Abba Kyari

Abba Kyari

COVID-19: I hope to resume work soon – Abba Kyari

3/30/2020 12:52:00 AM

COVID-19: I hope to resume work soon – Abba Kyari

John Ameh, AbujaThe Chief of Staff to the President, Mr Abba Kyari, has admitted that he tested positive for coronavirus, according to the twitter handle of the Presidency, @NGRPresident.In a letter he wrote the public, Kyari said he tested positive last week and was proceeding to Lagos on Sunday for further tests based on medical advice.

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He claimed to feel well as he had yet to experience any of the symptoms associated with COVID-19.Kyari added that he would soon resume work.The letter read in part, “I am writing to let you know that on medical advice, I will transfer to Lagos later today for additional tests and observation. This is a precautionary measure: I feel well, but last week, I tested positive for coronavirus, the pandemic that is sweeping the world. I have followed all the protocols the government has announced to self-isolate and quarantine.

“I have made my own care arrangements to avoid further burdening the public health system, which faces so many pressures. Like many others that will test also positive, I have not experienced high fever or other symptoms associated with this new virus and have been working from home. I hope to be back at my desk very soon.”

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I Wish you quick recoverykyari Better die alone at home and don't spread the virus The wicked shall not go unpunished Which works way govt short down every we're We pray so too. But get well first. ...... Don't resume, you are a curse to Nigeria Get well soon I king Bill. Anyanso Eric donate the sum of 1 billion cfa to the fg of republic du Bénin and the sum of 4 billion naira to Nigeria fg. stay at home stay safe Audio money

The work of controling the president, naaaa maybe you need permanent retirement, sir. Resume which work? OK you mean looting? God will not let dat happen... Wuhan virus is not a death sentence in Nigeria. Its Victims need not panic to death, they'll alright like Kyari. Our own Elitist Wuhan leg de shake small small 😀😀😀

No oooooooooo.... Pls rest well Resume and work for who? Go and rest sir pls 👍 You will not Which work re u resuming,d one dat u bin working where's d result,pls go n rest Has he recovered from corona virus Chai Nigeria problem is resuming Grandpa, when you recover please go and play games with your grandchildren.

Insha Allah, God will seize u to Covid-19 Abeg go rest... Shuoo.. U still wan work? Money dey sweet una.. U will die trying to resume any work, old man like you. People like Abba kyari are the obstacles of our Nigeria graduates. U never recover finish dey Carry 'resuming work for mind' Abegi,who employ u bfr U beta go n rest

why naa why Shut up Baba just stay there God be with you Old fool like you can not go and rest at this age. He will resume in hell 🔥 You will go back in body bag, by the grace of God. This covid is a scam sef.. Which one be say u will resume work? You are welcome sir May God almighty heal you. If you survive this, ensure to make some amendments

By his grace you and all the affected will resume work healthier than before but, let this be a wake up call for the government which you are Integra part of, to do the needful in all our institutions Are u Nigeria's oxygen? Dey were you dey. We don't need u,just go home and retire Come back to ur hustling country

Pray make you well first... Which work is this man doing for God sake Please don't Let this old man go and sit down Why the haste to resume work? Is that work your father 's farm? Sounding very suspicious oldman... Resume work for were? You will not Ma'sha Allah Your father work? Go and Rest, Go home and put yourself to rest. Thanks for your Services

Your game don cut already........just squeeze ur life into d bin You'll never resume work.... See your face like bag of elephant cement Rest well baba Haba why stress yourself Kyari,you need rest Good I don't think it's sure because you're hoping on something very bad for now but you can if you're fully okay!

We sacrifice you a s a burnt offering Baba Kya Just. R esume I n P eace. abeg... Hope those he has infected get well sooner... This red-capped man shaaa Hmmmm I hope not May God heal you gentle, Old man. Abba Kyari hope to resume destroying Nigeria. He need to go and rest at his age. He went to.Germany to discuss with a German company regarding electricity...what is his portfolio?

which work, abeg die it You'll not resume that work Trust you are CORONAVIRUS free? Don't endanger Nigerians Nonsense. Resume to do what?. Are we sure it is the original virus that invaded Nigeria?. 😂😂😂 😆😆😆😆😆 Wish you quick recovery and all those who were affected You better not return we want the bad people of this country to reduce

Why transporting aba kiyari to Lagos? Why not treat him in Abuja? Is abuja now a worthless capital? There's something about this man's look that I don't like, looks evil!! We are just fine without you Abba Kyari If I'm Abba Kyari...... After reading the comments here, it's either I choose to die or Resign if I survive. Nobody want you alive.

Abeg just rest, we tnk u 4 wat u’ve done In the resume hell right Which work sir, Oga pls better go and die ooo In the other room? Mr President Dear Covid-19 please can you help us attend to this man very well. 🤷‍♂️ bcos I don’t know what he’s looking for now... Honestly don’t Sigh. See Musa Why can't you just die please

Die in peace!!! No sir. You will not be able to go back So corona virus has suddenly lost it’s potency? Corona!!!! Work kill u dia! Monkey We hope he doesn't recover oooh Oga stay were u are is of no use,ur coming does not change any thing Hmmmn This weyrey 🤦🏾‍♂️ Why so much hate on this man? Resume with work of remote controlling the president... Oga go join ur ancestors

As old as you are resuming to work ..God forbid ..have you forgetting Nigeria anthem that say . youths are the leader of tomorrow 🤐so nevermind of coming back Non-sens Go work in supreme space not Nigeria You interviewed him on sick bed abi where and when did he say that? From where ? Either you resume or not, you are on your own. You need to retire at this age and be resting as an old man

If CORONA VIRUS doesn't drag you & your impostor to hell, it mean IT has taken bride from the Presidency in Pounds Starling (£) We wish to see soon in action Can u hear this man , Ur office will definitely miss ur bro,good 9t oga calm down first😏 I wish you quick recovery Which work, Corona must not fuck up.

Oga calm down and treat uncle coro well Just take ur time papi Concentrate on recovering before thinking of resumption. Abi Nigeria can not work without you? Go and rest You want to infect more people abi Pls baba, stay there till the end of this tenure. Pls sir, a beg abeg. Let fresh air enter najai old colodia drivulse

Really You people are mad. This man began to talk immediately after H.E. President Buhari addressed us yesternight. Who can relate. Could it be that they both arrived the country same time? Get well soon Oga go and Retire... You are still tested Positive and only self isolated for 7 days of the required 14-21days of observation. Why the haste to resume work? To infect more strategically important people like ProfOsinbajo I guess ? You had better steer clear the villa.

Which work? Are u coming in Casket? 🏃 🏃 🏃 hmmmmmm At what age, there are alot of young Nigerian that can do the same job He knows his influence is reduced & he's fast losing relevance. He thought NOTHING would work without him. This man is Power drunk Get well soon abbak Which work are you resuming again Sir? At least you're far more million times better than the rest of us soaking garri to fill our hunger. The self isolation you claimed to have gone n with all the funds you acquired is enough to last for more than a lifetime. nosivad

Of course. Let those who lack understanding keep the panic and fear. And of course those who want paid holidays at home. Nonsense. Don't resume work go and resign in order to take care of your health condition, bye. Is not possible U won't My friend carry your ass to your house make we reason another serious issue jare rubbish!

In grave 😃😃 AkibaDuke Is he not the one dt tested opposite ,what work is he resuming ? I hope you must have learnt your lessons. Thinking of stealing than his health who is he working for his immediate family not Nigerians You get work no be to go looting our money 😏 Which work exactly? The vaccine they ar giving to you,that mks you feel you will be strong enurf to resume office,shld also be given to others oh

God please stop him. We're waiting 😒😒😒😒 What happened to you? Were you on holidays? Which work? 🙄 The Poor man is in trouble if the wealthiest are been cured of Covid 19 Our president will be back soon glory to God Welcome back GCFR Please stay at home for the 3months. Haba you want to spread it? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

Oga you better stay away and retire Abba Mr. Abba Kyari, fear God. Na so you love the work? Chai Who cares? You will resume in hellfire From the other side ba! Why can't this man just come out and say I can't continue this work I need rest... See old man wae for de village de catch cruise with em family de resume work... Oga go and ....

What work? So you quick recover faster than the people you meet on journey of covid-19 guy you better dey your day Criminal I once heard of a saying that 'in every office beware of any staff that NEVER wants to go on sick or any kind of leave!' Excuse, where is the work? Maybe he didn't know that Mr. President has lockdown Abuja, Lagos and Ogun... So where does he want to resume? Clown!

PLEASE work in your house only I don't need you. Please die there Sir. You are a liability to Nigeria. Which work my brother,,, you wanna continue looting from where you stopped 🙄 🙄 🙄 We pray this is true, go back to work ooo. Resume what? Oga you're already home pls stay at home Did you say resume? What are you resuming for?

While you were away, the acting president has made an appearance Why not stay at home? I follow back This is a bad news, why will he survive it, other elderly people around the world are dying of it, why will he survive it? God need to do something because some people are better to be dead than alive! Don't just hope anything Abba

Hmmmmm Who even cares. It age mate suppose don retire naturally or .... Get well first Many men wish death upon me🎵 Na wa ooooo. You are looking gone. As in RIP gone. My friend don't go to that aso rock oh. We don't need u any more. Do u want to go and infect more people. Please stay at home. My friend pray u don't die n live the country alone.

Sad news Okay oooooh. You need more rest pls... don't rush it sir. Just work from home... How old do u wnt to get bfore resigning like wot ex is left of you wetin you dy use d money do, oga wif all due respect plz rest biko unemployment every bcos you people refuse to resign Na work you are thinking of What of your health As if you love the job like that

Please remain where you sir, don't come back that office Wch work self at this age with this shrinking skin, n horrible looking .. U should had retired years back if not for bad government... Olofo somebori. Die by fire No peace for the wicked Awon oloribu Plenty people don't wish soooo Oga goan relax nah Nah! Go and rest bro

Amen God is your strength... God will heal d world 🌎 You are not ooooo No no, stay at home Jacuzzi focus... For your mind abi! Which Hospital he dey self. This Na story jooo. Wish u speed recovery 🙄🙄 Aya m still not convinced that covid 19 is in Nigeria ooooh, 97 cases, only 1 death, who's fooling who, We hope you don't, just go home and be on compulsry rest

Granpa go and enjoy your retirement na! Na so cabal Dey sweet you? At dis age...die Noo nooo pls Why not resume to your home.? what can u do to help Nigeria at this juncture? Your likes are commiting suicide somewhere in Germany for their undoing Baba's in government 🇳🇬💯😭😭😭 try to rest please... U know some people who tested negative are coming back with positive tests again... Just take a break eh, it's not bad if you rest for eternity okayy

Baba God come and do something new 🙏😭 Who ur resume help Abeg, 'boya ke lo sun' Whc work? God forbid you in Jesus name Please we give you forced retirement due to your ailments, I guess we will legalise this segalink please do the necessary documents for this Oldman retirement package.. Regards The authentic presido is talking

Don't tell me it jas affected your ear, didn't you hear about the lockdown? Corvid 19 pls do ur work fast fast.... Resume no resume fire. Pls retire, you are old enough to be at home baba Lol he still get mouth to talk be like that thing never enter am well well Please take time in isolation. There's no need to hurry for resumption. Aso Villa is doing fine right now.

Which work? Sympathizing and arming Fulani herdsmen and miyetti Allah? Pls better go n rest How did u survive the sickness THE SECRETARY WROTE TO THE NATION C'est finale HERO Now thats your president speaking Na work dey hungry you abi? If the evil Nigerians say you are masterminding is true. Please try and be nice after you get well. I don't pray or wish for anyone to die in their sins. I don't want to die in mine either. Focus on your heal3for now. Quick healing i 🙏 for you.

Please get well but don't resume work. He didn't contact covid-19 at all Be sure to be OK 1st, so it does not keep spreading. What is the rush back to work all about? No need sir. To scatter the country again? Hia! Sir retire for ur age sake,and enjoy ur wealth. Baba stay and enjoy ur retirement biko ! Just stay home let really known who control our dear Nation Sir

Make a video of you if true just as malam gov kaduna state did. Idiot, In fact die there Resume were? Guy go home and rest! Old men are much in this govt. And i know that you are ruling the country indirectly. GoHomeAndRest Till then... Welcome back You should be enjoying your retirement by now Fake letter!!!

I hope not Covid-19 must be a fool if you fail to die at the end of today. finally the Corona in Nigeria is igbo made the China own killed 500 people in one day There is no rush ehn. I really couldn't tell a difference between your presence and absence. 🤔🤔🤔 This fellow must not be moved to Lagos. Kyari et al must stew in the rancid vomit of their wicked neglect right in the Villa Clinic. When they recover they'd hopefully have learnt that it's best to develop the HOMEFRONT rather than foreign facilities with Nigeria's dough.

To resume work, spreading covid-19? Your days are on a yellow leaf, about to fall. Resuming work as what exactly? All this old leaders should give young brain the chance to rule jare You still get mouth? which stupid work are you resuming soon? You don't have anything but evil to offer, i wish you didn't survive the covid-19 virus..

With your age sir, you are still resuming work? Do you want to die of working? I understand you want to resume work so that you can have your cut from donated money. Remember UCH & our hospital lack of health Facilities. May you and others that are positive recover 100% Abeg dey ur dey. Naija is sooo fine without u. Actually we want u to recover well sir, more shifa to u sir!

You have sidelined ProfOsinbajo why? The Mumu is not even talking and his brothers are here fighting Imamofpeace Students developed a TOUCH FREE BUCKET to help fight AGAINST covid-19 The acting president Kyari, I bet he wrote that speech that the absentee president read. Boko haram is a virus worse than covid-19, killed thousands and Buhari didn't declare shutdown of the north. We're in false imprisonment.

This is when you will know that this country is a scam See him face like my grama cat Which work are u coming to resume again? Pls take care of ur health and leave Aso Rock alone for now. Dont u value ur health. At this ur age u are still talking about resuming work what then will 30yrs men and women say?

Anyway sir, get well soon You left some Ghana must go in the office abi Can he just die!!! You wish cannot be granted sir 💁🏽‍♂️ sadek_theijai 4 where when na u dy destroy our country na god dy catch una one by one remain Maman daura . Hahaha u go hear wehhh Who is he working for? As we care! Resume work kill yo dia MPAMA

Na so corruption dey sweet? Go home, u r old Waiting for you our invisible president Alo rami rami. You won’t resume in Jesus name If you did not make it to the hard fire 🔥 now, all Nigeria 🇳🇬 people will call China 🇨🇳 coronavirus Street to you. Which work are you resuming you better get well first and rest well also get enough rest as the president has given an order for total lock down for 14 days

Oga abeg please stay far away from Nigeria's business. You can as well retire from there and go home. You have fed enough fat from the state coffers No oo, what is his hurry, he must be tested 200 times before he returns to Aso Rock Make sure you're totally 😲 freed from that pandemic before you resume. You shouldn't be in a hurry to resume office 💽.

Why are they bringing him to Lagos? What happened to Abuja or his constituency? You say what? Which work ? The work of controlling our president . 🙉🙉🙉It's sad but this is the man that has been ruling from the back door Resume fire oga just kick bucket and be going. Get well first. insha Allah No sir. Don’t stress yourself . Just go and rest in HELL!!!!!!

You miss your boss To hell !!! Is this man okay... In fact this the man that is ruling Nigeria..not buhari. Work on what old man Resume work? That should be after you're test negative to the virus I guess you are resuming to heaven Oh my God You and ur co workers should just go n leave us alone Distribution of the virus, abi?

My prayers with him🙏 To come and be fronting as president abi. You hope to die soon My pity now is on those money people have bin donating so far.....chaiiii money wey neva start to dey work nd ds man one resume soon Don't rush. Take a long, long vacation. Your health is very important to us. 🙄 Valar morghulis

Na there una go die Lmao 😂 , which Work He dey do Before? Resume which work? Fastest recovery insha Allah Sir🙌🙌 Time will tell Sir. You no go stay house now recover? I don't know wetin you wan come work 🤷‍♀ No come infect people up and down, as we don dey pray make you recover wella now, you no likeam abii

Fvck... Oga, under who? May due dat 4u Ekwensu! U did not even test positive at the first place oga .. Make una stop chasing aid from abroad Mr_Naxmar Work to work on us abi Which work are resuming? Baba werey, this is lesson for you leaders,,, You are the bottleneck in Aso Rock... Please don't resume, seek voluntary retirement. Meanwhile, I wish you quick recovery and restful retirement life.

Papa pls retire na We don tire for all these old men That's why the country is not moving anywhere Retire and rest with your family How can you make your own health care arrangement in a nationwide/world crises where all cases are to be monitored closely? NCDCgov I hope case is above your quarantine rule.

I’m sorry the doctor said you won’t make it No “I have made my own care arrangements to avoid further burdening the public health system, which faces so many pressures.... like moving the two ventilators in Gwagalada hospital to Aso rock? .... Who Care's? Which work were you working before? Hope you are resuming with the right sense of upgrading our health centers...

Not for now sir. Go rest Resume which work? See this irresponsible man, that did not quarantine himself and was busy writing the Senate president because of lawmakers refusing to quarantine themselves... Because ur umblical cord was buried there.. Oga go and rest we need a smart chief of staff. Go home and rest, play with your grandchildren that's what your mate does at this age. I don't wish you any recovery

This one no won see 6feet 🏃🏿‍♂️🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 he wants to still eat out money 💴 please go and stay on your own ooo U wouldn't come back sir We hope you don't resume, go and rest. Monster himself... Resume which work? Greedy man... Pls don’t. Just rest and retire from there Are you sure, Mr. Kyari? Get well soon.

I havs replace you, look for another office biko Are you now playing the position of God? The God of heaven and earth will humble you. He is GOD. You have to isolate yourself for three months. With the COVID one-nine ?😁 Chai! Wetin happen to my prayers. I no gree Which work? Abi aye e fe baje danu ni?! R I P I H Rest In Peace In Hell

But this man is old nah... Which way Naija God will not allow you We will miss you bro. AbdvlHerphyz Take sick leave... you won’t die! As chief gateman...because mummy has taken over your position. As Chief Gateman, because mummy ti take over... Havane If it is to resume looting, you won't recover o. Don't worry. You're doing well jare.

Baba, we the leaders of tomorrow will continue from where you stopped. With all due respect sir, you need to take a rest See this man oooo...... No be for Nigeria here u go resume work you better Apply for another job through jobberman Which work?abey face ur quarantine Will you just stop ✋🏿 ? What’s your problem?

Oga turn “Negative” first You really need to die Wishing you speedy and unrecoverable illnesses Which work? Where do you work sef Ose baddest. 😁 world people no get chill at all just reading comments. Oga u sef go rest Abeg . .. Make u well first ooo .. No go infect baba 4 villa. You better treat yourself first before you go carry virus to rob the hole Nigeria

This news have spoilt my night 😠😡 The real president. At to continue to rule Nigeria not buhari See your face, please don't resume o, we are better off without you You will not resume and all politicians that the virus affected even if my papa they among RIP to them Abi this one is mad ni 😡 honilatte Nigga looks evil

They'll announce your death soon. Abeg oo Can you imagine? Why won't that imam of peace start saying trash Resume? But we were not told you left. Nobody had the balls to simply state the obvious that the C-O-S was +ve. Only Allah knows what all the secrecy is about. Anyway, get well soon! ag_seun Which work

From pit of hell Which work sir... Don't worry you are relieved of your duties until we get rid of coro completely. Eshay Please come back presido why I seriously don’t know what these old men are still looking for. He’s supposed to have resigned. So is this news saying Abba Kyari is still in Abuja as of this moment ? Ok o

Just stay quarantined, leave bonuses for now, your salary will be paid😂 To embezzle more money dey hungry this man 😫😫 Biko rest oga This man has got 9 lives.....Damn! Will you keep kwayet 🤫 I hope to hear you get well soon. As for work ' you are fired' How I wished it's as simple as this! All I'll say is that may God reward you for your work accordingly.

God ! Yes ooo. Thank God Pepper them, oya legooooo. Osheee. Patient No.31 the distributor. Baba 80 go and rest No way no way no way 😭 Who cares if you resume or not...... you must be missing all your corrupt act and as the head of the cabal you have to protect the empire from falling. God punish all of you that has brought Nigeria to her kneel

Resume where? Make all of una go rest make youths take over , una don old o How can a old man like this be a chief of staff to a president? A great grand dad that ought to be in retirement. Weird! Was his result really a covid 19 or something else, with the claim going on in Italy and Spain saying most of the testing kits were fake from China.

I wish you quit recovery Ki lo wa ki ri Survive first sir Wailers won't like this Ajidewe buuku...I fear u baba Please resume at home first. Stay away from the president for now. You may resume January 1 2021. Useless looking vulture!!! I thank God for his mercy over you sir. But I’d advise, you retire and have a good old age rest. It takes wisdom to live long.

olugbemi_eniola Focus on recovery first Yes u are the president Someone is missing his share of the national cake... You guys never love the people... I pray justice prevail honilatte Oh he talking now. Thanks to 💷💷💷 Oga goan die If i talk eh eh AkibaDuke Can you just go and rest pls Another Robert mogabe

Who cares Okay. May you recover soon. Which work You still dey talk You will resume with LUCIFER 😂😂 I wish you quick recovery Ooo, but when do you want to rest to enjoy your wealth sir? Or do you just want to put us in this endless debt and japa ni? Your guys should go and rest at home biko! CoronaVirusInNigeria

Oga go and rest... Beneficiaries of 15 million wasted votes. at what age? Corona virus na scam. With money you will get the vaccine in 2 days Work. Which work? Am so sorry respectable man Don't bother yourself... Just stay where your destiny want you Media aide said or he said ? 🙄🙄🙄 Which work? Sharing the virus? Abeg pack well

Wish you quick recovery sir Stay away and stay healthy. Nobody is missing you. Dis people don’t die? Chai...🙆🏽‍♂️🙆🏽‍♂️ Wish u quick recovery You are too old....guy go and rest If I hear 😂😂😂😂 To continue sharing the disease?

COVID-19: 3 University of Ibadan principals test postive for Covid-19 – Daily TrustThe Chief Medical Director of the University College Hospital, Ibadan, Jesse Abiodun Otegbayo, the Provost, College of Medicine, University of Ibadan, Olubunmi Olopade-Olaopa, and her Deputy, Prof Obafunke Denloye, have tested positive to coronavirus. May Almighty God Protect us Haaa gobe don dey come small small. May almighty Allah see us through

Covid-19: Why I moved to Lagos after testing positive - Abba Kyari – Daily TrustThe Chief of Staff to the President, Malam Abba Kyari , says he left Abuja for Lagos last night, to do additional tests and observation. Kyari, who tested positive for the Covid-19 pandemic, said the decision he took based on medical advice was also a precautionary measure. He said in a letter that he made his … This one is strong oh.... Wetin concern me..if u like, go to UK..besides this is d time to travel,in terms of sickness.. Why u no travel abroad hospital again

Nigeria sixth African country with high COVID-19 cases – WHOWhoa, this CoronavirusPandemic is really paralysing every country both economically and health, dire for countries with poor health care facilities like Nigeria. CoronaVirusNigeria Where’s our President please. Where’s he?! always shopping for negative news to report about Nigeria — picking and choosing stats to promote pessimism. The way you portray your country is the way the outside world sees it. Here are more up-to-date COVID-19 stats on Africa and Nigeria (200M people) isn’t 6th:

COVID-19: Cross River Government to seal churches with more than five members - Daily Post NigeriaThe Cross River State Government has threatened to seal any church that has membership of more than five on Sunday. The Senior Special Adviser to Governor Thought they couldn't shut schools down?

Ministers donate 50% of March salary to COVID-19 effortsNigeria's 43 Ministers have donated 50% of their March 2020 salaries to support Federal Government's efforts to combat the... Did u seek the attention of the workers on this? Fake news 📰 Distribute this money to the poor masses they need it more

COVID-19: Enugu confirms two new cases, closes borders, marketsThis serious The entire SE should be in lockdown. As soon as 🇨🇳 relax their travel restrictions, Nnas held up there since will inundate the SE with the virus. Mumu man... And ur shutting boarder now?..... When d thing have not entered.. Why didn't you shut it down?... Nonsense