Coronavirus: Print more naira notes, Tinubu tells FG

3/28/2020 7:46:00 PM

Coronavirus: Print more naira notes, Tinubu tells FG

Eniola Akinkuotu, AbujaAll Progressives Congress leader, Bola Tinubu, has asked the Federal Government to print more naira notes in order to save the economy from collapse even as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to bite harder.Tinubu said this in a statement he wrote in commemoration of his 68

Osimhen named Lille Player of The Season Brent oil rises to $40 amid hopes for recovery – Daily Trust Finance director died of COVID-19 –NDDC

thbirthday.The former governor of Lagos State said the United States Federal Reserve had printed more dollars in order to boost the economy.He said Nigeria could also do the same.Tinubu added, “Already, the price of oil has fallen to less than 30 dollars a barrel. This will bring a dollar shortfall. This does not, however, necessitate a corresponding shortfall in public sector naira expenditures.

“The US controls dollar issuance. We control naira issuance as is our sovereign right. Just as America has used its sovereign right to issue its currency to stave economic disaster, so too may Nigeria issue naira for the same purpose.”Details soonDOWNLOAD THE PUNCH NEWS APP NOW ON

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ibrahimopeola good morning sir.. this is the news on punch newspaper And he wants to be president! No further comment! The bullion van is on ground to shatter it abi, mmmmh, mafio, he thought Nigerian are not educated like him yeye. I don't think is best advice to do so, there is other way round okay oga tinubu

That is their concern , see their face like😫😠👹👺💀 Now our clueless government will consider printing more money because Tinubu said it Print more naira notes? 😳😳😳😳. How does this help the economy? This will be worsening an already terrible situation. Oh dear! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ Does he know anything about d Cashless Policy? Asking for a friend

Baba olowo Naira nots are not the antidote for coronavirus. So you can have more to load in bullion van.... Akuko You guys do not disappoint with misleading headlines Sense frustrated some people. What about inflation? Jesu, it will cause inflation baba It's time for storage, covid 19 testing and project engagement to annex and store for relief to other nations of the earth

Print which more naira notes, they should provide the ones they have stolen Remove the bullion van and open it for the public. It will be enough More naira notes.... More bullion vans So that you can bullion van half of them to your house. We have not forgotten Dirty politician Tinubu and you want to be president? Listen to yourself Only to steal public funds no clue for economic growth or creating public wealth. Chaiiii

Jacuzzi Kunu brain Money to embezzle So you can use bullion van 😂 Hun.... Like say they care.... They Wan use this opportunity fill their pocket... The suggestion that dey Don execute... Thieftinubumics I legit thought of this last night....why can't the government print more notes and purchase the equipments needed to fight the virus. They have a system which they use to clean the multiple amounts they embezzle, surely they can make use of that system to clean the excess notes

And this is coming from someone that many youths are projecting to be our next President in 2023. With men like this as leaders how do u expect Nigeria to better? The bullion vans from bourdillon are ready and waiting for billions more. At least na from someplace the money to share for 2023 go from come, abi?

This idiot is all about money, money, money all the time! Contribute from the naira that you have at home then advice. I wish this advice is from Dangote or Atiku and others who have contributed to fight coronavirus right, but you are planning to get more from new Naira to be printed. Go to bed and dream good

To do what please? So that he could have enough to store in dis period. So that u people can eat up the money again This how he Gonna rule as president ... muhdshaheed Am not an economist but wouldn't that cause inflation and sabotage the economy biolaodetola Baba oh 😁👏👏👏🙌🙌🙏 Baba, i don't want to think what so many people are thinking ooo

Otunba lavish 😂😂😂 Most people kips money in the bank !! We hardly spend cash self !! Tinubu have more cash than CBN Tinubu is one of the horns who are laying demonic seige on Nigeria. They are devils children to frustrate the children of God in this country they turned to animal farm. ..when the righteous are in authority the people rejoice, but when the wicked rule the people mourn. Maniacs

So u can use bullion van to transport them to ur house as usual I guess? Hahahhaha...Naija, Notes and bullion. Where are we headed? So that bullion van can bring it to burdillon To use as wipes or what? Recession coming ... Lmaoo Tiny wire wire How many bullion van, you wan use this time? Economist of life.

Make him thief more money abi Thief has spoken Tinubu is the next person i want to have that corona virus Just like that Bullion Van economics This one don fuel all him bullion van. Currency has to be backed by real assets(mostly gold) if not it’s just paper, if not the currency will recalibrate itself to the available assents, hence you can use 100,000 naira to buy a loaf of bread because that’s the real value of the naira

You should read the news very well Na dat one go pursue covid-19 away abi, please oga just dey your day I beg Burdillionomics Sir we can’t use yesterday’s solution to tackle today’s issues..🤦🏾‍♂️ Print and take it to ikoyi abi? i don’t understand 😂😂 Looting time!!!!! Craze people everywhere... Tinubu is one of them, in times of crises like war or major disaster ur currency becomes worthless. Reopen the borders for food supply to come in. Eg Seme border. We need more foreign rice now to reduce the price in the market.

It's like the van is running empty. AsiwajuTinubu release the trillion of dollars in your possession & stop looking for means of looting craftily So that you can loot itAsiwaju. Are you not the brain behind him been president through all manner of dubiousness? This man with the red cap has a strong resemblance with the Corona Virus.

Na only money jagaban dy concerned about so ur bullion vans go ft pack dm🙌🏻 My High School economics tells me this is invitation to economic disaster Lol so our solution is to print more naira? This is someone some people want as president in 2023. And this man wants to be president of this country. Mugabe model of economics

And this is the idiot that wants to become president.😂 is this who some people want as president ? Hmmmm...And this one is parading himself as a potential Presidential Candidate in 2019. May God help Nigeria 🇳🇬 Kuku destroy the economy sir Bulion van.., See nonsense talk from the person that want to be president 🚶🏿‍♂️🚶🏿‍♂️🚶🏿‍♂️

Should that his core concern? Ole, never satisfied So they can drive them into your house abi.....😒😒😒 Please do not in any way listen to this man biko. Kedu kwa nke bu print naira note. This man want to finish us for this country... Naso u want take be president ni So that more bulionvan will be deployed

He can't possibly have said this. God forbid bad thing. I thought Idi Amin was the last leader to think like this. Is this man okay? Instead of looking for ways to combat the virus and for people to transit to cashless given the fact that money can be easily contaminated by the virus when it's being handled from hand to hand, he's here asking for more naira notes. Senile yet?

Bring out the notes you hide in your house as part of your contribute for coronavirus to help the poor. What’s Tinubu corona update self So they can share it as usual? Smh..😡😡😡 As him no see tax collect Printing more Naira notes will eventually lead to hyperinflation which isn't good for our dear Nation.FG must disregard this ignorant advice.

Print more naira or suspend collection vat? What useless paper Tell him that I said he is Oleburuku So Na this mumu wan be president. Idiot, is that only thing u read in his statement This man is speaking in the ____________ FG should print more naira note, so u can pack enough for 2023 election right? I pray all the bad leaders contact this virus one by one🤐then they would understand the importance of developing our father's land🤐 am so happy dat we are all fucked together.

clintzmix So u can get them with your bulion van yh Let him bring out the notes he stacked in his vaults We must weigh the opportunity cost of more money in circulation and inflationary trend it will usher in. More cash without corresponding goods and services will crash our economy, making us a banana republic. We must be cautious. The U. S. A. economy is more robust than ours.

Bi like say na curse we go dey curse Una generation now.. radarada.... Selfish old fools Exactly... Voodoo economist Are this people mad?u go school at all?do u know what will happen to naira?or do know what is called inflation? The truth is, in this time we need more money, money printed thing period cannot cause inflation seeing that world markets is 70% closed. The money will be used locally and there's no room for seller and importers inflation.

Ayiiiiii Werey Dont tink u can b a president of dis country clarroooo fowobajek We need your Mercy in this country O'LORD 🙏 I do not enjoy condemning people, but this man has no idea what it takes to be in power. If more notes are printed, please, who would it benefit. Of all the Billions Tinubu has, how much has he donated to help curb this pandemic, not a dime, because he is not affected. Move Old1.

And this guy would come out for presidency and Might win and start naming Jonathan for his stupidity...and his stupid supporters would support him...it a pity. Tell me you capping. Cos this can't be happening right now So that it will devalue and plunge our economy to more doom that it already is. If this is true, I wonder what he wants in AsoRock come 2023

Instead of printing new naira notes that will lead to hyper inflation now that there's a declining production activities globally, I urge u to release d bullion van loaded wit billions of foreign n naira notes sighted in your Bourdillion mansion during the last general election. 👊 So that he can take more to ikoyi.

So says the Bullion Van himself This man is so foolish oh. He is so daft Thief He has forgotten he cannot carry money to hell when he dies, I pity you. Field Marshall Bola 'Amin' Tinubu, 'Conqueror of the British Empire' toffiejr So you all can share? So that you can steal more Can I swear Ogun to someone virtually?

Jagaban don talk It cost money to print money. 😂😂! Who are these ones naa! Why y’all niggaz so dumb! And playing with hyperinflation ! They will print it then you will get a supply contract to embezzled your portion of the printed note. So you can carry them in your billion van to wait for the next coming elections and do you thing. shadowPresident

😂😂😂😂... *laughs in hyper-inflation* Seriously? Is that the cure for Covik 1_9? The Naira notes to be printed, are they meant for the ailing & poor masses or for you & your greedy members of ur family? To think that these people represent Nigeria should tell every youth that things will never get better...

🤔🤔🤔🤔 'Yeah, we have the sovereign right to print money just like America' 😂 😂 😂 Imagine thinking you can solve the problem by printing more money. You'll just kill an already ailing economy. Let these people stick to what they know how to do best, which is to hoard money! Walking dead Smh He's actually saying that naira should be made more useless than it already is.

I'm here thinking farming is the key thing now. ...so there could be more to steal... I believe there's remnant of money in that , abi you wan refill am . Bad economic advice , why didn't you call for the stimulus package to Nigerians as the Americans did? To embezzled abi? Baba olowo bullion van is talking D naira note on ground no fit reach to spend again

COVIDIOT spotted. 😠😠 that sum misleading headline I don't know economics much but I know that is not smart Oju yobo’ oshi. So you can bring in more bullion vans to pack money. Smh You sound wiser, if you are the president you can never think that way. massive Inflation incoming! Lol all he knows is money

Bring out the ones you’re hoarding in bordillion.. it will go a long way sir Agba Yahoo on the mic...Jagaban..🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 Oloshi olè This guy is obsessed with raw cash... I mean.. is that the solution to this pandemic Sick u won't sick , you and Oshomole which kind baba do juju for una You know nothing about monetary management, so be careful

Who the fuck is this guy... You want hyperinflation and the mallam no get enough Mayra to change your dollar I was wondering if we needed permission to The weed wey dem supply this man before he talk this tin must be weed from burial ground or Yaba apa osi So that he can order to divert it to his pocket again, see his eyes like oju opolo

bullion van Bullion Van have rest enough, time to work and loot more. Why is thunder wasting time like dis ehn ? Idi Amin: what is your name? CBU worker: John Idi Amin: if i make you CBU governor, will you print more money? CBU worker: ye ye yessssss general I’m afraid Tinubu and Idi Amin dada of Uganda operates from same WhatsApp group

See your godfather olusureboy so that the naira can be finally destroyed and his dollar savings making him richer.. Ichie Bullion 1 of Boulevard. I can see how senseless this man is, he trying to loot more money 💰 for 2023 election. Have not even had of his own contribution for the fight of corona virus..

Money heist 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 After printing the notes the bullion van goes to your house. This ugly man wants to finish us Thefts knw all the system Speechless. He’s bullion van is waiting empty This man knows nothing about history. Go and see what happened to countries that printed more notes. All he wants is printing.

Printing more naira means inflation. Printing more notes is hardly the answer. Just ask Zimbabwe. R_opeoluwa you dey hear your man? For what exactly? That’s a terrible advice! A nation can only print more money when it sells or makes more things, either in goods or services (which we dont), otherwise you get inflation for just printing money with no underlying value. The US can do it ‘cautiously’ because the world trades in $.

Eyan Sinzu money Awon spending geng So that u can ppl ll steel it ba? Instead of you to encourage the use of mobile banking and other online platforms that are free of Corona virus contact. You're here advocating for the printing of new notes. By their fruits you shall know them. That's all I can say King Bullion of d bourdillion dynasty has spoken!

Foolish harbinger of a clueless govt Ole A welcome development to full dose of inflation. Does those we call leaders think before talking? It's not all about spewing words any how, but the magnitude of damages that will cause & it's impact to lives. If this is taken into consideration, we should brace up for the worse.

You have printed yours abi See this man..... So you can store more Okonjo Iweala: Let's save for rainy days in SWF Governors: No the monies must be shared Covid Crisis Erupts... Other Countries: Give money directly to each citizen to ease the lockdown. Tinubu: CBN print more money He is right! FG should listen to him.

More Bullion Billions for Bourdillon... Print more naira notes, so that more bullion vans can drive into your 'house' built by Lagos State Government. USA is doing it. It's the beginning of the demise of the US dollar. Not everything USA does is right. The world needs to think for itself. Nigerian elites included. This is economics101: Supply & demand. An artificial imbalance will wreck price/value.

Next bullion vans Why quantitative easing? Hahahahaha na where him sense reach be that. He loves money, you can’t blame him Part of the problems we are facing today is this individual. Selfish mode on auto! Baba you are very correct Errm that's not how it works chief So that you'll steal more na... God forbid u b Nigerian President 😡

MajeedCasual What is the correlation between coronavirus and printing of notes? For the cruel rogue to have more money to steal Has the one in the bullion van finished? Okwa ifuru, any bagger that will come tomorow to market this man, thunder from Amadioha and Sango will do overtime in your life. Negodi udi suggestion this human being n'eweta. Meanwhile, ego ole k'oweputala to help the explosion victims

Economist! reasonable Nigerians re donating money and relief materials, to support the covid19 epidemic outbreak in Nigeria, what have u done?Mr bullion van, FG should print new money , so u cn steal thm?or don't u knw printing more money without liquidity to back it,makes nations poorer Ok... So that you can load another bullion Van abi... Mu ra si

Is that the cure to coronavirus? Is the right thing, this is what is obtainable globally Ki tun leleyii n wi n tori olorun.....? 🙄 Everything is business to them TycoonRazzi Didn't learn anything from what happened to Zimbabwe Spending has spoken 🤪🤪 So that u will use bullion van to carry it abi.... Is a pity your dream to become president is dead on arrival Mr printer ,why can't this old fool keep quiet instead of saying rubbish

The Campaign Money is needed 🤣🤣🤣 Daddy e hide long-throat yin na 🤣🤣🤣 What has printing more naira notes got to do with handling the Pandemic Smh Tinubunomics I don’t think this man is wise And they’ll bring it to your house with bullion van for stamping Abacha reincarnate Tinubu to. Buy more bullion Van.......... So FG print more naira notes

Oga bullion van of the burdillion Na weti you go dey if you be president? Do you weigh the implications? and exchange rate will hit 1k to $1 Dis can't b true And if it's fake Something has to happen Not now So you can store more. The onez at home disburse it first All ye analysts and critics In the comment section are only seeing his opinion from one side because you are eager to type or disapprove him. If you know or think you know economics please counter his opinion with better option or solution. I'm waiting👌

Has he heard of inflation before?🤦🏽‍♂️ Is this what they call inflation? Like worsening things? Zimbabwe tried to print more money in 2007 and even made notes of up to 100 Trillion dollars It backfired terribly. If everybody has more money to spend, prices will rise, not fall Sweets that cost $1 in January 2007, cost $231 Million in January 2008

Money Heist So that he can still them So that bullion vans will pack them to your house ahbi? Wawa Dont mind him,he is use to doling out cash so he felt that is how it should be in printing money to sustain the economy Sinzu money Wat has age got to do with economy? See how the man dey think, themanandthebillionvan

So that you can use bullion vans and pack it to your house abi Baba needs more money What do you expect from a money monger? Some please tell me how does this man suggestion correlate with the matter on ground..... Has he finished the money from the last event ni.....☻ I see smoke everywhere This man and currency, like 5 & 6.

In effect, devalue the Naira. Oga money don talk ...if you give this man president he will print money every week and turn aso rock to owambe Idiot! Implications nko? President to be. Nigeria will never recover Many of them did not even bother to read the story before castigating Asiwaju. His love for money is like that of a criminal

He has more money than the available notes and wouldn't want us to be left stranded when he empties his account in central bank. A thoughtful king, I Stan 😌 Lol... the one he has is not not enough still Because if more notes are printed, it'll still disappear at the top I'm not a fan of this Man but it's like he has been making sensible contribution ever since Covid-19 outbreak... stayathomeandstaysafe

rvphs Money heist reloaded ..... Mr ashiwaju Tinubu Torres ..... The only thing Tinubu knows is money. For you or Nigerians? Mr Bullion Van 🤣😂 Baba help us use the NEW MINT to beg our ANCESTORS make the CORONAVIRUS leave our land....As we we are singing EGUNGUN becareful we don't realize that we are abusing the gods.

Made in Zimbabwe. You're doing well. I can see that you're now ready to finish Buhari. I like that...you're doing well Na only money matter e sabi. Because it is the cure for covid-19 right? He has no idea about the economy and it's processes. TinuBullion, Oshey Awon eyan printing press This man is a typical example of “even fools grow old”

Wtf Jagaban; Did he really say that? I don't think he did. Which school of economics did Buhari attend or subscribe to? A country that wants to borrow $22.7b should just print money which they don’t have or can match with economic growth? Is this the person they went to be president? He will be printing money randomly?

So he can have more 😂 😂 Anya_K_K The owner of Lagos Spending The most special and valuable asset in his is life is money,money,money as if Corona vaccine is money Most of you don't bother to read the news before talking... Handliines sometimes and most times could be misleading or bypassed! Is this Tinubu not a demon like this.

And what happens to our already high inflation..? Awon Bullion Van Economics... 😜 Lmaoooo minister for inflation Mhmm. Considering Nigeria's present economic dilemma, is printing more notes our best alternative? How about checking out our peculiarities & establishing a Nigerian solution to the problem? Economists, what are your thoughts? NgForex

How much have he donated? this man must not rule this country o if he can utter such childish statement. Except if we want to create a digital decentralized e-currency on blockchain like Bitcoin! And he studied abroad.. Ask Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 what happened to their currency? Alaye speaking my mind... Print the god damn money..

Are they going to share it Adedamola_Ogun ☠️💀☠️ We are in trouble ooo !!! Tinubu wont be affected because his starched money are not kn naira, damn it So na how many bullion vans Baba Tiinubu go dey expect laidis? By the comments I see here, obviously people forget that this virus survives on different kind of surfaces for hours with paper inclusive. Money is made of paper and as long as people keep buying and selling in our cities and villages, this virus will spread even faster.

And this 🖕1 too wants to be President tomorrow mtcheew! Person wey don smoke Unrepentant Criminal ! Indeed🤣 For him to loot abi If a so called political godfather can be this poo in decision making, how will he manage a position wisely and efficiently. Share the one in your house biko Our leaders are worse than coronavirus.

This is not the solution to this current problem So... they'll move everything to your house Print new notes for what If we may ask. More notes for what? Will that help to curb the spread of the virus? How did we get here in Nigeria? See this thief Every major economy are all printing money What a world . More mints. How many countries did we hear pringting more notes for COVID19?

You can take care of Lagos state Jesu🙆🙆🙆 inflation ooooo So you can have more bullion vans in your house!! So you can pack it home in a bullion van ? Headline readers, Please take a minute to read the main story, mischievous punch newspapers fast becoming a junk and clickbait This man don’t know how ugly everything that comes out of his mouth is to Nigerians. People around him will be praising him to get more money and not tell him the truth. Any reasonable person in the world know how evil and terrible he is. SMH. He calls himself “Owner of Lagos”

Give dem paper na .. see his head What's this one saying? So you can pack them home with more bullion vans uhn! COVID19 will serve y'all due justice Some bullion van things***wink** I don't understand 🤔 Print more Naira notes to do what, Bullion vans waiting as usual Didn't this approach collapse Zimbabwe's economy?

DolapoAbideen Lol. Sure his billion is ready to help them convey them to where ever I believed you have emptied your bullon van so want more to load into it, useless old fool, God is watching you bad leaders, a day is coming when you will die like abacha Like they will dash us 😔 So that you will use your bullion van to steal them abi

See this one FG said no sir So that you can steal some. Distribute the one you have in the banks. kancruz normalvibe your thoughts Translation: Steal more Naira notes 😁 DEKUNLEE Lol Sinzu calling on spending to perform some magic Asiwaju Jagaban Ghana must go bag 🎶🎵 Good one because people will die in hungry if there is no money

Spending Is this the only alternative? It comes with so many baggage. I'm not in support of it as the negative effects far outweighs the positive. Oro owo shay koko, any other talk na trash! Oshey, jacuzzi eyan spending. 🙌🙌🙌 With all the money u hv, They should still print more? God Waiting do the one dem carry enter him house for Election abi officialEFCC never Seize money from people!!! Where all the money when dem see for safe inside Flate that year. WE NEED ALL THIS MONEY NOW!!!💯

Reminds me of the Idi Amin movie print more money, bank manager gets shot for his refusal. Inflation incoming Spending, shey u dey whyne me ni This man finally contributed his token. Baba bn keeping his fortune to himself. Oya make una print more naira oooiii So he can help with bullion Van. Oloribu ni tinubu Yi😂😂

Others are donating money while this one is looking for more naira notes And this one is aspiring of becoming Nigeria president. 🤦🤦🤦 Print more naira note to do what Tinubu?, or for u to steal and loot at this hard time. Oba Sinzu money... Jagaban too much sense kaluemeka89 Bullion van is talking pls where's jacuzzi

Hmmm 🤔 sounds familiar. Who made this comment in terms printing more currency notes? Oh yes.. Field Marshall Idi Amin Dada to his Central Bank Governor in the 1970's And they said 'Wisdom comes with age'?🤦🏿 What happened to the ones with you?😒😒 Smh 🤦‍♂️ This is exactly who one of the presidential aids(shoe shiners) referred to, when he said they can’t allow the western vultures take over the Bubu’s seat, coz they understand this bullion van G wella, they know all what he’s all about

Na for money matter we they hear this man voice yitsugee Set awon bouillon van Ole ... elenu gotio The ones in the four billion van that entered bourdillion last year should he brought out Oleeee billionairesson Aburo idi amin OLUWOLE CERTIFICATE The your house will be the base for Bullion van abi Why are you guys reacting? Tinubu is not in a position to tell the FG what to do so I’m sure they’re going to ignore him.

To excersibate the current inflation rate abi, ojuyobo. Oya jagaban want to use bullion van to pack another money Spending... Oluwole economists. Print more notes when you run out of money. Mugabe finance minister. What for? Thats a misplaced priority Print more naira notes to spread the virus 😂 For what oo

Is that how he want to rule us 2023 What contribution has he made for this covid19 to even attract ppl for what he might do if he become the president Your counterparts are making donations to fight against the deadly contagious virus you're urging FG to print more Naira notes What do we buy with naira notes?

EmperorSheriff Bullion Vans waiting Haba, baba Tinubu that one no be solution oooooooo. Print more naira notes ke, biti bawo, aha egungun be careful ooooooooo express dey ya front. Excess circulation of the naira note will cause devaluation of our currency. aka Quantitative easing. What are these people smoking?

No be even FG dey print money, na CBN Don't turn Nigeria to Zimbabwe biko. There're steps to take before embarking on expansionary monetary Policy So he can embezzle more....... Idiot Na this one wan become president for 2023? We are finished! So you can carry them with bullion van again Bullion VAN! This will cause a big hyper inflation like what happened in Zimbabwe long time ago where everybody were millionaires and billionaires with little or no commodity to buy

Voodoo economics 🤣 Always about money 🤣 Daddy Jaga QuotedReplies Madness Loooool Funny how Tinunbu just reappeared. And they want to make this one president? Isn’t this just going to increase inflation....do we have any literates in our politics 😭😭😭 What caliber? This is how you will govern us..2023.. Release the ones in your custody

Hmmm When Punch speaks, please varify before circulate🙌🙌🙌🙌 Isn't this the exact same thing Mugabe did in Zimbabwe that finished their currency... This sort of thinking would just ruin what is left of the economy. 🤦🏾 Nwoke a bu onye oshi 😂😂😂 Ole oloju kongba! Owo Seh koko 😆💯 How much you did you donate

Ole See this one, 'print more notes' at a time when finished goods are in short supply shey? Says a lot about your presidential pedigree. Money man...oppor !!! 😆 What is this nonsense? Another bullion van on the move 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 thiefnubu need more cash mehn Ole for you to pack to your store abii

Oloshi ni! They should stop collecting VAT from Nigerians Oloshi Why he is not an economists,printing money has never solved anything... Zimbabwe comes to mind Haaaaaa So you can loot them all with bullion vans. Old greedy man BAT owonikoko Because inflation or deflation ain't shit to a man without soul Blood of God!

Spending!! 🙌🙌 The one wey you don loot Bros carry am come out!! Greedy filthy thing! LanreHkn Abi ooo You mean more Bullion Vans🙄 So u people can have enough to hide in your Ikoyi houses... Kwantinu ooo All the ones ge has is not enough abi 😭😭😭😭 ki eniyan ma like ko ma jale bayi This man will surely be a disaster if he is made president

Baba don smoke Colorado as usual This man is a joker. Will the naira notes kill the virus? Peepoo are dying and he is looking for money. You want bribe God? Be careful For corona kini o🤷 You should try and get the message before criticism comes I'm sure he simply means they should print new notes and evacuate this old ones cos it has been reported that the virus can be spread by money

even a first year economics student knows this will only hurt the economy What's happening to these people? and then there will be super inflation 😐 Tinubu tell them to donate their cars for covid-19 fight instead of Printing more money so u guys can loot. I thought Tinubu have creative and innovative developmental plan for Nigeria. I thought he will suggest dry season farming, massive irrigation farming across riverline areas. Oil price is fast nose-diving, Let what we produce be enough for us, we can't eat currency or paper.

The squanderer So that he can divert it to his house Omo na bullion van den take Carry am come See this mad man Is it about money or food? yinkanubi, your view sir? ehigymetor Idiot man the once you printed what will they use it for senseless man Just like that? Is there no guide line to print a currency? I don't blame him because he's not an economist.

So you can coro our new note abi welldone sir 🙏 So that he can multiply his bullion vans. Jacuzzi The Yoruba economist AsiwajuTinubu have you finished the money in that bullion vans or is it meant 2023? If they should print more naira where will it go daddy wa? Baba wan cash out Quantitative easing? Can our CBN manage that? That’s going to create far more negative effect if they don’t manage properly. I don’t trust this government oh 😂

Idi amin comes to mind. Mr bullion van has spoken Inflation, economic instability & a further rise in poverty level. No! Dnt print one single note anymore... What happened to the one in his Bullion van at bourdillon ? Oh! It’s meant for only election 🗳. Mr. Presidential Aspirant 🚶🏾‍♂️ Veiled call for devaluation

This man doesn't know anything about Economics. I haven't read the news but if this is true, it wrong coming from him. Printing more notes will lead to a massive inflation and big devaluation of the naira currency. He too like money ...is that the solution to Corona virus ... If FG 👂🏿 listen to this assholes'

I don’t understand what’s wrong with this suggestion. IMO, it should’ve been done long before now. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Lolz , to do what with it? This man lips too black, like say you da hide go fela shrine everyday Is printing more naira notes the solution to Nigeria's most pressing problem? So Tinubu no really get brain laidat....abi Buharism is also contagious😠

For spraying in owambe parties. FG quick print pls. He needs it badly. I'm sure he knows what they call 'inflation' Jacuzzi. Print oo 😂😂 IamLekanBalo Bullion van is ready! 🙌🏾 Stupid man. Oleeeee. Na naira notes be your problem? Since when is naira note the cure of a pandemic that's affecting the entire world? Only in niaja🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️😢😢

I think he's kinda right because people are hoarding money at home because of the fear of uncertainty... If it gets outta hand, you'll have money in your account but can't withdraw anywhere because all ATM are empty. A supposedly presidential aspirant. Lol 😂😂😂 Osheyyyy!! Awon Eyan BULLION VAN!!!! This man is on drug, O se fa gbana tan ni that's why he Bola Ahmed Tinubu is taking like this: tell him to bring out all the money he stole in Lagos State

He needs more money to buy people votes for 2023 presidential seat. Ko le work Update?! Jacuzzi tells sinzu Looks like your Bullion Vans have been running empty or the banks don't have enough cash to move to you. So you want to turn Nigeria into Uganda. Is this how you will be President? See him eyes 👀 For those who don't understand, Let's say before printing money 1 fish = 1 When they print more money, it means we have more money than fish,so 1 fish = 20 It means the purchasing power of naira has sunken aka the citizens have become poorer. Make of that what you will.

Baba ..won loud am for bullion van go burdillion So that you will have more to loot?! Tinubu wants us to print more notes. I guess that's as far as he knows about wealth generation. He can release bullion van as usual too... This is the man having his eye on Aso Rock top seat come 2023. Nigeria is doomed as another Idi Amin is in the making

Why not share your bullion van cash this time? Tinubu is clearly shown the kind of person he is, there's no way we will cook or do ebolo that won't smell rubbish. This connotes how he got all his wealth So u guys can pack again Kolework baba More followers jahree 🙏🙏 Maliyamungu print more money I support you for the first time

Is this not man that want to be president 2023? Error. Its good now that we know that he has nothing in brain in terms of economy management. So that there would be more money for him to steal Bullion Van More money to your house sire Na you go still taya leave am die So he can park more bullion vans in his house as vault

Dafuq is he saying? Our dumb leaders. Does he even know the economic implication of printing 'more naira' Just imagine this man becoming president, he wouldn't know that printing more money doesn't increase economic output but rather drags the economy into hyperinflation. Baba just want more money in circulation to pack using his Bullion Vans

SMH this would be economic suicide So you can use bullion van and to carry abi Incoming President bah?🤣 When economic activities has slow down ? 😳 Lolz... Print dollars too 😂😂😂 Very funny country 😂😂😂😂😂 The real Spending is here... Baba, let have a feel of the huge on ground That he can store in the bourdil...... 😂😂😂

😂 😂 😂 NOTE So they OfficialAPCNg can steal more right? To enable you steal more abi?😡 Have you finished spending all the notes brought to your house during elections? He should bring the one in his bedroom What a load of crap!! The ones u bury underground nko Thiefnubu have spoken. Take heed Wow! Economics 101. Did Tinubu really say this? A man aspiring to lead a nation in 2023? This is why it's not good to lower the bar. Thank you Buhari for making any fool think he can be president.

The Bullion baba, i feel u😀😀 Man has exhausted the last batch those bullion vans dropped during election He should share the notes with him first Lagos looter needs more Naira notes for looting. Shine bayani! Kawai a raba mana! 😀😁😂 So that wat cn happen... Last time i check printing naira notes also cost money...abi na so ur own presidency go be, jus dey print naira note anyhow.. No wonder bullion van carry money enter ya compound

Pinky are you pondering what am pondering? I think so brain. You see? Our president has spoken. Oya central bank roll out the money All the money in circulation is not doing enough harm oh.. Let's print more.. My little one time economics know this is not the way.. William_Ukpe So that you can share it amongst you all, una no go die with this money o, wicked people.

Sir, what is your own contributions towards this COVID-19? So this is how you want to be president?. Some of your fellow looters are making donations and you are advising that more naira notes should be printed?, Well agbero will never change no matter what. Ok. Please Buy Bitcoin we are on a Zimbabwe trajectory.

The only language he knows and hear is money. 😂 😂 This one don't know more than money....so that they will use bullion van to drive it to you house? S Tinubu, wishing us speedy inflation. FinPlanKaluAja1 Please what is the economic implications of this in lay mans language I used to think about this as a teenager. Why do they say there is inflation, recession and the likes when the country has its own mint and can produce as much money as we like😂😂 I'm not a financial analyst, stock broker or economist, so maybe I won't understand it.

So the bullion van can now go to ya house Very important Bullion Van. This guy fit buy him certificate if he has any! Funny. Next president in waiting.. Please can someone tell this man that printing more money without a corresponding goods and services doesn't make a county rich. Some have brain but cannot think, Some can think but brain is corrupt. Oshisco 2023 tinubu

Jagaban, you are welcome from a long sleep Print more naira notes for Bourdillon So he can steal some more Bullion van oga That will lead to hyper inflation and economic collapse Sir LANRE_V Lmao. So that you can steal more ba? So that he can steal. Enough to carry with bullion van around Bodylon All of a sudden those that sold the scam general to us now have a say...hmmm all of you guys have failed Nigerians period

Bullion van Lord on this... E sha fe baa economy yi je patapata Pls that's not the solution. CBN should not even dare it Can you hear ur next President,this old people have nothing to offer this country This hustle is mad Anthony_damola iam_kunmi Your next president wants to rule us with primary school economics? Print more money like say na jamb form

Release the ones you kept in your house After all the donations, lol Irunmole,See face If I talk Twitter will block me Printing more currency kills Naria values. A way for better economic is not by printing peeper money. Very funny The most corrupt politicians has spoken again o Where are you hiding Pale? 😅😅😅🤣🤣🤣 Genus 🤣🤣🤣

The Bullion van Master has spoken He is looking for more to steal ? Hmmmm stupid advice Vulture Thief. What is the connection between Corona Virus and naira notes. It can even been spread more through those notes. This is his only solution to everything. One medicine doctor Print more naira I get BULLION van

😥😥😥 Virus vs uS This naija na cruise Aswear Bring from the ones you kept. Maybe people are just as dumb as they look😪 What will be the economic implication of his advice? Just print money for you like that. If i catch you. What a dumb and uninformed statement from someone aspiring to be president! This is why Nigeria has continued to move in circle rather than forward because uninformed people dominated her leadership.

At a time dis man na mumu, pple dey donate money, him dey say make dem print more notes Bullion van is ready to move the new notes. Smh Will more naira notes do wonders Are these people not thinking? This virus can also be gotten from currency note that have been infected by those infected already. He should be encouraging Nigerian to use electronic payments to reduce the spread of the virus. Because I am afraid of the notes in circulation now.

I can’t believe the things I’m reading! And allow inflation Make people way poorer Open ur bullion van vault So that ur bullion van ll whisk them away So that he can steal ba? And this Man want to be Nigeria president. Okay Print so that we can all be billionaires buying broiler chickens for millions of naira... I've always wanted to spend money for no reason like DJ Khaleed

His ingenious solution to the pandemic huh? 😑🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ For you to use bullion Van and pack it okwa ya? Just imagine the rubbish _lifeofzain Baba be like 'guy, allow me tiff abeg' Oga Bullion van wants to fill up his reserve Thief So that they will embezzle,,, 😲😲😲 But we need more bullion Van's Please bring the one you kept in your house out. It is time to show your patriotism

So that you can loot.. daddy tinubu. Issorite. Kontinue What? Tinube is never an intelligent man, only the gullible and those feeding from scrumb that fell from his table see him otherwise. As his face and teeth are ugly so thesame with his soul Spirit of Abacha the legendary looter 😂😂😂😂😂 PLAIN TRUTH I advise the Emefiele-led cenbank never to listen to this VOODOO ECONOMIST & BULLION VAN EMPEROR AsiwajuTinubu. Printing more bank notes will shoot up Nigeria's Inflation Rate, already in double digits of 12.20%. Tinubu is yet to finish the money in his B/VANS👇

So that you can embezzle more....... Thief U want to siphon more money to use ring election ba...... Covid19 still watching ooo I guess this really compulsory This one and money. So that too much Nigeria naira could chase the fewer goods and services available, should that be our expectation in 2023. Issokay ooo

Bullion vans waiting for disbursements 😂😂😂 Money spreads the virus too we should be using less notes Trying to understand his point with minting.... We are waiting for his donation and he need need money. Baba bring the old one like that. Jeun spoke Kotun Jeun sapo Print more naira notes Ogbeni bullion van nii? Corona virus is running riot and baba wants more naira notes! Motor don jam egungun

Punch fake news.... so he can take them to his house, i strongly recommend the naira notes should have expiring date, just like the dollar notes Spending 🙌 So you can pack them with your bullion van sounds like Idi Amin Dada... UgoFynface I am a science student,but I thought they said when you have too much money in the system it cause inflation. How does printing more money help.

What is this? Print more naira notes as per na books Giving their money away to a cause that helps the masses is like horror Why can’t Tinubu just print the money since the CBN relocates to his house last year? He has bullion van, they should send him printing machine. ...and provide more bullion vans abi? Odeh!

Can somebody tell him what inflation is all about..... Our leaders don't have sense Who do we offend in this country ? Journalist: Mr T, were you drop on your head as a child? Tinubu: Can you interpret that in money? How many bullion van is that? Journalist: Well..Trump just printed 2 trillion dollars LMAO 😂🤣🤣

Am waiting for u to say vote for me in 2023 will not call u names but u just dey ur dey make we dey our dey Print the notes to share or print more notes for you Its very preposterous to hear AsiwajuTinubu advicing MBuhari to print cash. Where is the bullion van that was moving in and out of your Bourdillion Cage? You once bragged to be richer than your State of Origin, Osun, & under this Crisis, this is all you can afford, Odikwa Egwu

Why details later? Have you got the speech/article or not? Jagaban nla print more note for more loot.. you deserve some accolades Back in primary school when we were first taught that the CBN is responsible for printing currency notes for the govt, my young curious mind wondered why the govt couldn't just order the CBN to print lots of notes for everybody in the country so that we could all be rich...

If they print more notes, will it reach us? Jagaban 2023 ? Inflation Inflation Inflation Inflation Inflation You dont print more naira notes to stop a shortfall. This will cause hyper inflation Like seriously? The only thing that rings to him Oseun baba Dada... Make una print money .. THE ORACLE HAS SPOKEN..

Release the one in ur account first He is sick Most of the comments I see are not from those who clicked and read. We can all present a way out of this so let’s stop being too mean to those bringing ideas Tinubu and money 💰 na 5&6 Only knows his to steal. Only America can print more notes and not go into inflation but am still not understanding that economic

Bullion van incominnnnng.. Bullion Van ole You're plans is to loot all our money finish.ok wait for God is coming for you.. acresofsaphire Is this not an invitation to inflation? The so-called minimum wage will be wiped out and Nigerians will be poorer.Bolekaja economics. 😁😁😁😁 print more naira to be stolen abi? This is coming from a man that wants to become president

We all have our mind set on this man.altrue I might not be one of his fans.bit this moment needed solutions n part of that is more money cause ppl needs to buy and exchanged I term which only money can do..so many country's are doing just that now He his talking about economy when world leaders are thinking of how to solve the pandemic situation..

You no fit donate , but u dey advice to print more note . Dem get printing policy Is there anyone more qualified to talk about finance than a treasurer of a multinational organization.? Instead of depleting the dollar reserve, Mint more Naira & do Naira swap with China to get needed medical materials as community transfer of Covid-19 is about to begin.

Why all of you are against jagaban Let them print now because when all of them die. New generation will see something to use the money for. My take !!! Yes and bring it to your house just like they did during the presidential election Another Uganda under Idi Amin, this is so pathetic No pls. That would further devalue our naira and increase inflation. This man is crazy oo

Indirect devaluation Criminal So that you can steal more. Ole ... says a man who has his valuables in $ and real estate Oloshi... Release more bullion Vans for d masses NT for only vote buying Waillers Fc don't just always respond to headlines,read!read!!read!!! the content 😀😀 To load another bullion van BuhariResign

They restrict movements but refuse to supply necessary stuffs. Why would we obey? So unfair! Ole oshi So that you can take in enough bullion vans into your house agai abi The Oracle has spoken Omo aye The kind of leaders Nigeria have in this 21st century😭😭😭 BuhariResign The ones with you are u taking it to heaven

To enable u stack up more Naira notes before next general election campaigns start. Baba bullion van we dey greet oo Oshey printing machine I smile inflation You say? Thanks for your suggestion. Let the Economists handle the analysis before implementation. Bullion vans is about to load more money Ole See him head..

Bullion Van!!!!! So that you’ll have enough to load on bullion van So he could pack it This people are just fortunate to be rich, they have nothing upstairs Is this the man Omo Agege just said has a lot to offer Nigerians? How do we want to collect the new naira note when we are in self isolation at home FightCOVID19

Its seems the one he saved for 2023 is not enough. You want to loot more ? Bullion van 🤣😂🤣😂🤣 Asuenimhenchri1 My guy no wan touch him bullion van, he wants to gather fresh money from CBN and donate to fight COVID-19 The only things these guys dream of are Money and Power Ole buruku DoubleEph 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 Bullion Van People

Could that be the solution Thief d question now here is how will the CBN mop up d over saturation when d crisis is over without necessary foul play? Senseless old man , you one cause inflation join this one when dey ground abi ? I pity Nigeria 2023 if this ancestor should end up being her president... EnemohA To Take To Bourdillon abi

Nedunaija 😂 😂 😂 😂 We don hear for this old men hand Of course now for bullion vans to carry. Jacuzziiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Nawa oo .. So this is the least advice that comes into his mind.. Why not make donations like others are doing. I don't know why were so unfortunate to have these kind of leaders Ignorant asf!!

He should bring out that bullion van that entered his house This is also a fools statement I have never heard where it was mentioned that this guy here donated anything All he knows is how to collect Tinubu has not taken a macroeconomics class I see. Money heist man you want to turn the country into a zombie nation that's is how you want to become a president in 2023 well done

Noisemakers. Thiefnubu with zero knowledge... Olosho This one is a thief. All he knows is about money. How much has he even donated to Nigeria to help since the the beginning of the CoronaVirusInNigeria. Ole! Na waiting dem Dey do print and print That’s Criminal Law See him mouth like more money. Ole! Like Buhari, like Tinubu

His bullion van is empty i think. Baba wants to cash out You rolled out ur bullion vans during elections now that push has come to shove, your money is now your own, our problem is our problem. Meanwhile, na our stolen money o. Is this a joke? This is all this addicted rogue can think if more naira notes, u helped to put us in this mess Allah help you

The worst thing that will happen in Nigeria is inflation. The indirect effect of Coronavirus will be extreme poverty,don't combine it with domestic inflation, this will be the end to any hope of better economic recovery. Money no de do this one. Jagaban bobu said its correct Actually,this is right. There is need for the Government intervention with liquidity to help the masses to stay at home. Print more money!!

Don’t think this man will be so daft to make this statement, if he did think it’s time to see if he can be a good leader or a terrible one Ahhhhhhhh 🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️ dats a real thief talking ...tshebi A4 paper is not costly... CBN should just be printing it... Tinubu! Tinubu! Tinubu! How many times have I called you? Corona virus is not your problem. Your problem is Naira notes.

So that there will be more to be stolen Tinubu, poor student of Economics. He should stop thinking like a first year undergrad Economics student wondering why can’t the government print more money and make everyone rich. The bullion van Oracle has spoken. Does he know that they dont just print ,money'notes with no parameters?

So you can thief and stock you house Who cursed us in this country to deserve these kind of leaders Bullion van So more bullion vans can cruise to Bourdillon street. Incoming president..😂😂 Practice cashless policy is a better thing to think nd do He will be a terrible President if allowed. God forbids...

Is this a true statement? Na so! Jacuzzi on the beat. Sinzu and Spending will love this idea. He is talking in the nonsense So that inflation will kill us abi, see what printing notes did to ZIMBABWE. Now they have up 100,000,000 in note. This is the one that wants to replace Buhari? We will go from worst to disaster

So you can put your billion van at work ...so you can move from moving 2 to 10 bullion vans.. So u will use Van to carry them... Anu Buhari,where you dey? More inflation He calls for devaluation..... are there no better options? So that bullion vans will pack them ba Won't thag lead to hyperinflation? We are currently trying to catch up with inflation and lower interest rate, now Tinubu wants us to print more notes. Is this how he would rule if he gets the shot at presidency?

APC will find a way to blame PDP when this causes inflation. Alaye wan turn bullion van driver. children of hate Actually at this moment.. Printing Naira Note will not cause inflation, we already at the read line, its a perfect idea For what? MBuhari Looting Al the way Print more naira notes;the bullion van is waiting, Tinubu tells FG.

This man no get sense oh For who 🤷‍♀️ Will printing more naira notes solve the problems? Nigerians leader think about just three things: power, money and sex. And you people said this man was a former accountant AsiwajuTinubu good Advice from the great socialist I acknowledged your brilliant on economic

Jacuzzi... And tinubu want to rule this country... He can help us print too, we already have a CBN brand in his house The amount of people that thunder will give head shot plenty how can human being be talking about printing of naira notes now mbok tell me, fire dey catch house and d owner dress up to go club shey dat one na sense at all because I no understand this kind talk mbok oooo

So you can stock full your bullion van ajibòlè This man ehhhn. God pls save us oo🤦🤦👊 Once a thief is always a thief Ok See this idiot You don't Just print naira notes anyhow. If it's like that why do we have CBN! To steal don dey hungry this one. How about the naira notes in the Bullion Vans? Mun-tu-la! And he wants to be the president of Nigeria.

Dumbass leaders. Look at d sort of pple that decide the affairs of this country. I blame his supporters. Our mate are busy donating part of there wealth, our own b say make dem print more money..... Watin b ur problem self. 🙄🙄🙄advisor... So he can tiff abi He won't hear laye laye, when you are not kyari

And bankrupt Nigeria They should print more naira notes so Una go fit put some for pocket abi now all the osusu contribution money wey people contribute give dem since yesterday have you people use it to get medical stuff to fight this virus?🤔 you're here talking about printing notes chai thunder dauchessdgurl coman see your crush. 😅😅

acresofsaphire Is this not an invitation to inflation? The so-called minimum wage will be wiped out and Nigerians will be poorer Hmmmmm. Jagaban.. Hmmmmm. I don't even know what to say.. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Now I remember.. What will be the economic impact/implications of this

That's all he knows Am sure he didn't say this... Because that will be so bad of him Stupidity Coro brain..... Bullion... Bullion! That's all you know. Give back to the society, now is the right time. You want to cause inflation, you want Nigeria to turn to Zimbabwe? u want loot? Hmmmm..... So that will be siphoned?

I'm so sorry for Nigerians if this is their next hope. The U.S is a global economic behemoth and can print its money or e-generate and can back it with production capacity in all fields of human endeavors and Enterprise finally their money is a global commodity.uselessnaira Mad ooo... thief everywhere 👀 👁

Bullion van things Cash can't solve this situation, do we food reserve? Your own finished. .? Thief! Print and do what with it? Oga tell them nah I need money seriously And I can't do money ritual So you steal more I wonder o. Tell them Ah! 🙄🙄🙄🙄 no comment Yes o🙃

Zero incidents of COVID-19 transmission from print surfaces – Daily TrustTo debunk a myth that continues to circulate, INMA looked at the scientific research behind surface-based transmission of the coronavirus – notably newsprint and paper products. The evidence is overwhelming: no transmissions, porous surfaces are safe, and newsprint is safest because of the sterility of ink and paper processes. Beyond this, publishers are taking delivery …

Coronavirus: Announce tax reduction, suspend VAT now - Bola Tinubu tells Buhari - Daily Post NigeriaThe National Leader of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Bola Ahmed Tinubu , has shared what he described as a few preliminary thoughts on the economic They said no handshake oooo! Good one from FG Is like they have forgotten no hand shaken Abeg that Vat is very necessary

COVID-19: FG warns Nigerians coronavirus cases might explode in coming days - Daily Post NigeriaThe Federal Government has warned that Nigeria faces 'an explosion' in coronavirus cases. Minister for Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, stated this You nuisance waited for so long before you shut the boarder bcos the taxes and the landing fees money sweet una. You lot are irresponsible people Nah the family of all you politician wey make up federal government the coronavirus go explode....shey le stupid ni The truth is about to come out,hence the warning. We will all hear God , willingly or by circumstance.

FG searches for 4,370 contacts as coronavirus cases hit 65My God...incompetency at its peak God help us we should all be careful Looking more like an event hall.. This is a test center

StackPathpls ooo this is my acct number 0240659087 GTB Gbenga Michael safe a soul brother God bless you.. U no Sabi read abi? U no dey see Westin dem write before u send Ur empty account number here.....

[BREAKING] Coronavirus: FG converts NYSC camps, stadia to isolation centresDamn, I just remembered the plural of stadium This is getting serious... Please come to our rescue LORD Very unprepared bunch!