'Covid-19', Americans, Coronavirus Cases

'Covid-19', Americans

COVID-19: Prepare for evacuation flights, US tells citizens in Nigeria

3/28/2020 12:00:00 PM

COVID-19: Get ready for evacuation flights, US tells citizens in Nigeria

Kayode OyeroUS Embassy and Consulate in Nigeria says it is preparing emergency flights to evacuate its citizens in Nigeria despite airport closures,The PUNCHreports.This is not unconnected to the exploding coronavirus cases in Nigeria which stand at 81 on Saturday morning according to the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control.

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The Federal Government through the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority had closed all international airports in the country including the Murtala Muhammed International Airport Lagos and the Nnamdi Azikwe International Airport Abuja to prevent further importation of COVID-19.

But the Consulate on Friday, in a notice entitled ‘Health Alert: US Mission in Nigeria’ sighted byThe PUNCH,advised American citizens to be in Abuja and Lagos “as soon as possible” to join the arranged flights back to the US.It also advised nationals not in Abuja and Lagos to work with local airlines to make travel arrangements while flights are still available.

It stated, “At present, there are no scheduled flights to the United States. However, we are actively exploring options and attempting to secure flights despite global airport closures and travel restrictions.“We will email US citizens immediately once we have flight details, routes, and costs.

“US citizens who are considering returning to the United States are urged to travel to Abuja or Lagos as soon as possible.“The Embassy and Consulate are unable to assist with lodging, food, or transportation costs, and some hotels have closed or are closing.

“To disseminate important information and alerts for US Citizens including possible evacuation flights, the State Department uses the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program as its primary messaging system. US Citizens in Nigeria who want to be informed about emergency flights and receive other alerts should enroll in STEP immediately.”

As of Saturday morning, according to World Health Organisation statistics, the US has 68,334 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with 991 attendant deaths.Troubled by the figures, President Donald Trump on Friday had ordered General Motors, Ford amongst other production giants to start the mass production of ventilators.

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We will overcome this 🙏 We don't really need them, at least Nigeria is more better than USA for now, in terms of containing this varius This one they are telling their citizens in Nigeria to prepare for evacuation hope dey are not planning something on us? Really Like i still don't get Are we the one that need evacuation or they 🤷

They know we can't handle it. Nigeria is even safer for them 🤣🤣🤣 US fears the worst will happen in Nigeria. The God is our strength. We shall and we will overcome the plague Oya pack and go,carry your Ghana must go🎤 TheMostEerned there you go. Weird! at this moment the States has 104,000 confirmed cases of COVID 19 whilst Nigeria has 81

Smokescreen for something much more sinister, perhaps the extraction of someone, American, Nigerian maybe... probably sick and high ranking? Just speculating... Nothing go happen Yeye dey smell. Which is more dangerous to be now, US or Nigeria? As if they're safer there. Impending Doom is looming They want out

They are free to go .. at least we have lesser case .. and if this is a plan to carry our infected leaders .. Sango will epp us do the remaining judgement That's not gonna happen Insha Allah 😏 Who cares Haa Lol! Nigeria is safe than the US , obviously fewer cases in worst case scenario! No cure even in America! It’s still same treatment in America!

in other words shit is about to get crazy out here 😔 Fry pan to fire Hhmmmm Either Nigeria or there, death na death. But it's cool to die at home anyway. Nigeria is safe and your president is missing Which means Nigeria is safe at all for the US citizens I want a situation whereby our President MBuhari will also say that to Nigerians in the US and see how those the prospective returnees will react

After this virus has been successfully defeated, anyone who diverts funds meant for equipping our hospitals should be publicly executed. e don set oooo, Chai, the handwriting is not God at all U are not even serious? Where is safer? They are seeing an impending disaster. Bookmark this tweet. Let them go and die in their Nation. How tell them that they are safe in US

WapkoshMedia The earlier the better they've seen the handwriting on the walls. no hope for naija shit hole Miraculously for the first time, Nigeria is even safer than US. These people!the Chinese people that brought some materials saying they are helping us fight the virus. Can't they help Italy, even if they want to help countries in Africa, Egypt is there, south Africa is there, they have more cases than us. Now these people again, God help us.

Evacuate to where na? That's what they are doing in all other countries. So it's not special. But they should pls sanitize their plane before it enters Nigeria. Haaaaa Let them leave. Coronavirus is out there worldwide. Not only in Nigeria. U.S can evacuate their citizens from anywhere in the world but it doesn't stop the virus to hit whoever the virus wants to hit.

Nigeria 🤔🤔 Only if our leaders can come back to their senses and enquire from this old Mama's I'm very sure they will find solution to it. At least during the old days they cause virus without vaccine. I still believe in herbs though Who spread the virus and who is getting evacuated? Jokes apart, there are Nigerians in the USA who are worried about their spouses stuck in Nigeria. Emergency evacuation = 2 weeks quarantine before they got to see their family. USA don’t leave its citizens behind no matter what.

What a smart government despite the increase in the country For what are we in a war fare my God Is US trying to telling us that covid19 case in Nigeria will be worse? Hnmmmm Oti sele bayi They're ready. We're safer in Nigeria than USA, let them come carry their citizens, by the way have they find solutions to the problem? After all USA has the highest number of cases in the globe.

Make we too send flight to America for evacuation naw Nd see who will board that flight Because they also know that we can’t find our president, they need to protect their citizens. Micro biologist that should be doing dis job nw are on the street some working hopelessly while some are working in d banks why won't American government evacuate her citizens from Nigeria

What's going on oh lol go home and die bera to die at home We are in the hands of God U guys are right though, bt I want to hear our President say we are sending flight to evacuate citizens in US, Italy, UK let me know we are capable, d best place in dis country nw is prisons bt our infidel who calls himself President is talking abt releasing prisoners to WHR?

Just for any citizens who are interested to be evacuated naw if they feel they are not safe in Nigeria meanwhile it's normal because Nigerian government would attend to its citizens before foreigners naw. to what end exactly, US recorded higher infected victims of the virus. they might as well be walking into the main virus hotspot

All these because we have data issues so nobody really knows what is going on. Not a wise decision. Is US fairing better admist the pandemic? They hear and sees what we are passing through in this country This thing is going to hit 🇳🇬 big time, I can sense it They are jealous that we have less number of cases so by doing so we have more. God go judge them

if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land. II Chronicles 7:14 NKJV LET THE WORLD REPENT AND CALL UPON GOD FOR HEALING Fellow country men, this speaks volume,even after curing people than them? What is going on with all this lies about COVID19 in Nigeria that so scary to the USA government we don't know. Is our case number increasing? Why will they want their citizens out of Naija

Seriously? Well, I think they should go back to their country Jare. Pls where are they going ? After reading the article , i wondered what was the point? then I realised that almighty America is in panic mode and straw grabbing. Fellow country people , we shall overcome. Dear punch please point me to such evacuation guide to US citizens elsewhere (Europe). Panic sprdgn!

Let them go an die in there country Make una go die there... Naija is safe Nigeria has come to an end , Biafra is going how watch out and see how it end Lolz.....Nigeria is safer for now US citizens will prefer to stays in Nigeria. USA is overrated , am sure most of their citizens will not even agree to this.

We hope they are not trying to bring more victims here for exchange? Who knows 🤷‍♂️ Just like their previous prediction on the division of Nigeria by 2015 didnt come to pass, God will yet disappoint them again by ensuring COVID19 does not escalate to uncontrollable level in Nigeria. Hear our prayers o Lord and have mercy.

Trouble looking God save us ehyah, o to di bee, now they can go na, awon arire banije, agbon isale. Where is my American passport...chaii were is it ooo I don’t get this. Are they trying to push more of this virus down to Africa or what.. Why should the airport be open cam14uche Useless.. Nigeria will not suffer Covid19 cases like America

Evacuation to where To their country where over 1,600 death recorded and yet no solution in sight. You guys will soon be alright. Ebiwali_ They already know we don't have any facilities in this country, they value the life of their citizen America loves drama sometimes. They should cure those affected within their borders first. God bless Nigeria. Anyone who wants to leave is free to do so. That will improve social distancing.

Una get issues ooo ... the US citizens no Dey complain.. perhaps they are talk about their workers in high commission .. (embassy).. Let's just pray for Grace 💪💪 DAT means america knew dt 9ja will have more n more case of d disease if not y r dey sayin dere citizen should be evacuated? American shaaaa..am sure God is superior Dan u all.

Please when they come stop them at airport and evacuate their nationels to go out to meet them.. 😂 Let them get the fuck out of our country, Our professionals will be off soon BuhariResign Please let's read with understanding. It's not the whole Nigerians but the infected Nigerians Nigeria that can’t cater for the welfare of its citizen, do you think they can cater for the welfare of us citizen, Abi US citizen no go chop ✌🏽

Nigeria is safer than USA currently. US now has more than 100,000 cases...more than china and Italy.. Good-luck with their evacuation! I'm sure some of their citizens will refuse to go sef! Anyways if am in U S and Nigeria said they will come for me..me am not going with them.... See THE United States that is begging for doctors up and down is trying to show strength in the midst of crisis. Trump boasted of doing more testing than S/Korea, tremendous health system etc we all know what's going on there now.

As far as am concern, Nigeria has recorded zero death so far, the only death was a returnee from affected country. They never believed Africa had survival chance against any challenge. But we do, oh yes we do. Every disease has a preference host. We are finished! ayemojubar This is a sign and a warning! They know we are about to capitulate

I pray they don't divide this nation Las Las Hope USA is not planning to spread covid-19 in Nigeria and only faking excuse of evacuation. Because Naija is more safer than US right now evacuate to where please? 🙄 Please don't bring more virus for us with your coming to evacuate your citizens. Stay in your country and handle your cases.

First they take your doctors, Next their people. We are in OYO oo When will you all get this into your head cases in Nigeria have gotten out of the govts ability to contain...the Nigerian govt has been lying bout these figures..reason am..everyday these numbas go up and US knows as well as UK. Won’t be surprised with the figures by monday watch

I hope they will be evacuating kids born over there. All that expenses to born there and obtain citizenship better not be scam ? When food fit be the next big issue If US is evacuating its citizens, then there is something they ain't telling us about this virus They fear for our failed systems Says the 100k country, go

Covid in Nigeria has barely taken off Don't make comparison with d US Evacuation to where? Trump is just jealous they are more safer here. Man should drop his Ego sometimes Finally my 7 cousins would come back and join us here😆😆😆 This evacuation runs deeply more than it is on the surface. Why is there no news of evacuation in other countries like Ghana or South Africa or even Kenya? But in Nigeria alone? They have noticed something about this outbreak here

They know that Nigeria’s medical infrastructure will not be able to contain the pandemic when it erupts, so they are taking precautionary means to save their citizens It’s amazing how the US has the highest number of reported cases and yet plans to evacuate its citizens from Nigeria that barely has over 6 dozens of cases as NSDC reported here... Hope it’s not what am thinking.......

We are ready Nigeria case is far more than 81, the country testing procedure is inadequate and keen toward the elites only without taken into consideration the local transmission of the contacts How I wish we have a functional system, we would have evacuated ours from the US, China, Turkey, Spain and the rest of them long time ago.

Issorait Maybe Nigeria to Ghana or Benin republic Hold them hostage in exchange for treatments vaccine. We deserve to live 🤣 From frying to fire. Chimo Evacuation from peace zone to war zone? We need free space even..... 😀 Even with way fewer cases here they still wanna evacuate their people,what do u expect when Senators are bringing in new cars instead of bringing in testing kits and medical equipments

US have to evacuate there citizens because the case will be worst in Nigeria in some weeks to come Nigerians get ready,two things are involved here,one some prominent Nigerians will ne smuggled out and secondly as the white has always used Nigeria as a dump centre they'll dump more Covid-19 here before they leave...mrk my words once this flight takes off we'll hit 500+ victims

Make them just they carry me go too!!! US that is begging for nurses, to evacuate despite having over 100K cases? My question is, why is US with exploded number of COVID19 planning to evacuate their citizens? Many if not all of those affected with the virus in Nigeria are from west; evacuation of their citizens should have been done since.we don't need them get the hec out of here.

They know it's going to get worse here in a bit You will know a serious Government by their action, always proactive and not reactive. Is there something they are not telling us apart from corona? 'Exploding coronavirus'? While not downplaying that there could be cases of infection (based on what we are told), the only thing 'exploding' is media disinformation, hysteria and fear-mongering.

I guess this is the reason james_candour Take your cars and park on the runways 👍🏽👍🏽 The Ameticans can see what many Nigerians can not. They understand that no matter how much billions Nigeria raises against the virus, we have a different cultural view to protecting the lives and property of our citizens. They know our leaders better than we do.

james_candour They are bringin it 😂 UK should come and evacuate Buhari o. He's a London citizen, last time I checked. Imagine US with high number of cases, ready to evacuate its citizens. Hope not to that country again The Nigeria government has shutdown her airport realDonaldTrump let abide by rules and regulation

This is scary. What points are they trying to prove? Besides, US now has greater number of cases to were? I want to go but not as a refugee-like individual The indication is Nigeria is under reporting because we aren’t testing and don’t have the means to and it also means the quarantine and shutdown will exceed the periods being given......

Hahaha Even Us Citizens are safer here than The States 🇺🇸 🙄🙄 Why are they specific about Nigeria and not making reference to other countries ? Are you getting the point? This too shall pass I believe. CovidOut If they leave this country make dem no come back. Yoruba says Eyele ko ni ba onile je ko ba onile mu ko wa di ojo iku ko wa ye ori Bt this people no be eyele dey are Americans

Thank God that I'm a US citizen. My President Trump is sending Chopper to come and lift me back to my dear country. Where citizen's lives matters. Only this Action should spell it to you that If this Covid-19 Virus started here in Nigeria. The outside world would have placed a huge ban, also calls Africa the animal planet. COVID19 StayAtHomeAndStaySafe PresidentCovikk staysafe

US must hit over 100,000 Corona virus cases and are struggling to treat their citizens. They want to evaluate all aliens who doesn't have papers out of US not only Nigerians. They dont believe in the health care system of Nigeria. They have a population of over 300 million, compared to their number cases, i think their doing the right thing. Which white man wants to contained at national stadium if Nigeria experiences the number of cases in the U.S?

I pray we won't later see the worse in Nigeria Then their is more to it... No bi them.. they will surely come back .. it’s COVID19 holidays Good riddance. Buhari should reject any help from China apart from money! China has hidden agenda against Nigeria. If you know anyone that knows someone, please forward this message to him/her. We should reject anything from China for now!

Nonsense, they should go na Thought you were calling out for doctors and nurses worldwide, must they always throw it to our face how incapable our govt have been. So even with their number of cases surpassing our with thousands, they still think their citizens aren't safe Its simple. If its worsen like theirs . the death here will be alarming .and we are too relaxed in this country

Are you sure, US is not trying to find a way to increase the Nugerian cases? This US is funny o. You have problem in your country and you want to pack your people and enter instead of allowing them stay where its a bit safe. It is well o. Lol see levels ☹️☹️ Is chopping off the head is the medicine for headaches...

I smell rat😀 Thank God I'm a USA citizen according to my facebook profile Even if USA case hit 1 million they can handle it, but once Nigeria case reach thousands the world is at risk, remember Nigerians travel a lot like Chinese people Where re they coming to Abeg make dem dey dia oooh no space over here let them b quarantine over there coz we don't have enough quarantine to quarantine them.. Abeg I Don talk finish 🙄🙄🙄

But the US has the most confirmed cases Nobody must open that airport o. Coming from the country with the highest numbers of cases in the world. Nobody should stand in there way. Is it not even better they stay indoor here comparing the number of cases of the two countries... 81 to 100,000 cases I think Nigeria has been cursed....

Are they not safe in the situation of confirmed 81 patient too that of more 83k shey USA Dey whine hin citizens ni Hmmm...Nigeria... May we not end up as the waste land of the world.. They should get out, they only come to Nigeria for Milk And Honey, but when these is danger they isolate themselves. Nonsensical nonsense.

How many deaths have u recorded in your country compare to Nigeria... At the airport, before closure... I saw white with their folks into Nigeria, plenty of it Who's leaving cause I'm not Isn’t it safer for them to be here? 🤔 They can't be allowed to mix up with the citizens of Nigeria.. Dey need isolation

Hmmm......Nigerians can never do that to there own citizens over there I hope they will not smuggle out some politicians for treatment while evacuating their nationals. U think they will go? OYO. It’s amazing how the US has the highest number of cases and yet plans to evacuate its citizens from Nigeria that barely has over 6 dozens of cases.

Why are they evacuating? They should leave and not return abeg. Abeg ooo. Hope they'll be isolated once they reach the country. They can't be allowed to mix with the citizens. Nigeria is safer for them

Six test positive for COVID-19 Six test positive for COVID-19An International Olympic Committee taskforce has been called 'irresponsible' after the Turkish Boxing Federation said two fighters and a coach who took part The nation need some sense why can't write the country to avoid confusion. Headline not consistent with article.

Coronavirus: US ahead of China, Italy with most COVID-19 cases - Daily Post NigeriaThe United States now has more confirmed cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) than any other country in the world. The North American nation now has more than heal America oh Lord let dem be great again America always loved leading...here we go again

US lab unveils 5-minute COVID-19 testAwesome.....good innovation We want cure abeg... give us cure oooo Nigeria please the panic grows by the day ...

US Lab Unveils Portable 5-Minute COVID-19 TestUS Lab Unveils Portable 5-Minute COVID-19 Test Game changer For use in all airports all over the world I don't WANT a test kit. Cure pls

COVID-19: US asks doctors, nurses around the world to apply for visasSmart move👍👍👍 E don red na Apply in Nigeria and get Deployed for kovik one nine 🤣🤣🤣 If corona Virus had started in Africa, our leaders would have flown with their families overseas and left us to die. God is a merciful God

US Asks Health Workers To Apply For Visas Amid COVID-19 PandemicUS Asks Health Workers To Apply For Visas Amid COVID-19 Pandemic Mad o! Meddest o❗️ Getting out of hand over there