COVID-19: Katsina Govt Lifts Ban On Friday Prayers

COVID-19: Katsina Govt Lifts Ban On Friday Prayers

4/8/2020 11:34:00 AM

COVID-19: Katsina Govt Lifts Ban On Friday Prayers

COVID-19: Katsina Govt Lifts Ban On Friday Prayers

 The Katsina State Government has lifted ban on Friday prayers in the state with immediate effect over the COVID-19 pandemic.This is coming after the state government held a stakeholders meeting with religious leaders, traditional rulers and security agencies in the state.

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In a statement signed by the Secretary to the State Government, Dr. Mustapha Inuwa, Imams were admonished to avoid prolonged sermons in order to discharge their followers within short period.READ ALSO:COVID-19: Wike Orders Arrest Of Two Pilots For Operating In Rivers Despite Border Closure

Inuwa said before Friday prayers must be conducted, there would be some stipulated health and security guidelines.The meeting was convened to review the measures taken by the state government in preventing the spread of COVID-19 in the state.The government also asked people to maintain social distancing and strictly adhere to all rules and regulations provided by the health experts in fighting the contagious disease.

Meanwhile, similar meeting will soon be held between the state government and Christian leaders to lift the suspension of Sunday church services.Also expected is a meeting between the government and traditional rulers. Read more: Channels Television »

These northern Nigeria Muslim leaders are evil people. They are killers, may God release punishment on them all by the power of God. Amen What about Sunday worships? Please change the headline to reflect the real truth 'The President's home state governor promotes the spread of Covid-19 in the name of religion'

I hope he also lifts ban on Sunday Service Right at this point, Anyone who goes for prayers and gets sick afterwords you had it coming. Everyone can pray at home and social distance Always the northerners illiterate 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️ can we split this country already backward set of People smh Wowwwww

A case of, 'let's free them to their fate because we cannot take responsibility for their temporary stay-at-home' StayAtHomeOrder COVIDIOT Palliatives COVID19Nigeria What about Sunday service? Right now it's God that can save us from this cuz if we rely on our leaders too many people may die from this pandemic

They can do whatever they like with their lives. If they end up contacting the virus, it's their business. Diff strokes for diff folks This governor no get sense at all how will you ask them to go and praying when there is pandemic in the land Will they die if they pray from home. SMH Can they just dissolve this country into 3 individual regions please

Wat of Sunday prayers And this is MBuhari 's state oooo Someone just died of Coronavirus here oo Now they want to share Coro coro at the mosque... Churches too will gather right? Una don bring MECCA come Katsina abi? He actually needs more cases, so the Covid 19 funds flying all over will get to his Table too, inside life of a Typical Naija leaders mentality. That's the goal

These are the types of idiots ruling Nigeria because he did not understand what's happening. I do not blame him in a way but people who attend the Friday prayer. It's said people perished due to lack of knowledge Who are this people? To spread coronavirus then enrich their pockets with the fund meant for treating covid-19 at the detriment of human lives.

If the borders are tightly shut..and aggressive contact tracing of the deceased doctor in katsina has been done, then why not? Assessing the pros and cons, it's a good move. Welldone sir..otherwise...then wahala dey I hope ban will be lift for Sunday service on Sunday? Why am i not surprise fu*king hypocrite

I guess nobody wants to be left out of the covid19 'sharing formula'.... It's really juicy.... Like security votes.... sigh Lol Idiots in power It should be applied to Sunday worship too What of sunday Hopefully neighboring state will lock down boarder, the inferno coming. They will see & hear wheeen Isn’t that Buhari’s state?

But what's our problem in Nigeria sef, I'm a Muslim but this is tupidity of the highest order, who elect these foolish old men sef Someone should do something about these irresponsible leaders Suicide mission. Our problem in Nigeria is that we re more religious but we re not Godly enough Too Allah she kyauta

It's obviously now this virus is a scam Buhari State o His is the most stupid man ever This man is a bastard E don dey tire una ni. What is your problem 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️I thought someone just died in this state ? Oh Father Lord save my country people! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 The annoying thing is that if they get infected they will transfer to people who are obeying the social distancing. Oluwa just be protecting us all

Sunday nko Boko Haram doesn't need to reach your state. You might have a genocide in 14days. 🤦‍♀️ Iran had a story to tell you about Una no Dy hear word Let our egungun be careful o Any action that will be a spread the virus should be suspended We can kuku pray in our closet and go will answer Since they want to die....... Just keep them confined to thier state. 🙄

For heavens’ sake, where are these idiotic “leaders” manufactured from?😳🤷🏽‍♂️ This country is honestly a joke😂 May God be with the people of Katsina State. Doomsday lurking! Animal in human skin....Ill-illiterate is different from illiterate!!! Zombie man, is it not the same Ganduje that collected money from the Chinese contractors, nemesis is real and karma is a notch wait for it

Torr everybody might as well carry on with their regular lives. Let everybody die and rest PoliceNG dabiodunMFR should come to our rescue at IFO LGA of ogun state. Armed robbers are terrorizing the communities both day and night Sad, I heard him saying in a media briefing that someone died from COVID 19 and at the same time he lifts the ban on prayers when he suppose to put the state on lockdown.

That's what you get when educated illiterates with little or no sense of enlightenment govern . Leaders whom are liabilities to the people the lead. Please, what country is katsina?👵🏼 Like seriously? Ode Is this not an overdose of idiocy🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️... And they said we have a President in this country!

Dat's how they will encourage d spread under d guise of religion. Let d northern elite save this country from complete ruin. This must be a joke. I hope the FG will do the needful. We should not be more Muslim than Prophet Muhammed (PBUH). Even the holy Mosques in Saudi Arabia has been shut down for weeks. Umrah canceled and Hajj most likely to be impacted.

Ogun no go kill us o abeg make Dem allow anybody leave Kastina abeg... Why are these fools in the north always creating problem for others? Why won't this governor be cautioned by the Federal govt? They recorded 1 case and am quite sure that will increase geometrically if not for their cover up. In the name of religion, they will bury before we know

They don’t wanna be saved don’t save them Lmao e be like say we go consider Biafra's offer Why why? Why im i born in this country, must every news be bad news with Nigeria? We have 35 states and then Kastina.. This governor have won my heart, who can tag me to his handle? Problem of the Country...abeg Yoruba moo leave this Apes jeje and face our Region Oduduwa Nation long leave

Masari The bad thing is Stupidity is Actually helping the COVID19Pandemic. They work hand in hand. Foolishness anky panki As of today...Katsina recorded just one case,let’s wait Dumb govt Guess, Some Governors need this virus around to get serious FG relief. My Opinion He should be arrested and charged to court

Inside life Katsina had 1 new confirmed case today and yet they still lift ban for Friday jumat service. So far 87k+ are dead already and the government isn't taking caution. We wait for Saturday figure of people that will be infected after the jumat service. Right after recording its first case?! This people dont rate s that's why intelligent Nigeriams should protect their lives.

🤦🤦🤦 an old fool. who knw knows ntin. its a pity we all have to suffer bcoz of doz we voted into power. UK gat Muslim but they cnt gather and pray. yet diz clueless man lifted the ban. we all shall reap wat will sow. karma Is this really a wise decision? Makes perfect sense. After the negotiation with coronavirus, the Katsina state govt and the virus were able to come to an agreement. The Virus told them that it won't visit mosques on fridays

Ahhh The greatest comedians 😂😂 😂🤣 🤣 It's okay God is in control 0 to 100 in days ....insanity If COVID19 escalates there, every other state should restrict entree from this state Please they shouldn’t stop prayers. Let the spread begin Dear Gov, you must think this virus is a joke. Do you realize Saudi Arabia locked mosques .....

Only in Nigeria would this kind of thing happen. Vatican, Jerusalem and Mecca has shut down. You still congregational prayers with short sermon. Continue... The only painful thing about this is that they won't be the only one to suffer from their ignorance. 😆 😆 😆 As expected... You cannot stop their shine 🤡

This is very irresponsible, re dey holier Dan mecca? This is a time bomb and their brother who is d President don't have say at all cuz he is just as ignorant as dem, covik one nine president They just want to spread the virus so they can get enough largess from the government. Is only Lagos state that using as scape goat because this is where Buhari agents are

The compliance to the lock-down has been poor generally. The Delta State Government IAOkowa approved a single market in each LGA and the crowd at the Market in one of the LGAs was massive, over 5,000 people! Let's decide if we want to social distance and lockdown or not! They wont be missed. Guess we are getting closer to understanding more things than we are privy to.

Just make sure nobody leaves that state again pls Lmaoooo😂😂😂😂😂 After recording the first death from covid-19. Is this the right time to lift ban on public gathering in Katsina state? Fmohnigeria NCDCgov MBuhari YakubDogara femigbaja SERAPNigeria segalink See his face So Dumb. There is likely to be more cases in when lockdown hits 14days. Yet, we give a blind eye

Atleast apply no mask no entry rule, and it should be in an open field! See face.. Gross Irresponsibility on the part of the Governor. I thought special/senior advisers are recruited for purposes like this Is katsina Islamic state? Why concerned only about Friday prayers How on earth do you achieve social distance in a mosque without staying close to each other? How? How? How? Why are you like this?

So what of Sunday service ,,I hope you will lift ban too?🙄🙄🙄 Nigeria our country. 🤣🤣🤣 What?!😨 OooK! Nigerian leaders, security personnel and 80% of the citizens Prophet Muhammad said: 'If you hear of an outbreak of plague in a land, do not enter it; but if the plague outbreaks out in a place while you are in it, do not leave that place.' He also said: 'Those with contagious diseases should be kept away from those who are healthy

Without apology, North is one of the problem of this nation and religion is a major problem of the North. All this katsina ppl self 🤣🤣🤣 what a joke. This people ehn There's no way mosque should be closed when religion is the most potent instrument of control. So those mosque closed where Islam first sprung up must be joke.

Look at his ugly old foolish face. Prayer, prayer and prayer in the mosque. Can't you order people to pray in their homes. Hypocrites What's this onesy problem na Pray in your house!!!! Pray in your house!!!! God is everywhere, he will still hear you ... I wish them what they wish themselves. Yawa don gass

Breaking news in Katsina 👇👇👇👇coming soon Lmao. Covid-19 will surely be on break then Gid_max Nonesense,these northerners will never take anything serious Covidiots oshi Bad of him. Becuase of the problem caused by his people, he decided to lift ban. Very shameful. I hope he reason well even in mecca they stop to hold prayer

1BlackGvd Because they are more cautious than Saudi Arabia GoddyJames Ok Animals! Aha__med Damn wtf why would the ban be lifted for some lame jumat when they know CoronavirusPandemic out there This is crazy abi wetin dey diz Kennypompy I just love Kastina Corona neva hit dem wella na why? Abeg Christian's for kastina abeg stay 4 house o. I no surprise sef na di north now. Na illustrates dey run d state.

Which Air this governors the breathe sef Lol, i hope y'all now aware there is a new confirmed case in katsina. Kontinuu 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ NCDCgov ? Y’all are not serious Hello sir (Katrina state Governor) this makes absolutely ZERO sense! Islamist smh This Governor should be call to order,after recording one death due to the virus.

Suya.....continue I fully expect the NCDC to issue an advisory against this directive, then ensure Masari is held accountable for any cases of Covid 19 in Katsina going forward. There has to be consequences for folly in the face of present danger. DON'T BE A COVIDIOT 👇👇👇 When we appoint ignorant nitwits to lead us this is what we get.

This is a state that just lost a doctor from the virus. God when will we find brain matter in this country? Nigeria should be divided , the northern people are the greatest problem his having ..they behave in a very uneducated manner And then another governor in Enugu or Abia state maybe will uplift the ban for short sunday service too as well.....and religion becomes the death of us all.😥

👇👇👇👇👇 LOL.....ati n'babo die die If you can lift ban for Friday prayers I think Lagos state should apologized to funke. This is another example of cluelessness.The Saudis that brought the religion has put many if their annual program in hold. What did all the prayers they've been offering add to him & other This is foolishness per excellence knowing that some contacts are being traced in his state

This is not a smart move....politically, the optics of this move is bad....and there is a confirmed COVID 19 case in the same state...okay oooo....🤦🏽🤦🏽🤦🏽 Is this guy OK? Will they also lift it on Sunday? Tough questions that need answers.. Despite the death recorded due to COVID-19 Ani oloriburku ni yin seh 😤

Common sense should prevail on his appointees if the Governor had lost it. It's so sad! Arrest him This is simply the politics of religion over life talmabout social distancing.. awon ewure! even Saudi Arabia said no pilgrimage to mecca this year! that's the 'holy land' o! holy fvcking land!!! Who do we Annoy in the “spiritual realm” to make us like this pls Lord have Mercy

🤯 Make dem give these animal their own country abeg. Kilode gan. We don tire Then later they will be accusing christians of not obeying the government I hope they lift ban on churches too Sick governor. MBuhari should call his state governor to order, he’s about to endanger people’s lives. Their problem

Was it for only juma'at or other religions? Let wait and see what will happen on Sunday What could possibly be behind this decision? It beggars belief and is beyond reason! Rona takes break on Fridays. TGIF Clap for yourself 😂😂😂. Lets just divide this country and move on Issokay! COVID-19 galore!! Here we go again. Religion!

Which friday prayers? Gbas Gbos. Religions will destroy this country....thank God MBuhari is from that state, let's hope he will stop him What is wrong with all these governors sef? Who is advising them? So they can't pray in their houses? This is absurd, I hope MBuhari will call this man to order. NCDCgov NgCovid19

They will learn lesson soon 😒 For real? This should be the least bright governor we have in this country MASSARI So Kastina govt. is more sensible than Saudi Arabia Gosh🤦‍♀️ They've started! Why always northern Nigerian always dragged the rest of region backwards? Why ? Very irresponsible and careless Go ahead sir! Lift lockdown sef! Parrrrrtyyy hard! Ya....eyes will be cleared!

royaltyuso Very good. They should go and lock them down over there, that's if they can come out alive. Ban prayers when you don’t have a single case, lift ban after confirmation of a case/death in your state. This man get sense oo🤦🏽‍♀️ As it become a crime to pray at home? Since you want to create another IRAN in KASTINA, then these guys are at your disposal.

We have bad leaders. We the citizens are the major problems in Nigeria and not the name 'Nigeria'. And they just lost someone in Kastina to coronavirus which must have infected so many people. This people are to old to rule us, they have age with their brain malfunctioning. I hope the governor has lifted the lockdown for normal activities to continue🍿...

The governor was once the Speaker of HouseNGR. What a shame! Embashosho_ no structure Religion will not kill us in this country. He better apply same to Christians, service must hold this Sunday! I hope this people are aware Saudi Arabia stops clauster prayer at mecca and medina RIP NGRPresident please do something NGRSenate

Is Katsina an Island ni? I hope this doesn't increase the daily confirmed rate. This people don't understand this disease at all.. You choose Hypocrites Once again we are mad in this country. Is Katsina More Holy than Mecca? Dumb Leaders..😕 Someone should warn this governor o. When it starts rolling.. Hmm mm mm......stupidness

What’s the color of their problem sef? Na only them Dey pray? This invite won’t be pleasant oh Black man with a black sad!!! What is the governor thinking for heaven's sake? Can you imagine this? Are we really ready? That one case found in katsina will now spread it to others NCDCgov Once one state starts, the rest will follow. God help Us.

Motor don jam dem Look at him, old, frail and senile like his national counterpart.. Bubu 2.😏😏😏 What happened to observing SocialDistancing and StayHome God isn't just in a Building but in our hearts, to be served in spirit and in truth. Northerners with their religious sentiment okay you guys should carry on and share the virus around they say common sense is not common now i can see it from the governor's eyes

We are too religious and corrupt in this country. Corrupt governors acting holy. Who did this to us in this country? This is what happens when religion is used a bargaining chip Corona will be seeing this news with Joy 😂😂😂 I hope same gesture is replicated on Sunday to the Christian........ Arrangee from the oga at the top!!!

You see what we are saying about our politicians. They are more concern about the money to be shared than the citizenry Ignorance is bliss How do you lift ban on Friday prayers immediately after recording your first covid-19 case in your state? This seems like a perfect plan to benefit handsomely from the Covid-19 Intervention funds.

Religion ignorance. This is tantamount to committing suicide and whosoever commit suicide shall die the same on the day of Yawmolikiyaamo(day of recompense, resurrection) Have you been sleeping sir? LOL. Revolution looms! The problem is we will all be affected one way or the other 😩 The Undertakers Await them...

PLEASE CAN THE PRESIDENTIAL TASK FORCE ON COVID 19 ENGAGE THE KATSINA STATE GOVERNMENT AGAINST THIS MOVE? THIS TELLS ME SOME STATE GOVERNORS ARE YET TO UNDERSTAND THE PRECARIOUS SITUATION WE ARE IN. MBuhari ProfOsinbajo Fmohnigeria. PLEASE MAY DAY!!! Hmmmm, what a country. Let not be more religious than the prophet himself, the prophet said that a person who eats garlic should not come to the mosque. My question here is between garlic and corona virus which one is more harmful?

Truthfully83 When will some of these leaders get sense? Ahhhhhh! 😲😲 Wrong move oo If this thing goes beyond control, it's not gonna be funny ooo GovernorMasari This is not in the best interest of the nation. Revert your decision Mr Governor in the interest of the nation The Northerners are stubborn blame Lord Luggard's wife.

This is exactly what royzkingin was talking about few weeks back 🤦🏾‍♂️ Hypocrite This is NOT an act of Islam!!! Na Lugard casue am No problem. Everyone to himself. Provided other state governments keep their borders on watertight lockdown against Kastina emigrants Abeg those soldiers and police going about killing and/maiming people in southern Nigeria now have plenty people to beat for free. But ayie. U won't hear pimm because na dem dem

This is just sad. Barely 14 hours after the first case in the state was announced they make this ill thought out decision. Okay na. GovernorMasari, why would you violet Federal government order because you are Muslim. Fanatism has been our problem in this country. Why didn't you lift such ban last Sunday for church services to hold? Maybe because those ones are not worshipping God. God will judge all of you.

Then Federal Government should put the state in total lockdown, if FG mean business. E don happen Its left to the people to use their sense Did you see that? mrolaoluwa Can you see now. AkureHowFar can you see? Nigeria should just accept theocracy and forget democracy please. Cases about to rise in the North West.

Wow! 'Inuwa said before Friday prayers must be conducted, there would be some stipulated health and security guidelines.' Well, stipulate them, stipulate them! This country with religion ehen...what a joke country This man is insane He Wanted share of national cakes against Covid-19 May religion not destroy us in this country!

Does it mean that jummaat prayers made at home cannot be heard by Allah? We are simply not serious in this country. Why would he do that? Hope all is well with him mentally. Lol Omg remember to lockdown your rout when it has finally happened 🚶🏾 Sorry to say, since the governor can't use his head, the people of the state should prove to him they have a working head.

This same prayer okwa ya? Okay na🤔 It is religion that will kill this people Las las. Covidiot bunch of them I wonder where religion is taking us to. When will government have common sense? Pls,u need to give these set of people their own country abeg Awon werey I hope he'll not regret his action Religion go kill una.

A stich in time saves 9.. una mumu never do? After seeing the billions of naira in donations...the guy wants a share of the freebies 🤣 the more infected the fatter is bank accounts. Even Saudi Arabia is social distancing. The Christians in NIgeria should stop criticising Northerners and start praying for them instead so God can help them to see things differently in a way that will benefit themselves and every one else.

Stop the spread of the Corona virus but keeping distance. This govt doesn't care about the people. We can seek God in our closet and not when we are in the midst of crowd. 🤣🤣🤣🤣seriously ? God help us . That's their problem MBuhari ProfOsinbajo NGRSenate NigeriainfoFM YourViewTVC DrOlufunmilayo DrJoeAbah you bet in the next 14 day, the number of coronavirus cases in the state will be above 50. Give it one month, the whole northern Egungun don jam trailer. Pin this tweet

If this is true, FG must make sure that Kastina state is cut off from other states. They can't be allowed to endanger other states with their stupidity. Must u gather to pray. In time like this what everyone shd think is each other's safety. Religion does not teach stupidity.... You lifted ban from Friday prayers, are you not being stupid sir? Egungun be careful 🤦‍♂🤦‍♂

Katsina People let's Dance!!! DrOlufunmilayo come and see An example of a Covidiot Clueless govt. I pray Nigeria flattens the curve soon, else some states will pay for their leaders' inability to lead. These people like suicide missions a lot! See this akuri elepa kano, sorry elepa Katsina Outright stupidity.

Aboki NA aboki I swear.. a virus that is ravaging people across the world... even the great Prophet Mohmed will frown at that MBuhari PoliceNG HQNigerianArmy NCDCgov. Let's Check! I don't blame him at all. When we know that Only God or ALLAH can HEAL the LAND. Even if we 'Believe & Depend' on our MEDICALS. Who gives them Wisdom to excel in their research? IStandWithHim

This is madness! After recording 1 death from the virus?! Guess he has provided the necessary safety kits I said it before if Aboki people no kill us for this country no one else... because their foolishness is second to none... Mad people..Police and FG won't do anything now ooo but if it was Churches, they will start chasing people around. Islamic State of Nigeria. Rubbish country!

They will lift it on Tuesday and ban I again on Saturday night against the few Christians they allow to Worship The Ban should also be lifted on Sunday ooo, Oga governor. Why does he need another meeting with Christian leaders to lift the ban on Sunday Service? If you have lifted the ban on Friday prayers just apply the same conditions and lift the ban on Sunday services. No one will observe your conditions and u cant even enforce them!

Nigeria is a Time Bomb ready to explode Even Makkah, Madina & Quds have suspended Friday prayers! Which way KatsinaState ? Bunch of ignorant Just Negodunu! Scam country 🤣🤣🤣 They want to cash in And mecca is still closed! Religion is killing Nigerians You have a detrimentally colossal population in that state anyway. Corona Virus could have depleted your numbers, but it's great that you are going to do it to yourselves.

What a clown This is very poor. After confirmation of a case of COVID 19 in Kastina? The introduction of Religion in IPC is a sign of weakness. Why not also lift ban on Sunday masses and services? This is not the best way to go Soon after benefitting from the cash transfer, even when the State is yet to register a case of covid 19.

Other northern state will follow suit and lift ban on Muslim Friday prayers.that is how Nigeria will start working again Governor u re mad oo Lilian_Ogazi Na there them go catch d virus, keep risking people’s lives in d name of religion🙄 Massri, Massri, Massri,pls are you this foolish? Wtf? Are these guys aware of the seriousness of this pandemic at all?

This is absurd Where is d sense ? And he will be praying in the mosque at government House with good social distancing....he wants to get more funds from benefactors. When you get many of your people killed Mr Governor, those empty, meaningless prayers will bring them back The governor is probably an educated illiterate otherwise he will not succumb to this type of pressure to please religious fanatics at detriment of the health and public safety of the whole nation.

Say what Churches in katsina can resume too Alhmdulillahy Lie What a mess 🤦🏾‍♂️ Why no read before comment There's no true Federalism is a pity Seriously? Isn't that Buhari's state? Pls what will they do on Sunday? If Kastina wants to pray, they should allow them but lock down any movement out form that state.....they should all remain their and pray...... na dem go use their hand turn to Italy nd Spain

royaltyuso Chai!!! Give them their country Allergic to dumb people Rip in advance Sir 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 Its like they don't have sense in that state May it not end in dangerous tears Sha This is a foolish decision.... But the most foolish are those calling for the lift of the Church's ban too....Una no too well.

Hello Serooooooo7 What is really our focus on tackling this virus? At the point when local transmission has began to pick up that is when this state government is lifting ban on thousands of people gathering to prayer. Please who ever that is in charge of the country do something about this. Our president won't see this 😂 chai funny country MBuhari

Lifting ban after they recorded their first case which was even a mortality. A state that should be intensifying effort in contact tracing and other safety measures. I wish them well. O kpari Well when it goes boom they will want to carry it to other parts of the country that's terrorism o I hope they realise that the virus does not have a calendar where Friday is not ticked or marked out. I'm a Christian and I understand that the dominant religion there is Islam. This even means greater number of interactions there will be, greater risks.

I hope its lifted for Sunday service too APOSTLESULEMAN Dumb Buhari nor go talk anything ....Wettin even concern me self Religiosity and ethnicism has done more harm than good. Let them not use Nigeria money when the virus heat the state To think this governor was once the speaker of the federal republic of Nigeria....what did he gain from all his exposure...still behaving like an illiterate. U just lost someone from covid 19 in ur state for crying out loud!!!

We are supposed to be in the 3rd phase of this epidemic which is communal spread and that is the time to allow faithful to gather together and pray? May God help us. Until we blow exponentially till our brains assimilate what is going on. May God help us. he should also lifts ban on Sunday service as well...

Imagine asking a man with dreadlocks to help you with his hair comb Ignorance. Sheer ignorant entities. Ans what of Sunday services? This is nopotic Only in Nigeria that lettered folks would suddenly go blind because of religion. In the end, RELIGION would lead more to their death in Nigeria than the the virus itself. So unfortunate

😂😂😂😂. Lifting ban after recording their first case? Are they now suddenly that eager to die? This is a right move in the right direction. Please extend your hand of fellowship to Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday. Sir, it's in human nature to move around when they are hungry. If possible unlock the lockdown for the katsina people.

Why now Sweet in the middle 😂 After one idiot will say we are one lets see if they will lift the ban on sunday. I was surprised they placed a ban in the first place. Sense is not common to this people. officialmilost Can you see what we are saying? Let all bans be lifted throughout the nation. And let all activities including resume fully. 'Alfa to ni iyan o mu ni, omo re ko ni je tira' (A Muslim cleric who prophecies about famine will not feed his own children with Quranic verses)

What's the FG's response to this? the way. and nobody will make pimmm.. So what's now the purpose of a lock down when the most populated areas are given free access. What's wrong with this one Foolishness of a Nigerian man So who be mumu? If no be religion crises such leveled man wan cause? Church ban Nko? Just be watching how leaders cause problems by themselves. What does he think people will say? Or is it an incomplete media report!

what a brainless inept decision, in the same week they recorded their first covid-19 case ? How did we even manage to produce these kind of empty religious bigots as leaders in the first place ? How can someone do this to it own people. Sad that most leaders are not enlighten 🤔🤔🤔... Hmmm After recording one COVID19 death and with the likelihood of community spread? Every religion abhors irrational behaviour & intellectual indiscipline! It may become inevitable for States to shut their borders to stop inflow of contagion from irresponsible governance outcomes!

And someone just died of covid 19? Congratulations Smart of the governor Covid-19 usually rest on Fridays according to research Since Masari left NASS he has lost his leadership skills I pity your people. Your state just recorded 1 Covid-19 patient you are lifting ban on prayer. What about Sunday. Selfish man.

Is Mr President aware? Even GovKaduna too did same. They should also lift ban on Sunday service too. What a country! A nation too blind with religion. Sometimes I wonder what did of people we have in leadership positions. we are not ready in this country. Are we blind or deaf, I am sure we all know whats happening in NY. Stay at home, pray in your homes, God is everywhere. We have not tested up to 200k and yet we are doing this!!!

Are they ok there in dat state? Covidiots The aim is defeated! StayAtHome Lockdown Covid-19 Good luck to them. Danger lies in wait for them. Religion n tribalism will not kill us in this country This man is not a leader bkz a leader will not necessarily do what people want but what is best for them. covid19 look like screenplay in Nigeria

Can we pls give this set of people their own world 🌎🤦🏽‍♀️ Really after recording its first case Is this man in his right senses.... you just had someone died from this pandemic, you’re lifting bans. Oga get sense ooo Are you for real Penny wise, Pound foolish Why the rush?

COVID-19: Katsina Schools To Remain Shut As Civil Servants Resume TodayCOVID-19: Katsina Schools To Remain Shut As Civil Servants Resume Today. Succidal Most of our leaders doesn't even fit into any positions in life....see what corruption has cause!!!!!! Is this a wise decision?

UPDATED: Katsina records first COVID- 19 deathThe Katsina State Government on Tuesday announced the death of one Dr. Aminu Yakubu, a Daura based private medical practitioner who recently retu...

Katsina records first COVID-19 deathWhich katsina please? Are you kidding me? There's no case in katsina o 😭. Ha yepa oga ooooo That's bad

Breaking: Nigeria's COVID-19 Cases Jump to 254, Spread to Delta, Katsina - THISDAYLIVEMartins Ifijeh Nigeria has recorded 16 new cases of COVID-19, bringing to 254 the total number of confirmed cases in the country. Announcing this Tuesday, the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) said 10 of the cases were recorded in Lagos, two each in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) and Oyo, while one each in … Figures are increasing everyday! Italy downplayed the seriousness of the COVID19 when it was first detected in the country. But after a major outbreak prompted the government to impose lockdown. NCDCgov warn the GOVT ooo. This is no joke May Allah protect us from getting such virus national cake: as delta hits covid 19 jackpot thieves.

Coronavirus: No research linking 5G network to COVID-19 - Nigerian Govt - Daily Post NigeriaThe Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Isa Pantami, has said there is no research linking the Fifth Generation Mobile Network, popularly Which research u need? It is also from china. Case close abeg Says who? You have not done your proper research.start from way back 1997 when the Chinese created 2G, they birth Cancer.when they brought 3G, u and I know what we faced and now CoronoVirus for 5G.There is more to this noisy pestilence than meet the eye. Let's wake up guys The Research:

COVID-19: Residents commend Kaduna Govt for distributing palliativesSome residents in Zaria have commended the Kaduna State Government for distributing food and other essential materials in the area to cushion....