Elections: 'I am not afraid to lose' - Buhari

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President Buhari says he is not afraid to lose the presidential election rescheduled early Saturday morning to February 23.

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Insha Allahu sai Baba 23-02-19

Fake news

He will lose by God willing

So shall it be!

Already lost


Lose plz

You won't loose IN SHA ALLAH

You're losing

Huh!! Huhhhhhh!!!!

What he said was 'I am not afraid to lose because I had a large crowd attend most of my rallies '. In order words 'I can't lose '

Writing clear as day..U have lost already

Welcome back to Daura

Buhari actions speak otherwise, he started the riggings by failing to sign electoral act

If the lord lives, you will loose

You shall surely lose, sir. Nigerians are tired of your government.

You are so afraid and that's why you want extrajudicial killings

We ain't afraid to vote u out either!

You must loss, in short you have lost already

Hypocrite. This man is very much afraid and he is trying very much to rig the election but it seems INEC is not predispose to play ball. He has resulted to blackmail. He has no integrity. He is a deluded fraudster package to deceive Muslim fundamentalists.

But frightened

You are afriad, if you are not you won't day no body will unseat you

afraid or not, you are gone. Tyrant

Baba have spoken try and see

From nobody will unseat me to I'm not afraid to lose....Mr undecided...original scam.

And u'll surely lose and go back to ur scam homosexual cow business...150 in 2015..150 in 2019..u r nothing but a never do well..

Lol okay.. Next...

Better, Atiku is winning. BuhariMustGo

Get ready because you are loosing

Haaa, I nor believe!

Hypocrisy smells like a rotten fish

Ur actions show otherwise.Disturbing us everywhere wit talk, threatening pple up&down. pls go & sit down. WE WILL NOT VOTE U

Na now u dey talk better .. Just pack your things

Buhari is already peeing in his pants! Defeating him is no longer the issue but the margin is what we are reasoning! How wide will it be!

Before nko?......either you fear or not...you will definitely go back to daura farm this year

Lifeless cloned man

Fake news! Baba can never say this in his life time.

And lose you shall!

Neither should you be afraid to get your stuff together and move on to retirement when your dissemination comes. Please when the time finally comes...MBuhari .

africaupdates Keep talking from the two sides of your mouth, today 'no one can unseat me', tomorrow 'I'm not afraid to lose'. Those packaging you for public display should let you know comments you've made before,so you stop contradicting yourself. dementia

Now you are talking u see the hand written on the wall already

From nobody can unseat me to not afraid to lose. No wonder election was postponed

The great man

Why will you be afraid to lose bearing in mind that the US, EU, plus host of other countries have developed interest in the forthcoming election, plus you are too fragile to go the way Gbagboo

Buhari knows he is loosing, so be a good sportsman and accept you are no match for Atiku

Because you lost last Saturday!

God is with u

Don't worry you must loss

Baba fear don catch you already.Stop this your consoling crap

...but, you could incite extra judicial killings, for your case, abi?

And you are going to lose by God grace


If Buhari wins, he will never relinquish power. The whole of Nigeria may burn to hell. PMB will never do a GEJ

Good. Bow out now.

Dear MBuhari this is the mood, you will save yourself HBP next week.

Wailers why? We keep telling you no politician alive will ever beat PMB in Northern Nigeria in a free and fair election, mark my word. So shifting the election by one week will not change anything. As soon as the South West will vote for him the election is a bye-gone. NextLevel!

First time he makes a statement l can agree with..

Thank God, you are prepared for what is coming your way

No Ok

He is petrified like a pussycat.

Buhari remains till 2023...say baba

You're right Mr president, we can't allow incompetence, surely you're incompetent and we can't allow you to continue derailing this country

Atiku is no better, if not someone else then Buhari must continue.

He better not be.

Victory is guaranteed for the PMB

Pls expect it

Thank God! Just leave honorably.

He that's down needs fear no fall

Pmb has spoken well and l will be happy if you can handover to whoever wins just the way Jonathan handed over to you in 2015

I hope he keeps the same energy when it happens

If you do, my family and I will be bidding this country farewell. I can't raise my kids in this madness.

So shall you lose

Hmmm...Nigerians be on your guard for this is another mind game plan. I am very certain this president is up to something

I thought you said that nobody can defeat you before. Now you're seeing the bold handwriting of defeat on wall now.

So shall it be. You must lose so that Nigeria's suffering will reduce. Haba!

All we ask for is a free, fair and credible election.... Let's see what happens afterwards..

Thank God you already know you'll lose.

Very good but those around you doesn't think so, they think Nigeria belong to them.

Exactly the words of who is afraid to lose.

But you must lose & there's no two ways about it...

Buhari`s body language says that he is very scared of losing the election but, his mouth says another thing. By their fruits we shall always know them.

If you are not Kyari and kiyamo, Oshimole and Amaechi, Daura and kingibe are afraid to loose.

Mr integrity next level

Yes you are!!!


You’re not God. So nobody knows tomorrow

I'm afraid you're afraid 😁😁😁

So conducting staggered election was the brain behind his boldness when he said no be can remove him from the president's seat. We know now

You've lost already

Indeed.😒😕The criminals you surround yourself with,do think are the cover they need to continue to PLUNDER the nation's resources.

better,now you are talking like a patrotic nigerian.

Not afraid to lose. No body can unseat me. Confusion everywhere

You have lost already

Better. At least we have an understanding when you do on Saturday.

Yes you are because you want to set this nation on fire agent of destabilization.

You've lose already no need to be afraid

Will loose for sure

Thank you very much our able president MBuhari for making this confessional statement known. After all you said it some years back . it would have been nice you caution your party members against violence and vote buying. Don't allow them empty Nigeria trasury . Best of luck Sir

Loose you shall

....and you will not loose !

Baba u'll not lose in shaa Allah u can emerged Victorious bi iznillah

100% I hope in buhari govt.

Don't worry u are not going anywhere my president.

Well his people are. And it seems to everyone that he cannot control them.

Very good,it's going to be good for your health...

Yes MBuhari you are not, but we the masses if you loose we pathetically looooooose, please stand for us Mr NGRPresident .

Counting your loses huh?

They sometimes say what contradict their mind

Nah brother...what is dead can never die !

We won't you to lose

Baba, you are the best!,

Good news 👏👏

and yet you so confidently say that nobody will unsit you,.....We will see in a few days time!!!...Nigeria is bigger than you,..you are the last of the destructive military era that destroyed our first republic, our founding father dreams,..we will do away with you lot for good!



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