Electricity Tariff İncrease

Electricity Tariff İncrease

Electricity tariff to increase on Wednesday

3/31/2020 8:35:00 AM

Electricity tariff to increase on Wednesday

Nigerians will from Wednesday, April 1, 2020, pay more for electricity,The PUNCHreports.The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission had disclosed this in its December 2019 Minor Review of Multi-Year Tariff Order 2015 and Minimum Remittance Order for the Year 2020.

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Checks byThe PUNCHon Monday showed that the decision to increase tariff had not yet been suspended despite the lockdown occasioned by the COVID-19 pandemic.A top source at Ikeja Electric toldThe PUNCHthat the firm had not received any directive from NERC as regards reversal of the plan.

He said, “According to the tariff order for the year, we are supposed to increase on April 1, 2020. So far, we have not received any directive not to go ahead.”Efforts to get NERC to speak on the matter were not successful on Monday as the spokesman for the commission, Usman Arabi, said he was not around but on a course at the National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies.

Arabi’s substitute, however, did not respond to calls or a text message sent to him.NERC had disclosed in its December 2019 Minor Review of Multi-Year Tariff Order 2015 and Minimum Remittance Order for the Year 2020 that the order was issued to reflect the impact of changes in the minor review variables in the determination of cost-reflective tariffs and relevant tariff and market shortfalls for 2019 and 2020.

The commission said the order also determined the minimum remittances payable by the distribution companies in meeting their market obligations based on the allowed tariffs.It said, “The Federal Government’s updated Power Sector Recovery Programme does not envisage an immediate increase in end-user tariffs until April 1, 2020, and a transition to full cost reflectivity by end of 2021.

READ ALSO:Power supply worsens as gas shortage stalls 4,156.5MW“In the interim, the Federal Government has committed to funding the revenue gap arising from the difference between cost-reflective tariffs determined by the commission and the actual end-user tariffs payable by customers.”

According to NERC, all Discos are obligated to settle their market invoices in full as adjusted and netted off by applicable tariff shortfall.It said, “All FGN intervention from the financing plan of the PSRP for funding tariff shortfall shall be applied through NBET and the market operator to ensure 100 per cent settlement of invoices issued by market participants.

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“Effectively, this order places a freeze on the tariffs of the TCN and administrative charges until April 2020 at the rates applied in generating MO invoices for the period of January to October 2019.”Copyright PUNCH.All rights reserved. This material, and other digital content on this website, may not be reproduced, published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or in part without prior express written permission from PUNCH.

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I mean like seriously 😅... Who do us this thing ShehuSani Chai Nigeria.....in this period you are still thinking of increasing electricity bill 🙆🙆...do you even have the right to ask for money? are you not suppose to leave the light for free in this period? Are we working where we are? God please come to our aid oo

Last month, Ikeja electric billed me (only my apartment o) 24k naira. how much will it become now? Smh Mtcheew What happens to the free two months electricity promised to us by the federal government of Nigeria? Even Lai Mohammed threatened to extend the lockdown...Zoo country! Theresa Stay safe PalmSunday lockdown StayHome nosivad

Nigeria is a banana republic.not surprised reading this.All govt MDs are insensitive to the plight of the common man.We've a no light in ojodu Berger closed to a week now amidst F.G movement restriction when it's supposed to be a 2days on 1day off rotation yet we no dey owe NERC So, what they can't get with fuel, they get from electricity. This government does nothing for free.

Upon all the payment no light..I just pity some people doesn't have prepaid metre..maybe they will be paying 20 thousand naira monthly now Now the question is, 'Why?' And power hasn't improved. ShehuSani They are mad, it's that simple. This people will never stop acting stupid... really right now? Everyone is fighting to survive (kaduna dybros)and all u guys think right now is increament? What a stupid people

Lol All we are experiencing here is to pay for what we have consumed. Pls give us prepaid meter. Where is the electricity that you are increasing its tariff? Is it that they want to pish us to raise arms against the govt or just drain us to death so they rule over the dead? In this tragic moments, we suffer in darkness, no money or food to survive the isolation. Give us light now is a very big problem nd yet its to increase bill. Gpya

Suspended, punch update your news pls For d one wen de ground so On what grounds are they increasing tariff. For christ sake this is the wrong time to do so. People are going through enough hardship. Other countries are taking it easy on their citizens now. Federal government reduced PMS by 20 naira and electricity tariff wants to increase

NERC seems to be living in another plant ,we'll like to be paying their bills in Italian, Amerian and Chinese currencies now but their physical presence in these nations mentioned above is required,therefore,kindly forward your domiciliary account details. In other countries, they are making things easier for their people. Naija!

Look at us. We’ll all come here and rant without any serious resolution. Let’s shot down everything once. Enough of these evil acts from our government patienceagada4 🤨 why wicked people why? 🙆‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️ These pple are insensitive , at this time and period? Because pple are staying at home ? Whenis suppose to be the opposite by reducing tariff, they are actually increasing ! I want to believe this is fake news .

Stupid things.... Because everyone is at home? Water is not drying up!!!! So why the increase? It is well NERCNG all of you are mad! Wicked and useless set of people. if they want to shutdown Nigeria me I'm ready.. no light for more than 48hours & you're deadly kiddie.. I'm coming 🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃 With the news carrier Ori gbo gbo yin ti daru.. Mtwwwwww

To increase for your constant supply or for your steady darkness?Misplaced priorities!!! What a country! Even in this period (coronavirus) we found ourselves What a shame! Not even as if the electricity light is been duly supplied. Unreasonable and corrupt government Of course. We haven't had power supply for 30 years. That's why the CoS ABBA went to Germany in the midst of Coronavirus battle to fix it in one day...

Without light!? This is a wakeup call and totally ridiculous!.. I think the Chinese should just manufacture and package a much cheaper power I can buy in the market, the I wont need to charge too 😑😑 What's wrong with us? Are we psychotic or what exactly is going on? Is this the right time for increase in anything at all? Can we be emphatic for once?it's really not too much to ask at this time

Light we no see,electricity tariff wan increase.... God go punish una why are you interested in peddling fake news that will disrupt the peace...of what benefit is this to you...NERCNG has postponed this but you still went ahead to publish it, shows your primary objective is dirty and biased can you imagine...you reduced petrol price but increase electricity bills. Wait ooo, this people never had our best interest at heart. Now i know...

Upon all these we are facing? In fact this is wrong time to do such. This people are as cruel and crazy as their government. Everywhere in the world prices are being dropped on necessities but these guys want to up the tariff here. I’m truly tired of Nigeria. We have bad government that doesn't considers its citizen, shld this be a topic of discursion now? The Tariff we are paying now is even outrageous yet considering increment in tariff of the service we don't enjoy, no fully well the date is driving closer when we shall demand for

We stay home making money........OUR COMPANY still busy putting smile on people faces. ... Be part of the company today and let's guild you...its purely online telecom business. Chat me let's talk business on 08089926337 This people are mad... “oiin, I say oiin” ifiee Why are you guys so evil and insensitive. Increasement at a time like this. Where is your empathy NERCNG. Nigeria is too messy and tooooi uncomfortable oo God🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️. This is sickening and heartbreaking💔

Lmao Rubbish!!! Please is PHCN not in Nigeria?. Bcoz what's the sense in this. Can't they at least wait for the pandemic to blow over. I learnt the current GM of the PHCN is a money monger. Nigeria is a Joke Murderfuckers!!! Why are they increasing tariff 😤😤😤 Bastards!!! We are seating at home with zero light to seat at home with and yet, they speak about increasing tariff!!!😠😠😠😠😠

If them born you well, come cut my light Dey said till July again, abi which one is Wednesday again? Very insensitive on der part.., d electricity dt is so epileptic in supply 😏🙄🙄 When pipo neva see wetin to eat for stay at home, how do you expect them to stay without light? Come dey put moni join the one wey una nor dey give b4, that one go even kill pass the corona sef NGRPresident MBuhari ProfOsinbajo make una do something o.

Officials should get ready for mob action What a wicked leadership in Nigeria. No light and the tariff keep on increasing. This is a more disappointing way of giving back to the community.Yet we compare our to advance world,while at this point in time they are trying make life easy for their citizens due to CoVID19 + Lockdown but opposite is the case here.

Imagine the country we all fine ourselves, tomorrow someone will tell me 'there is hope' from this administration. Imagine the country we all fine ourselves, tomorrow someone will tell me 'there is how' from this administration Phcn under the Nation's most useless president MBuhari Dont worry, I have a better solution. Lemme go and learn how to sneeze in one direction.

It’s been debunked by NERC I normally dont do this, plus this might not be the right time to do this, but please while y'all are here, take few minutes out of your time to subscribe to my youtube channel. Help my hustle. God no go shame us. Twitter community do your thing What an insensitive government!!

Shey ninu gbogbo wahala corona yi naa.. E o no iberu olorun o Dear fada Nigerians forget easily, remember no more crude oil business n the 💰 must be made. Lol ShehuSani Good This Buhari animal is nothing but a filthy kind of dog. My God. BashirAhmaad MBuhari When your citizens are on lock down? When your citizens have little to manage? When we are begging for a reduction? Please sirs do the needful and call them to order.

And Nigeria will claim to have government... Why are you people so wicked! Gosh This people should just kill us With this lockdown,No money... God will have mercy on you o Y'all are just pushing for anarchy aren't you? Other countries are trying to make things easier for their citizens but y'all are out there actively trying to make the masses more miserable than the previous day.

you are talking in the thing that dunno have good experience at all Even as we not seen the light what a shame Democratic nation my balls What tha fuck is wrong with this government Amidst the pandemic? Do you care about your citizens at all? MBuhari NigeriaGov 2/ MBuhari Why do you tend to always be torns in the flesh of Nigerians yet you don't want the country to tear apart. Think twice before any decision is taken at this time because soon everyone will turn at you

1/ I wonder why we at this crucial time when everyone need light to survive the lock down, an increase in meter price is announced. MBuhari which way are we going please? Other countries are suspending bills and fees, some reduce where necessary. We are scared that we might go into recession. And you jackasses think now is the right time to do this? This Coronavirus will not pass a lot of Nigerians by.

God will punish our Govt., for this. During this hard time abi? How much have they given to the masses for their mumu lockdown? They will never know peace IN JESSE NAME, AMEN!!! No punch. This case has been revised by NERC order 198/2020. No increase in tariff until Discos shows plan to improve supply.

ShehuSani Oloshi Now for all those who had insisted that Mohammadu Buhari most be their president should enjoy the shared hardships. Why are our policy makers this damn stupid? At this time? Would these people ever think like humans? Tariff kee you people there. Ndi uchu Abdullerh17 tbh we are no supposed to pay any bill this month..power bill, lawma and the rest we can’t work and you expect us to pay these bills !!

Wrong timing we are still adjusting to the VAT increment now it's electricity..... asuu is still on strike, the covid'19 pandemic, restricted movements and now this........ It's well ooooo Ole ni gbogbo yin Haba!!! Are these people seriously talking about this right now? At this crucial time?! Nigeria - ANIMAL FARM 😢

zizino33 What are they generating money for Is it that these people don't have sympathy for what people are going through now or what🤦 Like seriouslytho we have been informed about this increase of a thing in electricity that it will be increase by April but then it doesn't have to be at this time with the current situation of how things are now...

Is that why, since three days now, there's no light? Stupid country Ndi Ara As they are managing to give light longer now, they're taxing more.. You mean people have to sweat blood to just have basic amenities.. Yet we supply un-interupted light to other nations? Ontop wetin BREAK UP NIGERIA! Na ogun go kee una papa😡🖐!!!

Ab9starr What a country to be born In Nnaa nekwanú ndia oo.. Izit the low current u're bringing u want to increase the tariff? Even under this situation, we've lost human value tbf. Excuse me, really !!, in this time of so called Pandemic Virus crisis that you should put the Country ( the Nigerians )1st and with this lockdown that people CAN NOT work AT ALL, WHY are we doing this to ourselves for Christ Sake

You're increasing the price for a non existent service. We are paying heavily for darkness. Increasing the price we gona be paying to stay in dark right? Are these people not mad like this We warned but they preferred to choose their leaders based on ethnic and religious affiliation. Seriousfuckinly......?!!!

You people are mad ni NERC We are all mad in this country Just let me see nepa official around my compound then you will know nonsense. akinyemi_akiny3 Why is thunder not doing what it supposed to do nah. How come NEPA people are going Scot free in this raining season Hmm.... Nigerians won't stop paying for darkness. The govt condoning oppression of her people. It's a pity.

Una papa!! Ehhhh? How will people pay? Everything lock down even all bills Bunch of Bastards!!! Said come April nah don’t make it sound like tomorrow ... it’s next month I miss NEPA. Good light, lowest bill. It will not be well with the privatization scheme they tricked us into ShehuSani Osu gini I told my friend yesterday, Nigeria is dangerous to human life....

We are not scared ! God is with us I think the person that bring this suggestion is not in Nigeria? PLACNG MBuhari .... Failed nation of hardened criminal & cursed, satanic, doomed & demonic leaders. Wasted Generation Is like this country dan crase finish Of all these people making comments am yet to see anyone making responsible input, I hope the original poster is highly impressed afterall

Aye won ma baje Ni...Unfortunate Ppl...What kind of Govt do we have in dis nation? Can you guys just get sense for a second. Let me say it again in case am yet connected. Tariff increas is not the problem. The main problem is estimated billing. Give us meter and get your tariff. Don't be alarmed, let's have prepaid meter

They're mad ni And, the FGNigeria is planning palliatives. Won't electricity tariff be one of such at least during the period? Really 😳 in these times 🤷‍♂️ Hello! NEPA are you guys ok? segalink 😭 Inside Convid-19 stay at home? Why wait till Wednesday? Increase it yesterday were day. Won ti bi yin da!!!

Why are you people so wicked in this country! At this time of COVID19 No constant power supply and yet they want to increase tariff. What kind of country and leadership do we have in this country. It's well with our Nation I have said that our leaders need phsyco-examination. You push the people to abject poverty, brought corona virus and the next thing that is good for the masses is electricity tariff jack up. Our leaders get Koro. They need deliverance.

They want increase, you people de like instead to comment against it Anything goes in a nation where you have morally perverse leaders🤠🤠🤠 It has increased already! There shall be no increase of tariff on Wednesday. Very Unfortunate timing The hell people speak as referred in the holy Bible is Nigeria. not possible

This is bad na. Even in this trying times they still want to go ahead and add to our problem.Such wickedness. A government is a reflection of its people. How many food stuff sellers hiked prices for no reason? Table water for 120 sold at 150, vitamin c for 200 sold at 300. Transport fare hiked for no reason. Drug sellers hoarding chloroquine tablets. Gloves, face masks and...

This is madness Sense has finally left u guys. Ndi ara 😔 🤦‍♂️ I don't have problem with God that created me but that stupid Angel that sent me to Nigeria shall smell pepe 😭😭😭 Make dem kúkú hold the light... We no do again... How can they be increasing tariff as if we are receiving annoiting oil at convention... Kini gan

Who did we offend? For what. This is the time that we Nigerian suppose to use light for free considering stay at home order. People don't even have food to eat and you want to increase nepa bill. This is wickedness Same bobo everytime🙄 On top lockdown? What That's so, so insensitive considering the times were in. NERC must retrace their steps on this one.

Nigeria is a dry joke !!! really they keep dishing out silly and senseless policies because they we are docile . A very Big Shame to the Giant of Africa !! The honourable minister has refuted this. Stupid country We need to start beating these people 😭😭 Shey this is fair APCNigeria 'Eyin were' It has been suspended

Na God go punish all of them, it won't be better for u all God go punish them idiot, where is the light sef This is not a country oo. This is not a country AT ALL They are serious at all E b like say dem need beat oh ShehuSani phcn Werewere ko ni fe bayin ja Nigeria is the most insensitive, corrupt, useless and wicked country on earth, they still collect tax, No food, no water, telecoms & cable companies are sucking citizens dry, now they want to increase electricity tariff. Nigeria is a failed state. Shame on shoe shiners.

Are we even okay in this country ? When most of us have stopped working because,’Corona’🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️...This is exactly what WHO was talking about,empathy for Citizens not Directly affected by the Virus but affected economically! We lack Empathy in this Country!!!🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ And I don't have light for 24hrs yesterday?

Am a Ghanaian and I don't think this is best in this hard time. It totally bulshit The timing is wrong Nigeria is a jungle walahi Vote pple wey dey okay u no go vote na one person wey we Don give opportunity for four years wey our eyes see waayo we go vote in again, abeg reason am shey we no dey get weytin we deserve lyk dis.

God punish bad Government. This is grossly insensitive. When individuals and other Countries are seeking of ways to help its citizens alleviate their suffering, you're here thinking about increasing tariff. Shame on you. I'm wondering what the leaders are going to do about this. Wait let me guess...NOTHING

Naso we go shout shout shot sote dey I crease d bill and we finding ourselves paying more. We all should start seeing dis country as a big joke nw. For light wey person no dey even see use 🚶🚶🚶 Nigeria Is a big disgrace in a time like this that people are forced to stay at home there's no electricity to keep Nigerians inside , I cry for my country.

APC mantra - fight against corruption. Hiking electricity tariff without metering every house is fraudulent. The light is not regular and you have the order to increase the tariff, God will judge every man/woman that make life difficult for others. But why exactly We they suffer pandemic this once they increase Nepa money.

Are these ones operating from Rwanda? 🙄🙄🙄... Do they know what's going on in the country? 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Are they thinking at all. At this trying times. God go punish una as una dey punish us. Everywhere is f**king damn hot. Rubbish! The God of Elijah will send down fire and burn una entire household. Useless Nation

Shame on you people It has been postponed till July 1st. Am even tired of commenting This people are crazy!!!so they have not increase tariff yet but I pay twice what I use to pay for last month bill. We were even told next month will be higher than d one I paid for february.sadly we don't have a serious govt that will look into their excesses.

In the face of the pandemic u have gut to Nigeria you want to increase tariff. Evil men Is there even the electricity?🙄 we r just dashing u people money This government doesn't feel the pulse of the masses. Must this tariff be increased at this time even when there's no improvement in electricity supply. This is the most insensitive decision by this clueless government.

The beginning of the end. Why on Earth do the electricity company want to lock down Nigeria in total darkness segalink How am I not surprised! I never see this kind country before for my life🤣🤣🤣 In this period? Are u people mad I over heard some group of people saying if this pandemics lasts for a month they wouldn't have food to eat. Worst of all is to pay electricity bill. And the response from one of then was that. E get Y illegal dey. This I'll just bring about an increase in Illegal connection.

Nigeria needs help. Countries are reducing prices, they are increasing prices. Smh Hmmmmm therewasacountry called Nigeria You can see mad people ? Good thing I have a good catapult. If I see any one them on my pole.... Issok Clap for the clueless administration Evu pipu Fake news Giant of Africa. Na so.. The suffer for this country never reach una wan increase tariff thunder fire una

Ogun go kill you With Covid in the land!!!!! I smell beating I see cutlasses raising up I smell trouble I smell war...war against government. I can feel the vibration already... Angry mobs on the streets chanting in frustration WE CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE The hot water is boiling waiting for the victim ENOUGH OF THIS SHIT

But who are they sending to cut the light when we don't pay? Even the secondary school students can serve Nigeria better than the set of Leaders we are having at the a pity. Who cares !!! We are already use to Gen . Look at Your mate Nigeria. Better come and cut the light Nigerians are paying for darkness year in,year out.'Things fall apart,the centre...'

You guys can do better than this. The headline is mischievous. Any Nigerian that enter heaven amidst all these challenges actually deserve extra welcome to Christ Kingdom Ki lo de?Uk granted free 3months house rent to all its citizens & regulated the products fact,stay at home wil sweet you if you are not productive.

increase ? we have 20% lower tariff because everybody is home watching tv, using computer, more cooking at home, playing videogames 12hrs per day .... Why is Nigerian government like this 😭😭😭,no food,no water,no electricity and all u could think of is increasing ur tarrif.too bad Una wicked o Abi these people wan run craze ni?

Are you guys mad? Ori yin ti baje This country is frustrating and useless, 😡We have a government that does not care about its people and it’s sad 😞 I am in a wrong country Abi they want to be unfortunate ni. We don't have light in Ishawo ikorodu since last week and you're talking about increment on tariff 😠

Sometimes I wonder is there a virus called madness wrong with NERC. emmanuel_ethos You people are just useless. Why is it being increased? Why? Ndi ara In this crisis, when nigerian are to stay home where will the money come from, just asking for a friend Abi e no go better for IBEDC together..... For how many hour power supply in a month

Lol country wey too like play... Na ona Sabi. Inside life 🤦🏽‍♂️ Can you just imagine?😠😠😠😠 When other countries are trying to make things easier for their citizens, Nigeria government want to increase electricity tariff in this period of COVID -19 pandemic. It seem our government don't take us into consideration.

Bad time NERCNG Madness Is there steady 20 hours power supply forget 4 hours first Royalty should be paid from all companies not citizens paying them at this time of indooership 🙄 The Nigerian government is just a group of lunatics... What a useless group of people Can't it be kept on hold? Are they so insensitive? You see that leadership is not really our p?

Can't this increase in tariff be suspended? People can't feed at this time and you want them to pay for inefficiency? Plus there's a lot to be done before tariff should be increased. Have a heart NERCNG balogunAsadiq Is it another way of stemming the spread of CoronaVirusNigeria? Our Nigeria Government are very bad and wicked people are talking about corona virus and our govt is talking about increase in electricity we don't have any

Oluwa Wetin Dey occur😭😭 Other countries are reducing to help the masses this billionaire pay fronts and collect from back... Since our power sector is private what do we expect This even the time you Nigerians have to look at the government if they humankind or under world agents sent FakeNews Femi ote$ is just trying to collect his 2b spent on the pandemic nothing is new under the sun

God ,I'm not blaming you cos i know everything you've done is according to your will. But why this country, why did you bring me here ? 😫😫😫 I don’t have to curse you again. The curses on the comments is enough and God will definitely say YES to them. InShaa Allah I take that to mean 'April fool' This is totally unacceptable...Shame on the govt

The full management staff that sat down, made the decision & chose to put this out at this time lacks emotional intelligence. A bunch of insensitive beings with no regard for the plight of humans. Is this a joke? For what ... they are mad. These people have no shame, countries all over are forgiving or suspending debts or actions that will further impoverish the masses, these greedy charlatans are about to squeeze the life out of hapless Nigerians,even whe they have supplied no electricity, shame on them

Ogun will soon kill some people We r soo stupid in Nigeria, where is the light ? Stupid ppl And Nigerians are begging dstv to cut their tfu Useless government 😐😐 Insensitivity at its peak Dear Punch, NERC has ordered increase of tariff by Wednesday, 1st of April suspended due to covid19, kindly do the needful by publishing the latest information about it, salfem, I told u it wil be reviewed,a circular has been sent today 2 all DISCOs to suspend the tariff hike

And NERC thinks this is the right time to increase electricity tariff when the country is battling with the global pandemic. Electricitytariffincreaseiswickedness NERCiswicked They're idiots, are they increasing darkness or what,? It's more than 2 months now I haven't use light iny area, the token of 4,000 I bought since July 2019 is still stocked in my meter as no supply to make use of it, useless people

Here we go Insensitive people MAD. The terrible thing is that even the northerners that are worse hit by these sufferings, are not commenting or talking. These sets of people up North, are just something else. As long ad govt money keeps coming to their pockets, they don't care o! Wished we had a SANKARA

This makes total sense right now when people's incomes are precarious. What right thinking government does this? What kind of country did I find myself in. Who did we offend? Na wa o Hmmm God help us When you increase it, come and take the money na. Useless NERC I don't just know whether the people at NERC are robots or what? At this time of 'war', you're talking about an increase? You guys are the most unemphatic robots I have come across in my AI life. So pathetic.

We are own problems. This country is sickening! QuotedReplies And no light in my area since three days now, thunder will strike their office if they increase tariffs and yet no light inside lockdown. awon egungun I laugh in wonder working powers... Clowns. Perfect timing! Scums! This is wickedness!!! They re mad

Abi God want to punish you people At this time? Hmmmmm Whaaaaat? Fore will burn you guys place of work, tariff high when nothing is happening in the country Are u guy normal at all How patriotic 🤔 Good morning, fam! 😁❤ I was one of the shortlisted contestants in an ongoing challenge on Instagram- *'Fragrance to Fire'* by Dunsin Oyekan. _The person with the highest likes wins. Please, let your boy win this._ 😩❤✨ Help this innocent boy to win

This is pure wickedness. God help us overcome Please, tell NERC that it is right that Nigerians receive waver for the bills for the month of April and/or even May depending on how much longer this situation lasts. After all, we are self powered. No one should talk about increase. Not this moment. Nigeria is a fraud and a disgrace to humanity,,,every country in the world are making things easy for their citizens at this hard time but Nigeria is busy increasing the tariff of electricity bill in her county,,very awful and appalling,,what a country,,,

Why? Collecting back trademoni At this juncture 😳 Only If every one agrees not to pay new bills and phcn disconnects everyone for defaulting and they also get zero or low revenue 🤔 I paid 20k last month for just one flat. I am not paying a dime untill I get a prepaid meter. IkejaElectric Make dem no near my area o. Dogs never chop since corona.

Increase what, my area Ikorodu is worse... 🤦🏽‍♂️ messed up country! Despite the epileptic power supply and the lockdown? These people want to kill Nigerians, God have mercy! And the best time to do that is this critical moment when Nigerians needs help? From which pocket will they pay it? From the the palliative that the government has given, I guess. What kind of trap has Nigeria fallen into.?

Bastard sons of a thousand fathers!! Abi werey ni awon people e ni Under lockdown again U fit come my home oo But me and my households go us sneezes comot u guys Other countries reducing citizens expenses this period but here we are increase in electricity tariff, increases in food prices and so much more, why is my country Nigeria like this in this hard time of CoronavirusOutbreak 🤦🏻‍♂️

MBuhari fear God ooo jerry_emy All the money wey dem dey donate, none fit clear electricity bill nawa o This is the last news we want to ever hear.... Do these people know what they are doing at all On government pocket and at citizens expense.... 🤔so you remove 20 from fuel and increase tariff on electricity

Nigeria n greed God knows I never wanted to be a Nigerian Dis con3 na mistake,walai, how I wish someone can help me with China or even Italy's visa,make I leave dis con3 for good,I have tired 4 dis con3 I swear Despite the unanimous rejection on the proposed electricity tariff hike by the general public and Admist Corona lockdown?Insensitivity!. NERC!,NERC!!,NERC!!! how many times did I call your name?

Is it not a shame happening in a time like this? In this world Please take note. Nigeria no de sorry for person Amidst the lockdown? Were there’s no light & people are at home without light, now that many factories are closed. To supply electricity to households is problem, now they want to increase tariffs. While other countries won’t pay for electricity bill, water bill, even house rents 😷

Lol NERCNG we need an official statement to validate this. Are we not mad in this country! ex_sinner_7 na God go judge them E Be Like Say All Of Una Wan Perish With Generation Including The Editor Wee Post Am..... Una No Get Shame.... Awon Weyrey GboGbo Boya ke muna yin dani These pple are insensitive , at this time and period? Because pple are staying at home ? Whenis suppose to be the opposite by reducing tariff, they are actually increasing ! I want to believe this is fake news .

Gbam! I knew dis would come With how they have been giving us 5minutes light during the day for the past one week😡😡 It is very insensitive of nerc to increase electricity tariff at this critical time. Shame on them Even if this was planned before (COVID19Nigeria & lockdownlagos) the govt should postpone that for now. So, there is absolutely no one close to the NGRPresident that can advice or say sth. I am scared for those that rule this country, they should be ashamed of themselves

Cry from now till 2mao....U wld all still pay it....Or dnt I knw my toothless lion Nigerians😂😂😂 Wow wow wow For goodness seek why most it be this period These people are mad like seriously. Who are the people ruling Nigeria? Am sure they are not Nigerian. Bcos if they are Nigerian they will not be afflicting us. We never have a stable light and they want to increase the bill God will punish u

It had to be this period, What a madness What! For this small light that they have been managing to give us. Except I don't understand. Jokers🙄 With the leadership in Africa. Africa is a hell on earth. This is a wrong time to increase electric tariff. What? Can you imagine very useless government What have there boogie asses done, that tariff is being increased?

God will judge the person that brings this idea. Our leaders are just utterly wicked, inhuman, greedy, unthoughtful, apathetic, confused, ignorant, dumb, malicious, foolish and bobmbastically delusional. Ogun, amadioha, sango, 🤔🤔 and covid19 will strike all you down simultaneously. Ndi Ala isi gbalisili.

ShehuSani In light of the lockdown on COVID-19 they have to stand down on this NERCNG NGRPresident please intervene To increase amist lock down... Nigeria which way? The whole Nigeria should be incinerated I Guess....Make every body die joor. Covid-19 lo ma paa gbogbo generation yin....awon omo ale Shame on Nigerian you guys are worst humans in the world... Very heartless God will judge y'all... NigeriaGov MBuhari EEDC

Are we seriously going to move forward on this? On this COVID-19? Please tell NERC to shut down now. Government is looking for a way postpone its debt repayment, why can't NERC differ the damn increment? DemolaRewaju Hope we will have 24/7 electricity God will punish you all All of you are mad 🙄 They should pay with the money donated

Do we really have electricity in Nigeria talk more of increasing the tariff...what a country I thought everything is supposed to be on lockdown for now....so, on top the global pandemic, Nigerian govt is still planning to increase power tariff Responsible countries are giving to it's people at this time but mine is collecting. NERCNG NGRPresident MBuhari una fada!!

You people are not mad like this ? This is divine insanity. In a saner country......nvm......all we do is talk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.........ride on master. ShehuSani Which type of thunder do you need? Boiled ,fried or roasted? At a time like this I ask, but what do I know abi who do I know sef to ask this kain question... I bet my tweet here won't even get me a like talk more of follow becos nobody know my papa not to talk of my mama! I don hide my face.

You see mad people. Sincerely, this is my concern with MBuhari nationwide broadcast, wether live or recorded. Just tell NEPA to give us light. Now it seem like we're self isolating in graveyard. COVID-19 ma kpa gbo gbo yin....rada rada! For Godsake why Scammers What kind of heartless people. They reduce petrol by N20 on one hand, increase electricity tarriff on d other.Chai! who did this to us.

What a terrible country well they are welcome to bring bills but if they come for disconnection..well 2 God be the glory for them.. God punish NERCNG OfficialAPCNg NGRSenate HouseNGR WICKEDNESS OOO There's no electricity supply in my area right now! i knew it. This country is a joke The natural law of injustice will now or latter caught up with the imperialists exploiters and balkanizers of common resource funding their crude inefficiency without the corresponding values of services.

This is so irresponsible and insensitive. Instead of finding ways to help the already poor masses, you are adding to their pain. It will never be well with who ever is initiating and implementing this. OfficialAPCNg NGRSenate HouseNGR MBuhari Ok I don't understand! At this period? With this stay at home ,no food no money yet u phcn want to increase the tariff...u are thieves,where is the light? In my area we don't have light steady for 2hrs a day , at times throughout the week there won't be ...u are bu ch thieves

Hollup , you people can’t ask them why they’re increasing the price to something they’re not providing ? Well I don’t blame you all though. Y’all are just a bunch of cowards. 😪😪 Dem dey charge us Benin n Togo bill o Which people wan pay that onethe ones on luck down or Wicked people and yet no light since morning here in Ajah

The thunder that will fire you people is doing press-up. Increase what? At this time? We don't even enjoy what we are paying for, and you are going to increase on death rate. The same electricity we don't get to enjoy, shame on you guys. While the rest of the world are working tirelessly to ease the burden of their citizens, this administration wants to suck us dry with insensitive tariffs.. 😩😩

ShehuSani Is like you people are madding Finish with Corona b4 the wrath of Nigerians fall on you guys! Nonsense!! Who is really driving these policies? When other countries are cutting cost, sharing money and making things easier. Ko le da fun won mehn AEDC una no well Another time of madness. It's another period of enrichment of personalities behind such organizations like lkeja Electric. They later come around to donate 'generously' in times of national disasters like COVID 19. Wicked & corrupt capitalists.

Tariffs going up in lock down, when they should go down? The other time we banned flights OUT of Nigeria instead of flights INTO Nigeria, thereby enabling the importation of COVID19. Nigeria's Prepositional Crisis continues... Are you people mad? Is it crack? Kilode Where other nations are seeking for pallaitaive measures to uphold the welfare of her citizens, there comes this Dracula plans by NERC to compound the woes of Nigerians. We are tired of practicing ZOOCRACY 🤦‍♂️

A caring govt! Reduce fuel, increase bill..... Ok Can we make this trend. We need electricity supply than never before Nepa ShehuSani Jes kill Nigerian, Dey r nt yet tru with corona virus 🦠 We were told to sit inside but then no electricity supply to keep us inside Nepa Increase for what despite staying at home without working! Whr other countries suspended all this bill becos of D COVID-19 affecting financially, all what Nigeria can do is to increase electricity tariff to make life hard for people.

Which light them dy bring The useless govt dt asked us to stay home ,which light them bring Useless people For wt ShehuSani Awon were! Instead of reducing? I see, Nigerians are surely gonna die. Is that a way of making us suffer cos of a disease brought in by the elites? Not reasonable ShehuSani Where is the electricity

This can't be real NERCNG u guys are just shameless........ I think in my fair Opinion Electricity should be removed from Nigeria. Make we begin use generator, make we see weda dat one go work. ShehuSani This is insensitive at this time. This is supposed to be an April fool thing? 🙄 ShehuSani God punish you.

Allezamani God will punish Nepa if them try this nonsense Billions of Naira were donated to fight Covid Virus, dear Nigeria Government, the donations is to make life style of living easy for the citizens during this time of fighting the epidemic. Not just to buy equipments or drugs. Eyin ti e o wa ok!

Why. Newspapers This is totally crazy, useless, a socially poor organisation. Nigerians must rise against this injustice n inhumane behavior What is wrong with this country? Are we to pay for darkness or what? I do not have electricity for the past two weeks just bc or fall wire collapse, till today when we get money we are able to replace it. It doesn't concern Discos now you are talking of increasing tariff, huh🤔

Abi Olori buruku niyin ni 😂😂😂😂 ShehuSani Are we sure we are okay in this nation? Y’all joking right ? ShehuSani Only 2months? No more medical tourism. Most of them be sitting and collecting, proposing nothing & are being funded by our hard earned monies. Wen all this is ova, they should have sense to propose building world class hospitals, at least 4 in every geo political zones by 2023.

Nigeria need to deal with this people like June 12 until they do what we want God punish those who imposed these crop of buffoon on us all! ShehuSani All the money donated to fight Covid -19 won't reach common people, one of the things you can use to reduce the plight of people is to reduce or skip NEPA bill for now

So na corona virus cause this one too I might as well open an onlyfans account. I might get paid to pay my increased bills. ShehuSani It is even in the time they should reduced electricity payment as part of relief for people that they are even increasing, how is it that this people lack compassion? Only Allah love Nigerians.. prying is our only savior

Who do us like this 🤦🏾‍♂️ Very insensitive!!! That's all I can say. Not in times like these. ShehuSani Just wanted to know if the person/ people who decided is also under Corona attack. ShehuSani They are mad, it's that simple. This is very bad for the govt at this time when things are not going well, how heartless can u guys be? Our govt are just too clueless and insensitive

Near my house if i unleash the anger in me you people will not like it, image lockdown no money, no food, no light, with this heat you r increasing tarrif. I m waiting.... ShehuSani In Rwanda govt just approve free electricity usage and and food as well, but God why this country matter dey always different why?

ShehuSani If them like make them do am today...That's dia problems in as long I don't see then in my House.. O Thunder kill all of una metcheeeeee Increase your fada Be like dem want make ogun kill dem sha ShehuSani In the middle of all these that we're going through. Why have you guys chosen the path of inhumanity?

Increase tariff? Please which wednesday? ShehuSani Dey will tell u the billions they used in feeding people These people are worse than Corona virus!!! ShehuSani Sick government People ain't working jorrr With this Lockdown Haba This is pathetic and wicked U mean there’s nobody close by to tell you that u are mad for posting this 🤦🏻‍♀️

They must be mad. God punish them For light we no dey see under this lockdown even smh This is not the right time The one una increase never do.? Why do you people want to kill everyone in this country Buhari FGN removed 20 naira from fuel, Electricity wants to collect it abi?.. Wetin we gain sef for this country?

With the current situation? We're a joke in this country. When people are in a tight crunch at the moment. What sort of mentality is that self. ... very insensitive... Increase!!!!! For the power been supplied or the one not been supplied? Rwanda dey give free electricity, in Nigeria electricity tariff dey increase. Act of foolishness.

Increase am make him reach the sky abeg! no be person wey dey see light regularly go pay? The useless electricity wey person no dey see till the last 5 days of the month. This shouldn't be at this time. The fact that Nigeria is not yet on sale baffles me!! It's as if the authorities are being insensitive. For God sake, the timing is wrong.

We shall continually suffer if do not neglect all sentimental thoughts/ideologies and come together as one to fight this bad leaders!! 😢 😢. Forget APC Forget PDP, forget tribalism, forget Religion or else we fight as one Nigeria we are doomed for life!!! Crazy, other nations are making it easier for their citizens to use electricity while you are busy increasing tariffs in a situation where darkness increasingly surpasses the light

Una no serious. Useless country Nigeria is evil country Lmao. come to think of it. the decision to increase the tarrif predates the covick one nine virus but since they are brainless and thoughtless they didn't know that decision should be rescinded or put on a hold. To be paid by who exactly? How can these guys be heartless and inconsiderate, the whole world is experiencing total lockdown with NO work and NERCNG is planning increase in tariff. Too bad.

Amidst all of this? Oh Lord how did we get here when other countries president are looking for a way of making it easier for it's citizen. Under this present condition? Nepa, Efcc, Sars Y’ll be careful , people are angry, thread gently. FG said we should sit at home with funds, now they want to increase the spending of our savings. The electricity we are not seeing, we have to spend more darkness what a government.

nerc it's like stretch marks dey your brain. In these hard times, you want to increase tariff? Which of the Wednesday This is just madness. Where’s the power in the first place Are they mad Jehovah knows ur house Address NERCNG if dis is a joke. Pls stop it... pls stop it...😡🤬 Wrong timing... How will things be good when a ghost is ruling. Come my house, I’ll forget covid19 and fight you to death

Why are we so removed from wisdom? What a time to increase tariff! The same amount of electricity I use is the amount I'm going to pay. What nonsense! I will surely follow anyone that like this comment, pls kindly follow me too. Let’s grow our twitter account. On what ground? Is there improved electricity supply?

This is crazy! In these times? Were you even working, efficient to start with, I'd have said ok, but increased rates for gross inefficiency? 😡😡😡😡 Something they should reduce by 50%. God help us. What nonsense are they regulating? Are the citizen going to pay with paper or sand.? Economy is in shambles,you want to increase tarrif. Is there sense in that? May GOD punish all those that want to make life unbearable for masses.

Goons on my streets knows best. They thirsty of perilous time like this After trying to ban generators they are increasing tariffs... Just carry Fulani herds men and kill us finish already With the lockdown, they are still increasing tariff. This is insensitive at this time And 2023 is still FAAAAAARRRR. 😭😭😭

How will the government deregulate a sector without competition? The main essence of deregulation is to foster competition. Nothing has changed in the power sector since its deregulation. They reduced the price of petrol but increased electricity tariff. Who are they deceiving? No be today I know say una mumu, even buhari

Government has failed to enforce regulators or distributors to give out prepaid meters as promised, but has okayed increase in tariff. There is God. I'm sha just tired of this country at a time where other countries are trying to alleviate the suffering of their citizen cos of this pandemic, Nigeria want to strangle her citizen. Oma shey ooo

Lol We don't have human beings as leaders in this con3. Cos if we do, this wickedness won't happen. At a time like this, the govt want to allow such a thing like this to happen. All of you that voted in this govt, na una I hold responsible for this mess happening to other Nigerians Like seriously? Even without stay power supply Joke of the century

This cannot be true This just goes to show how heartless you are. Where other countries have suspended billings at this time, the NERC is thinking of increasing tarriff. Oh what a shame! Increase tariff, when light has gone zero? Even in this lockdown you people can not do better Highest level of insensitivity

We don't even have light.. It has been total black out for the past two weeks and yet they talking of increasing the tariff is this not wickedness? Do you people even have sympathy for humanity? Oloriburuku ni gbogbo yin E be like say ogun go kill dis nepa papa Really 🤦🏿‍♂️ layskills omobadanfodio these ones are adding salt to your current injury.

Are these ones mad? Are they mad? Are You Mad Or Stupid Or Both. In a Total lockdown, you are hiking the tariff. Is just total madness This country is like a punishment for people who were bad in their past lives 💔 Nigeria is a failed country. RadioPaparazi They must be crazy 4 which light? Tanda paya them 🤣🤣🤣 nonsense

You people will know how to come collect complete Nepa money and to remove tax to share food una no sabi Awon werey Na cutlass I go take cut person wey go come collect nepa money from me we don't even have light, what is wrong with this people talking about increase at this time. Those clamouring for empathy on the elite of this doomed country called Nigeria should come and interpret the meaning of wickedness. The Nigeria 'rulers' are evil, insensitive, callous and shameless.

E fe shofo ni?😠.... electricity that we're not enjoying,when will you guys just stop toyng with our lives and make us enjoy what other countries are enjoying tori Olorun😭...abi what kinda country is this for fuck sake🤦 As you increase it...your sadness,frustrations and burdens shall be increased in the name of the owner of heaven and earth!!🙏🏻

Nigeria is a pathetic place.... Tueh How do u want us to pay when u lockdown down d city una no serious o This is unfair na, revert this or we tag the one and only imam of peace. Ògún kill una At this corona time? In the spirit of palliatives, can't they suspend? Nigeria is neglected to be call a zoo. It's a hell. Already they have initiated VAT in a calls, data and SMS uses since the Oil and Gas sector is depreciating. Now is Electricity tarrif. PHCN that don't even give light. This government is evil period.

What is the implications on the poor citizen Bhet why Bad timing. Very incongruent to the realities on ground resulting from COVID 19 lockdowns. Who vex una? With current situation in covid 19.. Before I do believe everything Punch say but ever since they said reps are sharing cars and they later said they have suspend it when akin alabi said the reps had shutdown. Before you criticize the government hear it from the horses mouth. Punch are not reliable anymore.

For which country? Again? Why are u people so wicked like this. O ga o Wtf See im leaving this country soon No wonder power supply has been somewhat consistent lately. 🤙🏽 Such a pity . I believe this is fake news, handiwork of mischief makers. It's disheartening to hear that. No, a government that is sensitive to the plight of the masses would not allow such now because people are still trying to survive the pandemic despite the stay at home order given by the FGN. If you ask me, I would say the timing is wrong.

So they fit increase ham They only allowed to increase by house of representatives if and only if they metered every house, or else, they will give them a cap value that must be charged. Make dem carry their light abeg..we no care anymore Long story but no mention of the increment structure. Useless reportage.

Nigeria has a way of making life difficult for her citizens. Tueh. When naira is depreciating everything is falling apart you increasing electricity bil. We haven't been having power for like a week at akure Na una sabi You see as una wan take swear for una self bah?🙄 Imagine!? Light that we don’t see In all these global happenings... Where is the light self? Thunder plus that light fire them...

NenyeChelsea see o See this bastards, we are battling this virus, you are increasing tariff? Ha how we go take do that one now this government Has this not been postponed? Why not give accurate info I just have a question Are dey mad ni? Why? For what? Why is the system so inhumane? Why should NERC think of increasing tarrifs at this time when they should be making better arrangements for power? Which kind country be this?

Pathetic Wicked souls. You are increasing tariff for light we don't even see and in these trying times. What a shame! This is supposed to be the country of our dreams? Where is the shameless man that is asking dstv to give free 1month subscription? We have failed ourselves. Hahahhah crazy people We have a combination of insensitive organizations and incompetent government to deal with

Evil Leaders Confused country, we were told 1800 only for estimated bill.Evil leaders,I just wish this virus catches up with only evil & corrupt can u think of such esp now we have hunger virus.People stay indoors and pay heavily for darkness? God come to or rescue Abi this people does not want to know peace ni😭😭light that you aren’t giving us and you here talking about increase, don use money buy fuel finish😭😭😭😭haaaaaa you people are wicked ooooooo😩😩😩😩😩😩😩

With all the billions donated to this government, they can't subsidize and reduce the tariffs for their citizens....we are just too wicked to ourselves in this country What country are we living in? At the hard situation other country in world make things easy and available for their people during Covid19 but Nigeria government adding more pressure on his people😔😔😔. This government is Rubbish😡😡😡 they have nothing to offer masses😔😔

RadioPaparazi we are suffering from coronavirus and coronahungry now it is coronathieves turn We are suffering today becos of ethnic agenda, sentiment and interest pushed above our common good, unity and diversity. Sorry, we landed ourselves into this mess. This regime is like a curse to us (1984 austerity measure & 2015-date)

What's happening in this country? I will remind of you punch careless and irresponsible headlines tomorrow Nigeria jaga jaga no be lie I swear 😆 We are suffering today becos of ethnic agenda, sentiment and interest pushed above our common good, unity and diversity. Sorry, we landed ourselves into this mess.Can you now see that this regime is like a curse to this nation Nigeria (1984 austerity measure & 2015-date)

What is wrong with these people We shouldn't allow this to happen, this shouldn't be a tweeter thing, we should come out to the public and say no to electricity bill hike. What of the electricity? At this time? What kind of country is this nau? This should be postponed indefinitely Where is the electricity b4 u talk of tariff increases

Am still asking waytin man do man ? RadioPaparazi Make dem kuku coman comot their wire...we no need their lite anymore Hahahahaha I said it, 125/litre. That 20 deducted will be repaid double in another way.. I trust for reporting trash amidst uproar. This Government is not daft to that level. Worst country....u will all pay for this

Na wa poo. You asked people to remain at home preventing them of going work because of corona virus and you still want to add to their burden by increasing electricity tariff. There is God ooo apc led government. And we get leader for this country? The government only think of themselves,selfish and inhuman leaders,no relief fund for Nigerians to stay at home for 2 weeks,still they want to increase electricity tarriff,i am glad that is thesame rain that falls on our roofs

It seems this government have decided to make life difficult for her citizens Na die be that Whereas no light in dis era of stay at home in Dutse Alhaji Abuja, Nepa is a scam to Nigeria, dey are real disaster to dis nation Lol ehnnn For real, don't you people hear of everything should be in moratorium for now, can't you donate electricity as your contribution?!!!?

Bastards! Increment for light wey my ppl no even see use 😂 Who did we offend ni to ri olorun You guys are madddddddddddddd NEPA don't be unfortunate because them go beat some NEPA ehn he no go funny I love my country... Things you get for not owning a power supply as a nation 😂😂😂 In the heat of all this. You want to lockdown cos other countries are doing so. Why not also do what other countries are doing to sustain the lockdown.

I saw it coming I think we all need to burn down Nigeria. This is madness. At this hour people are not working you are increasing electricity tariff for the darkness you supply to Nigeria. MBuhari at this time of crisis We that do have light ,ryt now FG can never give you anything for free. Dropped 20naira on fuel, now want to take it back on electricity tariff

People are not working, you people are increasing electricity tariff while other countries are giving their citizens free food and electricity . Ogun must surely kill una one after the other very soon o That's the good things with places like my current location who don't get electricity. No bill hike to worry about. People still paying high to something they're not getting... May Allah save us the masses

Shouldn't this be suspended for now They reduce fuel small increase NEPA bill high, they will do one small good and pay us another way with more evil ,jus wish I can choose my own country Stay home and increase ur electricity terrif? This is really really vision 2020. Not even surprised If your news seems correct, then we shouldn't be labelled as any f*ckin' giant of Africa. See below what Rwanda 🇷🇼 proposed for her citizens in this difficult time.👇

It's obvious some persons left their sense of reasoning behind in the womb. I pray and hope we don't make this same by 2023 At the end of every wailing some useless set of people here will still vote stupidly come 2023 because of 5000naira politicians will share on that day. Tribe and Religion we are not still United, Nigeria politicians use that against us during the election.

While fkeyamo is asking private companies to give us freebies Baal administration Which kind Government be this? 😡 Is this for real And the best time to increase this traffic is now🤷‍♀️? Who do us like this scarfizal Madness Olori buruku niyin seh Am i dreaming? This is the 10th wonder of the world! What is wrong with Nigeria as a nation? What exactly is going on?

When next people hear next level them go run. Other countries are doing everything possible to make their citizens feel safe in this epidemic situation. At a point sef I just wish this virus go just kill all of una.🚶🚶🚶 All they should be thinking of is how to generate 24/7 electricity, but no, greed has eaten their souls. Their evil deed will eventually catch up with them in unexpected ways.

Mad people!!!! NERCNG PowerUpNG Pls confirm What is our offence gangan in this country In this pandemic, when people are still looking for money to eat, you want to increase tariff on electricity that is very unstable?. That's very cruel!!! Look at these agents of darkness 🤦🏾‍♂️ Are they serious at all? In this trying times when no one knows if there will still be anything called electricity again. Smaller countries like Niger are asking their citizens not to pay power bills. Here u are thinking of increase. Coro NEPA

You all are mad phcn aedcelectricity confirm this clickbait. EEDC nobody ask una to donate 12billion ooo You are talking in the rubbish,you are talking in the nonsense crazy policy makers everywhere 🚶‍♂ You guys can’t surprise me anymore ✌️🚶‍♀️ Make una kuku kill us. Wicked and greedy government When we no dey see light Make God punish una o

They said lockdown who be the idiot wey wan increase tariff this is nigeria!!! These people are not serious at all, they are calling for chaos Was that why u ppl refused to bring light in the morning except midnight? Walahi talahi ori yin ti yi igbe 😡😡😡 Dem Dey mad Why not today? Whatever. idiots are still praying for politicians as we speak

Oh No!! Useless country Ok Such terrible timing! God I hate this country rn Madness that has gone to market We don't have light since Saturday, and you want to increase tariff, ok we are waiting. I was busy worried that 1000 buy just 24.2kwa of electricity. And you bastards want to hike the price. Are you even sensible at all. You need to go to hell. Or better still die by electrocution. Werey

What's all this But why? I am not even surprised 🤡🤡🤡 Wickedness and crazy we are in this country. Lmao 😂 this country is fucked up I swear How useless can Nigeria Be🤔🤔 Our leaders are not bright. This is the worst period to do this. Many people are not working anymore, people are at home. People are short of cash, how do you intend they get the money to pay increased bills at this hard time. This simple reasoning. 🤦🤦🤦🤦

Protect yourself sanitizer is available call this line to place order 60ml 08022248603 Nigeria is in an auto pilot. I sympathize with the employees because they’d receive the beating of their lives! Orisirisi for naija😟 Just come and disconnect the light. I run my generator 13hrs in a day when i am not at work.

In the state we are now, is it wise to increase it? Everything should be on a low price because we are at home doing nothing. If the tariff is increased, how do we pay? And tomorrow now some people will now come out and be telling me that Nigeria is not a Zoo Haha why.....femigbaja MBuhari NGRPresident ProfOsinbajo which way now

What an amazing thing to think about, at a time when people are worried about their survival. TheoAbuAgada MBuhari this is not right during this Covik 1,9 period. Tell your people to be sensitive. Amidst all these? If we don't rise up and kill our leaders both past's and present Nigeria will never be a good place just look at this kind of talk in hard times were countries are paying their citizen's any way it was d north that voted buhari

When other countries are providing free electricity see what my country is doing 😔.. soo disappointed I have said it and I keep saying it that this country is a gooner. I don't even know who we offend in this country. It's just a pity we don't deserve all this. In this current situation we are now, NERC is thinking of increase in electricity tariff. You're all bunch of fool filled with wicked acts.

Jokers! Madness No regular power supply, when there is little supply, the current is so low. These people are just mean, inconsiderate and wicked. 😂😂 fuuuus Oya clap for yourself self... You are so wise. If covid- 19 didn't kill Nigerians government will kill them will hike in tariffs and bank charges. How do you increase electricity tariff at a time like this? When other countries are reducing prices to near zero and also distributing food and other essentials to cope in this trying periods. What is wrong with this government,?

Ani weray ni wa Which tariffs? For the light you aint giving us or the one you gave us in the past? Come and take it na This country is fucked up. Admidst all that we're going through as a country, with the total shut down that's ongoing what these agencies can do is increase tariffs of services we don't even enjoy. Prices of stuffs have all skyrocketed leaving majority of the masses in pain

Reduce fuel price and increase electricity tariff.Nice way to go We would pay after corona go 😂😂😂... Not forgetting the abokis they used in populating all federal agencies.. NERCNG so spineless This is really insensitive considering we're all on lockdown Let the Sun pay your electricity bill. Say No to estimated billings. Come to the solar side of life, and be in charge of your electricity bill. For more information Call/WhatsApp: 08028602580

At time like this I weep for this country. While sane govt in other climes are giving palliative to cushion the effect of the sufferings our incompetent & docile rogues are aggravating the pains. What's with this country, we don't have light and you are increasing Tariff. I wonder if the increase tariff is for the epileptic lights.

To helk with their fucking light Are these people mad light no dey,una wan increase tariff...abi GOD wan punish them ni...everyone is scared now and worried this period,salaries aren’t paid and the stupid thing they can think of is to increase tariff in light wey no dey ?make person get money commot for here

I can't even deduce the source of reasoning of this people, countries are given money n relief materials to their citizen, ours is to even collect the small you have gather, God who do we offend in this country... APCNigeria NGRPresident OfficialPDPNig MBuhari Just look at this useless country They just issued us Bill she we are on lock down.

Crude oil prices is falling sharply in international markets hence the government is looking for alternatives. When you put incompetent and clueless people in power expect pains and agony. Happy birthday to the Buharist and Buharidindinrin Idiots ruling us Why Why would these people increase tariff ? When more than 50% of subscribers are subjected to estimated billing system? They should try and give customers prepaid meter first before talking of hike.. estimated billing is fraud.

Zimbabwe govt suspended payment for electricity during lock down. Sorry for Nigeria Wtf Interesting Ogun kee una there!!! What kinda rubbish is this? There is no need announcing the increase! Despite the fact that we don't enjoy the services we pay for, you are still thinking of how to make life miserable for us. God will frustrate all those against the peace and wellbeing of this nation.

MBuha ProfOsinbajo this your government is the worst in history. No Humane face to anything whatsoever.. Just propaganda from pre-election period and still into governance. It's a shame! Imamofpeace segalink tundefashola COVID19 LockDownNigeria Wait what? At a time when other countries are countries are supporting their citizens financially to cushion the effects of the pandemic including letting them forego some bills, we're being taxed more?

jokers This isn’t a country at all...HEARTLESS LEADERS...When Rwanda wants to do Free electricity and free door to door supplies of food during this period,our own wants to increase tariff ...SMH...all the so called audio money wey we dey hear,them no fit use am abi...SO SAD 😡😡 I give up on Nigeria matters o, no 24 hours electricity even for one day but still government want to increase tariff after 2 good weeks lockdown...

Corona virus please kill everyyone that is behind this increase Other countries are giving free electricity Nigeria is increasing tariff I should have traveled abroad to Ghana when I had the chance I swear You are arresting those that increased the prices on Sanitizers and face mask, but you are increasing tariff on a basic amenity like electricity. This is even done at the time when all current billing systems should be suspended and electricity should remain constant. Wickedness!

electricity wey no stable..... Abi Iru palapala wo leleyi🙄 This is madnesss They keep increasing traffic and even added to VAT yet there hasn't been any positive implication. Why do we have cruel people as leaders in this nation?🤦‍♂️ Where is MBuhari ? Is this part of your campaign promises? God will judge you all!

Lol.... despite no power in a country. U bastards still wana increae tariff. Konidafun yin mehn! In this era of pandemic, are this guys humans? Where is the power supply? Again, not in this period of lockdown Don't be insensitive. Bad leaders!wicked leaders ! Increasing taxes and the burdens of it's citizens.Enriching themselves and increasing poverty.woe to you! Your doom is coming!

I think this is a typo should correct the sentence. It should be reduce. An increase is not possible they are aware of the lockdown. Wednesday, this people ehn, inside this corona period, why don't you all give us prepaid meter It is Sango and Sopona that will strike them. Una dey madddd God will judge all of them

I don't even understand where I am anymore, & is this the right time to increase anything for God's sake, Couple with the fact that the useless electricity is epileptic, I swear na dat revolution go end am las las,, until all of us are ready, we keep enjoying their bullshit. Lol someone said ‘This is the time to beat and burn this Nepa and their offices respectively’

This country never serious Other countries are making life seamlessly easy for their citizens in time like this and my own country is looking for how to exploit us more for service not well rendered. God will judge you all. Fooools! U bunch are wicked They should come and carry their transformer abeg. We don't know where we will see money for lockdown them still they increase

when they come for some shit please don't cause violence just sneeze continuously for only 2min F*vk dem al These people are mad For what reason? Abi darkness tariff,your wickedness is topnotch . Idon happen .... Kuku kill us 😥Bubu Where the money to pay... Make Una better come cut my light.. Is this our April fool from you guys

Manny_AQ Can you imagine these idiots?! You people should have conscience for once na smh After Abba kyari went to bring this virus to Nigeria because of this light issue. You people still want to suffer us with huge amount of tariff. God go help me punish who make this move. aedcelectricity, EKEDP and other power distributors in Nigeria. If this is true, and it eventually happens, GOD WITHOUT ANY INFINITE MERCY WILL PUNISH YOU ALL! Starting from the head of ur organization to the bottom! Useless lots! You don’t supply power yet you wanna do this?!

Nigeria my country 🤦🏾‍♂️ Should you be reasoning increment of electricity tariff this period of stay at home? This is so disheartening!!! Government should pls do something. Ori yin gbale God of Elijah, what are you waiting forrrrrrr? Do you people have a heart at all? Nigeria is a mad country. Our leaders are mad. All of needs to be quarantined

Abi God wan punish dis pple E ti ya werey gidi 🖐🏽 Sooner or later, Nigerians will rise up, buy ammunition, ready to die and fight against government. I don't know how it's gonna happen but it's obvious we are not far from war on the inside. When there is no light,you want to increase tariffs ? That's crazy

BolutifeLORDson We die here... Lol We're going solar already.... Come and take your voltage ⚡ biko Purveyors of BAD NEWS. Sure EKEDP will be happy about this, their own is to make money, they hardly provide any service. Amidst all this, your own solution to the hardship is increasing tariff.. smh DemolaRewaju Next thing, some slavish people will be demanding empathy for these politicians when they are at the receiving end

Other countries are trying to make thing easier in times like dis but we always make things difficult for ourselves The relief measure for Nigerians during COVID-19 lock down. I'm not understanding oo This people are not sensitive to the plight of the people Nothing surprises me any longer in a givernment run by callous robot like lying beings. We will do our best; let our enemies do thier worst.

Under this lockdown condition? Can you at least, suspend it for now. I fucking hate this country How many times will the tariff be increased in a year. Wasnt it increased in January? What the hell? Of all times? With what’s going on this people still wanna increase the tariff. Y d fuck m i born here. I played my PlayStation ones in a in this lock down... We have only 2hrs supply in my area per day... I can't even do transfer in one week.. Fuck all the government and who support them.. Fuck politics

Hmmm what a country!! This should not be happening now Joke, right? I'd prefer to be in Lombardi, Italy at this time than be in this hell hole called Nigeria. Tueh!! They are mad 'Spokesman for the commission, Usman Arabi, said he was not around but on a course at the National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies' We shall see.

aedcelectricity Increase tariff with 5hrs light ,the height of stupidity. I am bewildered 😨...Na wa o!! Please tell them to increase now(today sef), do it now and watch the repercussion ...People are thinking of how best to pull through this trying time and all u think of is to increase tariff? For the 4 hours per day power that we pay 7500 a month

Haha Inside life Nigeria.... foolish country! Sigh On Judgment day I will ask questions ooo This is ridiculous Is this a joke? They want to reap what they didnt sow , you supply light for 1 day off for 5days so you want to increase tariff so that the 5days of Black out can be paid for ProfOsinbajo MBuhari nassnigeria EKEDP you are. Increasing electricity tariff tomorrow? Like seriously?

Very criminal shame on our leaders Nigeria Suffer head country like say we dey even get the light before rubbish 😠 Hahaaahaaa! 'I go dey luku and laafu' -Fela Anikulapo Kuti(1988). Which kind wayo be dis original stealing ojukoroju stealing?'-Fela Anikulapo Kuti(1988). I think Nigerians are beginning to see reasons behind my mentor's(Fela, A.K) messages..

Can't you see the date they say they want to start? It is joke. They just want to see what we are going to say. Oh really Is this your version of COVID-19 relief to Nigerians? There should be an agency that can stand against them or stand for the customers🤔. If these people are not checked they will not put the mass into account

We no see the electricity but we dey experience the increase in tariff. God save us. 🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️ All of una go die young like agbalumo ni. Foolish people This administration needs prayer they have dissappointed the masses. I am for whatever will drive us closer to uninterrupted power, which includes people paying for real value of electricity, but this timing is simply insensitive and wicked!

Talk about bad timing 🤦🏾‍♀️ Why this time You people haven't talked about giving us 24 hours electricity... Na to increase Bill everytime.. shey won sheypey fun yin ni Nigeria is not helping Nigerians. I'll tell my children I survived world war 3 This is why no one sympathises with the government when they get sick.

This can only happen in Nigeria. Kenya mandates landlords not to collect rent for 3months. Nigeria prices of everything doubles. Shame on us all. It is truly beyond bad govt. our problem is worse than covid-19. Nigeria is indeed sick. Why would anyone want to increase electricity tariffs when there's a total lockdown? Crazy people!

Pathetic heartless bastards. It will never end well with every single one of them. Which kind rubbish be this na If that was a joke would it be funny Other countries are finding a way to make things affordable,accessible and even free to people but we Nigerians hav sworn to extort from people in this critical time.

The only thing that'll stem from this is TOTAL ANARCHY. People are fvcking pissed already. No money, the few goods money can buy have been hiked up in prices, the things people struggled to buy are rotting away because there's no electricity to preserve them.... Nigerians right now! Some Country's are Forgiving electricity tariff for two months and here we are increasing ours😥

It's funny af Nigeria is the only country where in situations like this prices of anything money can buy is increased forgetting that some of us live on daily income no actual savings. Naija! Kai! Hmmm Ubangiji ya tamaike my! Why K1Says it is true Ṣé ẹ yà were Are you people mad Wicked Commission, every other Countries are trying to find modalities to keep their citizens in good condition, helping to bring everyone indoor, providing all their need to curb spread of the virus , Niger Republic, gave water , electricity and others for free for few months,

I hate it here Guys .... When the epidemic is over, countries will soften up on their visa policies ..... Get ready to japa. Hahahahahahahahahah If I swear for govt now them go say na hate speech Well... I smell revolution soon.. Those that steal from the Country, their properties will be taken and owned by the country... Revolution is warming up ..

On top darkness 🤦🏾‍♂️ This is really sad, I mean this is the time to suspend all rubbish and focus of tackilling the current issues at hand, I really don't blame Buhari and his fellow dummies, I blame Nigerians. We will get sense o! E no go better for all of una FailedGovernment Y'all just out to inflict the slowest, most torturous deaths upon us wtf

Thunder warm up o Quick question : Can it be better for this people bayii ? The most senseless thing to do now. Government insensitivity to masses suffering. Imamofpeace NERCNG can this be suspended pending when Covid-19 is over? Pls? I'm not understanding When we're not getting value for money...🙄 Again to all those who voted APC in ,your children will definitely and even your unborn children will definitely partake in this,awon oloribuu

Nigeria leaders are all mad,all of them,bunch of fools and bastards ,I still repeat you all Nigeria leaders are all bunch of fools, Are we a joke to you people When there's no light and in this corona period nawa What is the essence of reducing fuel price when we are to pay more for electricity supply..🤷‍♂🤷‍♂

You have got to be kidding. Most people won't get paid. Most business have shut down, hence most are not generating income...Instead of reducing costs, people are paying more Is it on Wednesday the tariff will be increased or it has been increased? Just last week I bought 51. Units For N2500 and yesterday, 71. Units for N3000 as against 117 units I bought even on February, 2020. Is it that I have been cheated on all the while?

After the epileptic supply? Wawuuuuu! People kill people untop light wey dem no dey give us Madness in this country is something else. Just imagine U guy are just heartless wicked to the core instead of u guy giving back to the society to fight the pandemic issues at hand rather u are increasing tariff when the light are still not circulating. U are all bunch of thieves

IbkSports Is it not unreasonable for anybody or agency to even think of increasing tariffs amid the pandemic (covid 19) we face as a nation? The only means of livelihood of some Nigerians has been blocked following the lockdown, yet some people think hike in tariff is what is next. What rubbish is this again.. ffs

This people are definitely mad NERCNG IkejaElectric what you guys really need to do now is to fear God. They are just mad I've been living off-grid for almost 3 years now. Means nothing to me. But, this is the height of corporate irresponsibility. Even banks are calling to defer your loans if you can't pay, DISCOS want to increase tariffs. We need to listen to BLUES after this disco beat finishes.

Increasing tariff without constant electricity? Increasing electricity tariff in a lockdown period? Increasing electricity tariff when many Nigerians are lockdown without food, water and others? What a country!!!! Honestly, this doesn't make any sense! They're asking Telco and Satellite TV to reduce subscriptions and offer free subscriptions. They're 'donating' half their salaries. They're accepting donations from billionaires and they dare increase electricity bills?!

😁🤣🤣😃😄😄🤣😀😆 Everyday this govt just gives u another reason to hate the country With situation of the pandemic, the Govt should stop any hike in price of electricity tariff or any other commodity in the country, citizens are really going through a lot in the country right now, hiking of electricity tariff is at this time is just terrible and heartlessness

I wonder what’s going through the mind of people who make plans like this. Batrammm just lookat! When nations are picking up the bills for their citizens at difficult times like this, you guys are busy with this kind of stupid and inhuman idea. What's the hell wrong with you guys? Are you people not mad like in this country? Ụna no bring Na still ụna wan increase tarrif Chineke kpọọ ụnu ọkụ there!

Imamofpeace something just happen right now 😔 Useless people Wait, with what we are experiencing now? When there is no improvement in the supply? Is like you people are MAD Bastards! Please do these people stay in Nigeria and pay electricity bill? What of their family and friends? I cant understand how agencies make policies like this at a time like this when other reasonable people are reducing costs. What is wrong with you people?

Are they still working? Are they not supposed to be in their homes or are they holding board meeting from home. Wrong timing What a Country You guys are from another world Other countries are helping citizens go through this tough time... Chai, if wishes were horses... looooool Nigeria is a circus fr This is wicked!! What d hell is wrong with Nigeria!!!

How cruel! FFS Before u shout open the link and read, forget the headline, the matter is even inconclusive We are doom in this Molecular country o Hmm Nigeria my country, it is the only Nation where its citizens suffer from covid19 and hungry while Government busy increasing electricity tariff, don't worry we will no die until we chop our last breath

Look at this draconian regime, look what they re thinking. Do we have a president in this country? If yes, is he a Nigerian? How on earth will someone be thinking of tariff increase at this time of uncertainty? I tweeted yesterday, that apart from our wicked politicians, our Nigerian electricity regulatory commission are the next big problem we have in this country. This people won't make heaven at all.

Wickedness at its height Set Awon werey Which kind mumu country be this🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ This Nigeria eh I am tried... I swear Talking in the nonsense. This too shall pass. We will be FREE one day. This is the reason why we need to disintegrate into our different nations Nigeria is unworkable state Imagine tryna increase tariff when some part of the country is on lock down in this Period. Can they sell this country ASAP to foreigners pls

PublicSquareNG This not the right to do this. They will oh you people 30k and collect it back 😂 Hahaha THIS IS NIGERIA! let’s go This is what you people need now..radarada This country called Nigeria has expired. Division is the only solution. Everyone is now complaining, govt this & that... please, your problem is not d govt & d solution is not even with d govt. ask yourselves; can 1Nigeria ever work? Why are u sticking to 1Nigeria? What do u want to get? Was 1Nigeria created for ur good? Self determination is key!

Wait a minute! What is the increment for? Darkness or what? People are crying for palliative NERCNG and you want to increase tarrif. DISCO make una fear God What an unfortunate time to be unfortunate!!! Useless goomenti aedcelectricity before you think of doing this ensure constant power supply. Wow👏👏👏👏👏👏

Hmmm Nigerian government will never seize to surprise us with their jokes But they were begging private businesses to slash price nau. Why is this happening? And people are liking this tweet 👎 Someone pls press reset button for Nigeria. Jokes on you PHCN All I want say is that they don't really care about us

This is totally zalinci kubarmu da talaucin da fatara da yunwa da kuka sakamu aciki. zubichild What is this madness....other countries are suspending payments of utilities and they expect us to pay more..this stay at home will not work. DemolaRewaju I know NERCNG is just trying our patience.... u r just doing testing testing and I promise u if u try this shit and make it happen, u will ever regret Nigeria ever exist.

Useless people! Is it the right time? Awon eleyi shiere Nothing concern piwoyi residents...3 months without aedcelectricity power supply, did we die? Are these people not mad like this.? This has been in the works for some time. It has however, like many things, being overtaken by the virus. Hope someone realises that going ahead with the implementation of this increase is an avoidable own goal for the government.

Tell them I said they're moving mad. When other countries of the world are making life easy for their citizens during this pandemic, we are here trying to suck out life from the people Just kill us What is this madness Stupid government. Inside this pandemic season NERCNG una apply..........? Is this crack? Are they normal?

Nigerians are d most educated in Africa as well as being d most foolish including me. How on earth can we be treated like just common animals without any resistance from d masses We need 2 be violent least once. What a country we found ourselves. Which way Nigeria ? Can't the madness be postponed? Is it static evil? All evil must go with covid 19.

But we no get light naw Very insensitive and callous. Dis people no fear God beasts of no nation.... Konidafun sparm to produce gbogbo yin🤷🙅 Maka why na We only get to see light in two days every week... And you talk about increasing the bills? Come n take let Corona jam you😒 May them born their papa well make they bring rubbish bill now that we are all home together.... Since last week Monday they nerve give us light IkejaElectric nonsense..

ehigymetor When they will not give light and still want to increase the bill. Kai, God, who has done this to us? 🤔 As voters don't want to have sense na. What do we expect? Where this country is even going.everybody staying at home just because of virus .there is no food .government did not do anything about it .you people are saying that electricity tariff to increase .I m not interested .on fear

So if dx lockdown continues till God knows when, people are not working and earning,how are they going to pay?stupid government, stupid NERC, 😡😡😡😡 Nothing works and nothing will work in this country...kilode gan? Increasing tariff, but there’s no light and how do dey want ppl to pay 🤦🏻‍♂️ mehn!!! Our leaders/politicians are not only wicked but terrible people. This shows how heartless they're. Shameless people.

Wrong timing... Sometimes I just wonder to valuing humanity Then there is no logicalsense in the StayAtHome We are made to stand by. Let everyone go to work, get their salaries and pay Nepa then. Tueh, Illogical Crew! That's how theyll be milking communities in Ekiti state for new transformers by forcing them to pay 10k/house. Tueh!

Lock down, lock down but no light at all. Some families can't afford to stock up because of this pandemic but suddenly the main issue now is electricity tariff?! In the end it's not coronavirus that will kill people... Let the country just wipe the people out. Look at the kind of lack of sense filled in our officials in this time of this pandemic and what you people are thinking of is to increase electricity how worse can we get in this country incomoetenec every where in our officials

Nepa and wahala be like This ones have started running mad. This country is set up to kill you. aedcelectricity is this true ? Are you guys serious ? When we have used money to buy food and hand sanitizer, face mask and disinfectant this is what you people do ? Other country are giving their citizens free money here you are wanting to suck us dry ? Are you serious?

Like seriously are they mad? They must be very dumb This is inhumane... You want to increase tariff when people are struggling to put food on the table. In saner clines, tariffs are suspended.whatacountry Where's the electricity? abdool_moh They reduce fuel price and increase electricity tariff. Hmm, this country.

We no dey pay nepa bill this month. Problem ti yin niyen At this time? Other countries are cutting down or stopping all forms of payment, ours wants to increase. Who did us this thing? Increase Tariff for this Lock Down in Naija & No Constant Power Supply 😂 Scam Country Laws after all this? Seriously just negodi....sigh

The thunder that will fire them is still doing press up. NERCNG come say this with your chest and let the dragging commence since you people have sold your soul to the devil. Only a senseless govt and mad agency will make such an increament We r coming out to protest on Wednesday if they do... That Virus will kuku spread everywhere

Increasing tarrif with decreasing output....God will judge everybody involve in this scam like seriously electricity to increase in this period ya crazy ? This has to be a joke right? NERCNG please tell us this news is false and that are mischief makers. kaytiki come and see Nigerian wonder ooo... UNA SUPPOSE GIVE FREE LIGHT OOH THIS 2 WEEKS OF shutdownnaija ABI UNA DEY OPERATE FROM ANOTHER ZONE ? UNA NO SEE WEYTINDEY HAPPEN? phcnews

We are not angry enough I swear There is no need to complain, lets make this trend on social media, People can not feed and you want to increase electricity tariff... This is wickedness Their fada How can they be so insensitive? Now that people need power and no movement? Haba This is one area i dont understand why this government wont act.. This private guys where brought in by the past administration and have clearly failed to deliver whats stopping Buhari from changing them? Haven't we suffers enough? Pls we need leaders to stand up and be counted.

This is a very wrong time for NigeriaPhcn to be such an opportunist. When some countries are giving free electricity that’s when you want to increase tariffs.. Mad oh! lockdownlagos This is the most ridiculous news at this time of the month What kind of madness is this! Awon werey, kuku kill us Something is waiting to happen in Nigeria to change our narrative completely for good. The poor in Nigeria is going to rise up in anger against the political class and everything will take unprecedented greater shape. It is still brooding.

People are still trying to get by with the ongoing pandemic situation& recession. Other countries are givng their Citizens electricity,water,food,rent, wages for free / at reduced price. just take a good look what Nigeria is serving its citizens.. Twats What an insensitive decision in such a time like this. NERCNG you can actually do better. When other nations are trying to make things easier for people because of COVID19Nigeria . Here you are adding more salt to our injury.

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 If dem born una papa well ,make una try am Hight of insensitive! For real If this cud be true chai then I'll be highly disappointed in this country.. Wow! What a mistake chai And still no government official is talking about this. The Discos themselves will be very insensitive, if they go ahead with this. Let's wait and see.

This is most unconscionable. When neighboring countries are freezing payments for essential services. The RULERS we have don't understand any language but VIOLENCE! Nigeria! Suffering n Smiling infact no smiling any longer. Very insensitive people. Even in the midst of the pandemic? Oh God🤦🏼‍♀️ This cant be true.. What ?

QuotedReplies NERCNG Please denial this false accusation 😿 I never believed Nigerians will be reading this sort of nonsense when Buhari finally got power after so many attempts. Skrrr Mad people in government, people that make laws are mad, nerc are also mad, turnder will kill all of them one by one And they think this makes sense now

Heartless bastards should this be the priority this period They are very mad... Decrease or increase abeg? Smh Are this people not selfish like this? What kind of wickedness is this? At a time other countries are making things easy for their citizens, reverse is the case of NIGERIA. God show me mercy and bless me.

Mad people. Mad government. Mad leaders. Lovely, lovely. . . . Mad man go soon kill person wey dey treat am. Before Buhari finished his next vidoe shoot for broadcast the country go don barbecue finish. Animals in human skin Shameful! Thunder fire this people,in this lockdown without electricity? Increase tarrif Inside a pandemic plus curfew. Tufiakwa!!!

Naija e be cruise If only we still had a working senate For two days , I haven't had light and this is all they think about. No improvement in power supply. You mean you want a tariff increment on this low current that is hardly ever available? Punch sha Wow!!! We can’t even catch one small break... Y we are still complaining of food stuffs being expensive now power wtf. Me my food stuff has finished no source to restock. I have died😭😭

Idiots Increasing Tariff on what is not available! E ti n ya were Like wtf GbemiDennis Other countries are busy providing free food, rent and electricity to their citizens and you block heads want to increase bill without providing the damn light. I don't have a word for you. Is God that will punish all of them.

There is nothing about this government that is encouraging 2015 the biggest mistake ever made by Nigerians Wrong timing, this planned increase has to be suspended in the best interest of the masses. Let's defeat COVID-19 first. Asin Gwagwalada FCt abuja u hardly get lite for 2hrs straight all i know is that God will punish whoever is in charge of Gwagwalada electricity supply it shall not b well wit u aswear

At this time? What’s actually wrong with Nigeria? When other countries are sharing foods and money. Exempting their citizens from paying bills at this trying time. Nigeria want to increase electricity tariff How naaa? Y’all are just really wicked. This is evil It's hard being a Nigerian.. You people are talking in the nonsense. Electricity that we don't have abi?

They are mad I'm tired of seeing a repeated cycle of people complaining and wailing here on Twitter ... What can be done to stop all this Nonsense.... When you see a govt with highhandedness, insensitive, autocratic and despotic towards the yearnings and feelings of its people, look no further, Big govt is the answer. We are in the middle of a pandemic (covid-19) and govt is still squeezing us to death

Shame on NERC 👏 Impeccable timing, bravo. LockDownNigeria COVID19 You people don't have sense Plz let dem take the light we will use gen Corona virus will kill u people in NERC I don’t know when our Mumu go stop, las las we all going to die soon or later but there’s no point if we all die for nothing.. 😶

It has already increased. I noticed that N1000 doesn’t last more than 4 days nowadays with only one air conditioner I use mostly at night because we rarely have power supply in the day time. Nigeria has failed as a country.... Imagine the audacity in a time like this.... We should kuku sell this country to Ghana... And jes settle everybody with the proceed

What Shey oloriburuku niyin ni Ehya Increasing electricity tariff but reduce fuel price. Band generator importation & refusing to probe billions dollar on electricity. Electricity is unreliable wen planning vital things that needs power supply, but generator is w/out interruption. How do we boycott electricity?

What in the gaddamn fuck is wrong with you people? During lockdown. Can’t it be deferred Wait whatttttttt!!!! Living in Nigeria is a suicidal mission That's a joke, right? Mad government. Nigerians, brace up for more whipping by Buhari's incompetent government. Paying 19600 monthly so abeg na how i go con they pay now untop 2 bedroom way i rent n una no gree bring prepaid

Even in this critical condition 😭 Is Nigeria even a country? Despite the poor power supply Wtf 😑 we totally hate ourselves here, everything is just an advantage to make more money rather than making our lives easier, Trash people everywhere . some Governments are telling people not to pay bills anymore, y'all are increasing it SMH, I hope we get better in this country

🤣😂🤣 The rate of senseless in this country is just too high, How can a country on Full lockdown increase bills....mhm Hahahaha, abi una want make we use berber pay... Try Oh.... At this time of global crisis that People are advised to stay at home. You guys are bringing this up? 🤦 Thats what they are good about

April Fool prank? 🤨🙄 To increase or to be subsidized? Or free of charge? COVID19 In the midst of coronavirus lockdown the masses must be made to suffer more pain? You guys should just go straight to hell. Nonsense! They are not serious at all, increase tariff in this pandemic season is totally barbaric and unacceptable. Government should do something now before it's too late.

Not dey must but are mad So they reduced fuel price and increased Electricity tariff😏... That has been done already... Have you checked the units you get from recharging your electricity recently? It has drop. If you do get 25 unit for 1k before now it 10unit o. yesterday eedc staffs went about disconnecting people's light, i will assault one of them, on God

They're reducing bills in countries.. They're increasing our own here.. People are trying to figure out how to survive here and y'all are increasing cost of living.. When the people won't be working.. What is wrong with these people Other countries are seeking for ways to make life easier for citizens by asking them not to pay utility bills. But this annoying NERC wanna make life miserable during TheLockdown. They really do not have the Masses' interest at heart. Why this wickedness in this trying times?

Lol.. what a country? What's the problem with our system,despite all the abundance of brain and wisdom amidst almost every natural resources in heavy commercial quantity our leaders are still charting the courses of suffering for the poor masses. When other nations are working to bring electricity bill to almost zero ,they're planning an increase for Nigerian

Untop all this naaa, nawa ooh That shit has been increasing since i was born and yet no steady power supply Make thunder and Corona locate all the NEPA officials including the minister of power. Fool's. Which Wednesday? In the midst of this pandemic? Gross insensitivity Wat a joke of a Country 😡 Very inappropriate at this time

You want to beat the electrician that comes to collect money but you cannot confront buhari that approved the increment electricity tariffs. No wonder govt has no respect for the people RealDreylo ... I will 're-say' im no prophet 😂 Thunder from Okija will strike them MBuhari sir this is bad 99percent of Nigerians dont have 1hour electricity

Why now? Are we seriously serious in this country a bit. At this period they're even planning to increase Electricity tariff for which light abi darkness Make Dem nor let their village people use Dem for this covid 19 period if not e nor go funny at all We will never die from bad leadership in this country. We have some places were electricity and water bill are suspended because of this pandemic

Lmao naija my country It won't be well with u Very useless people, underdevelop countries are helping their masses in this situation of COVID-19 but Nigeria is other wise you are trying to take advantage of it Oda bi wipe eyin ti ya were shaa When I get 7 hours light in 24 hours. Let them raise the tarrifs so that we can use the opportunity to defy the stay-at-home order and march out protesting in millions. Since you want to systematically kill us, we can as well make it easy for you. This people don't rate us at all. LockDownNigeria COVID19

Now is absolutely not the time Won bi yin da to try it. If I die and get opportunity to see the angel wey post me to naija omo we go fight gaan ooo AJE Na who do us this thing for 9ja? Who we offend? Other Countries a given their Citizens free electricity, free food and other palliative measures in the midst of this lock down , here we busy increasing electricity tariff. Who we offend?

It’s the tariff that will kill all of you 😡.. Hunger dey you are talking of tariff .. I hate this country MBuhari what is this don't you have feelings 😞 Are these guys not mad like this?! Not in these times, gosh! The government needs to fix this mess ASAP! Lmao We have senseless, heartless and mad people in government. God, where is their conscience

Tariff that have increased already. Bought last week and the increase has been implemented already. So so insensitive. Just kuku sell the country at large to Israel or do a merger with Uganda.... Ki lode in the middle of this whole thing na tariff increase be the next thing. E be something o Lool Is like this Covid-19 has started affecting your BRAIN.

Is true now this government don't care about lives of the masses In the middle of all these drama ? Able God . This person mad gan oooo On top light that don't circulate regularly......is this not madness Mad people People are in the midst of severe crisis with loss of jobs, lives, no constant electricity supply and u want to increase tariffs. Is this really a government?

Nigeria!!! Which way? Imagine I did my GOtvNg sub since March 1st, I've only been privileged to watch it for less than 7 days in the month because there was no light in my area. Now y'all want to increase tariff. Lol. I'll be waiting in my house. gotta be an April fool’s prank surely The only thing we did wrong is being a Nigerian 😭😭😭 what else did we do?

It's only in Nigeria that the price of a good/service will increase while its quality is still at the same level or lower. Which way Nigeria Sai baba And what will Nigerians do about it All we do is complain on social media. Since we can't say enough is enough and we accept whatever we are given, let's keep quiet and enjoy this lockdown in peace.

Una go chop cane. Come my streets I sense stupidity and cruelty in leadership in nigeria,leaders are giving relief packages to citizens in other countries,electricity bills + other forms of Bill's are cut short, in Nigeria is the other way round, VAT increases + others,everytn is on the high,where is our leaders

God, I’m done with Nigeria. Help me leave this country before the end of this 2020. Very useless government..... You people are just... Let me keep quiet. You don't worth my stress. Nonsense!!! This is hell of a big start. Our govt is a bloody hell Even when we are observing StayAtHome. From where are we going to get the money or do we have to trade our foodstuff to settle the bill?


Look at this fools It is FINISHED 😭😭😭😭 Even in the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic? Abi awon eleyi ti ya werey ni.... Infact e ti ya werey This country is officially on auto pilot. Our leaders need a rehab.What I feel isn't anger, this is the feeling of hopelessness. The fact that we do the WRONG THINGS at the WRONG TIME. Do they even think once let alone think twice. How?Just how?! I don't know what we need anymore

Everybody is mad in this Country. Everybody!!!! The government is our own deadly virus On light people does not have good orefejoo__ This guys are just unthinkable , how on Earth is this right Anyways this is niga n no one is reasoning We never allow that 4 light wen we no dey see Where d light sef? unofficialbibi _Oloshoboy teebouiie pinchycoke look at your country 🤦‍♂️

fkeyamo please your thought on this sir Imagine worst govt ever! Nigerians and their wickedness to their fellow Nigerian. This is a time to be our brother's keeper and not to make things more difficult for us. You want to increase electricity tariff when people are at home doing nothing. Cut light and contact covid19 to all nepa officers

Why are we making life hard for each other in this country.... So sad! See with this nonsense it's like you people want people to go out and spread corona because is this not when tariff is supposed to be reduced by Atleast 50%.... People are without jobs or source of livelihood and this nonsense. It's like they are mad

I've never wished this present administration well, they have never considered the masses in any of their decisions..may God punish you leaders hierarchically.. Corona maa payin one by one ni NERCNG are you ppl seeing this rubbish? What’s the meaning of this nonsense? I hope it's a joke I shaar notice sey light for my area stable pass normal! Lmao awon weyrey.

Ah! Ahh! No joy for the state Is this the relief we are supposed to get in these trying times? What have we done to Nigeria? This act is against humanity Of what use is your yeye light just take your useless light we don't need it. For days now we've not had light in my area and your are talking of tariff increment. Tunder fire you and the career of this news.

Are you guys actually planning to do this at this period? Jeez!!! BashirAhmaad BashirAhmaad BashirAhmaad BashirAhmaad BashirAhmaad BashirAhmaad BashirAhmaad BashirAhmaad BashirAhmaad BashirAhmaad When y'all shud be calling out your 'good 4 nothing' Govt,you'd be there defending their ineptitudes,see,they &their children don't pay for electricity,they enjoy it for free, it's you d mumu that'd pay. Monkey they work,oga dey chop. Keep defending them, ok? Una mumu Neva reach!

Niger Area🤦🤦🤦 Ogun kill una... Increase kill you Other countries are trying everything possible to make life easier on it's citizens, but Nigeria just want to drain someone in this period. How can people be so greedy and wicked, when people are suffering. Where do u want them to get money to pay u? Stupid people

This people have no conscience.. Is it the light we don't see? What exactly are they increasing tarrif for 😂😂😂😂 you people st home are consuming too much electricity You all and your minister are sick...!!! And your comeuppance comes and will definitely overtake you...surely, and it is now... Nigeria is a disgrace to the world

With light abi without light Bypass it Our independence was too early Kemaaayyyy Ofo lema shey Why? For what reason? Which kind Country be this ehn 🤦🏻 😢 😢 I wanted to say 'fake news' but when i checked d source...it was PUNCH Officialsite ... mobilepunch.. What else? MBuhari the metres already run so fast because these metres r adjusted to read fast to extort consumers,now an increase😓the level on insecurity will soon be an issue cause of hunger end this extortion

Walai we don craze for this country. Tarrif of whattt Where is the money we will use to pay after they lock us at home. Are these guys serious? Of all times, why now? The Govt is our worst enemy in this Country☹️ Are u guys operating from space? There is 'war' yet you are coming up with ur tariff increase to make people die psychologically or what? Individuals and corporate bodies are making contributions to manage the problem u are trying to collect! Corona virus, locate them!

Where is the bleeping electricity Is wickedness in you people's genes? This time when people r not earning. Can Jesus please just come. Nigeria is messed up🤦 FGN approvd NERC increase in power tariff ds perilous time by far is strange,ungodly,inhuman,wicked, sacrilegious,confirms d official disconnect btw d ruled&rulers. Wuld mk a lot of sense 4 Buharideens rationalisg ds irrationality nw instead of maintaing a muted positn

Abeg NERCNG stop that increase in Tariff please. We are in a pandemic, postpone all hardship to Citizens till post COVID19 Era. Thank you. Rubbish. No light and you want to increase tariff. God punish all of una. They should kuku kill us now Joker! _Sunmade_ Something to make you smile This is arrant nonsense nd sheer madness... Who did we offend in this country nah?

samson_anu Hmmmm When will this Govt ever receive a positive response from the general populace? Things keep going more bad everyday and no plans to make proper amends? No light for days, weeks, months and all thru the year for some places and now they are increasing tariff ayemojubar Gosh! What a useless country

No matter the level of the virus MTN, Airtel, Glo and Etisalat;Multichoice and others will continue making money from even the sick provided they can hold a phone. Should there not be a data/airtime/Cable subscription returns to ease the lockdown? Just a simple thought. Is this one a country? 💔 ELeeTrait Lmaoooooooooooooooo! I talk am again, if anybody ever support any naija politician for my side again, Na Ogun go kill am. Look at these callous bastards

When other nations of the world are cutting down on internet, cable and power costs, my motherland is set to make life harder for her citizens! 😦🤦 🤦🏾‍♂️ hmmmmmmm This is pure wickness Lol, Wonder shall never end in Nigeria.... Am speechless Lol 😂😂😂😂 Nigeria is just a country Which kind of country is dis

What is this nonsense NERC? To increase electricity tariff when people are in lockdown? So, they will be confronted with bloated bill as they come out of lockdown? When we say this Country useless people go come talk NONESENSE just look at his RUBBISH This is totally injustice. Impossible!! What kind of country is this that we are in, we can not question God for making us Nigerians, but at this time when other countries are looking for how to make life easy for their citizens, Nigeria wants to increase electricity bills, when will our leaders learn

How TF does this make sense? No mercy Ndi iberibe. History has recorded this regime as the worst ever in Nigeria. Clowns! 😂😂😂 people wey dey ment increment in tariff and we’re still struggling to have 24hours power supply e be things At a time when citizens are struggling to keep head above water. Many don’t even know how to weather this lockdown and you want to increase tariff for light wey no even dey? Very insensitive! BashirAhmaad EKEDP IkejaElectric

😀😀with this Coro Bobo Abi aye yin fe ta ni ? Even without constant electricity, they're increasing tariff? Mad people everywhere Too bad! In the last election we had, who was your best candidate? Nigerians MUST have sense by force. Nothing surprises me anymore. On top which light Ontop which light !!!!!!

This company is senseless. At this critical time when others are cancelling or reducing bills to ease the pain of people not earning income and being locked down due to the virus, you are increasing yours. You are insensitive. I dey wait for una for house! This people are just pure evils 😢 Nigeria is a leech. It cares not about the host, all it wants to do is suck all the blood it can get. If you can get away, please do so fast

What? Are we a joke to them? This. Is. Madness. Of. The. Highest. Order. Most unserious government in the history of Nigeria 🇳🇬.. this is the change and next level they promise us .. welcome to Nigeria. Another increase? Even during isolation period What a country like ours? We shall be free one day and we shall enjoy the fruit of democracy once again.

Useless ppl Just imagine. Others are reducing tarrif in saner climes but the maluu that is ruling here be increasing bill instead On top light they’re not giving us 😒 Wtf is this, we are still trying to survive this pandemic and our government is trying to bring another up. So sad We don't even see the light bro, why u guys making this things difficult for us😭🤦

MBuhari are you aware of this increment at this point of our struggle or it it that is just talking in the nonsense? This can't be time for tariff increase, let's be logical Na wa oh, they are actually doing demand and supply for us 😂😂😂😂😂. This is evil, you didn't talk about being more efficient and consistent with the light, it's tarrif you want to increase? 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

They reduced fuel to 125,now they want to use electricity tariff to get their money back.what a give and take govt! Mayu If them born you well, come and cut my light Monkeys! Oga ooo Abi something is wrong with these people ni? In this time when people are to stay home? Nah wah oo. Everything for this country nah upside down😭

Lol. These people must be joking Hahahhaha, even at lockdown. Are you guys senseless. We are talking survival and all you people can do is increase electricity tarrif, are you people mad or something? God eh how did I find myself in this country 😭😭😭 It has already increased. I noticed that N1000 doesn’t last more than 4 days nowadays with only one air condition I use mostly at night because we rarely have power supply in the day time.

Can't say is unbelievable because anything can happen in Nigeria but this is really madness. They give us 5k during election and collect back double after election. Don't you see that Nigerians are indeed animals in the ZOO? NigeriaIsAZoo Where will we see the money to pay Inside this corona virus and darkness

Wtf? we need to put this country up for sale abeg Who do we offend to deserve this people!! 🤦🏿‍♂️ God punish them This is inhuman, This is barbaric... This is a great havoc that in times like these, this post is dropped. COVID-29 Has really spelt out the true definition of Nigeria... Always on the opposite side

Fuck them Ogun and Obatala go kill you people... Abi ko fe da fun NEPA ni 😅 Let's get things straight here... The demand for electricy is high no doubt but the supply is not. So why increase such in this trying times? This country is a joke Lol... Increasing the tariff when we don't even enjoy the electricity in my area.Its been long we have witnessed electricity.This is nothing but wickedness nd cheating.

How can you increase terriff when we are not satisfied with your services 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂😂🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣

But it's fine that this government was voted in else one idiot from no where would have said 'if only we had voted APC.... And it beat my imagination that Buhari have not been pointing any blaming finger to anyone in this. I had expected to hear him blame Gej and the likes. These people should not allow God to punish them ohhh

A cost-reflective tarrif is the only solution to attract investment & revive the power sector. Prepaid meters will be a MUST to ensure accountability & transparency in billing. I do not agree with the timing though. If you are waiting for any positive thing from this government.... U re on a long thing

Where are those bloody hailers, make una come explain this one too. Come and tell us why it's necessary electricity tariffs are increased this period... Enemies of Nigeria Which way Nigeria. Is this the best time to increase the tariff. Wat is our offense to this leaders Ori yin buru Why will such thing happen

You don't give light, you still want to increase tariff? Not the best time to be a Nigerians Who dey pay b4? Light wey we don abandon since when Ehn!! On top light that is not constant! You people are definitely CURSED Height of insensitivity. When other sane Countries are giving their Citizens free electricity during this pandemic, ours is increasing tariff...insane

In the midst of pandemic that other countries are waiving electricity bills and co but Nigeria our country is increasing the tarrif thereby increasing the pains of the poor masses. Very selfish people!! Posterity will judge all of them! Are this ones whining us ni ? Bunch of jokers ... Difference in leadership

As we are staying at home, electricity tariff will still increase? You all are funny MBuhari NigeriaGov Same way school feeding continues for children who are still at home!!! Thieves!!! Who did we offend in this country? At a time when other countries are subsidizing their citizens with palliative measures, MBuhari and his government are life difficult for Nigerians

Senseless and insensitive leaders Now that they are supposed to reduce it Cos some people cannot work and earn a living? Those people are heartless Is this not madness in its entity, how can even a reasonable government allow this to even happen in the face of pandemic. When we complain that this government have nothing to offer, they call us wailers. I hope daily that it's becoming visible

Just the insensitive way they have managed this virus, they have done with this if it goes ahead. I don't get it people are screaming for food to survive, better governance etc and all you can think of as a government parastatals is to frustrate them the more? UBA also start debating N50 for credit alert above N10,000 . Well done

Wow! It is well... We already know they don't care I'm Sha not paying about is it not who use light that will pay Are we a joke to these people? Allah ya isa! God go punish all of una They dish out anything they want and all we do is rant on Twitter and then take it... We are not ready yet. Just great, no relief to cushion the effect of stay at home knowing fully well one tends to spend more this period and to top it all you increase electricity tarrif what a great country, that puts the welfare of the citizens in her back pockets and sits on them when dimmed fit

Every government across the globe are looking for any available means to help uta citizens in this trying season, here we are with our own way of helping her citizens After they say why are we supporting Imamofpeace. When a people are pushed to the wall and voices within are helpless, they reach for voices without.

Rwanda government gives food, free electricity to every household during lockdown. Why do they have to make everything difficult for Nigerian citizens.. We don’t even have 24/7 electricity in Nigeria. Nigeria, A nation with dead leaders. The good part is that all the sophisticated imbeciles supporting Buhari will pay the same amount starting from Wednesday

Something is doing Nigeria..... You still want to do electricity increasement, God better wipe out this country Nigeria alone because I don't think if we know what next. WDF 😲.... This country should split 420 retweets 700 likes imagine all these numbas on the road protesting against this..you all think you’ll b heard from Twitter..bitch please

I pray that God will bless every Nigerian and they'll all be able to install solar panels and inverters so that they won't have to take shit from this ill government. Other countries are making basic amenities free for their people and our country is trying to hike price. And this people think they are not mad

Is this how we are fighting covid19? Is this where and how the senators want to take their 50% COVID-19 aid back. WTF🤦 This wot happens wen ppl fail to fight 4 a common right. PHCN hv been serving some unit a bill in D range of 10K, 20K, 30K even more /month but no one fights it. As long as we can't unite to fight against oppresions, this will continue. Evry community shud unite to fight as one.

Till they beat them Even in countries where they have all the top class social amenities,electricity, transportation, etc, people are still crazily bored and restless, never mind countries, where there's no provision of all these. lockerbian Sadyyq This country is ewwww LMAO....Nepas go chop beating ooo

Madness When a man’s survival is threatened, he will unleash the beast in him. I hope the country won't get to this point. No money | No food | No light... Shey awon eleyi stupid ni... IBEDC_NG with no power supply ... una Dey sick ni ayemojubar But they want you to stay at home Where is the electricity?

This is one of the reason I love this govt. They never cease to amaze people. Imagine the timing of a senseless electricity tarrif increase. During the lockdown of the entire nation. While people are crying for incentives that will not come in the midst of a global pandemic. Smh Increase during this epidermic, God safe Nigerians. What a country

During quarantine? Are they mad? Is this a country at all? Are we humans or dummies? This is wickedness and insensitivity! May God rise up before Satan takes over o! When other nations are standing up for their citizens in this perilous times our govt is killing us slowly! What is our sin! Nelly21417 This is the sort of thing Akin Alabi and co should be fighting against, not defending and justifying the purchase of luxury cars by National assembly.

But, on what basis, is it that they are ignorant of what is happening around the globe? They should get serious and stop adding to the already tense situation we are already in. These people are really mad What other hike that is higher than the one we currently have, they better don't be unfortunate o

Who did we offend in this country, ooh God of creation As I would always say, Nigeria is not a country. Honest truth, we might not be able to make Nigeria better if things like this continues. But then alot of people are not even trying anymore, the country makes you loose hope. ayemojubar Make them kuku kill us all..... government worst than corona

Na ogun go kill all of them ayemojubar Light we no see This is madness Lol... You can only make noise on twitter and that's all. Fela said it long ago. 'I no wan die'. They will increase everything and give you nothing, don't even expect value in anyway. When other countries are making electricity tariff and water bills to be free, we are now trying to hike ours. Person wey do us don die tey tey.. Stay Safe

Who be all these Mumu people sef? Maybe revolution will start from electricity sector, maybe. Just maybe. The masses have been pushed to the wall severely and we are getting the stage of resistance / revolt... Who did we offend in this Country? Why should they just continue to inflict pains and hardship on the citizens?

In the midst of all this chaos?.... Inside corona? Why is this country uselesssss _abeks All of una no fit see better. I don't get it amidst of pandemic you still want to increase tariffs, for God's sake why can't you emulate what other countries are doing for their citizens for once. Which electricity,the one they have been holding or which one

God will judge all of you Is like this people want to be unfortunate. This is insensitive. You are not even giving light, you are increasing tarrif, who did we offend in this country. High tension wire will kill all of una They trapped us in our houses, they refused to give us electricity and now they want to increase tariff. Calculated game!

Why dem born me for this country self This is highly insensitive and anti people decision that is not needed at this time of our lockdown. NERCNG should rescind on this decision ASAP. Yet they want us to stay at home. Again When we are not even seeing the light Which kind country be this sef... Hain!!!!

I’ve said it before and I will say it again “You don’t owe Nigeria anything “ Are this people really Nigerians because i just don’t understand them at all. When companies around the world are making life easy for the citizens. Greedy animals. Inside this matter una still wọn increase tariff? Who caused Nigeria like? Why do you people enjoy making life miserable everyday?

What exactly triggers revolution? 🤔🤷 Why don't these guys have sense for once? Saner climes are reducing prices and providing essential commodities to the best of their abilities to ease life and you're here talking about increment for electricity we do not even have access to. Idiots. Inside darkness 😩

Other countries are cuttimg tarrif at this period, some are suspending payment and here we are, what a country, we are our own problem n there's no saving us, it's a shame we don't have govt. Where we wan get money from. We are not working or doing business. Give us two months tariff free bikonu Who did we offend in this country. Does NERC really understand the current situation of the country? People are StayAtHome to staysafe even with all the near Blackout and all you could do is to approve tariff increament

Bad idea😭 Showbosss Stupid mofos! If I see any electrical officials for my doormot ehn, Jesu, I never knew wetin I go do, mk una come first. Set awon fools. Small rain fall, for almost two weeks no light, just when I dey believe for the light to come on this week, you people want to increase bill, is it a crime to be a Nigerian?

Is it the Light dey didn't give us all, people DAT are not well Wérè nì awón eleyì oo...E-corona go pay them These people are expectionally STUPID!! What a useless country led by useless breed of leaders Clap for yourself NERC,WHAT A RELIEF,MSHEEEEEWWWWWW No interest of the masses at heart at all how do they expect someone who’s been staying at home doing nothing meet up with the increment? Naija my country 🤦‍♂️

When there is no light?orisirisi... Hmm With the lockdown? Insensitive statement coming from NERC. Till now, you have not been able to regulate the discos in defruading Nigerians. Most of the houses havent been metered, the issue of estimated billings has not been addressed. So why tarrif increase at this point?

We are in trouble then Se ya werey I do not understand, my bill increased last month. Abi aye yin fe baje ni ? Who will pay? I've stopped paying for darkness . useless country The funny thing be say na these people wey dey insult go quick go pay their bills when e arrive their doormot... 🤡 Other countries are reducing, we re busy increasing

This must be fake news. I don't have the ability in me to believe it. Poor Niger republic has taken off electricity and water tariffs because of StayHome , you are here increasing our own. I am disappointed To be frank,this country can never be better Can you see their timing, this people are happy to see the masses suffer. What a country

Funny country Is this the best we can get? when countries are suspending house rents and other bills for now Is this a joke? During this trying times, u guys are still planning to increase tariff, it is not as if we even have the light, u people are high This Govt just increased VAT and every state movement is restricted one way or the other but our Govt will still allow increment in Tariff... SHAME

When the price of gas is down? Lahilahi ilala 😌 What sort of country is this? Its not as if they give us constant light, during a pandemic like this when people don't even have food and are trying to manage the little they have but our government is trying to make things difficult for us Non sense..they are not serious...

These people are the worst, for over a year I haven’t been given meter, I pay 25k monthly can show you the bill if you doubt. I have a fridge and one 1.5kva ac and we get light 6 hours a day . How much do I earn that you want to increase Nepa bill? BashirAhmaad segalink OgbeniDipo obyezeks fkeyamo tundefashola What are you guys saying to this? Is NERC not under the government any more? Why is the government bit-fanning us?

This an Old news but as usual Punch newspapers are doing their click bait for traffic in their website. This news has been around since 5th of Jan 2020. 😁 COV 4 1 9 Is Nigeria government aware of this increasement or they're just seeing this tweet and decided to be dumb😭😭😭😭😭 Sad sad sad soo sadddd

Werey ni awon NEPA sha I will literally remove ladder of any useless NEPA.... He go hang in that pole until further notice BashirAhmaad Please how valid is this? Useless people Lmao of course. Na naija we dey. Nigeria is a big scam simple I thought that is now a cap on estimated billing or was that fake news

Welcome to my world E kuki pawa na!! Abi which kind thing be this again! I don't understand this country anymore Where are all the General's on Twitter NG No cheeky comments on this issue 🤷‍♂️, or are you wailing too? Enjoy your 14 days lockdown, I just hope you have all received your allowance for your support of the APC government 😉👍

Awon werey. In this confusing moment, FG and privatized electricity companies still extorting from citizens The timing must be reviewed.. What Nice move 👌 Make dem try am first, if na to scatter this country, make we all die, we go do am for the next generation, make them try am first, for this corona virus season wey hunger wan kill man IkejaElectric

😂😂😂 we're led by idiots To increase o, not decrease, even in the mix of hardship, Nigeria, black man is very very useless, foolish and wicked Mad people something no dey una still dey increase una money Ti yin fe baje ni Stupid people....come and cut your wire. I paid bill since 19th of March.....no light since then....what nonsense?

You guys sabi confuse. You make it sound like the increase was made recently or maybe during this pandemic tundefashola kindly look into this sir Is so obvious Nigeria as a Country need total sanitation from backwardness this shall begin from the power holders in the country ...At such a time?... ...With little or no supply?...

Shameless twats. What a nation! In 2023, most of you will be married and will have a family.. Don't secure your children's future oo, be carrying Apc, Pdp for head. Una never ready... Upon this there poor service. I think is time for us to fight for ourselves...this government are really mad sha what kind of rubbish is this

We know that the Buhari administration is here to strangulate us with increment in this and that, and introduction of this and that payment. But can't they suspend this indefinitely? Na the next level be this? Smh Madness This useless phcn Hahaha!!!! Nigeria is a failed state This is pathetic 😡 When other countries are having free and constant electricity supply in this critical period. Can anything good come out of Nigeria?

High-tension wire/cable will fall and shock the person or NEPA pole will fall on the person that conceived it in his heart and mind to increase tariff U pple need 2 Jesus. 😀😀😀😀 there is a nation indeed na Lockdown we deh, boys no deh go work, any NEPA weh show face here go hear am This is the height of irresponsibility, insensitivity and wickedness!!!! NGRPresident NGRSenate NERCNG do something about this.

Nigeria, No shame. Animal farm. Babylon vampires but we will still find time to still thank God and never LEGO of his mercy... May God punish u pple eh.....wicked soul Their father Hi guys, I’m selling planks Incase u wanna beat officials This increase in electricity tariff is just a short cut of making more money even when you are supplied lesser hours of power Meaning that there are no plans to improve supplies but just get d money

You all are mad! DrOlufunmilayo Very stupid people They want us to pay more for darkness 😂 God please burn all these people with fire and infect them and their children with coronavirus. God please hear our prayers, because they want to kill everyone. And one fool will still come and tag me to insult me when I say we don't have a GOVERNMENT in this country. Other countries and looking for ways to make life easier for their people, we are doing the opposite. Smh

Yeah ....they are officially crazy Shori awon oloriburuku,is this the right time to increase tariff Increase tariffs kill NERC there,bad leaders 😭😭 Wat a country🤔 Mad ooo Bullshit .... When we no even get the light sef 😂😂😂 My compound that they brought 50k bill last month, how much una wan bring the month then? This country is a joke.

Nothing good is gonna come out of this govt. Absolutely nothing. Useless govt. Seriously now? Anyways my area in benin don’t even have light for months now though. Let them go and cut light. It is Rona that will kill them Are they joking? Guys pursue them like goats What a country? federal_power NigeriaGov You are all mad and demonic!!

This is very obnoxious and crazy. If the Federal Government refuses to stop all tariffs at this time, Nigerians must not take this nonsense from IkejaElectric and the likes.We have had enough from these ineffectual buffoons, we pay huge amount for what we don't get, enough said Ema shoriburuku ni mtweeeeeee.corona is coming for you guys

This shit better be April fool 😠 Let the power supply get better too. Shame on Nigeria! Useless government and electricity body... There was a country called Nigeria Sheee normal sha. This country ennn😏😏 Ur heading is misleading....this decision was made dec 19 and is yet to be reviewed.. stop confusing people.

Delete the country. Sell the country, give us our share. Let’s all emigrate to other countries . This country is a mad house. In a time like this they still want to increase electricity. How do they expect us to pay. Other countries are reducing bills and we are increasing ours. This people don't rate us at all

Cant they put hold on this first till people are working again and possibly able to pay, we are talking of feeding, u Wan add electric bill I hope fkeyamo would also raise this as an issue, since this is more important than DsTV tariffs The last month tariff I got of 43k for a two bedroom apartment is not high enough abi... I dy wait make Una come cut Una wire. Rubbish!

Abi ewa ya were ni Reading the full story, I tried to understand the reason for the increment, everything they said there is just abstract. Very unclear for the layman to comprehend. Why is the govt of the day so heartless 😭 Just look at this rubbish😐😐😐 NERCNG thank you o, useless lots Wickedness Since the power holding companies chose not make this lockdown sweet for everyone, holla 08131363612 for for alternative energy installation (SOLAR/INVERTER) of different capacities at a very reasonable price. We also repair all type of inverters.. ..

9ja my country What is wrong wit dis ppl self MBuhari like u smoke covid19?....😠😠 The power sector in Nigeria is the most wicked and most corrupt and i urge president buhari to disband it and set up a new team.. They feels the heat would help kill the Coronavirus faster. What a beautiful nonsense Engr_Series Paying more darkness....5 years of APC Tick Tock...

Other countries are searching 4 how best their citzens can be able to manage sit at home order during dis period while dis zoo govt is busy fighting with it's citzens to make sure no one cheat d other in d realm of biz, no be say there is light ooh. Chaii!! Our govt don scatter Na God go punish NERC..... we've not had electricity since yesterday.

Come and collect We have to support the govt in trying to raise money, maybe they should double the already increased tariff to cover for the shortfall in oil prices and take pms up to 200/litre. We must be patriotic as Buhari has identified and is making payments to the poorest Nigerians. FG should be able to handle electricity bill for this month and next month and not thinking of increasing tariff in this kind of period.

Where is the Electricity? Satan is a liar! Its not right to always bash my government... But haaa! THESE PPL ARE MADDDDD! TheLockdown... No relief funds o and you f want to increase tariff? Usman Arabi NERC spokesperson is laughing at his mumu boys...them no respond una still no get one pinch of sense...tufiakwa!!!

This is wickedness Why? The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission had disclosed this in its December 2019 Minor Review of Multi-Year Tariff Order 2015 and Minimum Remittance Order for the Year 2020.... For you idiots who can't pause to read the article When other countries are making water, electricity free, giving free money to their citizens, Nigeria government increasing electricity, no free money, God will never give you people happiness, none of you leaders will die well

It seems this adminstration want use their hands destroyed this government, why now where everyone is lockdown? Ohh Allah sulubabs Other countries are giving power free in these difficult times to its citizens but here is Nigeria being innately irresponsible, increasing electricity tariff. Bewildering!

As if we dey have d light be Imagine at the middle of a pandemic o, this country can so annoying sha 😂 This is a country where we are now considerate. Festus keyamo said DStv, gotv, startime and also communication network should give free feebles. While not our own electricity here, we make money from people's agony. it's a pity!

🤣🤣🤣😒oya make na increase na .make I see any idiot with ladder for my area say e won cut light..that time he go explain how the COVID19lockdown no affect am....set awon senseless fools This is mad. You mean these people are not human? Are you kidding me? Let it increase , can they give us light ? Like give us 20hrs/ day light , is it too much to ask with our own money ?We are already paying .

And you think people will stay at home ? What Tariff....no light you want to increase wetin....Make una better mind una self oh I have always said this country is funny Mad pipu,at this time abi? Una no dey think. AbassAdisa dhikroollah .. Shey awon eleyi gbadun bayi? Why not copy from niger republic dave_xquisite

Engr_Series Mad oooh Ah!!!! It has been confirmed!!! This people are mad! What kind of country is NigeriaGov ? At a time even the countries with small economy is cancelled electric and water bills for their citizens as part of palliative measures in this difficult time, electricity tariff want to increase in Nigeria? What kind of senseless animals?

Isn't that lovely This is Nigeria You re talking in the nonsense This individuals is asking for resistance because we cannot be paying for epileptic power supply. Fashola not even doing an oversight to checkmate this failed system. Why? Even since they removed Fashola as the minister for power everything has changed no light they come to disconnect you even when there’s no proper supply then they will still harass you the free prepaid Fashola orders they have stopped it and now selling to us now tariff

Shey u guys were applauding MBuhari when he was reeling out billions to help combat COVID-19 without asking were the money was coming from. Well I guess you know now that IT IS THE ORDINARY NIGERIAN WHO WILL BE FORCED TO COUGH OUT THE BILLIONS. fvck you NGRPresident What is wrong with this country nah

😂😂😂😂😂😂 Haba, in this time of lockdown!!!!!! Your government said stay at home also right? Can I ask this simple question. Do you people have common 24 hrs electricity to stay at home 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ talk less of food provisions? . Each and every one need to answer the question personally You people are really unfortunate ... no light and you want to increase tariff

People are home o. Dem go beat una unapologetically. Shior Wow Nigeria! At this time? Only in Nigeria We need a moratorium. Still planning to increase electricity tarrif at this trying period? What kind of useless and evil government is this? Don't you people have a heart at all? Even at this total lockdown This govt is wicked.

But we don’t have light, we are going to be paying a high price for something we don’t use. What kinda country is this? When a country like Chad dey give 2month free electricity power supply,may God heal Nigeria from bad leaders Most part of the country is on lock down people are not working but you planning to increase electricity tariff. What kind of country is this for God sake

Let’s all give a standing ovation to our government May God have mercy on you heartless leaders Nigeria Slow but steadily, the government continues to undermine the 'rage' of her populace. If there be an uprising, it will be terrible. Stay at home no electricity now electricity bill wants to increase how did we get here please?

What a gift mostly in this situation of covid19 na waooo Why can't they just re colonize us or better still sell this country to another country because this govt is totally useless You people are not serious at all How can they increase tariff, when people did not have light, Asaba to be precisely. Enemy of progress, none sense. Some countries their government are paying for them in this trying time but here you are increasing tariff. Shame on this government

With all these existing hardship ? Shame on u !. NERCNG MBuhari is this where you people want to get money from citizen to fight the coronavirus? This country must be crazy now Show us the light and we will give you the money, Bunch of beggers Why, this time, let help ourselves It will get to a point when we will defile all odds and come out en-mass to deal with all of you. Your days are numbered.

Romeo4k God will punish all of you!! These bastards no rate us at all😂😂 People with no shame at all With all these existing hardship ? Shame on u ! Lockdown-give-away 😅🤣😂🤷🤷 Obodo Ekwensu!! This people are highly insensitive.. If this is true, then people in charge of NERCNG are Insane. This time that every nations across the world are trying to make life easy for their citizens ours are trying to frustrate us. NigeriaGov should call the chairman of this commission to put a stop to this evil plan

NERCNG how true is this? Awon werey gbogbo Continuous increase in tariff without power... 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ We are jokers in this country I swear. At this already difficult time. Rada rada. What's the Difference between this Greedy Self-centered clowns and ASUU? Eranko ni awon people yii sha WHAT A COUNTRY Nigeria is a joke. Our stupidity is alarming. During a time like this.

Are dey mad, when Nigerians can't go out to make money. Is like we will pray dt covid19 shd visited their homes so dt dey will knw dt lockdown is nt a means of making money What kind of insensitive Govt is this colossal failure? Despite the power supply in some part of Lagos has been epileptic for instance no light in Mafolukun and discos are increasing tariffs at this time. Increasing tariffs for what exactly, for darkness?

When they reduced the price of fuel people were rejoicing . Now they are about to increase electricity tariff. And sadly, this is coming at such a time. There was a country. Why? Covid -19 is here and infecting people and you guys are damn talking about increments in fee, I don't think you guys are stable 🤔

In this period of lockdown, when other countries are providing welfare packages, halt of payment of electricity bills, rent, loans etc.... My own government thinks it is the right time to increase one yeye tariff... God would judge anyone that does not use his head well come 2023 We are waiting 🤜🤜💪💪 them no dey tell person.

To increase or decrease? What a country we don’t need this now. It should be suspended for now Nigeria in the hand of lunatic , when he mention houses without prepaid meter should pay 1800 per months without a signed document , nigeria time for you to cry unless you revolt these govt & Fashola of his word before election .

What's this 😲 God go punish even you punch wey write this article when they tell you why can’t you reject am Height of insensitivity When them de fight corona? Instead of distributing free electricity, you’re increasing tariff at this period of COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, for over 48 hours now, there hasn’t been light in my area. Sad!!!😭 StayHomeAndStaySafe

You can imagine, where people are contributing some are looking for profits Wen free is no light, foolish country and stupid gov At this trying time where citizens are struggling to feed themselves you're increasing tarrif. This government must be mad i swear Insensitive fools, the system really do not care about the poor masses

Trust me, ain’t a fighter. But, I wouldn’t mind joining the whole street to beat the hell out of y’all. The fact that you people keep suffering us with electricity supply will leads to coma for you. Since the stay at home shit! We hardly have 2 hours power supply Next cable ..... and watch increase in Masse's revolt.

NERC The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission is the most useless regulatory commission or agency in the world. It shall never be well with them We go burn down any electricity company office if they do any how, total lock down to food to eat, you wan come increase electricity tariff, you guys should try us.

Were ni yin BashirAhmaad APCUKingdom OfficialAPCNg OfficialPDPNig IkejaElectric NERCNG nlcnig even Niger Rep is offering free electricity to her citizens.. Why is our own rulers so wicked like evil like this haba Bastard people them still dey pay for Wetin nor de? The most useless people ever in the history of uselessness

In this time and season? It must be a joke. Very insensitive decision. The nation is vast degenerating into a lawless and failed state. Everyone is acting as if there is no law in this land I have not seen light for days in my area yet they want to increase tariff. A joke of a System 😏😏😏 Time to connect direct ( bypass ) 😂

This has show that Nigeria don't have a good government but looters. This is so insensitive, in these trying period you people want to increase tariff when other countries are stimulating things for their citizens. Naija, I hail thee. If they ask DSTV, Startime and others to extend one month sub. To strangers. Why then will the country itself increase the tariff of electricity?

In the middle of crisis. I don't think this people have sense at all. We kuku no have the light before. They should hold their power and tarrif . MuhammadBkk Are y'all insane? Nothing good can ever come out from u. E no go better for una . I don talk am tay tay Wicked bastard Na Ogun go kill their papa What's going on in this country can't we hold whatever increment we intend to apply.... FOR NOW..

Covid-19 may soon reach who's Behind this idea. Despite the pandemic going on around the world which Nigeria is not excluded couple with epileptic power supply, these wicked arrogant and self-centered people still dim it fit to tell us they are increasing electricity tariff. After Devil, the most inconsiderate thing in life is Nepa.....mtcheew Upon ontop this trying time😕

On which power? For one week now I no see light, Bill I paid, prepaid meter, I paid for twice and still haven't seen one, I mean one o. chaplinez70 NERC folks are High as a 🦒 ‘s Ass if you ask me... Are they ok I regret my parents migrating us to this country tbh💔 Ahhhh Which kind country be this sef. People never see money buy food for house una one increase electricity tariff. Light wey no even dey.

NERCNG you intentionally want to make Nigerians angrier? Them this one no kukuma well before Its like you don't love your staffs at all, because na beating them go receive Now I see why some people are calling Nigeria zoo I think I'm beginning to agree with them you can imagine this kind time they are not bringing the light o God please let this coronavirus killed all the stupid leaders of this country Nigeria aman and amen so shall it be

It has already increased, because they know it is one of the essentials this period. We are just wicked to ourselves. Why do we always do things in the wrong direction in this country. Other countries are subsidising cost of power supply to the barest minimum but in Nigeria, electricity tariff is on the increase. Its crazy.

Nigerian palliative measure is quite unique. NEPA Una dey Mad ooo!!! Nigeria is doomed What wrong with Nigeria government? Other countries didn't increase anything so their citizens can afford it in this hard time but no because we have selfish leaders who care only for themselves they want to increase everything to make life even more difficult for us. Na wa oh.

Jraimz Fvck system They are mad chaplinez70 Lol naija This must be a joke. At this time and period? Why are we just cruel in this country? If they born you guys well. Let me. Sight u in our compound This gat to be a joke or something Are u guys for real?!!! Why are we so hard on ourselves in this country..... When other countries are making life easier for their citizens look at what my beloved country is doing

They just want to add to Nigeria problems Imma kill someone Despite the stay home... Alright,we are waiting for them. chaplinez70 Inside life When other countries are asking their people to stay home without payment. Bad new! At this time? Irresponsible Nigerians. Evil comes in form of the Nigerian Government. No way to slice it or dice it. We have evil people in position of power.

I'm unable to can for this country😭💔 You give me light for 14days in a month and you wanna increase tariff. You all must be mad, come and cut the light and receive beating that will land you in coma. chaplinez70 Thunder fire the tariff people...nonsense Electricity wey we no dey see Increase tariff.....we will by pass...its simple.

Because if we are on lockdown, we can not protest it Great leaders of other countries are trying to make lives better for citizens, but my dear politicians are opposite. In indeed we are living in a zoo. That cannot be possible, not now. Nija sorry Ogun kill all of una!!!!!!!!! 😠 Always increasing and increasing Since VAT increased, units sold reduced ... now they want to increase again ....

Somebody is kidding right. All this reckless way of thinking must have been a thing of the past in this country. Of all the time, this is the right time to take from the downtrodden àbí. Soon , what will be their result is on the way, covid -19 is a part 1, those behind this will suffer it and God will vindicate masses

Ori awon eleyi tidaru We are enjoying the change we voted for😂. I just weep for the less privileged. E don happen What a country. Naw to find one electrician to help me my change my power to direct, then lock my gate from the outside... Case closed LockDownNigeria Where as this mtfs came yesterday upon government saying seat at home no move disconnected our light and went away with the wire.

Nigeria is a wasteland. Other nations are trying to make life easier this period, these cows are increasing electricity tariffs 🤦🏽‍♂️God why!!! 😭😭😭 This is a joke guys. You know we joke a lot in this country. Rubbish! Let them come and increase it let us see na 🙄. Heartless people Continue to increase your madness

Useless Nigeria govt... When other nations are cushioning the effect of lockdown on their citizens, these ones want to tighten the conditions? Wow Ninu corona yi na? Other countries are trying to make life easy for their citizens not Nigeria 🤦🏽‍♀️ These people are mad, where's the light Why the increase?

I have always said Nigeria government re so bad that they don't even know wah to do..we ain't having light yet they want to increase tariff Grossly insensitive This country is fucked up😔😔 Kuku leave fuel price as e b b4.... cus if any NEPA person come my house....lemme go n connect nacked wire 2 my gate

Even if the govt didn’t communicate to them, don’t they have common human sense that this should be suspended indefinitely? Evil people. No sympathy Abba minister of power and all of you in the regulatory sector... Are you guys human at all? Should we pray that Corona should visit you and your family...? Think again before God visit you with his wrath for delighting in making people to cry...

Upon this lockdown? Nigeria is a joke. Thank God I’m far away Who will offend for dis country We do offend in this country. Common Niger republic..but see our country Abi to reduce 🙆🏽‍♂️😉 Why the increase, when people are on lockdown. Its a time to assist them financially not to increase their bills No, but why are you a making life difficult for your own people? What will you gain?

It had better be put on hold. What an insensitive regulation. How many people them give light na? This is only what they know and do to rob the people,Nigerians never benefits from their government We are the Enemy of ourselves. If asked....they will say it's just business! Thinking outta their asses Lol It’s more than 48 hours now no light.....e Dey pain me say I found myself here 😡, nothing is working.

At a time the whole world is fighting a Pandemic, Naija no dey carry last. ElectricityTarrifOut I can't pay for darkness ooo even niger republic govt take up there bill talkless of Nigeria that supply them This govt is mad MBuhari OfficialAPCNg Why are these power people so insensitive? The masses are in the middle of a lockdown, and TCN, DisCos & GenCos think this is the best time to increase tariff! I hope they won't stir up anarchy among the masses. They should revisit this idea ASAP

Whereas power supply is MORIBUND. In EdoState Bedc promised 9hrs from 24hrs, but that has reduced to 3hrs in 24 hrs & 2-3 days total darkness almost every week. In this situation any upward review of electricity tariff is provocative, nonsense wonder4ulworld All countries have subsidise the basic amenities for their citizens to be comfortable this trying time but we have the other side in Nigeria. Now I know the masses will suffer

Their brain need serious and immediate resetting. I don't support violence but I go join beat any of yall in sight to collect one yeye money. Increasing tariff when we are managing to comply with 'sit at home' order. Most of us don't work until the outbreak is over. Nah e u wan increase tarrif. Nonsens

Stupid people....we will just bypass until the pandemic is over. Awon were humans.....this country ehn!!! Ah no no...messed up. Una Papa They should suspend this for now oooo Why now, we never once enjoyed anything in dis country. Is it dis difficult time dey need to increase When there is no light..this country is useless

Set Awon Oloshi we get believe in Mobil Total and Oando pass una which light again? The one we see or the one wey we no see Come Na! We Dey house.... 🔫🔪⚔️ Since I was born NERC has never review price downwards.we are use to their patterns This Govt must be mad Nigerian electricity regulatory commission are TALKING IN THE NONSENSE, THEY ARE TALKING IN THE RUBBISH...

Despite the crucial time we found ourselves. Chai You lock people indoors with out prior notice. Then you ask them to pay more for the electricity that they don't have. You lot are unbelievable. With same operations at which IkejaElectric serves my domain? They ration our supplies; 1 day (for 8 hours only) on, and entire 1 day off power! My location is Diamond Estate,Adiyan! fccpcnigeria EngrSMamman NERCNG MBuhari

Single sense they don't have .... is this the period to increase tariff ? For what? What kind of a wicked country are we.... Even in this lockdown where everything should be free and accessible? God have mercy on Nigeria 🇳🇬. Madness,wicked nation! Awon oloriburuku shopona lo ma pa yin. What's wrong in this country self

Nerc or wetin dem call themself. Una dey crazy. For this corona period wey be say Na food be the main thing. No lite una dey increase tariff... E be like say una don high Can u imagine. In a time like this? They are mad 😡 They should just kill us all in this country My country my country😂😂😂😂 Are this people so sure dey haven't lose there sense 36th? Wat kind of joke is that one?

Who are the owners of this electricity failed companies? Who will pay.......we pay from home or ? How did they want us to pay the bill with this shut down? This must be a joke oooooo 😂 LMAO (Laughing My Arsenal Off) Despite the trying season the global world including Nigeria is going through and the epileptic supply across the country, those in charge are unpatriotic.

Mad people Are you kidding me? When there were appeals to stop billing or reduce tariff due to pandemic Mad is madding dem They should come and collect it.

Lawmaker to Buhari: Suspend payment for water, electricity for two monthsChairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Air Force, Rep. Shehu Koko has asked President Muhammadu Buhari to extend... Good Government still supply people water in this country? Does Nigeria still own those entities. Have they not been privatised? Just asking

COVID-19: Subscribers mount pressure on telcos for slashed tariffs – Daily TrustThe Association of Telephone, Cable TV and Internet Subscribers (ATCIS) has called on telecommunications companies in Nigeria to reduce tariffs for voice and data services on their networks in the light of the current disruption triggered by coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). The consumer advocacy body stressed that now that most companies have resorted to remote operations … Very important what are wicked world that is necessary We can mount pressure on telecommunication network to slash tariff but our own electricity tariff here in Nigeria will increase on Wednesday. Who cursed this country?

Tariff hike: Meter scarcity persists 2 days to policy take-off – Daily Trust…over 5m customers will suffer crazy billing regime   With just two days to the implementation of the proposed over 51 percent electricity tariff hike nationwide, investigations by Daily Trust have shown that pre-paid meter shortfall will make the DisCos to subject over five million customers to the detested crazy billing regime in the months …

Adamawa locks down from WednesdayThe Adamawa State Government has imposed a lockdown throughout the state for a period of 14 days with effect from midnight of Tuesday March 31...

Adamawa begins lockdown Wednesday morning - Daily Post NigeriaAll residents of Adamawa State are to stay back home with effect from the dawn of Wednesday, April 1. The tens of thousands of Keke NAPEP that serve as Is good

…FCTA to increase hospitals capacities – Daily TrustThe Federal Capital Territory Administration has promised to increase the bed space capacities of Gwagwalada Specialist Hospital and Karu General Hospital to take care of emergencies arising from of coronavirus pandemic. FCT Minister of State, Dr. Ramatu Tijjani Aliyu, who stated this during an inspection of medical facilities in both Gwagwalada Specialist Hospital and Karu …