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Criticise us fairly, Buhari tells Nigerian elite

Criticise us fairly, Buhari tells Nigerian elite

1/14/2021 6:45:00 PM

Criticise us fairly, Buhari tells Nigerian elite

Olalekan Adetayo, AbujaThe President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), on Thursday, asked those who have been criticising his regime, particularly the nation’s elite, to be fair in their...

Olalekan Adetayo, AbujaThe President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), on Thursday, asked those who have been criticising his regime, particularly the nation’s elite, to be fair in their criticism.In criticising his regime, Buhari said critics should first consider the state of the country he inherited in May 2015.

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According to a statement by his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, the President made the call while receiving the Executive Secretary of the Nigeria Christian Pilgrims Commission, Rev. Yakubu Pam, at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.The statement was titled “Criticise us fairly, President Buhari appeals to Nigerian elite.”

Apart from the state of the country at the inception of his regime, Buhari also asked his critics to consider the resources available to the Federal Government under his watch while criticising him.He said, “Those criticising the administration should be fair in terms of reflecting on where we were before we came, where we are now and what resources are available to us and what we have done with the limited resources. headtopics.com

“We had to struggle paying debts, investing in road repairs and rebuilding, to revamp the rail and try to get power.“This is what I hope the elite when they want to criticise will use to compare notes.”Buhari also gave his regime a pass mark on the security situation in the North East.

Although he admitted that there are still what he called “occasional Boko Haram problems,” the President said there was a lot of improvement when compared to the past experience of the residents of the affected states.He added, “What was the situation when we came? Try and ask people from Borno or from Adamawa for that matter and Yobe. What was the condition before we came and what is the condition now?

“Still, there are problems in Borno and Yobe, there are occasional Boko Haram problems, but they know the difference because a lot of them moved out of their states and moved to Kaduna, Kano and here (in Abuja).“We were not spared of the attacks at a time. The government is doing its best and I hope that eventually, our best will be good enough.”

Buhari also assured all stakeholders that the welfare of Internally Displaced Persons was paramount on the agenda of his regime.“The people in IDP camps, the weak, aged, I feel sorry for the young because this is the time they are supposed to get education. headtopics.com

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“We must not allow this time to pass because it will never be regained. So, we are really interested in what is happening there and we are doing our best,” the President said.He commended the Executive Secretary on his appointment and activities on peace building around the country despite his short time in the saddle and assured him of the listening ear of the government whenever he had contributions to make.

Earlier in his remarks, Pam was said to have intimated the President with some of the activities of the commission since he was appointed in July 2020.These include; organisation of Peace Summit on Southern Kaduna as well as peace-building efforts in Plateau, Benue, Taraba and Nasarawa States.

He added that the commission has proposed to host Christian religious leaders in a summit to help douse pressures within the polity, among other plans.DOWNLOAD THE PUNCH NEWS APP NOW ON Read more: The Punch Newspapers »

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You will be condemned if your administration fails which it has definitely failed And the rest of the population nko? I guess you don't give a rats ass about the MASSES. Punch is now a tool for the Federal government Bishop kukah in my mind Wicked and clueless government! Nigerians are even respecting their leader. If all Nigerians are given the liberty to say their minds ehnn, heeii, in fact what you will hear will be better not documented.. So let us just manage ourselves till 2023 when this cup will pass over us

And if we don’t,you will jail or kill us Since 2015 I had been shouting that this man will betray Nigeria... his first year don’t forget we had stuff fuel scarcity and later he make himself minister of petroleum. Has the price of fuel be like Jonathan? MBuhari you are the best president Nigeria ever had. Is that fair enough for your conscience?

Buhari is dead. Have you treated Nigerians fairly? You have taken us 100years backward Did MBuhari and OfficialAPCNg criticize GEJonathan with OfficialPDPNig fairly before the 2015 election Did you treat Nigerians fairly? MBuhari - Pls read all these comments personally There's nothing like fairly,no sugar coating,we set you straight at once.

Well I don't know what fairly is. If you do well I will commend you but if you don't I will criticize you. The problems of Nigeria were not created today. Watch: Little kids addicted to smoking cigarettes👉🏽it's crazy😲 Just the way you and your cohorts crucified GEJ fairly 🚶 Treat us fairly At least let him come out in public to say it.

Idiot Alaye keep shut! Abeg make somebody explain wetin be 'fair criticism' again Bishop Kukah was fair enough Mr president do you mean, when the litre was N83 naira now is N163 or you are talking about when Bag of rice is N6,800 now N25,000 or you are talking about when Dollar N162 now is N480, now I look into this situation, I understand that you been fair to Nigerians!

When u criticized Jonathan was it fair The truth is always bitter! You merit all criticism, because you are a definition of a failed promises, dashed hopes and incompetence. Like you did to previous administration. The entire presidency seem to be high on cheap weed Critises a wicked Failure fairly? Nonsense

We have been more than fair in our criticisms and the non Nigerian elites criticizes you how? Hmmmm Werey oo, was Goodluck criticised fairly? Cry baby. There's nothing I mean virtually nothing fair about your government sir. Your government is full of inexperience old men instead of young technocrats. Look at the distinction between naira and dollar today, where's security. We are hungry and dying on daily basis

The way they have been treating nigerians fairly abi? This is us being fair - you are a terrible ruler and should have never been given opportunity to hold public office in this life and the one that follows. However, you would have done great things being a farmer. For Sale 4 bedrooms bungalow with modern finishes, all rooms en suite, visitors toilet, fenced and gated at Olorunkemi estate, Alaaka area, Elebu, Ibadan. Asking Price: ₦13M

Mogbe!! criticize faily ke?no kole work. Honestly Nigerians are not even criticising you with the level incompetency in government, Nigerians are very much fair with you world inept President One thing I was sure of, Buhari did not make the captioned statement. As usual ''according to a statement released by Garba Shehu......''

Which buhari the dead one or the robot in aso rock Meanwhile Ifb immediately The finest government is the one which encourages its own people to criticize the government harshly. Na Garbage Shehu talk am, no be bubu How...? Once you're worst you are worst.... Which one is judge me fairly..... Does he even know know the meaning of the word.

You have not treated we Nigerian fairly sir, everything in Nigerian have move ten step backward under your administration.. education 0%,security 0%,welfare0%... you might be deceive by power but when you are out of Power am sure you can see you have done more harm than good.. Fairly sha you be failure

Ode😀 Not CNN and BBC again, now the Nigerian Elites should criticise u fairly. How come you are the only one NOT seeing all that is happening in the country Go away You ain't fair to Nigerians but you want fair criticism.... Mtchew Noting but dictatorship You don't want criticism, you want praise singing.

He that stabs people is always scared of someone holding a knife (🔪) behind their back. What is not fair about criticizing your administration when its clear you lack direction? You are clueless and have totally zero empathy for humanity. You love cows more than citizens. If you don't clearly lack vision, why developing Niger Republic?

pls someone should help a failed mum, things are just too hard,am on an empty stomach but even if I did my son is my problem, 200 naira will buy indomie now for him,today is more important thann 2moro,pls help me for his sake and God 0467312190 G.T. bank You asking for fair criticisms but are u fair in the way u treat Nigerians.

Nothing is good about your government sir Fairly u say, then the truth won't go down well boss, they even say it's Ur clone that's running things now🤣😂 Understand this Buhari, Life isn't fair. It wasn't fair when you removed Shagari, a democratically elected President in the coup d'etat of 1983 and became the head of state. It wasn't fair when under your watch, Terrorism became the order of the day, it wasn't fair to pardon BH..

THE PRESIDENT OF NIGERIA ( MUHAMMED BUHARI ) IS ALREADY DEAD - SINCE ( 2017 ) & BURIED IN - SAUDI ARABIA & PLEASE , NIGERIA GOVERNMENT & NIGERIA ( MEDIA ) STOP LIE'S TO PEOPLE , - LIAR'S & DECEIVER'S , Like say una dey treat us fairly, don't worry we go step up the game soon na stone we go dey use shower una

U are overfucked, Mr. President Treat Nigerians fairly Lolz, even the elites feel the pain...na wa ... F means failure Why? Even tree weeks ago the kidnappers arrested at list eight peoples including two babies (infants) in U /bamburu birnin yero kaduna state, but still government doesn't say anything about why? We are human beings like anyone

Did you Criticize past administrations Fairly? But don't tell us that Nigeria is better than it was n 2015. It's annoying sir. This is funny. Most of us hate you too the extent, that if we see you drowning we will quietly throw our face. That’s how much we have suffered in your old shabby hands you bastard

Why should we?... Mr President!.. plss give us a reason; just one reason to criticise you and your cabinet fairly... Have you and your cabinet members been fair to us(Nigerian) in anyway? You that don't want to hear the truth Pls resign Worst government U dey give us voice? Ewù Let the money go round Treat Nigerians fairly Nigerians reply Buhari.

Fairly? Atigbo sir!!