COVID-19 affected my fight against corruption, insecurity - Buhari

COVID-19 affected my fight against corruption, insecurity - Buhari

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12/4/2021 1:51:00 PM

COVID-19 affected my fight against corruption, insecurity - Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari has said the coronavirus pandemic affected his administration's fight against corruption and insecurity in Nigeria. Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari has said the coronavirus pandemic affected his administration’s fight against corruption and insecurity in Nigeria.Buhari disclosed this at the United Arab Emirates, during Nigeria Day at the EXPO DUBAI 2020 on Friday.This was contained in a statement signed by his spokesman, Femi Adesina.

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He stressed the need for world leaders to work together and reinforce partnerships to limit the catastrophic consequences of the pandemic.“The concerted efforts by world leaders, working together, enabled us to limit the catastrophic consequences of this pandemic.

“Nigeria, like other countries in the world, was impacted negatively by the COVID-19 pandemic, compounding national efforts in addressing insecurity, fighting corruption and diversifying the nation’s economy.“Nonetheless, the present administration in Nigeria has registered significant progress within a short period of time and is still making headways in key sectors of the economy,” the statement said.

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In Dubai, Buhari Seeks Collaboration Of World Leaders To Fight COVID-19Amid the global surge in cases of COVID-19, President Muhammadu Buhari Friday in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, stressed the need for world leaders to

This man! Lmao 🤣 baba fit blame anything!! Bubu again ...There's God oooooo. Covid19 disturbing nigeria Government to work . But not disturb them not to borrowing money ? You must be kidding Mr. Buhari Abi it gave you people permission to steal more. We can't forget the palliatives hidden in some warehouses that were never shared and nobody was held accountable. Billions were allegedly shared to the poorest of the poor but non of us knew one person that collected.

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COVID-19: Omicron variant now in 23 countries – WHOWHO Director-General, Tedros Ghebreyesus, disclosed on Wednesday in Geneva and said that the number of cases was expected to grow.

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COVID-19: Nigeria announces 197 new infections as Omicron variant hits 38 countriesThe World Health Organisation (WHO) had said that the omicron variant, now detected in 38 countries, appears to be more contagious than the... I was waiting for this announcement.

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My guy don quickly blame COVID-19. No be PDP again. Useless president

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