Covid-19, Deeper Life Church, Kumuyi

Covid-19, Deeper Life Church

COVID-19: Deeper Life Church's Pastor Kumuyi donates N50m to Nigerian Govt - Daily Post Nigeria

COVID-19: Deeper Life Church’s Pastor Kumuyi donates N50m to Nigerian Govt

4/10/2020 11:42:00 AM

COVID-19: Deeper Life Church ’s Pastor Kumuyi donates N50m to Nigerian Govt

The founder of Deeper Life Bible Church, Pastor Williams Kumuyi , has donated the sum of N50m to the Federal Government as part of the church's

Kumuyi explained that the domination was aimed at supporting the private sector coalition against the COVID-19 scourge.A statement signed by Kumuyi, who is the General Superintendent of the church, also stated that the donation was to help reduce the sufferings caused by the virus.

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The statement reads: “The deeper Christian Life Ministry is delighted at and challenged by the massive efforts of the Federal Government and her agencies in curtailing the spread of COVID-19 and bringing relief to sufferers.“The introduction of the private sector coalition against COVID-19 (CA COVID-19) to harness resources in combating this global health crisis is also highly commendable.

“We wish to identify with this noble initiative and consequently have made a donation of N50,000,000 (fifty million naira) into your Central Bank account, in support of your campaign.“We have a firm belief in God that He will answer our prayers and bring an end to the pandemic, sooner than expected. May God bless all your efforts.”

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God bless you and your ministry This pple dont use to gear something pple are dying of hunger n u are donating 50m to useless government sorry for u may dere is no poor pple in ur area if dere not y don't tell pple to help u search for dem Dan to give dis huge amount to government That kumuyi is nothing but useful idiot

So poor people no dey deeper life? I know some deeper life members that are jobless, yet kumuyi no give them money AFter he will preach that we should not be consigned with wordly things. Which business is he doing? Wrong moves! How much has he donated to his members who pay the tithes and offerings? What!!!!? Instead of buying food and distribute to the poor?

What happened to his poor church members, most contributed in the N50m through their offerings and tithes etc but they are not going to benefit anything from this evil NGRPresident government? Do the right thing!! Charity begins at home!! Dont get why even our spiritual fathers are falling our hands like this. Share this funds directly to your members and if you like you can send the records to the government..

Pls share to members instead of giving to Federal government For what? E remain daddy freeze church to give government 😂 BIG MISTAKE!!! The money goes to the pockets of govt officials in Aso Rock. You've done nothing. The church knows the Poor and Needy Nigerians more than the govt. You have the administrative structures to help directly.

Most of ur church members are hungry and u are there donating 50m to bad govt. God give us sense pls hope d money will survive Why not give the money to your members directly? Anything can happen ooh You donate 50mill to thieves who are yet to give Nigerians the former billions donated, and you have the poor in your church and can't share the money to them? What are we gonna call this?

Sir, it could have been better for your members well-being , particularly covid 19. You mean that there is no poor person in your church? It's better you give the money to your hungry members, government suppose to give church, for this Corona virus, govt did not give individual anything. Why are the churches donating to the government instead of the people of Nigeria?

Give that money to your members In Need Sir, why the government, y not your church member... Is this a sign u did not Lome ur people or what... Please our pastor, don't donate your hard earn money to the federal government again. The society needs it more Daily post wey dey carry fake news....mtcheeeeew

I respected u a lot but with this I'm truly a shame of u. We actually don concern govt but does that do things for there paternal interest u will have give it to the poor and to your church members than give it to our useless govt. Money way 1 person go swallow... Just distribute this money to poor congregation members na...many have nothing to eat...and you are busy wetting the pocket of president sinzu this money will never serve it purpose...Nigeria is shameless ahswear...

Oga deeper life remember ur church members. Ahhhh!!! Daddy you have tried but you'd have given it to your church members. That's good but to me is not good enough. N50million! That's hug money. Let us just imagine the N50m was share among the church members, this will go a long way is the life of the members during this stay at home periods and the will always be grateful and remember it forever.

Hnmmm this money shouldn't have been donated or be given to the government . Instead it should have been used on the masses directly. People are crying for help each day. Pastor please use money judiciously You left your church members And donate to armed robbers It would be better if you did nothing Why Nigeria government. Give to you followers

Why are you giving it to Nigerian govt? Why not to poor people in your area. Stupid is when you know the right thing to do and to it the other way out, how can deeper life church again donate poor people money to this failed govt again. All dese pastors sha.And I believe dey all ve less privileged in dr churches

To government again? Hmmmm Sir, u are a disgrace to ur members U are mad All this lies circulating around so keep their worshipers woke!!! Mcheew this pastor should stop lieing jare it’s against the commandment.. Practice what you preach.. There are worshipers in your church who are really hungry.. Baba you could have use the money for your neighborhood instead of government,jor they won't deliver your message o

EatTheRich God bless you sir Why not give that money to the masses? How will the government be held accountable for such small money that can be looted by just one person. Why didn't you divide it among your members that gave you the money in the first place. I would seize to be a member if I was one. Na wah

Chai pastors! They keep disappointing us I am aware some deeper life members don't have food to eat now... But what do i know? 🚶🏾 Hmmm! Donation to Nigerian Govt not to the congregation of your church members❌ If I may ask, who are the golibu people going to this church. Oga ooo Why are you behaving like illiterate and uneducated and lack of knowledge of the scripture... deeplife 👉 You now need the Government to help you give your arms to the less privileged. 👉 Giving money to the Government now (people you called worldly) 😭Why did Jesus that? 😭

That's highly commendable, may God Almighty reward u abundantly. Nigerians what? Give it to your church members are there not the poor and poorest of poor in that church? To who?same terrorist?They will take the money& burn down the office Fake pastors everywhere What have you donated to your congregations, useless GOVERNMENT.....

Again despite all warnings from the Nigerians 😢😢 Why to government when congregation are hungry?... Diariz God oooooo! Why not give it to your followers, the money go burn again oooo Go and collect that money back and give it to ur members. Any one giving the Nigerian government money is a total waste cos no individual will get 1kobo from it.

Wastage We shouldn't give the fed govt cash to help us, We all know that they're thieves and looters. Instead, get an assistant, if you buying these stuffs from the whites directly, get to pay them the cash so they deliver to your assistant directly. You don't give cash to fed de govt Enough of given to the government, they are only enriching themselves, the congregation needs it, that's why there is follow up team, hunger is real, even Easter is here, nothing to eat.... please let's stop been deceived....the most affected states, got nothing..

Rich church should bless their members not Federal Government during this period. Enough of this church madness donations. You donate to government but when is offering time, you ask the members to give . Why not donate the money to those your members that pays you tithe and offering. Some people still believe this. O ga Oh. We Nigerians are the real clients. ☹️

Good one sir Nice one Baba,pls you for share am to ur members, or buy foodstuff for them...... Papa you try o but you would have shared it for deeper life members than giving it to this thieves Papa why not to poor Nigerians Dafffft..... He doneted N50m while most of his members are very poor, shameful. Y will he donate to the FG when he knows the kind of government we have 🤦

It's a very good gesture, but your followers and poor Nigerians needs it more than government of MBuhari and OfficialAPCNg Pastor donate this money too the church workers that work full time with no job Why can't this pastor donate all these money to the poor instead of federal government they've already make billions of naira

After this coronavirus shit I go just dey worship God for my house😡😡😡😡😡😡 Misplaced priority! You ought to have donated the money to the poor members of your church. You should have just transferred the money to your church members. Some people are begging for 1k to feed themselves and their children . People are really hungry out here

And members in your church are struggling to survive. Few individuals in power we siphon your money and nothing will happened Stop donating to looters In as much as it is nice,but would have been better given to the congregation instead Great Oga, donate to your church members that are in need, forget about all these political and media donations. Whoever donates to the government is making an investment and expect a ROI. Or is there no NEEDY in Deeper life churches nationwide?

Daddy, the money suppose to be shared to Your church members sir. It is just that given to the greedy instead of given to the needy Why didn't u share that money to your church members? All of you donating to govt that’s rich already just needed fame while you left people that really need it... Nonsense

People wey God go punish plenty. My tithes and offerings na him dem carry give FG. And I dey here to trouble celeb make demands gimme money wey I no keep for Dia hand. It's well. These donations re they in cash or cheques? Not my concern though I don't even understand this people anymore. What is really wrong with all these pastors self? Why to the useless government? Why not share it to your followers.

😏😒 Sparing donation ,wasted money Share it among your members, sir. See them criticizing good things, well, I'm not surprised even Judas did the same to Jesus,claiming to be a humanitarian but a thief Giving govt money is like giving monkey water with cup instead of that share it to the members of your church I called this beautiful nonsense

Sir, why can't you share it personally why donating Let them continue to do eye service while some people continue to be poor around. They continue to tell members to pray against the evil in their papa compound which has made them so poor. Format That money is as useless as MBuhari to the masses Please remember menber of the church

Stop donation to the government of Nigeria, donate to the people. Stop donation too to the greedy and donate to the needy. Good , When it’s time for tithe church’s will remember there congratulations, and when it’s time for churches to help the poor dat suffers to pay there tithes they will run to FG. when this whole thing is over Churches,banks, make Una face FG we and Una for this country.

Haba! Why not every members of you church my dear Pastor sir? They need your support now more than the government. Learn from sam_adeyemi Sir, please stop the transfer and give to the masses or build hospital then donate, buy medications etc learn from PastorEAAdeboye U forget ur poor church members dey give money to yahooyahoo govt just to pull a PR stunt

In my opinion donating to this Govt is not advisable. Donating equipment to Govt is better than fund.. Our Govt cannot be trusted with donated fund. They are all Scammers Why this mess again ... Must you donate to the government while can't you Share The money to the congregation Daddy God bless you mightily .. And continue to Use you to bless Us and the government.. Amen.

Is this not stupidity when he can easily ask the hungry members to submit there acct number to the welfare department of the church, hmmmm person go dey pour water for Pacific ocean 🙄 The same federal government is busy sharing billions to some selected few Why donating money to Nigeria Govrt. Is Nigerian government hungry? The people are starving, anyway they are all looking for mentions it ain't real though. Audio donations.

Stop donating to government abeg, donate to the people... Let Government spend from the looted funds. We’ll beg to see the impact of the money now. All these audio campaign just to say they’re supporting Nigeria. Feed the poor people na, how hard can that be ? Why the government again? Shit To the government?

Few hours later the account the money was paid to caught fire🤔🤔🙄 U could ve given it to your followers, de g deserve it better

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