Coronavirus, Covıd-19 İn Nıgeria, Easter Message

Coronavirus, Covıd-19 İn Nıgeria

Easter message: Buhari preaches hope amid COVID-19 pandemic

4/10/2020 2:55:00 PM

Easter message: Buhari preaches hope amid COVID-19 pandemic

Tobi Aworinde, AbujaThe President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), has urged Nigerians to emulate Jesus Christ by imbibing a spirit of sacrifice and perseverance to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic.Buhari, who said this in his Easter address on Friday, stated that the year’s commemoration of Easter came amid the grip with which COVID-19 held the entire world.

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Describing the pandemic as unprecedented in living memory, he added that it was unusual and unfortunate that majority of Christians had found themselves marking Easter in a subdued manner, away from the usual congregation in churches.The President said, “I rejoice with our Christian brothers and sisters as well as all Nigerians on the occasion of the celebration of this year’s Easter.

“However, I wish to enjoin our Christian compatriots to rekindle their faith in Christ who overcame persecution, sufferings and displayed endurance, steadfastness and above all piety.“ I urge you to imbibe and live the values of humility, discipline, perseverance, sacrifice and obedience which Jesus Christ demonstrated during His stay on earth.”

Buhari stated that Jesus Christ represented man’s ability to withstand temporary pains in the hope of everlasting glory.According to him, there is no better opportunity than now for all Christians, in particular, and Nigerians, in general, to remain faithful and hopeful that, with intensified prayers backed by personal and collective responsibility, the nation shall pull through this most difficult trial.

“I have no doubt that, if all stakeholders — individuals and groups — play their part to the fullest as advised by our scientists and medical experts in confronting COVID-19, the inherent resilience and determination of our people will enable us to pull through.

“As I stated in my national broadcast on Sunday, March 29, 2020, since there is currently no known vaccine against the virus, ‘the best and most efficient way to avoid getting infected is through regular hygiene and sanitary practices as well as social distancing,’” he added.

Buhari warned that, while the COVID-19 pandemic was seen as a global challenge, his regime was not oblivious of the constant threat posed to national security by terrorists and insurgents.“They may take this opportunity to perpetrate attacks. But our armed forces and other security and intelligence services will remain vigilant and continue to contain these threats and consolidate efforts to eradicate them completely,” he said.

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The President urged Nigerians to make the most of the situation and to keep safe.He commended the “encouraging” containment and ameliorating strategies put in place by members of the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19, saying, “I am very much aware of the personal and collective inconveniences suffered by our people due to measures such as restriction of movements and closure of business premises.

“Being ‘a matter of life and death,’ these sacrifices are in everybody’s interest to save our country from calamity.“The welfare of our people is paramount. Accordingly, the most economically vulnerable in our communities will continue to be uppermost in our plans, and efforts will be made to supply them with basic means of survival.”

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Hope kill una there 👎😁 He should have shut up. We hope it ends soon Thurder strike inside dat studio....again Easter msgs...y buhari fooling us again Corona virus man 🙈🙈🙈 Preaching hope? Ohhh now i get!! Hope to loot more 800 billion gang..... omo dis one pass davido o 30bg vs 800bg 😂 Ogun kill you there

Fool He no do video You are a mumu ♂ MBuhari Must we drag him before he addresses us again? I can only relate this to Devil preaching Heaven. Kó corroborate ràrà 😩 Even wit buhari no hope for Nigeria Audio message 🤣 Awon E-Boss MBuhari , fine boi omotosho, the only man COVIDー19 is runningaway from. He dont need the mask goor cos his blood system is stronger than the virus 🦠.... baba for cash out👊🏽

🥴🥴 We thank Mr President but we don't need the covid 19 doctor's help from chinko Where did you see him punch He preached hope on Dangote’s Birthday and hope, at Easter? Please, what’s his definition of hope again? I wanna be sure of his idea of hope so we don’t get confused again just the way he preached ‘Change’ in 2015, Nigerians bought it, and we ended up with negative change.

Na hope your mates dey share for their citizens? 🙄 E no go better for am Ayankochue!!! Hope kill u dere From we're dey will pray for you Nigeria 🇳🇬 why lock down in the household? Your papa Hope, hmmm Common spare me. From where Hope for the world Ghost mode When did he preach this hope and peace? Guys please follow me I will follow back immediately ❤️❤️❤️❤️

MBuhari can never be the one preaching hope. He should look for something else to preach. BBCAfrica I miss the days when NTA news would start with footage of the Nigerian President walking into the conference room for a meeting; now all we get is forwarded broadcasts of his speech, no live press conferences whoweoffend

come out we want to see you, we miss you alot did MBuhari call you and tell you this ? God punish him and his hope Please give us a copy of the sermon 😒ok What part of the world is he sending this message from and now that the acting president Kyari is MIA, who is running the country. Hope kill you there

Where is he When did he? From what medium ? PUNCH you guys are also part of all the conspiracy in Nigeria You mr Buhari and your cohorts are seizing our Hope's. Dead man MBuhari why do you want to give what you don't have. Person no dey Cum if prick never hard.. Try see some porn(realDonaldTrump) And learn how hope is given..we are tired of ur 1 minute hope...selah👌 I talk my own😷😷😷

MBuhari you're a total calamity to this country..... Once you're out of that office, Nigeria will have hope Hope? Ohhhh it’s Buhari’s cloth but his face is not Buhari oooo. Who no this oooo Una don steal covid 19 money nw... una talk say na burn e burn... De talk nonsense When is the next presidential broadcast?

Him no the talk? You better tell us say Buharis picture preaches hope Stop lying against our president. When did he said that😅 Dead country mad ooo Stop preaching, take action. Our lord Jesus Christ saw that people were tired of his preaching, he fed them the best meal ever Dear President why we appreciate your message of hope and to some extent the measures put in place to fight the covid19 pandemic, you should know by now that we are hungry as a result of the lockdown and we are not satisfied with the handling of paliative

If i hear... Thank you for reminding us that we should be hoping Sir Which Bible or Quran verse e use Hope Aisha Uzodinma choke u sir Hmmm.... We wan comort for house o! Our hope dey outside, no be inside house Speaking from his hiding hole! Yahoo general This one that is hopelessly hopeless? Issok Baba Sinzu just cash out abeg do give away for us...hope gas dey after cashout nah...wen cash out never dey hope no fit dey

Tell him to practice what he preaches Is he alive and the Nigerian consular in China was assaulted by the Chinese? Shame! Fool Hope in hunger 😠😠😠😠 Tired of this lockdown... Please end the lockdown Mr President We already have hope in God not in a failing & loose government system like this present one. Nigerians are starving of hunger and people under President Buhura watch are looting money meanrt to Savage this hard & trying period, what message of hope could this one be?

What exactly his talking about Government tell us the truth concerning coronavirus Where is the video ? Practices covert stealing and looting... Preaches hope & hunger. LMAO. He should be preaching hunger than wasting time preaching unforseen hope Please where is he preaching this hope from.. Las las na Aides they rule our country now.. Everywhere stew

follow keylogger9ja let's share your opinion and view about fact on how Nigeria can move forward in the right direction keylogger9ja Which Hope? The hope in HOPElessness? 😂 😂 🖕 Mteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew Abeg I wan move from Osun to IB after during the 14days lockdown...can I just go back home 😣😣😣

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COVID-19: Ondo grants permission for church Easter serviceOndo State Government has granted permission for churches in the state to hold Easter Sunday services. It however issued some conditions the churches must adhere to with a view to curbing the spread of COVID19. Smh We are not doing well. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa if we skip this Easter we will have many more please someone advise the governor

COVID-19: FRSC advises Nigerians to celebrate Easter on low-keyThe Idiroko Unit Command of Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) has advised Nigerians to celebrate Easter on a low-key to prevent further... In Hunger or what, he should explain that low-key Did they advise katsina fanatics to use their head small and shelf the lockdownlift Like party at home now

Easter celebration: Abia's Ikpeazu relaxes COVID-19 lockdown - Daily Post NigeriaAbia State Governor, Okezie Ikpeazu, has approved a relaxation of the extended 7-day lockdown in the state. The Governor posited that his approval was in meaning!!! this is no news pls.

COVID-19: Uzodinma relaxes lockdown in Imo for Easter celebration - Daily Post NigeriaGovernor of Imo State, Hope Uzodinma, has relaxed the lockdown order in the state over Coronavirus pandemic on Friday. His decision was announced in a That is not fair it will cause more problem please , this is not a ( news ) , unless you don't have something important to do , ok ,

COVID-19: Social restrictions continue in Abuja, Lagos, others despite Easter celebration - Police - Daily Post NigeriaThe Inspector-General of Police, IGP Mohammed Adamu, has directed the Commissioners of Police in states where the COVID-19 social restriction orders have Is good oo, prevention is better than cure... So no easter this year