Coronavirus Pandemic, Free Power Supply

Coronavirus Pandemic, Free Power Supply

Coronavirus: Reps seek two-month free power supply to Nigerians

4/5/2020 9:41:00 AM

Coronavirus: Reps seek two-month free power supply to Nigerians

Olaleye AlukoThe House of Representatives has said it is considering a stimulus bill that will ensure that Nigerians get free electricity supply for two months to mitigate the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.The Speaker of the House, Femi Gbajabiamila stated this on Saturday, adding that the proposed bill would help in boosting the economy, especially the informal sector, as the country prepares for economic rebound after the coronavirus.

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The Speaker said the second “Stimulus Bill” would be considered immediately the House reconvened from its ongoing break, which was declared due to the pandemic.According to a release on Saturday, the House initially slated its resumption for April 7, but would be extended by one week in compliance with Federal Government’s two-week stay-at-home order to curb COVID-19 spread.

Gbajabiamila spoke at the National Assembly on Saturday during a meeting between the National Assembly leadership and the Minister of Finance, Zainab Ahmad; the Director-General of the Budget Office of the Federation, Ben Akabueze; among others.Gbajabiamila said the country could not afford to be unprepared for the effects of COVID-19 on its economy.

He said, “The issue of electricity, you’ll agree, because the minister did say that she had been inundated by the public, just as we had, on several suggestions and ideas and I am almost a 100 per cent sure that, from those ideas will be the issue of some kind of shelter, as far as electricity is concerned.

“It is one thing that will touch every household. As I said earlier, when we engaged, I discussed with the electricity distribution companies to package whatever they would require. If the government can give them, for us to allow for two months free electricity for Nigerians, they would be able to guarantee it.

“We have the figures. I think we should look very seriously into that as part of our package for economic stimulus, because stimulus means something that will stimulate the economy. When you are stimulating the economy, most of it will come from the informal sector.

“When you are saving people their electricity and the fact that they now have stable electricity for two months, you are also saving the monies that would go into the payment of those bills at least for two months.”READ ALSO:Osoba’s loyalists want commissioner sanctioned for attacking ex-gov

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On the need by the executive to source for funds in the fight against coronavirus, Gbajabiamila noted that the National Assembly would partner it (the executive) in efforts to mitigate the effects of the pandemic on the economy.“That is why we in the House have directed our committees on Health, Disaster Management and Preparedness and Donor Agencies to talk to the Presidential Task Force, talk to the Minister of Health and the Central Bank of Nigeria,” he said.

Church donates funds to six statesThe Christ Miracle Church Mission Worldwide has donated N4.7m to six state governments to assist them in their efforts to combat the coronavirus pandemic.The CMCM President, Prophet Peter Adebisi, said this at a press briefing in Lagos where he announced the first phase of the cash donations to the six state governments.

The breakdown of the donations showed that Lagos State Government would receive N2m; Ogun State, N1m; Osun State, N750,000; Ekiti State, N500,000 while Oyo and Ondo states would receive N250,000 each.According to the cleric, coronavirus has become a global health challenge and government must not be left alone to tackle it.

He added that the fight to curb the virus would stretch governments financially if there was no help coming from outside the government circle.Adebisi said, “God is love and He cannot destroy what he created. He is not a destroyer neither a killer. The coronavirus disease that is killing people today is not made by God; it is man-made.

“We arrived at donation figures based on the record we have on ground, although it is changing from information we are receiving. But from the next phase, by the special grace of God, as He is helping us, we still plan to do more.YOU MAY ALSO LIKE:Rivers index case recovering, to be discharged soon — Commissioner

“My message to my country and the world is that Coronavirus is real and people are dying as a result. Government has told us to take personal hygiene serious by washing hands regularly, keep yourself away from crowded area and infected patient. This is no time for merrymaking. This is a good time to pray for the country and its people and we must educate the people around us”

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He further said, “Look at what is happening in advance countries with all their scientific breakthroughs in the field of science. That is why I was touched when I saw what Babajide Sanwo-Olu is doing in Lagos, to feed the needy. I feel like crying and that’s why our church resolved to donate the little we can to support what the state government is doing. It is laudable. The governor is trying his possible best to stop the spread of the disease in the most populated state in Nigeria.”

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Berry70702920 Wish is never granted. We didn’t die of nepa rigorous bill o BashirAhmaad NCDCgov aishambuhari Yemiblaze20 The bill the enugudisco and I'm Certain other discos brought to people after the reps seeking that was hailed by Many has brought much sorrow to many consumers. To do a poll, do you think these private companies needs sanctions for their actions this COVID19?

Nonsense This people should be ashamed na, by now they expect 2 months of assumed power supply to sound like a big deal, when other countries celebrated years and don’t even think about it like a big deal anymore🤷 Honestly my area has light 22 hours a day.and it has lasted for 1year and some months now.i have never been in support of Nigeria government but this one sweet me of them go gree

Na so una go add darkness to ur stay at home. 🤷 As long as FG will not pay out huge sums of money in the name of subsidy. Nigerians are not even asking for this free electricity, we only want creation of jobs and opportunities for our youths. Not this corrupt packaged favour from FG. You guys should stop this please. I can't live without electricity for 2 months o.

Hope it works in Nigeria. Hope it covers all levels of electricity users in the Country Who initiated this? Are sure he’s a Nigerian 🤔 Na so de commot money from fuel but restrict movement,how you want take use the fuel? Even when we pay it isn't stable let alone when it's free. They'll just give it to us only 6 hours a day, to cut their loss... Biko let's be paying jeje.

These people are just too funny.. the one we are paying for is not steady and you talking of free power supply. Good If this is the only thing Nigeria can do for us These mudafukaz keep saying a whole lot of shit to be precise! Let it be so iseee🙏 Amen Covid_19 nghouseofreps Naija This one no reach my area, cos as I dy talk na 1p%, my battery level dy

The DISCO we we know will stylishly spread it over other months even when government has paid for it. Thanks sir, in dream Reps seeking free power, when there is no power. What an irony 🧐 Really, are you people kidding me? Just tell us you want to give us 2 months of blackout All this one's just be creating comedy lines for comedians after the lockdown you want to pay for something we don't see or use oshe ooo

Abeg abeg....we are okay paying... You can reduce tariff maybe but abeg don't bring this one....before them go change am for us Why was it held back in the first place? Isn’t this supposed to be a norm? 😂 Mr rep sir we don't want free power supply we need stable power supply Na Ogun go kii una I mean federal govt parastatals Epon loma paya yin

You mean the light we don't even see Who do us ooooo...🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 We want steady light NOT free light Maybe they will accept the proposal after the Covid_19 So how is this to work? What about free Medicare, free data, free sewer, free gas, free water, free cooling.......? When are they giving any attention to areas of services that have been non-existent for decades in this nation?

Is that meant to be our compensation share from the 500bn Loan? Oksquid The better side of crisis, our government is sitting up. We do not want free power supply. We want steady power supply! They gonna make ikejaelectric to stop distributing the lil power available 😂 How can electricity be free when it's not available hmmmm

This is a good move! Thanks Reps! Is this not what we have been talking about, which is more reasonable to Nigerians that sharing money that many will not get? I wonder why our President can not by himself think about these things. Shior lamma_tk So those bunch of idiot have to decide our fate!SMH These Bourdellionian minions are the most dubious bunch ever to attain national leadership....Gbaja & his 250 naira COVID 19 stimulus for his surulere serfs think we are impressed....after 2 months & vast monies spent what next?

You mean the power that is in their hands or which one. Man with the power. Now they know how it feels to run generator all day.... What are they waiting for na. Dey should start like yesterday na Pls which light are we talking about? Nice initiatives and movement. Just pray it scales through Lol.... Jokers. We want it forever MF's. Haven't we suffered enough. It's either 24hrs or nothing dead wits.

Our leaders are confused on how to cushion this pandemic... No power in the national Grid. That means light will be one hour naa pls allow us to pay for our bill Amazing product!!! Tested and trusted. Rich Family insecticide Spray protect your home against all flying and crawling insects. An odourless killer of any kind of insects and once sprayed,it will stay weeks before you spray again.for Distributorship and Wholesale,call 08022929964

Yes it's possible of course,good move. We are paying and we don't have light, free means no light at all. Let them bring their salary and pay for it for all Nigerians What we need is steady power supply not free power supply Reps... Reps... Na rrrrrrrreaaaaaaaallll wa! Is it light Nigerian need now? Dear God, please make this work out.

Hope he realises that we have already used up 3weeks of National Black out... .. Wow, great job femigbaja don't look or imitate d senators who r not doing anything at all DrAhmadLawan 🙄🤷🙁 So coronavirus is reporting this yeah? 😂 😂 Impossible King James Bible The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding. -PROVERBS 9:10 HouseNGR are becoming just, righteous, and thoughtful of the Citizens. What a Good Beginning of Governance & Leadership! May God Bless Us All!

What nonsense 2months free power supply when you they should agitate for 24hours steady supply Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, which means for that 2month like no go dey. aedcelectricity please they are joking You can't give what you don't have sir. Story time The electricity we have or which 1 are they talking about

You are giving Nigeria two months to enjoy power supply, so you guys are the one behind unstable electricity in Nigeria, you a mad man to say this rubbish. Was there power? God bless u for that brilliant idea mr speaker Nigeria go dye o. It won't happen. Don't seek o.. we don't want free light. we've not got value for the one we are paying for, abeg we don't want free nonsenseticated light

Don’t just cause wahala ooo cos they won’t not even bring the light at all ooo. I beg we go pay . Is this man crazy ni? Who is planning to stay on two months lockdown Is this power supply in terms of bills or in terms of availability ? Are they actually saying we can have access to uninterrupted power supply ? Are they saying it has always been a solvable situation ?🤷‍♂️

This is a populist move. The relevant question however is, how are they going to pay for it? Scam This guy's mumu o. What about people using prepaid? Will they credit their meters for 2 months, anyways we're watching. I see two-month of darkness Is anything free in Nigeria? If this happens in Nigeria,am sure the virus itself would be suprised

Na how to send money to people through bvn suppose be your target mister. It should be free fuel to power our generators.. When you say free....are you talking about people with prepaid meters or those with estimated monthly bills How will they compensate the once that use prepaid meter Pls na two months we go stay?

Power that have paid for(prepaid) but not using it...we sha Dey buy our own petrol. jokers Let’s wait and see sha We dont need free light,just supply us the light,we will pay as usual😳😳 It's a nice idea but is the supply there before now They'll add it to the third month bill😂😂😂 Us that use pre-paid meter nkor? Would it stop running?

Relatively, I have been enjoying minimum 18hrs of daily power supply since November 2019,this move however could make the Disco shut down the supplies, it therefore doesn't make any economic sense to me.I will prefer stable over anything free biko! For one year now we don't have transformer let alone having free power supply. Chai... What a country 🇳🇬

What is not available cannot be made free. 😈 What about some of us using pre-paid Wonderful... this is really commendable I must say 👏🏿 👏🏿 What is two months free as if there is light in the first instance. This is a basic necessity so don't make it look like a good will gesture. Audio free two months power supply lol 😂

We don't have light currently at Surulere Lagos Nigeria. PHCNPG is still collecting money for light No power supply like this, like this. Audio seeking This is a wise decision Fuck free power what we want is constant power 5 months now my community don't have power supply. So no hope Power that is not stable before

If we see free light Is OK oooo I like that one We go suffer am d money wey we go pay last last This people are not normal, do you give free what you don't have? I haven't had light for two days. Please keep your free light. We way dey use prepaid meter ko Guess the Epileptic power supply is now food supplies or groceries the masses needs. Stupidity and Politics goes hand in hand in this country.

pretti_maro If they can do two months, why not make it constant for years ri come? TheOpemz It had better be uninterrupted power supply o. Because them just de bring light since on Monday for Kwara state.🚶🏻‍♀️🚶🏻‍♀️🚶🏻‍♀️ Will this possible OK let see 2 month of this can workout I will give kudos to our reps

Free power that Nigerians will still pay for after covid-19 is over. Kwantinu That means there will be no light for 2 months They also add: -free cable TV subscription -free data Nigeria a total failed country ,if ghana can give her citizens more than 18 hours of constant light supply Good motion Even with the free power supply what difference does it make. We don't even have light...foolish and insensitive government

bros Abuja light na scam,E be like waec,come register today make we use old date carry wirte am😹😹😹 Wen u know ur government.. U know.. We pay sef we no get light so if we now get two months free then it means 4 months of no electricity It appears this 'Isolation for all party'; no exemptions is actually making you people have sense after all.

Only if ur paying with ur forgone hardship allawee etc else place like nyanya will see 30mins lights the whole 2months. I stand corrected😂 The thing is, once this legislation goes through, they'll stop giving us the light entirely for the duration of the 2 months.The power sector in Nigeria is currently more of private business, so, they can't be losing money, except the government is paying for it.

How about people that are using Prepaid meter I don't want anything free from NEPA or EKEDC.They know how to take it back after. Where is the power? It can't happen as far as Nigeria is concerned,free power supply keh,in this same naija,I doubt it 🙄 Dumb request sir! What makes us not to have power for the next hundred years... Power supply isn't rocket science for God sake... Since when I was born, I have heard various myths on why there is no power. kanji dam has dried, shortage in gas supply, 16 years of PDP misrule..

D_Probity01 Take the power, give us food... Na light we wan chop?!? Lol... I use prepaid meter, how would I enjoy the two months free power? Besides, Nigerian businesses are like Satan, they give with right hand and collect double with the left. We don't have a working NASS We are wish that. But the looters among u would not allow that. 😏

Set awon legend of the seeker 😂 How can you make free what's not available? Power is not available for end-use consumers, so what exactly are you trying to do? Because you people are now at home na, shey? Yinmu. Free indeed. We'll pay through our nose later. Rubbish and nonsense. Simple Equation: 2months Free of Charge= 2month and Extra charge on the following month bill. They will give u 2 Fufu use am collect one trailer of cassava from you. Awon set 500Billion Naira relief Fund.

Da babu gwanda ba dadi. We are even begging NEPA to give us light with normal billing we nor see na free power we go see? Just imaging we are in lockdown in black out what a nation what a live we are living in a country where everybody takes power into their hands and nothing can be done to them They are mad, where is the electricity to start with for them to dem to propose free light in the first place. Their brains are simply upsidedown - people have no food and money and dey are talking about light

We don't want free power supply, all we are asking Is to make available as we pay to use it If you make it free we will not see the light. No wonder, we never see light since yesterday night. No light, no bill........ In case you are still expecting your share of covid 19 (20k) relief fund just of think try this development by reps as your cut of the fund 😂😂😂

At whose cost? They are kuku not supplying the power before 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Awon leaders wa dumb di e Dear speaker, Power supply is our right. Give something else We don't want free power supply but constant and uninterrupted Free electricity but not available. What's the usefulness of it. Please, don't border jor. You people should approve palliative that will reduce the pains masses are going thru.

There will be no light again Make dem give us 3 free month house rent joor. My rent go soon expire. This people de talk rubish.. since over 5 days we no see light Anyhow ...i like this news What we want is uninterrupted power supply for at least 12 good hours daily, and may be in the coming upper level 2023, we may demand for additional 6 hours 👌 Nigerians mo na follow leg

so after the 2month promo we'll go back to square one They should give us power we will pay We no want free 💡, give us power we go pay for am for 🇳🇬 living in 🇳🇬 or for 🇳🇬 living 🇬🇭 You can learn affiliate marketing and earn in dollars. Contact Segun Adegoke on 08052467442 to get the jumpstart affiliate marketing program and kiss poverty and unemployment good bye.

Let the electricity be stable first, then we talk if the electricity would be available then. Download our free eBook now and have access to all our exclusive offers and daily contents(Success,business,Engineering,Mindset & Personal Finance). 👇 Please share it. Good but the light is not even stable...

Can you give what you don't have? Once the light is free are you sure they bring light The one we paying for they hardly bring the light not to talk of free light Las Las we are just a joke to this people. How can a country that couldn't provide stable electricity give free power supply Present Impossible Tense!

You wanna give what you don't have? Lol, it's not possible na. So far we are still generating 4000 megawatts Why can’t we have steady power supply Is that too much to ask for Ever since I was born into this country I’ve never in my life see power stay for 1 week without interrupting . Sometimes I wonder if it’s the same people are still working there or is that a tradition ?

If this goes through, I’m sure it might be the only thing that will affect both the rich and poor positively. Which Power Supply are they talking about? Make the thing available first....what the point of 2 months free without regular supply of electricity? It won't work, they won't give us light for those 2 months. Instead, let them ensure light is stable for 18 hours daily. Nothing is free in Nigeria.

Lol, for power when we nor first dey get They will simply not bring it at all for 2month Lol,dem no go on d lite be dt How can you discuss this when the power we already pay for is not constant and poor in most areas even in lagos. We don't want free, please send the normal power first. When will this happen?

Light or no light, we must pay electricity bill. They want to bribe us, yet keep their outrageous & unrealistic salaries & allowances, in a period when both the country & citizens are getting progressively poorer & emasculated. Yes Please o Noo don't let them do free oo because this our one one day on one day off go cease.

I think Gbajabiamira is better than Lawan Free electricity. Free as in the government will pay for it or free as in DisCos should use their church mind? The story isn’t clear on this. Seeki seeki reps 🙄! Always seeking! 🙄 They are looking for problem. NEPA go take the light for two month Now that we are paying no light na free light go come. Story

Why I hate soap operas... it’s not real. Next episode... Wetin we never hear. Being raining, sun shine, storme, harmattan and Even going to the extends that pesin pass through the transformer light no go dey bi that. Power supply remains problem in Nigeria and with the looks of things, nothing this government can do about it. My country and epileptic power

What about those of us using prepaid meter Good one Seeking for free epileptic power supply or non supply at all. It will interest you to know that it rains in Kaduna lasternight and raining without storming, infacts cold rain and to this hour, no supplied of power. It only in Nigeria every circumstances affects power supply.

I have already signed the bill or petition or whatever y'all call it. PHCN, what are you waiting for? 😒 😒 😒 Wht is the essence of free electricity that is not available Our reps no dey reason at all... They agree to give light free for 2month n we will only be given light for 2hours in 2days By free, wetin dem mean?

That won't happen. Power distriburion companies won't accept that. Nooooooo. We are not getting when we pay for it. Will it now be steady when we are not paying for it? Pls, mbok leave that one alone and concentrate on the sharing of money. Smiles Please tell DStvNg to give us free 2 months too 🙏🙏🙏 House rents too shld b looked into

Free epilepsy power supply We don't need the free power supply, we can afford to pay d bill, what we needed is just steady power supply. MdeenOlawale First best news Like the so called electricity was available to made free before..... How exactly will that work for people with Pre-paid meters? We want steady power supply not just on Lockdown, not just for two months. We want it steady and non stop. No up NEPA no down NEPA Just STEADY 😷

Wouldn't that be the first thing y'all will ever do for the people if it's even possible 🤔 Steady power supply petrol at 50 and gadamit telecom companies are really scaming us on data... We want steady power supply and besides I hope the Lockdown is not going to last more than 2 weeks o.. cuz I'm seeing two months power supply depicted on the post like we are going to stay at home for two months? Is that what you mean huh?🙄 No More lockdown o

You want them to give us unavailable free light abi? Just like a public holiday on Saturday... smh We don't want free light, but good and transparent governance. Who ever we offended, please forgive us I’m just curious about how those with prepaid meter will benefit from this. Free power supply? Where's the power supply, in the first place? These people are idiots.

HouseNGR. We have prepaid meter how do you handle that? We no go chop light, send people money to get food, hunger kills more than darkness. No be say dem go give us free light nepa no go cum bring am again o God, How I wish(Baba 70) Fela Anikulapo Kuti is alive to deal with this politicians.... our problem is; we still have more illiterate than educated fellas in this country.. to escape from this yeye people its likely to be year 2057 when 80% of us will be educated....

Uncle, we no c light when we d pay for am now way na two months free may be na d poles and transformers Una go Lulu ma come carry. If its approved, how will Nigerians using prepaid benefit from it? femigbaja FG can actually subsidize it from our 500b dominated fund for covid~19 They don't seem to grasp the concept of privatization

That's impossible of impossibility 😂 Now, they are heading to our destination. I hope they arrive safely, without making a useless detour. HouseNGR Good one If you supply almost zero power for free for 2 months then you have almost supplied nothing for free. I'm starting to imagine, what's all the donations for if we can sort electricity bill🤔


Good leaders Why only 2 months Why not a life time something April 1st 2020 has passed, there is no more space for April fool until 2021. Forever instead of two months From who, government or the the private owners of GENCOs and DISCOs? It's like these guys don't realise that the industry has been privatized.

This will come real in Jesus mighty anointed and powerful name. Ameeeeen Smmmmmhhhh... Electricity that they would not supply 🙄 My interest is the approval, not the seeking I don't have cash to play electricity bill this season and IkejaElectric no dey smile at all, d ma just cut the light and pretend as if nothing happened, you will pay back plus reconnection fee.

Nice move I hipe say wetin i dey think no be ham You mean 2 months of zero power supply 😒 Free power supply but will it be available, will it be steady tho? Dejiomoiyalaje The one we are still paying for we are not getting value for it and now you are canvassing for two month blackout 🤦 They will still charge us in one way or the other.

Finally working. At last some senses. If you guys can do this,it'll be great. It doesn't take much to satisfy citizens,as they don't ask for too much. Bring succour to pains, and bring comfort to hardship is the way to go. Very thoughtful! I wish it will be approved. Is this not supoosed to be our right for heaven sake

Ayobo Ipaja hasn't seen power for five days not to talk of free God save us They are not supplying light when we are paying them. How do you expect them to provide lights for free. Abeg nassnigeria be serious for once Ehhh... Nigeria Government that are more deadly than COVID19 Good palliatives...well done!

Very nice, if it will be strictly followed Free ke? The one we paid for we did not see...🙄 We ain't stupid here, make it free and the distribution companies will give us electricity maybe 2 minutes in total for a week.. Give us uninterrupted electricity, not free electricity... Good move Let's it be steady, we will pay... Don't come here and give use 2MONTHS FREE DARKNESS SUPPLY

How about those using prepaid meters? So that the remaining power infrastructure will collapse Free power is not a palliative. There are so many i can list. 1.Make third term school fees free 2.Provide 50 % increase in civil servant salaries. 3.Make available Shopping cards to households to get Food. Free how?

So the small light we are getting, u want to stop it abi? Bcos as sonn as they say its free, they wont bring the light again.. Let’s watch how it goes We pray it his not a social talk alone it should be physical Is like you don’t want them to give us our normal night light again Mad people... What about people using prepaid?

It should not just be free but also AVAILABLE 2months of darkness. Thank God for solar Which power that is never available. Think of another thing that can benefit all Nigerians. There is a huge, in fact very huge difference between “free electricity” and “available electricity”. What usefulness is something that is free but not available? Nigerians don't want free power supply. We need steady power supply!!

Free power supply then they won’t bring the light Abi Sir light that we are not seeing? My area Warri precisely it's once a week we see light. 4times a month. Please we don't need free light. WE NEED LIGHT WE GO PAYYYYYYYYYYYY Free Power supply that is not available...scam! My tweet is now coming to pass. Praise God.

What’s the point of having free power when we don’t get power? Rational power supply or uninterrupted power supply? Please can anyone help me with the twitter handle of the house of representatives in Nigeria? Where is the power, mangoro, cement, dopemu and environs , no light for four days now and no notice. Sad, sad, sad

femigbaja pls include house rent o Can yoh imagine Power supply that should be the right of the citizens and one of their benefits. That you guys are debating to decide and know if we can have two month free ones Obviously you guys been the one that's making it not to be steady at all I wake up everyday wanting to report our leaders to someone but then again,to whom do I report them to🤦‍♂️...Who tell you we want free light,oga make it available,rubbish...,

Nice one We gonna end up paying for this free light till the end of 2020. I don't trust these people. 🙄 We are still waiting for our 20k sir They will not give light at all for that 2 months. Do you know that we have had light for just 2hours in 2 weeks? This is arant nonsense. There's no power supply at all, you are talking about free...What's d essence of 'free' when there's no consistent Power. In this proposed 2 months, some areas won't see 1 minute of power.

Free Power supply for where. Nigerians haven't even seen the one they pay for talk less of free supply. Free, ok. But is it READILY AVAILABLE?! Smh We want stable suply They should stop deceiving their self and do the wright thing We don't want two months free electricity. We want 24 hours power supply, rural electrification, pre-paid meters, supplying and repairing of transformers without collecting money from host communities.

Lmao you frauds This is a good development. It seems COVID 19 is a blessing in disguise. It will be unstable, Nepa wey we know.. Especially here in Kaduna West Is that meant to be our compensation share from the 500bn Loan? I hope this won't come with crazy bills in subsequent months for those without prepaid meter systems and the tariff rate won't be raised but rather reviewed for a cut down.

Sound 9ice! We don't want it free oga, just push the executive to build more power plants and give us steady power, we are ready to pay. When Nigerians are paying, we hardly get power supply. Is it when it's free that it will be available? Can Nigerians complain about no supply of electricity, within this two months? As our complains when we are paying are not always attended to.

That is a good moves and also rents should be look into too Yes, this is it, but i just hope the power company won't shut down power during this period? Seriously now! These guys are just making a mockery of Nigerians!!! Naso dem go debate am so tey, everyone would get tire. Keep chasing shadow Mr speaker

Yes yes yes! I guess ya head is now working👷 Where is the power? They are using their heads for the first time, will they follow up to the end ' I doubt Everybody is Nigeria is a potential comedian That won na food abi, what about us using prepaid meter? Rubbish What of those using prepaid meter, how will they compasate us?

At this point they'll have a justified reason not to give us light, since we're not paying 😒 We don't really need stable pow'r supply, we need food The light non go kukuma come for the two months. Seriously!!! Only two months? The people that have stable power supply for 7years, do they have four heads?

For Power that is not available,? I don’t know these people reason ,Do they think Nigerians have uninterrupted electricity ? Mtcheeew 😏 Good job Honorable. We are on free mode since No light Them they even bring the light 💡 We don't see light when we're paying Ok ooo How long will it actually take to defeat the virus? The two-week isolation should be over next week, why are we looking for two months of free electricity? Reduce tariffs, instead. The nation can't be shut down for two weeks. We need a different strategy to fight this.

Imagine! They will increase the tariff after 2months n we will all pay n even pay essence of the free light given. Afterall, they said they r going to increase the tariff. So who is deceiving who? We need money to buy food. Share money. I didn't abide to be only two months instead make a law that will make the power supply stable it will boost our economy

Ahaa You mean constant power supply? Waiting for them to also sign off their own pay cut as common sense would expect them to do at this time. Even the one we dey pay for we no see na come free one ? Abeg make Una no try am o 😰😨😨😨😨 📚Best Performing Telegram Channels For Online Courses📚 😊Join This Channel For Free Courses Online😊 Rt&Follow Photoshop 15 hrz: Affinity Designer 25 hrz: Graphics 2.5hrz-

Implementation is the key Two months is small, make it six And we will still pay for it later, one way or the other😔 This makes sense if carried out When will they seek constant power supply? Which power do they want to supply? Do we have power? Seek or should order it ? Unrealistic To be paid for by who? DISCOs and GENCOs are privately owned and most are gas powered. Give us 24hr light, we'll pay for it.

All na SCAM 😎😎 How about we the prepaid meters users, if approved, how do we intend to benefit? Cruise 🤣😅😂 money is better It's be should 2 month uninterrupted power supply First let’s have the one we paid for........for two days now Audio talks will kill our Reps... Nothing will comes out of it.... Govt of my family and padi... God dey...

_mrdave1 We are looking forward to that. After the succeed, generating companies will give you one story and keep us in total dark for 2 complete months, u will see light middle of the 3rd month cause of the bill coming. Nobody trust this system again. 😂. Nigerians. There is huge in fact very huge difference between “free electricity” and “available electricity”. What usefulness is something that is free but not available.

God will bless you for this but notify them that they shouldn't increase the amount of other monthly bills...This is Nigeria Audio 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 How about those using prepaid meters? That means dey won't bring light at all be dat....we dey pay sef we no see light but good move tho Don't Bobo us joor Which power, which supply Abi did I wake up in another country?

So HouseNGR thinks d problem of Power in Ngr is about non payment of Tariffs? Ngrs are asking for stable & not free Power supply ! femigbaja nassnigeria It is not only power supply in this case. Even house rent. But that's only possible if the government is responsible, in providing needs to the masses (House owners) whose source of living is the house rent paid by the tenants.

We don't want free power supply We want steady power supply Just know that NEPA will add the 2 months bill back oo na wash This will be awesome But the light no go dey That’s for the area way get light na!!! Some people no even get transformers Light that even as we they pay them no give us. These Reps are bunch of jokes

Scam las las We are getting there Lol We don't want free,but steady power supply. The light we pay for, we never see.... Na the one wey dem go give us for free, we go come see? I thought Mr Femi was more intelligent than this now. Same man that was very vocal and blunt when he was in the opposition. Indeed, absolute power corrupt absolutely

But we no see the light 💡 That is how is supposed to be,let there be light everyday in this country If this could be possible we will all be so glad. I wish 🙏🙏🙏 God bless Nigeria Lol. Light when dem nor dey see This would have been awesome. Don't stop in seeking oo It’s sounding as if heaven will fall if the light is not been paid for

That's a good one

Coronavirus: Reps seek two-month free electricity supply to NigeriansExplaining the necessity for the proposed stimulus bill for the electricity sector, the Speaker said electricity, being a commodity Time bomb♨️♨️♨️♨️♨️♨️ We Gallant dey whoohoo! E for good oh!

COVID-19: Reps Seek Two-Month Free Power Supply To NigeriansCOVID-19: Reps Seek Two-Month Free Power Supply To Nigerians Who send them.. Shuuu Louder people,you’re doing us proud mennnn I hope it's stable... If it isn't... It's nonsense

Coronavirus: Indian couple names newborn twins 'Corona and Covid'Amidst a lockdown of their country due to the COVID-19 pandemic, an Indian couple has named their newborn twins 'Corona,' a boy and 'Covid,' a girl. Should have been triplets... corona, convid and 1.-9 TheLitleAnt But why? Are they madth? In fact they are madth!

COVID-19: Reps consider 2-month free power supply bill - Daily Post NigeriaThe House of Representatives on Saturday in Abuja said a fresh Stimulus Bill that will ensure that Nigerians get free electricity supply for two months Very commendable! In which country? Biko consider 24hours first before two months! For weeks and months now in Kuje FCT, no light likewise so many other areas and you're talking about free power supply.😡😡😡😠

COVID-19: Reps seek 2 months free power supply to Nigerians, mulls second stimulus Bill – Daily TrustThe House of Representatives has called for the supply of free electricity to Nigerians for two months as part of measures to mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Speaker, Femi Gbajabiamila made the call at a meeting on Saturday between the National Assembly leadership and the Minister of Finance, Zainab Ahmad, the Director-General … Can it be possible in Nigeria? Hmm😏 Nigerians will be very happy if this aspect is accomplished...

Reps seek FG's intervention over ‘no pay’ threat in aviation – Daily TrustFollowing a memo by Max Air to the effect that payment of staff salaries and remunerations is not sustainable due to stoppage of its flight operations, the House of Representatives Committee on Aviation has intervened, calling on all airlines to show compassion to their workers in this trying time. Daily Trust reports that the memo …