Covıd-19 Pandemic, Nigerian Chinese Medics

Covıd-19 Pandemic, Nigerian Chinese Medics

COVID-19: Nigerians warn FG against inviting Chinese medics

4/5/2020 11:40:00 AM

COVID-19: Nigerians warn FG against inviting Chinese medics

Jesusegun AlagbeSome Nigerians have expressed outrage over the invitation of 18 Chinese medical experts to the country to assist in the fight against the coronavirus, a microbe which causes COVID-19.Observation by our correspondent showed that the Nigerians distrusted the Chinese government, hence they asked the Federal Government to be wary of bringing in the Chinese medical team, especially as they are coming from where the disease originated from.

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As the coronavirus pandemic spreads and countries struggle to respond, China has somewhat positioned itself as a global leader and benefactor in public health by donating coronavirus testing kits, ventilators, face masks and medics to African countries and others such as Italy, France, the Philippines, Spain, Iran and Iraq.

Some of the countries have, however, complained that thousands of the Chinese equipment are below standard or defective, while some countries have also turned down the offer by China to send its medics to them.READ ALSO:FG’s response to COVID-19 outbreak was late -Nigerian Academy of Science

About a week after Nigeria received some medical equipment from Chinese billionaire Jack Ma, the Minister of Health, Dr Osagie Ehanire, disclosed that 18 Chinese medics would soon arrive in the country to assist in the fight against COVID-19.The minister said this on Friday during a briefing of the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 in Abuja, adding that he had been notified of medical supplies from China courtesy of a group of Chinese companies working in Nigeria.

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Federal government shouldn't at all. Why should they be invited ? That is nonsense. They is no needs of invited Chinese peoples doctor to Nigerian,because we're curing Corina virus oredy They should start from Aso Rock Nigeria has a very weak, selfish and ignorant population What's there reason at first place

Must you invite are not encouraging ours to know how to handle and you are proving they are not competent enough with the available health resources. Stop the crap man NGA do not accept any medical help from china. They are dangerous Please believe in science, believe in leaders, everyone is working very hard for a better Nigeria, and a better life for everyone. All we need do is stay home, simple way contribute to our country and people✌✌✌✌✌

The Chinese medical team is assisting hundreds of countries in the world and is also grateful to other countries. Are other countries stupid? Conversely, in addition to watching something on the phone and saying something you do n’t know, what have you done for Nigeria? Do FG even listen to we Nigerians atallI don't think our opinion or suggestions count to them atall

Will the FG listen ? UK are into war nw They will still not listen because there are some who will 'benefit' from the invite allocation at the expense of Nigerians. I hope y'all know peeps are stock-piling your offences. It won't be long before the cup overflows. ADEJIBYTE Send the Chinese doctors to Katrina state and also rock

Things that is happening around the world today have tough us to handle our problems by ourselves. Less dependent on others Inviting Chinese doctors is like signing death warrant. China is evil It is bad to invite Chinese to Nigeria Or you want to smuggled our man back to Nigeria along with them, because I don't understand why FG is insisting of bringing doctor from China

Hmmm FG, you just want to useless all the money got from philanthropists, is our medical teams are not working well on this issue of corona virus? Or who went to China to help them? I don't understand this game, why can't we value what we have? The won't listen. Until it's happen big. I wish they'd listen tho

They're business partner The greatest mistake the President Buhari will make is inviting the Chinese Medicals to give vaccines to covid-19. They will rather worsen the situation. Chinese are not solution providers, they will rather make it go worse... Devil incarnates. Poor sense government. Now they are coming to test COVID 19 vaccine in Nigeria. If they dare come here all our leaders will die before they go back all Chinese firm in Nigeria will got burnt. I love my country. I hate our senseless leaders

Better Buhari is up to something that will cause big trouble Abba Kayri is out of d way, d oil price has fallen flat to d market floor, We told 🇳🇬ns without money Abba Kyari/Buhari will find out very quickly that, They do not have a reliable friend home & overseas things fall apart d centre can not hold Chadian leader has smelled a rat.

We don't need help from china where this man made virus originated. We don't need anything from them. FG was too slow in implementing lock-down some countries still do not have any case because they took preventive measures. They could assist us through a translator and video call. What about the Chinese people amongst us?

They better leave China out of this oh... The simply can't be trusted Those who doesn't like this can go to hospital to treat our our crov19 patients by themselves. The person who gave NCDC our phone numbers for bulk SMS message should please give FG our acct numbers or BVN. I hate nonsense ah!!! 😩 Great Nigerian Citizens!!!! Great!!! Let d revolution begin.

It seems the citizen is the one now ruling the government and making good decision now. This gonverment are just stupid They will not listen they will not listen Make China. Medics stay their own o, we dont need their help, like the way they helped Italy and Covid 19 spread like wild fire no one is a fool o, arent they the ones who started the disease in the first place...

Is this a pride or what.. If the fed cant have a good synergy with the commissioner of health in Lagos who is doing a massive job to keep things in controls and we see the result but yet we don’t appreciate ours it’s only the foreigners that are the best in everything...sha... The ears of the FG are barely functional. They'll still go ahead and bring them. What do you expect when a weak leader surrounds himself with people who have idea of the portfolios they hold.

speechless 😰😰😰 Tell them oh Stop them bi4 they stop us. Y u stop them to invite us an foreign doctors, that means this Virus of corona in Nigeria is politics Their brain is going backward Y invite them with their evil intentions But how will they refuse their creditors now, you see where these don lead them now.

It's so sad that people in authority has no single believe in themselves. Until it comes from outside it's not good enough. What failure? Anyway WE the citizens of the federal republic of Nigeria reject your offer of importing Chinese doctors. Treat our own doctors well. Fmohnigeria NigeriaGov NGRPresident are very stupid because they believe investing and spending our money on foreigners is better than investing and spending that same money on Nigerians if we have good health system in Nigeria what do we need Chinese for? 😠😠

It appears Nigerians do not know what they want. They'd rather welcome Europe or America to help them or become a lab rat for vaccine Instead of inviting Chinese medic while not invite our experts out there helping other nations... Someone just need to talk sense into the skull our government Chinese medics are becoming scary and untrustworthy, am against the idea of accepting help from them ..

Why can't Nigerians all stand up and say we don't want and the govt listens? I strongly believe that our medical team are doing well Please we do not need them Nigerian health workers are gallant shaking..we don't need Chinese medics...FG should rather invites Chadian soldiers to clear boko haram..Nigerian arm forces are inadequate.

Nigerians love long life heh! After God created the Earth, every other thing is 'made in China'.. You love Chinese trains, equipment, computers, clothing, money and aids but you are scared of their medics. You need brain reset ChinaLiedPeopleDied It shouldn't happen at all. We have records good developments, many discharged. So, let them never enter this nation.

It's unfortunate to invite the Chinese Doctors while ours doing well. Make una no Invite them hia oo... Why inviting something dat makes u cry? Can't they even think for once sef Artificial Intelligence Exposed: Future 1.0 Extreme Edition Length: 18 total hours Rt&Follow 👉 Free Online Courses For All: Sciences, Management, Administration, Web Design, SEO, Digital Marketing e. t. c

We have to teach our government basic sense science PMB please leave them in china, dont bring them to Nigeria, those people are evil They are antuchrists themselve 🙏🙏🙏 You are underrating our medical team in Naija... We don't want any Chinese doctor to visit Nigeria, it seems the virus we have is not original considering the rate of death & recovery. So the want bring the original copy from the source lab. God will punish anyone that bring those Chinese vampires

FG better heed to this warning. That's how warn them to close borders, they didn't heed until foreigners and travellers among them brought this to us and then they closed us in. We don't want Chinese help on this period. Leave us alone Yes of course. We should be wary of aids from these so called super powers because their ultimate aim is to remain dominant.

Our mumu presido.... welldone.una try o.shior! We will flog them out of NIGERIA 🇳🇬 of the come to do their f*ucking test Pls if FGN goes ahead to bring them, let them be flown direct to Aso Rock and straight back to China. Within 2wks of their departure we shall objectively evaluate their performance. QED.

Else their plane would crash ni. It's a slap on our great doctors and nurses, wetin Chinese people Sabi when we have better ones here in Nigeria.. nochinesedocotorinnigeria Mr. Muhammadu Buhari, We don't have much time. The real problems are the Erected 5G masts at Ikeja-Lagos & Maitama District-Abuja it kills people. Dismantle these masts and NIGERIANS will not experience COVID-19 & every other disorders. We don't need Chinese medics, we are ok.

RE:COVID-19 NOT THE ISSUE BUT 5G SATELLITES-MASTS RADIATION EMMISSION IS THE PROBLEM The subject above should be taken seriously. The 5G masts must be destroyed if NIGERIANS must survive. Poisonous EMMISSION from the masts attacks immune systems & if yours is low death occurs. No worries,serve officers and foreigners here only!

Ignorant people! When Nigeria sent a contingent to China as part of the WHO contingent, it was okay. Now that China's contingent is coming here, then Buhari has failed. Hatred is worse than Covid-19! For where, they must come and signed the contract so we can hama. Un black belle no go stop them from coming

Why do we need Chinese medic to us Nigerians to fight CoronaVirusInNigeria? Sometime it baffles me based on NigeriaGov policy somersault because the international countries were given us commendations. Petteng chiefpressngs WHONigeria UNDPNigeria SDG3 UN nassnigeria. This government keep pointing the gun to thier heads. I like this.

Can't FG just see this is a plot to bring in d vaccine?plz we don't want them, NCDC tells we Nigerians that number of recovered patients are rising.... Please ooo we don't want them oooo.... As God as been helping us, we will definitely scale through.... Stay safe We don't need Chinese medicals,they should go to US,Spain amd Italy with their drugs,pls in the name of God.

Don't be scared of the virus nothing like that I have some things to shared make sure you pray cover yourself with the blood of Jesus pray to the Lord and stay away from sin Trump is not the antichrist 5G kill it has a 60 wt want to know more? Message 08154830506 WhatsApp The cure to coronavirus is drink hot water and orogbo at the early stage it will go contact 08154830506 WhatsApp for confirmation

Federal government is full of blind leaders, we can control which ever thing that came to us without foreign aids but our leaders has squash our knowledge for their selfish interest. Woo to our leaders Actually, we are extremely afraid. We don't want the Italian, Spanish experience to repeat itself here. Let's build on our modest success we have recorded. If our team need to benefit from Chinese experience, internet, Skype is sufficient

European and Americans has evacuated from Nigeria cause of our poor medical facility.China medical is coming for help.and see what our stupid guys doing now. Positive is increasing day and day.The real friend is trying to help us.see what our stupid people here are doing now When Chinese arrived Italy, their death toll started rising geometrically, we don’t want that in Nigeria, Chinese are up to something.

They should stay in their country and face their own troubles that; the Nigerian's case cannot be compared to! Nigerian's and their govt should learn to stand and hold their own as a country!What is the essence of our various Universities, if we continue to depend on foreigners? I have a proposal, whoever opposes it, go to the hospital to help by himself.

When they want to test the vaccine in Africa to see if it works This nonchalant attitude of the Government is why Nigeria and Africa will remain undeveloped and in opulent poverty. There are thousands of highly educated and experienced Nigerians in medical fields excelling throughout the world, rather than making things conducive for them to

he can iv dem to come treat him n his entire household. we don't mind. They always have a way of making bad decision. Never listens. I think there has to be an absence of common sense in your organisation that has made you publish views that amplify hate and bigotry as news. It will be suicidal for Nigeria. This is wat happens wen u fail to invest in ur own human capital. Wen u fail to build necessary infrastructure. Wen don’t believe in ur own health care professionals. Wen our president will rather prefer to get medical treatments abroad. Sick Govt

Nonsense! We need them, for coordination purpose. Las las Na 4 aso rock dem go end I suppose that Chinese doctors work for free. And that's why some local doctors don't want them. It's all about money! Buhari is never Aware of any thing that is going on. They don't care about the masses life they are after their pocket

Let General tell us what he really understand about COVID19..because I doubt if that old cunt okayed that shii at all Buhari is a born beggar,Don't blame Buhari he knowns nothing about what is happening in the world,Mr president of am not Aware. To come and spread the virus. We don't need their assistance.

Why do you need Chinese medics? According to your records NIGERIA is handling it well, again why ? Holy spirit will flog hm dis tym around e must listen They can not be trusted. They should go to Italy Those people should go to Spain, Italy and USA where they really need help. We don't want them here. They invented the virus and will do all within their capacity to spread it more. They cannot be trusted. MBuhari NCDCgov NigeriaGov hear word ooo

Asin. Why is this govt so useless. Gosh, who did i offend to become a Nigerian? Your useless and senseless president is not even in Nigeria believe or not MBuhari is not currently in Nigeria now and Abba Kyari is sick while ProfOsinbajo ran out from villa so whom are we warning ⚠ I might not have the best opinion on this,but I do have a question,.. Whats wrong with inviting Chinese medics?.

Covikk-one-nine Advising Buhari is like fetching water inside a basket This one has always been a very Useless Govt We wholeheartedly reject this please. May God deliver us from all evil and may He not allow us or anybody else destroy us any further in Jesus' name,Amen. Clueless government didn't listen when the Nigerian people told them to close the boarders, Clueless government most definitely won't listen to this advice.

I beg just check throughly Hmm If na Chinese will help us on dis COVID19 let d FG invite Dem before it out of hands 🙏 They will not listen now,they will not listen now,until it will blow them up ChinaShutdownWetMarket Eeewwwww this acting will be worse than corona The federal government are very stubborn

Lol how much worse can it get Please borrow them some ideas 🙄 a grave mistake.. I have a proposal, whoever opposes it, go to the hospital to help! Federal government no dey hear word

[BREAKING] COVID-19: FG to evacuate Nigerians abroadYeye dey smell... Wetin make them con do for naija now... Where there's no job Ahn Ahn how many Nigerians at home have you guys tested?!😂😂 I rather catch covid -19, Ebola, HIV, pneumonia and cancer if I was abroad than return to Nigeria. I cant suffer in hell twice in my life.

BREAKING: COVID-19: FG to evacuate Nigerians abroadThe Ministry of Foreign Affairs has directed all its missions abroad to compile lists of willing nationals who wanted to come back home, it was learnt... Who wants to be evacuated? Joker! Evacuate to where please? Good

COVID-19: FG willing to evacuate Nigerians abroad — Minister – Daily TrustThe Federal government would be willing to evacuate Nigerians abroad who wish to return home as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Geoffrey Onyeama, said this on Friday in Abuja at the fifth joint national briefing of the Presidential Taskforce Force (PTF) on COVID-19 headed by the Secretary to … You wanna bring in more infected persons right? To late It's one thing to be 'willing' it's another thing to be 'able'.

COVID-19: FG gives conditions for evacuating Nigerians abroad – Daily TrustThe Ministry of Foreign Affairs has directed all its missions abroad to compile lists of willing nationals who want to come back to the country in the wake of of the Coronavirus pandemic. This was contained in a statement by the Chairman/CEO of Nigerians in Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM), Abike Dabiri-Erewa on Friday. She said interested … Are you sure they will even love to come back? Who wants to come back to a country begging for ventilators? How is it evacuation when they are paying?

Covid 19: FG ready to evacuate Nigerians home – Daily TrustIAEA donates €.8m equipment to Nigeria The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Geoffrey Onyeama, yesterday in Abuja assured that the federal government was willing to evacuate Nigerians who wish to return home from abroad as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic. According to him, the ministry has sent words across to embassies to ascertain … Is it all Nigerians or those with the virus The best thing is to everyone stay where he is right now until when this COVID19Nigeria COVID 19 is over Heard on TVC news last night that it won't be for free.

COVID-19: Show Nigerians more care, Clerics charges FG, othersThe General Overseer of Christ Salvation Christian Centre aka Son of Jehovah World Outreach Lagos, Prophet Adesoji Abegunde, has called on the.... Don’t you have doctors . Nurses and medical technicians in you congregations. Can you assemble volunteers for crash training to support those in frontline? My good ness. “ and the government shall be upon his shoulder” so why are u looking up to aso rock?