Africa Coronavirus, Coronavirus

Africa Coronavirus, Coronavirus

Coronavirus: Experts wonder why Africa seems to have few cases


Coronavirus : Experts wonder why Africa seems to have few cases

More than 2,760 people worldwide have died of COVID-19 and almost 81,000 infected in over 45 countries.“This is the question that everyone is asking, especially as other regions such as South America or Eastern Europe now have cases,” said Amadou Alpha Sall, head of the Pasteur Institute in Dakar, the Senegalese capital.

He also speculated that it could be “there isn’t much travel to that particular part of China from Africa — back and forth”.Could it be a coverup, or cases that have gone undetected?And undetected cases would result in an outbreak that would be “surely detected, because it spreads faster,” Yao said.

“While it is true that for certain infections there may be genetic differences in susceptibility… there is no current evidence to that effect for COVID-19.”On the plus said, the apparent delay has given African countries precious weeks in which to prepare.

“We were lucky to have a big window of opportunity,” he said.“This experience may add value on ground,” said Yao.A 2016 analysis by the Rand Corporation, a US thinktank, found that of the 25 countries in the world that are most vulnerable to infectious outbreaks, 22 are in Africa — the others were Afghanistan, Yemen and Haiti.

South Africa announced Thursday that 132 of its citizens trapped in China’s Wuhan city, would be evacuated and placed in quarantine for 21 days.On Thursday, Madagascar banned all travellers who recently visited Iran, Italy or South Korea — the latest countries suffering major outbreaks of the virus — from entering the island country, a popular tourist destination.

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😣😖😣😖 God is on our side Jogo_5 We already have corobuhavirus. God drives away flies from a tailless animal. Please tell them, that's God for you..... Buvid is okay thank you Jo.,. Because we re giant Africans The issues in Nigeria is much so no space for coronavirus. No wonder the sent that man to come to Nigeria

Na wonder thunder go strike them. They should wander away Biko Na God oh....those experts sef are wicked, so they expect African countries to have alot of such cases abi? Because of Black skin...

Virus enigma: Experts ask why Africa seems to have few cases | The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World NewsBut across all of Africa, just two cases have surfaced — a tally that has health specialists scratching their heads, given the continent’s close economic ties with China. COVID-19 Coronavirus Africa China So many reasons this could be not true. Healthcare accessibility is a huge issue in Nigeria. We will continue to have few and even less. What do you mean. Our unity won't allow such. And we are Godly According to some health experts, the absence of evidence of the coronavirus in Africa shouldn't be interpreted as evidence of absence. More likely the result of insufficient testing.

Because God loves African Living in Nigeria should be added to 1000 ways to die! Even CoronaVirus knows this Blacks don't crack Nigerians immune systems are fortified ✌🏾️ Thank God for saving Africa, where and how will we start from? Since we depend on foriegn medicines and the virus is confusing the medical experts in the foriegn countries.

The African fart is stronger and more pungent. Our God is more than what you wish for us 😏 We have suffered enough from bad leadership, CoronaVirus has nothing on us. Our God is not a wicked God... Is God oooo We have had our own in the past. Kwasia ly sei🤡 Because we are invulnerable

Coronavirus: EU Calls For Calm In Europe Despite Death Cases Coronavirus : EU Calls For Calm In Europe Despite Death Cases Coronavirus has reached Algeria. What plans is the Buhari government making given the fact that what separates Nigeria from Algeria is large swatches of Niger Republic territory?

Is our problem not cumbersome enough? Because God's mercy is on Africa ni Was the virus created in Africa? Awon expert wereey...they will continue to wonder in Jesus name. Corruption wey we dey suffer never do ? They have finally brought it to Nigeria. Ndi uchu Because we cook our meat very well. Most of these animal to human diseases don't stand a chance with our cooking pots 🤣😂

Have they been trying to infect us with it? Haven't they suffered enough? Excuse me was it designed to wipe Africa's out? Chain Magu was right all along Hot weather

Coronavirus has pandemic potential, take actions now - UN Chief warns countries - Daily Post NigeriaUN Health Chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus says the coronavirus has pandemic potential. Ghebreyesus says the spread of Coronavirus to countries such as

Meaning?. Anyone in position of EYES OF DARKNESS 1981 OR 1991 edition page 39 u will understand why black skin is gold Now, they brought it to Nigeria. The most populated African Country😭😭😭😭 God. I know we have offereded u so many times. But, we are begging you to help us find the cure. Give our doctors wisdom and knowledge to find the cure for this virus We don't need this in Nigeria🙏🏽🙏🏽

This is racism When hiv first came ignorant people where saying our food was protecting us from the virus. Now this same ignorant people are saying God is protecting us from the coronavirus. These viruses are not natural they're biologically engineered. Keep yourself safe. Prayers won't do that Let them not wonder ooo. Let them leave Africa out of this ooo. Give us visa, nope. Yet when there is one sickness, they come running to Africa to spread it.

This is a crazy question, are they planning to bring it into Africa despite all the havoc they’ve wrecked in African countries They should wonder no more. Everything multiples exponentially in Nigeria So they decided to push an Italian with the virus into Nigeria. God big pass una. Is because they are targeted. Corona virus is a biochemical weapons. What we should be asking our self is why is the disease not in western world. Only asia middle east n Africa?

Nigeria’s recession buffer weak as Coronavirus drives oil near $47/bblWith the impact of the coronavirus taking a toll on oil demand and the economy in general, the fear of another recession appears to be imminent as oil price

Because we cook almost everything we eat 😁😁😁😁😁😁 Because we are special in our own way ayemojubar So that's why they sent that infected man from Italy abi? Out of all water only rain water inhibit their growth. Very potent. You are adviced to source for rain water in the sky to bath and drink as it will protect you in this trying times of corona virus rampage. Is rain water not wonderful?

Rumour: Rain water cures corona virus. From a study conducted somewhere in Africa, it was discovered that the deadly disease could not survive for long under the condition of rain water. This discovery has made scientist wonder why? They should not. Harsh economic weather has made our immune system stronger than theirs.

Abi dey are mad ni... Don't we already have enough problems already? Good is not partial na🤷 They didn't wonder when we got hit by EVD Because we're not normal people abi? Ogun kill una SARS MARGU BOKOHARAM hardsmen border closure traffic e.t.c........... if you have dis top 6 in your country aswear corona will be avoiding you

Do they also wonder our levels of poverty. How can a people have double jeopardy.

Iran 'seems to be concealing' coronavirus information'The authorities insist they have the situation under control but they have refused to publish exact figures for deaths and infections and have obstructed journalists trying to cover the story.'

Dear Lord, m makin this supplication on behalf of Nigerians. We have enof plagues on our land yet to deal with , yes, U know it all. We ve nothin on ground to face corona virus. U know our health system here n everytin is laid bear b4 u Lord. Let ours b a miraculous one, amen So what were Dey expecting?!! Oh God pls stand up for Nigeria 🇳🇬 on this one 🙏🙏

Was he detected from the airport? How come he was in LUTH? What about his driver.? What about all those in the same airline? May Allah protect us all from d evil coronavirus. It has happened... Ohh 🤔 Corruption is showing in this thing. Why Africa get fewer cases? Was the virus designed for us ni? Abi na biological warfare ni? Abi anoda depopulation style? Odeshi. We Africans we go conquer am. We defeated Ebola this one go die. Covid_19 u re a goner.

Do you know how many times we shout Jesus Christ in a day? No try us o! The buhari we have is enough already Ori awon expert yen o pe So as people dey suffer reach for here, make corona come join again What’s the real issue here? Are they planning on going to the laboratories to make it more potent? God is God

Our God is not that Wicked Let them keep wondering

Brazil confirms first coronavirus case in South AmericaA Sao Paulo resident who recently travelled to Italy has tested positive for the novel coronavirus, Brazil’s Health Ministry said, in the first confirmed...

We are Africans, don't they get it? Africans! Africa wishes no one harm so we can't have cases at all God punish d experts Was the target Africa? God lives here Just leave my Africa alone , don't wonder anything about us. Who did we offend? Bad belle people everywhere Because Africa is a special specie of human beings

We can't be suffering from bad leadership and be suffering from Coronavirus at a go .. our God is merciful , na our leaders b our Coronavirus , we go still overcome anytime soon Because we honor God. God gave it a curve away from Africa. Our leaders re dealing with us already so no need to quadruple punishment

Experts are you okay Na by force ...see cruise o The weather is hotter over there Saving the worst for the last! Una fada Cos we're different from those in the West and far East. So we go suffer buhari still suffer Corona abi?... Please take your analysis elsewhere A kii ko ja ayee wa. We no dey do pass ourselves.

I never see this kind thing before,wonder wonder ,wonder wonder singing🎷🎷🎷🎧🎧🎧 Reparations

Agbo, herbs mehn! The coronavirus Buhari and Magu are giving us is enough abeg I think the reason why Africans may not be susceptible to the virus is because it starts with a flu and how will you pick up the flu in that hot weather? But rainy season? 🤕 How are we so sure? They should not just come here and do one stupid experiment o .

The experts are talking in the rubbish, they are talking in the nonsense😁🙄 Yeah just go ahead and remind them! Lols ,no body wondered why Ebola was fewer in Europe and America. Y'all just crazy See wickedness, with all these we are facing in this part of the world, from govt to weather 🙄 Don't jinx it o.. Abeg 😂

Tell them it's small continent, Big God Really I think it has to do with the temperature..the virus can't survive in this heat Like experts are not feeling fine this bubu prob wey we dey never pass Corona virus Keep wondering 🤣 na God dey do am for us God will punish them ohh Coronavirus is racist. Magu said it is caused by corruption. And Nigeria is a country full of corruption. So corona dey fear corruption. Simple.

Because God tabernacles in Africa!!

Yeye people,God pass una😁 This virus cannot survive the heat in subsaharan Africa plus our natural immune system Shee one senator said people are just given a form to fill at the airports. No screening at all. We hope none enters. How can we manage with the problems we have already. E no go better for experts

God Grace Coronavirus is a white skin virus🤪 Those experts are all mad 🙋🏾‍♂🙋🏾‍♂ Because suffer no dey tire us abi? Shey dem want make we get an by force!? Only Bubu alone is enough Corona virus for us

What a funny responses. The Lord will soon reveal the cure through somebody. It's possible that Africans may have been previously exposed to a form of the virus and had developed natural immunity. Edward Jerner, a British doctor in the late 18th century was the 1st to observe this type of immune response with the small pox virus.

Wicked experts Which question is this one, are we suppose to have it?🙄 No why can’t you export it to AFRICA . Useless thought !!! Agbanilagbatan knows we've seen enough America wonder You want to add corona virus to MBuhari incompetence? Haba, fear God now Haaaaa!!! We all we are battling already!!! God abeg don’t mind these people oooo🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

Almighty Allah knows will have plenty problem on ground..... What a wicked world 🤔 We already have a handful of killers in Africa... Na God oooo lazyreo Prayer ni Greater is he that is in us than coronavirus that is in the word God no fit shame us.. They shouldn't wondering on anything.... plz, the one we have at hands is not yet over. Do not need coronavirus in Jesus name.naijaissecured

Maybe same reason Africans aren't extinct yet from malaria 😎😎...

Keep wondering o.God got our back!.BloodOfJesusWorksWonders Una dey craze... Jehova pass una for this one. Africa I stan🌶️ Imagine wondering What they expect us to have more problem with all the ones we are dealing with already? 🎶 Wonder, wonder, wonder, wonder, I wonder. 🎶 Our suffering is enough please.

Especially Nigeria. We can't be suffering Buhari and Co and still have CoronavirusOutbreak . That will be too much for us naa Cause corona virus is allergic to corruption Make ona no use this one carry am come Africa o God knows it would be unfair to us because we have so many cases to deal with...

That wonder kee 'em there🤣Anyway; we are walking around with anointing oil and gallons of Blood of Jesus🤣 Yourself evil plans will not work, God has prevented this disease from coming down to Africa because Africa can't contain it so thank God for that. Back off now... Won tun ti de o Imagine una dey crazy when una dey deny us Visa naxo we too dey deny the virus to enter Africa.

Ok so na we b una target abi una don fail dis tym corona kor corola ni Oin we're doing well Because Africa is the motherland.. All races came out of here... And the odds are for Africans to be the one to liberate all later on... The indices are getting clearer.. May they keep wondering We dey cook our meat wella, we dey drink kai kai dogonyaro igbo and all dem agbo join. Coronavirus sef dey shout Jesus una finish me?

dia papa...

Greater is he that is in us than those against us. Because we lack the kits for testing and detection Ci won cikin barewa a daji be wa zai ba shi kanwa? Allah da yi barewa a daji ne shi zai ba shi kanwa God knows we already have enough cases on our hands Are this experts ok? At all? Na God Oo Don’t worry.. God knows best

Africa is a God protected continent,,and nothing can touch God's own children Can you imagine.... Smh My guy if u know the kind SufferHead wey dey Africa you go run even the Corona Virus like better thing

Coz we are human and they are man-kind Steven Wonder 😂

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