Death, drugs, and dirges, By Toyin Falola

01/10/2022 4:36:00 PM

Death, drugs, and dirges, By Toyin Falola

Death, drugs, and dirges, By Toyin Falola

I sing yet another dirge to the simultaneous effects of this strike on the university students who have become the primary victims.

While intellectual death among the lecturers is overwhelming, the students also lose their lives.Mrs.Nigerian army says the gunmen terrorising residents of the South-east hide under the cloak of Biafra agitation to commit crimes in the region.Afghan women hold placards as they take part in a protest in front of the Iranian embassy in Kabul on September 29, 2022.

On 8 March, it was reported that Henry Ehis, a 300-level student of the University of Jos, committed suicide due to frustration from the unending strike.Rachael Opadele, a final year student of the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, took a part-time job in a hotel because of the strike, was kidnapped in the same hotel, and killed afterwards in August.The workshop was on “War Against Drug Abuse: regulations and guidelines for the conduct of 2023 general elections’’.Many other students have been killed by unfortunate events that would have been prevented if they had been in school.Mr Musa, a major-general, took over from Taoreed Lagbaja, also a major-general, who is now the GOC, 1 Mechanised Division, Kaduna.Another dirge is to the death of the minds of the Nigerian students caused by increasing drug abuse made worse by these strikes.Please go to https://www.Logically, thousands of students who have been denied access to education, which formed their primary source of engagement, would be vulnerable to acts like drug abuse.Women protesters carried banners that read: “Iran has risen, now it’s our turn!” and “From Kabul to Iran, say no to dictatorship!” Taliban forces swiftly snatched the banners and tore them in front of the protesters.

In other words, there is often a considerable risk of drug abuse among students of tertiary institutions in Nigeria, and the disengagement from academic activities exposes them to even greater for breaking news, videos, and the latest top stories in Nigeria & world news, business, politics, sports and pop culture.The GOC will work with the state governors in the South-east which is under the division on security.On 13 May, Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State lamented the increasing rate of drug consumption in the state after ASUU embarked on strike, noting that drug abuse has become the second problem of his government.Likewise, in June, Senator Douye Diri, the Bayelsa State governor, confirmed that increased drug abuse amounted to increased criminal activities in the state..…I sing a dirge to the death of ambition and purpose in the frustrating waits of the Nigerian students.The GOC said the army was aware of the security situation in the South-east and promised to partner with the governor and other governors in the region to fight the situation.Many students get their purposes and ambitions crippled by life-changing incidents during the schools’ shutdown.Since returning to power, the Taliban have banned secondary school education for girls and barred women from many government jobs.

Equally, the prolonged and delayed educational period caused by unpredictable ASUU strikes reduces the rate of employability and loss of certain opportunities, killing dreams and purposes… On 19 August, 2021, the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) revealed that about 40% of the Nigerian youth, which forms the majority of university students, are “deeply involved in drug abuse.” Also, on 22 February, the NDLEA, through its Chairman, Buba Marwa, stated that drug abuse accounts for and influences about 90% of crimes in Nigeria.Mr Musa said he has devoted two months of his stay in the division studying the insecurity in the South-east to fashion out ways of tackling it.Since the majority of students in the university are youths, there is a tendency for drug abuse among them.The psychological and physical effects of drug abuse are dangers the nation cannot afford.It is a pronouncement of an end to the academic endeavour of individuals, either directly or indirectly.The GOC said drug abuse was a major contributor to the incidence of crime in the country.In this article.

Moreover, there is a strong and direct link between drug abuse and criminal tendencies.Given the above positions and facts, it is only logical to be concerned about the consequences of students’ disengagement and idleness due to ongoing strike actions.And though different universities in the country have developed anti-drug abuse schemes to put drug abuse in check; however, closing these schools makes the programmes inefficient.The governor told the new GOC to pay special attention to the Anambra-Imo Boundary, pointing out that the gunmen mostly attack from communities where the state shares boundaries with the other South-east states.Then I sing a dirge to the death of ambition and purpose in the frustrating waits of the Nigerian students.Many students get their purposes and ambitions crippled by life-changing incidents during the schools’ shutdown.

Equally, the prolonged and delayed educational period caused by unpredictable ASUU strikes reduces the rate of employability and loss of certain opportunities, killing dreams and purposes, particularly because the delay causes many students to graduate above the entry age of many employment requirements.“Anybody in any camp in Anambra State is a criminal.I sing this dirge to Nigeria’s dying future, which the government is ignorantly killing.Education is the hope of a progressive future for any nation, and research is the tool it uses to chart its successes.The intellectual capacity of a nation is a projection of how far it will grow in the future and its position in global discussions.Without law and order, nothing else will work,” he said.Innovations and developmental discoveries are the results of dedicated research and efforts.

A war or affront against the intellectual bloc of the nation is a risk of a negative expectation for the nation’s future.Human resources development is pivotal to any nation that wishes to develop, but with the above incidences, one would doubt if Nigeria considers development important.Background Like other states in the South-east, security has deteriorated in Anambra State with frequent attacks by armed persons across the state.Where there is value, there is respect and care, and it seems the value given to education by the nation reflects in the management of the industrial crisis in academia.Where workers at factories strike, the company is forced to react, as it stands to lose products and profits within the period.In this instance, the products are of value, and for their sake, the company finds a solution to the problem within a limited time.A serving lawmaker was also murdered by gunmen in the state.

Taking the company as Nigeria, the workers as the lecturers, and the students as the products, it seems that the nation does not value the students enough to be motivated to a quick resolution with the academia.I sing a dirge to the death of a nation, its intellectuals, and the pillars of its future, the students..

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