COVID-19: Give Nigerians One-Month Free Subscription, Keyamo Tells DSTV, Others

COVID-19: Give Nigerians One-Month Free Subscription, Keyamo Tells DSTV, Others

3/31/2020 4:05:00 AM

COVID-19: Give Nigerians One-Month Free Subscription, Keyamo Tells DSTV, Others.

COVID-19: Give Nigerians One-Month Free Subscription, Keyamo Tells DSTV, Others

— Festus Keyamo, SAN (@fkeyamo)March 30, 2020Mr Keyamo had in some earlier tweets on March 26, opined that God allowed the Coronavirus (COVID-19) disease to afflict the human race.He argued that God allowed COVID-19 to afflict the human race only to redirect our steps back to Him.

Revised budget: FG gives National Assembly N27bn for renovation, cuts health, UBE votes 241 new Covid-19 cases recorded Tuesday – Daily Trust Senate approves FG’s $5.51bn external loan request – Daily Trust

According to hi, “We have so distorted God’s Word to suit our own human weaknesses and satisfy our greed, even in supposed Holy Places”.The minister urged Nigerians to collectively ask for forgiveness, stressing that it will all end in praise. Read more: Channels Television »

DSTV ke, this one na TV talk oooo We want pay per view and are ready to pay, it’s our govt who’s giving DStvNg the advantage over its citizen, NGRSenate should pass a bill instructing DStvNg to activate pay per view billing system Pls how can I send my music video Heal the world Covid-19 Will no need free subscription pay money inside everyone accounts as far we're citizens of the country make una do something before ungry go person

We're will no have light 🚦 What have they given to us. Stupid government of Nigeria When there's no light, it remains invalid They can't .... For us to pay later abi.. It's quite doable for dstv current subscribers and will not cost them much. The Offer will be for current subscribers Free Access package Free upgrade to compact from access Free upgrade to full bouquet from compact Half price subscription for all package till June 🙂

Good motives from keyamo Wow Datz a Gud idea, can govt.also do same by giving Us one month free light to enjoy the subscription? Just asking o I Dey shame for you. Tueh What about electricity to watch the dstv Free subscription and then no light to watch or charge your phone How will free subscription feed a lame man for 2 weeks. Oga borrow sense.

APCNigeria Can that be in this country Oga Keyamo I beg go wash your hands, face biko If we have a proper and well organised government no one needs to tell them to provide basic amenities for it's citizens they are not even willing to do anything for us despite the amount of donations they have been receiving for these past few days

Of what use is that free one month subscription if there is no light to watch the TV. First thing first, get electricity and power to work in Nigeria. We've been in this for far too long..we need better results on power. Good talk bro Give one month subscription to the poor who cannot afford breakfast. Shame on you

Tell NEPA or whoever's is in charge of power to give us light,that's the starting point first,how do u expect Nigerians to stay at home without light,thr is lockdown and that means one cannot even go out to buy fuel for gen....ensure steady power supply pls. fkeyamo Is that our priority now? What % of Nigerians have dstv? Suggesting a private company provides free services when PHCN can not guaranty even paid uninterrupted electricity for 14 days for all Nigerians, wow!! What a life Nigerians, what a life!

What is Mr Festus saying gangan what would d government give as palevatives 4 its Citizens abi na d private enterprises wey dey pay dere tax go dey responsible for our needs We have misplaced priorities on this side of the world. What about those that didn't have DStv, hmmm... Only God will help my country ❤️

Data is more important sir Nigerians and beggybeggy mentality 😒 Funny enough DStvNg gave me one month extended compact subscription Cc adekalou And what are YOU keyamo doing exactly to help poor desperate nigerians from your comfort zone? talk is cheap! Good idea With which light would we even watch the DSTV free subscription if at all?

once you join politics Wisdom, knowledge and understanding departs you, abi no be SAN be this man akomolafe_esq Why can't you advise the FG on the right thing to,in giving out Nigerians some token,cos of the total and partial lockdown in the country How we wan tay watch the channels without light TO DO WHAT WITH IT? WHERE IS THE LIGHT?

Just few days into the forceful stay at home, the government is already lacking in giving the people social amenities, no food and you're talking of free subscription, to watch with which ligjt? People wey no get tv nko Make it while you at it. Live by example plz Tell your employer to pay Nigerians for staying at home. Contribute your quota. Banks and individuals are already helping, you too can pay some Nigerians. Hunger is real and kills faster than the virus.

Let them give us free DSTV first. God will settle d rest. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ Pls tell them sir Tank u I believe there are more reasonable interventions that can be requested which have far-reaching impact than DSTV subscription which most Nigerians can afford to live without. APCNigeria what about rent They should just share trader moni let's trade inside our houses.

Please talk another thing If this were election year, politicians would have provided foods supply, hospitals with their names boldly written on them. It is a shame.... What a dull comment from a supposedly learned man. How many home have dstv? What is your business with dstv? If it were your personal company, would you give? What have you given as Festus Kayamo to alleviate poverty.

APCNigeria Mumu! How many Nigerians get DSTV? Good This man is a goat, he knows nothing. DStv na food? Food is the best way to keep Nigerians at home at this time as it comes 1st in hierarchy of basic amenities. An average artisan earns wages from work and might not survive a prolonged lockdown. ShehuSani tweet reflected same hunger factor as paramount.

NIGERIANS WORTH IT but has the the our GOVERNMENT done enough for the masses. Truth be told! Leave DSTV and do the needful to the CITIZENS. NIGERIA IS BLESSED One month free subscription without power supply. Loud! Mumu man, what has your govt given to d masses to keep them at home in this trying period?

Av said it several times that this guys are not normal Light is bad jhor Maybe unbroken power supply should be regarded as a necessity and come first. A free subscription to a TV channel I do despair!! Please how did he became a Lawyer¿ Not all homes can even afford a TV not to talk of dstv, there are other basic things that can be provided instead of that, even if they do, where is the power sully? misplacedpriority

Story, find better thing give us List of what Govt should assist by canceling During this lock down 2 months of Nepa bill 2 Months of rent 2 months of lawma bill Then, Transfer of fund to BVN related acc Then lock down would be easy. Gidi_Traffic OgbeniDipo burna StayAtHome COVID19 AprilFoolsDay NOTDIS

Poor man no get dstv ooo let them give us food b4 hungry kill us We prefer data Can you imagine, when other leaders are thinking about better farewell. Ow do we move forward with this kind of brain We shouldn't even be begging for this ,I think its right things to be done See this one. Ask for smthng better not this stupidity. Wat is common Dstv

Who should I tag to see this,anyway you’d still see it💪 What's DSTV without food on our table. Oga Ade think am wella na shiorkèlèbé Which light dem go take watch am baba keyamu,and even generator wey dem dey manage one of ur friend from north is sponsoring a bill in Senate chamber make dem barn am kpa ta kpa ta,and your there talking about DStv free subscription 🇳🇬💔💔💔😭😭

Supported Noted APCNigeria Bros Festus, you for no talk this one? RUBISH how much is your government that you are serving is giving people Una way be Nigerians get serious issues sef, if person stand for una, una go complain then if another person stand against una go still complain. Una matter dey spiritual jarri haba No sense at all

They are never tired of collecting, free subscription with all the money already in your pocket; he's not even thinking of those who can't afford to buy garri APCNigeria Poverty mentality...em dey find free sub 🤣🤣🤣🤣DSTV make una no agree o They sud save all these, na money sure pass What is Corporate Social Responsibility all about? Tell them sir

Why is Keyamo, a serving minister, making a personal appeal to telecoms firms to reduce data charges during the lockdown? Why not put some push behind the idea by sharing it with his colleague Communication Minister Pantanmi who has made reducing airtime charges a major focus? APCNigeria Oga, leave DSTV for now, let NigeriaGov and MBuhari provide 24hrs power supply first during this lockdown period. Later, we can reason DStvNg

fkeyamo please respect yourself this period. DSTV our priority ? No power supply and then 7th or 8th of April PHCN will bring estimated bill. fkeyamo why not tell the federal government to give Nigerians one month free Electricity supply ?then we know what to do with multichoice. ..... APCNigeria fkeyamo What is the need of DStvNg giving Nigerians one month free subscription when there's no power supply? When the people are hungry? Advocate for steady power supply, it's out right

Bless u hon minister including all communication network to show they also care - Up Mr Keyamo. U have drawn another RAIN Instead of dstv,give us light What has your APC government given to the same Nigerians? Or they don't have whstbto give? fkeyamo why don’t u tell the fed govt to stop NERC from increasing electricity tariff tomorrow?

Especially MTN,etisalat, Airtel and glo It's when Nigeria government value life of citizen then others investor can also value u lay ur bed you will line on it What can Nigerians do with free DSTV subscription if there is no light ? Are we getting free fuel ,food items for one month ? Will the one month subscription replaces food... Please, let's set and get our priorities right

Since Nigeria govt can't give citizen fund to buy food and other items like sanitizer..I don't think other investor in Nigeria can have such mind to do ..ur government is already failed and disgrace What has free subscription got to do with covid 19, Nigeria can't give us one month free na private company Una de worry

How much has federal government giving to those staying at home who else has confirmed if he or she dstv is working self all this things fit be scam self Oladhiwhy Yes,they should. Tell MTN to give us data for free at this period of covid-19 pandemic. Nice one ohiiiiiiiii Tell your principal to instruct CBN to give all bvn a credit alert not less than 15k

Is that the solution? Where is the electricity or light to watch TV' s programs? You are not making any sense of your statement. dahiru_madaaki 😅 Flesh and blood did not reveal this to you! We start enjoying free internet here on abroad, low water and electric bill, and many more. People at home need steady electricity to be able to stay home, free food from govt's internet and many more.

We don't want DSTV give us one month free DATA subscription No NEPA bill for this period Keyamo has gone mad again. He cant call on government to stop VAT, Electricity bill, Stamp duty etc, now calling on DSTV to stop payment. My question is, what impact will this have on the life of an average Nigerian? Awhy_87316 only1hippo

Is Keyamo launching a new satellite for DSTV or what? DSTV giv 1 month free sub? Na story he dey find fkeyamo, y not ask federal govt to cook 4 d federation 4 jus 2 weeks, at list evn 1 week... Act d talk, not talk d act pls What of you and others in the cabinet? Where is the light to watch DSTV? Good motives from keyamo

So! our problem is free subscription. Na wa o for some people who called themselve leaders. Well said. Keyamo, u can't be serious. Tell ur boss, our President to give us monetary support for lockdown otherwise you are selfish. DStvNg what’s up? The question is will they follow the directive? One month is not too despite what they have made from Nigerians. I think that is a good ideal. Dstv please give us one month. StayAtHomeAndStaySafe

I support this view. This will go a long way to aid communication while people stay at home. Which light we go use watch the free subscription ? 😴 Bomboy don talk again... mteeew Yes ooo.... DStv ND Gotv.... Where is the Electricity.... Amazing! Please tell the government to give us one month uninterrupted electricity first.

Tell the network providers to give free Data We need it oooh. Givingback Nepa first bruhhh... Also, tell your colleagues to give us one month free electricity. They always do to where it will benefits they,thank God COVID-19 start from abroad if not pepu like keyamo himself will not be in Nigeria by now they are. All useless set of pepu in govt.

Na DStv lo daran. MTN, Airtel, GLO nko. Awon eleriboo.... Wa, what has APC done for one month Other big companies are doing something, I am yet to read what DSTV and MTN have done. Not to appear Xenophobic but I think we have to cut their monopoly especially that of DSTV by providing some healthy competition.

Hmmmm, I reserve my comment for now That should help as well ... I hope they hear ooo 🤡🤡🤡 Na lie Dumb ass govt free DSTV while NEPA is on the of verge of increasing electricity tariff on Wednesday tariff, now they’d transferred money to unknow poorest Nigerian accounts , without database Why is the government silent over this

How much govt is giving us sir for one month Instead of asking for free electricity that will benefit all, fkeyamo wants dstv that only a certain category of Nigerians can afford. COVID-419 Na chop you suppose tell your Oga to give Nigerians, you dey talk of subscription. Na subscription we go chop Mr. Minister?

And free electricity We need free data and electricity too See as your mouth... When you get your own company provide such paliatives for them free of charge. Please ask us first if we have light!!! After paying taxes abi. Na them cause the virus outbreak. Mtcheeew! Wetin the federal govt don give us sef. No food, water, light. Even if they offer free one month service, which light we go use. Misplace priority.

Most times I wonder how these guys feel when saying rubbish on TV! My friend focus on what the Government is or can do and leave DSTV alone. Are they also stealing from government like politicians? Easier to say............. Is it that our leaders r so insensitive. Free dstv ? Wat of families whi dnt even have tv at home

DSTv that have been sending me message that I have N3,486 as my balance, and I should pay a certain sum so they can reconnect me. My balance is a substantial volume of what I pay as subscription, yet they cut me off instead of running to till the money is fully used up. Tell Keyamo that what we need is a stable electricity from this government

Can this happen ! it's high time you people reflected the mind of the people and be their voices as well, DSTV, STARTIMES are luxury to compare with ELECTRICITY and RENTS, there re family that earn their rent from their daily hustle and as it is now, they might not be able to afford it davidbince It can never happen

davidbince If this on happen let me have Brest cancer AKingPeter Can you give Nigerians uninterrupted (not even free) electricity for one month? If no, let's call a spade a spade. What have your Government done to alleviate the suffering of Nigerians during this period, forget about MTN, let your Government take the lead

COVIK 1-9 -- sorry, CoronavirusInNigeria has brought common sense to some hailers. Good idea, I must say. I still demand GoodGovernance as it pays. Seems their ears are Open to Listen! As if that's possible Give one month Dstv subscription when there is light every where, fix power let power stable in Nigeria for Nigerian

HakeemOyato1 Let's hope they will do as you have said. Tell the government to give one month salary to its citizens. Why is it foreigners that will do that. They will never do that but you can subscribe and never connected and you will continue to call the customer care with out any response, this is the kind of service we get from them

Save your energy for Népa... What is DStv if there is no electricity Government should give them free diesel to power their equipment. DStv subscription without power from PHCN doesn’t make sense. We need light not DSTV subscription Will government give them tax relief? What did your Oga MBuhari give to Nigerians in this our condition? NERCNG is about hiking the price of Electricity? What has your team done free of charge for Nigerians? It's like you don't know charity should begin at home?

But he wouldn't prevail on his pay master to do D needful by providing economic/financial relief for D citizenry. Would they be tax free for this period? Why can't D federal govt make a deal wt them to pay subsidy so D rates can be subsidised. That glorified clout needs to stfu! What is the FG giving to Nigerians? Others are donating, what have you people donated? Is it only to share?

Nigerians should cut off cable if they need to, due to the time we are in. It is not essential to their survival. Nigerians can't cut off food & other essentials. That's where they need help. This is where you should telli your Boss to provide 10k per household verified. Dem no go gree. Guy why are talking like this DSTV what dose that has to do with food, money, power, and what people at the rural area gain from one month subscription, take another thing

Tell your boss MBuhari to credit everyone in Nigeria with BVN a minimum wages is not bad. Not everyone has dstv/gotv. WE ARE HUNGRY They should make it pay as you used instead. Data too With 24hours power supply Well said sir, But you and your GMB,what concrete thing are you doing for the people at this very trying times...TALK IS REALLY CHEAP!

Waiting carry Small minister inside big people gist When the government is hiking electricity bill you could advise the government to reduce the price of electricity bills Exactly my point! DSTV has 24hrs to respond. The premier league, Spanish Laliga amongst other leagues I subscribed for viewing pleasure were not aired due to the outbreak.

I support this too,no Only DSTV ,also GOTV Me that won't even pay light bill for this month! DStv can keep their free subscription. Which light we wan carry watch am? You don't want it , what we want is food on table , even the DStv free subscription , is only for you and your friends . They are not likely going to do it.Let us all encourage the National Assembly to do the needful in ensuring that they come out with necessary legislation which will make it pay as you watch or use. Be it DSTV,GOTV,STARTIMES....etc

Which one has fkeyamo ever given to Nigerians?Yenyenyenyenyennnn😏😏😏 I have been using generator since 3 days here in power supply from phcn..heat won finish me..bros abeg park well Nigerians and reach, how many companies are giving you free service and goods during this time Of economic recession

Mayb he should tell his employer to pay us some of our tax money....i pay a minimum of 8k for tax everymonth.... We deserve it. Thanks my lord How many gig subscriptions? MTNNG Does this man talk with his brain at all? What is the point of free DsTV while man is hungry Tell the government to give Nigerians cash relief amidst this pandemic. we no need DStv subscription Na cash to stock food and pray for our great nation Nigeria

Free subscription and no light...SOUNDS INTERESTING 😂 In most developed countries the private institutions take a cue from the stimulus packages of the government institutions and follow not otherwise. One-Month free subscription from DSTV is like asking for impossible. DSTV only bother about how much they can rake from Nigerians even in unpleasant and horrible situation of the customers.

Lip service, you know the right thing to do No worry Bros, we can do without watching television. After all, no football. Just help us with the one you can, NEPA. Tell them to give us 24hours electricity. We will pay ooooh. This company is actually greedy and selfish like the devil who have nothing to offer for free.

DSTV is now a social amenity your boss is depriving us aby? Mumu man DStv.......I no believe Government should give each Nigerian at least 20k at this period and provide constant power supply before they should ask private service providers to give any free service. Foolish man Let's manage this one if DStvNg fit do am.

Dem no go see this post now awon weyrey company What is your boss doing especially on electricity. You haven't remove dirt from your eyes and try removing others. Shame Is that what Nigerians need, what about welfare packages for the less privileged, how many Nigerians have light and TV, talkless of DSTV. You and your government are so disconnected from the masses.

Per pay view, we can pay Constant power More Covid 19 test centres Access to Covid 19 test for everyone as soon as symptoms occur We can take care of ourselves, do your bit ..and NEPA subscription.. Please Tell this man shut up! What of NEPA light What is government relief support plan for asking its citizens to StayAtHome for two weeks? Because other countries that asked their citizens to StayAtHome made supporting arrangement for their citizens for sustainability & feeding fkeyamo ProfOsinbajo MBuhari !

Look at this man🙄 do you think substitution is our main problem? Can't you talk on unstable electricity? ah! This is Nigeria... fkeyamo, the discos too should give us light So na DSTV people go chop? .... abeg park well Sir Even if they give us the free subscription, there's no light to use it I always marvel at how shallow human beings can be. Would it not be infinitely more useful to have power for a month free for a majority of Nigerians than Dstv subscriptions? Truly disconnected from humanity

We need Data to stay afloat Hypocrite. What is FGN free? This government is just full of insensible individuals....just spotted one! Z nuh their fault na , if not for the slow pokes that sold us out jez for their pocket sake ... Which one do Nigeria give her citizens first.. even if DStv and co give it where NEPA light to watch it

Dstv free subscription without Electricity? Sailor, pls say something else Charity begins at home... Tell NEPA the same thing DStv DStv DStv Give him a media on this one...👏👏👏fkeyamo How about telling NigeriaPhcn to also give Nigerians free One month light with at least 20 hours light per day? What's the use of free DStv when there's no light or you can't afford to pay PHCN bills?

Na today!!!!! 🙄 After the free subscription, what will one use to view the channels when there is no power, oh you will say some have gen,what about those that don't have the money to buy fuel let alone gen.set. DStvNg comply now or Coro will visit ur office as ⚠️warning I'm not surprised shaa, you too mumu. Nigeria own Nepa wan increase tariff from tmao but you no appeal na foreign owned dstv you dey beg make them give free subscription, werey man.

fkeyamo thank you for lending your voice on this; but we also need steady power ( BEDCpower is currently trash cos major areas of Edo has been thrown into darkness for days now). We also need funds to buy food stuffs, plus cheaper data. Den we can start from there Thank you BEDCpower should do the same!!! Atleast let them be useful for once

Please oooo Free sub that they will suck in 4hours? I don't use DSTV and not only me but most of us Sir, so tell MTN, AIRTEL, GLO and 9MOBILE to give their users One-Month free DATA subscription. Pls tell them. Your boss nko? What happened to the various contributions made by banks, celebrities and people like Dangote and the rest. Can't the govt device a way of sending out these funds to help the needy, in this time of stay at home. Hunger will kill people more than this covid_19 if care is not taken

Complete bouquet to be precise 🤨 You're a good Nigerian.Staying at home without something to relax make the house looks bore,but if what you suggest can be done, Nigerians Will not regret staying at home most especially adequate supply of electricity. Stable electricity and we’ll get our entertainment ourselves. Besides not every household has cable source.

What has Federal Government done for us? No salary yet. We could not get our Dividends from UBA, AFRILAND, TRANSCORP HOTEL PLC, TRANSCORP PLC AND APR PLC. We need money now. SEC and NSE should give approval for payment. Where's the light? People are hungry you are taking about subscription. Where is the light, TV to even watch ? Many don't really know that considerable number of Nigerians don't even own a TV talkess of connected to the national grid for electricity.

So kind and nice of Keyamo. Begging for one month subscription for us from DSTV so we have something to enjoy. Unfortunately we don't ha e light here. Is he going to beg NEPA to also give us light or beg NNPC to supply us 100l of fuel per household FREE? Even data as well.... Meanwhile Nepa to increase tariff tomorrow (Wednesday)I laugh in India.

Why not champion such course from your Govt for ordinary Nigerians in need of necessities of life rather than becoming a mouthpiece of the elites fkeyamo just lead the persons in govt to ask dstv to charge Nigerians base on what they watch, pay as you use not one month subscription. It just a one off thing. These guys are milking the economy with the help of our people in govt .

Nigerians are agitating for disbursement of stipend from the FG at this trying time ⌚. Someone here os diverting attention to free sub. To watch TV.. In two days time electricity tariff will go up 👆. The government pretend as if they never supported the idea. This Keyamo guy has really lost it. As the federal government which he serve provide stimulus package for the economy. Why not tell his pay masters Buhari to suspend electricity bill for the masses. I cry and weep for this nation.

Light and Data most especially, we can’t watch DStv without light. Applicable to MTN and airtel they should give us free subscription Is it only that? Reduce data cost, a-month free & regular electricity, But there's no Night the day i will start slapping these people eeeh that day they will have sense. better give us light we get video game

fkeyamo Food comes first all other things remains secondary. Federal Govt should put palliative measures in place for all citizens excluding the H.O.R, NASS members, Ministers, Governors and every other top ranking officials. These will sustain Nigerians The first selfless idea I have ever heard from him. This will be of great value if adequate power is supplied. GOtvNg IkejaElectric AirtelNigeria MTNNG DStvNg EKEDP GloWorld etc. Its time to give back to humanity. StaySafeNigeria stayathomeNigerians

This is good one frm u Keyamo I pity those who stood under the sun to vote with their useless PVC.u idiots just voted for ur misery🤫 I have been saying this for weeks now Not his fault when NEPA don switch off light for person head him go misyarn Misplaced people in power. How many Nigerians have Dstv? Wouldnt it be better to have light, to preserve stuff and cook?

It doesn't work that way Mr . All those beautiful programme's you watch were paid in $$ full, covid or not. All taxes FG will still collect. Their gen sets will still be powered to give u quality programmn. Their staff will still be paid. Tell d FG to reduce their taxes forthwith Tell your federal government to credit citizens amount.. It all start from there

I agree. Same with all network providers Now I confirmed that this guy is an imbecile Subscription will put food in many Nigerian tables. government minister. DST TV fanatic. What will dstv to the poorest Give NIGERIANS better governance fkeyamo when is the government giving one month free electricity Should you guys not lead by example?

lmao, instead of them to give us light. My country na cruise Which light/power are we going to use to watch the Dstv Which light den wan say watch am? Misplaced priorities The perfect gift at this very time, we'ld so much appreciate it. Better As a matter of fact, even telecommunications should provide us with Atleast one month free subscription on whatever plan we are on.

This man is really a mad man, people re saying ur useless federal government should help people with food so that one would not die of hunger without contacting covid-19 u dey talk about monthly subscription, this why buhari government is useless, misplaced priority Is government giving Dstv one month free tax payment?

Mtn, Glo and others too should do something Idiot. And you couldn't tell Buhari to give Nigerians palaatives cossyb DStv open all channels Now I know this man brain Don catch another virus what concerns DSTV with corona virus is that one going to reduce the effects of corona virus not to spread across the country..

Where is the light to watch it? Loud it ooo. Other countries are paying palliatives to citizens, you are here asking a Multinational company to give free view. What has Nigerian given Nigerians after bringing this disease upon us? This man is sick, you cannot tell your boss to give us one month salary for free.

They should tell NEPA or whatever their name is now to give one month free power also...if nepa can’t do that, why should dstv? We should reason critically before we make demands not just Cos the demand will sound sweet to Nigerians but Cos it will sound reasonable all in all The federal government should enforce it

Free subscription without food, water, light. Who that one help? Na DSTV wan full person belle? One old woman just dey cry for AIT_Online report this morning, food no dey, money no dey but lockdown dey... shiiioooorrrr Dem will not accept How do we watch dstv when there’s no light 🤡🤡🤡 It should have been free legal services fkeyamo . When u guys are up there, u don't just make one sense anymore

They should give us 1 month free with all mobile network!!!! Simple truth is all those who have DStv probably have an active subscription on it at the moment, what many don't have is stable electricity or electricity at all. Oga what has your government provided for their citizens I think what he’s trying to say is, since other multinational companies are donating in cash and materials, multi choice could as well donate by way of giving out free subscriptions to its customers which for me is not a bad idea 💡, it won’t cost them anything!

As if they care I disagree with you they should give them the whole of the duration of the virus to till is finished How many of us have access to watch DStv? This will be a good reason to stay at home & in supporting Nigerians. DSTVDoTheRightThing When your government just increases electricity tariff, you want DSTV to suspend their subscription? Imagine this rondo politician.

How does free subscription benefit d common man who feeds from hand to mouth on a daily profit business..hopeless man Ow will u order dstv to provide o e month free subscription, ? As what ? Dis keyamo man is just a worthless man unless he is funding it Is the government ready to give tax rebates? Nonsense.

How many people u don give scholarship in your community? Nigerians are not beggers. So stop the entitlement shit. You are no longer the man we use to know. Case close. Betodds1 NONSENSE and INGREDIENTS Talk about Light first... 🙄 Na money we need not DSTV cos no light self to watch anything My concern is more off data from MTN

Pay as you go not free subscription...we don’t need free subscription What's dstv, give us free data And Phcn to give power to watch the free DStv So who pays their overhead cost? Tell president Buhari to pay money into our accounts. The basic thing is food sir, not DSTV subscription. After all, how many Nigerians can afford DSTV?

Nigerians should learn to appreciate even the smallest deal, they may not be righteous so you with which light please You people should get lost and go and die jhare Useless politicians uyeyeboi I honestly think oga keyamo is not in Nigeria, cos doesn't he know that power is still poor even when we are supposed to be at home? Also will dstv help them eat?

U are a nice man Good request, can he please tell his covikk 1-9 boss to lead by example. Free food, free shelter, free electricity etc What’s the point, light no de 😏🚶🏻‍♀️ Good ideas but how many people have it home ? Also the telecommunication as well need to do theirs , most importantly how to suply food the common man , some of us can survive by HIS GRACE

Tell that to NEPA also to give us uninterrupted Electricity for 1 month I support the idea. Including nepa/phcn there shouldn't be power bill this month I concur. They can’t be completely useless. Our network providers should do the same. 1 month free sub or Atleast slash their prices by 50 percent. Nonsensical nonsense government of MBuhari and OfficialAPCNg that is incuring pains on Nigerians daily. How do we enjoy the free subscription without power and the excess charges and the proposed tariff increament tomorrow? fkeyamo

Has your government provided food people will eat first, abi na everybody get DSTV... where is even the light.. nonsense talk Where did Buhari get all this people that work with him from. Government are meant to work and order not beg. What will government give those private companies. They all run on generator which is very costly.

Good talk fkeyamo why will the like of dstv and others give free one month subscription when the NigeriaGov have not given anything to its people and even some federal works are yet to be paid. Its a good idea o but is it kerosene lamp that we will use to watch it When people are looking for food someone is thinking of dstv. And these are the people that make policies for us.God help us

DStvNg give us one month full free subscription We are NOT and will NEVER ask for free subscription. We are asking that your government enforce a PAY-AS-YOU-WATCH tariff. That is the standard practice even in Ghana and in South Africa. Keyamo stop selling us cheap to the world. You are supposed to be a SAN, right?

What Keyamo giving us? Dear Uncle Festus Keyamu(SAN), COVID-19 is here. What I think most Nigerians need is good food to boost their immunity period! DStv or not, where's the power supply to watch it? Fela Anikulapo Kuti-1979 said 'Let's think and reason as Africans and not copy the Europeans' Hy What a shame.... What has the government done with the funds donated by some of the elites, youa re asking for more!

What an idi0tic request 🙅 And what has The APC government given Nigerians? Is he not confused? Did we need DSTV subscription more than the way we need nepa? Nepa should leave light on for 2straight week. Thats what we need most Free subscription with no light , ask NEPA to give steady light even if not 24hrs but at least

But a free subscription without electricity is a pull factor to COVID19 but a regular electricity should be seen as a push factor to COVID19 . How about you donating your 3 months salary and not half Cos they have what is called operational cost, fix cost and other variable cost they incur monthly. Do u understand Festus?

Is it free subscription of 10k that will keep Nigerians healthy? Let him think for a Better thing. Tell your Government you campaign for to fulfilled their promises and stop blaming past Government. This Government is incapacitated to do anything. Other countries take care of their own at this time. Paying them for staying at home so no one breach the StayAtHome structure. But what do we have in Nigeria, Inflation in the price of food. DStv as well as other stations would make their routine charges,

Na sunlight them go take watch the DSTV? fkeyamo, if you think that's the right thing to do... you could use the right channel to tell them without showing yourself here. Also tell your colleagues in Power Sector to give people light, we won't watch the subscription on calendar. Good suggestion and also GloWorld MTNNG AirtelNigeria and Etisalat_Care . But abnormal profit will not allow them to give us.

Chineke nna 🤦🏽‍♀️ It will be nice if they do so It's a shame this statement is coming from a supposed learned fellow. Is DSTV not going to pay salaries and run expenses for that month? Are u going to run your business like that? What's is your govt giving its citizen at this time, no food subsidy, not incentive,

Please direct the same energy to electricity company in Nigeria He should also talk to NEPA for them to do the right thing cos o heard they're already planning to increase their charges... Thank you SAN. Very brilliant idea from an intelligent lawyer and government official. Just wondering how we will leverage the free subscription when we hardly have power.

Channelstv Instead of the FG to make life better for the citizen during this 14days, they are still planning to increase the tariff of electricity BadGovernmentPolicy Leave Dstv alone,how about u realm to nepa first? What’s Dstv without light? Arrange ur house first,before u begin look outside. They should give you free subscription while you hike electricity tariff and no light? Mtcheew.

What did he yell Buhari to give Nigerians? Leave DSTV alone Please, your govt. first there was displayed rumors of BVN but to nothing, this is what can deliver majorly to citizens that received no salaries, wages and make no business at the moment, wch will also encourage others later to get their BVN. Not dis political followers giving

Subscription na food? There is nothing to watch abeg.. no live sports and the movies are just too old and repeated constantly.. I have been glued to that TNami is proof of how low shit is. Is subscription Nigerians problem? Pls it's money or foodstuffs we need oo It's not like their is light anyways to watch TV, focus one and stop beating around the Bush 😤

And SmileComsNG Thank you o. Pls tell them. He didn't say power, If Dstv agrees, but Nigerians can't put on the TV. Government should give Nigerians free power,water etc this period No be everything we go criticize. 😔 I_am_lex_luthor Charity they say begins at home, what has the govt done for Nigerians.

I subscribed since on Sunday morning up till now they(dstv) haven't reset my decoder, I can't wash any programs on the decoder. dstv pls do something o.... Sir I think Government should take charge and give waivers to these companies thereby transcending to us the consumers.Everyone should be responsible

What about one month stable electricity?....SHM fkeyamo tell MBuhari to do something for Nigerians. Leave private companies alone. The reduced pump price and stopped movements. What a country. Tell your oga to pay workers 1 month free salary first to eat. Not that money you guys want to share to the audio poor

Absolute sense He should tell Netflix 😹 Who is this one self,one month subscription will put food inside belle abi Na dstv we wan chop? This people are just insensitive to our plights. Even if they give us the offer, where is the constant power supply to enjoy it? 'Moron' u know how much fuel i dey consume in a week? Huh? Stop playing with our intelligents.

The right question is what have you given to Nigerians as a government? Not too much to ask for tbh! Its not like there is sports anyway We deserve more alphacluboau God bless you As much as I support the free a DStvNg subscription also do Nigerians expect more than reducing the pump price of PMS. fkeyamo.

Mumu talk with which light Free subscription with light is useless 💩and➕ Will you also urge the federal government the make them have zero percent tax payment. This what happens when people sell their brains on d altar of mediocrity. Have you ever heard anyone say.. 'Wow, that African Magic tasted nice. Looking forward to SuperSports 6 for dinner'?

Yes You're talking to DStv cos they're not indigenous, lol. Tell the FG to make electricity stable don't worry about the fee we'll pay. Shameless humans. Only better thing wen Don come out of this man mouth What is he saying 🤦 DStv people go chop?.which way my people... Would those greedy pricks agree to that

Nonsense.what has the govt given so far in fact oga don't get angry o hear this animal DStv with out light no food to eat see head Foolish man,this is the level of your SANship, What has your Clueless and inept leader done for the country. Since you joined politics your sense of reasoning died....Rubb..........ish

Our problems is not about the dstv. lockdown all the media is not our problems, what we are scaring us is corona hunger,GOD bless Nigerians when a gov't is serious they are not supposed to be told. DStvNg over to you Haha Keyamo? Since all this year we hv been paying for this and Data for all networks, at least 3 months from them all, Mtn,Glo,Etisalat,Airtel,Dstv,Gotv,Start time etc

LoL 😂 let say we have the DStv , what about light we have no light here since yesterday and you said you give us free subscription, what do that used for 🤭 MaziOlisa What will the gov't give Nigerians? You pick people and say they are the poorest. Nonsense! What would they do with free one month subscription

Pls also ask aedcelectricity and EKEDP to give us power for at least 16 hours in a day so we can enjoy the DStvNg fkeyamo haaaba is this the best or what will make Nigerian survive? What has your government given to Nigerians? the fuckery ! How many people do you think that have DStv in their houses? Some don't even binatone antenna to receive NTA channels. Just incase you forgot the less vulnerable don't have tv sets you're here talking about DStv free sub for Nigerians.

There still won’t be electricity to enjoy it. So, what’s the point anyway. fkeyamo. Charity starts form home. You need to leave by examples. What stops government from asking the PHCN to provide us a constant electricity for at least 18 hours/day in the next 1 month? Remove the logs in your eyes first.

God bless u for this statement and even I just pay 20k to PHCN as bill for March an estimated bill just my flat o How abt Credit alerts on all BVN linked accounts?.. Pls, helps us communicate dat to Mr.President. fkeyamo what about electricity distribution company like IBEDC_NG EKEDP enugudisco et al. Don't they have customers

Abeg how do I connect to the free Wi-Fi, or do I also have to bribe the police, or the telecommunication company.? 🤣🤣🤣 Please I cannot laugh! When I just subscribe this morning.... No abeg 😑😣😩😢😭😭 Then free electricity? ..then free petrol for when PHCN takes the light ?.. Sometimes, reading comment of a Leader like this,it is very disheartening. Hw many people in keyamo village using DSTV?Won’t it be better keyamo advises his boss to give Nigerians free power supply,money etc to keep up through this anguish time. C’mon sense no c’mon everywhere oo

Hmmm So MTN doesn't want to donate to this Covid-19 matter? After all they have milked this country? Please the full package o DSTV that has no content Now that's there's no football I can dash Kano people my Dstv so they can be watching while eating Rice. GbemiDennis Endeavour to couple it with one month Full NEPA light. Steady light for ultimate enjoyment. Thanks

Multichoice is an unrepentant extortionist regulated by selfish Nigerians who are only interested in collecting stuffs via the back door. Everywhere in the western world people pay as you watch but here we pay for what we don't watch and all seems fine with our government. And what has the Govt of Nigeria given us her Citizens !!!!!

Our Digital Economy & FMoCDENigeria leader DrIsaPantami should be leading this🤣 Not only DsTv sha All Telcos should crash Data Prices by now as a solidarity🤣 or support for fight against Covid-19. Now that many are working from home. Telcos are cashing out biggerly Imagine other countries with the COVID-19 outbreak demanding same of DSTV...

Give them food and light Frist ok I strongly agree with you Even without light my food got spoil because no light I beg light first You're talking in the nonsense, the nonsense is talking in you How about PHCN that is increasing price effective tomorrow for light that is not available, even at a critical time like this? fkeyamo obyezeks

Up Napa! Make I go watch my free DSTV . Their own is worse than Nigeria NEPA.. No iota of human pity And money too, will be watch dstv with empty stomach ni But no light to watch it You people are funny Supported fkeyamo why not donate your one year allowance to Delta state government to help fund health care in your state.

What about DATA? What are we going to use and watch it? Oloriburuku people. festuskeyamo Why don't you start with giving free electricity to Nigerians since the government has huge stake in the power sector before approaching dstv. Please why is IBB square in Makurdi still open to hundreds of people coning there for workouts daily, sweating, sneezing and breathing on each other. That's a high risk center.

Good idea, network company should also contribute to this outbreak of covid 19 by given free data and call credit to there customers In as much as our government are heartless to the citizens,i also think most Nigerians have problem with how they handle things,that is why these people will not take us serious, the same people that were clamouring for CutDataPrices yesterday were saying DSTV prices...

To watch with which light? Na everybody dey watch dstv? Always think about the ones who ain't privileged for that What as your government give Nigeria God 🤦‍♂️ why...we complain too much The most sensible thing is to start from the scratch, fix powered supply and we can proceed from there. DStv doesn't belong to Nigeria but Nigeria is generating her power, why not fix it? fkeyamo face the right people/sector

Nigerians we complain too much 🤦‍♂️I think it's a good idea in the U.K telecom operator gives it subscribers free unlimited data for one month to show sign of support Yea nice one they have been collecting is time to give. Abeg please give us light first then we talk about Dstv and others.we just need light nothing more sir

radiopaparazi, babajideotitoju Noble, if IMPLEMENTATION will be supervised to the detail and not usual AUDIO CHARADE. Not only that, Data & other sustainance(food, bills etc) You can engage NEPA to share sustainance like they share bills! Mtchew One-month free subscription with no electricity 😂😂😂 Not too bad sir

seefinish We want constant power supply. Is that too much to ask? The lying Lawyer again. You have failed to ask your government to give relief to the poor masses , and you just want to come on air and talk Nonsense. If you want to keep your mouth busy at this times , just walk around your house and blow whistle

I hope they do this...internet providers too. I'm very sure there's a mistake somewhere because Keyamo I know doesn't have this kind of sense Making free DSTV airtime is good, but have you thought of the hunger people are passing through, you can also make money available to their houses.. They won't ! We don’t want....we want food to survive

Have your government give Nigerians enough palliative? DStv_Kenya DStv dstvtz We prefer data joor... Inukwa 🙄Tell NEPA to give One month Free electricity also. What is DSTV without light? What will the govt give them for this one month? Tell phcn as well to give us one month free Sometimes you wonder if these our leaders think before they talk. I'm really worried about their mental faculties. Seriously I'm worried.

To watch what? Pls stop! What's our president giving Mtcheew That's good and kind of you. What about electricity to power the TV sets. What of giving money to Nigerians like other countries. We can start with the BVN. Covid-19 has revealed without doubt the poverty of leadership in providing basic infrastructure taken for granted!

Then we go chop the decoder after which! And we that don't have DSTV should go and watch paint dry, abi? Silly submissions are flying about everywhere from our leaders. Na lie na. DStvNgCare or DStvNg will never do such a thing. They are just like MTNNG . Nothing like that will ever come from them. DStv would be blushing to know their luxury product is now a necessity for households in Nigeria. An achievement in itself.

Tell govt to give us free light for 2 months too With no light💡🕯 What's the Sub without a light in SympLySimi voice? Stay home No light, No water No mai ruwa(mallam) to sell water. May you all reap what you sow into this nation. U dey ask DSTV to give free subscription, wetin ur government don give us

One month DSTV sub Food supply/cash fund CutDataPrices Free n constant electricity That’s what’s needed Penielzs...if you have give up on Nigeria What are you waiting for. Kill yourself In South Africa they did it Stupid man, no money 💷 Abeg slash data price o Me I don't have DStv but my gotv is not even working network has been so messed up for days now

DStvNg do we even need to tell you? You people are scam. You kept repeating programs and shows. It is saddening that people in government just open their mouth to gush out rubbish without thinking... 1 month free sub on dstv, which light we wan take view am? Full bouquet o. Free Dstv. Free gotv.. Free startimes.. Which light we go use watch am? Or even charge our phones? Or even reduce the nepa estimated bills every month. Messed up system.

fkeyamo Start by telling those in charge of power supply to give us light. For past weeks no light in Oriokuta, Ikorudu. Tell your govt the truth and not first private sector. If the government is correct other things will follow suit. Do the needful Pls tell MTNNG to give one month free browsing How about him telling same to the president that he should give relief materials to all Nigerians

Tell Buhari to give us Money, Let me do the needful. Now wey football games no dey, I wonder what i'll be watching 🙄 wait.! There's no steady power 😂 which light I wan use watch sef 🏃 The best thing that can happen if the government want people to stay at home - let dstv give there subscribers a month free subscription - stable electricity -Giving money or foodstuff then Nigerian will stay at home

This is d most absurd statement that has been made by this learned gentleman. DSTV is a ltd liability company that declares its annual profit to shareholders & pays its taxes to govt. It's absurd to suggest that DSTV should give its consumers free subscription bcos of COVID-19. how is that going to be possible

Is this not that big fat lying machine? Tell NEPA too.. One month free subscription without light na wash AirtelNigeria you can join them too fkeyamo we want; NEPA, MTNNG globacoms AirtelNigeria 9mobileng to also follow suit by giving Nigerians their real CSR. Where it will benefit all not some awoof or tour promotions that is sectionalize. 60-70% of their ROI in Africa is made in Nigeria

It’s not true my DStv is not subs . And I didn’t get the data and credit all this network people shared. Pls I need mine whosever want to send it thank you. Which light will we use to watch it? We prepare mtn than dstv sir fkeyamo You don’t reason like a SAN , you are. How about light? Ode Keyamo Not now Football never show

Dnt you think free food is better for the masses than free sub? Ask urself, how many Nigerians have DSTV?🙄 Where's even the electricity to watch the TV? Yeye people Not free food, nor free power supply, Imagine SAN, free DSTV sub, HenshawKate Free light and they cut down the data charges That's nice . condo_uyota Why not tell the govt to pay it's citizens one month bumper salary and feed them instead..then we'll know you're serious. Leave DStvNg alone, it's a private business

Because we don’t know what we want other than watch tv abi? Your ancestors are really ashamed of you right now. Phcn wants to increase Tariff. network providers should give one month free data We too dey beg serf. The company shouldn't make profit ni? If we have free DStv subscription and no light to power our gadgets what's now the essence? You and I know that electricity tariff will be increased by Wednesday why not talk about this instead we are shouting for stupid one month subscription from Dstv. Werey ni yin uguys r mad

NEPA left the chat Johniky5 Look at him I watch his interview with Dino during the 2019 fraudulent election that’s when I know this guy very well I wish I can find the Vedio and share it Do you need architectural drawings with structural contact me on WhatsApp 08185254403 thanks God bless you sir Make Nepa give us light first

For the first time, this guy talk sense. Seems the covid 19 is making usbhave sense We need electricity to inorder to have access to this,they have not. Even treating on us well I this aspect for the past 2weeks no light at orile iganmu Abata precisely. We spend so much money on fuel instead of us using the money to feed .

Tiff when government nova fit share money What are they NGRSenate waiting for to impeach this tyrant called Buhari 😡😡 And what will government give to Nigerians this period? Trying to sound like you care. These fools don't even rate us I second the motion This Keyamo dey fall my hands. Why can't he tell Power Holdings to give us light?

Nigerians live from hands to mouth: FG must pay Nigerians with verified BVN stipend to stay home. PayNigerianswithBVNtoStayHome NigeriansareHungry lockdown socialDistance covid19 FGRespectHumanDiginity Please let make this go viral Na ur Busness pls tell govt to pay us bursary so we can get what we need

fkeyamo telecommunication and network providers should also give us one month free subscription . MTNNG 9mobileng AirtelNigeria Dumbest talk from fkeyamo As I dey like this ehn, I dey vex... What has u and your boss done for Nigeria fkeyamo God bless you sir please increase the volume we also need flasa of data price . We cant seat at home for over 2weeks isolating our selves and not have bonuses on data network and dstv free subscription.

Let the president show example by giving out help to the masses, it shouldn’t only be during election period the you share peanut to gullible 15 market women DSTV one month sub is not the solution, tell golden penny and others to distribute spag and other things so people would survive the lockdown A useless request at this perilous time. We were taught the basic needs of human: FOOD, WATER, SHELTER, add to that LIGHT/ELECTRICITY which cuts across the rich & poor but here you are asking for what will benefit u after stocking ur home for the duration of the pandemic.

We want pay per view and are ready to pay, it’s our govt who’s giving DStvNg the advantage over its citizen, NGRSenate should pass a bill instructing DStvNg to activate pay per view billing system PHCN cut people's wires as at yesterday. Could we start from there? What's DSTV without power supply? DSTV SHOULD GIVE SUBSCRIBERS ONE MONTH FREE SUBSCRIPTION. Let's lend our voices and make it viral.

D.s TV without premier league show is useless. Thank u but we don't want it. Also tell NEPA to give us light That's not our major challenge. Kindly credit our bank accts so we can get food for our families. It's called a Palliative measures. COVID19NGR StayAtHome The day Festus Keyamo got appointed into this government. He lost it..When his government can't provide basic amenities..Na person wey never see food chop go watch DSTV?...

Please have already paid for mine thank you 🙏 don’t bother lol Reduction without light is useless.... Give us light.. Light.. Light Make it two months and then reduce the exorbitant rate. Gotv inclusive oooooo Clueless as his boss Tell PHCN or NEPA to give us light for one Month too. DTSV without Light is useless.

This Govt has lost it Wallahi fa. Pls help to champion this. I trust you. U be better pikin. They will never do that MTN is increasing their data bundle Now fkeyamo is making sense. Ride on sir I learnt verizon gave 15G free data to its subscribers. Help me ask AirtelNigeria, MTNNG, GloWorld, DStv .what have they to ease our access to information in this time of vital and timely information ℹ? Áwōn Ólè dè dè! 😱

This is about the most sensible thing Keyamo SAN has said in a long time Hope FG is going to pay them, Provide electricity first, dstv subscription won't kill us. We don't want..because the data no go browse well for that one month..thank you Not a bad idea considering if there's constant supply of light

Rubbish, with all your learning as a SAN, this is what you could think and come up with, shame!. Without power supply abi. Instead to advocate for Power supply I swear I go hug Transformer if DStvNg DStv give 🇳🇬 free sub. I can bet with my life. Them and MTNNG can NEVER do it. DStv I dey wait for you to call me as usual to renew my sub! God go punish una ehn! 😱

What has he done personally before saying this rubbish. reduceelectricitytariffs that’s what he ought to have clamoured for. Not just DSTV, fkeyamo He just want to be in the news. People in villages who have no electricity, water and basic amenities, all you want for them is free dstv subscription. KEYAMO PLS REMAIN QUIET AS U HAVE MAINTAINED SO FAR.

And your government is giving Nigerians hunger virus Can the govt also supply MTNNG DStvNg StarTimes_Ng free diesel to all their network masts for the one month period? Also waive govt levies, tax, vat and dues for the period. fkeyamo can you lobby for them to that effect? Even Govt should give us free food

Thief! How much did Buhari give to Nigerians? Niger Republic has concluded plans to make power supply readily available for free. What has the Regime of Major Gen Buhari (Retd) given to Nigerians to alleviate their suffering? Evil man DSTV, please ignore this clown Since this guy don turn to be a politician,he has lost his sense,Nepa is increasing the tariff you are here talking into rubbish

I agree Supposed to be Mobile network I prefer you people should credit all Dstv users cause I can’t keep watching the same movie everyday Well said No Light What free package has your government given to Nigerians? Your government wants to increase electricity tariffs in this challenging times and you're asking DStv for one month free subscription.

When you look at the comments here you will understand why dstv does anything they like in Nigeria where they make huge profits. Whereas in SA it's a different story Dstv kill you there, pay us for one month would be better via bvn We ll lit abacha stove and be rotating the dish... chosensomto Tell the power people to bring steady light for one month, because free subscription without light is useless

You're asking a foreign private firm to give freebies & yet nothing tangible has come from our own govt, apart from d deluded lockdown order ur principal ordered without any incentives to back it up. Y'all (FGN) shu be ashamed of yourselves at the centre. I think you are a cabinet member of the current Government. Your advice should be to the government you serve and not corporate and business entity.

Were is the one month free light First time I have to agree with you .. I think that is not the most essential need of Nigerians. We need finance to provide for our needs True ooo Leaders first Nigerians need pocket money not dstv. Govt like doing the difficult. It's easier for the govt to have provided stable electricity over 60 years than for Multichoice to lose 10% of revenue from DSTV. These folks are in business and must pay workers or would you also give them tax relief at this time?

How about you providing food and drugs for people that will die of hunger. Am SORRY to say, common sense is not common to say the right thing at the right time. fkeyamo How about this? Let start from the electricity first and also tell our president MBuhari that we need palliative measure too. Nice suggestion, but what is your own contributions? The eye that cry see.fkeyamo. Please kindly tell me thanks 🙏.

Stop that nonsense and pay into people's account to cushion their pauns He is on point, bcos so many of us subscribed bcos of the football matches since leagues were suspended we need to be given a month subscription to make up for our lost NCDC suppose empower our herbal health sector so they can explore more on herbal discoveries.

A responsibility of Pantami but he kept mute. Can he also tell Buhari to give us fiscal relief fun to buy food? What has Nigerian own organization given its own Awon Oloriburuku eda, na to collect money una know..... Haaaa this country na wa o Not only subscription ooo, won't we need popcorn to watch movie abeg nah money sure pass

Abeg loud am O necessary Nonsense fkeyamo What has your wuru wuru government given to Nigerians so far? What relief has your govt. provided for Nigerians in this crisis ? Zero. Instead you are increasing electricity tariffs on Wwdnesay . D thunder wey go fire una is processing in China, wait for am. Browsing even free

Se is everybody using dstv? You don't have sense DStv DStvNg MultiChoiceGRP consider this plea to give back to the society in this trying times. People are talking about free sub or something you people still don’t understand Nigerian yetwe’re fake in Nigeria all of uswell I believe truth is bitter and people don’t like to hear it but only wise people read and listen to itNIGERIANS IS FAKE KOJUBELO

E for better make person be Italian citizen at this time Dan to dey see all this nonsense for this country Stupid people! They didn't talk about subsidizing d cost of food items, improving power supply, reducing d cost of fuel or removal of VAT for this period of LockDownNigeria... Hypocrites! U r taking in d nonsense!!

They won't so plz let's just respect ourselves,if Abacha been give them a chance, we for no beg them for anything. Your little effort is appreciated but no power so😏😏😏 Sapele weed is working We are waiting They should do so immediately, as part of their contribution for Nigerians at this moment. Has your government given Nigerians anything?

Without light Apart from that , what we need urgently now is light ,electricity pls tell fkeyamo . Many Nigerians have some perishable foods bought for this period. It will be disheartening if there is no electricity to preserve them.Hunger pls do not kill us. Give them constant power and tax relief. Have you told your boss to pay us ? U here talking rubbish na TV we go chop

Now we can see dat dis government is suffer from serious thinking The masses need a token for food. Not all of us have television. IkejaElectric shouldn't be left out Its because he enjoys free life subscription. 'But who that one go help' in time like this wey light no dey. NEPA cut my light sef fkeyamo those using DStvNg are the vulnerable poor people in Nigeria. But you have no advise for electricity commission that plan to increase their tariff on Wednesday. Well done!

With light to watch Dstv I hope? No light to watch tv Haaaaaaaaaaa! Na dstv Nigerian go chop durin this hard time? This man is on wrong pills apparently. Na which light 💡 are we gonna enjoy the extension of the free subscription?😤. It’s far better to have free data than DSTV subscription. What we really need is money and food stuffs sef, many doesn’t have DSTV to start with, dunno why Nigerians leaders are so selfish🤦🏾‍♂️💔.

What about network providers? Oh! Your subscription has also expired😂😂 No light and your disturbing DStvNg, na everybody get dstv? Keyamo, kindly advise ur govt to financially alliviate the standard of living as ur govt have subjected nigerians to stay home before having the ground to advice other organizations like 'Dstv' to give free subs'.

Where is the light? When we can not boost of having light for 30minute. We can only see light at midnight. Shame on this government 😡😡😡😡 What is the essence of giving Nigerians 1 month free subscription and there is no light. Where is the electricity God bless you sir u won't see all of them doing that never

Mumu we need food and medication not dstv, I don't have light DStvNg DStv I had to tag you guys just to be sure you don’t miss this!!!! If Dstv should give one month free subscription, all the network providers should also do same including your boss mbuhari to make the stay at home beautiful!!! This is laughable! How many Nigerians can afford DSTV and Star time.... People need food....use your two month salary and distribute food to the people in your state....

DStvNg DStv oya o. What I tagged you guys on. Keyamo not everyone has dstv sir we all need provisions AbokinTacha And free data Where is the light to watch it? Tell ur master to credit our account. We can survive without DSTV for now You are just speaking our mind fkeyamo please ensure it's done. Yes nah

We no need am we no even get light to watch am yeye Even if dstv, startime, others give free subscription where is the light to watch them? The Nigeria electricity company has not been trying, some of them still went ahead to disconnect some lights because people are owing, at this critical time. God will help us

Why cant NGRPresident, cenbank credit all Nigerians the said amount equivalent, so those who do not use DStvNg will subscribe on their respective cable television? fkeyamo For the first time... I concur with you sir 100% No... Tell telecom to give us free data. Free subscription without light, and with empty stomach🐒🐒🐒.

Yes Misplaced priority. Hia... This is the first time ever this man said something that made sense. Each time this empty head comes to speak on TV, he ends up showing how shallow minded and dumb headed. There is no food and supplies for people neither do people have power supply nor energy yet dstv is the one you are talking about.

Tell them to start doing per view. Tell mtn and others to stop debiting customers Even when the call is not reachable or the network is bad What has one month free DSTV subscription got to do with COVID-19? We are all opportunistic in this country. Osho free.. People don't need DSTV whatever people needs food to sustain them since u said they should not go out,how many nigerian are not watching TVs

I totally support this. This guys are making huge money but never saw how they can contribute positively to combat this pandemic. If u cant donate for the government, you can atleast make yourself useful with some bounties. Do the needful MultiChoiceGRP How many weeks free electricity is the Nigerian government giving to Nigerians during this trying period?

That if there will be power to enjoy it. Data subscription should be free or cost considerably reduced for the same volume Which one month subscription? When they addly bring lighte. It is a choice. Why force them. Come to look at it from the government angle. If not not this virus. It has now become clear that our government never have us in mind in all. Everyone want to travel abroad for even headache treatment

what has ur government given to her citizens? Blind gov't official This man is hopeless as always, a dumb SAN. he believes that what you lot desperately needed at this capricious times is to television. The cause of Buhari's men! My first hearing good talk from this oga Dstv with which light ... I talk am all of una na weyre I swear

Well,giving us free subscription is not the problem is failing to supply power. Fed. Govt should provide everything that could keep us indoors This sounds like the old keyamo that we use to know The only nice thing I have had fkeyamo says. DStvNg we deserve one month free Shamelessness. Is this the best for all of us right now? Elitist mentality of city dwelling bloodsucker

fkeyamo OfficialPHED will have to give power for people to watch the free dstv subscription. There is NO Light. That should be the first thing to be given free. I know it's one month lockdown Never knew fkeyamo has the interest of the masses at 💓 always tot he's paid to speak for the Piper. Good one

Dear President MBuhari Pls provide an economic relief package for Nigerians, even if it's 50k each, it will go a long way. People are hungry, locked down with no money, begging left, right & centre. With the situation like this, it'll be difficult to keep people at home. Dstv ? Give free subscription. Lailai those greedy people

How many nigerian can afford dstv or startimes, let alone subscribe monthly? We need free electricity for as long as covid-19 last without pay, without bills What's Discos contributions to the stay at home Tell ur president to give Nigerians something... Thanks for ur kind gesture..ewu Why does this government and it's personnel lack the capacity to inspire Nigerians....

iam_damayor They are foolish people jor what have government done for Nigerians No one gives a hoot about dstv, MTN should slash data and call rates. With the light you provide abi? Also sing this song to Mtn, Airtel, Glo and 9mobile iam_damayor Abg!!! What’s dstv got to offer. We need light. I thought this one has gone into hiding , who let him out again? Talk to your boss to show working first before other company like DSTV can follow

That is not what most people need at this time. When there is constant power outage are folks going to even watch? There are people who do not have food nor portable water to survive by ...those are the ones that should be reached out to. Not dstv subscription abeg. Between free subscription and federal govt stipend,what's more important pls?

I support this process, they need to give us one month subscription. Miscarriage of privilege 🙆🙆🙆 I said it. Right there on my timeline Pls raise the volume We don't need free dstv subscription when don't have power fkeyamo .. FG giving am order for networks to cut down data prices would have been a better package.CutDownDataPrice

AirtelNigeria MTNNG 9mobileng NgComCommission join the fight and help us stay home. Na DSTV we go chop? Tell MBuhari to give a stimulus package. People are hungry. Network providers too. They need to cut down or give free data subscription. But very important, FG should at least show love in times like this because it's not easy to stay at home without food.

Commendable What your Gov't give us? How will Dstv solve the predicament we are facing now, instead of telling the government to prefer solution on how the masses will survive in this period u are talking about Dstv; well u can help us by telling the power holding to give a standby light.... Thank u Give Nigerians uninterrupted power supply

There is no power supply in Nigeria please talk about that one first 🤦🏼‍♂️ Sir, yu got it wrong. Not everbody dat use DSTV but everyone uses SIM card, ELECTRICITY let dem free 9Ja for a month payment That's more like a blackmail but here something he can offer more of his civic duty Though it's not the most needed ..but atleast we need it in a time like this but the most important thing is money and eddible items to combat hunger first ..a hungry man does not obey decree, instructions,orders, law etc all he care about is his stomach ..thankio

fkeyamo should just shut up. What has he or the disabled, incapacitated, good-for-nothing administration done for the citizenry? I don’t think Nigerians will be interested in this. Rather, enforce pay as you go in their service dispensation. Please push this. I know you can do it. Lol tell your boss to give Nigerians free money.

Tell your its to give Nigerians 100k each, abi you and your friends don coner dey money? Because poverty no dey finish from una side. Thy can’t do that. Only to disturb us when our card ginish🙄 True talk... people some can't afford and they stay lock at home .(make them too contribute to) Na one month subscription go put food for people table abi 💁💁💁even if they do,is it with the bad electricity ur bad govt has imposed on us...

Why not put same energy in telling ur president to pay hungry Nigerians money thru bvn this hard time... I just wish I were never a Nigerian In this 21st century a country is still battling with electricity? When other countries are thinking of doing more advanced stuffs 😫I give up Those ones, lie lie! Them ready to die inside the matter. No more football so who cares about DStv I have my unlimited internet access. Netflix and PS4 so fork DStv

LOL,hit the like button if u know u don't have DSTV🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗.... Those that have light don't have DSTV, Those with DSTV don't have light. Is this d real keyamo? Making sense for the first time since joining politics... Oga, its just DSTV no others. Or its GoTV or Startimes? Didn't know you still have small sense self..

And you think one month is good enough despite the high charges they place their sub? They should.. infact they are gaining massively as premier league is on hold and they charging same rate.. We know Premier is 10% of DSTV cost What of those that don't have DSTV but they have smartphone and they are need of data, what will be their fate at this critical time?

Two months would be better What have you given yourself. They are worms that feed on NIGERIANS, they won't do anything that benefit Nigerians. They are human virus and parasite me. If not our government, they should have been erased from the country. These one no get sense..... fkeyamo see wetin other nation with plans get.... You need visit rehab I swear

Power in wrong hands. fkeyamo Honourable, Please Majority Of The People Don’t Have What To Eat Just This Morning Let Alone 2weeks And You Are There Talking About Free Subs. Hypocrisy And Coward. Where the light even dey to watch the dstv I think DStv is giving premium free now Bcos all my stations have been working for days now I don’t know if that’s just for compact plus package subscribers

What of asking all the telecom companies to allow nigerians call for free throughout this period? That will make more sense They should pay those that survive with their daily bread stipends to survive during this lockdown...we need light and food only🙏🏽🙌🏽 It is Free DSTV for a month the vulnerables in the society that can't even afford a dish will eat, ko? Weh done sa.

They should also tell power holding company to give us free light this period. Govt should give stimulus while people decides on what to spend the money on. DSTV is not essential at the moment. No Epl afterall. Oh sorry Telemondo still de Then what are you giving to Nigerians ? How much has APC government gives us ?

What a brilliant idea. Ewu! Which light we go take watch am I swear down, i was still telling my bro this Best thing I have heard from u in ages What of our own Government? Now he want those company to extend existing susriber for one month and telecommunication company but he doesn't think that Nigerian government need to give Nigerians a relief items

This man is beginning to annoy me I use to like him before, but he defends this current government unnecessarily. Say something more interesting pls So who will pay electricity bill of Muitichoice? Is FG giving tax holiday to the company? This I had expected without telling them, even free data and credit from network companies as there own support. But ... God knows.

Not every Nigerians that have TV talk less dstv n Gotv .. Lout 🔊 it to government to credit each Nigerians with below 5k at least just 10k will put smile on faces.. Where is the light to enjoy the subscription, pls? What had the government given bros? Have u even noticed that DStv is useless without football. Una go hear am soon.

Some are request are just myopic Ans lame, what the essence of free dstv subscription when there's not electricity to watch. Besides, you can't order a foreign company to do charity work after you've taxed them heavily. I still believe the LASG scammed Opay ride. Subscription without light.. You are right Sir. But not only on that, down to free subscription, no house rent for 2months government should also assist us wit some money. If you support that motion can I hear you say Hi

Lol😂 So while people are suffering, have limited resources to sustain them through out this lockdown, some people want a month subscription. 70% of our population are still in the rurals and can not afford viral preventatives and you are looking for African Magic Melekweanthony One would have expected the big player in the Telecom industry give Nigerians free data just like what happening in other part of the world MTNNG MTN180 AirtelNigeria GloCare GloWorld ProfOsinbajo this should be part of there support to Nigerians

Just give us uninterrupted power, don't bother what we use it on Which light dem go take watch the dstv? With which electricity? Ode ! Crazy talk! Impossicant!! Thieves of the century fkeyamo so it brings food to the table of nigerians.. You people can't feel the impact of this lockdown now since you have all you need at your disposal..

Why can't you pay for Nigerians if you so care,your one month allowances can do that In the midst of lockdown your govt refuse to pay some MDAs and agencies their match salary even till nw ..... err where is the electric... fkeyamo is now the official class clown of Nigeria.... Healthcare and feeding are the primary conversation right now.... keep up clown

When they give fee subscription sebi is candle we ll and watch the TV...? Oga fundamental basic amenity first, light, I repeat light. Aghhhhhh aghhhhhh What kind of country is this sef, u want us to stay indoors yet there's no assurance of 4 hours electricity in 24 hours. Abi no be light we go use watch dstv? Government should lead d way first

Even MTN network should give free data bundle to its user Nigerians have been a big customer to MTN You left indigenous are talking be as you call your relations foreigner go help you call am? This is the only good thing I’ve heard from this man People are talking about how to eat start making preparations about that if it’s not under your jurisdiction talk to you dump boss to do something before people start dying of hunger not everybody has DSTV

Why? This is not essential service or is it? While at it, why not ask for free popcorn and Coke to balance the equation mtcheeeew.. What has he donated to the course? Do we have light to watch the DSTV? He should behave well please Rwandan President, Paul Kagame orders door to door food distribution and free Energy(Electricity).

What have you told Federal govt to give to the masses? Where is the light to watch free DSTV and GOTV? Bikonu keep your telling, e no jell. ....leave leprosy, and tackle dandruff is brainless. Tell NEPA to give constant electricity supply during this period. First time he is making sense Dem go agree, people way like money, Telecom company are the worst

Leadership by example, in this instance the government ought to lead by example and give it's citizen some stuff to cut down the effect of hunger on the citizens fkeyamo Verizon wireless network in United States gave every subscriber in their network 15gb so mtn,Airtel etc and DStv should do the same as part of their corporate responsibility

Festus Kiamu sold out, ur stand for credibility in the pass was on flat ground. Hypocrite. Tell them o. What perliative measures will FG give to Nigerians ? You are talking about dstv. What about FG ? I think Nigerians need stable electricity first at this time then you can now talk about all other activities you can use it for.

We get light to watch m? How many of una still get oil for their heads self ? Don't you people know that this guy is apc's agent of disract ?,they know that the wise ones have discovered that fake video of their president addressing Nigerians, they now ask him to do this to distract you people from doing the needful and you all fall to their antics

We don't want free subscriptions.... We want pay as you go ,just like telecommunications Where is the electricity to watch it. Pls is phcn u shld beg for us. Thanks Why would the masses settle for less when the senators are acquiring the latest Toyota Corolla 2020 for practically doing nothing? Give em reasonable amount of cash or shut the f**ck up.

God bless you sir Nigeria is where you have the highest number of mugus, senseless people, selfish people, poverty striking minds and hopeless majority, when you call yourselves African Giant and wise people before other Afrcan nations, I weep for you. Do you have power to watch it? Eye service fkeyamo i actually do need electricity to enable me watch that in which you’re advocating

Poverty is a very powerful strategy every evil government applies to reducing the citizens to their toy and follow follow robot and that is exactly what this evil government is doing Going through most of the comments here, i can understand how poverty have done so much damage to the lives of many, so one month free subacription will end your problems and suffering, my people parish because of lack of knowledge....

What's the point when there's power supply & food in the house. My area is in lucky the power supply fuse was not fixed in before the emergency of the Corona virus. So no officials is willing to touch the fuse now. 😱😱😱 All donations to NCDCgov are good, what could have been fantastic is to fund a primary health care centre & make it world class by many of these donors eg. Obio cottage upgraded by Shell. Now to Keyamo, kindly tell FG to support each Nigerian with 100k for this period...

Will that solve the problem of CovikOneNine , this guy is a complete distraction and a monumental disaster Covid 19 is giving many of them sense now.Very selfish set of politicians we have in Nigeria. Better late than never anyway We don’t need free DSTV subscriptions. Let them give us enough electricity for this period.

Wait o, free subscription, which light we wan take watch the dstv Wait a minute fkeyamo! How do you run digital tv in a country where you corrupt politicians have refused to fix electricity since 1960? Have you all run out of your minds? Especially free data Yes..its achievable because ,its not pay as you go and we have lost many years without watching and have subscribed.

I hope all these power holdings will not take light also. TheLockdown StayAtHome LifeInUniabuja Yes, What has this govt done for free for Nigerians? Nigerians also deserved cushioning payment for a month from the government. Omo life don sweet be that oooo 😂😂😂 Ismail_Jh GwaryJameel Ayshaaaa_Mk dem no fit....

MTN should also give free data As if light Dey to watch am set Look at this one, what have you and your APC government give to Nigerians Dis is a right leader we want as president with immediate effect.... This man is gradually talking senses and realizing his responsibility o. Why did he not advised that PHCN bills should be suspended with standby powers. He should also advise the president to slash the petroleum price to ₦90 per litre.

For the first time in years Festus Keyamu makes sense I think everyone has a price to pay. Everyone of these outlets have their roles to play. But, it is Nigeria. Without light? The only reasonable thing coming from this man ojezfm 😂 😂 🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬 He should have advised the president to direct DStv also in his public speech. fkeyamo

If that happens then Nigeria is upgrading then shissey007 fkeyamo leave DStvNg alone Nigeria has recorded another vision miscarriage again...!!! What has free DSTV subscription got to do with a better governance. If we have a good government that deam it fit to provide it citizen with all necessary social amenities, forget about other things in a time like this

Iykepaul BarnesKiva shadyach Something good atlast. You can pay for us chief Anything from this guy is always trash I mean, I'm not gonna complain Leave DSTV, and others alone. Tell your oga at the top MBuhari to give Nigerians at least 50k for the month of April. That's more charitable than the DSTV issue. fkeyamo MBuhari NGRPresident

They shld help us StayAhome please tell mtn or glo abeg.. Unlimited access now o at least for the lock down period. 🎤🎤🎤🎺 Yes o Have DMed them to help us with few Interesting channels if need be... Where’s electricity, MTN never reduce data rates and price na dstv U give dem light? Stupid leaders Fundamental capacity I second the motion.

Must they be told before they give such incentive in times like this. This one is crazy! What did he give to Nigerians? Please we need it Where's the light? We deserve it, every network provider should, obviously we can’t stay home without nothing!!! Exactly what I felt and still feel DStv DStvNg should do for her customers during this tough time

Useless minister what did the federal govt give to Nigeria if not lie upon lies fkeyamo Also Tell the FG to support the poor ones. Wait! Why don't you tell your boss to pay Nigerians money for one month? Instead of telling DSTV. How many homes in Nigeria have access to digital TV? Do the right thing and stop fooling ourselves

Meaning? Let's wait and see anyways! How many households have digital tv Where is the electricity to use watch the 1 month free DSTV, I beg let’s learn to prioritize Gotv also Makes no sense! How do you plan to watch TV when there’s no light? They'll act deaf & dead for this one Biko we need it fkeyamo will free subscription put food on a lame man's table this period

Not a bad idea o Netflix dey chop data abeg 💀 After all the money they have made, they will still say no no no Yes ooo Why salaries from FG Loud it ooooo

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COVID-19: Govts urged to give cash gifts, food items to NigeriansChief Executive Officer Water and Sanitation Matter, (WASHMATA) Dr Boluwaji Onabolu has advised governments to engage the Nigerian political... We only hope they do as “urged”. We are waiting This is the information Nigerians wish to hear now.

COVID-19: Give Nigerians one month free subscription, Keyamo urges DSTV, others – Daily TrustThe Minister of State for Labour and Employment, Festus Keyamo, has called on Multichoice Nigeria, owners of DSTV, GOTV and the owners of Startimes, among other satellite TV providers, to extend the subscription of Nigerians for the next one month during the period of COVID-19 pandemic. Payback time. God bless you Sir. No be dstv we want Data abeg Not only subscription sir,Food stuffs matters..

COVID-19: Police alert Nigerians in emerging crime trendsThe Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, has enjoined members of the public to be alert and take precautionary actions against criminal elements who might explore the emergency situation... Has IGP gone for convid-19 test? Go and face the bokoharam out there I'm in sefia paaain( in fayose's voice)😂😂😂😂

COVID-19: Buhari urges Nigerians to heed advice on CoronavirusPresident Buhari has been carrying out official duties from his official residence in Abuja, after testing negative for COVID-19. Mbok stop deceiving us with Photoshop So looks like the President is actually indisposed right now. That's all they wld have just said instead of all this upandan...

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