Corruption worse than coronavirus – Magu

Coronavirus, Ibrahim Magu

Coronavirus, Ibrahim Magu


Corruption worse than coronavirus – Magu

Acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Ibrahim Magu Sodiq Oyeleke The Acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Ibrahim Magu, has said corruption is worse than coronavirus. He said this on Tuesday in Kaduna of the EFCC, who were trained for 14 months at the NDA. According to him, corruption is a huge burden to Nigeria. Magu said corruption was worse than any disease, adding that “its (corruption) elimination is of paramount importance to the growth of the nation.” EFCC in a post on Twitter quoted Magu as saying that “Tackling corruption is a clarion call, given that corruption is a huge burden to the nation. It is worse than Cancer, Ebola Virus, Coronavirus and all other deadly diseases put together.” Magu also called on all Nigerians to take ownership of the fight against corruption, describing it as a national responsibility. According to the World Health Organisation, the death toll from the new coronavirus outbreak rose again on Tuesday. It stated that nearly 1,900 people have now died and more than 72,000 others infected by the virus in China, with hundreds of more cases in some 25 countries. Egypt was the Read more: The Punch Newspapers

Atleast give account of stewardship. After 5years Why has it not killed you? Was that what he said?Punch has twisted what Nigeria heard this man say Ask google Magu worse than lassa fever and coronavirus put together. We have to face them both Lol. All the best Nigeria. Goodnight Hypocritical statement. Need a response to this under going headline of our national online news paper as it mentioned.

Yes... you right Mr Chairman How can 'Coronavirus worse than Corruption' be reasonable to admit? Why would he say that when he was not defending Coronavirus. He must have said 'Caused by Corruption' definitely.

Magu must produce those who killed my uncle in EFCC custody –Nephew of deceased civil servantIn this interview with ADELANI ADEPEGBA, Amaechi Ihezie, the nephew of the late Chief Protocol Officer of the Minister of State for Defence, Desmond Nunugwo, demands justice for his alleged murder ... So painful. nigeria land of injustice EFCC has been out of control for a very long time😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 officialEFCC what's this? officialEFCC

Hip hop artist This man just they talk anyhow nowadays, that was not the statement of Magu. He said “I strongly believe corruption is the cause of coronavirus” 🤣🤣🤣 Is trying to help officialEFCC do damage control of what was said by Mr. Magu and seen/heard by over 100million people worldwide. Did he mispoke? If yes & he acknowledged same, people can understand & let go. But coming up with this crassly twist is unfortunate.

Oga magu sir, you are saying rubbish. Don't let us what we know. Solve the problem...Mr. integrity This is BS. Punch no be watin the man talk ooo.. He said corruption cause coronavirus Abi he said Corona virus COVID19Info is Corruption The clown 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I beg to disagree. Corruption here has not been declared a national emergency, CV has. Magu is part of a corrupt system and still alive, he won't even go to China now let alone go near a CV system. All these men just sound like philosophers to deceive themselves, we know them

'Generation of Looters' supporting Alison-Madueke despite fraud allegations - Magu - Premium Times NigeriaMr Magu said the EFCC is working with foreign security outfits to bring the former minister back to Nigeria. But we head at a point dat efcc was dropping all fraud charges against her . Which one do we believe now? Corrupt Magu. Tinubu is in Lagos

I am just tired of these people ....GOSH!!😪😪😪 Buhari MBuhari jharmo SaharaReporters TIBmovement YeleSowore ProfOsinbajo Please, help Nigerians by removing Pocket from PoliceNG PoliceNG_CRU maybe d corruption will reduce...TrafficChiefNG lagostraffic961 We heard him! He said, even corona virus is caused be corruption! Why this distortion?

What you have not experience, you can’t talk about it. officialEFCC Boss This man should stop talking about corruption as if he is the last good man. The truth is Magu only prob politicians who have fallen out of the grace of their godfathers. Magu knows and I know those corrupt politicians eating and winning with the General. Rubbish!

The headline is wrong. CORRUPTION CAUSED BY CORONAVIRUS. by MAGUN You are feeling sleepy,,, 'caused by' and not 'worse than'.. Na so una dey deceive people Contact it first then we'll know 👽 See as he be self, person dey top post for this nigeria his skin no different from that of a farmer. And this is the fighting corruption 🤣🤣🤣

‘Missing $2.5b’: Magu urges UK to extradite Diezani‘Missing $2.5b’: Magu urges UK to extradite Diezani. “I was in London this year. We did investigation together with the UK team. Anywhere I go, I always call for the extradition of corrupt Nigerians to return our money... Having conducted join investigation with the Scotland Yard, I was hoping that if Diezani can’t be extradited, she can be docked right there in the UK. The main problem with you guys officialEFCC is your inability to always prove your case beyond reasonable doubt. My friend go after the thieves in Also rock and stop making noise.

Caused by Corona virus What corruption is worse than two people committed the same crime and u know it. One is working free and the other deal with by u. This is the worse corruption Fake news go to efcc page and see what he actually said i always believed that punch are liars A coincidence or planned? Read up

You are very very very CORRECT! Ologogorooo ni man yii joor. People are dieing without hope and u sit somewhere comparing that to corruption what measures have u taken d world sees what china and d rest countries are doing SMH you did not capture this well. His stupid word was I strongly believe coronavirus is caused by corruption. That is how they start picking holes where there's none. officialEFCC did a bare faced lie on it. Government of lies even on what is audible to a deaf person

See them I agree but lopsided fight like leaving out danjuma goje too bad Are we this callous? This guy making a joke of a situation that many are dying from? He should say this in China.

Diezani stole $2.5bn supported by generation of looters — MaguAn unconfirmed information as well - - - . The amount reduces and increases at will yet the source of information remains the same. Apparently credibility is not a thing with this people Go after boko haram live my aunty alone

He said and I quote... 'Corruption cause corona virus' Magu. Nigeria is a pure joke Quota System Chairman 😂😂😂😂 When will Nigeria be great again? Why aren our politicians still kicking. Aww You comment is Very insensitive to those who have died of this unfortunate virus Mr Magu. Tackle it that's why u are the EFCC chairman

Hey, Magu stop blabbering & drag Danjuma Goje,(screaming & kicking) straight to prison; & investigate Oshiomhole, Jagaban Bullion Van, the Presidency, etc & do an Uzor Kalu on them.This gov't is worse than COVID19, Ebola & Lassa fever, combined! Yes it is true, are you free from the virus ? And ya'll still alive ?

Anti-graft Commission Boss, Magu, Asks United Kingdom To Extradite Ex-Nigerian Petroleum Minister, Alison-Madueke, Over Corruption | Sahara ReportersAnti-graft Commission Boss, Magu, Asks United Kingdom To Extradite Ex-Nigerian Petroleum Minister, Alison-Madueke, Over Corruption | Sahara Reporters The former left Nigeria shortly after the expiration of the tenure of ex-President... READ MORE: Good one Magu👍👍 These ones don't tire ? like they don't see enough of the corrupt people at home here? Now that Nigerians are clamouring for sacks of Service Chiefs & Buhari unpopularity is on the increase, you just can't resist but to divert attention. Abeg just arrest Sambo Dasuki and say you have fresh allegations of $2b security votes bla bla bla bla bla

“Cause and not worst” pls don’t package it A time will come when you we also face the law of all your illegality in the name of fighting corruption, Nigerians never forget the same way Buhari didn’t forget Dasuki Acting as chair of a security agency without senate confirmation as required by law is worst than coronavirus and Boko haram put together

Abeg what is the interconnection between Coronavirus & corruption? What manner of fuckery is this? Magu is a mad man. That's why human life is nothing to them. we heard and watched the video... You are now an agent in the hands of the government. See sense, oya enter wulham for china make you get sense nw

Visit China with ur bald head Hw did we reach here as a country Who wrote that speech for him?

Coronavirus Epidemic: WHO Warns Against Overreaction Coronavirus Epidemic: WHO Warns Against Overreaction.

Magu said 'I strongly believe that corruption is the cause of CoronaVirus ' Please for once be truthful, for it is the truth that will set you free. Journalist economic on the truth, is among the major cause of Nigerian predicaments. What is this man saying, Why punch newspaper are also dump like this, is that what Mr. Magu said! Abeg correct ur caption with what came out directly from his mouth rather than you twisting his statement. He said corruption caused coronavirus but am sure his next speech wil be corruptn caused malaria. 😁

Story OK ,no problem catch the virus 1st... Another incompetent news agency, he said 'caused' not worse But u r corrupt That's why you won't be able to find the cure... Corona virus, please dont listen to that guy See ring leader of kworrution

And our politicians are not killed by this deadly virus called corruption even when it have eaten up their heart or is their any anti-virus like 'political party' or 'leave am na my pardi' involved? ~NICKI AGUMS That's not what he said, he said corruption is the cause of Coronavirus.... if your intrested in having more followers on your Instagram account for your business just send a DM or whatapp in on 08184248923

Mumu idiot Both are in comparable. We say no to Corona virus Even punch carry this fake news as news this punch una useless sha “Caused by” not “worse than” don’t try to make it more acceptable than Magu himself intended it to be. Say it the way he said it. Don't correct it for him. Ezigbo mmadu ka chinch

Don’t talk what you have not experienced A screw is missing upstairs this guy

Do I blame u least u r obeying your paymaster Meaning ur worst than the virus? Staying in that office is worse than corruption and coronavirus put together How do we select out leaders in this country ? Oh really..... just passing Even the 🦅 at the back is confused about what Magu said. Hmm, there was a country

Who's this 1 again Buhari appointed you so I'm not surprised This headline is not sweet...go and copy from thecableng

How I wish the main coronavirus will catch all of una stealing public funds and there cover up partners like you magu Yeye man Whether I agree wt u or not All I may say is may Nigeria never return to those dark years. Please say ameen Kai......illiteracy & ignorance is truly dangerous. More so when the man that reasons this way holds public office. Very sad!

He actually said corruption is the cause of corona virus. please don’t paraphrase for him. No worries, your tenure will soon expire, then breeze go blow Is he still blaming PDP? 🥺🥺🥺 pls correct it. He said 'CORONAVIRUS CAUSED BY CORRUPTION' and Please its 'MUGU' not 'MAGU'. This man na real mugu

The highest thing corruption can do is to kill people and that’s coronavirus doing. So 🤷‍♀️? He talks like a barbarian Who sold weed to this man?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🙆🏿‍♀️ I just hope that the government after this regime will probe this man.. Hmmm... I no dey oooo A blind leading a blind man.....what a nonsensical nonsense from magi and officialEFCC

This is one of the careless statements from operators of the Buhari regime and I’m not surprised ,when you are dealing with those who got into the high schools on quota systems scoring as low as 25 marks are the ones controlling those who scored in excess of 300. It’s so sad 😞. What is he saying? And how many lives has corruption claimed in the past months of corona virus most especially Nigeria..

Abi ooo Nigeria don corrupt baje Someone pls tell this man his mouth stinks!

This one will just opesn mouth and talk rubish magu Fight between Deonder wilder vs Tyson fury, den come back and what to do with Nigeria's, believe me you can get methods Bro Magu,u need to be alive Quota system Chairman talking rubbish This guy is corrupt. If he's not, I dare him to probe tinubu and co or resign

I hope you know what you are talking about conoravirus are worst than corruption then it should visit you or your family then you know this different thing corruption is bad but compare with conoravirus that is rubbish Nonsense talk magu visit the Chinese hospital. Corruption fighting corruption, it’s not possible

WHY is Buhari still retaining this clown in office? He is just there talking galbradish while protecting the very corrupt . Do you know Nigeria souls dying everyday on lack of basic amenities, insecurities caused by corruption. Instant death on roads, hospitals, do we need any natural disasters again? It will be too much....

Corruption is very bad but not worse than coronavirus Let this mf close his damn mouth Y'all are corrupt How come it is not killing our politicians..maybe it has a strong antidote! Just dey talk big big talk. If coronavirus enters the country, he move his family out first. Yet you're corrupt

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