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Coronavirus: FG insists on Chinese doctors

4/6/2020 10:07:00 PM

Coronavirus: FG insists on Chinese doctors

The Federal Government has insisted on the coming of the 18 Chinese doctors to help contain the spread of the coronavirus pandemic in the country.

The Minister of Health, Dr. Osagie Ehanire, had on Friday in Abuja at the fifth joint national briefing of the PTF on COVID-19, said that 18 Chinese doctors are on their way to Nigeria with medical supplies including ventilators, to assist in overcoming the COVID-19 global pandemic.

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This has however drawn the ire of the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC) who rejected the Federal Government moves.ADVERTISEMENTHOW OVER 5000 NIGERIA MEN HAVE PERMANENTLY OVERCOME TERRIBLE BEDROOM PERFORMANCE DUE TO THIS RECENT DISCOVERY BY MEDICAL CONSULTANTS

But the SGF said the Chinese medical experts were not coming to take over the jobs of Nigerian medical personnel to treat patients since they were not accredited to practice in the country.“We should not allow unnecessary controversy to distract us. The Chinese medical experts are only coming to share experiences. They are not accredited and cannot practice, but only coming to share their experiences.

“As a matter of fact, they are in the best position of experience, since the pandemic started from their side and they were able to contain its spread. Thus, they are only coming to share their experiences and also train some of our medical personnel,” Mustapha said.

He said the professionals that have been invited from China are public health specialists and medical engineers that will support Nigeria’s capacity in managing the pandemic on advisory basis when necessary, while drawing from the experience of the Chinese.

He added, “In no way shall there be case management and interface with patients. They will train our manpower, advise on procedures and methods, install and test the equipment donated before handing them over.“I therefore appeal to our medical professionals to see the positive aspects of this gesture as an extension of development in the field of medicine.

“The PTF recognizes and respects the competence and capability of Nigerian doctors and other medical personnel. This is a state of war against the coronavirus and time should not be devoted to unhelpful controversies.”Also speaking, the Minister of Health, Dr Osagie Ehanire, said the Chinese medical experts are expected to arrive Nigeria in a few days with a consignment of globally scarce medical supplies, to augment government’s efforts and build capacity to contain the COVID-19 outbreak.

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According to him, the donation by Chinese Companies in Nigeria, includes Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), medical consumables, over one million surgical masks for health workers and even ICU ventilators, valued at over $100,000, all sourced in the face of global scarcity of these items.

“In addition, Chinese medical experts, comprising doctors, nurses, laboratory technicians and public health managers will share their knowledge, skills and real-life experience of fighting COVID-19 with Nigerian personnel to strengthening management of COVID-19 cases, especially with regard to critical care,” he said.

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NigeriaGov Its curtail not contail I wonder who tweeted this NigeriaGov Because you people are fools for that!! NigeriaGov yes very welcome things, God bless them,God bless FG. NigeriaGov This is pure politics NigeriaGov Damn NigeriaGov Why is this government so insensitive to the cry of medical professionals we have that are doing great job already. A government that doesn't value it's own. Shameful!

NigeriaGov In times like this where the researchers in other countries are in the labs working day and night to find a solution; conversely in Nigeria the so to be researchers are also on lockdown, why is this? Where are the labs? Where are the equipment? We need to stop being consumers NigeriaGov They should start with people on the villa and the President.

NigeriaGov NigeriaGov is this not a disgrace? Even borrowing doctors? Then the doctors we have are useless, there is not a need for any university or tertiary institution to exist anymore. When you don't acknowledge education in your budgets. Research in Nigeria is nothing to write about. NigeriaGov E no hard oo . Naija fit don collect money to allow them come. Shebi we are debtors to them.

NigeriaGov We have not, our doctors re doing well, but if they re looking for a way to pack our founds! Ok they should go ahead, they are in power abi? NigeriaGov Now more people would hide their symptoms. This is very very bad. NigeriaGov They are not telling themselves the truth. It is not a must they come down here? 18 of them cannot serve the whole states in Nigeria, this means that they will want to train our doctors when they come. This training can be done using teleconferencing if they really want to help.

NigeriaGov Let them cure their own before coming into our country 😏 NigeriaGov Shame NigeriaGov They have sell Nigerian to China.... NigeriaGov Of what relevance is that decision to our health system.? The FG should as well shut down all the professional bodies in the country if they don't believe in the competence of our professionals, in fact China should also help In the management of the Presidency. Hopeless leaders

NigeriaGov Na them go first die na NigeriaGov This people have ulterior motives NigeriaGov This government is simply distressing NigeriaGov Meaning the 18 doctors from China are miracle doctors n d one we have in our country are not trying....Foolish FG NigeriaGov Will they be quarantined also before they have contact with anyone in our county?

NigeriaGov With our worst health system, Nigeria Doctors have done well to curtail this pandemic. The FG should encourage them more with adequate safety gadgets and also monetary reward . Bringing Chinese doctors won't help their attitude at this point. NigeriaGov How many countries that were hit by Covid 19 invited Chinese to contain the virus There are other motions behind this invitation our FG is not disclosing to its Citizens.

NigeriaGov We don't need them in this country let them help the isolated incident in their own country NigeriaGov There must be an underlying factors behind this move. All in the name of being in China good books to get more loans they will end up looting. NigeriaGov In basuzoba ba zammaba NigeriaGov We lagosian don't want them

NigeriaGov We need names of who to hold responsibly their families and all necessary details before am not sure this will end well Pink_Chinasa There's something behind these Chinese doctors coming to Nigeria. The federal government has something to gain. They should take the Chinese to Aso rock An avenue to siphon all the money gathered by private sector in fighting coronavirus. I believe they can't do better than our own team of doctors.

What a terrible government. Go on and loot the dollar, its your turn nmanigeria should go on a total strike including the front health workers nurses and laboratory technicians and leave it all for the Chinese doctors to take over since MBuhari wants to down play them. MBuhari is this part of the deal you sign with Chinese to get loan

I still dont understand the -ve thinking of some Nigerians. A country dat has experience in fighting dis virus more dan anyone in dis world is extending its helping hands to us, instead of us to appreciate d gud gesture & encourage our doctors to learn frm dem, c our comments 💔 If something happen we will never forgive them.

FG is mad if not why will u insist on bringing them here,re u the doctor must everything be abt the FG alone ni kilode nah aba There is something behind it. What we did not know God will expose their agenda. What are they bringing in the Chinese doctors for? I don't trust this pple who call themselves Chinese. They are bad news

Is that what SGF said? No FMICNigeria NCDCgov Smh FG are not working with our advice so if that is the case go ahead you will see a very bad result!!! Somebody is making money with these Chinese doctors thing. Are they going to discover the cure in Nigeria? or are they coming with millions of hospital equipments? We need equipments, don't waste money on Chinese doctors. Where were they when China lost thousands of people.

Quarantine them in isolation centre for 14 days before allowing them in to the country..... What for ? Just an avenue to loot some of those billions nothing else. Nigerian FG should evacuate all the Covid19 patients to China so the doctor should try their experiences on them We don't need them, they will kill our people

A typical Huase man is dumb, when you don’t value your own due to your inability to provide the basics you rather invite a nobody from abroad as this has been yo ur culture aimed at stealing money through this medium block head APC government 🚜 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀 I don't know if this foolish nation leaders thinks, if you quarantine the doctors what about their equipment they wanted to use? Will FG govt have the sense to test then too? Una no really get sense, so stupid

For crying out load, what is the agenda of this Chinese doctor's? Is there any idea they want to share with us that can not be done online?

Coronavirus: APC chieftain faults FG's move to invite Chinese doctors - Daily Post NigeriaA chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Capt. Jerry Ogbonna, Rtd, has slammed the federal government for inviting a team of Chinese doctors to This mad APC government wants to kill us .... Follow me guys, I follow back immediately. Please like this Comment before following me, so that I'll know it's you. I hope they will listen to you , they shld see what happened to Italy after the arrival of the Chinese doctor , we don’t need them , have they ever come when we are not having pandemics

FG insists on Chinese doctors, says they will bring “scarce medical supplies” – Daily TrustThe 18-member team of Chinese experts will be arriving soon with “globally scarce supplies” in the fight against the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). This is coming days after the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC) rejected the invitation by the Federal Government of a Chinese medical team to help Nigeria in its … Modern day slavery yet again for Nigeria 🇳🇬😂 These people want to start again We don't need them we are ok with the doctors we have

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Coronavirus: Nigerian doctors reject country's plan to invite Chinese medical teamNMA has rejected the federal government’s proposed invitation of an 18-member Chinese medical team to support the country’s fight against coronavirus. God bless then for rejecting them Nice When every sane country is welcoming the Chinese for advice, quacks in 🇳🇬 are protesting. Mtcheeew

COVID-19: Resident Doctors Kick Against FG’s Plan To Invite Chinese Medical ExpertsCOVID-19: Resident Doctors Kick Against FG’s Plan To Invite Chinese Medical Experts Abeg, doctors should not strat their ego trip here!! We need people who are open to drug trials and pharmacists in order to stop this needless deaths. This is risky in my own opinion China should stay back in there country

COVID-19: NMA Rejects FG’s Decision To Invite Chinese DoctorsCOVID-19: NMA Rejects FG’s Decision To Invite Chinese Doctors Ikorodu is not underlockdown If the government has to go on with her action of Chinese doc invitations. The should bear in mind aftermath they would be held responsible for their actions, Allah guide our Leaders right. Thought they are around already, test them first o..... They shouldn't complicate issues