Coronavirus: Three Abba Kyari’s aides test positive

Abba Kyari, Covid-19 Nigeria

Abba Kyari, Covid-19 Nigeria


Coronavirus: Three Abba Kyari ’s aides test positive

Abba Kyari John Ameh, Abuja Three aides of the Chief of Staff to the President, Mr Abba Kyari, have reportedly tested positive to coronavirus. The PUNCH gathered that other members of staff in Kyari’s office have been asked to self-isolate. The Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 is expected to brief the media on the status of Kyari, who reportedly tested positive for coronavirus on Monday. The panel is chaired by the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Mr Boss Mustapha. “That is the agreement taken after discussions across several layers of government,” a source told The PUNCH . The task force members visited the Villa earlier on Tuesday and inspected the floor housing Kyari’s office. DOWNLOAD THE PUNCH NEWS APP NOW ON Receive Alerts on: Read more: The Punch Newspapers

Punch oooo .... Three of Abba Kyari’s aides test positive .... please Abba kyari, finally you where gotten fown without a gun fight. Mamama duara is the next cabal to be taken down. Hmnnn 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.. Ifb bikonu Result of arrogance We're still waiting for the important news So 3 of Abba Kyari's aides tests positive and the virus skipped the Number 1 citizen of Nigeria?

Buhari is positive PublicSquareNG .... Abba kyari is indeed a kyarria I hope our Learder Learn from this, after this pandemic is over. Retrace their path, build good health care center, school, good and infrastructure. There's nothing Bubu will not rear its ugly rigging hands on. Tested negative, yet coughing fears on his cohorts. Could it be that his test results were INCONCLUSIVE?! rigger rigger rigger! I hail o. Keep coughing fears, your friend has tested positive, don't always be negative

JUST IN: Coronavirus Cases Hit 30 In Nigeria As Lagos Confirms Three More Infections | Sahara ReportersJUST IN: Coronavirus Cases Hit 30 In Nigeria As Lagos Confirms Three More Infections | Sahara Reporters The Nigerian Centre for Disease Control has confirmed three more cases of Coronavirus in Lagos. NCDCgov Fmohnigeria COVID19 READ MORE: It's rising everyday. God help us all. NaijaFlyingDr this is exactly what we were saying yesterday. I think the way forward should be a lockdown of Lagos for a proper containment

Buhari should be positive expect u want to scam us Oh my....dis is becoming scarier😓 What has Baba or anyone done that you are calling for their head? This is so inhumane. Don't forget that the virus knows nobody. It can be anyone's turn. We can't play pranks out of this or pray for someone to test positive and die. That is unholy

We ask Allah to protect PMBuhari and all Nigerians from this terrible disease And yet buhari Negative I laugh in like u all think this is still business as usual. Niggas we are war! Pls let's stop invest in dead bodies like this man. He us old and close to death. So let give him less attention and concentrate on the younger once. Because all this idiot has stolen enough that will take care of there children unborn.

Sad. Enemies don go buy Kerozine, then go hear am May God help us Wow

BREAKING: Coronavirus: NCDC confirms three new cases in Lagos - Daily Post NigeriaThe Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has confirmed three new cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Lagos State. NCDC made the confirmation via its

Abba is positive to the virus while bubu is negative The doctors will not open up to the truth that buhari has gotten it but will cover because buhari is a hausa man,İf na igbo man, they will record him and his family as the first people in nigeria to contact the virus Oloshee Agbalagba ode, now his family members are in trouble

Congratulations to you sir on your new appointment. We the Masses still await our fate, we are at home... His aide's families need to be tested too Once he recovers, he should be brought to the public for a general beating, Man's supposed to be in isolation but tafia won't let him This is a time bomb that knows neither the rich nor the poor, politician nor the masses, the big or small, the young or old. Our government have failed us before and it's time for our Medi-Cal system to fail them and fail them completely.

What is doing all dis big men, u swindle our money, u travel abroad with frnds n family. A common nigerian man/woman don't know how d boarders look like. Now u bringing a virus to kill us both..My God will ask you😭😭😭😭😭 Not surprised, Buhari self he's positive but let them keep deceiving themselves

Why has the NCDCgov not reported this as additional cases to the existing ones? How true is this? StaySafe StayHome we are in serious trouble

Coronavirus: Nigeria confirms three new cases, total rises to 30The federal government on Sunday said the confirmed cases of coronavirus in Nigeria now stands at 30, with three fresh cases discovered in Lagos. This thing don dey enter 18 yard box o Hiah! Are we ready for this? My God! Location ?

Babe see this angel_la100 Lord we look up to you for deliverance 🙏 Corona has turned Aso Rock upside down. Time to vote with my legs...My eyes will not see evil. The US Senate is working day and night to pass relief package for their people the Nigerian Senate has closed doors and abandoned its people what a country.

Now those aides would have infected some other people's aides or their families. Lobatan, chain reaction May God heal them all. May He heal the land. Please fly Abba kyari to Italy now now now before it gets out of hand Lóbatan. Haaaaa, this shyte is getting serious. May God Almighty heal them all... This is not time to play politics. My prayers goes to d victims and may He protect us too

JUST IN: Lagos discovers three new coronavirus casesKuku kill us Governor jidesanwoolu this is the time to declare a state of emergency! Now getting scarier... O Allah, come to our aid

Ha!... quick intervention is needed.. you need to stop this kind of reports. You know what I am talking about. What’s Kyari’s result? Hope he have made an arrangement for the rites, Cos na food people are coming to eat This is great news Those 3 must have met a lot of people too...this Coro has exploded among the Nigerians in charge of affairs. I wish you all quick recovery but I have a feeling that God is sending a message to y’all. The way you prepare ur bed is the way you’ll lay on it.

Ó parí We have become cold-hearted because of this people We rejoice as they face their doom We expect more positivity from their side 😬😬😬 Buhari sef fit don get ooo cos I’m sure wen Abba Kyari arrived the country Buhari was de first person he greeted so Let's see wia they will travel to for treatment

UK orders three-week lockdown to tackle coronavirusBritain on Monday ordered a three-week lockdown to tackle the spread of coronavirus, shutting

This man get much positive vibes. Keep it on BOGbadamosi So how is BUBU not Positive?It is well ooo Olurops This people I am tired , they don’t listen if you travel out stay there and don’t travel back to spread the virus ,, what’s wrong with this people the government is just too irresponsible They want to tell us that this man didn't shake buhari ? Unless buhari is already pricing an immune system now, we'll hear from them soon ...

oluwaloninyo Hope they get well soon with the same health facilities the average Nigerian uses... What our votes couldn't do COVID19💕 Will 💯 Hope4Nigeria He should be sacked I really hope another test is conducted to confirm the status of the president, negative news will we hear not RadioPaparazi They should take him to London not Lagos

Baba dn dey sneeze anyhow dey share the virus...abeg isolation fast

Nigeria's coronavirus cases rises to 30 with three new confirmations | The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World NewsNigeria’s cases of coronavirus has risen to 30 after the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) confirmed three new cases. “Three new cases of COVID19 have been confirmed in Lagos, Nigeria,” NCDC said on Sunday afternoon. “2 cases are returning travellers and 1 is a contact of a confirmed case.” There are 30 confirmed cases …

ohgee_c read it here The virus only kills the old, but Abbah Kyari is a young man. I love Obasanjo regime 1999 to 2007. 📈📈📈📈📈 Now the era is getting better in another way round. I remember great people in Nigeria, Then and Now we are still good people great nation. Green White Green Endcovid-19Now endcoronavirusinnaija

Coronavirus would be stupid for not killing you at the end of the day. Buhari test was inconclusive cos it was conducted by INEC The OfficialAPCNg government elevated Lying as part of state policy. How could a man who stands by me, tells me where to sign a document I do not have to read, procure the virus, and I don't have it? That's impossible. We need the Supreme Court to order a repeat of the test.

🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️ spending Ngwanu osetigo!!! He should just go by divine hand and by Corona

I think most people in Naija must be happy with this development oluwaloninyo How about femi Adesina? Revolution without ammunition. The time is now. Anything were make jacuzzi get, spending and sinzumoney get wella Is GarShehu among them? Because I know he is his personal appointee Death in the house! mitch_ihejirika I want to say it will go round but i won't.

mitch_ihejirika Now the corridors of power can feel the pains of the masses when it fails to do the needful over n over again If it's punch, then it's true And Bubu is negative.. audio negative

Plz test Buhari again. This is a matter of National Security, not bants. Aso rock don scatter...Jesu I think those at the top are actually the problem of this country. With all the shout shout everywhere that anyone who recently got back from countries having this virus should self isolate themselves, this one still went ahead to a wedding and now others are being affected

Thank you for leaving the borders open. At least na una e start with. We die here Wow 😮 politicians didn’t see this coming. It took them all by surprise. All of a sudden they can’t fly out for medical care. You allocate billions to health care and still eat the we will be in the same hospital together, the same hospital you refuse to build and renovate

Awon aboba ku What a useless pandemic and even the world This guy has and is a threat to the nation. Who knows that is how he will judge by the Almighty? Breaking: Buhari's test declared INCONCLUSIVE

Lol Nigerians I want to believe that the result of Mr President is inconclusive, a rerun should be conducted Abba kyari Nigeria medical facility is not up to your standard go to UK . Sorry if I was bitter. Safe health COVID19 Will they share that ventilator amongst themselves? And they said Buhari is negative. Okay o!

May Allah give you strength to overcome this sir 🙏🏾 Is their result added to that with NCDC or is it a VIP result? They should leave so that we can take over Wawu

But why didn't this old man slef isolate when he returned? Baba should be tasted after 7days biko 😱 Help us Lord I dare you all to fly him abroad now 😂😂😂😂 Shit is getting real Na joke dem think say e be before He should be rushed to a UK hospital for proper treatment as usual. Dead cows in agbada occupying Aso Rock, this is just the beginning.

E don be for the Elites Hmmmmmm Lobatan

哇塞!麻烦了 …那么 这三个人 又传染了 多少个人呢? 这是加倍增长的 Abba Kyari with positive vibes.... A king I Stan bakesbyavies And I bet the aides too have gone to see their families.And individual from each family have gone to touch and hug other persons too....don't you guys think so many people are already carrying the virus around already?The world is just coming to an end!!!

The Way It Spreading.... it will increase To 100k by Next Week and hope does selfish politician be a victim..... DemolaRewaju Eleko orun ti n po lowo His excellency the president Abba Kyari contracts the COVID19 , may we pray for him to battle through this Karma ...... God please have mercy on us. we have sin against u, and only against u. please send ur healing hands. help us oh lord God please.

He dun happen Baba God

Buhari is probably positive but they won't tell us lol. Cool! Personally I like how this thing is starting from the top PDP_2023 Wonderful God is working dondekojo How many are female(s) and male(s)? Oluwa wetin dey CORONAte I am done here on Earth, am going to Pluto I stand with Abba Kyari at this time! Positive is your name! Spread it!

Once he recovers, he should be brought to the public for a general beating, Man's supposed to be in isolation but tafia won't let him Apparently, abba kyari is corona virus positive!

Gobe Don happen The one person that mattered the most...yet you couldn’t deliver. I pray the staff get better. We shall look up to the hills. From where cometh our helps? Our helps cometh in the name of our God who made the heaven and the earth. God please intercede on behalf of those affected worldwide.

This man is so old.... Nigeria nepotism so strong Auba Kyari should have isolated himself immediately he returned from Germany. That was negligence on his part. Now he has infected his aides with the virus. This is so sad. CONVID19 CoronaVirusInNigeria Ghen ghen How can this kind of old n cluess aged man still leading us in this country if Nigeria is not a useless country. Shame on Nigeria

There's nothing about being positive in the article I wish him speedy recovery

Corona !!!!! The gift that keeps giving !!!!! That have already well paid so no wahala. Ha! Now we need divine intervention. Speedy recovery to them all. COVIDIDIOTS in power But Buhari didn't, how? DemolaRewaju Hmmmmm, there is problem ooooooo. How can I leave this city to my village now. I don't have car and I don't like entry car anybody now.

DemolaRewaju What do you expect? Tot they said he’s Negative 👎 won weyrey dayo_abodunrin Pels_official1 Covid-one nine, respect yourself... People's political ambition and power grip 2023 and beyond should not be at stake.

doublediceboss you see the point I was making. Aso rock is in huge trouble o! It's a pity. Innocent lives Almighty corona..., I wish you will repeat every 10yrs especially starting with the elites only... This man is wicked. See what he would have avoided if only he isolated himself. They will be alright they have money 💰 we are worried about the he millions of Nigerians that won’t get paid if there is a government shutdown over COVID19NIGERIA

All this old baba... See em Face.. E don happen! We are in deep shit Poor staff, dying for the sin of a useless oga. They'd rather they die than share the only two ventilators available with Kyari. I know them, they will place one on his head and the remaining one on his legs. This man sef

Gbese! And they want us to believe the president tested negative... Shit is getting real. Them go die finish I swear. smackdown NaijaFlyingDr Dr this is Scary already only from one Building/Office (Aso Rock villa) 5cases has in one day NCDCgov needs to provide us with a bigger graphic sheet the slope has gone up

Name the aides I’m sure jubril is among Hummmmm God is at work God help us coronavirus must end did month if not many will die!!! They should all get tested E done happen😭 Abba kyari look like ancestor. Wetin dis old spirit still dey look for inside govt ? Nigeria will continue to be in reverse, as long as, men like these baba are still running around govt corridors.. 'Happy Covid-19 positive'.. I can't shout ?

When r we going to have a total lock down jidesanwoolu MBuhari this was the way Italy neglected this situation on ground

They made laws, they flout them, see the evil fire 🔥 being kindled because of avoidable mistake. We should have like 50cases now but SaharaReporters channelstv are still saying 45cases. slimroju slimroju Ignorance and stupidity is our biggest problem in this country, if he and the house of representatives members had tested themselves immediately they came back from Germany this could have been averted but now other innocent people have been exposed to the virus COVIDIDIOTS

HelloMilez We demand a retest for the president! I suggest they use one of the new ones our beloved Jack Ma sent down. This man is spreading so much positivity amongst the presidency than Buhari in past 4 years. I Stan. Hummm This whole stuff isn't funny anymore.... If nothing is done about the cure ASAP, that implies that majority of our citizens will be wiped out, if not all... 😷

Pls test Buhari again 😟😢😭😳 he can't be negative ALL the time. Be positive for once haba. ... is that too much Now we are in real trouble in Nigeria

Hay God Godson06493230 E don happen i don tell am Buhari suppose get this fa. That result is rigged I swear. That's good 😂😂😂😂😂 Ok Now the dance gets interesting Scary times ahead Shit is getting serious Oh my God! And I heard he refused to be tested previously?! ☹️ Quarantine and contact tracing as soon as possible pls NigeriaGov. Covid_19 CoronaVirusNigeria

If he tests positive, 3 of his aide does and u think Buhari is negative.. I doubt his test results from NCDC. Old man that is supposed to have rested all these years

See what i told you sis Tehildil 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Dem don de go 1 by 1 Ya Rabb! Please stop this scourge in Your name! Wahala dey ooooo

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