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Coronavirus, Covid-19

Coronavirus: Keystone Bank donates N1bn to the fight against COVID-19 - Daily Post Nigeria

Coronavirus: Keystone Bank donates N1bn to the fight against COVID-19

3/29/2020 1:02:00 AM

Coronavirus : Keystone Bank donates N1bn to the fight against COVID-19

As part of a robust effort to combat the deadly coronavirus outbreak in Nigeria, the management of Keystone Bank today announced the donation of N1

The pledge was made during the Bankers’ Committee meeting held recently to support the Central Bank of Nigeria in its bid to raise funds for the fight against coronavirus pandemic through the newly-formed Nigerian Private Sector Coalition Committee against COVID-19.

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In a press statement, the Acting Managing Director, Mr. Olaniran Olayinka explained that the decision to make the pledge is part of the bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility pillar to provide an enabling environment by improving the well-being and health of the communities wherein we operate.

“What we have is a situation that calls for an inclusive support for humanity. A timethat all hands must be on deck to support the assiduous effort the government ismaking to manage the situation. The decision to support the government’s effort is consistent with our unshakable resolve to promote health initiatives which is a very key pillar in our corporate social responsibility plans. It is also crucial in our role as a signatory to the principles of responsible banking by the United Nations Environment Finance Initiative working to achieve a sustainable future”.

“At Keystone Bank, we remain firmly committed to our promise of supporting Nigerians thrive and this means for us showing up when it matters most. For us, this is one of such moments”.Mr. Olayinka expressed optimism that the current pandemic will soon be a thing of the past. “I am very confident that the current prevailing health challenge will soon be an episode in the footnote of our history; We have the capable human resources, the will of the part of the government and the support of every Nigerian to end the pandemic at the earliest possible time.”

Commenting further, Mr. Olayinka noted that the donation is one of other support initiatives put in place by the bank to support the fight against the pandemic. Read more: Daily Post Nigeria »

No dey do pass ur self I don't no the reason way bank not donate for Nigerians way need money COVIDE- 19 again, what is the work of federal government Keystone bank dey always empty na come 😂 Federal Government Must account for all this funds please .as the government is a untrusted System when it comes to finance 🤔

Could this be a typing error or what? 1Billion ooo🙄 It’s funny how suddenly there are audio donations all over the place. Nigerian artists have probably made more direct impact on lives during this pandemic times. JackMa donated ventilators, masks and others needed things and flew them to intended destination countries. Nigerian.

abeg who una dey give this money hunger want kill person oooo Me too donate 50billion naira , mhtwwww audio money every where To whom? Please give me money yo use and buy food for my children. Audio donation leleyi I can swear.....lmfaooo You guys should stop donating to thieves.the poor masses ain’t seeing anything...

So keystone bank get money Me Looking for Job in Keystone Bank... All dis donation na lie why can’t you transfer at least 20k to your costumer each change will still remain you banks and all our so called philanthropist to shut there mouth. A million thanks to the MD and CEO of keystone Bank for this gesture but, if I may ask, what's the structure for sharing it to the less privilege?

Keystone that is struggling Who are they donating the money to? Una lock us for house without food and dey donate money for federal government wey go chop d money later.. wey no go ise am for anything ... total waste of money ... keystonebankng Individuals who hold an account with the bank will end up paying for this one way or the other.

I didn't understand all the money donated to fight coronavirus. Instead of them to give ordinary Nigerians the money. SNAKES will soon swallow the money. Lagos shares 5kg of Rice, 5kg of gari and 3kg of beans for families of 5 and stay at home for 2weeks HABA ku ji tsoro Allah. Who dey hold d money? Who dey manage d bank account? Wetin be d account number?

All the millions and billions they are donating ..where the money dey go Please where are all the money going to? You’re mocking keystone bank . don’t know that keystone bank is one of the low key rich banks in the banking industry? MyFCMB see your mate 😕 I hope de didn't touch my 1,500 wey de my account

All this money being donated to fight Covid-19 to me is not d best. Why are dis people not giving Nigerian ds money 4rm time to time to better d lots of our live daily? This kind of donations shd be always 4 businesses & families to survive not only wen dia is pandemic like dis Someone is writing letter to bankruptcy Egungun be careful

Make I sha no find my money after this lockdown........ You wn follow big boys abi Please how does this get to streets Keystone? No do pass urself 😂😂😂keystone get money All these billion billion that they're donating, I hope these banks won't take front bank charges *laughing in Chinese * A sick seized bank that a member of the cabal is rumoured to have recently converted to his own can suddenly afford to donate N1bn? Something isn't. right!

Very soon we go hear say first bank don buy am DrLukmanA Audio money Are you sure this ain't audio donations o. Cause imagine Keystone or what do I know So this bank that i thought they don’t even have 100 million can donate billion 🧐 Tell them to carry the 1 billion and use it to work on their network. No be so so luck person go dey rely on if e wan transfer or use ATM😒😒

Even jagaban no pull this kind stunt.... I sorry for una customers. May God honor Keystone Bank owner and there staffs from the top to bottom... Una get the money? If Keystone Bank donates 1bn, FirstBankngr MTNNG AirtelNigeria GuinnessNGRPlc we awaits your donation. No go do pass your self o😂😂😂 Keystone bank did not donate 1bn. I just confirmed that now

👏 👏 👏 How many customers do they have? For your mind na, they don hear my your name, na scam, Na audio money 😠😑 Still fit b business strategy too reason am o Where are all this donations going sef Yoo cash app me some funds $SeannyG2020 Egun gun be careful na express you dey go Access keystone very soon

Audio money I guess? Where is d money coming from bcos they dont have customers Yeeeeee. Keystone follow get 1bilion to donate. Kai.. Inside life Wait who is collecting all these donations and why ain't we seeing anything I just hope it’s not from my money you people are donating money updateboyz_ come help me investigate this matter

😁 Keystone? How? 1bn okay oh😒😒😒 zenith bank will acquire keystone bank in two months time 😂 My money join this thing Audio donations everywhere Egungun be careful na express you Dey go... Where are these donations? Can y'all just get our BVN and donate to our accts directly Pepperi pepperi Pepe. No go dey do pass yourself.

I follow everyone who likes my tweet...pls follow back U mean 1m or 100m They will be sharing money .. they can’t give someone good dividends ooo . Mtcheww Who are they donating all these money to?🤔 The victims? I am so proud of my bank🤸🏾‍♂️ If keystone bank says they have 1b naira to donate, what's your own please? I believe they're wise enough to have weighed the effect of their act.

mustysambo_ Midikko1 😏 That's my bank keystonebankng olowublog Hmmm seriously I wish you people can just stop all these stunt... why not use runtown style Who start this N1bn thing? Is it the benchmark for bank donations 🤔🤔 Keystone will broke Lol this bank will feel it.. beeza32 Hope they will not debit somebody later ooh .

Please, what's their logo, can't remember the bank I'm being truthful This their donations don turn to competition Real money fake Government When some hospitals and health facilities do not have adequate PPE'S in a crises time like this. Are these donations not going back to the, same circle of people who have sucked us dry for so long?

Instead of giving ur customers money una dey dash unserious pple, sior We don't pray for crash down but don't over do yourself just for you to get applause. Keystone 😂😂😂🤡 Story haytunz see banks making donations o. One even donated 5B. Remember? In ds uncertain times, won't they start retrenching workers as they were doing in December/January? Ola_yemmie

Audio money Aright🙏 I hope say no be customer money you dey donate Am sorry to ask ooooo where dem c dat kinda moni Shut up sir you no get money Political donation 🙄 No go do pass yourself oo keystone Loooooool Na lie ! So Keystone get money God bless nigerians Hmmm.. let me not say what is in my mind🙏 Na Dem Dem

N1bn? ... Abi is its not the same N1bn that I know.. Keystone N1bn Cheering news Please can someone do the calculation and tell me how much Nigerian government have received in respect to this Convid-19. Time to do counter balance. How much is their PAT again? GT and Zenith with 200bn bottomline doing 1bn donation doesn't mean you must join o. I hope this donation was thought out well

My bank has done their part. wetinyourowndo Hope my last 1k is safe shaaa? Keyyyyystone Na audio in rudeboypsquare ‘s voice Audio donation Access Bank in 2months time keystonebankng please enlighten Nigerians on what the N1b this bank donated against the fight of COVID-19. Thank you Politicians hiding behind banks now that the only option is to build. Expect more

He should have distributed it to all key Stone account because i get account there. Na so dem go dey show demselves mtchewww Donate to who. dominiic32 Where keystone see 1billion 🤔 Most bank CEOs and managers are bald. Trying to figure out the reason. Thank you keystone bank, God bless you people Who did they donate it to? To politicians who don't care about the masses?

If Una share the money to Una customers or to the poor, would have been better than this fake news. And still how many respirators do we have in Nigeria... 🙄🙄? It's hiether audio money or putting water in a basket. Who is responsible in ensuring all these donations are not Audio donations? I would have preferred they built an isolation center with that money no matter how small and hand it over for public use than all this donations to Nigerian government.

Let me go and withdraw my 12k abeg. I keep hearing Billions and Millions... Who's in charge of all these donations again? Egungun be careful..... 🚗 Why are they using the MD's picture in such news, na im get the bank abi na only am more the decision? Ehn?! Lemme goan withdraw my remaining change o. I no dey for story abeg🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

1b whaaaat ? Keystone? Yeeeepa, my money eeh. Their female marketers don enter one chance. I dey those ladies Why not buy testing kits and share out. The Gov. might not utilize the funds effectively. Keystone what? Keystone bank is a star. I even expected more than that actually. Hyper CSR.... Will be nice if this banks keystonebankng share this money among their customers to enable them stay at home and fight this covid of a thing if each banks do this it would go a long way . We just they billions during this hard time where d money they go self 🤷🏽‍♂️

Keystone, my advice for u people is to cut your coat according to your size. Just because UBA, GTB and other tier 1 banks donated N1n, una self donate N1b. Anyway, na una marketers go go look for replacement. If we hear any downsizing from your side, We will make una trend. Audio donations 🙄 No go dey do pass yourself

I think this people are just calling figures for us like we are fools. Yes they are all donating, but not 1billion. People no get joy o 😂😂😂.. but let’s be sincere, 1 billi for this economy from keystone? E be tins Audio money 😂 Make I find way withdraw the last 500 naira there 😂 My own question is, whose account are all these funds going into?

Ah no sha wan find my 2k o Why don’t you share the money to the citizens and make them stay home to control the virus ..... r The keystone wet dem wan sell? Thanks but this bunch could have donated a little every year to give us all good health facilities. Greed was the game until now that we are equal in the eyes of a virus

Why are they all donating money we won’t know where it will go? Can they donate what’s needed instead of money! Ahhh depositors money are in danger 😂😂 bank wey no dey top 10 dey do pass hin sef🚶🏻‍♂️🚶🏻‍♂️ Another audio donation In what form? Loans at 29% rate other than the usual 30%? All the money is still going back to government not covid19

dear MyFCMB, when making donations, please don't use out of my money.. thanks 👍 What’s this 😳 Where are all this people donating the money to?😱 nah figures we dey hear, we no dey see proofs o🌚 From which money ? This is totally irresponsible except they are pulling a PR stunt Omoyemi_OO 😆 The comments

For a bank whose annual profit is not up to 4× that amount. The bank must be generous Audio donation Ah why? Wow The money flying in d air is more than d one walking by foot. 🙄 codedcodes una deh try o Audio donation Why not share the money to their customers don't have anything. Everybody given the federal govt money as if we want to build a new country.

amazing_vickie the comments 😂😂😂 Guy is this not uncle Niran😭Er1Olay1nka I hope they know what they have just done? mckenzy4u you sure say your money safe? The donation is ok, they should start donating to provide for ppl at home too. Hunger virus can tend to be more dangerous I prefer if they should materialized this kind gestures. Na 9ja we de o

For me, only gtbank has donated something for this problem, others are audio donations. Lmao Keystone doing giveaway of 1billion.... Audio money🤣🤣🤣🤣 Fiddsss Jokes right? How many people use keystone please Why donating money to Nigerian government. They are not good money managers. 1B can build a standard hospital in one of the states of the federation. Build and donate to the community and call them to come and commission it.

Egungun be careful na express you dey go AbKrWaN 🙌🏾🙌🏾💪🏾💪🏾 Keystone wey dey give me steady headaches on their mobile app. Sigh Keystone Bawo Banks giving back N50 stamp duty Peperipe peperipepe!!! Oga calm down, no do anyhow ooo Always donating from here and their just because of Corona outbreak, please u people should also do so when this mess is over

Keystone get 1B? OK. Make e no affect customers. Where they wan see the money? Make una check whether em mouth dey smell alcohol when e talk am o 😂😂😂😂 How much will remain in your CBN reserve after this donation. No go dey drag competition with person wey pass you oo. A billion? Hope this isn't audio money

Keystone!!! AMCON you people can see now o! It is when liquidation happens you’ll be doing savior. AudioDonation Motherfuckers, I'm banking with you guys and I can't get a corona bonus even 2k and u ganna donate what?! Who are they donating the money to ? Keystone? Are you sure about this? keystonebankng where did they get it from? GTB, UBA, Access , Zenith we know. But this? Except the CEO can verify this?!

Lol Donates to who please? They have 1 billion in keystone bank? Wow. Hope say no be our money All these money they are donating i hope those who will make use of the money will be held accountable seriously to make sure every penny donated goes to were it ought to. Cos this is naija some powers at be are already smiling. Corona awoof! If u know what i mean.

Audio money. Keystone bank get 1 billion to donate? Ha!!! Okay oo. audio money Which of the keystones Hope my 10k is still intact! Lol how many branches do they have😂 I want to donate N1,000 to help fight against COVID_19 Lol, this is noted They should sha not come and be laying off people after 3 months or slashing salaries.

Hope your capital base is sufficient enough Incase Amcon comes knocking. They won’t hear story o Lmaooo this bank dey launder money, and I don’t want to hear pim. Good job Please who is the one in charge of this hole cash 😏 Keystone what, Abeg jor they should stop all this lies.......and where did they send the cash to

Stop donating to government ffs 😫 They'll swindle the money Dama keystone suna da kudi! Allah ya biya Who are they donating it to? Hope it's not to government officials Mek i kuku go withdraw my 10k This is a welcome ideal How much is keystone making ...that they are donating 1billion Egungun becareful I_am_niyi Biko keystone get 1 billion to donate?

Lol Donate to who? I_am_niyi Where r all dese monies going to? 🙄 Keystone Bank, Wow Are you sure you guys have enough money to sustain your bank ? How much is there profit after tax sef? God bless you sir LMAO!!!!!! Una get 1bn Voice alert Wickedness will kill all those who think they are doing us a favour by making these huge donations pple die daily of hunger, unavailable assess to good medical care yet u had all the resources to help. Just bcos this virus has no boundaries u are all afraid God have mercy on us

Tweetwizzard Keystone? No disrespect really but keystone Tweetwizzard seemeonjaymz I see u Where are they paying this donations to ? If someone ask me what is the definition of Corporate social responsibilitie, I show them this. Impressive! The stream of your wealth will never runs dry. Wow... This is encouraging

THANK YOU KEYSTONE BANK. Where are they donating all these money to? Who is receiving them? Which account are they paying all these Audio money .🤷🏿‍♂️ Audio money This useless donations who them they give the money? Let them use the money and physical thing as the like is gtbank we are tired hearing donate here n then

Never look down any body o. So this people get money Where is all these monies going to?FG should at least send some money to the citizens to buy food stuff at home we hungry Where all the money wey everyone of una Dey donate .. Billions don enter for dis covid Keystone Bank N1bn? Is this a responsible donation? Coming from a bank that is not too 10 in banking in Nigeria 🇳🇬? I hope depositors funds are not in danger. MTN we are waiting for yours!

They should stop donating money and start giving it to their customers After contributing remember to contribute to ur customers too. Monkey no go work make bamboo dy chop. We only hear about the news we don't know where all the money is going into See someone will just steal d money all to himself and tell us flood drove away d money....naija sha

Kut🤔, this people get this kind money? 🙄 Even KeyStone 🙄🙄🙄 God bless you Stop mentioning all this money, we are really not seeing the impact Great! Omo dis corona na real table shaker... Just dey consume billions like engine oil. Thank you guy. More blessing This bank surprise me ooo, this bank that didnt really have customer like GTB,FIRST BANK, ACCESS AND DIAMOND you people should come outside and see what your mate is doing.

dnot give d money to d government just do d necessary stuff...may God reward keystone abundantly..... The same bank sanusi acquired without giving us the taxpayers kobo. Thank you please this donations can the donors use the money to equip our govt hospital and not hand it over to FG please. Good gesture.

Who is monitoring all these resources coming from left right and center, let's not hear there is not enough resources to fight this epidemic, because, I believe we have gotten and is still getting what we require to fight this pandemic. Keep it up

Coronavirus: Polaris Bank donates 400 specialized beds, accessoriesThe beds, according to the bank, will be handed over to the Lagos State Government; being the state most hit by the pandemic, the Nigeria Centre for... Make dem donate money into our accounts. I e don gather dey no be today. Make I drop my Polaris account? 😏 The fed govnt deliberately refused to shut airports since bcos probably they still have relatives outside but bcos God is not wicked, the covid arrived safely but decide to lodge in villa first for the main time. I wish it sit there till end of it career. Thank you corona Proud of You my bank Polaris

Coronavirus: First Bank closes physical branchesFirst Bank of Nigeria on Friday announced the closure of its physical branches in the light of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the resultant lockdown in different states of the federation.

Islamic Development Bank earmarks $630m for members – Daily TrustIn order to support its member countries in this time of need, the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) Group has set-up a special ‘Strategic Preparedness and Response Facility’ worth $730 million to mitigate the negative health and socio-economic impact of the COVID -19 pandemic. The bank stated that the facility “will extend financing to both the … The real islamisation of Nigeria is here Hmmm

Coronavirus: NCC reveals measures to support fight against COVID-19 - Daily Post NigeriaThe Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), has put in place measures to support initiatives by other stakeholders in curbing the further spread of Hey, reduce tarrif Jooor. Which one is all this big grammar sef. Reduce data charges.

Coronavirus: Nnamdi Kanu announces donation of N50m to fight COVID-19 - Daily Post NigeriaNnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has made a N50m donation to fight Coronavirus across Southeast Nigeria. Kanu made the Audio money Till we hear the alert.. I still don't truth this dude even though my mom is from the East.. am seriously watching him! Please where is the money taken to.. Stop telling us this and that... We want to know who is handling the account for all this cash out

StackPathWatch out; one of the top politicians who have also served as a leader in Nigeria will die some times in April, 2020. Make God punish them. Is that why they created the virus to hunt the world