Cholera, Fact Check

Cholera, Fact Check

Does a combination of local gin, sugar, salt cure cholera? - Punch Newspapers

The most widely read newspaper in Nigeria

7/30/2021 11:02:00 PM

Does a combination of local gin, sugar, salt cure cholera? - Punch Newspapers

The most widely read newspaper in Nigeria

He said, “When people have access to clean water, then, we can talk about protection of water sources, treatment of water sources in terms of chlorination, boiling and filtration of water. There are safe water collection and storage practices like usage of narrow-mouthed vessels, chlorination and other practices.”

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The NCDC noted that good personal hygiene should be emphasised, as well as proper disposal of sewage and refuse, good hand washing practices and consumption of safe water and food.On the websites, it stated, “ Enhanced epidemiological and laboratory surveillance to identify endemic areas and detect, confirm, and quickly respond to outbreaks help in control of infection.

Community engagement for behavioral changes and improved hygiene practices, as well as quick access to treatment are essential. Immunisation with Oral Cholera Vaccine can play an important role in outbreak prevention and control, and in the long-term control of cholera.

“The vaccines should always be used in conjunction with other cholera prevention and control strategies in areas with endemic cholera, in humanitarian crises with high risk of cholera, and during cholera outbreaks.”The local ginGin is a flavored alcoholic beverage with juniper as its predominant flavorant, usually produced by distillation in copper stills traditionally used for spirit production. In addition to juniper, many botanicals, notably coriander, cardamom, orange peel, and angelica root, may be used to add supplemental flavours.

The essential oils in juniper, characterized by terpenes, their oxides, and sesquiterpenes, for example limonene, β-myrcene, γ-terpinene, or α-terpineol, supply gin’s main sensory profile.Flavour ComponentsThe most common gin is the London type in which the flavor components are derived from the plant ingredients used in its production. A distilled dry gin is a distilled gin with a very small proportion of plant-derived components.

The two main plant ingredients areJ. communis L. berries andCoriandrum sativum L.seeds. The main components of essential oil from these plants are terpenes which constitute the major part of the flavor of the gin. The components found in these plants and in the gins made from them are given in Table below:

A chart showing the composition of ginAs can be observed, the main terpenic components of the gin, α-pinene and linalool, coincide with those of its plant ingredients. If only the heart of the distilled fraction is used, the proportion of the main components with low molecular weight (unoxygenated monoterpenes) from

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J. communis L. is reduced.Some gins use not only have these components but also other plant ingredients which contain a high proportion of essential oil and, in addition, possess a terpene content near to or exceeding 50 percent.Their effect, although they are only used in small proportions to give the gin aroma, can significantly affect the final aroma. This is the case with the use of orange oil, which contains 90 percent d-limonene, and cinnamon and cassia bark, whose oils contain 70–95 per cent and 60–70 percent cinnamic aldehyde respectively.

The odour threshold for linalool (a major component of coriander oil) in 20 percent ethanol is 9 p.p.m., while for γ-terpinene it is 1.5 p.p.m.; as both have an ‘orangey’ aroma, the latter compound can be more dominant than linalool in the aroma.The main component of juniper (α-pinene, threshold value 5 p.p.m.) seems to play a decisive role in the aroma, which is not the case for p-terpineol (threshold value 13 p.p.m.).

Limonene, although having a high odor threshold (6.5 p.p.m.), contributes decisively to the flavor of ‘orangey’ gins which are made with oranges and lemons. However, this is not the case with cinnamaldehyde (the major component of cassia and cinnamon bark), which is normally found in gins at concentrations below its odor threshold (3 p.p.m.).

In Dutch gin, together with the terpene hydrocarbons, the components responsible for the flavor include higher alcohols, especially isomyl alcohol and, to a lesser degree, isobutanol, propanol, ethyl acetate, and 2-butanol.A mixture of local gin, salt and sugar does not cure cholera -Expert

However, an Ondo state epidemiologist, Dr Stephen Fagbemi, said that it is misleading for anyone to say a mixture of gin, salt and sugar will cure cholera.He said, “Anyone who is giving that counsel of mixing gin, sugar and salt is attempting homicide and anyone who takes that mixture is planning to commit suicide. Cholera patients are already dehydrated, they have lost a lot of water and anyone who takes alcohol gets more hydrated, how does that help?

“What we do with patients that are dehydrated is that we try to give them the oral water solution, alcohol is the last thing that such a person should take. Even with the oral water solution, there is a particular measurement that we give, it’s not something that anyone can just administer on their own.”

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Fagbemi noted that people often spread false news during an outbreak or when the country was dealing with any kind of disease.He lamented, “These people are back with their misleading information, NIgeria is going through a very serious cholera situation and many states are affected and a lot of lives have been lost.”

“Please help us use your platform to correct that such information is not true. Anyone who is stooling should be helped to the nearest hospital or health centre. Read more: The Punch Newspapers »

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Treatment for diarrhea includes equal amount of sugar and salt with warm water not alcohol. Cholera is a bacteria and alcohol kills it Dry gin is a wrong option to administer Mixing all of these is so so wrong. Killing cholera outside isn't same as inside the body.

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