Coronavirus: We will ban public gatherings if Italian case escalates, says Sanwo-Olu

Babajide Sanwo-Olu, Coronavirus

Babajide Sanwo-Olu, Coronavirus


Coronavirus : We will ban public gatherings if Italian case escalates, says Sanwo-Olu

Sanwo-Olu Kayode Oyero Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu said on Friday that the state government would prohibit public gatherings if the coronavirus case escalated. He, however, said taking such a measure now in the wake of the confirmation of the virus could give rise to needless panic among the public. At a press conference held at the State House in Marina on Friday, t he governor noted that the condition of the Italian, who happened to be a victim, was not ‘highly contagious’ at the moment, hence, there was no need to forbid public assembly in the state. Sanwo-Olu allayed the fears of a possible spread among residents in the state, saying the victim was being isolated at the state’s bio-security facility in the Yaba area of the state. READ ALSO: 13 killed in multiple accidents along Bauchi-Jos Road He assured the people that there was no cause for panic among Lagosians and Nigerians at large over the reported COVID-19 incident, stressing that measures had been set in motion by the state and federal government to contain the spread of the virus in the country. He said, “It is only when there is a high level of escalation that the public can be panicky and this is when we realise that it is getting to person-to-person transmission. “As we have said, this isolated case has been contained right from the hospital where he was first admitted and the guesthouse he slept after his arrival in Nigeria. “It is when there is a person-to-person infection that we can trigger another level of isolation and curtail public events where a large number of people can gather. But I don’t think we have gotten to that level yet.” DOWNLOAD THE PUNCH NEWS APP NOW ON Receive Alerts on: Read more: The Punch Newspapers

God save us lol...funny tweet...please ooo sanwo,will you start arresting people or shooting them if they dont comply? Why not ban it now to keep it as 'if' instead of 'when' prevention is better than cure. So we nobody BRT line again abi .....continue jidesanwoolu, followlasg before you ban public gathering, ban the BRT from overloading. Number of people standing in the bus from IKD - TBS are more than those sitting, due to insufficient buses. This can also help for prevention.

abeg the man wey bring am come self mosquito have won to finish am for where dey put am so tey he won run away The governments of various states and FG are not doing enough. The public awareness campaign not enough. I expect to see stickers, banners in public buses like BRT, bus stops etc telling pple what they ought to know abt the disease.

THEY KUKU WANNA MAKE MONEY OUT OF THIS SHIT. I knew from the outset ! Ban markets, churches, mosques and schools? Does it include markets, churches, mosques, sports activities, weddings, burials and public transport Cos if yes, then na only IT professionals go remain for Lagos, many of us will have to go back to 'Unsere Heimat'.

Coronavirus: What Sanwo-Olu said about Italian who brought disease to NigeriaThe Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu , has said the Italian detected to have coronavirus in Lagos is in 'stable condition.' With the closed borders how did he get past Could it be curruption that allowed coronavirus enter into Nigeria 🤔🙄😏

How did he enter Nigeria undetected until he has moved round?When a senator said there is no proper screening d airports,some folks became furious.U can't hide d truth forever.Moreover, this seems to validate Magu's claim that corruption causes d virus.Tho' i can't understand Your uncle (minister of health) Said he can contain it na, pls take the victim to his 🏠 or hospital

I think is best suggestion for now Banner No church offering and tithes. Pastors of miracles what are doing. Those of you who prophesies of past present and future, who claimed to be oracle of God. Those who commands sickness and diseases now please do the same with coronavirus. China and the world at large is waiting

Banning public gathering is always a difficult task in Nigeria. Some dat ar more Catholic than the Pope and more Mohammedan than Mohammed will open churches and mosques 4 dia usual business. I will advise everyone educate pl more on d prevention, nt everybody is on social media. jidesanwoolu is one clueless fellow indeed. Public gathering including the Alausa-state Secretariat, churches, mosques etc. Olododo governor

How come we wait for a crisis situation in this country? We had enough time to tighten our frontiers. Please ban anything banable Public gathering? Abi work places, parties, markets? Mr Governor this pandemic can wreck an entire state. It's high time we put a gate at the welcome to Lagos entrance and place health personnels there

StackPathYou're funny. Well I no blame u.

Prisoners might be freed this time Welldone.. The banner Close down the markets instead. No public gathering in Lagos can beat her few unstructured markets (Oshodi, Idumota, Mile 12,...) Ban it now for at least 2 weeks Don't wait What of BRT queues? He his right. AbdulHerphyz My brother's wedding haaaaa I learnt that the uber driver that drove the italian is at large and he teated positive and escaped.......

This man is clueless trafficbutter Ban churches worship first

Lagos coronavirus patient 'in stable condition' - Sanwo-OluThe Italian national who tested positive to coronavirus in Lagos is in a stable condition at the bio-security facility in Yaba, Lagos Mainland, where he is being isolated, Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu has said.

So d Church/Mosque wil b Ban. Saturday's which is 4 owambe will be ban. Students gathering in a hall either 4 lectures or exams wil b ban. Gathering d busstop waitin 4 bus when e jidesanwoolu as banned bikes wil also b ban😏 Are these guys really thinking out of d box 🤔? Mhuniruu Ok good....let them know the largest gatherings where the spread could go nuclear are worship/prayer gatherings ...not just open market or owambes...where those infected would be seeking anointing oil, Tira, special handkerchief, special water🤢😷🤢😷🤢😷🤢😷🤢

you mean schools, sitting at house of assembly, seminar etc, well all the best for you bro. trafficbutter Mr banner Ban public garthering? Una see na say this man nor get sense This one Na fulltime mumu Sir your escalate means what? Ban or restrict flights to & from China , Italy & other infected a temporary ban on them...since you like ban so much 🙄🙄

Yes. Prevention is better than cure. I beg you in Jesus name, shut down schools. Children should be more of a priority now!

Coronavirus case in Lagos as Italian tests positiveA CORONAVIRUS case has been reported in Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial city.An Italian who travelled into Lagos tested positive, Commissioner Quite serious. Why can't they just ban incoming travellers from the affected nations. If it doesn't get to Nigeria...well, what would that preacher do now that sent a message to the virus in Wuhan? The infected person should be deported immediately

That is very key especially religious gatherings and trading That includes school, church, mosque, market, traffic, parties and overcrowded families 州长 支持你 The current execrably irresponsible, incompetent, lifeless & irredeemably failed Nigerian gov't blew it as usual. They saw bio-terrorist coming, were told what to do to avert it, but they did NOTHING, but lied that all was well. Now it's here, the blame'd begin. Who'll rescue NG?

We want to work from home o Yes na during Ebola we delayed school resumption So we should live with the virus ahome, na wa oooo... Like place of work abi? Lagos is a public gathering on its own .... Ban bus and other means of transportation too so that we go kukuma dey Waka with our leg Medicine after death

Coronavirus: Lagos begins identification process - Premium Times NigeriaFollowing the confirmed case of coronavirus in Nigeria, Lagos State Ministry of Health has begun to identify all the contacts of the infected Italian national Good Many of whom may have travelled to other states upon arrival at d airport. The Italian may have come in contact with people on the plane then borded a taxi, may have reported to work, may have visited a super market, may have domestic workers. His contact may have visited market Could have contained it inside the plane though. In London there are reports of people being monitored before they disembark flights. It makes containment easy.

🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 cos it’s going to be hard for Nigeria to handle it.. Airport should be shot down too to cube the situation. Or better still strong Medical personnel should scan anyone entering from any port properly. I.E? Eg? My question is how did an Italian from virus hit town enters Lagos city without been detected?..

This APC govt always lacks idea on crisis management. Drop this ego and approach GEJ on how he fought Ebola to standstill. Only public gathering? All man should stay indoors for a month to check & control the spread....all jobs suspended o You for just ban human being from Lagos all together If? E be like say this man like BANana

Italian infected with coronavirus earlier visited Ogun, says officialThe Italian confirmed to have been infected with coronavirus, had earlier visited Ewekoro community in Ewekoro Local Government area of Ogun State... Hmmmmmmmmm Holy God! Haaa

So easy to say. The same man that banned Okada😂😂😂. So no more gathering to enter BRT 😂 Low thinking 💭, so when it escalate before you ban public gathering? The man that transport the Italian had a handshake 🤝 with him, dine with him and have done so with an unimaginable number of individuals within few days.

Give us our bikes back so we will no longer sit with different people in the bus Close down schools for a week to observe . Ban wedding and church services ba? Ban it the bus stops too Sir. CORONAVIRUS CAN NOT SURVIVE IN NIGERIA, CORRUPTION WILL KILL IT😅😅😅 They will still go to church, how do u expect pastors to survive?

Useless people

We are banning public gatherings immediately. fixed freefacemasks COVID19Nigeria The ban should be implemented before this issue escalate. So we will close the market etc Why not ban all flights abd travelling out for 3 weeks to curtail the mess Lagos island left the group. 😂😂😂 Better respect yourself this man

Mr Banny weldone sir! Lol... Ban it now! Chairman of Ban Association. Banning of public gatherings in Lagos is equivalent to declaring a state of emergency or calling for Curfew. We should better not let the Italian case escalate, because banning of public gatherings may not work in Lagos. Which kind person be this self 🤔is he talking of motor pack, churches, mosque,bars&hotels etc.?

Ban public gathering you say, even at bus terminals and market place? How is that possible? Good move Public gathering of Italians, abi?. It's sad some people thinking this a joke.this is huge and could escalate easily in a dense country like Nigeria especially Lagos...more developed countries like USA and UK are nt finding it easy with this disease, now it's here in Nigeria where we lack the resource to tackle it

The ban should start with immediate effect. We ve got 14 days incubatuon period. The earlier the better. We shouldnt wait for tbis to escalate. You will ban. Tbis guy thinks this is a childs play. The only thing this guy Sabi na ban... school market church and mosque office Campaign after election. Instead of the government to have put a strict measure before it got to Nigeria you are now running up and down.

Nice one.

You could advise ur mr president to ban all flight from the affected country, not till until d disease don land for NAIJA...... Medicine after death Some affected countries have gone as far as shutting down schools... So please ban anything bannable By now the ministry of education in Lagos and Ogun should have made plans on how to ensure the schools commence their examinations quickly so that they can close earlier than scheduled to protect the pupils before things go out of hands

Hmmmmmm...God help us This is good ! BAN...... Why would you think of banning public gatherings ? I just think thats a local and Nigerian mentality. Better and safer ways at hand my Governor. Sanwo-olu abeg tihinm smart and stop over doing stuff. Banning public gatherings will result in something else as we all know how the policeNG take stuffs to the extreme. Until they kill person now ur eye go clear. Use the media and Tv station to spread caution and knowledge.

May God help us We have already gotten it wrong and we only pray it shouldn't escalate The earlier the better

If that is the best he should go forward and ban it nah Yes this is the best action to take. Ban social, religious and any form of gathering. In China police do arrest and charge people who do not put on nose mask and they also Ban all public gathering including schools. jidesanwoolu i support that Sanwo olu and Ban 🤝

Banner Just ban it now, don't wait for escalation as a proactive leader. That's the best thing to do May Allah protect us from this deadly virus If Ban everything now bros Everything is ban with this oga. A few hours ago i heard it has been stabilized... Whatsup na? 🙄

Right! What does he mean by public gathering? Market? Or bus? Or religious centre? Cz I dont know how he intends doing that After banning keke and okada, oga ade is your name banning? This guy with banning sha. 🤣 Ban ban ban. You mean in public buses? Churches & mosque? This man and ban Right

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