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Buhari, Coronavirus

Coronavirus in Nigeria: Why I will challenge Buhari's lockdown order - Inibehe Effiong - Daily Post Nigeria

Coronavirus in Nigeria: Why I will challenge Buhari’s lockdown order – Inibehe Effiong

3/30/2020 4:12:00 PM

Coronavirus in Nigeria: Why I will challenge Buhari ’s lockdown order – Inibehe Effiong

A legal practitioner, Inibehe Effiong , has vowed to challenge President Muhammadu Buhari 's lockdown order over coronavirus in Nigeria. The order was

The order was contained in Buhari’s national broadcast Sunday night.It affects Abuja, Lagos and Ogun States and it takes effect as from 11pm Monday night.In a statement on Monday, Effiong said no responsible, democratic and civilized country will throw its Constitution and laws into the dustbin in an effort to tackle the disease.

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He declared that freedom of movement is a fundamental right guaranteed by Section 41 of the Constitution of Nigeria.Noting that this right is not absolute, Effiong said Section 45 of the Constitution is clear to the effect that freedom of movement can only be taken away in the manner allowed by a law that is reasonably justifiable in a democratic society.

The rights activist noted: “If Buhari is convinced that extraordinary measures are needed to contain coronavirus, the proper action would have been for him to issue an instrument published in the official Gazette of the Government and make a proclamation of a state of emergency in Lagos, Ogun and Abuja.

“By Section 305 (6) (b) of the Constitution, such proclamation shall cease to have effect if it is not approved by a resolution of the National Assembly within two days when the National Assembly is in session or within ten days when the National Assembly is not in session.

“By Section 305 (2) of the Constitution, the details of such proclamation can include extraordinary measures like lockdown. Those who say that the rule of law is useless because of this pandemic are mistaken. There is no exception to the rule of law in a constitutional democracy.”

Effiong added that Buhari could have asked the Senate President and the Speaker of the House of Representatives to convene the National Assembly to approve a state of emergency.He further said the president could have simply issued regulations pursuant to the Quarantine Act. But he ”opted for his usual dictatorial ways of doing things.

“As a resident of Lagos State, I am directly affected by the illegal action of the President. I will seek redress in court either before or after the expiration of this unconstitutional lockdown since there is no limitation of time with respect to fundamental right actions.”

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Effiong advised Buhari to either retrace his unconstitutional steps immediately and follow the due process of law or face legal action.He pointed out that all “serious countries” declared emergency, passed or invoked laws to tackle COVID-19. “Is Nigeria a banana republic?”, he quipped.

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Cheap publicity stunt. ...seeking cheap popularity. Laughable. My brother go to court at your own peril. Coronavirus does not discriminate pocket lawyer who is looking for cheap recongnition. It is foolhardy for any sensible human being in Lagos to leave his house now. Oga, go ahead to challenge. You should challenge, execute and prosecute within yourself. Keep emailing your weeds!

This charge and bail laweyer should go and sleep. His just looking for attention. Mumu. Go and read your constitution very well and stop being a tool. And which court are u challenging it? The ones on lockdown ? Convid-19 Lawyer I hope you'll still have the strength to challenge him after recovering from battered mouth and smashed head for daring to violate simple instructions to stay at home

Am I the only one that looks at some law students in school and thinks they need some psychological assessment? Maybe that's why transcends to the real world He should do that b4 11pm so as not to be arrested 4 contravening FG directive. Clowns also wear wig All these busy body lawyers.... Stay home and be safe!

You wan make name abi? , to get famous, start helping the less privileged in your area, leave Sai baba alone Covid noscense Inibehe Effiong is seeking attention. Most of these lawyers, cannot use their resources to help the masses. Instead they’re quoting laws that’s made by man. By the time Coronavirus panel beat good number of them, they will practice their law in isolation. UselessLawyers

Baby lawyer seeking recognition at the wrong time. What a disaster! who be dis one Come out and see if army won't ask you to do frog jump I hope you won't be an enemy of progress get some sleep.... go help the needy who are wrongfully charged or convicted...not these online noise... Hmmmmmmmmmm Ode! Which Judge will attend to you? Even Judges are not exempted from the lockdown.

Nuisance. I have been one of the secret admirers of Barr. Effiong but why is he falling my hands this time. In a situation like COVID-19, emergency lockdown is needed. MBuhari did the needful even if not right. My own fear is, how shall the poor masses will survive? Don't worry,lets pray you have access to the court first, when you get there, apply to the court empty tables, empty chairs for your case....

See the head like lock down Nonentity Right to vote should not be by age. There should be a form of mental evaluation. Maybe like 5 credits in O level or something. We would've avoided this calamity called buhari by excluding those illiterate almajiris. BuhariResign This is what I have for you Oga go and seat down jor.. We are suppose to be safe first. Not challenging everything ... E be like say u single and your life no get meaning to you apart from challenging up and down.

Who is this ? Priorities gone wrong 🤦‍♂️

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