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Do Nigerians really believe COVID-19 exists?

6/3/2020 6:10:00 AM

Do Nigerians really believe COVID-19 exists?

Despite the high increase of COVID-19 cases in Nigeria, which is currently beyond 10,000, Nigerians seem to be very negligent in observing protocols put in place by government to contain its spread, compared to other countries, hence Nigeria is among counties with the highest number of cases in Africa. It is so annoying and irritating […]

Despite the high increase of COVID-19 cases in Nigeria, which is currently beyond 10,000, Nigerians seem to be very negligent in observing protocols put in place by government to contain its spread, compared to other countries, hence Nigeria is among counties with the highest number of cases in Africa.

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It is so annoying and irritating that people do not value life. How sure are you that you will not get infected with the disease after violating the stay-at-home order? Or do you think it is right to violate such precautionary measures?Maybe it is right as you think, but had it been the government did not play any role in containing the pandemic, you will also be the first to blame it for not protecting your life.

The negligence of some Nigerians has reached the extent that people will be seen shaking hands carelessly, mingling in highly congested areas, driving without facemask, attending funerals and market places without maintaining social distancing, attending prayers in congregations, among others; forgetting the existence of this dangerous novel virus.

ADVERTISEMENTDear valued readers, subscribe to the Daily Trust e-paper to continue enjoying our diet of authoritative news. Kindly subscribe hereAt least, if it is compulsory for you to shake hands, why would you not apply hand sanitiser or wash the hands before shaking? Some people even consider it as a joke by pulling themselves into crowds without wearing the recommended facemask, talk less of maintaining social distancing, and the worse part of it is that people are not ignorant of the fact but are just too careless.

Here comes the question, “Do Nigerians really believe COVID-19 exists?”I have been monitoring this right from the beginning of this plague, and the question comes in whenever I see foreign nations complying and adapting to measures put in place to check the disease even when they are in better positions to handle the virus than us.

A Hausa adage says, “For the rat to stop stealing, the locust bean cake (dawadawa) has to stop smelling.” Hence government officials alone should not be blamed, because the masses are violating the COVID-19 protocols.However, do the palliative materials reach the people? If not, then they must go out and look for food and cater for their needs. Government should take note of this.

Finally, all hands must be on deck: the government and the governed, to contain the spread of this pandemic. Therefore, people should please adhere with the guidelines put in place by the experts to ensure rapid eradication of this virus. Read more: Daily Trust »

No they don't. No we no gree at all at all. thanks for coming up with this.. Average Nigerians don't believe this so called virus exist in Nigeria due to so many reasons & gov't did or didn't give enough palliatives to it citizens 'as not even 10% of Nigerians' can testify they benefited from it. StoriesPointNg Wetin consign hungry man with Covid-19. The only thing that concerns or important to a hungry man is how to feed nothing more nothing less.

Nigerians believe there's covid 19 and they also believe that you only die once. Mttsswww u are only saying this to please the govt, and this govt no send ooo forget amm they go fuck una up It sure exist in other word but u see this naija me and u dey...... NO Not yet! Not that much NCDC and federal government is scamming their self

Does the system believe in covid-19? No, it's just figures. Up to date I've never seen a victim as i saw people die in Italy and other parts of the world. Yes we do, but the information we are getting is not quite accurate, 90% is falsed I do not. That was before, but now we run tings. Ur daddy died of malaria and typhoid not covid19 so take note

Yes,I believe covid 19 dey but I don't believe coronavirus dey. Why would u want us to believe when we have not seen d prove. Coronavirus is real but been used as fraud any symptoms in hospital now is COVID19 why🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ Yes but not in this country. We believe, but the way the government have been lying to us make us disbelieve.

BusayoAdemiku1 I lost my Dad to it, so I know I believe but not as the government saying it.majority don’t No.... don't believe anything. Our government are liars everywhere shame shame on themselves.. Scam scam scam scam country.. They are called my number everyday... Coronavrius is fake in Nigeria.. Our money 💰 have finish oooooooo

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