Coronavirus, Nigeria, Prophet T. B. Joshua

Coronavirus, Nigeria

Coronavirus: Prophet T.B Joshua predicts what'll happen to Nigeria after COVID-19 - Daily Post Nigeria

Coronavirus: Prophet T.B Joshua predicts what’ll happen to Nigeria after COVID-19

4/1/2020 3:36:00 PM

Coronavirus : Prophet T.B Joshua predicts what’ll happen to Nigeria after COVID-19

Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, SCOAN, has predicted a hard time for Nigeria after the Coronavirus disease. In a

Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, SCOAN, has predicted a hard time for Nigeria after the Coronavirus disease.In a series of tweets, TB Joshua encouraged Nigerians to keep looking onto God, who alone, according to him, has the solution to the disease ravaging the entire world.

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He said that believers must take control of their situation instead of being afraid, for Satan, the cause of crises, “has been defeated.”President Muhammadu Buhari, Sunday evening announced atotal lockdown in Abuja and Lagos.The president made the announcement in a nationwide broadcast on the novel Coronavirus. The lockdown is expected to last for 14 days.

But T.B Joshua explained that the economy is the people and the people are the government, adding that, “If you shut down the people, you have shut down the economy.”He said the effect of locking down the people on the economy “may be worse after the coronavirus outbreak if the lockdown continues. This is a prophetic word from Prophet TB Joshua,” he declared.

“No matter how much cash you inject into the economy, no matter how much you give to each citizen, money alone cannot revive the economy; it is the people who revive the economy – because people are the economy.”

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Is this covid virus prophecy,bet9ja game of predicte and win? Make I ask Hey pastor I beg hope say you no one b like that other pastor ? was it not same man who predicted March 27 as the day the virus will vanish from the surface of d earth This man don cast tay tay... Comma cure corona before saying another trash

27th March prediction failed? Believe at your own peril TB- J....March 27th don pass oooooo. Corona still dey ooooooo. Which new forecasts are you making again? Please take your time . How could this be a prophecy? He is just explaining. A lay man in a street can do this, in fact even better. How does what I just read constitute prophecy? You the media should stop aiding and abetting these shenanigans and impostors with penchant for mendacity.

So it's now prediction. Temitope too talk TB again? Plz let’s hear word , you predicted end to covid-19 on 27th of March nothing happened , do you have to say something all the time God bless you sir MOG..people need money at this time,not prophecy. Wee you keep Kwaet!! And just focus on your Church business.

Lol 😂🤣😂😂😂😂😅😂😂 every body can predict, it can be true or false Oh pls we tired of all those You don become economist abi Repeating what he overheard people in the street saying thinking he has a larger audience, shame to those who look unto mere man for total direction. This man shame is shaming me

He should go and sit down, it's no use trying to be relevant after your last prediction. Excess weed, businessman, god of men Lol alaye calm down Lai Joshua I've not opened to read the details but I'm making the following guess: Nigeria will be a better place. That's not a prophecy. That's a forecast. Everyone already knows that things will be difficult. He too didn't say God told him that. Stop forcing words into his mouth

Nobody told us that there will be corona in 2020. Another pack of lie again? I blame the jobless Newsmen who would put their device in the line to record and broadcast packs of lies being told against God Gra gra too dy worry dis man sef 😏 is it no more ending in March 27th? Another Prophecy again. So ppl should nt stay in their houses so dat d infected ones should b spreadin it like butter been spread on bread Abeg been a prophet does nt mean u shouldn't understand wat is goin on haba naa book of Daniel 11:32 says we dat know our God shall strong n do exploit haba chai

So poster u think money is more important than humans life TB will never mentioned his flopped prophecy of March 27 again, but will continue to drouse the gullibles(men worshippers) Have we offended God? Daily post if you do not stop posting about all these false prophecies na Thunder Go Fire Una !!! Predictor. Na so you dey do your own. You no predict the before, na the after you sabi do.

Havest not thou forgotten of the FALSE prophesy thou madest on 27th March, 2020? Thou shalt learn a lesson from there-upon. Be in thy family only... You don come again,abi? This man no get shame.. Lol.. So u never tire 🤣🤣.. Say more and i will watch how u will be fed by people 😂 There is God ooooo🤦‍♀️

We don't need your prophecy man oga_Thobi What happened to March 27th Date? This COVID-19 has showed us fakeness in everything prophetic... Nothing will happen to Naiga after COVID-19 that needs falsehood Go bet 9ja What he said isn't a prophecy, even a lay man on the street knows the impact of what's happening now on the economy

Keep quite with your prophecy , we just passed 27th March people were expecting you to clarify on that but you are here playing other games Let him goan sit abeg They say predict. Thats a right way to respect gods sha. Again? This Temitope Balogun Joshua sef, you no dey tire?

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Onyeama denies testing positive to COVID-19.“To curb this kind of criminal behaviour, the matter has been brought to the attention of the law enforcement agencies for investigation and severe sanctions as deterrence in future.”

Coronavirus: Davido’s father donates N500m to fight COVID-19 as Nigeria’s index cases rise to 139Business mogul, Deji Adeleke, on Tuesday, announced a donation of N500m to the federal government as Nigeria battles the spread of COVID-19. Adeleke was on Tuesday appointed alongside Ooni of Ife, Oba Ogunwusi and other eminent Nigeria ns as members of 21-man Food and Relief Committee to help cushion the effect of coronavirus on Nigeria ns. His BO OBO And where are all this donations going to? For days now been lock down,don’t even know how will Goan survive for weeks without food and sanitizer😭 Everything about Nigeria is fake, no bail out to citizens. Deaths recorded are fake also.134 cases fake,people way die dead body no dey go viral? Fake politicians,fake donors😤