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Coronavirus, Covid-19

COVID-19: DSTV owners, MultiChoice shun subscribers, donate N1.2bn to FG, Lagos, TV shows - Daily Post Nigeria

COVID-19: DSTV owners, MultiChoice shun subscribers, donate N1.2bn to FG, Lagos, TV shows

4/1/2020 3:43:00 PM

COVID-19: DSTV owners, MultiChoice shun subscribers, donate N1.2bn to FG, Lagos , TV shows

Despite Nigeria ns' plea for a slash in monthly subscription fees amid the coronavirus crisis, DSTV owners, MultiChoice appears to have shunned the

Despite Nigerians’ plea for a slash in monthly subscription fees amid the coronavirus crisis, DSTV owners, MultiChoice appears to have shunned the request.Many Nigerians at home and on social media have been begging MultiChoice to reward their loyalty by giving them either free subscription for a certain period or reduction in rates.

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On Wednesday, the company announced N250million to the Federal and Lagos State governments to support its efforts to curtail COVID-19.MultiChoice was, however, silent on any kind of offer for the millions of Nigerians who keep the company in business.

Rather, it said it had committed funds to government, TV announcements as well as producers, cast and crew of shows on its platform.A statement by Caroline Oghuma, Executive Head, Corporate Affairs, gave a breakdown of MultiChoice’s contribution in the fight against COVID-19.

They include, “Cash support of N200million and N50million to the Federal and Lagos State Governments respectively, the donation of 10,000 certified test kits to the NCDC, Public Service Announcement COVID-19 prevention tips in English, Pidgin, Ibo, Yoruba and Hausa languages as well as approved inventory worth over N550million highlighting the NCDC’s COVID-19 Helplines and PSAs on more than 10 channels across DStv and GOtv.”

The statement quoted Chairman MultiChoice Nigeria, Adewunmi Ogunsanya (SAN), as saying: “We are donating 10,000 certified test kits to support the great work being done by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) and the Federal Ministry of Health.

“We are also contributing N250million to the Federal and Lagos State Governments’ efforts in providing adequate healthcare delivery facilities to fight COVID-19.”He expressed hope that the contributions to NCDC, the Federal and State Governments, alongside other donations, will go a long way towards effective management of the outbreak.

The statement further quoted John Ugbe, CEO of MultiChoice Nigeria, as confirming the donation of N550million worth of inventory to public service announcements.“Also, the creative industry salary payment of up to N400million will offer a much-needed financial reprieve for producers, actors, and technical talent currently contracted to MultiChoice Nigeria, whose livelihoods have been disrupted by the pandemic”, Ugbe said.

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There arein Nigeria. Two deaths have been recorded.The pandemic, which broke out in Wuhan, China, has killed over 42,000 people globally in three months. Read more: Daily Post Nigeria »

Dstv knows what's right, but prefer to donate the money to FGN/LS out of will, only to please government for future favour base on high tariff debate in national assembly. Surprised that your website isn't running adverts and sponsored posts for free. That should be your relief package. Electricity and water should be for free.

It's sad when noble gestures by responsible corporate organisations are misrepresented in the media, particularly by media organisations that people turn to for news worthy matters. Multichoice should be applauded for this initiative and not condemned. Tweetwizzard These ones 're mad!!!instead of them to gv us dstv premium free till the pendemic is over

Multichoice una no well 🤕🤕🤕🤕 Lol...I haven’t see any headlines calling out PHCN for not supplying 24hours light this period. Neither did I get any complaint from people wishing GTBank had sent the money to its customer instead of collaborating with the government to build an isolation centre. 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ what sort of headline is this? Why don’t y’all ask the other lots like the banks to also credit your accounts instead of giving the money to the FG? Sigh, these news sites be doing the most all for what? Website clicks?😪

Is PHCN giving free power supply? Or Is Aquafina distributing free table water because of COVID19? Ffs! This is a company that just donated N1.2billion to support Nigeria’s fight against COVID-19🤦🏾‍♀️ As a journalist, I'm shocked at this level of crass journalism. Instead of accurately reporting a firm's noble gesture during this grim period, this medium decided to impugn reputation. The banks that donated N1bn, did they also donate funds to their customers cos of COVID-19?

Is PHCN giving free power supply? Or Is Aquafina distributing free table water because of COVID19? Multichoice donating N1.2billion to support Nigeria’s fight against COVID-19 is them shunning subscribers 🤦🏾‍♀️ If states are begging for FG intervention to fight Covid-19, why is this donation not appreciated and celebrated? Would you rather have a month free of entertainment than save lives? Has your landlord given you free rent because of Covid-19? Has power been made available?

What sort of headline is this? Money was donated to support the government in the fight against the virus and this is the gratitude they get? Did you read the statement that was released?! , is this all for clout? You lot should learn to give credit 🚪 They'd get tax relief/exemption in return it's usually Give'n'Take scenario.

Why all these donations to FG instead of to the poor masses dying of hunger Evil people I just donated $1billion audio money to WHO for any scientist that can get a cure for Corona virus, not vaccine. No thanks for ur contribution what you offer masses will be more appropriated than the money you gave to the FG .If ur company give Nigerians free air to watch u will see positive reaction from individuals thanks

May God bless you for your philanthropy and those medical Experts toiling day and night to save the lives of people affected by COVID19. God will intervene in your own matter and do that you can't do for yourself. Audio donation everywhere Good! Not subscribing for now Wetin i wan watch No football Pls stop giving this Yahoo enterprises FG money.give it to the masses.

Too greedy! Because the donation is more cheaper than given free month to all subscriber Lol Audio donation 😋 Can we be strong enough to boycott this people. Multi Choice is aware of our lack of will to boycott their business. Nawa ooo

COVID-19: Give Nigerians One-Month Free Subscription, Keyamo Tells DSTV, OthersCOVID-19: Give Nigeria ns One-Month Free Subscription, Keyamo Tells DSTV , Others. Loud it ooooo Why salaries from FG Yes ooo

COVID-19: Give Nigerians one month free subscription, Keyamo urges DSTV, others – Daily TrustThe Minister of State for Labour and Employment, Festus Keyamo, has called on Multichoice Nigeria , owners of DSTV , GOTV and the owners of Startimes, among other satellite TV providers, to extend the subscription of Nigeria ns for the next one month during the period of COVID-19 pandemic. Payback time. God bless you Sir. No be dstv we want Data abeg Not only subscription sir,Food stuffs matters..

Alakija's Famfa Oil donates N1 billion to fight coronavirusThe Chairman and Vice Chairman of Famfa Oil LTD, Modupe and Folorunsho Alakija, have donated N1 billion to support Nigeria ’s fight against COVID-19. It's good action, thank you all Are 200million people gonn contract the virus? Alakija for share this ₦1billion to the masses. It's just like from frypan to fire

Coronavirus: Why Lagos, Abuja have high number of cases - Minister Lagos and Abuja have recorded the highest numbers of cases of Covid-19 in Nigeria It is there where their flights are landing from abroad Come to think of it Lagos state is a commercial state in Nigeria where people engage in business so it's possible to have high cases of covid-19 may God almighty guide nd protect us from this disaster ameen

Mike Adenuga Foundation donates N1.5bn to COVID-19 fundsMike Adenuga Foundation (MAF), established by billionaire, Dr Mike Adenuga Jr., on Monday donated N1.5 billion to Federal Government ... Nice move Thanks sir Thank you

StackPathAudio money everywhere Great thank you sir