said the National Orientation Agency needs to be alive to its responsibilities and help change the attitude of the youths.The lawmaker said, “The National Orientation Agency needs to get to work. We need to begin to orientate our young people. They need people who can talk to them from time to time. They are high on drugs all the time, most of them. They go to social media and say all sorts of things. I’m even scared to give my young children phones because I am scared of what they may see on social media. It is that bad.”

Alli-Macaulay said unemployment should not be an excuse for looting, adding that unemployment was not exclusive to Nigeria.“It is not unemployment that should be the reason why youths should come out and begin to misbehave. There is unemployment across the world, even in the United States.

“I schooled in the UK and I saw a lot of young people who were not employed but they didn’t become hoodlums. Why can’t we look inwards and look for solutions to our problems?” she asked.The lawmaker argued that an unemployed graduate could get a job in the informal sector instead of complaining about joblessness.

“Why can’t the young people look within themselves, look for their talents? Even if you are a graduate, what stops you from being a designer or a professional tile man and make a brand of it? There is no excuse for being a hoodlum,” she said.DOWNLOAD THE PUNCH NEWS APP NOW ON

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This woman is on drugs Can you imagine this girl?' I schooled in the UK' LMAO So sad from a youth who suddenly is in power Said by someone who used covid 19 palliative as her birthday gift to people Shame on you fa Prolly using her kids as case study.. . After mamaamuwo Prostitute her way up to a lawmaker's office, why won't she talk shit? 💁🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

They deny the youths free and quality education , beg for their votes and turn around to insult the same youths . What do they expect from youths with little or no education . The same youths that she use during elections . Hypocrites . Permit me to start by quoting Yoruba statement which goes thus 'otito oro maa n dabi isokuso ni' which literary means 'truth is like blasphemy' drugs abuse had become a recurring menace in our clime , and adverse effects of this on our youth

I think the politicians lead them to it. Total disgrace to womanhood Another misfit in Lagos house of assembly She done use Lagos money buy bleaching cream finish Nobody blame you because nigeria don't have law for original citizen but to people in power only Cant belive this!!! Did she do an headcount b4 coming up with such results? The credentials of such Lawmaker needs screening

ALIBABAGCFR Na she dey peddle the drugs give us See this one see what she is saying bayi Who told you women can not lead To the lawyers in the house; Is there a way we can file a law suit against this woman and have her sent to jail? To teach her ans her colleagues a very good lesson. EndSARS EndBadGovernanceinNIGERIA EndBadGovernmentinNIGERIA

Including your children madam As you are privileged to know all this information what did you do as law maker..person wey de thief public money and person wey take drugs Who better pass. All these indo mieeee y'all are hoarding God is watching on 6HD😭 Lolz, looking at her face alone I know she has taken a wrap before coming for the meeting. Someone that hoard covid19 palliative open mouth de yarn anyhow.

Agreed Wrong speech made ..... Think before you talk...... madam. Don't use youth for advertising ur drugs you have been taking some years ago ....... All this lawmakers you guys are just they saying rubbish what do you mean by youth are high on drugs so all those lawmakers that always fight in red carpet are they not high on drugs is only youth that know how to high right clap for yourself nonsense!

Lol....... please report back to law maker that she is high on constituency money. Most lawmakers are highly on drug, that y they made law for the poor masses alone. ( No Brain) Does these people ever think before speaking? First Elliot , then.... this! What a stupid statement. That lawmaker fit be werey in disguise 😂😂

She too is high on power It's not your fault now moreover the overhead fool had once said Nig. Youths are lazy whereas laziness is his nickname bcux how can it be referred 'Breaking News' when youths need to be addressed even na from script. Then to you, we are high on drugs together wid ur pikin dem.

If your grandchildren are part of them, monsters Probably her children do drugs 👌 This Lagos state how is filled with stupid people. I guess Remember Mojisola Alli- Macaulay? The Lagos lawmaker who said Nigerian youths on social media were high on drugs? Well the internet has brought out receipts showing that she distributed COVID-19 palliatives meant for her constituents on her birthday. Know them!

She is not high but diverting palliatives Areee are you okay at all , ALIBABAGCFR Aja loma je enu woman yi I believe this is confession time. Confess and be free... What drugs do you take? Your talk is not from a normal person I think by her looks and age she's most probably a youth, and by implication one of the 'most' who is high on drugs!

U had your education abroad, u enjoyed the serene of the best academic environment so why won't u be vomiting nonsense. Codeine speaking. She is high on corruption and codeine. Stole palliatives and used them as birthday souvenirs. Criminals Your father And they are high on adultery When humans are talking, that goat shouldn't talk, is it the same thief that used palliative's souvenirs for her birthday? Madam thief, it is you who is high in drugs.

Her children re not an exception of this Just keep saying anything you like against the youth With the way she looks, she is a drug addict too You are high on corruption that drains the state treasury hence denied them employment and future , depression hunger and frustation, wallowing them,they resort to whatever you call it

Who be this olosho honorable again?, all of u are products of Thiefnubu and the electorates. Do face like owl wey smell mess... She saying the obvious but my problem is has the government she is a part work to correct this This is a wrong accusation,that was how mr president made a mistake of refering to Nigerian youths as lazy.Many could be involved in drugs, but my own children and million of Nigerian youths are decent and responsible

Na your generation de high on drug. If the youth you so call drug addict didn't work for you during campaign, canvass for you during election, and even cast thier vote for you, you won't be a law maker. nigeria youth, its time we handle the steering comes 2023. Enough of old cargo senseless talk. You must be high too with drugs for saying this

Eti yawerey ma'am NkemdiMary Because Nigeria are evil, The name Nigeria means black darkness, leaders have kill the future s youths I think because they've all drank from one calabash, they will all say same rubbish talk! And she is high on what? Is her children she is referring to. Shame on you. Ole oni palliative

Maybe Her Husband is One of Them 🤔 What about god father's!. I come in Peace See this palliative looter accusing our youths. Wonders shall never end 🤣🤣😭😭 See the idiot using Covid19 palliative as souvenir in her birthday party 🤔🤔 Radara! Soro soke ka gbo🗣️🗣️ Her pikin fit beat Pablo Escobar record.... Make we de see

BernardthePRO Looter in chief These people in Lagos chamber definitely smoke a certain kind of weed. They are a messed up lot She's high herself What is this woman saying? Including you cuz you're a youth Yes oo! Including you Hummmmm na to give am RED card ALIBABAGCFR You must be going crazy. They think everyone is like SanwoOlu and MC Oluomo

You will soon meet your Waterloo Never knew Lagos assembly is a place where Hoodlums are meeting. Almost all ur children are high on Drugs. You syphone money, they in turn steal from u and use it to buy drugs. When they become high, u allow them to drive one among the fleet of ur cars and then use it to crush

ALIBABAGCFR Nigerians have over the years taken too much nonsense from crop of looters You and Your father is highest on drugs in Lagos state. ALIBABAGCFR Including your children ma'am Who be this wan again nah?🥺🥺🥺🙄🙄🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️Wetin happen sef? Haba!!🤬🤬😡😡 Nigeria we live in, is a place where those in government believe that the have nothing to do with the masses but during election masses are called to cast there vote, our mumu done do, 2023 every youth should be highly on drugs, EndBadGovernmentinNIGERIA

ALIBABAGCFR It’s a naked truth You're wrong. The Nigeria Youths are Normal, it is you the leaders you're on Colorado. You're people are not normal mamaamuwo is her Twitter handle The 'Government' that are not on drugs won't probe her for using what is due for the masses as Birthday Gift but when the masses collect it forcefully they are drug addicts...A Big Shame

Not a nice thing to say. Oh my! What's all these? How can you say 'most'? She have used 'some' or even 'alot' but saying most also includes her kids and kins. I want to believe its a case of poor use of semantics. Its too damning otherwise I think it's high time they change all these Lagos law makers like condemned engine oil.

Animals in human skin Please check her very well,she's on high drugs,that's how mentally foolish UK students reasons,thinking they are normal,😃😂😂😂 who made the youths So, no be the politicians, who always deserve millions upon millions of naira but neglect youths empowerment. Surulere again!!!! Why would anyone open their gab within their ugly face, and say a thing such as this , in rather precarious times like this; is that not adding fuel to an already volatile environment?!... how did she get to be representative of the people?! She’d be recalled forthwith !

Gradually, our lawmakers and government officials are getting mad. Radarada Wondering how many Nigeria youths she has approached in recent days to confirm they are always high on drugs 🤷🏿‍♂️ 🤔🤔I guess her children and their political thugs 👌🏿 averageblaq Yeye girl... Hian 😏😏 Says a fool that gave out palliatives as birthdays souvenirs. You physical and Spiritually Mad

This one don mad ooo, I see your daughter in the street of London smoking weed and drunk, this woman also do same thing in Lagos... oloriburuku people You will be surprised how she found out: she sees her overpampered kids with cracked-coke in their nostrils and assumes that all youth are like that! No worry ur cup go FULL!

Which drug? It is frustration and hardship. You are lucky to be a law maker. How many youth have such opportunity even though they are graduates? ansapurple May the Lord purnish you PDP_2023 MADAM Honorable , what are you high on? Am sorry to ask .....is there not even one person among these Lagos Lawmakers wey get sense or know small book at least 🤷🏼‍♂️

So NDLEA ain't doing their job See how red her eyes are... Madam is high on Blunt! Please is she okay? You’re one of those who made them to be high on drugs EndSARS Does she live in Nigeria at all. Unemployed youth in UK are given job seekers allowance so that they wouldn't become hoodlum. Nigerians politicians are selfish that they care for no one.

It takes a thief to know another thief. The shape of this mouth be like who dey smoke weeds ooo. No Nation on earth refers to her citizens as 'miscreants / criminals' irrespective of their actions / mental state. Only Nigerian leaders does this. The dysfunctional system of Nigeria /leadership style, creates 95% social miscreants among the Youths annually EndSars. Retweet.

Including lawmakers She is responsible for covid 19 palliatives hoarded in that warehouse in Amuwo Odofin This set of people in Lagos state House of Assembly are shame to humanity😣😣😣😣 I'm patiently waiting for the one that will prove me wrong🤔🤔🤔 EndSARS EndBadGoveranceInNigeria When you nepotise Harlot into Hallow Chamber...........

This set of people in Lagos state House and Assembly are shame to humanity😣😣😣 I'm patiently waiting for the one who will prove me wrong🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 EndSARS EndBadGoveranceInNigeria Is your children that are high on drugs...Most you talk? Another politician olosho.. Thank God you are a mother. I hope ur children live & school in Nigeria When they are old enough as skilled graduates, I hope you will still be able to keep them off phones and social media. And I hope that they are able to fulfil their dreams in the country you are making laws 4

The only way to confirm is to check your children EndBadLawMakers Dear Lawmaker, It may be true that most Nigerian youths are high on drugs most of the time. Care to ask why that is? Me thinks it's due to our collective failure as parents and a government. I also think that the problem is beyond just the National Orientation Agency.

Is it not time to EndPoliticalRogues in power... Youths on drugs because people like you have stolen their future Dem go soon land for your doormouth Experience they say is the best teacher. Maybe she talking for been high herself on drugs. What a shame. When you vote for Political party instead of individual with integrity and consciousness, this what you GET!!!

...ma'am most youths are not drug addicts like your children 😒😒😒 She looks high on drugs? You are a lawmaker and living a fake life 😩😩 How you go use Covid-19 palliatives do birthday souvenirs ? Human kala! U have forgotten that ur husband and your children are drug addicts too. This country has become something else, see someone that was given position via aristo talking to Nigerian youths anyhow.

We will not forget INEC give us PVC now! Who be this one nah You fifu Should calm down Na She must be talking about her children Eleri bu Let chickens on low protein vote for u in 2023 Please is this mummy old 🧐🧐🤪 bcos she’s taking in the old With her as number one. An idiot Is her children and her generation that ate high on drugs. Who was she before the office ? Political loot money talking senseless talk

Please Reply wisely. Your Reply will show if you are one 😂 Youself look like person way dey take drug Its not your fault. You telling us that we are high on drugs, there is no problem. What impact have u made since u became a lawmaker? Just mention onething u have done in your constitutuency as a lawmaker? U have the effrontery to say Nigerian youths are high on drugs. No problem

Your children are the best in this aspect Obviously 🙄 your thoughts 💭 are twisted! It's her kids that is high on drugs It's such an unacceptable comment at this volatile period. Could she have uttered this in the midst of the protesters? Including your children too abi, your relatives and other people close to you? Mitchewwwww

See mouth , Omo afishewo mamaamuwo obviously went to night school in UK, if not she would know that Uk and the USA have a social welfare system. You are not the only one that went to school in UK. Besides the level of drug use in Nigeria is not as wanton as South Africa or even the USA. It’s really a /1

And you are high on bleaching cream and embezzlement...😈😵 Yeah, she would know all right! Like recognises like even though it may not reckon with it. True tho Don't worry,mad people everywhere in government. Most of our Youths are high with drugs.. It takes a drug addict to know a drug addict. Lol can u imagine the hypocrites and tyrants we elect as leaders, dis people are all already to silence us 😠.I guess she's the one on drugs wen saying this.

NkemdiMary We know face your front Which one brought her to that conclusion? Abi make up too don de high ppl?😳 Kettle calling pot black. 'Honourable madam' pls off your mic. It's not your fault. EndSARS EndPoliceBrutalityinNigera NewNigeria I don’t know what to say about you, I swear Click on the link below to see CACOVID palliative meant for the poor that she used as party pack during her birthday...& she had the audacity to say the youth are always high. Radarada! Recall process is looming mamaamuwo

NkemdiMary Woman you're an animal, even you as a woman you never care about massacre of young man in this country you people will pay dearly U try You nor see the werey, if not for madness, how this litterate illiterate go dey talk. 🤔 Who's this one again 😩 HYSOLAT what we do? We develop estates and sale Houses We design develop structure for individual project We partner with other companies We consult for clients on real You can also invest & get return If you need any of our service call us +234 706 450 9402 +234 901 286 5406

This woman is everything that is wrong us... Says the woman who uses covid palliatives as birthday gifts, Clearly your drugs are cheaper than ours Including your children 😂😂... Sometimes... Not even sometime, all times I wonder if these ppl thinks they are dealing with fools, all of u will be disgraced one after the other. Stupid sets of leaders... What is all these nonsense. Nigeria will soon crumble, they will soon face what Ghana faced...

Seriously mamaamuwo this how you perceive the youth? Mmmm just wait for it Why is it always Lagos Lawmaker? Something is hidden Isn't same youths that voted u as a fortunate Lawmaker? You guys can speak whatsoever u want/like , the day of reckoning is near. Hopeless Politicians and selfish bastards. So u are adult now Hmmmm It is well oo

Same with most Nigerian politicians Hahahhhaha... Earth don shit... Mad people everywhere Its high time we start leaving police and going after these lawmakers.. MadeinLagos Nonsense Violence brewing on this street... Using palliatives to celebrate birthday and coming to talk in the nonsense Nah him papa dey give us

Am sure her children are also high on drugs since they are also youths So What Do You Expect From Drug User Like Her. She's already on drug before saying Rubbish. What's really wrong with all this lawmakers in Nigeria...well, thank God you supply the drugs...I hope you won't come back apologising that your emotions got the best of you like your colleague Desmond Elliot... we are waiting for all of you...

*sigh* Her twitter handle pls, let check something. Look at your own eye ball in your own picture closely You think say you don make am abi? Your children are number one drug users. We go shock Una soon🤠 iPhone11 64gb ( Red Colour ) 100% neat available 290k Call or message me on Whatsapp +2349073773772 We do delivery to your doorstep.

Now that the people know that power really belong to the people, they are high on drugs. Then you the politicians that have impoverished the common wealth are high on what? Ourmumudondo Her face shows she the one high on drug, I wonder what her children will look like lncluding her very self & kids too, 'olosi eeyan radarada'

In a little while, the flowers will fade off. Technically she telling us something about his family.... I don't know how this runs girl became an honorable. smh mamaamuwo, I know you are talking from experience having seen how terrible your children smokes at home. Onisokuso You no get sense Iya asewo 🤔judging from your statement, it appears correct to say that most lawmakers are equally high on cheap drugs all the time because I honestly don't know what you guys are consuming🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️ EndSARS AwaFierce 4EvaYoung

And most govt representative were high in stealing and corruption plus selfish interest? This woman Na comfirm oloriburuku. She no fit talk say all her children no Dey smoke or take drugs. And she Dey talk shit for mouth. Dem no born that person well wey go tell me not to smoke again. Ogun lo ma payii

Another sign of bad leadership. It is her children that will be high on drugs... Can you imagine!!! 😠😠 How do you want her to know what she's saying when water has not even touched her head for the past 10 years Lagos Assembly A mess All members no brain PDP_2023 I can see you are high in makeup ma'am

What are you high on madam, you high greed So what are the old men high on? Rubbish talk... If you don't have anything to say just shut your trash Na ogun go kill ur papa Who b dis one Your children must be drug addict that's for sure because you're speaking from a first hand information Nigeria Youths don't have jobs, no contracts nothing at all, how or where will they get money to bye hard drugs? Shame on you.

Na wa o. Nigerian youths don see shit from some idiots in government. She is the leader of the most Nigerian youths high on drugs. I hope the youths of her constituency can read and take note. Irresponsible one like her. Including you If their are appliance for checking the use of alcohol while driving, there should be for checking drugs and other narcotics usage. Equipe the police with such appliances and pistol.There should be whistle blowing police men in almost every garage and corners.

Some pple go just open mouth dey vomit rubbish Clear motor parks of drugs and Marijuana.Their should be a special unit for checkmating the use of narcotics.Wage war against drug in Nigeria. Learn from America & China. They don't tolerate use drugs and narcotics in any forms. There the laws are strict & bites.

DESMOND ELLIOT IN BAD NEWS | OBASA SAYS LATE VICTIMS OF POLICE BRUTALITY WERE MISCREANTS. 👇 Are they different from Nigeria politicians? Endsars Thank God you have now come know that. What do you intend to do? Make the remark & forget about them? Make strict laws to deter the sale and use of drugs.The fine and penalties should be severe. Our youths are 2morrow.Don,t toil with the future.

Punch Newspaper... That is hate speech... You are guilty of it and you are fined certain amount of money as being pronounced by govt. Oloshi!!one derica of rice is not being sold for 500 in uk And most of them are Homosexuals cannibals Arsonists Looters Gun runners Impersonators Armed robbers ........ Please add your own

Gosh who are these animals in government devilish ghouls. Why are all this old politicians always high on greed and corruption?💯 Including your family? Including your children. Why don't you shut that your gutter, if you don't have anything to say ma! Don't abuse her nah,did you know the last time she wash her head! Brainless people......

We need to take them out from that office they are against the progress of Nigeria Everybody need to collect his/her✊🏿 PERMANENT_VOTES_CARD NOW BEFORE 2023VoteThemOut ✊🏿one of the ways to end the oppression tell the people around you to go and collect there ✊🏿✊🏿PVC Corruption woman U are also on drugs ma And ur children hv leave there lives using drugs. Shame on u ma🖕🖕

Coming from someone who is sharing CaCovid palliative as birthday souvenirs. Is it not better to be HIGH than MAD like she is? Even with the I schooled in UK sense she no get!!! 🤦🤦🤦 NDLEA over to you. Are you saying maybe the NDLEA is no longer functioning? Yes Madam, you are very correct ma. Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters - Albert Einstein

Whatever d youths are u d elites made them. U introduced them to drugs, buy them drugs so that they get charged up to kill and maim for you during elections, you made them thugs and gave them guns, don't complaining cos your wild dog can turn around to bite you some day. It is you that is very high on 💊 drugs....

Funny most of these politicians are junkies I beg I need her name and handle pls......Oro kan n gbemi lokan wey I wan tok I beg Including her children Abi? Omo ale jati jati!!! Just look at her face, check her makeup, you will know that it is not normal, it is only a woman on drugs that will makeup like that. So no normal person in that house of assembly, what a shame.

Must you say something when you don't have what to said ? Pls take a close look at this lady very well, if anyone knows the old Kuramo bitch at the island,she was one of those retired kuramo ashawo way back, if she can come out and denial it then i will hands up It's time to kick em all out Starting with her kids, brothers, husbands and congo shinners. Idiot!

Everybody need to collect their PERMANENT_VOTES_CARD NOW BEFORE 2023VoteThemOut Chiaaa. Even our law makers? Oh lord ansapurple We have a bunch of fools in our judicial system. Wonder why our country is as it is. You,your husband and children are the dealers and leaders to drug clicks, LSAH no get head all,eye service everywhere.

The crop of lawmakers in Lagos state house of assembly can be summarized in a television comedy series 'fujihouseofcommotion. DesmondElliot_ mamaamuwo Yeye talk Well looking her she's already drugged. Mumu Morphine herself It’s obvious that this so called politicians really are the one not making the country move forward. The youth are making their agitation known that this so SARS are really causing menace in the society

What is palliatives items doing in her house. She should be arrested with immediately Bad girl See mummy morphine oooo... 😂😂😂 May God let you experience the brutality I got despite been told at the end that I am innocent God punish you and your generation The questions are ready? 1. If most youths are on drugs and you are obviously young, does that include you? Yes or no. How did you know? 2. Isn't the massive presence of drugs a sign of a failed government? 3. Do you have effective rehabilitation centers? 4. Are you on drugs?

So!?, since that's your new discovery, what will you do about it!? Is that why your constituency voted n elected you for What value and impact have you made? Unbelievable.. Well all I can say to this woman is that the Nigerian youths were able to handle a peaceful protest for weeks and it was all LOVE until the shootings started, so you can that your opinion and shove it where there's no light. Thank you!

mamaamuwo is this you? looted palliatives as birthday gift really! We no blame you . God go judge you 🙏 And i am sure u no why?! 2023 is around al these things u people are saying now don't come them and say u are taken out of context. Because the next protest will be endcorruption copy China. What do you expect from this fools They’re already planning how much to get from the 1TRN.

Such a disgraceful house member of not election rigging who would have voted for you And politicians are high on corruption, how about that? Mad people everywhere Including her children Feschuksmy She played her role in the lekki toll gate movie directed by Desmond idiots, they are produced by their god father which we all know . She might be using hard drugs too so she is hug already..... I believe she knows that this fight is not for us alone but her children included

U r part of them... She's just like Desmond Elliot, a product of godfatherism, she's a complete package of foolishness and loosen mouth. ....So ,this 'woe-man' in the lagos House of Assembly brazenly and publicly calls the great Nigeria youths drug addicts? Yes like you and Desmond Say the truth and let the devil be ashamed. You romance the devil. Because you eat from the devil's table. The same youths you condemned excel when they come to UK and US. What has your government do for the youths in Nigeria to excel like UK and US? I can't blame you Moji.

Sharp Deals 🔥🔌 Toyota Corolla 09/10. 2.4M Naira. Documents complete. Everything Super Clean. Garki, Abuja. BUYERS Hit The DM This one is silly. What’s her yardstick for measuring the percentage of youths that are high on drugs? She’s high on her saliva for uttering those segunfunmithink High as in high? Or High high?

Where are your kids for starters? Thieving leaders trying to make Nigeria youth look bad. Whether you like it or not, ur kids are Nigerians too and they carry the same vain words that you are using Why all of dem just dey fuck up like this Yes, because selfish ppl like you have pushed them to the wall.

Eleribu that’s what her children does awon werey set of people Yoruba people are chameleons This lawmaker has started another one. Buhari said Nigerian Youths are Lazy and he got the shocker of his life. The aftermaths of the EndSARSProtest is even enough for a sane President to resign in sane clime. Shame on you lawmaker.

Most Nigerian politicians are on high drugs,says SoroSokeGeneration . Werey elenu sibobo Whose Mother is this? Mtcheww The fact your name is Mojisola pains me more.... you looking so high thou Gbewudani lawnmaker also want you to hear her voice....why can't you come out and decleared yourself as a lawnmaker during the protest and see what will happen to you

How high could one be? When she used the palliative item ment for her constituents as birthday gift! SoroSoke EndSARS Is not her fault,she has nothing to offer.... God will help us in this country See another one talking all this people don’t care about the youth Abeg share her number let's greet her Even your brother too fool

Princedudu But who elected this people into office they’re not capable to any sit See her only God know what her son will be into mumu EndSARS EndBadGoveranceInNigeria I bet she have rich parents who have looted our country dry to send her abroad for schooling. And now she's back to run for political office. She never lived in a ghetto! Rich bitch!

D same drugs they use to rig election 4 u,is d same drugs we re using to change Nigeria You people are the couriers of hard drugs. EndSARS EndBadGoveranceInNigeria ENDCHILDFOODPOVERTY People that employ the services of thugs, even send their SUVs to carry them for use in disrupting peaceful protests and snatching ballot boxes. 2023. The Youths will come out again and protect the ballot boxes with chested men, Dogs and pure anger. Werey will not disguise.

This women to dey lie. Stupid some body spotted!! Unbelievable! Wonder what description is next? Bats? If am God I will make her children tiles man in Nigeria I'm sure she used expo and bottom power to get that seat. Ode! UK ko UK ni! Iti akwu! My question how do they get to power first place Wow, a law maker calling Nigerian youths drug addicts..... God help Nigeria because this one is nothing but empty vessel

You are the one high on power The nigerian government have been at war with Nigerians for a very long time but we were not aware of this war. Blocking food chain supply is another way of trying to make us their slaves so we could beg them, give us ur vote and have the bread, nice tactics but u failed You pikin them they join also see your glasses 👓 like soldier ant 🐜 eye

Most politicians are high on what? Na wa o... How do people think about somethings and have the confidence to say it 😕 Maybe na she they sell the drug give those youth she they talk about. Pls ask her well oo She too, must be on the same high drugs. Coz she converted palliative into birthday gift . Onome81162370 Says this fool that hoarded and used covid19 palliative as birthday gift to people

So out of touch and clueless! Wow I don't think we have reasonable fellow in lagos assembly, are they really a human at all..this is sad😡😡 Madam which one you follow take u too u b youth now She gan gan dey high on coke If not she no go dey look like this More so how do people that use drug behave and how did we ba have that made most of the youths to be high on drugs

You got kids too and they are probably worse Kai, this one again? First was Desmond, and this one now Caution madam. I advise this should arouse your concern and concerted, urgent and deep debate in the hallow chambers of the house, with a view to formulate a remedy. Making fun of them in the open is not a fair option.

And she is always on drugs too ...are we going to blame you? I dnt think so, you called yourself a lawmaker, you just open your mouth without factual emphasis, you look shows you're on a cheap paracetamol. But they organized and conducted peaceful protest for two good weeks before the stupid and foolish government of yours decided to disrupt it.,😒😒😒😒

You She looks too pretty to have said that sh!T pitharoy Werey dey disguise EndSARS That is why mental health is not being developed because our lawmakers have no idea about it, going about with stigma for people that are real patients. It is all your family that are on drugs It’s her children that are high on cheap drugs

After you don bleach with all our money abi... Kode ni da fun é. See her squeezed face 😒 says the woman who gave out covid19 pallatives on her birthday. Hypocrite at the highest order. Shameless useless leaders where this one from olofo Imagine Says the woman who foolishness She means her brothers. I don't blame u people is the godfatherism dat took u people there. Talk is cheap continue.

No be this one use palliatives do birthday? Abegi you get mouth your character is vividly seen you are worst compared to the youths you condemned. Is your children that's on drugs Na ur children de high on drugs, if not for Tinubu's anointing, how can a clueless imbecile that doesn't know anything about the problems of d people she represents still be doing in the Honorable house? 2023 is coming

Just look at her eyes very well and tell me what you see or notice. Her children are high on drugs oloshi Mumu Na this one come foolish pass Here we go Accidental legislature with no legislative sagacity continue days of reckoning is near I pity those elite who think this is over its just the beginning of an era the youth called them children or hoodlums or high on drug have tested their power expect more brazen act from them

This one wan trend Check my pinned tweet and RT please 🙏🙏... Trust me, I follow back. Thank God for the social media😎 Just like you and your husband. Mumu lawmaker. Your godfather's made more thugs in the history of Lagos State than any other person in Nigeria. Deal with it. Someone please help me with her handle, I wanna say hi.

Wow Af taya! 🤦‍♂️ Ashawo foolish lawbraker From lazy Nigerian youths to Drug maniacs to children. Chai! Person don suffer! Just because we are Nigerians. I'm sure you guys have more descriptions in your arsenal. Bring them on... Nah God go punish una Na wah ooooo!!!!!! Why almost all our leaders are these senseless? Who do we offend in this country bayi?🤷

when are this old cargos going to be dead so the future leaders can come on board ? Hmmm Mother with this kind of statement The truth remains that all Lagos State House of Assembly members are on daily drugs. That's what you get anyway when you elect irresponsible group of sycophants through thuggery and godfatherism.

That's what you get when you have a failed Revolution. AFRICANS aren't Mentally Tough on Handling issues regarding Freedom of the Oppressed. Very Bad. Like Desmond iscariot(Elliott) 😂😂😜 We don't need to. Make noise this people are scared of us already they seeing their down fall one by one... We are the one that don't need to relent with the tweet

Her house address plsssss What are you insinuate Cos I don't get you Your son there Beauty no brains Am sure, she's once on drug herself. Na thief go fit spot out thief leg on the on the rock. So let the screening starts from her household. Please what does drugs has to do with the Youth seeking for a better Nigeria?

What's her name I want to check something The person whey put big hear rings like dis on her ears how she one take know wheytin dem dey talk abt....from my view I think she get family issue before attending the meeting that's what she is thinking.... people's with problem Sha....oniyeye😁😁😁😁 Did you carry out any research on your claims and, if you did, what percentage of the youths is on drugs? Are some lawmakers not on drugs?

Can you imagine the fool displaying her stupidity....one sense you get ode EndSARS Crazy lot at the Lagos HOA She slept her way to the state assembly so I don’t blame her .foolish fool She is d one high on cheap drugs Your papa Oloshi .. see her face like Bat 🦇 Including your children 600 years for her SMH.... You know the funniest part, you'll still use those so called youth when it's time for election o... How i wish those guys dey twiiter to see how this people are insulting them.

Is this huntty high ThisIsLagosCity This people forget even it's 16 years they will still come down from their high horses. People know their roots and they'll find them where ever they run too. It's a global village now. If they won't let youths use their PVC then no ballot box is going to leave. What do you expect from Advance Ashawo?

Mumu woman I saw her talking dat rubbish... They all lack ideas on how to make dis country a better one. ThisIsLagosCity This one is not okay Most hmm kuku say all Is your children that are in real drugs😒 Ewu!!🐐 Your father is high on cheap drugs....weyrey Bleaching cream affects the brain too? 🤦‍♀️ Because this atutupoyoyo is obviously moving mad. Anuofia

We have had and seen a lot of Nigerian lawmakers that are also lawless....Does that mean most Nigerian lawmakers are lawless? Soro Soke !!! Unna see why 2023 must change everything... Some people are there just becox they want to speak whats in their small brain... We need to start testing intelligence before u run for office

Sometimes one begins to wonderful if some demons occupy the hearts of these POLITICAL OPPORTUNISTS and further force them to spew rubbish publicly in order to receive some insults. Imagine this one sef... 🤣🤣🤣 Her father is high on drugs It's not her fault, she just need to be among 🤣🤣🤣 Hope your one ¿‰

Now i now believe.... Lagos has the highest rate of foolish and senseless lawmakers 💯💯 Is it now that there is no sensible lawmaker in that Lagos house of assembly? Just curious As I'm speaking to you, your son is behaving one kind now. They doctors said it's because of drugs, & nothing will stop him from going Mad. Nonsense!

Bitter truth. What is wrong with Lagos lawmakers? Why are they acting like a fool, other state don't have lawmakers Abi? I don't blame them, na Lagos youth put una there, na give one power to talk shit... Lagos youth you guys gat some work to do man.... U re also on drugs and alcohol. EndBadGoveranceInNigeria EndMilitaryBrutality

Eyaaa, she seriously wants to trend but she no get name... Misses Unlawful maker EndSARS Peruzzi pelemanewmoney davido wizkidayo I no blame you shaa😒😒 Who voted for this woman self ? Season film another episode don come out title: YOUTHS ARE HIGH ON DRUGS. Were leemzooo Take this thing and headline. Post it in every ward in her constituency. Post it everywhere in her home town, then post it everywhere at Alausa.

Correct You are right, most Nigerian youth are high on drug, but our leaders are higher of drugs.. That is why the military is protecting lives and property of people in Nigeria, while police is then protecting our territory integrity as a nation. EndBadGoveranceInNigeria Do u know how he was being given the opportunity to be a flagbearer of the thieves and drug addict pple may be by paying the who is who in kind

Same one she was high on when making the statement. A dentist really need to check this people's brain, it's fuck ing faulty and leaking oil like Cele express molue. You're mad,,stupid people everywhere Dem don initiate am Oloriburuku woman, sharing what belongs to her constituency as a birthday gifts..I swear you go suffer for 1million years even make you die ur children go inherit am

With ur high face Baba e. Lo high on drugs. Wtf generalises negativity? She has abused her power of influence and position.. she is the type of generation that would want backwardness for other people children for her sake! No worry smile today tomorrow is no more for you all How old she be Just like your father, your husband and your sons (born and unborn.)

it’s by selection not by election, that’s clear evidence. Your children Dey do drugs no mean say our PAPA AND MAMA no try for us oh 🧑‍🦯🧑‍🦯🧑‍🦯🧑‍🦯 Nigeria youths or hoodlums Why I hate Lagos state is that in 2023 tinubu will come again and tell them who to vote for and the will do exactly.i just Dey think may be the man get juju hold lagosians

This one that is looking like malaria drugs She wan trend..... It's even apparent that she's not intelligent...How did she get there self? mamaamuwo you need to use your tongue to count your teeth before addressing our great Nigeria youths Perhaps you are one of the importers and suppliers of those drugs for you to know such details. People in a position of authority should mind their words and avoid making senseless and provocative statements when the atmosphere is tensed. This is an irresponsible statement.

Nigeria's trending war now is between the young, tenacious, hardworking, woke youth and the oppressing elderly unrepentant corrupt leaders What are most lawmakers high on? This wowan is wearing expensive weavons on empty brain 🧠blind lawyer Are these you Madame I schooled in the uk Omo no member of Lagos State House of assembly get sense oo

These foolish thieves called politicians won't respect themselves until we vex again abi Your children are also victims of the drugs. She crazy or something This idiot SayNoToSocialMediaBill The Tinubu virus has infested all political office holder in Lagos State, they talk like drunken sailors on hard drugs

You are mad ma, hear talk, she's a mother oo, does it means all this elected people don't ha e sense? Naija is finish Ogun na go kill u.. Na ur children dey high on cheap drugs... Werey Thunder go fire you You say this in civilised country, the next day you're out of job . Sheer stupidity . Instead of her to have used this opportunity to make people know she’s worth something and like her, she decided to be ignorant and do otherwise pliz dear next time if you have nothing important to say just say NOTHING .

😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣 They are all bouch of born throw way, a won wèrè, this your last sitting, you all will never smell that sit again. Ur pikin naim dey on hard drug Person that is senseless DuBble_GHEE Most Nigerians! High!! Drugs!!! Even after getting votes from thugs, touts, students, abokis, unemployed, employed, etc EndSARS 2023ElectionforYouth

My country am highly disappointed that woman is like she smoke weed Ha. Hmmm evidence that is not everytime you tie tight gele hen you start loosing memory and sense of reasoning small small omashe ooo Sebi her children dey with us 'mojí solà' means 'í stole solar'. Runs girl calling us names .... Werey soro soke endsars endswat EndBadGovernmentinNIGERIA

She is part of the system that pushed the youth into frustration, then drug use. She needs to be voted out next election You are a shame Her children are high on cheap drugs Lagos lawmakers are high on cheap drugs Ahh, see insult. They suppose get Psychiatric hospital for That Lagos Assembly because abnormal talk they come out from there lately.

Mad people everywhere... And they said no mad man escape yaba left. So where this one come from? Your Papa!! This one na true oh, plenty people now the take drugs anyhow 😌😌😌 Just as she too is on high drugs One of her child is on drugs Who are these people for goodness sake The Lagos high on drugs youths should show her the way comes 2023

Is this woman on Twitter, abegi let's drag small. She needs to get some sense . Buh she day do drugs too now.....all the stress pills no be drug werey Wow!!! Is it that they all lost their sense of reasoning? Herself,Desmond elliot,the crying governors and all the off the mic politicians are the ones high drugs. I hope when this statement comes to hunt you,we won't see you crying fake tears on national TV like your colleagues.

Heehee😁😁 She is insane talking trash, in UK there are social provisions for unemployed accommodations and weekly little money to keep up Na your papa give us the drug😏😏 'If MBuhari could dehumanise Nigerian youths abroad how much more auntie high on Drugs.!!! O boy this people don call for war with us ooo, let's not let them win. We know some of them if you have anything dirty about them this is the time to bring it out.

You are part of it When an opportunist gets a place in Nigerian politics, they see others as irresponsible. It's a shame I'm a Nigerian. I regret God creating me to be a Nigerian. I swear. Another idiot All her children are high on drugs .. Oloshi It is her children n brothers that are high on drugs.. Who selected this people to the house cus I know they were not voted

Wow... Who carried out the survey? Dem go just open mouth and talk 'most'. Smh She is high on cheap drugs.....olishilishi And that is how we all became prophets... Imagine peruzzi prophesying that na FASHOLA them go call... and still the matter never still solve All these 'Collective' name pickers... Make she come make we lecture am scripturally

blaq_melanie Imagine the talk. Well I don’t blame her. She those not know the meaning of fight for your right. Na make she dey talk like who no go school And their useful to him during political campaigns. Na mumu youth go dull 2023 Come, what is wrong with all these lawmakers? If you're not a drug addicts you won't be thinking upside down. Only God knows how some of you manage to get ticket, same as that Desmond idiot. I for say make you show us your certificate but your president don fall my hand. Just ride on with your show of shame till 2023. IFB

How to people like these get to rule over us. How exactly 2033, come née thee We should also say so many Nigerian politicians are looting the country money Why won’t you say this,tomorrow you still pay them to make way for you politically .. And she's a Nigerian grandma on holy water abi All these na distraction. Who ordered the killing at Lekki Tollgate? We never forget EndSARS

What are we saying what's this one talking!!! I don't think we have any normal person in Nigeria govt!!!! All those killed at Lekki toll gate tested positive on Marijuana.... No peace for the wicked EndSARS like wild fire, justice shall prevail 💪 If no be say we high on drugs, why we go even vote u in, in the first place😏😏😏

May God punish you The fundamental question is- How did you get into that office?. You were elected to REPRESENT the people. Did you consult with your constituency? Is that what your constituency is saying? Enough with this sham of you standing in the house to speak for yourself & not those you rep May devil solder that your mouth, if Nigerian youth are high on drugs then what are politicians high on. Mitchewwwwww

Including your children ma, we high together last week. 😂💩🤡 What a confused and ignorant young woman. Please nobody should take any notice of her as she wants to trend. See her face be like drugs EndSARS Her children also among so no problem.....imagine at this age someone to be scared to get her children a phone because she knew it that they are notorious........

Stop making stupid people famous I think something big is wrong with these Lagos law makers. I can't imagine how most of them are thinking these days. Who is this escape Albino Can you just keep quite if you don't know what to say? How can you over 20 million peoples are high on drug? What for? Is she not saying the truth?Are we not high?Are we not high for voting useless people to represent us?RN,there is an awakening,we are removing EVERYONE OF THEM COME 2023.😤😵😠

I have one question for you,were you so insincere the way you are now before you join politics ? Or politics corrupted the good woman in you? EndBadGoveranceInNigeria When they open their mouth they vomit the latest rubbish in their brain... Smh I don't blame you. Am also happy that you're social media and also making this kind of statement. The world can no do this checkings

Irresponsible people like you will always find excuses instead of correcting your courses of dealing with your followers Buhari wan gag social media.We all know Buhari na despot. So he is using Lagos lawmakers to test d waters. Social media na suddenly Nigeria’s biggest problem no be corruption.Once we ban social media Nigeria will go to d moon, roads will be good, including hospitals & education

Let see hw you are ur family will live in peace Plus her kids endsars The lagos state house of assembly seems to be filled with people who have little or no sense at all. It was Desmond Elliot this morning and now Mojisola Alli-Macaulay. You both need medical attention. One said we're children, and the other saying we were on drug. Awon werey

Plz let’s know her handle or phone number,my generation will soro soke for her Its obvious is the ones you have at home. I know its frustrating but don't use them to judge other madam honourable It is obvious that we do not have representatives. These thieves are unified against the rest of us Olosho awon lawmakers.....

Same with your children Says someone who looks like a frog Whirling away their sorrows like sorosoke247. Children of SoroSokeGeneration. Give a dog a bad name and get em murdered like LekkiMassacre. Youths being leaders of tomorrow starts now EndSARS. Voices of togetherness How did all these people who disregard those they actually represent get elected in the first place? EndSARS is really an eye opener. Nigerian youths must do the needful

She is talking from experience i.e she is addicted to drug. It seems like their party membership benefits has been threatened by their Oga if they all don't jump into the social media with one form of distraction or another. 'No matter how stupid your speech might be, you must say something'. Lunatics running the affairs of the state

ImHeezy She dey mad Purse- 1,500 Sun-shade- 1,000 Location- Abule egba. Call/WhatsApp 08148017470 Eleribu Manicure set- 1,500 36 pairs of studs- 3,000 Men's bracelet- 500 naira 12 pairs of pearl studs- 700 naira Location- Abule egba. Call/WhatsApp 08148017470 mamaamuwo they are here, the high youth on drugs, Abu u no talk am again😁😁😁

Children of these people take hard substances She and her children uses Lagos money on drugs, she speaks with experience. Useless woman Is their godfather not a junkie too? 2023 is just around the corner. Awon idiots Who voted in these bunch of arrogant dingbats? She really is low on making sense..... Na dead brains full Lagos House of Disassembly. Stupid people Na him Lagos folks siddon vote to rep dem.

E be like say na Desmond Elliott full that house oooo Omo. Lagos House of Assembly na jungle oh. We are also made in Lagos. Na una go tire The one she gave them! Thank God for EndSARS I wouldn't have known that there are mentally unstable people in Lagos house of Assembly, Association of werey nothing good will ever come out of their mouth.dissovledthisgovernment

People like this lady made the 1999 constitution that has put us in this mess that we are in right now. She is definitely on an high horse now, it only take some time for her to know she is not leading anybody but taking a stroll all by herself. Where is she from? Eyin ara Eko wonyiii ti shi'yan (you mis-elected)... How can your representatives be insulting you like this: 'most of you on drugs all the time...' Kai! She even spoke as if she's not a young girl...omo odun melo ni Honourable speakeress unn gan-an nan

May Amadioha fire whoever said this, in Jesus name. Amen. EndSARS EndPoliceBrutalityinNigera EndBadGovernanceInNigeria Baba so pe HOA She was talking from experience mamaamuwo here they are the high youth on drag😁 It is time to put our money where our votes are. We cannot expect politicians to use their money to get into office and not expect the corrupt ones to buy their way into office. We must donate to those with character and empathy who can lead. Every naira will matter EndSARS

Lagos State law makers nawaooo No single person normal so. Ati awon Omo yin na If you have not found a reason to help Nigeria get rid of this political party this is your reason below....I can't believe anyone in their right senses would say that drugs was responsible for the uprising against PoliceBrutalityInNigeria...But APC folks can do it again & again

No problem enjoy it while it last Like Tramadol. Is she related to 'Desmond Elliot' Great...the wolves in sheep cloth are showing their true faces... Omo I just weak Imagine this idiot o? If you know what your own husbands are high on ehn,you will know that the youths a re far better when it comes to highness....Ahsewo oshi.everybody knows how she got to that house.Tinubu’s Cohorts!!!

Check her temprature please She even said 'Mr. Speaker, I schooled in the UK' as if that's a pass to spew rubbish... Obviously she's a misfit. Lagos law makers are mad with due respect, because thier daughter's and sons are not lagosian...Endbadleaders kvng_mary read it and see why we should remain very angry EndSARS

I will suggest NG Youths teach these people a lesson through our intelligence. Let's use technology for them & show them the power in us. Until we show them, they won't know we are high on something 🤡 Give us her number pls benado4life I follow back immediately benado4life I follow back immediately benado4life I follow back immediately benado4life I follow back immediately benado4life I follow back immediately benado4life I follow back immediately benado4life I follow back immediately

Y'all should please tag her so that she can see where her mumuism lies. Her handle is mamaamuwo. Her influence in amuwo LGA isn't felt at all. followlasg lshaofficial. I don't blame her, her salary is intoxicating her. Nonsense! & that desmond, don't have his time now. 🤣 It's official, Lagos state has the worst set of lawmakers in Nigeria I mean from Desmond Elliott to Olusegun Akande to this one, where the hell did you people dig this people from?

That means y'all are dealing with the most high 😔 Are you sure you’re not high because I can see you’re not normal....but we know height when you’re campaign All the Lagos lawmakers are high on drugs na. Including her children , abiyagba This is'hate speech' against our ethnic EndSARS EndImpunity EndbadgovernaceinNigeria ethnic group. Oga Lie Muhammed are you reading this?

If that is the case, you must be higher on tramadol. How would you feel if you have cool and brainy child & a low key like you turn around and say that he is high on drugs simply because he participated in a civil right protest? Where did you lock your reasoning faculty? When the youths were campaigning for you and your godfather, you didn't realize they were on drugs then, did you? I blame the youths of you ever get a shot at the position again.

She is a big fool EndSARS We need to start advocating proper data usage. What are your sources or references?! Where did u get this data from? They just open mouth waaaaaaa!!! Fact Na wa o, no comment, in Yoruba land when someone is talking out of context that's the elders response, too bad for a legislature to be talking like this, you are not elected anyway you guys are selected

You should say the truth and forget about the youth with drugs, if there is a good job in the country do you think youth will be out there smoking and drinking throughout 365 days a year? Person wey dem mad.... And you, you are high with what Nonsense And it shall not be well with her Na wa ooo make woman dey talk this can thing for mouth you no get children ni 🙆

Where did they bring this premature lawmakers from? First it was Desmond Elliot now is this one... Am I the only one who sees that they gave those Lagos state lawmakers a script, Just to fight social media. All the talks about drugs, looting, vandalism, EndSARS was just to target social media.☹️ Only if these fools knew that social media goes way beyond FB, IG, WhatsApp & TW

Her kids There you guys( Political leaders ) go again!!! What have you contributed that may help them The offende of the youths in Nigeria is the picture above and someone with brainless head covered with wig will come and to say nonsense ! Thunder is preparing an atomic missiles toward your generation

Its you and your children that are high on drug! Oloriburuku gbogbo!! How old is this lady ,no one has been able to ID her,or even her tell number , selected law Maker's Is this one ok? Why is she generalizing ejoor? So u get mirror 4 house Drugs your ilk gave to them so that they'll remain perpetually subservient to you.

See her eyes like bacon 🥓 Ontop all the money.....mamaamuwo e fine Just as all your children, family members and generation unborn are high on drugs. Animals in sheep's clothing Na u dey on codeine. It shows in your explanation Looking through your glasses,I can see you are already on cruise level when u made this statement.

Las las she fit be ashawo o 🤣 God punish her generation na weed they worry her, àwon werey radarada All lawmakers in Lagos and Nigeria are high on drugs and corruption Same as ur biological children. She's a disgrace to her follow woman Including her children. This people are not like us, they have been initiated by the evil ones.

How do you expect something meaningful coming out of this country when these kind of fools are everywhere around our Legislative houses 😞😞 See her ooo she got Head 🤔🤔 Nigerians are good enough is our leaders nake them terrorist See beauty no sense We go show you how high we are on drugs. Eyin ti emo meme

... Then you are high on blood. Vampire!!! Including this 👇 Most Nigerian Politicians are high on hard drugs... This Nigeria leaders or representatives, even the ones you think they will have sense ends up not having sense at all. Look at her face like toy. Which school of taught told you been elected you are better than every other persons? I think you are under the influence of tramo

You guys should not worry Na... It seems our Money is making you guys high that's why most of you can now talk to us anyhow without no respect again. All this insult shall be over soon by God's grace. The leaders including you are the ones in need of orientation. You guys need to end corruption and work for the masses. The problem in Nigeria is a Top-Down issue which must be tackled from the top to the bottom. End corruption and serve us not u and see if d youths r good ppl.

Madam high! Give them (youths) vitamin c during 2023 campaign. Ogun kill you there, UK and Nigeria dey same level. Well she would know, cos she’s a major supplier of the so called drugs. EndSARS Ori eleyi ti dota... Is this one not also a youth? At this age she's calling youths drug addicts... How does she get to the office,is it not by using all she has? She'll soon join us in the street. Women can never be head of states in this country.EndBadGovernanceinNIGERIA

You won't know the implication of what you have said until you stage out for campaigning 2023 Waka🙄 Tell that to your son or daughter. They're weedites too? Them go dey use you but the day way you say No, them go say you dey high on drugs. Our mumu dine do!! NigerianPoliticians are worse! Majority of them are cocaine addict

I'm not surprise, she just said what she think is the best for her Nonsense! Even if they are on drugs, it doesnt they have to be killed! Is like all Lagos state law makers no get sense EndSARS Who has her direct line(s) so that we can appreciate her When mummy wa is talking about her own kids Your father

Animal, bleaching cream caro white ambassador She is sick You be mumu Dem don carry us handicap This one na lawmaker too? Another disgrace to women! Bad representative of good women Look at wat u are saying wit ur mouth. Can u imagine 🤔 EYES ON YOU😠😠 Maybe your children takes it.not most youths but some Most

I wonder when saying the truth becomes high on drugs again..hypocrite May be she is the one supplying the drugs ! Na you Thunder fire you!🙄🙄🙄 Lol abi ur Children are Junkies 😂😂 It’s not your fault. The young people you surround yourself with are just useless. That's right. It shall not be well with you and your family

Na watin you talk be that? OK na, we hear you When we demand accountability, we get tagged as being high on drugs. Ah, h'auntie! Which drug did you take? As a Lagos lawmaker,being stupid is a prerequisite for selection by their godfather,so we are not shocked at all.... Ur fada and entire generation is high on drugs...

Is your children that are high on drugs EndSARS Babanla baba è high on drugs Exactly what some people in political class did before becoming elected into positions. As young growing Nigeria youths, we no longer want these high drug tasty individuals in position of authority. We believe in one strong united Nigeria free of drugged politicians.

Talking from experience 🤾🤾🤾👆 No be lie Werey re oo Another mumunatu Who did we offend? Are these people deaf? EndSARS EndPoliceBrutalityinNigera EndBadGoveranceInNigeria Her children are high on drugs mamaamuwo . Elenu sipoti She’s a big fool You are a mad woman Amongst this youths are your family members...maybe y'all get high together in your family who knows. Werrey

Another idiot It's obvious her children and family members are high on drugs Bcos it's obvious she knows how drugs addicts behaves Lol. She looks high. See her eyes 👁 Lagos State politicians need total cleansing starting from their Grand Patron 'Tinubu'. She mad The blood of the innocent people you people killed will bring doom to you all speaking ill of this deadly massacre or genocide in this twenty first century , you all will pay for your sins, and you desmondelliot

I think is better to you Ghana method start fm big once to the small we know Nigeria youth can reach dem 2 Sopman__ I schooled in the UK🇬🇧”😅😅😂😂 ...I think we need to help this legislators understand their place as leaders in their constituencies...Also help them understand how to use word in order not to attract the wrath of the people..

Fu... This bi...c Oloriburuku nie seeh I don't blame her, she must have probably looked in the mirror and thought to herself ' if this people weren't high on drugs they wouldn't have voted me in' That's the true pictures of most Nigeria youths. The lawmaker just hit the nail on the head. Ask her, what has she contributed to her constituency.

God damn that statement What ‘this honorable’ members are doing is called incitement and highest form of irresponsibility to the youth and teaming electorates So I am high all the time,ok!!! DontDoDrugs I challenge EVERY political office holder in Nigeria to a drug and alcohol test,to be conducted by a USinNigeria approved hospital. Dear Distinguished kindly predict the percentage that would fail the test. DrainTheSwamp

Only a drug user can identify the level of drug use among the youths.. So kunle your first born na drug addict, na you talk am o I just opened my mouth after reading the headline😲 That suya and kilishi aboky prepared for lagos state politicians just landed on last Sunday. The mail dispatcher started distributing it to their various homes one by one. If eat that suya you will start to speak FUTUN. The whole SS/SE governors don chop their own.

That means ALL politicians are on the worst drugs on the planet of earth. What a shameless careless talk! Who put those in it into such frustration? After they suffer themselves in sun to put in power but u ended there for just yr family and friends and forget thousand of those.. Madam If you want to say anything say it straight and don't compare Unemployment in the UK with that of Nigeria . They provide for their registered unemployed. Any UK citizen that doesn't work is either choosy or lazy. Imported workforce the UK counts about 17percent

If u think u have power & behave anyhow, verily verily I say into u (mojisola) u wouldn't be in that position forever & even the billions you stole or the ones u buried might just vanish one day, no Godfather will save you. there's always a law of kama even when you run to God Can this one vouch she doesn’t sniff cocaine with this Tinibu eyes way she get !! He sure me say him pickin go day club day smoke marijuana with olosho like this

DesmondOElliot Is it true that the children are now using vitamin C? These children ehnn.....na wa Am high on our leaders corruption not drugs Hope all is well with this guy? Them just Dey yarb us She's probably citing her family problem as a case study.. This one is high on stupidity and foolishness. Awon omo e lo high on drugs

These people that water don't touch their head hardly think straight like rational human being. Once a right is being denied what follows. If they are gainfully employed will they get high or have time to protest. Wake up wig. Is Halloween soon, the dead high youth will hunt too. Madam Lawmaker!!! I guess you need sense from the brain bank. You can apply for a loan.

She need our prayer. I beg nigeria youth prayer for her recovery See her mouth I Dey very sure say she Dey in drug self cos he no be so upon wetin Dey on ground na drug she Dey see I believe her children and her siblings do do drugs as well for her to know that youths engaged in high drugs Says a drug addict

Let's see ur elbow,kneel,toes ND knuckles...if no be cream we will believe u APC ẹgbẹ́kẹ́gbẹ́ party officials can so disparage d citizens! They have absolutely no esteems for d people Somewhere in their minds they believe they are not actually responsible for their being in office. People have to reject them O'togẹ́ APC ẹgbẹ́kẹ́gbẹ́ nation wide!

I will take that as an insult What insolence ? They are high on drugs but they pay Tax that is being use to pay your salary, you think say you wise!! This is proof that stupidity has no gender EndSARS Her royal highness 😰😏 Francis34921444 Fake government, who are you?what are you saying, it's time to take it back REVOLUTION now

If you have a son go do blood test for him before saying shit.. This one is crazy At dis juncture,I conclude dat D powers pulling D strings has instructed D lawmakers to paint D lagos elitist youths black & with traits of ungovernable characters. But on D contrary,D organized non violent protest will speak for us where we’ll be gatectashed Endbadgovernance

I am very sure her children are part of those on the said drugs The way her pikin dem dey high on drugs Youth can u hear that 🤦‍♂️ Tonijohnson100 IFB immediately 💯 😂 😂 I’m very sure she have Nigeria youth as member of Her families... cousin etc pointing ☝️ finger to someone 🤔 🤔 True! Empty vessels they say make the loudest noise. You can see all of them. We only asked for the right thing to be done. We are waiting for actions please. Talk is cheap. EndSARS

ayemojubar This is her handle : mamaamuwo Your father is high on fieces... What's happening with her eyes tho, just asking for a friend, something's not adding up.....she's probably in drugs.... Just like many of those leading this nation, no wonder we are where we are Whoever sees you knew you are on juju to continues enjoy your 4yrs vacation in that house of assembly allow Nigerian youths to enjoy being high

It takes one druggy to know another Really... Not your fault.. This people will suffer for 2023 ooo Nigerian Government are high on Corruption.. EndSARS EndBadGovernmentinNIGERIA Na wetin she go talk 🙄 Another day, another fool EndSARS May be she just left one of the rooms at Sheraton hotel.... It's only a thief that can trail thieves on the rock..... It means she sniffs drugs too

Nigerian government likes pretending to much...may God bless all our youths🙏 People that could not say pim when EndSARs was on a hot note now are all coming out to give their own portions of rubbish. Madam you are talking in the nonsense The effrontery I don't see any politicians in Lagos State to engage because Lagos practice monarchy system of government, hence they want people to be silent, useless sets of criminals.

We have suffered Amuwo Odofin Youths, can you display your 'highness' on drugs to her as your kick start her RECALL process. She is a big shame. adeyanjudeji CC 'Most' including her children if she has one Jobs have you created since you were elected into that office? That includes ur family Na your papa dey sell am give us

Motorcycles. Whereas, in other climes, lawmakers and politicians there create jobs in manufacturing, ICT, renewable energies etc. All our politicians know is looting the treasury and sending their kids abroad and living flamboyantly. Madam lawmaker, I put it to you, how many She too must be HIGH ON PROSTITUTION, we sabi them now, madam you sabi how many pole i hanged on before I get here. Friends with Idiot abi na Elliot

See her 'eyes brows pencils' sef 🤦🏽‍♀️ It takes one to know one.... If you are short of ideas leave the house. Majority of you are imposters you stole votes and never won elections. The youths are waiting for you and yoir kinds come 2023 She is looking for trouble hmmmm Madam are you not youth, dirty 👄

See her head like PINEAPPLE Fixed: Most youth at the protest ground are high on drugs. You see..? It's simple. PLEASE RETWEET I'm BOBOSHOES & I make SHOES like these for a living. If you see this, please support a growing business by retweeting. God bless you immensely. 🙏 MADE ON ORDER Frame 1: 12,000 Frame 2: 12,000 Frame 3: 12,000 Frame 4: 15,000

All her children and Relatives are high nain dey high EndSARS Never knew the Lagos State House of Assembly had members. They suddenly found their voices. All I used to hear was the Speaker and his alleged corrupt practices. Now it’s a matter of the youths, they all suddenly appeared. GetYourPVC So are your children, mumu lawmaker

Yes fact 👌but this the monster you made Mostly due to frustrations from the Nigerian system. Are all this ppl mad ni...what do they take us for gangan..... Your children and your family members are the ones high on drugs. Iya werey Someone should help us with this woman's Twitter handle, I heard she is selling bras on her TL. Want to visit

See this monster in human form. You and those you run after that you call godfathers are the drug lord. Nonsense This is why we must not slow down, If we continue to shake the bird's nest they would all fly away. These are the criminals we most unseat. How can you not provide nothing for the youths and then turn around to insult them? Smh

Even 90% of law makers in Nigeria are drug addict, EndSARS EndBadGovernmentinNIGERIA UnitedNationsHelp Almost all those in the house and your bosses are on drugs. If you don't know ask them secretly When their unbelievable allowance is being threatened remotely, they lose control and talk without reviewing their thought patterns. Madam respect the youth, they are a formidable force capable of blowing this nation away when mishandled.

You know this because you are their supplier nau madam Igo Loju Omo Odaran 😎 What's her name and where does she represents please? Seems we have our assembly filled with Power intoxicated legislators o....Se we never enter one chance so So how come you know about highness of drugs if you ain't taking any!! Bunch of fools.

Even though if you don't have sense ! You gat to pretend like you have it ............... RECEIVE SENSE You dey Twitter and we no dey follow each other ahh let's follow each other joor.i follow back immediately. Retweet let's gain together 😍😍😍 EndSARS AwoyeraSegun See akamu Her children are Nigerians so she is referring to her children that she didn't train well with stolen money, a question for that stupid woman a person that earn less than 90k or a graduate that don't even have a job is it food that will be their top priority or drugs?

Why is everybody keep talking about how the youths are controlling the social media but the forget to talk about how the unarmed peaceful protesters were kill, the only speak in their Favour the don’t have me and you interest. When they open their Olodo mouth to speak, it quickly mentions America forgetting that they Pay their unemployed Citizens while Nigerian Govt de hide FOODS from Citizens in spite of the DELIBERATE JOBLESSNESS in the Land. EndSARS EndBadGovernmentinNIGERIA

They are coming out gradually.. How old us this woman? Her husband is taking weed Seems like Lagos State have imbecile as their representatives DesmondElliot_ said he walked around his community he saw the damaged by Nigeria lazy youths i wonder why they didn't stoned him to death his achievements so far

What an idiot! baasegun1 U don’t know what u are saying And did she state what she has been able to do to help rather castigate them? Ok the army way cum lakki way tin dem use before dem started terminate peaceful protesters Oti ya were ni It’s high time these politicians are schooled on public discourse. Majority of them lack emphaty. How can she be comparing unemployment rate in Nigeria to that of US. In the latter, they publish number of new jobs created weekly and they have very accurate data of unemployed

How oLd is she please?.... She promise me she will sToP being high on dRuGs because I personally told her no matter how high she is, she can never be like the most high... WeMoVe.... EndSARS You think we are like your children You've used your functional brain for a make up powder... The rest are lipstick

Wetin musa never hear for this gateman work. SAMKLEF come and see something You dey ment ma’am I can't blame you people due to some cogent reason, but you deserve impeachment for not saying the truth. Will you till the people that your husband doesn't take drugs? DrOlufunmilayo come and see something See her roforofo mouth. Grand mother of all the janja boys in Lagos. Her children are crackheads.....otherwise she won't have an idea of how weed smokers behave.

What's the matter with these people, can't they just shut up and think first? Like the way your children and your younger ones are always high on cheap drugs. See her mouth like cockroach. She is clearly bereft of ideas as well, her suggestion is romanticising poverty, they never have plans for Nigerians other for their own kids as well as their acquaintance's to be at the helms of affairs... These ones can't make any change.

Including you, children and unborn children Her handle is mamaamuwo. She is obviously high on the little stupidity her colleague DesmondOElliot infected her with. I SAID WHAT I SAID!!! It's a pity, Lagos State House of Assembly members were all handpicked. The Speaker is even more worse. No be their fault sha. We will rebrand the country by kicking them out come 2023. God willing

Too many senseless people in Lagos house of assembly. You pipu sef no suppose waste data publish this na...haba 24_7onlinee Who Dey even elect all dis people? Most Lawmakers in the Lagos State Assembly need psychiatric examination. Haha.....this is awesome we are also drug on the lord...for we to know the truth and our eyes also open....

Dat drug dawakwaaa gi onu there.... Idiot..... Stupid woman...... She said youths with no specification.....Punch better remove that *most* Someone should get her number for us to appreciate her for commending us. We just wanna say thank you, nothing more. And she's high on her menstrual period Hon Mojisola sounded personable, smart,and professional, when I met her. Hmmmmmm, appearances can be quite deceptive. EndSARS

Like her children for example I really appreciate the way Lagos lawmakers are slandering Lagos youths. I hope they will get serious by 2023 and get involved aggressively in who governs and make law for them. Enough of celebrity dance shows, distribution of useless materials during election.GET READY How did these people make it to the house?

Nigerian youths - lazy Nigerian youths - looters Nigerian youths- high on drugs Nigerian youths- hoodlums (optional) And I ask wetin we do una? EndBadGoveranceInNigeria Just like her children and herself 😠 Oloshi Why do we have all the comments against the youths coming from Lagos ? Perhaps they're painting a picture that may wanna portray us as being bad to the world.🤔🤔🤔 We need to change the narrative

Hope you are not high madam Another werey dey disguise 😜😜 Then most elders are senseless.. Sorry to say She look like a drug dealer EndSARS Just tell us your name make we face you Desmond Elliot go rest small See dem Tinubu children like desmondelliot like others You aint it maam, same as the rest.. Seems Lagos state HOA has lots of crazy ppl on cheap drugs.....

I don't have the right words for u right now. But the only thing that comes to mind now is that u are really high on drugs for all that u said. I have no doubt in my mind that you do drugs. You people stole food met for the people and they collected it back. So who is the thief? She is the one high on bleaching cream

Truth is bitter but that's the reality!! Most of our unfortunate politicians have their nose in their anus which gives them a higher Hi. Desmond Elliot just removed his nose from his anus and apologized. They are birds of the same feather. Ohh! Here again. We, youth, will show you the power of Our PVCs in 2023, God Willing.

Another Lagos State lawmaker again, nawa for them. No sense at all... Foolish You sha want us to get angry They can say anything because they were not elected. Tinubu selected them so I understand What is wrong with all these Lagos people. Punch Newspaper dey play chess with Youths , Twisting words and Posting Misinformation to draw more traffic and hate on gullible Children🤣🤣🤣🤣.. Am enjoying this

Including your children and generation yet unborn that's if God finds u worth to have one This is exactly why all the lawmakers should be diagnose for possible brain tumor affecting them See this useless and good for nothing lady... am very sure, she no get husband... weed smoker... No mind that yeye woman Na DesmondOElliot be her mama father 😆😅😂🤣 many things go soon happen

How did she know, if she's not a drug addict herself But it is the same youth u will use during elections. Mark everything u said today and I believe it will surely hurt u tomorrow because u all politicians made them so. You're on twitter and we ain't following each other, o wrong now, common. Let's grow together. Ifb no lie

Useless statement from a useless person SHe has met every Nigerian youth? We never Knew kemi Olunloyo has a junior sister Where is this coming from Chai! Next thing you hear is that one of her house is burned down That's to say her kids are high on weed Let's end APC and Godfatherism in Lagos, this insults from these 🤡 shouldn't go unanswered.

Madam herself is on drugs 💉 how did she know how drug works see her mouth nah 😳 People just spilling shits from their anus not mouth again iknowWassup This woman can't say this... Im not sure this isn't Photoshop Please don't allow this newspaper that clearly supports MBuhari to rattle you Am 100% sure you're the supplier. Very disappointed. Nonesense

I hope you counted your own children among the Nigerian youths. Moreover, I wonder if you feel that way when you go out to seek their votes during elections. These are your electorate, remember. The US is dealing with an opioid crisis today but would not call citizens names! I wonder how the country will be better when character like this hold public office. She lack sense of judgement & reasoning. She doesn't realize those monsters they created that help them rig election and also serves as political thugs are just like time bomb waiting to explode.

Our lawmakers has really gone mad and it's so obvious this set of people are bunch of political nonentity, from Desmond Elliot to Olusegun Akande and now, this senseless Mojisola. Who do we offend in Lagos state that gave us shallow minded people to represent us? We are high on poverty Am definitely sure you're the a dealer. Very disappointed

Pls find us this idiot's social media handles, starting with twitter. I doubt if she is more than 40 years, so she just indirectly told us she's a drug addict. Shediot😡 You too must be a drug addict for knowing and saying that... I don't blame you, I blame the same youths you are accusing of doing drugs for fighting for you to win during election

Very true! So much drug abuse in their heads! The list is endless! No wonder they behave stupidly always Marijuana Arizona Colorado Codeine Skushies Tramadol Rubber Soakaway fumes Mary Jane, kush, Eja, blaze, ganja Rohypnol Libido booster Skunk etc Abeg wetting be all this lawmakers handle. We need to know Abeg

Weytin be her name and what's her handle.pls all Nigeria youth on Twitter let's go to her page and do the needful This one don meet jide for the oza room 😂😂😂😂 ayemojubar Your children is high on drugs 😂 werey people Who do drugs pass their children And she is spouting this nonsense without drugs? We know a drug abuser when we see one

See how she is shinning her eyes like a thief on drugs🙄🙄 I am tired of this country God This lady is a disgrace, UK offers child benefits to their citizens, how much has lagos state given or supported residents with? You schooled in the UK and came back without sense. Lagos how did you manage to park fools full govt like this

When they are looking for votes we are not high,once they get into office it's insults upon injury... No problem. 2023 is coming,we will know who is high on drugs n who is normal. Awon were What a statement 😳😳😳 ayemojubar Ironu na scarce commodity nowadays sha. Tueh! Her handle ? Tinubu is truly talking through these dishonorable lawmakers 🤡

Abimberry And Shola and Ezra had a powerful exit... Fucking clowns Including your children Lagos State House of Assembly vs Nigeria Youth interesting 😤 Na only time e go take.put una go suffer all this ill treatment u have placed in this country. Na ur children dy on drugs privileged fool😡😡 Mojisola o si oro so

We need dis one number like dis make we tell am de type of drugs we take You are high on your bleaching cream May GOD deliver her When they fuck you before your ambition ...you will later Rob mouth when you get the mandate She must be crazy I pity lagosians oooo... see your leaders as dem dey cast una Danee_nk For someone that attended UK version of NOUN University for a year. She is a mad idiot!

And you are highy on corruption and impunity Is this one husband/ children not ashamed of her like dis now? MC olomo is part of ur government and you people empowered him drugs and all. SMH Abimberry All her children go turn tiler. I don't blame her...time will tell just a matter of time.... candle light will soon burnt finish.

This skin color tho. Palliative mustard?🤔 These lawmakers are the ones on drugs😂😂 ayemojubar It's confirmed folks. The Lagos State House of Assembly is filled with morons. Like seriously mamaamuwo She don our constituency money buy cream You can't blame her.... She's comparing us with her children Tag her handle pls 🙏🏻🙏🏻

ayemojubar Is this one alright? Your politicalGod father he also on high drug so to stop nonsense you are talking. You politicians are the ones empowering hoodlums with drugs and use them for election. So you mean Peaceful protesters take drugs. Meanwhile, most politicians take drugs n weed. Please downgrading the youths

And her children are makers of drugs 🤦🤦 ayemojubar Iyawo bourdilon 😷😷😷 And you leader is the drug dealer Awon omo re lo high on drug Coming from iya àlagbó pikin wey dey mix every every.... You see, some of these Lagos lawmakers are hoodlums and rogues. They are ill-mannered and uncultured. They lack education and self-education. They are corrupt and thieves. They rear rogues and touts and it's just a matter of time, all if them are going to be relieved soon.

It seems all the members of LASH needs mental check. Their utterances lay call for concern. Abi they are doing it to gain their godfather favour. Tinubu ass licker EndSARS How on earth will you be confidently talking shit with the title you hold🤦🏼‍♀️... Plus as you fine reach mama na bad mouth spoil you 🤡

She's derm crazy for uttering such statement... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 error!! Ori yin ti buru ma 🙄 Agbaya oshi Before you talk Mr Lawmaker, I'm 100% sure your children are on drugs ... Most Nigerian Politician children are on drugs both male and female mr lawmaker Haaaaaaaa‼️ They’ll soon publicly share her phone number so that the youth will show her ‘some love’ & then drag her from Lagos to Timbuktu on Twitter..

whereas y'all 🤡s are high on dumbness Animalistic verbosity and dumb generalisation. I'm sure she does drugs too. These are the people responsible for police brutality on the youths,they criminalize the youths,most older men are high on alcohol and money laundering too Please how old is this fool that's saying Nigeria youth are high please let leave this one she's looking for attention Ni jhoor EndBadGoveranceInNigeria endsars Itsnotfinished

I known that you can say this rubbish when you're seeking for vote? High on drug and they didnt deem it fit to find out why? Did we all started taking drugs from our mothers womb or what Is her children better than us What kind of reasoning did she adopt whilst shooling in UK? Your father stole to send you to UK. Get that right!

well I guess they're talking to the agberos and not end sars protesters Who is this local fool? Her kids are the point of reference, that’s the reason why she’s so confident when she was saying it Bille people are crying for help 😭😭 Someone is pulling the ropes,mark their faces-2023 is the end of their political career

This woman I don't blame u bcos u see food to eat. U re now comparing developed countries that pays there citizens every month if u re not working. To Nigeria dat u don't do shit to its people.Ogun go see u soon.People in d street is dying of hunger nd u said dey re high on drugs Rubbish talk. Lack of good understanding of the issues at hand. Very unfortunate, and uncalled for.

Pls how did lagos get all these pple.. Does that mean there is no single sense in lagos state house of assembly? It's a problem U must av gotten this experience from ur husband because he must be a ganja man If them won strike us the go compare us with develop state USA If them won chop from us them go compare us with other black state! E no Balance nawww O wrong! NO dey lose Guide ooo get your PVC Ooooooo 2023 EndSARS

How old is this one again, na wa for our politicians ooo One of the reasons women cannot lead, they always get high with wigs and attachments on their head😏😏😏 Dynamite are diamonds, not cheap to get. She imported the drugs in all the way from UK. This girl dey Mara o. Just a notch,2023 is here already. Let's go get our PVC

Absolute power corrupt absolutely Including her kids if she have any. It's true Ma. Your sun as well She's suffering from paranoid schizophrenia and psychogenetic She is probably battling with drugs too or one of her children is an addict, so it’s easier for her to mention drugs, I know youths at Amuwo Odofin can see this..

Your children are the ones high on drugs God punish you Your dad is high on drugs! 😒 It's unfortunate Olosho Cos her children are high on drugs don’t mean most youths are high on drugs Inside life. Most of this people ehn there children na junkie on drugs Sorry lagosians Ko de ni dáa fún were to sọ bee. she will neva rest in peace

Show me a man that didn't change from what he used to be after joining politics and eventually electorally empowered ... And I will show you *Desmond Elliot _Politics and Power changes People_ Meanwhile the lady here is equally high Lagos Lawmakers are on a cruise today though... Is there something they drink or eat before they into legislative sessions? I'm asking for a friend though...

We dey take am together now,omo alee It wunt be gud for yu na 😭 Oloribuku Her type always produc useless children maybe that is why she says so She just want to be popular! Ignore her pls Awon omo Godfather.....eni ku re......Bleach Maker High on poverty or drugs? This lawmaker is suffering from dementia Very stupid woman

Nigerian Youths against them come 2023 We dey wait for dem Sad, you can't stand 'US' We are the monsters you made The law makers are seriously high on weed and money shameless and unless woman, this one have sold her womb for money mumu woman She dey look for publicity... Olosho Lagos Is her children she's using as reference.

How many Nigeria youths do you know personally See her face OLOSHO Oloshi This 1 wey b like person side chick they talk say person dy high on drug mitcheeew Ogun go kill you💯 Haaaa What an outrageous and derogatory remark! Nigeria is finish how can a lawmaker make such statement Where did this one go to when the were sharing sense

She's the one on cheap drugs and she really needs a medical attention for saying rubbish How about his silly generation that are not high on drugs, how have they made Lagos/Nigeria. Always going round in circle. The youths that Voted you in, they have said we should find a way to hack you guys, and i am in support of it and working on a batch script, watch and learn

All her children are high on weed Hmmmmmmm, true talk God punish you, punish drugs. Including ur children. I mean if u even have children. Oponu afokungbemu See the woman lips gan self, she look like person wey go smoke silencer You're on twitter and we ain't following each other, o wrong now, common. Let's grow together. I follow back ASAP try my speed🍾❤️

Shame on you. Stupid woman Get them engaged in something from those looting This runs girls no get single brain 🧠 She Dey there the close our border but open the north border foe 2 to 3 years now Most Nigerian government are high in looting and murder. EndSARS

Private Terminal Operator Asks Nigerian Government To Improve Inland Waterways In Lagos | Sahara ReportersThe terminal, which is located at the fringes of the congested Apapa and Tin Can port, would receive goods by badges, enabling users of its services to bypass the road traffic In and out of the ports. NigeriaGov endsars RevolutionNow BMG

Nigerian Army Denies Shooting Protesters, Says Lagos Govt Requested Military InterventionNigerian Army Denies Shooting Protesters, Says Lagos Govt Requested Military Intervention A very serious question 💔WHO? LekkiMassacre LekkiTollGateShooting So what are they denying? This statement no mk sense...so Lagos govt asked for your intervention which of course you did. So are we saying jidesanwoolu is the commander in chief of army now Abi. God dey look all of una oh. Truth must prevail Endsars uzy2005 Follow kcnas2 kcnas2

Police Arrest Over 200 Suspected Looters In LagosPolice Arrest Over 200 Suspected Looters In Lagos They didn't realize they were breaking the law did they? Somewhere in their twisted minds they were justified in robbing people who were just trying to run a business? There is no excuse for torching buildings either. Useless police so now Covid-19 is gone but later useless NCDC will come and talk rubbish

Lagos Court Throws Out Homosexuality Charge Against James Brown, 46 Other Men | Sahara ReportersThe men were charged with public displays of affection with members of same-sex. Did they caught James Brown?😌 Chimexi_42 Dis ur bro case sef Good! Set them free. Now get the killers of the lekki massacre and drag them to court.

‘Lagos lost N3.9bn BRT buses, needs FG’s intervention’The Lagos State Chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has said the state at this trying time requires empathy and support from the Federal Government Follow 4 follow back asap So very sad. I hope those who did it will be brought to justice. so lives that was lost, can money buy them back, this govt is a joke.........

Lekki shooting: Lagos invited armyThe truth is coming out They will name the person that ordered the shooting gradually Lobatan awon oloriburuku apaniyan mstchwww ayeyin maa baje ni