Automedics, Overheating

Automedics, Overheating

Debunking myths surrounding overheating - Punch Newspapers

The most widely read newspaper in Nigeria

5/10/2021 2:00:00 AM

Debunking myths surrounding overheating - Punch Newspapers

The most widely read newspaper in Nigeria

9 May 2021The internal combustion engine, referred to as the engine, produces power needed to propel the vehicle by burning fuel within the engine. Only about 40 per cent of the power needed is used for propulsion, the remaining 60 per cent is converted to heat hence an effective system of getting the heat out of the engine is required for the effective operation of the engine.

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The cooling system has been designed solely to take away the heat from the engine and maintain engine temperature at optimal level to prevent the engine from ruining itself due to excessive heat. A defective cooling system would cause an engine to overheat and if care isn’t taken, it could damage the engine.

In a bid to preventing overheating, there have been many alterations done on vehicle engines. Many of the alterations don’t help the overall performance of the vehicle and sometimes reduce the lifespan of the engine and in some cases, the transmission.

Removing thermostat:The moment a car gets to the mechanic workshop for services other than overheating, a common advice given to owner is to remove the thermostat to avoid overheating. The common argument is that the temperature here is higher while that of the area where the vehicle comes from is cold.

Fact check: These areas referred to as being cold also have temperature that could go higher than ours, likewise there are areas where temperature could go as high as about 40°.Thermostat is a temperature sensitive valve that restricts flows of coolant to allow engine to attain its optimum temperature (best operating condition) as fast as possible. It has a temperature rating and opens up once this temperature has been attained. This allows the engine to manage fuel better and allow for effective operation of systems such as the cooling system and the emission control system.

Directing the fan:Directing the fan is another common act that is being done to prevent overheating. This simply means making the fan work all the time at the highest speed from the moment the ignition of the car is on.Manufacturer’s design is that the cooling fan comes up only when the optimal temperature of the engine is exceeded and comes up at varying speed. This helps to reduce the electrical load and also increase the lifespan of the fan itself. Making the fan work all the time at the highest speed would prevent the engine from attaining optimal temperature as well as affect the charging of the battery and also affect other electrical components on the vehicle.

Changing radiator to double cell:A double cell radiator simply means a bigger radiator or a radiator that is meant for a higher capacity engine. In many cases, these would not fit to the seating of the OE space thereby necessitating a retrofit on the vehicle.

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In simple terms, it is just as using a bigger tank in place of a smaller tank. This only increases the weight of the vehicle and has no effect except if the radiator is the initial cause of overheating.Doubling the gasketThe gasket helps to seal different surfaces on the engine to prevent a leakage between the different compartments and the engine. It gets bad in most cases where severe overheating has occurred. Sometimes mechanics advise that the gasket be doubled to prevent overheating. However, this act reduces the power of the engine as it increases the combustion chamber and reduces compression ratio.

Lastly, overheating should be seen as a symptom of a fault which could be caused by a defect in one or more system. Efforts should be made to look for the defective parts, retrofitting would many a time not solve overheating issues but cause high fuel consumption, sludge build up and frequent breakdowns, etc.

This piece was by my mentee, Ibrahim Ogundele.Generic codesP1126: Throttle control motor relay circuit openMeaningPower supply for the throttle control motor is provided to the engine control module via throttle control motor relay. The throttle control motor relay is ON/OFF controlled by the ECM. When the ignition switch is turned ON, the ECM sends an ON signal to throttle control motor relay and battery voltage is provided to the ECM. When the ignition switch is turned OFF, the ECM sends an OFF signal to throttle control motor relay and battery voltage is not provided to the ECM.

Possible causesFaulty Throttle control motor relayThrottle control motor relay harness is open or shortedThrottle control motor relay circuit poor electrical connectionP1127:Exhaust not warm enough, downstream sensor not tested Read more: The Punch Newspapers »

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