Crisis looms as varsity sacks 800 workers – Daily Trust

Crisis looms as varsity sacks 800 workers


Crisis looms as varsity sacks 800 workers

Daily Trust on Sunday gathered that crisis looms in Ekiti State University following the recent disengagement of about 800 workers by the university's administration.


“We note that whereas other universities and organisations are using the December/yuletide period to provide relief packages and end of year bonuses to their workers, the administration of the Ekiti State University has chosen to use this period to order the termination of appointments of that large number of workers for unfathomable and unfortunate reasons.

It said that, “To wit, no investigation committees, no staff audit or verification committees were formed. The staff were never invited to make themselves available to present their credentials or state their cases before any competent Management or Council Committee.

“We also invite the Ekiti State Governor, Dr. Fayemi to intervene in a brewing matter which portends grave dangers for industrial peace not only in the University but in the entire State and by extension, the entire University system.”

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