Coronavirus: Doctors obtain Abba Kyari’s medical records from UK hospital

Abba Kyari, Covıd-19 Coronavirus

Abba Kyari, Covıd-19 Coronavirus


Coronavirus: Doctors obtain Abba Kyari ’s medical records from UK hospital

It offers cardiac services, neurosurgery, liver and HBP medicine, rehabilitation, gynecology, orthopedics, and other services, according to Wikipedia . Kyari was in December 2016 flown from Nigeria to London on emergency and attended to at Wellington Hospital. Panic on Tuesday gripped some governors and ministers as Kyari, and the Bauchi State Governor, Bala Mohammed, tested positive for COVID-19. The panic among the governors and the ministers stemmed from the fact that Kyari after his return from foreign trips a few days ago attended the Federal Executive Council meeting last Wednesday, while Mohammed was at the National Executive Council meeting last Thursday. After Nigeria recorded the first coronavirus case on February 27, Kyari visited Germany and Egypt. In Germany, he and the Minister of Power, Saleh Mamman, on March 9, met Siemens officials over the power deal signed with the company. DOWNLOAD THE PUNCH NEWS APP NOW ON Receive Alerts on: Read more: The Punch Newspapers

Is quite unfortunate that they are now eating food made for the poor I heard he is back in the UK. Shame This guys are very sick. They are all jack-assess. They continue to hold Nigeria down for ages. Sadly they have refused to let go the jugulars of Nigeria. “Nature is a woman with a deep aversion to tragedy.”

So now a WHOLE GIANT of AFRICA don’t have the Medical Facility to conduct the CoVid-19 test and result? Omo make top Govt officials die jare so they’ll know the importance of health and building affordable hospitals with good new facilities in it. Plz follow me jaymunkey23 How can these political office holder develop the health care system. Na wa o

Wawu They better test all that came in contact with him including the president Tutsy22 was right afterall. I suggest he should be taken to the UK hospital fast since he has his medical history there. It's a pity. Quran as always pointed out that when the size a nation HE start from the leaders God works in a mysterious way

Buhari’s Chief Of Staff, Abba Kyari, Reportedly Tests Positive For CoronavirusBuhari’s Chief Of Staff, Abba Kyari , Reportedly Tests Positive For Coronavirus Game Over Fcvkers... Oya travel out for treatment let us see. The Aso Rock without Paracetamol will be your dwelling place. Nemesis has finally caught up with you Fcvkers. You people just confirmed since morning abi 😥😥

As if he is nt a Nigerian.. He should have been flown abroad for treatment since he don't have records here..shame...candid advice Medical records in the united kingdom, Treatment in Nigeria, shouldn't thunder strike him now? 🤔 God done they punish them. Why ?why ?why ?why? why? Abba Kari pls try to have medical record in Nigeria bcos use are a Nigerian and other people should learn from this also

Why ?why ?why ?why? why? Abba Kari pls try to have medical record in Nigeria bcos use are a Nigerian and other people should learn from also Wetin musa no go see for gate oluwaloninyo Medical record from UK and now you will be treated here. Corona catch you, you no fit go anywhere? You die here not even in a world class hospital but local hospital you refused to advised the president to fix.UpCoronaVirus

Imagine. Abba Kyari. Your medical records is abroad. This is one of the many reasons, developed countries don't that this country serious. With such joker at the helms of the nation's affairs. It is indeed a disgrace. This Buhari government has no conscience.

Coronavirus: Self-Isolate yourselves immediately - Oby Ezekwesili warns contacts of Abba Kyari - Daily Post NigeriaFormer Minister of Education, Oby Ezekwesili, has urged everyone who had contact with Chief of Staff to President Muhammadu Buhari, Mr. Abba Kyari , to Proactive measure is the answer. Do you need to tell them? They need to be told o! Some people are still joking with the virus outbreak my dear.

Nigeria we hail thee!! Allah is great. You are such a wonderful God Damn. The dude won't be accepted outside right now 🤪. This one will certainly have other health issues. E don happen, guyman no even get medical records for Nigeria. D chicken has come home to roast bayii Is he really sick ? Nonsense of the highest order. Bunch of shameless leaders.

Hot man,imagine your medical reports stays in the UK. This is just d begining...corona no no poor or rich man thats d good part of it.fools No peace for d wicked rubbish

Coronavirus: Fani-Kayode, Dino Melaye reacts as Abba Kyari tests positiveCoronavirus: Fani-Kayode, Dino Melaye reacts as Abba Kyari tests positive ReadThis TopStories May God Almighty Bless Them As They Keep Politics Aside For Prying Them. Good sipirit of sportsmanship, hope the masses will learn from it.

He can go and share the same ventilator with Prince Charles Corona is a bastard! could you imangine with tax payer money. From abroad? Shame on our political leaders. Me thinking of how often these old men get sick and how often they keep spending the money for traveling cost and logistics, makes me feel weak.

Season for everything. He doesn’t even have His file here? Woe betides Enhen! No medical records in Nigeria. Na wa oooooo. And someone say I should wish him well!!! Prior to 2015 was Kyari accessing treatment overseas? The Doctor no sabi him work? Nearam with betterment bye 👋 👋 injection

Coronavirus: Fani-Kayode confirms Abba Kyari tested positive - Daily Post NigeriaFemi Fani-Kayode, a former minister of aviation has confirmed that Abba Kyari , Chief of Staff to President Muhammadu Buhari has tested positive to Is he a doctor? Who is the doctor who confirm it oga Fani Kayode Fani-Kayode his capacity as Aso Rock Doctor or NSDC official?

I'm speechless 🙄 I hope our Govt.will learn fr.this experience by making sure we have good hospital in our country. U see,no room for them in abroad hospital! What a wonderful God. Karma will always win now....they refuse to develop hospitals here because they feel they can go out of the country for health services any time they see now😏

What a shame!!!exposed!!!,😏😏😏😏😏😏 They should exported him to the UK at once. 🙄🙄🙄 Nawao...and he is Buhari's Padi padi o Wow sickening 🙄 Shameless people, why are they not working in UK or making money in UK? Nigeria money is sweet abi but you can't develop ur country but GOD has caught you people😡😡😡

Lobatan oriyin ba buru. 😷

COVID-19: Arewa youths react to Buhari, Abba Kyari's alleged Coronavirus test - Daily Post NigeriaThe Arewa Youth Consultative Forum, AYCF, on Tuesday reacted to report of Abba Kyari , President Muhammadu Buhari's Chief of Staff, testing positive to How on earth is the government not taking drastic actions about the Covid-19 pandemic.... Reaction can not solve anything at this point, na quarantine sure pass. Abbavirus

God is watching. This is just the beginning. Una never see anything. God punish you all one by one May God forgive his sins and heal him. Karma! 99.9 % of government officials have their medical records outside the country. The 1% are the counselors that are yet to eat money. The chicken has come home to roost.

They for carry am go U.K now No one should bring such files into the country.. Corona keeps entering plane into Nigeria. Let's the people's wish prevail for once. Close the airport Wonderful coronavirusinlagos CoronaVirusInNigeria StayHome FreeBiafra Biafra StopSouthCameronGenocide Shame on African Leaders Looterd

The Nigerian people pay you buh your medical records dey abroad, you and your assistant President. Imagine, no medical record in Nigeria, I don't know why he can't be transferred to the public health care that's in his constituency, nonsense, wasting national resources on medical treatment abroad, una brain go start functioning well by fire by force

COVID-19: Buhari under fire as Abba Kyari contracts Coronavirus - Daily Post NigeriaPresident Muhammadu Buhari has been accused of deliberately risking the health of Nigerians after his Chief of Staff, Abba Kyari tested positive to Wow! I just pray for all this to end soon. staysafenaija I pray for all the evil politicians to die of it Lol that fire go born am of he no dp anything now ooo

TiwaOlukeye_ Imagine, God is great, you can not run to the doctors you pay madly anymore, the real good news is coming very soon Nigerians, 12days pe re ni, we will hear it very soon. What can will say to this Then he should be send to UK For his treatment. Since he has no medical file in Nigeria May his soul rest in perfect peace.

nerdy_dami Should this be news though? This I's a lesson to all keep us house in odear cause one day it wi come back to hunt you Sis Tutsy22 , i hail u.. u be confirm with these news. God is great One of the mean reasons they ran abroad for their medical needs. They want to keep medical records a secret.

Imagine no medical report in Nigeria... Now we know who is rolling our country kruu-kuruu... We tell dem but dem no hear, Egugun this way na express O, becareful but NO🤣🤣🤣 Please throw such files always, let him buy a new file here. Nonosense Lol maybe they should use herbs and root for him since they are scared to buy drugs for the local hospitals

His folder is in the UK... File in the UK Office in Nigeria Salary in Nigeria Embezzlements in Nigeria This are the people who came saying they are fighting corruption... While they are the corrupt folders themselves So papa Kyari does not use Nigerian hospitals? Omase o Nigerian Politicians can no longer go for medical tourism outside Nigeria. What a time to be alive

Why can’t they transfer him to UK? They have better health system there.

Baba no get Folder for Nigeria... I just love COVID19 😂 😂 😂 😂 Fly him to UK for treatment please See people governing us. They don't have medical records in Nigeria hospitals 😭😭. And we expected them to build or equip Nigeria hospitals to International standards 🤔. Deliver this nation oh Lord Foolishness

What a national shame🤦🏽‍♀️🙆🏽‍♀️. Medical records of a serving Nigerian official from another country? To me I pray God heals those infected with the virus. The main lesson has been learnt here by our leaders. Money, power and authority can fail. I pray God will have mercy and command this storm to 'BE STILL'

Like really, no medical history of his in any Nigerian hospital? Chai So Pathetic..... Who would ever thought their sick body will be treated here in Nigeria with the poor health facilities. Obtain file from Uk that means he doesn’t have one here😳this people never rate us cha cha 🤦🏻‍♂️ Imagine the rubbish guy he should die quick let’s not waste more tax payers money to bring in his records from UK was he born there or is he a British citizen what’s your record doing here oga Kyari the record must go missing hehe IJN

What stopped him from going back to UK to treat himself? Dogs that come back to their vomit. Big men don kill us for Nigeria ooooo You mean this things when you Dey talk eugungun done enter express Covid 1-9 virus is really working Wow. So this is level of hatred these guys have for Nigeria that's why they careless of upgrading our local hospital to international standard since they can easily fly abroad at a snap finger should anything happen to their health. KARMA INDEED IS A BITCH

What goes around comes around...however the medical facilities there in Villa are of standard somehow... I wish you will be conditioned to patronise the hospitals there in Borno! The will see nothing to do to them lailai Report sheet wey them go soon take sell suya NAwa o is the Ruth of God that is coming upon them.Nigerian politician are the worst in the whole wide world.

Thank God Corona hasn't caught the internet Imagine No Nigerian hospital has his medical records Had to be obtained from overseas Shame! shame! shame! As if he is a British citizen, they couldn't get his medical record in Nigeria. It clearly shows that the jackals don't believe in the country they run

He should go back to UK for treatment then. Kyari, a memb of the Nigerian govt has his medical records abroad! He doesn't attend our national hospital or Aso rock Hospital. He has been wasting Nigeria's scarce resources to take care of his health in the UK instead of equipping our national hospitals! COVID, wipe them off

🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️ Blame GEJ 😆😆😆 Awon voters ni 2019 presidential elections oloriburuku if you are youth both in the 80’s and voted this old aliens you among oh Including buhari his administration they are all foreigners, his medical file is in London as well. Wonderful Nigeria 🇳🇬 ni So this is supposed to be news worthy? We want to know updates on his state of health, how his contacts are being traced and his past itinerary at least for the last fourteen days

Not even d useless best hospital in Nigeria has his medical files....... Na wa ooooo He should be transferred to the UK asap. While we are on that, has aishambuhari appointed a new COS for her husband bcos even Buhari leg is shaking at the moment, it might end up being Abacha type of clean sweep Na wa o, a Nigerian citizen not just any citizen works in the presidency, has his medical records stored in the UK, this says much about poor funds for healthcare facilities in the Nigeria. It's a shame, covid 19 should get them one after the other , nonsense

After listed all this sickness, still said some health issue that u will keep confidential. Let it not be what I am thinking. Fly him to the UK for world class medical care now. His status is far above Naija level . These guys actually live abroad with offices in Nigeria. What happened to those that have been having health issues in Nigeria and u all understand Nigeria has no sense of keeping poor people medical records

Medical records revealed that Nigeria has been managing a lot of remote officers in government Imagine Very useless kind of leader... As if he makes all the money from UK... Please send him to UK He should go back to UK to complete his treatment now. Awon were jatijati And this is news now. No wonder, people with money do not want to use Nigerian Hospitals. Everything always lands in the media.

Hmmmn.... God help us is all I can say

Sheey u guys can't Clark him ni? Nigeria leaders, shame on you all. Imagine!! So no record here in Nigeria. They should please refer him to Uk o. Nigeria cannot do anything. Pls save him 🙄 Imagine medical record in UK... Hahahaha.. Then go ahead and fly to UK for treatment... I guess now u will no its not easy to be in Nigeria hospitals... Rubbish leaders

Clickbait They should have transferred him to Uk hospital instead! Eehe ri ise oluwa Are Nigerian doctors actually attending to these criminals?Why shld d presidency revert to thesame hospital it has so brazenly raped these past five yrs? So he has never visited a Nigerian hospital which is why he has no medical record in Nigeria. Eiyaaa!

Corona virus is a curse, once it finishes what or who n who it came for on this Earth then it will rest it case n Wade out. Corona virus are the spirit of people in different countries who die unnecessary death cause by govt. CORONA - V came for cleansing n lessons. Thanks I can already tell that these guys will not learn their lessons to start developing the Healthcare system in Nigeria.... Very arrogant and stubborn old people.

Government officials who have contracted the virus should be taken to their local government hospitals. Let them see their good works My Hero Abba Kyari, he went round to share the virus. Correct MAN.. Old fools Can you imagine? Somebody should please, tell Baba Abba Kyari say, UK no bi home. Na Naija, be HOME!

Hehehehehehehehhehehehehehhehhe🚶 Lobatan. Com 🤣🤣🤣. Covik-1-9 Virus broughtback there medical record to Nigeria. Lmao. Coro get power sha. God is just teaching all of us a simple and tiny lesson. Let’s all learn from this. Fix our primary health care if your in position. It will come handy someday like today.

Hehehe, e done happen, pem pemre e done happen. See your life? You dey work for Nigeria,dey take treatment for UK and you all refused to develop your own country. Covik one nine thank you for frustrating the people that have frustrated other people. God is GOOD They are call Punch👊 and the strikes no jokes 😂😂


Nothing is coincidence, I’m pretty sure he’s pal with Prince Charles. Same Cabals tourmenting our Country Nigeria. Many more news to come this is just the beginning. WWG1WGA InItTogether Qanon. Someone should tell him to go back there for treatment as they've always done All tgey have been hiding and enjoying on tax payers would come to light soon

No Nigerian hospital even have his medical report, reason some of us are excited that they are being compelled to patronize our Hospitals at this material point in time. Oju ti owo... I wonder how a top official like that would travel and not follow the WHO guidelines on isolation. This is just simply incompetence that can only happen in Nigeria! I wish him speedy recovery!

D file wil b coronated wit corona virus.... Allah ya isa ABBA Kyari is so Briton that they have no medical records of him in Nigeria, they had to go to the UK to get his medical history. Let continue with the empathy. What a mighty God we are serving, so this people doesn't have medical files in Nigeria where they get the money they're stealing and spending anyhow ? I think this Coronavirus is a blessing in disguise to Nigerians but God should have Mercy on His people 🙏

Inspector enforcer Kovic one nine Shuun sir I salute you sir Pls sir covik Mess only with the ones ontop

Interesting times Just imagine 🤦‍♂️ What an embarrassment! So, they had to go to London to get his medical record? Nigeria is a joke! Let them coman go to London again na make we see...rubbish! Smh Sarcastic news caption. Nice one Punch👍🏾 All our Politicians that neglected our health sector & derived pleasure flying abroad for treatment, Just pray you don’t contract covid-19 cos if u do the blood of those who have died due to the poor health sector will speak & I’m afraid.

This is how god will catch them one by one😂😂 No where to run to...make i sleep jor So he wasn't going to any Nigerian hospital before this? No wonder we don't have good medical services. Praying for quick recovery of both body and mind. A be ri ise Olorun Medical tourism guru.

Haa!!! Agbada don hook barbwire! He should be taken to Germany for treatment na. Why his file coming to Nigeria. This is seriously strange. The doctors are very nice. This is someone who's part of a government that owes doctors salaries. I'll ask for 300 million naira deposit before I start any treatment.

🤣🤣 His serious diabetes is a major concern as it is a high underlining health condition for corona virus... Hopefully our leaders will see things differently once this is over and reduce their looting, stealing and be more empathetic and competent.... Not good to be a Nigerian at this time, smh walegates Pls we dun carrr

Nigeria's politician never believe days like this will come!!! E swt me die😋😋😋 This drama sweet ooooo Make dem give am agbo drink

It's time to enjoy the medical facilities they have failed to develop... That how this guy and his gang of official band*ts view Nigerians. For them, we are just monkeys and baboons that don't deserve anything world class: call if school, hospital, roads, police, military, etc. Medical records from UK. They refused to invest in Heath sector here

So the medical report will finally come back to where they have refused to develop... We have being suffering from politiciansVirus as citizens Let them suffer coronavirus. Why didn't dey take him to d UK? Oh! I forgot.. See shame The aircraft way the carry the record come make e fall inside sea Send him to UK for proper treatment

You see. His medical records in UK. This man should be taken to UK OOOO

Why special treatments I like this Covikk one nine birus walahi, last last our politicians can feel the pain of many many Nigerians who have to grapple with the inadequate health care system in Nigeria. Father pls prolong this disease only for our politicians! Amen! Wow!! U mean his medical records are not in any of the hospital in Nigeria

Imagine, he never believes he will use Nigeria hospital. Is he a British citizen ni? There should be a law barring government workers from using foreign hospitals God of wonders... It's is really unfortunate for him as Nigerian chief of staff. It is now a mirror that we see these kind of unpatriotic, selfish, and cruel people as enemies of the common man.

He needs to go back to departure like this my friend below. 👇 Imagine, 'from uk hospital'. Why can't he go to UK now

May God almighty protect us from politicians virus (coronavirus) That means Abba kyari don't have medical records in Nigeria? Shame on FG. Maybe after this epidemic they will get sense and build a world class hospital in all the 36 states in Nigeria. The fear you failed to conquer run away from today will be the one to kill you tomorrow. If you're opportune to lead tomorrow is a lesson to learn from.

What do you expect from a man that went to Cambridge to collect certificate for Buhari. No records in aso rock clinic? Send him to UK then. That's where they keep their records. That's why they chow Aso Villa hospital allocation. They didn't see it coming. gimbakakanda fool advocating for empathy...where are you? You know UK's chiefs' medical records are in Nigeria!

What the old man waiting for Which of the UKs? Is it the new one in Yaba?

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣..... Let them go back to UK. Focus on the people using our hospital. We want total lock down and more testing facilities. Don't risk the life of infected innocent people on the street for these old politicians. They refused to invest in hospitals because they could fly abroad to get treatments for themselves, now countries borders closed, Karma take the wheel. 🇳🇬💔

Nah UK him medical record even dey, aiye le Please he should be flown there nah... he doesnt even have files in the state house clinic that he as the chief of staff should see to its maintenance? But wait, all the budget of 5 years for the state house clinic, what was the money used for? I weep for this country o!

Na wa ooo Medical records from UK hospital? walegates Global health records God you too much Karma virus

God make this case number 2 RevolutionNow . Greed and irresponsibility kills 100 persons would be affected before Friday. I'm sure of that😴💔 Covid19Out Medical record in UK... Treatment in Lagos. Ain't Allah wonderful? Localising international treatment, e wo ise Olorun.... No surprises there. So he doesmt even have a file in Nigeria, OK!!

And not from Nigerian hospitals... Dem dey mad! You see, him no even get file for Nigeria When all our so called leaders has Thier medical report abroad,quite shamefull Why not fly him to UK hospital. What goes around comes around

Everything about them is in the abroad, houses, cars, stolen monies, families, education, healthcares & even medical records. Imagine.... Said this yesterday. Las Las the will of God must be done He no even get file for Nigeria 😂😂😂tiyin bayin

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