COVID-19: I Didn’t Say there Is No Hunger In The Land, Says Lai Mohammed

COVID-19: I Didn’t Say there Is No Hunger In The Land, Says Lai Mohammed

4/6/2020 8:06:00 PM

COVID-19: I Didn’t Say there Is No Hunger In The Land, Says Lai Mohammed.

COVID-19: I Didn’t Say there Is No Hunger In The Land, Says Lai Mohammed

Updated April 6, 2020 The Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed has decried the fake news in Federal Government’s fight against COVID-19 in the country.Speaking during a briefing on Tuesday by the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19, Mohammed lamented that there are people who keep distracting the President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration in curtailing coronavirus.

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Citing an instance, the minister said: The latest of this is the claim that I said there is no hunger in the land and that the Federal Government has made available N100billion to Nigerians. It is fake. There is no time I said it or anybody in the Task Force said so.”

READ ALSO:Lockdown Violation: Naira Marley In Police Custody Over Funke Akindele’s PartyAlthough the minister didn’t name individual, he regretted that those spreading fake news have not relented from doing so.“Those who are bent on distracting the Federal Government through fake news from its focused fight against COVID-19 have not relented.

“They are also carry a fake news that members of the Task Force have agreed on the sharing formula of the money that is coming in to the Task Force. Once again, it is false. These people are bent on distracting the government from it’s focused fight against COVID-19,” he said.

According to him, the main essence why the Federal Government keeps holding the daily press conference is to keep Nigerians abreast of latest update relating to the virus in the country.He therefore advised the citizens to be wary of fake news, stressing that any news that didn’t come from any member of the Task Force or the ministers should be disregarded.

To the Minister, Nigerians in need for any information should simply visit the website of the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC).“One of the main reasons why we have this daily press conference is to give you an update on the COVID-19. Any other news not emanating from the ministers or this press conference relating to COVID-19 cannot be attributed to us.

“The Centre for Disease Control has a website and you can at every hour of the day get an update on COVID-19.“Some websites are notorious for this fake news and one of them is I will advise Nigerians that if you want any information on COVID-19, don’t go to,” he stressed.

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It's time Nigeria replace most of the current politicians with young educated mind who understand policies, procedures, data, implementation, productivity, laws updated & implementated to all. Current uneducated politicians step down to prevent further signing away to deve world What different does it make?

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You don't need much response sir! Lie is in your DNA. Hello... It is high time we stop politics game in Nigeria and face the reality. This COVID19Pandemic is just a reminder and call for repentance for everyone of us in this country. If it is possible for the government to provide all Nigerian phone numbers to NCDCgov then

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Interesting Things To Do Indoors During COVID-19 LockdownAs the stay-home lockdown continues in states like Lagos, Ogun and the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja due to the Covid-19 pandemic, staying indoor for so long can induce mental stress and boredom. This is because of less engagement of the human brain.

FG’s response to COVID-19 outbreak was late -Nigerian Academy of ScienceAgain? NGRPresident all of you guess are Mad, even at that, so? What is happening now ?, They will not agree that all these rubbish is their fault.

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