Coronavirus test kits arrive Nigeria as cases toll 42

Coronavirus, Test Kits

Coronavirus, Test Kits


Coronavirus test kits arrive Nigeria as cases toll 42

Some of the relief materials at MMIA on Tuesday Maureen Ihua-Maduenyi Nigeria’s share of the coronavirus kits donated by Jack Ma Foundation and Ali Baba Foundation to African Union Member States arrived in the country on Tuesday afternoon. The donations were brought into the cargo area of the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos by an Ethiopian Airlines cargo plane. Although closed to international flights, the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority allows emergency flights such as this at the MMIA. The Government of Ethiopia on Monday received a consignment of medical equipment from the foundations. The shipment included over 1.5 million laboratory diagnostic test kits and over 100 tons of infection prevention and control commodities. This relief initiative was launched by the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Dr Abiy Ahmed; the Jack Ma Foundation; and Alibaba Foundation as part of actions towards implementation of the Africa joint continental strategy for COVID-19 led by the African Union through its Africa Centre for Disease Control. Each AU member state is expected to get equipment consisting of 20,000 laboratory diagnostic test kits, 100,000 medical masks, and 1000 protective suits and face shields to the fight against COVID-19. As of Tuesday afternoon, there are 42 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Nigeria, according to the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control. DOWNLOAD THE PUNCH NEWS APP NOW ON Receive Alerts on: Read more: The Punch Newspapers

Txn God You want to test China Virus with Made in China products.. Nigeria Nigeria lol Massive hard drugs is in there. Pls crosscheck Since the virus did not know who is rich and who is poor but afflicts all, please the testing should cover all with no priority for the rich. I'm scared of what my leaders will do with this kits May God conform them to the favour of his children

If any of those politicians costumise those materials and distribute...Corona la pa iya yin. I had dey are used once from China Na now our own text kits dy reach... Ok oo Mark my words, they will sell the relief materials. I trust my people Hallelujah o digispacedavid Pls they should not hoard it or keep it for some people oo because Naija abracadabra can happen now I tire for una ways

Coronavirus: Nigeria toll now 42 as Lagos, Ogun record new casesWtf ! 🐒 Ife nkaa di egwu

Make all our leader die and make we do another election ....... Nigeria will get better These Chinese and Americans are bastards I hope these are not used kits oo, or infected kits Kits Just arriving? In a country acclaimed to filled with smart people, It has taken us over 5months to start putting things in place. Shame Covidiots WeneedabetterNigeria

Good news It's now we are getting this kits, what have we been doing since February! Hoping it was all fake news? This is good news though but I think this is coming late considering the cases of this virus in Nigeria already. This would have arrived in Nigeria a long time ago. At the 11th hour 46 now Since MBuhari directed that world bank projects should be sited in the North, I am sure he would direct that 97% of these items be sent to his place as well. He built no hospitals. Aso Rock clinic that should have been world class, he neglected. He preferred London. We wait.

BREAKING: Nigeria confirms two new cases of Coronavirus – Daily TrustNigeria has recorded two new cases of coronavirus (CORVID-19) disease, driving the number of cases up to 42. You guys are not including Kyari May Allah SWT protect us, ameen May God help us all

46 now bro. Forty godamn six.. We hope these are truly test kits and not trouble looming for health workers cz of the viral audio that government are buying used product from China Hope say na new ones and not used one 46 now LMAO shugahsamz Wow Nigeria are serious oo Are you sure these isn't the virus it self? I don't trust China anymore

thanks to JackMa may God bless you. what has the African richest man don for Nigeria in this case. the world is watching. MBuhari is giving $37 million to renovate complex, $500 for NTA. how much for test kits, nose masks and hand sanitizers? Nigeria my country, hope this kit is not 2nd hand ,abegi Funny thing is that the general public will never benefit from this, if it is not sold it will be hoarded by officials...God help this country! It had to take a Foundation, to make such necessities available and our government is just there, confused!

Nigeria confirms two new cases of Coronavirus – Daily TrustNigeria has recorded two new cases of coronavirus (CORVID-19) disease, driving the number of cases up to 42. Read more: I thought it was 'COVID' Shame on you daily trust, what is corvid19

Sins all dis deiz One idiot will steal everything now Alibaba😂 I pray it get to the poor if they like let them keep it for sale Who told you it was used? Is it American? They will only cheer you on Twitter! Who is helping you? Don't you know? We should be more careful of those kits ooo. These materials should be thoroughly checked before being shared to people just to ensure it is not infected.

They don buy disposed ones, hehehehe well done Yepa! Another chinko import!! After Wuhan novel corona virus (& another horrific one wey go hunt down..., wey just comot from their chinko virus factory?) Anyway shah, make everybody cool down. BIG THANKS TO JACK MA & ALI BABA FOUNDATIONS! Now they will not share for free oooo them go want sale SMH 9ja my home.

COVID-19: Nigeria now has 42 cases – NCDCThe Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), says Nigeria now has 42 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).Dr Chikwe Ihekweazu... “We have more than enough doctors. You can quote me. We have surplus. Dr. Chris Ngige on Channels TV. April 24th, 2019.

I want to blve separate arrangement other than the relief Jack Ma donated must have been n will be the continually made All thanks to jackma JackMa words might not be enough to repay you for these contributions. But still... Thank you.😊 Abdullerh17 Need to be properly examined not every gift is a good gift

Thanks JackMa Now let's hope the resources are shared equitably among those that need it, & not grabbed by the greedy fowls. God bless you JackMa . The shipment included over 1.5 million laboratory diagnostic test kits and over 100 tons of infection prevention and control commodities. This relief initiative was launched by the PM of Ethiopia; the Jack Ma Foundation; and AlibabaGroup Foundation

What is our billionaires doing? Let them support this cause now.... This is good o Its a gift please

Atiku son tests positive to coronavirusOne of former Nigeria’s Vice President Atiku Abubakar sons has tested positive for coronavirus. Karma is real indeed At least one patient now has an identity It's obvious the end time is really near all the stated signs in the holy book is already happening around the world, rapture can take place at anytime. People of this world it doesn't matter whether you are black or white let us repent before it's too late.

Opportunity for the government to hijack the kits for personal use I hope they are not from Wuhan market?!? E go reach everywhere? 🙄 This Second hand oluwaloninyo Please distribute these now free of charge, someone donated these from China free of charge🙏 China used. We hope it's unlocked and our mobile cariers can work on it

Hmmmmmm Ok, thank you very much Jack Ma Covid19Out 💕💕💕 cindy_blog Is it Nigeria own or Ethiopia kit

Aisha Buhari Calls For National Lockdown To Curb Spread Of Coronavirus | Sahara Reporters.AishamBuhari Calls For National Lockdown To Curb Spread Of Coronavirus | Sahara Reporters Nigeria now has 36 confirmed cases of Coronavirus with one death recorded so far. COVID19 READ MORE: aishambuhari Both International and Local lockdown please 😔 aishambuhari Her daughter should come out and be tested 🙄🥴 aishambuhari Does she know what National lockdown means? She probably heard the word then spew it. Does the FG that we know have the competence, will, capacity to take care of National basic needs like food

If the test kits just arrived Nigeria, what have they been using for the test before? Too early to celebrate Chinese are still dying 🙄🙄🙄🙄 oluwaloninyo Beware of china made products DpEsho Hope the plane was disinfected and the kits examined ? Make this one no cause another outbreak ? When election comes, they'll start sharing nonsense for nonsense people and they'll collect because there's nonsense things. Learn.

What have they been using to conduct d test before Awesome. Thanks to JackMa There is no test facility in the whole of the north and none in the east. Yet we have thousands of Teaching Hospitals. Look at Port Harcourt. Nothing! UNTH and UCH can't test for Coronavirus. Tufiakwa! But it's good. Better. If it's die, we all die here! together

Wetin dem dy use bfr? Good one

I pray nobody hoards it oooo Check these kits please before anyone uses them. Just hope these aren't microchips I hope they are all new kits. Someone at the top shouldn't cut the fat fund for himself and goons. Then order this with the leftover. That in itself is more dangerous. Please, all should be thoroughly checked and monitored. Crazy things happen in Nigeria.

E beta reach d whole masses oh... If una Cari am go una house all of una go die cindy_blog The test kits should be tested before use Hmmmn JackMa sent this to several countries, I think as Nigerians, if we are saying Thank you, we should add our flag. 🇳🇬 🇳🇬🇳🇬 So, all this while that our health minister has be saying Nigeria is ready for Covid-19 was a bluff. God help Nigeria

I'm not trying to compare but pls what's dangote doing? The government should just let this thing circulate or else epe Lama seh fun iyalaya yin o Thank you Jackma Hope this isn’t coronavirus 2nd version 🙄🙄? Amy_rights In my next life I will not be Nigerian 🇳🇬 at all Dear Nigeria government this is medical kit not party jollof rice 🙏

Thank u JackMa 🙏❤️ Please they should be checked thoroughly I beg How are we sure this is not their plan really? Please Nigeria should take their time in checking all those kits we don’t want any story that touches the heart Ain't these used

Let them count it and mount checkpoint o because anything is possible May God bless Jack Ma. I hope they also Steal this as these thieves don't even know where to draw the line. That's how they travel abroad and stole the Coronavirus and brought it home. They just loot every and anything Those kits shld b properly checked n screened bfor usage, especially if they r comin frm China

Something they've shared Elèdumàŕè. Esè adupè God help us ooo I no trust this kits🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 I hope it's not used kits from China ooo! 1. Lockdown Abuja and Lagos. 2. Ban inter-state travels. 3. Curfew for unaffected states. 8am - 6am. 4. Everyone with recent history or travels should please self isolate. 5. All shops should be close except Pharmacies and food stores. Apply this for the next 2-3 weeks.

We need the vaccines too🎤

We pin The kits should be disinfected just in case God bless you JackMa Hope it's not used kit as we heard The should spray those kits Are this not from China as I read the news Me and my family will stay in cause we don’t need it, who knows if it’s been infected already with this virus. Don’t kill us please, I heard China gave you guys 5.4 million face mask and other stuff to fight this virus

A good one but a lot needs to be thrown into prompt detection and testing rather than it's treatment Good but can they please test all of them and make sure they are clean, we can't be careless and also can somebody monitor this to make sure our useless nassnigeria members and other politicians don't hoard everything, Nigeria politicians and rick folks are heartless.

When we are already in Penalty Shoot-out Where is the kitsch arriving from, does anyone has idea?

I pray , its doesn't lands in fake hands......thank you jackma Nigerians are grateful. This Corona don humble everybody especially our politicians and religious leaders🤣🤣🤣 Maybe after this saga we wey remain go get small sense. JackMa Thank you🙏🙏🙏 Please isolate these kits for 14days too Hope they don't miss in transit

So after a governor and other prominent people were tested positive, they now know that they will get this. Nonsense Thanks to JackMa , our Nigeria billionaires are not ready to do anything Landed in Ethiopia, not Nigeria. Distribution would commence tomorrow Thank you JackMa How are we sure those test kits are not used ones from China and Italy? One thing I know, Nigeria is broke and the NGRPresident NGRSenate cannot give up their humongous salaries and recurrent expenditures for procurement of test kits..Naija, be wise!!

Whether the used ones or the non-used ones At least JackMa thought of helping out since the government won’t make adequate moves, why are Nigerians like this now? Make any government officials steal from an if infected people no go invade their houses go infect them again.

Oya o politicians go and start hoarding the kits so that by next week we'll begin to see them at pharmacies for sale. Isn't that what we are known for. COVIDIOTS Vanguard should use the right caption. Jack Ma's free Coronavirus test kits arrive Nigeria... Let's not be in a hurry to welcome these items, unless they are sanitized or disinfected. Remember. The voice note that went viral warning of these. Looking like an expo coming true..

Thank you JackMa God bless This China 🇨🇳 used kits ? Or una done finally buy v Las las we go dey alright 🙏 Lass lass, some people will still pack it for personal use, all because they are ministers, and top government officials is it only me ashamed these kits coming in a plane from Ethiopia cuz we don’t own one? Guess that’s for another day thank you JackMa, thank you flyethiopian AlibabaGroup

This isn't for some people to hoard oo Simply put, used test kits. Fucking clowns 😂

I can't remember Jack Ma doing anything for his country since the pandemic started. Did I miss it? What's in for Jack Ma with these test kits offering for Africa? JuniorEbong Thank you JackMa QuotedReplies Finally!! Thank you JackMa It should be tested first,before putting it to use.just my humble opinion.

Hope they won’t start selling to the highest bidder Big thanks to JackMa God bless u & continue to enrich u....👍 Jack ma Thank you JackMa AlibabaGroup

Thank God Stop lying this was sent to Ethiopia by Jack Ma. Most world leaders don't wanna associate with ur lifeless fc. Politicians should not steal it as usual This is courtesy of JackMa! God bless him!! We are greatful to the Billionaire for his kind gesture. Thank you Jackma This is very relieving to know. I sincerely thank those responsible for this.

JackMa thank you and God bless you Y they no divert the money? Nonsense Don't forget to mention the gracious donor JackMa ! May God protect him.

Don’t trust China 😟 Yea right that plane was from Ethiopia. They distributed the donation to other african countries. Very soon government will hoard it and start selling it.. What a country with selfish and heartless leaders Who told you this is Nigeria? The real rich men are the ones that share what they have with others Now! Where are the so call world richmen, Billionaires etc in Nigeria? They only know how to accumulate wealth. Where are the so called rich men in Nigeria

Thank you JackMa we won't forget this kind act! I hope they won't divert and sell it like they did during the dates given by Saudi for Muslims to break their fast sometimes ago, same dates were sold without reaching the fasting Muslims. I don't trust Nigeria leaders. They'll surely highjack it. I just hope they will not loot it as usual.

I pray you and your family won't have any cause to be added to the numbers of COVID19 cases. If you believe say Amen!

Please Mr CV-19 switch on your WiFi to locate any criminal that will divert the materials for personal gain🙏🙏🙏🙏 Please don't spare ooooo They will still do business with it Up Nigeria !!! down corona virus !!!! Dangote I guess donated N200m or something like that and I suppose he's richer than Jack

I hope this is not a baggage for more cases ahhh open una eyes ooo. JackMa thanks for your aiding support God bless Jack Ma So if the death toll has not increased the kit won't arrive. We are Jokers This is great, watch our cases multiply as people get tested. Don't panic, it's better people are tested than spreading it without knowing their fate. Welcome development. Everything should be handed over to the NCDC. They should request for volunteers if they need!

Great news Why are you not telling us who sent it

I want to believe, n hope dt d test kits r not frm China so as not to 'put petrol on naked fire...' You mean more kits arrive because I wanted to ask what they have been using before ? EnenuFaith Thank you Jack ma Thank you JackMa Whole Africa is forever grateful What a good news Thank you JackMa and AlibabaGroup

Now that the test kits and nose masks are in the country. I hope the distribution process would be fair. The Chinese used kits Second hand materials Am not even happy about this because we no go see am

RealMykel24 EzaKome Jack Ma to the rescue Nah beg we dey beg....abeg its only for doctorz to handle at this time...make 1 person no carry am oooo politicians Will it be available to the masses or just the rich Asking got a friend sarnchos Thank you Mr Jack Ma! Instead of the other one(Mr Alakija, the so called richest woman in Africa) to be giving back to the nation she has robbed so much, she was busy posting nonsense on social media call on the ghost/rose of sharon and hibiscus flower. All of una go get sense

Nigerian billionaires and celebrities can’t relate. LouieDi13 The only problem is how common man will have access to it I just hope they won't mismanage it, here in Nigeria we mismanage everything I hope these are not used ones from China. Cos I don't trust these guys in government. Thank you JackMa I hope some people will not start selling it

42! government officials who have tested positive aren't they Nigerians? Looters will not loot this one JoinEnergy Biko frm wich country dem dis things Dy cum frm? Hoarding go soon start God bless U JackMa What the useless politicians can't do, a singke individual is doing it PatrickOkpala They will now hoard it for their own private use.

All thanks to JackMa but I wonder if he is a Christian..... 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 Good news, hopefully it will be generously shared.

Now the numbers will escalate! Seat tight!! Why do you people keep lying to us, the number was at 42 before kyari and bauchi state governor were tested positive how come we still have 42cases Abi politicians are not among the cases ni? 42? Add Bala and kyari Thank you JackMa Nigeria is not on the list for those kit, punch stop mobilepunch stop lieing

ayemojubar But how will get to every state in Nigeria I pray they don't turn it to money making avenue . Brace yourself for some numbers Hope is not okrika or tokumbo or fairly used Thank God for this positive news

Those kits just Arrive Ethiopia, this clip is from Ethiopia What is left is for them to utilize this optimally. They should just disappoint us and do the right thing for once. Thanks to Jack ma and Ali Baba foundations Cc hartng Thank God God bless you Jack má A foreigner had to help us. Where the so called billionaires? Help the masses before it gets to you

Nigeria or Ethiopia, which Airport received it, by the Minister of health? Is this new or fairly used I hope they don't take this to Aso villa

But they said we were ready nah? Did they say that without test kits? At least give JackMa the credit. Don't just say coronavirus test kits arrive Nigeria. Let us know it was donated by Alibaba group so Nigerians know who to thank. JackMa we are grateful Thank you JackMa ... Our low quality billionaires have a thing or two to learn from from you.

Please and please, federal government please before any drugs to prevent this coronavirus is coming in to Nigeria from any foreign countries should be tested they might be injected with coronavirus nidcom_gov TheNationNews DefenceInfoNG DigiCommsNG inecnigeria Abeg, quarantine the kits ! I hope these are not used ones from China. I fear our politicians and civil servants. They can do anything for money. Please, let the committee in charge be tested by using them first.

NOT FOR SALE Allah yasa da gaske me Iamshyley I know some useless politicians that will bundle this thing and pack it like money through bullion van so they could use it anytime they want wemuststopthem

Thank God for JackMa We are gonna die What are we not hearing GOD Almighty help us in this nation, he will never leave us neither forsake us in such a time like dis. Donated by JackMa ..but let them covet it to themselves.. It seems they are not seeing the handwriting on the walls I pray that its not the infected materials were brought to Nigeria

Government must carry some to their house it must happen I trust them Evil politicians in this country will loot some of them to safeguard themselves first. lawanceiliya ga Cargon da ka gani The Press should monitor the delivery of this kit. Lest it lands in one politician's soakaway or Storex tank.

Great These test kits should be monitored tho. Our Nigerian leaders have PhD in looting. I pray they are not tokunbo 😰 Lord let thy will be done Thank God. JackMa ose o Thank you JackMa After the arrival they will share kits amongst the rich and allow the wretched to be killed. We all own this country, they have being testing the rich and quarantined them, forgetting about the poor masses in the street, no one is safe until we do the needful

God bless Jack Ma. Hope is not China used, another virus

The used test kits from China has arrived the VN guy was right😂😂 If u lockdown how would these test kits be accessed? Nigeria is already locked down economically. There's no clear plan or strategy for the lockdown the insensitive leaders seek. This numbers are not correct o let them. Count everyone with the virus abeg

Today ona dey break Thank you JackMa 🙏 A Country becomes the Devil and Messiah at same time. I hope they'll distribute it to strictly COVID19 control centre hospitals Hope they will not do corruption with this Please update us overtime as to the distribution across the affected states , we need the transparency least they get consumed by some 'snakes'

Donated by Jack Ma founder of Ali baba, Nigeria govt has not purchased many

My prayer is that this CoronavirusPandemic will come to and end. God will have mercy upon the earth and rain His divine healing upon every nation on earth, in Jesus Name. Amen 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿 Donteewrites Adupe We hope is not fairly used? After bringing this, they should do well to bring PPEs and other equipments for patient management not just test kits

Thank so much JackMa We owe you a lots Which 42 Haba it is not good to lie oooo They said it is second hand from china 🤔 Used China one 🤣😂🤣🤣🤣 Hope these are not b used product from china🤔

I pray is not the once they said they gonna buy from China 😢😢😢 From which Border Please?

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