Desmond Elliot, End Sars, Hate Speech

Desmond Elliot, End Sars

End SARS: Desmond Elliot blasts social media influencers, celebrities over hate speech(VIDEO) - Daily Post Nigeria

End SARS: Desmond Elliot blasts social media influencers, celebrities over hate speech(VIDEO)

10/29/2020 4:54:00 PM

End SARS: Desmond Elliot blasts social media influencers, celebrities over hate speech (VIDEO)

Desmond Elliot , the lawmaker representing Surulere 1 at the Lagos State House of Assembly, has warned that Nigeria may not exist in the next five years.

The Nollywood veteran issued the warning while addressing the Lagos State House of Assembly at plenary.His comments weree captured in a leaked video which surfaced online.This is coming at a time Elliot was dragged online for allegedly supporting the social media bill.

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However, the lawmaker lamented over the looting that occasioned the End SARS protests across the country.Elliot urged social media influencers, celebrities to stop spreading hate via social media.He called on Nigerians to use their Permanent Voter Cards, PVCs, to change government when necessary.

He said: “We need to address certain things, the Nigerian youths, social media, social influencers, all of these are making the narratives we are seeing today, except we are joking with ourselves. Read more: Daily Post Nigeria »

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He is immature Biting the same fingers that fed him. Ingrate. I never believe this will come out from his mouth, very disappointing... He didn't blast anyone. He disgraced himself and later came out to shed crocodile tears. It is a game of politics. They are all politicians which will say anything to create awareness.

It was a peaceful protest from the start. Not until hoodlums were paid by this same people to.disrupt the protest just for their selfish interests... so are you saying the youths shouldn't speak up for the right See how they are trying to kill the fire of rights in the youths This one na yeye boy.... U fuck up big tym

All the leaders of ENDSARS like Aisha Yesefu and CO are now in hiding A garrulus doesnot know when he would mean 2 call iya oba ni iya obo ( instead of king mother mistakely called her monkey) We shd not b misled by him, always stand firm n fight 4 gud governance Desmond idiot Social media is the only voice the people have. You wicked politicians have blocked all the avenues for communication so I am not surprised you all are licking the dust just to deny the people this chance. Thanks to God, it's not possible. Social media has done to stay.

Father of nation wey no get sense,our politician have sold their right When I see posts like these, I usually watch out for the dichotomy of the comments. Its usually Northern Nigeria with Muslim names in favor (or against) vs every other Nigerian. nobenaijayoudey nobenaijayoube The youth got him there, and so he will loose his name

Desmond, if u have nothing good to say keep quiet or go back to ur Nollywood and be acting those fake life. They re the real instigators of vandalizing people's properties No wonder he was killed in DOG OF WAR Another disgraceful fellow. According to AY Desmond idiot See him face like balloon. Disgrace of a youth. It's people like this that makes our quest for Leadership doubtful. Rubbish

You can say whatever you like. Oga them go give blood u don drink... u r high on blood. Mad man Menn....see Eliot oo. Finally this guy's political career ended here. I'm surprise people are still following him on twitter....for what? Its a foolish child that grow to become old fool like Lai Mohammed. Desmond Ediot

Desmond, As young promising man, you should control your public's utterances, your future is brighter but manage it well to reach your destination! Self destruction, the people that build your rise Daftness A BAD MAN IS ALWAYS A BAD MAN,NO MATTER WHAT They just E to camouflage his name as Desmond Idiot Ori Desmond yii o fe ma pemo

azeezolabode01 He is very very stupid Thank goodness you just asked us to let our voters'cards speak, we're awaiting you people's election. You own today.... That Nigeria is dirty doesn't mean a pig should tell us, how to clean it EndBadGoveranceInNigeria Desmond elliot is a proof that DAT a young person could be d president of dis Country and still fail us EndBadGovernanceinNIGERIa

Well well now we know how stupid he is, movies just made him look smart. Make una check him brain na sawdust dey there. Him village people don finally get am. You have tasted the honey in politics so why won't u open ur mouth to talk nonsense, u are trying to impress ur Godfather who cannot save himself anymore

This guy is disappointing bamanalist Desmond idioooooot!🤡 You have just signed your signature-- stupidity. He is a young boy, he is not matured yet. Bunch of criminals When you see them you will know Mad Men everywhere He Desmond should just concentrate on his beard Amaka_Ekwo His is a product of godfatherism, he is a Tinubu boy and a young man. Good luck to your one Nigeria, have you now see where your future is going? BlackRevolutionNigeria2020

Amaka_Ekwo What a country! This man no well oo Maybe Desmond has forgotten that the youths voted him in and the same youth will vote him out come 2023. I implore 🙏 all youths to get their voter's card for 2023 election to get rid of these cankerworm politicians. What does he know about social media? As much I want to disagree with him, I couldn’t because the man is right. We loosing our values, we loosing our respect and culture.

U can't be in Nigerian govt and not eat in their delicacy of lies and missyan. He has officially joined them . Useless boy EndBadGoveranceInNigeria Endliesandliars His middle name is Mumuni... A full disgrace to Nigerian youth How old is he, abeg? - talking with an insecure and immature mindset which other platform do we have to air our opinion if not the social media.. You want bring your incompetent form of leadership to social media.. You have failed woefully

ac_ibe Good you have made us realise on whose side you are, you have been counted as one of the evil people. I watched the video, conclusion, when a boy starts eating from his master's table he tends to see his mates as boys subjected under him, well enjoy the seat while it last What do u expect from a youth that had started following his sponsors to remove his family from shackles of poverty

See the idiot It is the same social media you're trying to quell that will give your generations yet unborn reason to curse you, deny you and even refuse to be identified with you cos the internet never forgets. FYI, what you thought you deleted was never deleted. Hehehehehe😁 I am not surprised, he's always been a hypocrite

Oshe lawmaker. Say na hate speech..... What is really the problem wit our law makers or rather our politicians,they automagically become something else once they get Into politics Na trouble u dey find so. All man shall account of their lives on the judgment day..there’s always a Judgment day for everyone here on earth and elsewhere

I Sha cannot blame him, is not possible for a slave to speak ill of his master Dis guy na fool A fool at 40 that what he is A typical Nigerian politician knows where to throw a stone! Never at his party or fellow colleagues! Never into the gathering of the elites...but at the poor masses who are stretching out to him for survival! It's a game of political inequality Endbadgovernance BuhariResignNow

To him is making us is senseless..... bloody asshole Wow!! He has shown his true colours 👏👏 God bless you sir. Yoruba cow that never knew he will become rich Asin why arent you people tagging his handle here. DesmondOElliot I succumbed his motion. If we don't change the narrative of hate speech by the so called celebrities and social media influencers we wll all perish.

Abet who get his twitter handle pls Touts in agbada. Na una be the real hoodlums. U're complaining about looters. Very bad, yes. But you've been looting from the national coffers for decades. The money of your people. The food of your people. Eyin agbaya buruku. You're worse. Is he well at all! Are his body and brain together! It’s like they don’t synch at all!

Amaka_Ekwo Look at his face like a baboon. Mortgaging your conscience for a pot of porridge. You won't be there for ever and you are the greatest disappointment of youth representation! We don't want you to represent us no more. Shame! We blast Desmond Elliot for his crass stupidity Endbadgovernance Money over freedom 🇳🇬🤦‍♂️

Nothing to worry about, for those who knows well, that boy Desmond became a honourable courtesy his paymaster, Tinubu. Definitely, he'll go out to play the script his paymaster gave them to play. Many event will soon unfold. EndSARS Leave am him too want trend 2023 the idiot go still cry beg for votes

Oga go and sit down. Now that you have the privilege to right the wrongs of the past, you are making excuses. No matter your influences now, you will always need us when the chips are down Desmond onwu onyeoshi!!!! Ndowo ... Desmond Idiat!!!! Amaka_Ekwo He is a failure to his generation and he has proven it..

We only bother ourselves with people who have positive impact to the society. Help me ask him in morganfreeman voice.... Who you help?. Keep it up, just mite get more traction now then when you were in nollywood Ellliot is going crazy . He has started getting paid na enjoy your money o and speak all the rubbish you want

Amaka_Ekwo Desmond Elliot is an idiot, he think he has belong. Papa way house dey on fire. Dey busy chasing rat... The same people you called children appointed you in that seat...dont worry we go remember you soon..OMO ODĚ Na wa ooo... u are present av stained ur respect Fool , you think you have arrived now ?

Amaka_Ekwo Desmond idiot DesmondElliot_ Come Street to tell us that thrash. Omo ale. This man is high on something 🤦‍♂️ Is fighting 4 his pocket 😢💪 What vacuous inanity! Desmond Elliott, Jagaban Bullion Van's toady lickspittle, is truly a hollow big bomboy! A whiff of public high office has made him mad! Kudos to the brave, truly patriotic social media influencers, celebrities!Your struggle/sacrifice shall never be in vain!

🔨 🔨 🔨 Na this dey wait for you. I don’t blame him he was once a fan of Rkelly before casala burst on his head Oloriburuku, not his fault, he don belle fu Idiot. Attention seeker😏 Do you expect less from a product of godfatherism? EndBadGovernanceinNIGERIA EndSARS No problems...we don hear you. Is he blasting them for speaking up against Police Brutality or against a failed Govt of which he is a part of . Don’t know if this is just attention seeking or just plain stupidity really

Desmond idiot I mean Eliot Amaka_Ekwo He is a politician , so dont be surprise. You started well but unfortunately you're ending...! Don't forget we know recalling process Amaka_Ekwo Desmond Ellot is a kindergarten lawbreaker, he doesn't know anything so nobody should him attention He shouldn't worry,youths are coming for him soon

Remote control at work Don’t worry, we shall meet again👍 Amaka_Ekwo Thunder fire u Poor, wretched slave. I have always known Desmond Elliot to be a fool so am not surprised at his statement. Social Media is our voice to dis stupid government. Amaka_Ekwo Is time we pay him a visit Amaka_Ekwo Wrong no be small

We're waiting....your re-election is coming.... I don’t blame him I was once a fans of R.kelly before casala burst for him head The way you guys report news is absurd honestly. Say it has it is... Desmond Elliot made and unethical, irrational and senseless statement about the use of modern technology. I agreed with him totally ✊🏼

Desmond u are just acting, Pele Dis guyz name is Desmond Idiot & no Elliot Forget about talking. Desmond is doing well in surulere. We are proud of him . Let people face their own constituency you want them to suspend him for 2weeks? biko allow him display his slavery duties You have forgotten your roots Shame on you You are really a product of godfatherism

this guy dey under an oath. Desmond Idiot.. ohh sorry Elliot has always been a disappointment. Desmond Eliot is a bloody lier, a product of godfatherism , I watched all the bullshit he has been saying since in favour of his godfather Beauty without brains Has he forgotten he's a celebrity (though now it may just be his immediate family, Jagaban & the lost few)

Desmond Elliot Called us Children O wrong mehnnn 😭 When comedies call you Desmond idiot instead of Elliot I thought it was a joke.. You will soon leave the post and come home, it's not family chieftaincy position This is the reason why Desmond Idiot want to regulate social media Oh! He is now a politician therefore he will speak like them am not surprised

Your fada, the Elliot that is know have sense but you doesn't have brain Yeye law maker. U are a disaster. Desmond Elliot ❌ This guy don't know what he is doing, him go use him hand cause problem for himself This one just dey behave and talk like mumu.

End SARS: Why Buhari govt must regulate social media in Nigeria - Lai Mohammed - Daily Post NigeriaThe Nigerian government has insisted that social media should be regulated to checkmate fake news. Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, made See mouth like toilet Kettle😎😏 My Lai again?

End SARS: Violent protesters agents of doom, destruction of Nigeria - Buhari support group - Daily Post NigeriaThe Buhari volunteers movement has said the End SARS protest was perpetrated by unpatriotic, blood thirsty miscreants, separatist as well as agents of 75 billion to help Nigeria youths or to bribe them.. Money when ministers go eat e no go even reach we the youths when ona one bribe.. Wicked leaders Buhari will be out of office in 2023. I wonder what sycophants like these will do?...oh, they will look for the next victim to praise and worship! Monsters they made

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WTO: Nigerians lambast US for opposing Okonjo-Iweala as consensus candidateKayode OyeroNigerians have taken to the social media to blast the President Donald Trump administration for opposing Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala as the consensus candidate for the post of director-g... US go dey do like king kong mtcheew i wish Ghadaffi still dey And some Nigerians are against it ...I won't mention names they know themselves set awon oloriburuku somebodrri people The same Nigerians calling the US to interfere in our affairs & support us.

End SARS: Why NYSC members should undergo military training - HURIWA - Daily Post NigeriaThe Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria, HURIWA, has called on President Muhammadu Buhari and the National Assembly to enact laws allowing the Not doubting it. The way the protest was coordinated shown more of military tactics in EndSARS protest, most of those youth have pass through that treating, now without jobs, why won't they make use of the training? Awon oniranu. Is that what's on ground now? That one in camp never do u guys 🙄... Kukuma kill them na 😏 I Think U totally agree that every corp member should undergo compulsory military training. EndSARS EndMilitaryBrutality

End SARS: Lagos reopens school on Monday - Daily Post NigeriaThe Lagos State Government has approved the re-opening of schools for all classes in public and private schools across the state beginning from Monday, Sanwo olu..😃😃😃 Good 👍 See my alma mater 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼