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'Covid-19', Sani Aliyu

COVID-19: Schools resume Jan 18 until further directive –PTF

COVID-19: Schools resume Jan 18 until further directive –PTF

1/12/2021 8:10:00 PM

COVID-19: Schools resume Jan 18 until further directive –PTF

Kayode OyeroThe Presidential Task Force on COVID-19, on Tuesday, said schools in the country will resume on January 18 until the Ministry of Education announces further directive.PTF Nation...

Kayode OyeroThe Presidential Task Force on COVID-19, on Tuesday, said schools in the country will resume on January 18 until the Ministry of Education announces further directive.PTF National Coordinator, Dr Sani Aliyu, stated this while featuring on a television programme monitored by

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The PUNCH.The PUNCHhad earlier reported that the Minister of Education, Adamu Adamu, on Monday, said the Federal Government would review the January 18 earlier date fixed for resumption of schools across Nigeria.The minister, who spoke at a PTF briefing in Abuja, attributed the decision to the second wave of COVID-19 currently ravaging the country.

Speaking further on the issue on Tuesday, the PTF coordinator said the minister did not say the date has been changed.Aliyu said, “As regards schools, I just want to make a clarification, what the minister said yesterday was that they were going to review, he didn’t say that they were going to change the date. He said they will review the situation and let the nation know. headtopics.com

READ ALSO:“So, for the moment, it is still 18th January until the ministry of education comes back either with an alternative date or reconfirm that.”The PUNCHhad earlier reported that PTF Chairman and Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Boss Mustapha, said travels, reopening of schools, businesses and religious centres contributed to the rise in coronavirus cases in Nigeria.

“It is however very instructive to stress that factors that have contributed to rise in numbers from late November 2020 included increased local and international travels, business and religious activities, reopening of schools without strict compliance with COIVID-19 safety measures.

“The full import of the fore-going is to press further on the need for us all to elevate the level of our vigilance and compliance with the recommended non-pharmaceutical interventions,” he had said.DOWNLOAD THE PUNCH NEWS APP NOW ON Read more: The Punch Newspapers »

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Why is Edo state different 😩😩 Do they really know how this is affecting we the students mentally, Like nobody really cares 😩😩😭😭 Such a country pls don't hesitate to resume as said..more kudos to PTF And God said ' let us go down and confuse them'. Wahala be like keke This is good news at least...we and pray and hope no new directives come b4 then ooh

You guys should organize yourselves after which come to the public and give a proper information StudentsLivesMatter The FG is toying with Fed Public Schs. Most states public schools have fully resumed & serious classes have begun. Once the Fed public schs have reopened say by 18th of Jan then nothing can reverse it except union strikes.

Hmmmmmmm 4years course clocking 6years,it remains 1year Making 7years,haba when am not medicine and surgery student.... Its well ooooo.... Covid and the rest please now.... The people leading this nation are confused Be😂😂😂 Confused fellows confusing confused Nigerians 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️ Once Baba approve buying of vaccines for 200m Nigerians. We will have rest of mind.

Your child dey abroad for their studies, daz y you people you keep on extending our school resumption until further notice. God dey Mallam dnt value edcation After some pple don chop pikin school fees...!!!! Well, LAPO MFB gives loans to Police and Federal Government workers with interest as low as 2.95% in 12hrs without collateral. Call/Chat LEYE on (08082080118) NOW Pls retweet..Assist my hustle..Thanks

This useless punch news is fabricating, I can remember, this wasn't what they posted yesterday, they edited the shit. Anyways, schools are resuming on Monday nation by God's grace Confused ppl Because you have graduated from University that's why you are toiling with the future of the other children.Only God will judge this time.

What a joke of a country 💯💔💔 I just wanna resume🙄🙄 Nigerian school be like pause and play 😂💔 May Almighty Allah see us through Thanks to God can't wait to graduate dis year Being in Nigeria 🇳🇬 public university is one of the greatest tragedy one could find himself in. We’re depressed in so many ways. We’re academically broke. We’re emotionally bankrupt. We’re just not our selves anymore!! Ya Allah only u can take us out of this mess🙏💔

Confused people Is up to Minister of Education, but for me, schools resumption should b put on hold for now. Mad ppl. I don't understand Nigeria and it's fucking crazy. Even a robot can't be controlled anyhow, who the hell is controlling the damn system. 😡😡😡 This is so unfair 😫 Good day everyone.... Washing machine repairer I come to your houses for service and repair I repair all kinds of washing machines manual or automatic Location: Lagos state I solve any problem washing machine give to thier user thank. WhatsApp/call Tel: 08020548544

😂😂😂😂😂 these people wan kill us finish... 'The PUNCH had earlier reported that PTF Chairman and Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Boss Mustapha, on Monday, said travels, reopening of schools, businesses and religious centres contributed to the rise in coronavirus cases in Nigeria' What about ELECTIONS; NIN?

Better make it quick cus we're running out of patience This people are fools, which one is till further directive ? Are you saying Yes or NO ? Keep confusing ur selves with English nonsense una papa PTF says one thing, Minister says another so who has the final say. Whose directive should we take. All this pendulum clock talk will not help anyone. They should pick a struggle and let's know our stand wetin sef confused elements

THE PAST IS WHERE U LEARNED D LESSON.. THE FUTURE IS WHERE U APPLY D LESSON I dey wait U guys are deceiving yourselves. Hmmm Nonsense! Crowd at NIMC office across the country is more than the one happens in lecture theatre Nigeria has failed its citizens as a Nation. So why my papa still dey keep me for house? He never tire to dey see my face? 😩

Kindly Retweet 🙏🏻🙏🏻 2011 model ford edge. First body, tincan cleared. Buy and drive 👍🏻 Location: Lagos Cost: 3.7m ☎️ 07085858584 for info Confused set of leaders Very nice You don go back?😂😂😂 What does it mean to review a said date? Why is it that everything in Nigeria is politics, political leaders can they talk straight? Is quite unfortunate! How can we make the desire progress as a people with this attitude?

Curse our leader by the follower isn't the solution, let pray for those leader so they can take decision that will favor us, may God tuches the mind of our leader for right Some states don resume tay tay Naiyoopumpey 👍 OAUniversity We all need to continue to pray to God for Nigeria, that wish of the enemies will not come to pass, that God should restored back the GLORY of this country Nigeria.God bless your good heart as you do this.IJN

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Bunch of confused set of old men Are you people confused? Naa only God go fit help us for this country. There is God o Why Fuji house of commotion Confused lots Make parents go pay school fees; then later u close schools... Once it's opened; you'll hear; just have 2weeks to run second term; a week for revision; the second week for exams... HMM, WHO CURSE UNAH SEF!!! 😥😩🤒😱

The JOYYYYY fuotueke Confused government Please and please you people should allow us graduate, I am sick and tired of this nonsense 😓 This news just lifted my mood. God please let this be true. Why are you people confused like Gstring and thongs? Dark lips are a thing of the past with our Strawberry Pink Lip Balm. This strawberry pink lip balm is made from the finest ingredients and rich moisturizers that will leave your lips feeling soft, smooth, and kissable.

Do these people not confused bayi now? I hope it's real this time because I am tired of living with the kids doing nothing at home Nigeria 🇳🇬 is not well organized 😔😔 They are confused at all YusuffKehinde7 Omo, y'all should come to a conclusion already. You're dealing with humans ffs!!! We no be toy now, haba!

Una papa 🖖🖖🖖🖖🖖🖖 This is just stupid...what kind of country is this...for christ sake make up Una mind na What a country Closing Deals 🔥🔌 Lexus IS 250 2009.🚗 N2,500,000💸 Perfectly Used Condition 👌 Documents Intact ✔ Abuja 🌍. HIT THE DM FOR INQUIRIES 💜🙏 I don't understand this caption . You can do better than this .

No we are going back on the 18th!!!😑 Subhana Kuce mutashi mukama sana'a tunda makarantar kuwa ya kare Forget that thing you are reading, that further directives will come before 18th Fucking politics This Country Nawa! 😂 Follow me for a quick follow back Test and see💞💞 Now is the time to introduce Confusion to our school curriculum. Our leaders need to be properly guided.

Confused government Nigeria which way 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️ Kawaii_Brownies Please let it be. We want to resume Oluwa ose o This people keep confusing us Confused set of people, God is seeing you people School dey resume abi school no dey resume I am about to go and buy plantains with my rent o, I want to start selling bòlì

Better Mad people everywhere in this country🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Are we fighting ourselves?.Lets not be stingy to follow each other.ifb instantly no cheating 💯.Asap🤗 __MuhdAdam AbdulSYBaba Me when my coursemate try to call me during exam in 2 weeks time 😂 somuawinna 😂😂🌚 Thank God. I hope this is authentic news

Let schools open and let there be covid measures put in place for the safety of all university students and staffs etc.ASAP!!!... Education is important please May God take control Ijn thank you. 😭 jayeola_whales Ifb This people should stay one place na What's all this rubbish😡 I am fucking confused right now .Which way

bafem210 Confused set of people Minister announced what was not discussed properly mfatimaaaah Ayy yo wtf🤦🏾 Abeg make una stop dey confuse us na, which is which.. FG should come out plain and say what it is, which1 be all this petite petite contracting news here n there... Una papa These guys are too confused to be leaders not to talk of being fathers.

I weep for this country, Ok Millionssgurl Wahala be like flying cockroach🥺 uniuyogist insideuniuyo So Ait said fake news? very funny I'm ashamed of this country... Imagine if their so called children attended the same school as us you all will not be as confused as this... Nonsense!!!😡 TheIkeoluwa Wahala 😭

This date should stay like that Hausa/ Fulani go talk, another Hausa/Fulani go counter.😂 See the people wey nepotism put for power. Notrick_mbab Is your fathers that you want to confuse....bastard's Amen These people should make up their mind. 🎮Anyway, Get FIFA 21 & PES 2021 (PC) for just 1000 naira. Send me a DM. Works on low-end PCs too. You can receive them from anywhere. COD & FM are also available. Check my pinned thread for more games🎮

Be like e get wetin dey worry all of us for this country Moostafarh_Abdl 🙄🙄 school is opening on the 18th oga Nigeria will never change The government is confused Finally, I was given admission 2019, stayed at home for a year and this is 2021. Please werey o ni se wa ooooo. University We awaits Thursday or Friday for the valid News on resumption

All their lives is fastforward and rewind.. Just like of olden days video tape player Thank God am already getting agitated Na ment or malaria Stay one place na Kini gbogbo rubbish yi now ,y una Dey change mouth ... I no wan hear story after today abeg For Sale DEVELOPERS DELIGHT: 2½ plots of land (1250sqm) with OLD DEMOLISHABLE STRUCTURES on it, prime for redevelopment into a worship center, Hotel, Hospital, school, event center etc. LOCATION: Along Winners way, Bashorun, Ibadan. PRICE: ₦35M

Dis ones Na fake news association 🧢 Fff. Why toying with us YMajestee I give you hopee Scam😡 Schools should reopen. Say No to postponement. Hmmm. Make it make sense o. Their daddy back to school bitchessssssssssss Hmm! I don't trust ASUU. Tomorrow, they might say something different.😔 Ifb This people can confuse somebody ehn

Wtf is wrong wit y’all fr, what’s all these nonsense They can still change there mind b4 Jan 18 oo. Useless government Una dey mad sha!!! We be like jokes to una abi Its better abeg,deep inside my heart I'm happy mehn 😅 joyademuagun_ Make una de serious ooo Confusion every where Haaa, Okpe Oooh... make this one be true Ooh. Cuz no need of reviewing the said date, make lecturers use the same energy dem take dey chase and asking girls to see them in their office to implement the COVID-19 protocols. No Facemask, and hand sanitizers don’t enter my class!!!

From the comments Una no Dey read 😂😂, only headline Una sabi read Hmmmm Nawao Are these people joking with us ni? Please, what's with all these divergent information? Confusion everywhere is 😂😂😂😂😂 school should resume on 18th, also until further notice 😅😅😅 After I think say test scores done set😔

Wetin this one dy talk 🥴 W bowenuniversity I hate this particular PTF man face Then so what Preshy_tife Namaste😊 Aah you're confusing us o Shey we go resume or not🙄 Ewo Ara n kanmi oo😡 Make una stay one place now🙄 Wow this is great news..🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗God bless us all Reezymusic butterr_fly applebottoms___

Won tun bere whining oshi na WA for who dey use remote control 9ja Why all these erratic info............ Confused set of Government Lol better Una Dey confused Wow The joy in my heart rn❤️❤️❤️ Asuu right now Una dae ment too much 🤣 They should stop this inconsistency abeg whoisky10 Mccoy_jaynom 🌝🤲🏽 Most of you don’t consider the health of these old men, do you know how many years it takes to get a professor.

Timi_Ramon Shoyeanker too much confusion oo That 'further directive' is joke. Schools resume Jan 18, simple! What's really going on here U people should stop confusing us pls Chai! Everything Jagajaga Please someone should interpret this English for me 👏👏👏👏👏 Make we still dey watch if den no change arm

I need a sugar mommy because i can’t copy with all this Omo wetin dey really occur now Danee_nk Lol. These motherfuckers are scared of another youthful unrest. Bignitchswag DogohZion is4pen Shadyweexy Toor You people better let your brain reset. Nothing should stop that jan 18th resumption because a lot of preparations have gone into it and so many investors/stakeholders are already in debt. Why are you acting like you care for our safety? we know you only care for your looting.🖤

What manner of confusion is this. One moment it's been suspended till further notice. Another moment, students can resume. I'm optimistic who be ptf again this organisations plenty pass students sef Are they mad My school is resuming 25th and it's batch-by-batch due to Covid-19 second wave. These people are confused.

Ifb immediately s_elbee hajoxulaim_ Read, don't follow punch lead FG and PTF dey use us catch cruise Directive wey no stable Ay_7oT IamTriples_ BiLaDave_ eneegrace I just pray nothin changes this Why this confusion God bless you all for this, school must resume U opened border ,u close school and u think u are doing ur best.full of incompetent people

Confusion choke for this country Abeg now What is ptf? This is like the greatest news most of us have heard today 🙂 We what? We meeeeuvveeeeee 🙂 itz_ste_veen NiffDammy Why 7na dey confuse person? May God punish u people kusssman __neefa krixland P_lumineux MadukaMillicent e be like say we still get hope. Cheers💪

Soro soke.. Are we resuming or not!!.. Don't allow us waste tfare oo.. 😤 Are you people confused? Are you people confused or something Better. E be like this PTF no get mouth NIGERIA is controlled by a remote Wetin be this na Emmy_Jhayy Notrick_mbab Dekingzson1 Toh Good Manlike_blow Confused beings MaestroBPC Alphetamega Dojafmedia Praissey_ Lateefjnr

Confused people Sugar_Cakes_ kusssman Nawa o which one we go believe Reena07766269 You guys are really confused Which one should we believe now Thank God oo,this one should be permanent abeg,the good lord will help us clear this covid,enough of educational delay in the name of curbing the spread whereas people are still doing whatever the like out there without preventive measures

federal republic of Oloriburuku's Let them just try it for once and see how it goes ( let's resume ), we can't be at home and know what to expect. Y'all just confused lol 😝😝😝😝 Dannyposhh TheNonye seen this? And as a parent do you feel it’s safe to send your ward back to school with all these false,double mouthed statement

Thank you sir, cos if u don't a lot will happen o, as I heard a boy exchanging words with his parents that they both have witchcraft, that it's because of them ASUU was on strike. And since God has done d ASUU part, dey went back to rearrange covid. Thank u sir May God in his ultimate anger strike dead all of those that is against quality education in Nigeria.. We can attend to businesses, party, clubs, religious houses but it suddenly becomes a taboo to open schools.. All these fools does is continually feed us with what we know

bukkie_tb Speak one voice and stop putting ur citizen's on suspense, no be drama be this. How legit is this news? Because I'm tired of Nigeria media now. Please let us resume,we can take care of ourselves.10months at home is frustrating.😫😫 kusssman tracestevy What's fuurther directive pls. Hey guys watch this video of babys and little kids addicted to smoking cigarettes👉🏽it's mind boggling you need to watch it😲

Nawa oo confused beings, chaaai Exactly. RealBuharii I knew the initial directive wouldn't stand as long as VC's kicked against it. ASUU na one confusing organization. May God deliver Nigerian universities from them. Anyways congratulations guys. Happy for you all. kusssman ugleeboyyy 😂 kusssman We can't take this shit anymore, boss Mustapha keeps going beyond his limits, we're also ready to shut down your offices everywhere. Nonsense!

They wouldn't be this disorganized if their children attended the same schools which have been closed down for almost a year. Open the school and shame the PLANDEMIC It will be unwise of anyone to believe school will resume on the 18th It means the corovirus is not as serious as the claim. This why govt can not be trust. What is the reason for closing bars and clubs , secondary school activities last 7 hours, university activities last 10hrs if not more. The corona virus is not as serious as they claim

Honestly,we need to go back to school Staying at home won't solve any problem at all Confusion everywhere, police dey come Army dey come..some people must die, some people just die.. we will shift resumption..we have not shift resumption..We review the decision..we will communicate again.. There is sorrow tears and blood..them regular trademark.

Why are you all confused God indeed is in control and he rules in the affairs of men Finally!!! If the youths fold their arms and the students does nothing, the educational system will be crushed by our elites. What’s up with all this confusion Trust them before Friday a new directive will come up Iam_haske537

What's going on nw