Do Not Risk The Lives Of Your Citizens, Gov Fayemi Tells Gov Bello

Do Not Risk The Lives Of Your Citizens, Gov Fayemi Tells Gov Bello

1/22/2021 12:43:00 AM

Do Not Risk The Lives Of Your Citizens, Gov Fayemi Tells Gov Bello

Do Not Risk The Lives Of Your Citizens, Gov Fayemi Tells Gov Bello

Updated January 21, 2021 Chairman of the Nigerian Governors Forum, Governor Kayode Fayemi, has urged the governor of Kogi State, Yahaya Bello to tread with care, following his recent statement suggesting that the COVID-19 vaccines are being introduced to kill the masses.

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Governor Bello had in a recent address said that the COVID-19 vaccines being produced in less than one year are used to introduce new diseases that will kill many.Reacting to Bello’s claim, Governor Fayemi appealed to his Kogi counterpart, urging him not to risk the lives of the citizens.

The Ekiti State Governor who was a guest on Channels Television’sPolitics Todayon Thursday said while the Kogi State Governor has a right to his reservations, the most appropriate to respond to a matter of such import is not to be dismissive.READ ALSO:

Rivers State Records 163 New Cases Of COVID-19 As 14 More Die NationwideFayemi said the preponderance at the level of the Nigerian Governors Forum believes that COVID-19 is real, adding that there is a need to respond to the challenges that have emanated from the pandemic.

The governor who says COVID-19 is not just a health issue said it behooves public office holders to work in concert with the Federal Government to get to the bottom of the problem which is not peculiar to Nigeria. Read more: Channels Television »

Hypocrite! He is advising Kogi state governor 'not to risk the lives of his people' Meanwhile he is putting the lives of his own people at risk, by openly supporting the killings, and raping of his own people by the Fulanis; What an shameless man Fayemi is! He is speaking the truth Covid is fake , your puppet leaders have sold you out, if you still can't figure it out, your are not okay

Yahaya Bello speaks the truth, covid is 419 Eshereshe Africa Media documentary photography 😂 how someone of Yahaya Bello's ilk emerged as Governor in 2021 Nigeria is a telling state of how the APC has dragged everyone down to the cesspool of value-less, shameless, deplorable ideology-less Buhari nepotic politics of power for power sake

😂 so it’s now that you just knew COVID is a game is this country ? Ok wait 😝 why is yaya bello the only governor that opposes it 👌 This is the result of ' electing ' clowns and drop out into position of Authority, the innocent citizens will suffer for their stupidity. The fact that Yahaya Bello could become the governor of a state is unassailable proof of everything that is wrong with Nigeria.

As a way of improving the economy Federal Government empowerment loan is out to full time business men/women,Note loan are from the minimum of (200,000.00 to the maximum of 10,000,000.00).Contact Hon,Adams on +2349034957596 for more details about the loan program). Governor Yahya Bello has psychological problem.

I believe governor Bello is not playing politics here.Covid is real don't behave like Trump who not believe sienentis principles.The only thing I will say is that most govt n health institutions has being exploiting this Covid to make money.That is why Nigerians don't believe . Fayemi. Go and sleep, everyone can't subscribe to that your fake covid

The young man is living by example. Have anyone seen Yaya Bello wearing facemask since last year? Many governors including Fayemi himself have been infected by the virus. But Yaya is yet to be infected. Have Nigerian scientists verified what is in that vaccine? Fact That is true Does he care about them? Bello that is even encouraging himself as the right candidate for president in 2023. Yeye bello

Fayemi, is yahaya bello your problem. Most times you guys just open your mouth and blurt out rubbish Which citizen life is not at risk before 😏 Fayemi should keep quite. How many people did Covid kill in kogi since last year ? No need to tell him ooo, God will help the Citizens and open their eyes of Understanding in Jesus Name Amen.

Tatatatatata This is what you get for voting in gullible individuals... and this is me putting it mildly. Feyemi it’s not governors Bello’s people but Nigerians living in Kogi and gullible Nigeria’s living outside Kogi. This Guy you hoisted on Nigerians is an ignoramus. He wants to smears us with his ignorancio

A woman police officer was beating to coma by a superior officer ACP (Madayi kamdel) in OYO AREA command oyo state... A petition has been submitted to OYO state CP by husband but nothing has been done... PoliceNG nationalhumanr1 MinOfInteriorNG abikedabiri You should have tell FG not Rush Citizen on NIN Werey ni gbogbo yin

Who is right between both of them? Simply put, because of your foolishness. Werey ni gbogbo won.....i won't vote for none of you,who tell me say my votes counts sef My creator won't allow you old,corrupt politicians to be our president Is this not the same governor that is aspiring to become Nigeria president that his fellow governor from another state is advising sternly not to risk the lives of his citizens? Nigeria people beware and be watchful.

Tell the gbef See their mouth 👄 just open waaaah Presidential material tells presidential material True