Alli-Macaula, End Sars, Lagos

Alli-Macaula, End Sars

End SARS: Most Nigerian youths on social media are high on drugs - Lagos lawmaker, Alli-Macaulay - Daily Post Nigeria

End SARS: Most Nigerian youths on social media are high on drugs – Lagos lawmaker, Alli-Macaulay

10/29/2020 10:38:00 PM

End SARS: Most Nigerian youths on social media are high on drugs – Lagos lawmaker, Alli-Macaula y

The lawmaker representing Amuwo Odofin constituency 1 of Lagos State, Mojisola Alli-Macaula y, has claimed most Nigerian youths are high on drugs all the

Alli-Macaulay stated this during a plenary at the Lagos State House of Assembly on the looting and pandemonium, in the wake of the End SARS protest that was hijacked by hoodlums.She warned that the National Orientation Agency (NOA) needs to help change the attitude of the youths.

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The lawmaker said, “The National Orientation Agency needs to get to work. We need to begin to orientate our young people. They need people who can talk to them from time to time.“They are high on drugs all the time, most of them. They go to social media and say all sorts of things.”

Alli-Macaulay argued that unemployment should not be an excuse for looting, stating that “I schooled in the UK and I saw a lot of young people who were not employed but they didn’t become hoodlums.” Read more: Daily Post Nigeria »

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Madam if you are not on psychedelic reasoning and reaction you can't say so. Something must be wrong with you that is connected to drugs Coming from an irresponsible woman.... Aunty you're a hypocrite 👈 Fact Tell the Lagos lawmaker to stop insulting Nigerian youths, she should just mind her business if she doesn't have what to say.

Stop destroying the youths not every actions is under drugs influence but frustrations & disappointment from the government the youths are reasonable & highly intelligent which is why they grouped to check the government excesses & recklessness in governance Remember, you have to be a drug user and must have experienced being high on drugs for you to know, or may have a cogent data to know. She should apologize for insulting the same votes that helped her to where she is.

Thank you, mommy! We will surely remember this in 2023! Nigerian youths, you must not forget what this woman said, when 2023 elections come around. Don't forget that of Desmond Elliot too! Including your own kids Political are also on drugs for not hearing the cry of Nigeria's Stupid woman Alli_MacaulayIsHighOnCovidPalliatives

That's why they changed Endsars to looting and destruction protest We the youth are nt on drugs, she's d one that is on drugs becos she don't no what she is doing at the Lagos assembly as lawmaker. onibekee With her ugly lipstick. You know nigeria have no future that is why most of you send them to western world to live and have better life

Sebi you're mad ni. Sho ni o stupid ni. Idiot Those people throwing chairs at the Senate what are they if the youths are on drugs but when you people want to use them for rigging votes they are not on drugs oniyeye What is her reason to saying that, such a comment All this people always like to break the bridge once they cross

Really This country Na wa ooo Fvk u bch What is she saying, Ole, oloriburuku obirin, you are disgrace to entire woman hood for sharing paillative during birthday day, why not encourage children to machanic, taller as you said Is your jagaban not on drugs Idiot She Lagos law maker Use to take the drugs with the youth

You're not to be blamed, your lot is of the privileged few. I wonder why you studied in the UK? Are Nigerian schools not good enough? No be talk be dis ooo Are you sure ure not taking that powder ma? Yen yen! You follow be that to know or identify them waoo...i can see you are not even on paracetamol,for using the people's palliative to do sure ur brain must be paining you...shey be you and DesmondElliot_ sabi talk..

Just succeeded in saying rubbish This is how Nigeria police and Politician take drug and sleep on duty Mojisola Alli-Macauley, aka the Mama Amuwo was a staff of TVC as Senior Marketing Executive She said 'The Youths on Social Media are high on drugs all the time.. most of them..' Twitter: mamaamuwo Insta: mamaamuwo Mobile: 08030678064 Amuwo Odofin 1 Show her some love.

We are high on drugs abi..... Time shall tell even her boy friend Theifnubu na Drug Master. mad wuman like her. toys fucker Your father You can say this because you have never tasted the depth of hardship in your life mad people This are idiots in the zoo See looter..charcoal calling kettle black. And she is high on palliative. I don't see the difference

May be her son's and daughters are..🤫 Nonsense talk... even u too look like sepe seller! so must have been gotten it from u, that how u knew the state they all are. ewu! that includes ur children I believe! She mad from home Ah bet she on drugs 😂😂😂😂.... A person with his normal sense would not utter such.... Law maker with empty brain

Most of our Leaders are high on stupidity We are high on poverty I think she's high already You chop crazy 😜 I don't think she has the moral authority to make the above statement because she is one of the causes of bad governance in Nigeria. ~Covid-19 palliatives were shared as her birthday party gifts. Photo credit: SaharaReporters

Me I know that close to 2023 all these dissenting voices will change tune ... “e go shock them” abi bro Shaggi She is not on drugs but turned palliatives to souvenir. Weyery Her eyes red. She was on drugs when speaking How can we continue to have people who have allowed devil to dictate their present and future at either state or national assembly, something must be done before they will block the way forward.

Hate speech 101 Let her speak. Mind you. Also tell the whole world how stupid and the stupidity Nigeria government is performing all this while. Pls summarize this too. How about this? Youths are on high drugs while you're on high table stealing palliatives Most corrupt legislators are also high on greed.

Tweetwizzard Y’ll Moron will be voted out in 2023...Una Godfather for Bourdillon, Lagosian Youth go Shake am...Una never know meme if una know meme una no know memememe And most Nigerian law makers are corrupt, to put it mildly! You school in UK good it's the way you people are governe in Nigeria are UK governe they citizens, You and all your familly are the most high drugs taker.

Definitely she's gonna have children that makes use of social media.. Nothing more to say Idiot Dam boroba 🖐️ there... Most of our lawmakers spit nonsense because they are on drug Foolish comment. It is your children that are on drugs Tweetwizzard This one don high she talks any how You are a fool This vampire calling drug addict. This thing that bend down to urinate. Where pad every month. Undress to get fuck. Ah leadership and youth This same youth supported you, this want they all get....

Well I don't blame you, because I can see you are on drug already any Youth that support PDP or APC 2023 or even collect money to rig election results will die miserable . If u want job Change you mentality and get ur pvc No doubt, I witnessed this in one of the EndSARS protests I joined in Ilorin. Over 70% of them were not on a normal level. These Children are something else.

U need to understand that u are not dealing with older generations that some don’t know how to check their email, note my words (some & not all) the generation u are dealing with don’t need drugs to be on social media or to operate any phone, keep quiet if u have noting to say! Their oga is the chief drug taker the one that fix all of them in that various seat they're occupying.

Retired Ashambala Who is more high on drugs than a woman who used public palliative as her Birthday Surveinir. This idiots don't rate us at all how can she use Garri and Indomie as Birthday Surveinir in the first place..... are the invitees Hungry I you need to understand that you are not dealing with older generations that some don’t know how to check their email, not my words (some & not all) the generation we are in now don’t need drugs to be on social media or to operate any phone, keep quiet if you have noting to say.

This is the kind of things Tinubu put in public offices in Lagos. Do u ever sit in Nigeria or go to your office for one day,ur here talking about Nigeria youth what do u no about Nigeria, u just want to be recognised nonsense U say Dey are high on drugs ni, what then hav u done about it to make them better, nonsense. When there is no decent job,pple are roaming d streets wit no source of survival, no empowerment , graduates are selling pure water; why then won’t Dey rest their falstration on drugs

I swear this thing no pain me, it pain all of them cause they heard our voice for the first time😁😁😆😁😁😁🤣 they want to cry As formal drugs user and the ones who use drugs are a product of your creations She is talking to the youths that voted her in, you see why Nigeria leaders is evil Her son are one of them

Is she really a lawmaker? Too bad This people for Lagos state House no just get sense. How can people taking cocaine be in one house Just like you were when saying this trash 😡😡 Picture Translation 👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿 mamaamuwo to Youths; 'I say stand well & Look me in the eyes like this 👇🏿👇🏿 Most of you Youths that voted me into Lagos Assembly from your Unemployment sector are high on drugs. Oya, cough lemme hear you 👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿

Says the chief looter that shared our palliative to her friends on her birthday... Ole madam This is an act or word from a leader that lack God in his/her life so sorry for you madam is never to late for you to repent. Like her children right , and she was into it b4 she got where she is now The her children are high on cheap, banned and expired drugs doesn't mean all Nigerian youths are.

If you lack words to speak I advice you just travel out and chill with our money as you all do. Nonsense This one's brain is smelling ,free am These Lagos lawmakers are confused and they don't deserve to be there representing the people Wer she dey stay Oh! We're on high drugs? These are kinds of statement that push some to taking laws into their hands. look at the statement!

Maybe you should tell us the identity of your children, let our Anony run a background check on them. Let's see if you'll still have the mouth to say this. Most of our lawmakers are definitely on drugs, they keep spitting shit Looking at her right now, all I see is Ganja... 🙄 Hogwash! You must be high to have this.

You are so right fact, if it was only drugs, it would have been manageable. They are high on hunger, unemployment, poor academic skills, poor education, poor health care, poor infrastructure, bleak future, laziness, and SARS. Definitely that's how she use to access social media'being High on drugs' cause if you call her sweet16 she go answer and sweet16 na youth too iflb x_coded

Your children’s are high.Nonsense and is ingridients. Quite an unfortunate fellow, the difference between her and the woman next door is 'opportunity' she's not any better or wise. Which means you are one of the them I dont know when she became minister for information on youth affairs. Ask her about hw she has been able to control her office effectively. Her her how she distributed the people palliative . EndBadGoveranceInNigeria

Ole u use our palliative for birthday suvernier u come say we are high who is now high between u and the youth 😕😕😕 It is your entire household that is high on drugs. Why can't you people just talk without looking down on youths. A person who sets his office on fire a day after he received COVID-19 funds or tells us that snake swallow N36m and a peaceful protester, who seems high on drugs?

Ya including very true including her kids, sisters, brothers if she has any. If she is on SM too she is probably high talking right there. EkeneAjero Ewu awusa. Na ur husband and children dey high on drugs. Public toilet. Shameless and dumb generation of people we call leaders, imagine what this one is saying? The youth are fighting for good governance not for only ourselves but for generations to come. What has your selfish generation fought for? nothing other than looting. Rubbish talk!

Tell dat to ur fada Her brain is not working Tweetwizzard Madam Craze dey ur head ma I believe u don born, I pray say as u dey make table turn and poverty over you. And if we can check well ur son or daughter is are also Into drugs. Cos u didn't follow them everywhere. Eyin elenu Werey. I no blame u, u don use t t collect power.. Oshi

abdullahsarki21 Lol 😝 Because you are drugs addicted thus not make Nigerian youths drugs addicts like you, mind yourself! allyMarcurley But you convert indomie melt for the poor for your birthday party,thief You mean the drugs your government failed to arrest before getting to the streets? And most lawmakers including you Madam, are so HIGH on foolishness. That's why you talk without reasoning...

D woman don dey on Molly nii joor she no reason well b4 she talk😉 Who be this goat? May be you should start by giving some youths scholarships to abroad Werrey COCOPACOPIACO1 IncKuda And virtually all the law makers are high on stolen funds and corruption So people that can read & write are high on drugs, no longer touts on the streets. Do us the honour of removing yourselves by yourself for it will be a genuine waste of our efforts since you can't see clearly.😏

Most women are politicians girls love sleeping with them telling them to kill the youths ( mothers be careful this time) there’s God ooo 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 even as Married women Why she and her likes are busy stealing and abetting those stealing our resources, how will our redundant youth not take to drugs.

So it is most of the ones that are not on social media that are less on drugs? It appears to me that social media is the next target of attack to ensure impunity continues in Nigeria. We voted for her because we were high then. 2023 we won't be high in order not to vote for a foolish person This woman is more than high. Imagine her look.

Who high pass person way use palliative do baiday. You at political opportunist prostitute calling youths drug addicts. We didn't blame her but the rotten leaders who manipulated her to that position she find herself making her talking senselessly This means she is one of us! We all do drugs together or probably her children does too

Including ur children Na Ogun go kill her As it is said that charity begins at home you should start with your family by telling the media that your family are the number citizens whom are high on drugs before reaching out to others in the nation Hanty ur pikin dey this app So your children are high on drugs !!!EndSARS

May God have mercy on her. She didn't know what she saying most od them leading the protest can not escape Drug test Says someone that used CA-covid palliatives as birthday souvenir And don't exclude your kids too She's right. Let's increase our followers...follow me and I follow back instantly. And she call her self public figure...Na this same youths voted for u, abi them rigged the election for u because it very common in Nigeria. One after the other you guys are coming out we now know the people behind the iron mask fighting the youths. U never arrive yet madam!!

I don’t blame her because the power that made her Honorable is those hoodlums who turn everywhere to blood thirsty. Common sense they says is not common Including your children, mad people everywhere... All the blood will be on ur head She is right. Nigerian youths are high on insecurity, poverty and poor infrastructure among others. Did i say she is high on corruption? 😂

Mojisola alli- Macaulay Member of Lagos state house of assembly representing amuwo odofin She said that Nigeria youths are on drugs and also hoodlums. Her phone is 08030678064 Twitter handle is mamaamuwo Call her and wish a merry Christmas. Tinubu puppet all of them in the Lagos State Assembly are puppet no brain.

Get me a gun please I need to shoot this mojisola of a woman... UK and USA she mentions in her statement pays youth that are unemployed and provide them with enabling environment to grow. She self they smoke... It is ur children and their entire generation that is high on drugs. What do you expect from someone that opened YASS for many men before she could secured the primary ticket? Weytin pass high drug than been a dog?

I think she is not thinking right. A paid assassin a waffler she says schooled in UK for 3mths ? oloriburuku😡 I beg think twice ...she was talking in the rubbish about all youths..when we started protesting we did it peacefully for good two weeks before they hijacked it so what rubbish are you now spitting ..shake your head abeg and tell me if it's empty I can help

Her children probably go to rehab every 3 months She only encounter guys on social media who are high on drugs. That shows you the true character in her personality. Evil begot evil. And only drugs can make these governors hoard food, common food oo from the poor masses during lockdown. Shameless excuses everywhere.

Admittance of Governments failure. I don't blame you, we will see 2023 Fool Just imagine! If we are giving her attention, that means we are helping her carrier. Who knows her and what's her contribution sofar I guess we're all high on drugs since we're mostly looters If you are seeing this comment, kindly follow, I'll follow back immediately.

Ashawo kuramo will u keep quite Is that the issues You're on twitter and we ain't following each other, o wrong now, common. Let's grow together. I follow back ASAP try my speed🍾❤️ She sef dey surprised with that expression on her face Olosho woman Probably ur own kids 🙄🙄 Olosho leleyi On drugs abii, not to worry 2023 awaits

She is agent of this demons . The olori looter who sold her conscience Olori looter using our palliatives for birthday 🎁 to people that was why she hoard it Nincompoop So to come out on the streets and demand for justice or talk about it on social media means we are high on drugs¿ To say we want a better Nigeria, where u won't be murdered by the police be4 your case gets to court, a country with NO Regular Power or Water Supply, No Jobs

Gosh are you serious She's high also, that's why she's saying Rubbish Our youths are high on drugs because of the frustration that u criminal politicians have caused them. During election u will give them drugs to take so that they will be high and rig election for u abi? We dey here 2023 is around the corner

Can you see what does drugs have to do with the truth that the government killed innocent citizens Na her father and mother dey on drug. Have she forgotten her governor is an addict Covid19 palliative converter to birthday gift lady...see your life. Provide medical statement ma You're talking.... Loud it please.

Sharp Deals 🔥🔌 Toyota Corolla 09/10. 2.4M Naira. Documents complete. Everything Super Clean. Garki, Abuja. BUYERS Hit The DM Speaking for her kids I guess 🤷‍♂️ She went to the UK to school but doing nothing about the education system in her country. Saying people who are demanding the right to life are high on drugs. What an irony

She said unemployed youth in the UK don't take to the street but she forgot to mention the welfare package available to unemployed youth in the UK If not because of how sick Nigeria politics are and how malignant Lagos state politics are, you shouldn't even be named Legislator at all You children will end up on high drug

She needs to go for medical test. Sebi Na UK she go school, why did she not school in Nigeria. Heartless politicians, did you know the measure that has been put in place for the unemployed youth in UK No need to waste much time on you,we dont know you and you look like a simpleton,so Pele oh Alli macualey, a junky always knows another junky when she sees one. Say no to drugs

So sad to hear this woman speak arrogantly like this. She's a total failure Ok Nigerian youths are high on drugs now right But we’re not high on drugs when you’re seeking for ours votes abi... hypocrite everywhere... ENDBADGOVERNMENT in Nigeria and save lives Oja to burst Sara woman yii jo Most Nigerian politicians are high on fake, adulterated and expired drugs

So sad and irresponsible coming from a public figure with unverifiable data LMAO !!!!! The best i expected from State assembly is to bring a law that will prohibits selling of beer/spirits on Lagos street unless at d Bar. Beer/spirits is everywhere on the streets with taxi/okada/truck drivers buying & taking it on d street as well, so we can xpect misbehaviour only

How many politicians looted the palliative before the hungry people started looting?🤣🤣 Like I said it takes one to know one. Shey, if not they shouldn't have voted MBuhari into power in 2015, so now they are overdosed and they want EndSARS You are also do you know how Highness test if not that you are also high by coming out to say this rubbish...

Nigeria can never be good, because this so called lawmakers are worster than devils Is okay Person wey den don fuck brain comot for hin head '... I am afraid to give my kids phone...' Ma, You can use parental controls to restrict access and content your kids engage with on social media using ANY device. It's NOT our fault if you can't parent YOUR children or control their behaviour ONLINE! 🙄

People think others do what they do. Keep smoking weed girl I don’t I think it's high time we the youths of this country deal decisively with all these gullable politicians. Don't worry 2023 go soon come na there we go know who high on drugs or who de talk rubbish in the name of debate for floor of assembly

Madam which one u follow take Na GOD go punish your generation Our leaders have hurt the emotions of all Nigeria youth and youths need an apology with assurance. Shikena Nigeria youth 2023 is by the corner. Just be on your Marks so that when we say go, you will truly go and make the right choice not those godfathers want to impose on you.

This what she need werey Mad woman Who is this? What about those that steal and hide the palliatives, what are they high of? Baba re lo high were Una time as come to an END,it's time for youth to Rise and END this BAD GOVERNMENT Don’t worry,all of u are going down soon.power must change hands All these Tinubu side chicks can vomit nonsense Sha.

Because there is no job for the youths that’s why they high and sit in our dingy office an type critic about the Government unemployment EndSARSImmediately Another mumu lawmaker don talk kai kai this one no get school result nah CV sh carry come Yoruba people have the most useless representatives in government

Who is this woman? Ya papa Is this 1 a mother abi useless maggot. Pls kindly retweet....if you need architectural drawings contact me on WhatsApp (08185254403) or check my Facebook page folocum design IAMkibbzy OgunoyeTheFirst iamseun won ni omo ologo ni yin. pe eti high Your lips is too much Na thunder go fire your mouth

We are coming for you in 2023, our PVC we judge The political elites will do everything within their reach to maintain the status quo of bad governance. EndSARS protesters are different from hoodlums mostly manifestation of the political elites she must be talking from experience with her Children. All your children Are high on drugs ..mumu woman

Who vote this over ripe pawpaw. Ole! Ole!! Do you do drugs? FemiOmotee TraQman Samueladesanya Mrs Mojisola Alli-Macauley must be high on drugs all the time for her to use the CA-COVID Pallatives for the poor as her Birthday Souvenir. She is a Chief looter...Thief And you seem to be out of drug Including your children 🤔🤔

If she is on social media also then she is high on drugs including her whole family! Why don’t you establish a correctional center for drug rehabilitation? It’s so convenient for you to say what u like. Wait till 2023, the drug users will shock you! Maybe she catch her pikin they high drugs 😁😁 mumu woman

Stupid talk from a foolish woman Are son too is into drugs... ✌️ Asawo And you’re high on .... 💩 Thunder scatter ur head , but ur children dey high on drugs This one na beggar wey wan trend . Leave am for domestic violence 😂. I totally agree with this guy because if it's not he won't be in the house And her family members too, idiotic woman.🙁

She's talking trash First class asewo Please God open the bad side of every politician before 2023 and let them keep saying rubbish things Someone's mother 🤦🏾‍♂️ Your father is high on drug They Will call the youths more evil names. The youth deserve The insult because they refused to be trash for politicians

Her children and brothers are doing it that's why she thought most are involved Ocha ka omaka why didn't you school in Nigeria? Like she is right? Where is your proof? What parameter did you use to arrive at your conclusion? Maybe you are the one who supplied them the drugs. Maybe she’s referring to her teenage kids

Ashawo like her that have used he butt to get a position is still talking. 🐈 How we fit take see her drag Madam check on your kids first! Alli-Macauley is drugs addicted fool. 😲😲😲😲 No problem we are high on drugs but u should know that u are high on water Mummy your children are actually the plug🔌 😂 The high drugs youth are waiting for u 2023... U will repeat the statement... Can anybody in the house get her Twitter handle let just thank her.... EndOppression EndSARS

U are low on sense How do you know? Are you the one selling to us? God forgive you Dealer It seems what you accused others of is affecting your brain to function well. i guess she is an example of her statement. because she is also on drugs too, if not such unguarded statement will not be released from her.

Baba e lowa lori drug, iwo weyrey oloborirun yii Abeg what's d lie The level at which we youth take DRUG now eh ,e de fear me you go hear some names you be wondering wheres that from bothmale and female. if you c a water botu with a young guy dont drink the thing inside cos na drug, if they hold balloon bloblo lol na drug

Oniranu ni yin ma, no be ur fault na..... elenu shipoti. Idiotic fellow 1st 9ja youth are lazy, nw we are on drugs wat nxt🤷🤷 Oniranu ni yin ma, no be ur fault na..... even Shipton. Idiotic fellow Drug lo ma pa iyalaya yin She's a woman of easy virtue. Little wonder!!! DesmondElliot_ is a youth Wayray de compare us with UK. UK wey get 5% youth unemployment. She’s obviously on drug!

See NDLEA personified. This go school at all? Been a Nigerian is it not enough drug? So what kinda drug are talking about? Abaya Don't let your position shark you So this is what your paid masters are asking all of you to do. All of you will be surprise in 2023. A good condom would have stopped this fool and senseless mugu.... insulting the youth

Nah oloriburuku person nah your family be that Like Hon Desmond Elliott & Co, abi? Another idiot. What do they inhale in these sessions? She went to school in the UK, then came here to become a problem. Solve yourself first. Does she have a twitter handle. Make una provide am abeg. Na u foolish politicians dey high on drugs

Who is this one and why is she talking in the nonsense Do you want me to make a list of govt officials that are also high on drugs? In fact, they are godfathers. Senseless by force to talk? Ezkiis ma, ee ni itiju kobo.🙄 Gbamsology! That's true. They depend on codeine and tramadol Pls who's this ?

Is not her fault it's the fault of the youth that did not know who and who that's representing them except anyone that the party choose ! Nigerians youth shine your eyes 2023 is around the corner No lie 🤷🏾‍♀️ Who is on drug most politicians or social media youth ? Only NTA was there to cover her stupidity

Why are these trashes from Lagos only? NATIONAL YOUTH DEMOCRATIC PARTY (NYDP). Lagos branch. If you wish to join the party kindly drop your WhatsApp numbers to add you up to the group. With youths, we will make Nigeria work better agian. I stand with the youths !!!! Please share for others. These politicians haven't learned any lesson from the protests.

Madam na wa oo. Let us consider also that our children are among the youth of Nigeria. What the youth are saying is that we don't have good govenance, it left for you to answer the question if we have good governance period. You will know she need sense No worry, soon you go collect. smoking weed right now

This youths were on drugs when you where campaigning to them you never notice, this same youths who voted you in quote were on drugs since you were swore in as a lawmaker and you never sponsor any bill in the house to stop the drugs, is is today u remember that they are on drugs All this people's ehen den don smoke colorado wey dey make den just dey open mouth and talk rubbish 🗣️🗣️🗣️🐃🐄

Na ogun and Sango go kill her Las las Mama is saying the obvious.. This is one of them. Make the society handover leadership of the country to this clown and his gangs.. Olorun ojeooo.. Madam... Including you? A mother ? This tells the kind of woman you are... I pity the youths that took you to that position you are now

Awon Papa e drug addict. See as she resemble covid-19 palliative We do not expect anything less from these tinubu's handpicks Is she high? Animal😁😁😁 O ja mi lara je! 🙆🏿‍♀️ Including this👇 You can tell us better, isn't it that they collected N500 Naira to vote for you even when they know you have nothing in your head. Shame

May thunder fire you there,,,if you check well na her son dey on drugs. Wat a nonsense u are saying It is your children that are high on drugs Can't believe a woman can still talk this way in this present situation in this country . well i no blame her sha . your children when you go camp for abroad, nah cocaine adit all of them go turn EndSARS EndBadGoveranceInNigeria

That is from your own point of view and those that you mingle with Wonderful. Absolutely amazing Mark this one ☝️ this also bcos I’m so sure she will deny this wen she comes seeking for vote to return to the house Pls someone should help get her mobile line We need to say HI to her..ashawo of d highest level Nah ogun go kill u there.. Olori buruku werey

No matter what, we will overcome them Now she agrees same that are children are junkies. Most lawmakers are senseless The real truth about EndSARS EndBadGoveranceInNigeria is that it is a war between the Rich elite political class and the poor governed class Doctor Where you the giver of the drug? She will still count on the youth that are high on drugs to deliver her on the election day. You see what we suffer in this country. We the youth are nothing to them.

bravefacefunkie mamaamuwo come and see your life In The ceremony. Hope your children are among the youth you are talking about olodo We know that already Smiling....she is the founder of hard drugs Iya laya e dey on drug you this prostitute Definitely talking from experience Madam go and sit down U have join d group of C in Nigeria May Almighty God reform Nigeria 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

You are the drug dealer that supply the drugs to the youths. Enough of hate speech against the youths of Nigeria. These people continue to make it crystal clear that the enlightened youths on social media are their major problem. That's why they romance with the hoodlums who serve as their route to office by employing them as thugs during elections.

Be calming down we will treat right with highness She should not disguise... she’s telling us her experience Non sense talk nah you dey give them Dis woman ehennn Someone make research on her children .. them go take drugs This is hate speech But your children are always on social media? Are they on drugs too?

Sorry MA, I don't think you understand what good governance is all about EndBadGoveranceInNigeria Opportunist Aunty wen mumu Fact! Off d 🎤 werey If u like call us junkies just do what we want and stop making excuses. elenutòkú Idiotic statement from somone struggling to make sense but nonsense. EndSARS EndFoolsInPower

It is finished Most Nigerian youths are high on drugs wat r u high on money u all steal right Nigerian youths don't want to work right because u have the opportunity to talk those drug youth r waiting for you to ask them for their vote Not only high on drugs, it was an orgy arena, about 3k CD's were seen at the scene, pissfull protesters.

I'm sure you most be on drug before presenting your self available Lunatic Her children are the ones high on drug I understand... Part of our demand is that lawmakers' emoluments should be reviewed downward... E don pain am. Soro soke generation cannot be cowed anymore. We move! Who's sueing this woman for defamation of the average Nigerian youths to prove her accusations? EndSARS

A government that is not high on drugs can never loot & dry the countries common wealth. A government that is not high on drugs can never hoard palliatives meant for the common man. A government that is not high on drugs can never kill peaceful protesters. They are high on drugs She's referring to her children. Mad woman

She's the youths dealer, bring it on junkie When you needed their vote then they were not on drugs now that you have your way they are on drugs are you kidding me ma'am? How do you know that? Sincerely Desmond is now an idiot. This had been prophesied long time ago by Clint Da Drunk. And now we have here his second in command

Thunder fire you enternally Ask your members and you will find bunch of druggists, common wealth looters which is worse palliative looter or treasury and commonwealth looter werey, Na you be there dealer. May be she just left one of the rooms at Sheraton hotel.... It's only a thief that can trail thieves on the rock..... It means she sniffs drugs too

With these Leaders thinking that Social Media will destroy Nigeria and not their Corruptions and Bad governance, It’s obvious they are very high on a substance more dangerous than drugs. Her children too must be part of the 'most Nigerian youths'😹😹 Follow me n I'll follow back papapa Lokewise your children

Ppl like these need to be sent home next election It's what Bola Tinuibu blow into her head... that she blows out! That's the definition of democracy in Nigeria... The people they run to during election periods are now on drugs! Lolz This is not the time for this type of statement madam lawmaker Alright

Werey woman Shebi she is the distributor Lagos State house of confusion Just in know the Nigerian youth has become a nightmare to this corrupt ruthless leaders and they'll verging to do anything possible to stop us.. I beacon that we keep going and let the nightmare kill them in the most unexpectedly way. We will save dis Country

Most of you are turning to puppet🎺... I can see they are trying to use them for something let's wait and see 😲😳 Madam, it is these same youths whose votes you require to legitimize your position in the House of Assembly. How is that the same youths are sane enough to be courted for their votes and in fact comport themselves well enough to go vote for you. Madam, o ga fun yin o!!!

No be ur fault..... we'll see 2023 mission wipe away lazy looting old politicians...✊ IFB EndSARS EndPoliceBrutalityInNigeria Yes the youth need who can talk to them time to time but if the lawmakers are also not drugs,they would have seen it coming, they’re closer. They know Nigeria pays hundred Naira at every police check Point no good road ...................

Why not pity your sons and daughters, ehn.... Foolish Elders Today, Lagos law makers are miss yarning. Maybe they are high on Ojuelegba weed🤣 They were high on drugs when they elected you into office too, learn to accept fate and stop making excuses for your ineptitudes. Werey See her mouth self Mind your language woman You don't say what you cannot prove in the public!

Who is this woman in the first place for get social media... Come one on one...! I go coomot your teeth. Nonsense Even all her children. They are also on social media. Idiot!! Nd na drugs kill her papa nd mama Too much tramadol idoit woman mojisola Macaulay I'm not surprise, when be say na male name you dey answer, I think you're high on dick too...

She must be out of her mind She looks like someone on drugs too...u can imagine. bravefacefunkie Her children are the drug addict Are you serious Madam, it's obvious that you claimed u schooled UK and I ask do UK govt plunder her econo and money the way u do UK have a well standard education UK have a well standard hospital So many good things to mention, these a country that don't have black gold d way u do bt u hv corr

bravefacefunkie Their role models are always high on drugs so it could be true. I don't think this woman is ok God let this woman die of breast cancer this coming November 2020 We know she didn't school in Nigeria and her kids are Drug Addicts, so what do u expect from such mother? mo ti SORO SOKE JOR.

Rubbish Rubbish Rubbish Most Nigerian politicians are high on corrupcane and unfit for office. Imagine useless talk imam4engr Usman_U_U jourodeen You will just open your waaaaaaaaaa lik dog Great Nigerian Youth. They know we are dangerous breed. They know they can’t cow us into submission. Greatest Nigerian youth, your voice are being heard, needless how they see you, just know this! They “FEAR” us now.

😂😂😂 From the look of things.... I think it runs in the blood... Cos all her bloodline also are always high on drugs... Aje!! Madafucker Stop using the youth to cover up for your bloody mistake and failure Nigeria leaders are the ones that need serious attention and supervision This idiot needs to be recalled . This is the process

Mama don scatter this table patapata! If Davido & Wizkid are their Influencers, then what do you expect? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 You go come high us when you want our vote again na dat time you go no say our eyes clear She look it Werey Just like your children Me that I have not tasted drug before sef don fall into the category of 'most Nigerian youth' insult upon bad governance. Oluwa, come and take control of our country

She must be talking from experience,I need to ask her wat her spec is. Soro soke werey 🙄🙄🙄 Las las her children na werey dem be Somebody should share her twitter handle.... This country nawa ooo So sad a comment Your father. You speak rubbish because you are privileged. God day ooo Report reaching us now is that she drank Sapele water before coming out. 😂😂😂

It's lack of home training that's worrying them I don't blame u is the corrupt country that we are that's why if not no one voted for u nonsense Another disaster!!🙄 Your the one higher in drugs I wish by 2023 when the next general elections comes we will vote competency Mumu Who u help Biko J.P It takes a real drunk person to know who's drunk Weyrey like her

You are only envying the freedom they have to air their views on national issues. And nobody can deny us that prevelage. Another foolish person Na preek carry her reach there na... Why won't she say that when she live life of luxury now and not affected with happenings on street We are high in real life too not only on social media. Ogun go do you strong thing.

This woman is very stupid for saying this nonsense She be lawmaker without Sense at all Your children go dey part of the most Nigerian youths that are high on drugs.... She is very much right. She had hit the nail on the head Dis useless woman no get sense at all. she might get be correct. APC na worst to happen to us all. Just barely 5yrs lasan the country is almost sunk in corruption and brutality

How much did they pay these guys to spew gut wrenching talks? Else they do not have any reason to be angry? Like her children and husband! Ashakasha 🙄 You look high AF! EndSARS endpolicebrutalityinNigeria EndBadGovernmentinNIGERIA EndBadGoveranceInNigeria BuhariResign LekkiMassacre ReformTheNigeriaPolice EndSARS endpolicebrutalityinNigeria EndBadGovernmentinNIGERIA EndBadGoveranceInNigeria BuhariResignNow

God will punish you for saying this. Yadda zaka kama barawan wayanka tare da hoton shi da kuma numban wayan shi har da hirar da yayi da addreshin shi cikin sauki Na ur children dey high on drugs

#EndSARS: Most Nigerian youths are high on drugs, says Lagos lawmakerEniola Akinkuotu, AbujaThe lawmaker representing Amuwo Odofin constituency 1 of Lagos State, Mojisola Alli-Macaula y, says most Nigerian youths are high on drugs all the time. Alli-Macaula y ... She's the one on cheap drugs and she really needs a medical attention for saying rubbish How about his silly generation that are not high on drugs, how have they made Lagos/Nigeria. Always going round in circle. The youths that Voted you in, they have said we should find a way to hack you guys, and i am in support of it and working on a batch script, watch and learn

Private Terminal Operator Asks Nigerian Government To Improve Inland Waterways In Lagos | Sahara ReportersThe terminal, which is located at the fringes of the congested Apapa and Tin Can port, would receive goods by badges, enabling users of its services to bypass the road traffic In and out of the ports. NigeriaGov endsars RevolutionNow BMG

Nigerian Army Denies Shooting Protesters, Says Lagos Govt Requested Military InterventionNigerian Army Denies Shooting Protesters, Says Lagos Govt Requested Military Intervention A very serious question 💔WHO? LekkiMassacre LekkiTollGateShooting So what are they denying? This statement no mk Lagos govt asked for your intervention which of course you did. So are we saying jidesanwoolu is the commander in chief of army now Abi. God dey look all of una oh. Truth must prevail Endsars uzy2005 Follow kcnas2 kcnas2

Police Arrest Over 200 Suspected Looters In LagosPolice Arrest Over 200 Suspected Looters In Lagos They didn't realize they were breaking the law did they? Somewhere in their twisted minds they were justified in robbing people who were just trying to run a business? There is no excuse for torching buildings either. Useless police so now Covid-19 is gone but later useless NCDC will come and talk rubbish

Lagos Court Throws Out Homosexuality Charge Against James Brown, 46 Other Men | Sahara ReportersThe men were charged with public displays of affection with members of same-sex. Did they caught James Brown?😌 Chimexi_42 Dis ur bro case sef Good! Set them free. Now get the killers of the lekki massacre and drag them to court.

‘Lagos lost N3.9bn BRT buses, needs FG’s intervention’The Lagos State Chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has said the state at this trying time requires empathy and support from the Federal Government Follow 4 follow back asap So very sad. I hope those who did it will be brought to justice. so lives that was lost, can money buy them back, this govt is a joke.........