COVID-19: Give Nigerians Airtime And Data To Soothe Their Pains, Keyamo Tells MTN, Others

COVID-19: Give Nigerians Airtime And Data To Soothe Their Pains, Keyamo Tells MTN, Others

3/31/2020 3:22:00 PM

COVID-19: Give Nigerians Airtime And Data To Soothe Their Pains, Keyamo Tells MTN, Others.

COVID-19: Give Nigerians Airtime And Data To Soothe Their Pains, Keyamo Tells MTN, Others

Updated March 31, 2020 The Minister of State for Labour and Employment, Festus Keyamo, has asked major telecommunication companies in Nigeria to give tokens of airtime and data in a bid to ease the pains of Nigerians even as the fight against COVID-19 intensifies.

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According a series of tweets by Keyamo on Monday, the airtime and data will not only ease pains but will also help Nigerians stay connected to their loved ones in these trying times.Keyamo also asked the direct broadcast satellite service providers in Nigeria to support the fight against COVID-19 by giving Nigerians an extension on their current subscription.

Using his verified Twitter page, Keyamo urged DSTV and Star Times to extend existing subscriptions by one month, to help alleviate the sufferings of Nigerians within the lock down period. Read more: Channels Television »

MTN180 that will be a great relief for Nigerians Some families are sustained from airtime and data sales. Tell nepa to give free electricity. Give people the electricity they paid for first before you talk of anything else. How about 24 hours electricity? Who data epp? Then tell your Boss too to remove VAT for 3 month

Why is the Nigerian government good at collecting freebies We need steady power supply and money period Nice one if they can do it If FG is disbursing to poor Nigerians for accountability, use pple BVN..And state governors shame is ur name. Waiting for FG and u are busy eating the state fund. So stats governors can't supplements FG. Shame.

What will airtime and data do to hunger? You think you said something important though. Abi now nice submission kiyamo Do your own pary.what has been your own contribution ever since the corona virus outbreak.please you're not our solicitor Giving with right hand then collecting with a left hand..,MTN electricity working in hand in hand if you want MTN credit all Nigerians then all power supply should also be reduced

It seems Keyamo is talking sense but Nepa or Phcn whatever is their name called just enforce them to give us constant light biko MTNNG atleast you guys should Drop something also give us free Data for God’s sake Nah food ,money , electricity we need okay Instead of you to tell your Oga president Buhari to give us money

You are the one in pains Mr. Keyamo. I think u av paid 4 it sir? Did Nigerians informed u dey can't afford Airtime and data MTN the most stingy network I had know All this network provider need to consider us This man no gt sense at all u no talk say make dn provide food for poor people na airtime and DSTV subscription you they talk

Remind ur government sir that this period of stay indoors and d big men are enjoying their ill-gotten wealth. Nigeria is sitting on a gun powder. When d hunger start, army can't stand d youths. Hungry youths angry youth. All d best. We are watching Keyamo, give Nigerians food since they want us indoor and light. Then Nigerians will stay for ten years and u d government can keep fighting ur covid19 .d big man brought and d poor made to suffer.

Will the big boys of this country allow that to go through. Of course not possible One of d best provision dey can offer Well said. MTNza has done it slashing local data by 50%. What is good for the geese...... Oga what will you give? Our leader has collect there tomorrow before today from the institutes so they can tell them this good things masses are not on there mind at all ...

What about give us light Just imagine this Lawyer, remember POLITICAL campaign is over, we're dealing with CORONAVIRUS we're not begging for recharge card, afterall our granny in the rural areas don't have phones. Someone just spoke my mind... Good morning Boss. Pls I need little cash to get some little consumables. Thank you also for your good message. Continue to be a good leader. 🙏

Fool mtn give and fg continue looting idot of a lawyer Nice...but they won’t give Nawao No one they listen him even the dstv no listen What of light to charge their phone Are Nigerians going to eat the data MTN has given me 300 free SMS. That the way to go. Hope it went round.. Thanks MTNNG They are very insensitive and only bothered about money. I still got thank you for ....your data plan expires by midnight. Smmmmmmh, Spectranet_NG

He is right. They have taken from us it’s only right we recieve free data from telecommunications company’s. FG should give them tax holiday first and free AGO to power their stations , and stop deceiving ourselves . tell federal government to settle them so they can give us free sub...the heavy taxes they pay to the government no be beans...then we will know your making sense

We are dying of hunger... MTNNG instead of giving data you guys are busy giving free SMS.. You guys should grow up and stop fooling yourself… Look at him this is only good thing you have said which I no is not going to work Eventually someone is thinking.... subscribing everyday is very expensive... MTNNG please don’t make billions out of us this period bikonu

have they given South Africa Data and airtime? What is Nigerian government planning to give ordinary Nigerians? Bros u no de even talk possibilities. Na this government go open eye do that when they know it will make people happy? U think say na Trump and Boris Johnson be our president. I beg just stay safe ‘STAY AT HOME’.

That’s Nonsense! I Guess you need free data and airtime. What Nigerians Need is money and electricity, the government should, as a matter of urgency direct Central bank to credit our accounts with 500k each. That’s kind of advice you give the government. If u tell d network providers to give us,free data and call cards,as a govt, what have u guys done to ease d pain of we d masses during dis period failedgovt

It's reasonable to plead with these agencies to also shows concerns in a difficult time as this but have they not paid billions as tax to the same government. To whom much is given much is also expected from. In a nutshell, I'll also love this government to play her role. Tnx. It’s not the job of the business owner who pay tax, it’s the job of the FG to say this. Look at what the government of other countries are doing. Don’t be stingy with the people’s money. Let these business decide how to assist and not the FG telling them what to do.

I have lost my respect for this man long time ago, its like he's high in something. Instead of asking MTN or Multi choice to give Nigerians free airtime n subscriptions while not tell your Oga Buhari to give Nigerians 50k each for d lockdown. O serious' The most useless government ever Keyamo pls direct the question to the government not mtn and others.

Perfect Oga minister why not allowed the minister of communication speak? Anyway you have made a very good idea. What is the government giving the citizens? Stop that shit about giving the poor some cash... What about the rest? I really buy ur idea,bcos the movement is seized everywhere and staying much longer at home has to consume alot of data.u can only tired in browsing at d same time it's parmanent friend

They won't still do it Why can't the idiot tell his master to give us electricity? On point sir He should also tell his boss that people are hungry and to give them food to eat. A hypocrite They should do it without being told Your comment is already yielding positive results from MTN They are giving free 300 sms for a month, 10 per day

The 1.5Billion wen Glo give una na for wetin? To enrich unaselves? ab_ochuko Drmike_adenuga OfficialPDPNig OfficialAPCNg FemiFalanaSAN WSoyinkaCentre NGRSenate HouseNGR Give me data this period I will just stay in door for the rest of the day U are not talking about ur APC lead govt to give Nigerian money, u are talking about pravete companies to give, who does that,

Is FG stop collecting tax from them. You are not serious Talking about MTN, 9mobile and Airtel. Na glo be the worst. Najia pikin business. una to dey do much ad without good services. I shame for una. Una nor dey well at all. Keyamu is a sell out Tell ur Government to activate a visible stimulus package...

Are we beggars y begging on our behalf No mind that ye ye mtn na to put hand for our pocket dem ready to do You too much KEYAMO Will data make u happy. If any of ur family got d corona will u have time for the data or airtime. Supply food n make sure there is power supply. We ll be fine. Exactly....U just said my mind... it's enough we are depressed already... it will get to the point... it's no more coro dey wil b afta rada it will be human being bcos some will just drop dead out of depression

We no need data we need food and electricity Hypocrites we are! When banks donated to government,why did government not reject the money and compel them to distribute it to those customers on their database 'to soothe their pains' I don't think MTN has an iota of corporate conscience. Stop asking for impossible... this is Nigeria where rich take from the poor to be richer

WE NEED UNINTERRUPTED ELECTRICITY SUPPLY MORE In my area in Kaduna NEPA peoples their brain dey work during total shutdown we now enjoy nearly 20hr of light per day tnx to covid19. Our government has failed Someone should tell keyamo that the govt should provide palliatives to her citizens and not asking private business to help handle govt responsibility

we talking medics, you talk data. COVID19 Seriously! In dis buhari tym Na scam jhor Yes please 😫 Let them leave us ooooo, we don't what any of their data, or airtime, because if everything finish then go cut our neck, through the other way. They suppose to donate something's to poor people. naso bro,thanks with your advice

Good idea! What is your Buhari lead government giving nigeria MTNNG has started with 300 sms. Good. We want more from them and others 😁 Given airtime n data is not even issue or did oda countries gives airtime n data? They gave us this So this man is still alive while Nigeria is burning shame 1stly free we all use DStv,now na free Airtel n data,Bros say something meaningful like free electricity, food,,,,na data we go chop

I don't need their airtime and data. Let them reduce the tariffs and rate This is a message I got from MTNNG..... Stay CONNECTED with your loved ones WITHOUT using your CREDIT! Enjoy FREE 300 SMS for the next one month (10 SMS/day) to ALL NETWORKS StaySafe.... Agbaya wey no get shame And also electricity to enjoy the subscription

This people would they agree ?🌚 Oga keyamo, let the government give us power for this stay home period first before you talk private businesses into paliatives. A good call fkeyamo. Let the government show example so the corporate entities can follow but note that they are not obligated to your call as they also have their CSR policy.

My minister, live and direct Populist dancing.. Absolutely, this is the best and soothing comments by an government official since the pandemic started. I think that is on behalf of your self and your family not Nigerians What of people who are not using phone sir think before you talk Na Data we one eat

What has the government done for us from all they have been stealing? Lead by example Although we can't make the world a paradise all at once but I believe we can get something done. On top of all the list will be Light and some food incentives. Trust me, for many, Day ½ is already like being in prison.

And you, do some giveaways to your village people to buy foodstuffs. Even if this is our last day on earth they will not do it...who wants to bet Network providers run their masts and services with generators. With price of diesel still high despite global crash in crude price. You are here opening that mouth and talking nonsense. Easy to talk shaa.

_iamsaulawa sulaimvn_ mikailumuhd mansursuleima19 How effective will this idea goes? What has the federal government given to Nigerians? I thought they said charity begins at home. Give us electricity to charge our phones to use the data. Always pushing responsibilities. Soroniyen 😏 Your head is correct

At least one good thing you have said after decades Is the government going to give them some concession on company income tax and other heavy charges they pay to Government? These are businesses first n sentiments do not run businesses. Give dem some palliative them push for dem to give freebies to Nigerians

Nah DSTV sub I first see .. How much have you contributed Sir U no ask tCN to give free light The gov't should subsidize same with all those donations, but food has to be made free...EAGLE!!! We don't need airtime and data to soothe our pains We also do not need free dstv subscription to soothe our pains. We need ELECTRICITY. No be who get light to charge phone go need data and airtime No be who get light go watch dstv?

I just got a message from Mtn that they are giving me 300 free SMS(10 per week) Yet to receive alart oo Tell federal government not only service provider. Suddenly you seem to be pushing for Nigerians but you keep demanding for the wrong things and from the wrong folks. These guys are capitalists and are doing their private business. If you should ask for something, focus on FG if you truly care ok. Stop the distractions mbok.

Nigerians like awof Air time na paracetamol But nepa is increasing their tariff tomorrow Wednesday,what can you say to this sir.fkeyamo Reduce power tariff first, lead by example And what's the government plans for the people? Very true sha Increase the volume...📢📢🎤🎤🔊🔊 I hope they would do that Don't worry for data, many will continue to tweet nonsense

Good ideas Good This man should shut up his to NEPA to give us electricity.....stop attacking private companies. What about NEPA we need light and food. Forget about airtime and DStv Leadership by example what as the governments provide for us U no say make garri price come down u rlthey talk of data and free call. Oga minister garri one paint na 800 for my side

Tell buhari to trnsfer to nigerians tru bvn You government people see us so cheap. But its our fault that we don't let these people know what the masses need. We are always busy supporting them by fanatism, PDP vs APC, atiku vs buhari. But we shouldn't care. We should let these people know what we need as people

fkeyamo I ask agin what will you also give to Nigerians to soothe their pains? Lead the way guess others will follow Great talk,how I wish the net work providers can adhere to this so as to reduce people's burden during this period Why is he not talking about the essentials like light and food what is wrong with our leaders will the people eat data and airtime

Where is the light to recharge and use the data and Air time. Pls Nigerians I mean populace are hungry. Not the VI or Asoko rock people Thanks our Hon. Minister. Idiot ...tell your boss to share money Anytime I see this mans head it just reminds me of egg roll Na u build company for them ? Sincerely ehn On channels television. Moron

Yes oooo even if it's 700mb The government you are working under is about to increase electricity tariffs by tomorrow and you are not saying anything. MTNNG AirtelNigeria A gig for N50 weekly is not bad. What's your Govt giving to soothe our pains? That's what they need to do. We need them most now!!!!

We need Light & The Data you jus mention. Brave Move Keyamo ✊🏿 Can you imagine this big for nothing Camry When we have dubious and insensitive leaders in power this can't be achieved. Infact these trying periods my data is consumed in a week and before I use the same amount of data for at least 3 weeks. Till the Nigerian government becomes transparent and trust worthy ........

The data is much needed I am new here, kindly follow OkunsokanO I dnt av pride in me Ifb instantly Is like these people don't have brain o, how would private organisation soothe our pain when you guys are rubbing salt and pepper on our WOUND is your head leaking oil? stuffman4sure If this one happen may I have breast cancer

What is FG giving Wetin your useless govt wan give? Two things we need most at this trying time. 1. Money to buy food stuff 2. Uninterrupted power supply. These two can sustain us all through and keep us indoor fkeyamo Foolish people na that one b money You sir, what have you done for the poor masses lately?

IamMrLotus 100gb coming through mehnn Tell my MBuhari to do give away please Ask FG to credit all BVN owners with 10K. We don't have online grocery home delivery shops here please. Why didn't it appear in the president's address Keyamu na light we want No b data dey do us.. make buhari send 15k for us What about the banks? All those monies they have deducted over the years from our accounts, I believe they are position to give back! AllNigerianBank are just stingy!🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️

Because they are the cause if your pain yeah? Let the government give quality infrastructure to ease pain....nonsense Abeg we no want Airtime pls Oga tell Govt to pay every home at least 50k this period..u are there saying airtime na airtime we go chop You're right.Good talk What have you contributed Is that food? How many Nigerians uses data?

GloWorld MTNNG and others won't give us anything. Light tarriff nko😭 What is your government doing about giving money to citizens? Don't just talk about companies. The telecommunications seem to be paying deaf ears to this admonition, after it even came from atiku some says back. Contribute your quota as everyone is doing.

Also tell your boss to suspend the implementation of VAT. What of the govt what are the doing to sooth the pain & stress for ordinary Nigerians Sepe Keyamo geh sense like this 😂 Give this man a beer Fool!!! D_Probity01 Foolishness taken too far. Is MTN/others richer than the Federal Government? What has the government done to support the citizens. Oh luck us in the house without anything?

Reprobate. No wonder MTN gave me free 100mb today.... They can do better than that na right move if the minister of information and communication can support this bid Pleaseee do. All the money someone has wasted on data can buy car😭 Can you imagine what is good for the goose is not good for your gander abi? We know in this farm like the Owellian farm, 'some animals are more equal than others'

Why won't he pay for it? Nice Advice 🤜🏽🙏🏾 What will govt give masses? They should lead by example. Simple Tell dem ooo👏 What have you given Nigerians to soothe their pains? Indirectly you are begging for free airtime and data Many countries are soothing the impact of COVID19 on their citizens, we can do same even if not in that measure but in some way. A little makes a whole lot of difference ReliefPackage Nigeria

This will help alot. Tell them please if they will hear and do Sew Mumu talk Abeg, airtime an data na food? Hissssss And they (MTN) gave out SMS.... Who that one helped ejowo Oga sit down.. Na data or airtime person go eat... U must not talk when u don't meaning ideas to share He said 'urge' not 'give' besides they are giving us nothing too..why wo t he urge

Tell them His Excellency What have your boss given us to soothe the pain of not going out This stupid government God alone soothes pain. Make policies with God's presence, and pains will be reduced. Pls and pls FG should remove the vat percentage I'm seeing anytime I'm made calls. Airtime nah food🍔🍟🥚🥞🍼

Will they hear, stingy people. GOtvNg oyah ooo I agree on this one Give them tax holiday Let’s be serious please. Tank u very much It's a very simple something just credit everybody with at least 5gb data but shishi dem no go gree Only this one the try make sense since c19 Don't shift the govt responsibility on enterprise, trump didn't tell network providers to soothe the people problem. Can you imagine wht $1200 can buy even in America. Ìka pplp.

mercy_pelly They should start from somewhere at least Let's appreciate at least some of us will still want to get in touch with the world. The N1000 that could be used to buy airtime will definitely buy more food. Abeg make them follow minister advice Why are you not including fuel reduction to at lease 75

Yet you can't advice your oga at the top to at least give every citizen 5k each. Abeggi no le mi insult the demon out of you. Give us food data light stop fooling around segalink While your government waits to take cheap glory because the companies are not paying taxes in your grueling business environment? We CONDEMN this AUDIO CHARADE for cheap publicity. Remove your SHAREHOLDERS involvement in those companies and see things progress fastest!

Oya oooooooooooo MTN go dey tell me to buy of 5k Dem no Even wan care if I don eat DONJAZZY Foolish fools everywhere, when Nigeria Government kept frustrating this particular network, did you ever plea on for them? Wait! What is Glo doing as well? Y'all and feeling entitled Shaa U ask private companies to give out free service while d govt fail to lead by example... hypocrisy...

This neee a mic lagostelevision AIT_Online NTANewsNow i'm trying to reach out to whoever, there is a confirmed COVID-19 case in festac now, the patient arrived from UK 10 days ago, she has been in contact with at least 15 people since her arrival, NCDC have been contacted but have refused to Loud it oo

What are you giving Nigerians? How much has Buhari given us? Useless Man Please the should give 100GB to each of their users 🙏🏾 Him just Dey tell tell True talk FG should wave their tax for the corresponding months Remind PHCN to supply stable power to balance this. Let this go beyond rhetorics. Hold dialogue sessions with the service providers

tell them ooo. ThankYouTacha Shouldn't it be better done by the government we pay tax to Rubbish True talk Na sooo Government should lead by example, u can't force private companies into doing it when the Fed Govt isn't showing any concern for the needy at this period Keyamo said MTN should share data and airtime. What is the govt doing. Can't u people send us money to buy food stuff or to buy some pressing needs

Nepa nkor? Network providers shouldn't donate to the govt instead,they should credit our lines with DATA and AIRTIME or slash DATA prices MTNNG Got this from MTNSpecial FG is capable of giving every BVN holder atleast 20, 000 to relieve the current situation Lool, when they finally grudgingly give the airtime, 2 things are bound to happen (1), it's either they make the network move at snail speed OR (2) swallow up the data before the expiry date! E no dey hard dem😁😏😌😌

Yes ooo, please and steady electricity supply Abi oooo

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COVID-19: Give Nigerians one month free subscription, Keyamo urges DSTV, others – Daily TrustThe Minister of State for Labour and Employment, Festus Keyamo, has called on Multichoice Nigeria, owners of DSTV, GOTV and the owners of Startimes, among other satellite TV providers, to extend the subscription of Nigerians for the next one month during the period of COVID-19 pandemic. Payback time. God bless you Sir. No be dstv we want Data abeg Not only subscription sir,Food stuffs matters..

COVID-19: Give Nigerians One-Month Free Subscription, Keyamo Tells DSTV, OthersCOVID-19: Give Nigerians One-Month Free Subscription, Keyamo Tells DSTV, Others. Loud it ooooo Why salaries from FG Yes ooo

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COVID-19: Buhari to address Nigerians at 7pmHope call in questions are welcome? We don’t want again Nah thunder go fire MBuhari money hin no give us wetin he wan kon talk mtcheeewz